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Press of The Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company. 

1883. , 


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PREFACE TO Edition of 1869 v 

pRiFACE to Edition of 1873 viii 

Preface to this Edition xi 

Historical SJcetch of Wesleyan University xiii 

Trustees of Wesleyan University xix 

Faculty of Wf^leyan University xxiii 

Record of Members of Faculty neither Ali?mni nor Non- 
Graduates OF Wesleyan University xxvii 

Additions and Correcfions xxxvii 

Annals of Wesleyan University Ixxix 



Numerical Index 305 

List of Post-Graduate Students 314 

Statistics relating to Graduate Alumni . . • 3'S 

Post-Office Addresses and Brief Sketches of those 
not Graduate Alumni who have received Honorary 
Degrees 318 


Statistics relating to Non-Graduate Alumni . . 522 

(Statistics on pages 532-4.) 

General Index and Post-Office Dirkciorv «^ 





I. Nineteen years ago, the writer was present at the Semi-Centennial 
of old Yale, when the graduates of the earlier years of the present cen- 
tury came up from various parts of the country; and though ** grave 
and reverend " ministers, judges, professors, governors, senators, etc., 
at home, while there they were literally ** boys'* again. It was very 
interesting to mingle with them on the Campus, and hear them recount 
the old " times," and talk over their successes and reverses in life's 
contest. Every now and then, two old men would recognize and rush 
toward each other, and, with a hearty hand-shaking, begin to inquire 
after each other's welfare: "Why, I have hardly heard of you in forty 
years. I have been quietly at work in my parishes, and had lost track 
of you." . . . "Where have you been?" . . . "What have you been 
doing .^ " . . . " Whom did you marry ?"..." What children have 
you?" . . . "Where's Brown?" . . . "How docs he get on?" . . . 
"Whom did he marry?" . . . "What children has he?" And so on, 
hour after hour, in dozens of groups, the inquiries — mainly the above 
four — were repeated with little variation. And so it is always at every 
Alumni gathering. 

Incited by what was then witnessed and heard, the writer determined 
to gather and preserve answers to the four prominent questions, respect- 
ing the several members of his cmm class, and from time to time send a 
printed record to each ; so that those too distant, or too hard driven, to 
come up to Commencement, might at least have the pleasure of learn- 
ing at second-hand some of the things they would like to know concern- 
ing their old comrades. 

The printed slips issued a few years later, embodying briefly the 

where and what of the class, were so eagerly sought after by otherSf 

and the wish was so often expressed that " our class " might have like 

reports, that the writer determined to try to meet the general want by 

preparing a condensed Record of all the Alumni of our College in one 

volume. Unexpected difficulties occurred. Few class histories were 

actively kept up. The earlier Alumni had gone to distant fields ; and 

the address of but few was accurately known. A large number in the 

itinerant ministry were frequently changing their habitations. The 

Minutes of the Conferences gave circuits and stations, but seldom 

named the real P. O. address. Outside of the ministry, the work was 

still more troublesome. Large numbers of the letters and circulars 

sent out never elicited any response. Many Alumni were laboring 



in the South ; and the war coming on changed their locations, or shu 
them out from access. Several cases have occurred, within three w 
past, where two or three persons have each given a different "positive' 
location to an Ahimnus ; and all entirely different from his own accoun 
of himself. These and other difficulties have been met all along. They 
are merely mentioned in excuse for delay and some omissions, and a 
few errors that may be found. The Index and P. O. Directory at the 
end of the volume, prepared from comparing about eight thousand 
reports received since July i, it is believed will give, with a few excep- 
tions, the present location of all the Alumni of our institution now living. 

By greatly abbreviating and condensing the items, and omitting much 
unimportant matter sent in, the present volume gives about three times 
as many items as the preliminary one issued in 1868, though less than 
double its size. There is an immense number of dates, requiring over 
fifty thousand figures ; and it will be strange indeed, if, with all the care 
and labor bestowed, there be not some errors ; but there are very few, 
not enough to vitiate the general reliability of the Record. It is hoped 
that the condensed notes accompanying the several names will gratify 
the Alumni generally, by answering the common queries concerning A 
or B or C, &c. : " Where is he now ? and where has he been laboring?" 
" What has he been doing?" <* What of his family?" &c. (The Editor 
desires to acknowledge the constant encouragement and valuable aid 
he has received from President Cummings in preparing this work) 

II. Aside from its interest as gratifying curiosity, and from its being 
a means of making the Alumni better acquainted with each other, and 
cementing them more strongly as a body, it is hoped that this work will 
serve a useful purpose in showing the vast amount of work already 
accomplished by our Alma Mater, although but a little over a third of a 
century old. For illustration, a single line tells that " B was sta- 
tioned at M " for two or three years. This means that a man with 

the mental and moral power and influence which a thorough college 
training always gives, has preached a hundred or a hundred and fifty 
Sabbaths to a concourse of people ; that he has labored among them as 
many weeks, moulding their opinions, habits of thought and life, and 
political action. A single well-educated and trained mind is a power in 
a whole town or city or State, and really exerts more influence than a 
hundred uneducated intellects. The writings and teaching^ and preach- 
ings of the graduates of the Wesleyan University have exerted a wide 
influence in the largest Protestant church, and indirectly upon the 
masses, during the trying times that have agitated our country during 
the present decade. The Alumni outside of the ministry have not been 
less influential in their several fields of labor. Let one glance over the 
many thousands of lines in this volume, and sum up the immense 
amount of labor performed in the aggregate, and he can but feel that 
the hand of God directed the founding and carrying-on of the Wesleyan 

III. But, while the Alumni may be pleased, the Faculty, the Trus- 


TEES, and the Donors to the Institution, must experience the highest 
satisfaction in looking over what has been accomplished. Have the 
Trustees found any other like amount of work to produce so great 
returns ? Have the Donors, large and small, found other investments 
that have paid so large a percentage ? Would the Faculty wish any of 
their labors recalled ? Could they have gone into any other field where 
their planting and sowing and watering and pruning would have yielded 
a larger harvest ? . . '. During the progress of this work, the writer's 
mind has often turned with gratitude toward those whose earnest labors, 
watchful care, and generous gifts, have built up and supported an insti- 
tution which has given so many of us the mental discipline and literary 
advantages there enjoyed. Another thought has also often come up in 
the same connection. Suppose we gather from these Records a sum- 
mary of what has so far been done by the Alumni who have already 
gone forth from Middletown, and add thereto what may be reasonably 
expected from them in the future. Suppose we next reckon the entire 
expense paid by donations, including only the annual interest on endow- 
ments and buildings which are to continue perpetually productive. A 
rough estimate will show that evepy ten dollars actually contributed and 
expended has furnished to the country a whole year's labor and influence 
of an educated mind. Is not such an investment a paying one?* 

IV. But the period of infancy and of severe trial has passed by, and, 
though the institution has already accomplished so much, it is merely 
upon the threshold of its usefulness. With its army of well- trained 
Alumni already in the field, one here and another there, each as a teacher 
and guide of public opinion, and with the annual additions to be made, 
how much more will be accomplished in the next thirty-six years ! 

Orange Judd. 

* Since the above was written, I have estimated that for " ten dollars/' I might have written five, 
or at most, six dollars. In the first calculation I allowed for only an average of about twenty-one 
yean of Post-Graduate work. Of my own class of 23, at least 18 of them are actively at work, 
thirty-five years after graduation. O. J. 

June. i88a. 


The origin and design of this Record are sufficiently explained in the 
Preface of its original compiler. To Orange Judd alone belongs the 
credit of projecting and preparing a record of the Alumni of his Alma 
Mater more complete than any similar work previously issued by an 
American college. The task was one of whose magnitude those who 
have never attempted anything of the kind can form no conception; and 
the Record whicli resulted was not the least of Mr. Judd's noble gifts 
to the University, in whose welfare he has always taken such a generous 

At the annual meeting of the Alumni Association, July 17, 1872, the 
undersigned were appointed a committee to prepare a new and revised 
edition of this Record. It has been the duty of this committee to cor- 
rect, as far as possible, the few errors of the former work, to supply its 
deficiencies, and to add the information necessary to make the present 
edition complete up to the date of its issue. 

In November, 1872, the Post Office Directory contained in the first 
edition was corrected so far as the information then in the possession 
of the committee would allow. This was then printed, and a copy sent, 
in December, to each Alumnus whose P. O. Address was then known, 
with the request that he would at once return it with whatever correc- 
tions he was able to make. By sending tliis Directory in envelopes 
bearing the usual request to return, if not delivered, it was thought that 
any mistakes in the list of P. O. Addresses would be detected. Near 
the close of December, the committee mailed to each Alumnus whose 
address had been up to that time obtained, the pages of the former 
edition containing the record of his own class and of those next preced- 
ing and following, with the request that he would carefully revise his 
own record, bring it down to date, give any information in his power 
relative to that of others, and return as soon as possible. 

Early in 1873, circulars of particular inquiry with reference to living 
graduates whose address was yet unknown, or to deceased graduates of 
whose history we had little knowledge, were sent to those persons sup- 
posed to be most likely to give the desired information. Important 
facts concerning an Alumnus were sometimes obtained by mailing this 
circular to other Alumni of the same name, sometimes by addressing it 
to any friend or acquaintance now living in the town where an Alumnus 
had resided while in college, or to any other Alunmi known to reside in 
or near such town. Finally, about May ist, a last circular, requesting 


immediate reply, was sent to those Alumni of whose whereabouts the 
committee had certain or probable knowledge, but from whom nothing 
had hitherto been heard ; and at the same time a list of the few whose 
history and location remained unknown was published in the *' Christian 
Advocate," " Zion's Herald," and " College Argus," and was mailed to 
a number of persons having extensive general acquaintance with the 

In one way or another, the committee have succeeded in obtaining 
some record of all but a very few of our graduates. It is believed that 
above four-fifths of those of whom nothing whatever was known at the 
issue of the edition of 1869 have, in this new edition, received a more 
or less complete history. 

It soon became evident that the changes to be made in the former 
edition were so numerous and the amount of additional information so 
large as to necessitate re-writing the whole work throughout. But, 
while this has been done, the committee have only ventured upon such 
slight changes in the original plan as might tend to greater conciseness 
and uniformity of statement. All violations of strict alphabetical 
arrangement have been corrected. All eulogistic, facetious, and other 
purely irrelevant remarks have been eliminated, to make room for more 
important matter. No mention has been made of official positions 
offered to Alumni but not accepted by them. Only such dates have 
been given as were furnished by documentary evidence or by the per- 
sonal knowledge of the meniber<( of the committee ; even in cases 
where others might have been inferred with almost entire certainty, it 
was deemed best to avoid the possibility of mistake by leaving such 
inference to the reader. When the dates of the commencement and 
the close of any period of labor or of residence have both been known, 
they have been given inclusively. An exception to this rule, however, 
has been made in the case of ministers regularly stationed by the vari- 
ous conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church. As these confer 
ence appointments are always made for one year only, instead of the 
date of the commencement and close of each pastor's various terms of 
residence, the dates of his several appointments have been uniformly 
given. Whenever the birthplace of an Alumnus has been unknown, 
the place of his residence while an undergraduate has been inserted. 
The committee have aimed at entire impartiality ; but it is quite proba- 
ble that some positions have received mention in the history of one 
Alumnus which were not deemed worthy of record in that of another. 
The difficulty of attaining entire uniformity in this particular, as well as 
in others, has been greatly increased by the necessity of dividing the 
work of compilation among several persons. 

The committee desire to make a hearty acknowledgment of the valu- 
able aid they have received from Mr. C. W. Smiley, of the Junior class 
in the University, upon whom much of the labor of correspondence 
has fallen, and to whose ingenuity, patience, and precision this record 


will, in great measure, be indebted for whatever fullness and accurac 
it may be found to possess. Mr. Darius Baker, B.A., Tutor of Lati 
has also afforded material assistance. The task of preparing this ed 
tion, though not to be compared with that of the original compiler, h; 
been by no means a slight one. The additional information embodi< 
in it has been drawn from about fourteen hundred letters received sine 
January i ; and over sixteen hundred hours' labor have been spent 
preparing this material for the press. Those who have ever undertake 
any work of this kind know that it is necessary to aim at entire acci 
racy, but folly to expect to attain it. The committee cannot hope tha 
in a work offering so many opportunities for error, and undertaken i 
them in addition to their regular college duties — the past year unusual 
pnerous — no mistakes will be found. They trust, however, that thes 
mistakes are few in number, and not such as to seriously impair t\ 
value of the Record. They will feel themselves amply repaid for the 
labors if this Revised Edition shall prove satisfactory to the large fan 
ily of Alumni whose honorable career it records, and shall serve 1 
unite them more closely to each other and to our common Alma Mate 

C. T. Winchester. 

Wm. North Rice. 

G. Brown Goode. 
MiDDLETOWN, CoNN., June 6, 1873. 


The present edition of the Alumni Record differs from its predeces- 
sors in being published officially by the authorities of the University. 
The edition of 1869 was due to the enterprise and generosity of Orange 
Judd, M.A., and that of 1873 was published under the auspices of the 
Alumni Association. The Trustees, at their session in June, 1879, 
authorized the issue of a third edition, under the direction of the 
Faculty. During the ensuing college year the Faculty appointed a 
Committee of Supervision, consisting of President Foss and Professors 
Winchester and Rice. In the year 1880- 1, Dr. Foss having resigned 
the presidency, and Professor Winchester being absent on leave, Presi- 
dent Beach and Professor Harrington were added to the Committee. 

The original design was to issue another edition of the Record of 
Graduate Alumni, on the same general plan as the edition of 1873. 
On recommendation of the Committee of Supervision, Joseph C. 
Burke, M.A., was appointed Editor; and the Record of (iraduate 
Alumni, forming the first part of the present work, has been prepared 
by him. The original plan, however, was enlarged, in consequence of 
the generous offers of co-operation received from G. Brown Goode, 
M.A., Assistant Director of the U. S. National Museum, and Charles 
W. Smiley, M.A., Chief Clerk of the Fishery Department of the U. S. 
Census. Mr. Goode volunteered to prepare a Bibliographical Record 
of the Alumni and Faculty of the University, and Mr. Smiley volun- 
teered to prepare a Record of Non-graduate Alumni. The high repu- 
tation of these gentlemen for bibliographical and statistical work ren- 
dered their offers of co-operation most grateful, and the Committee 
promptly decided to add these two parts to the work. It is believed 
that the present volume affords a more complete record of the lives 
and services of the former members of the College than is possessed 
by any similar institution. 

It should be understood that the Committee of Supervision have had 
nothing to do with the details of the work. They have watched with 
interest the progress of the book, and have, from time to time, made 
suggestions to the Editors in regard to the plans to be followed. But, 
for the several parts of the present volume, the Editors named on the 
respective title-pages are individually responsible. The credit for the 
thoroughness and accuracy with which (in the opinion of the Commit- 
tee) the work has been executed, belongs, accordingly, to Messrs. 
Burke, Smiley, and Goode. 


The delay in the publication of the volume, and the consequent dS 
appointment to many of the Alumni and friends of the College, ha^ 
been deeply regretted by the Committee. The Record of Gradua" 
Alumni was printed and might have been issued in the autumn of i88 
But the enormous labor of obtaining informatioa in regard to Hm 
Non-graduate Alumni rendered it impracticable to complete that pa« 
of the work at so early a time. The compensation for the delay is t 
be found in the extraordinary thoroughness with which that difficul 
part of the work has been accomplished. The most unfortunate effec 
of the delay is that the Record of Graduate Alumni has already becom« 
somewhat out of dale in the interval between its printing and its publi 
cation. Mr. Burke has remedied this evil, so far as was practicable, b] 
the preparation of a list of errata and addenda. 

It is believed that former editions of the Record have served a usefu 
purpose, in keeping alive the memories and associations of college life 
in uniting the Alumni more firmly to Alma Mater and to each other 
and in promoting: the general recognition of the value of the services 
which the University has rendered through the numerous faithful work 
ers whom it has sent forth into every department of honorable activity 
That the present edition, more complete than either of its predecessors 
may still further serve the same ends, is the hearty desire of 

The Committee of Supervision. 



(By Prof. C. T. Winchester, A.M.) 

^'^ Was not until about the close of the first quarter of the present 

century ji^jj the Methodist Episcopal Church began to give any very 

wrnest and hearty patronage to the cause of higher education. Between 

^^^ years 1824 and 1826, the flourishing seminaries at Wilbraham, 

'tent's Hill, and Cazenovia were opened under the auspices of the 

"^^'ifiination, and immediately secured a large attendance. While the 

seminaries served to foster and encourage the newly-awakened interest 

'" ^Ucation, the leading minds of the Church became convinced of the 

''^cd Qf some institution of collegiate rank, located in New England or 

Neiv \ork, which should provide facilities for the highest intellectual 


At this juncture, a seeming accident turned their attention to Middle- 
town, Conn., and secured the immediate establishment of the projected 
institution at this place. In 1825, Capt. Alden Partridge, first Superin- 
tendetiiof the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, opened in Mid- 
d\eto^n the "American Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy.'* 
Through the liberality of the citizens of Middletown, two substantial 
stone buildings had been erected for the school ; and it was for a short 
time very prosperous, drawing cadets from almost every State in the 
v3nion. Its prosperity, however, soon waned ; and, failing to obtain a 
charter from the Legislature, it was removed, early in 1829, to Norwich, 
^t-» leaving vacant the buildings it had occupied. Rev. Laban Clark, 
*^D., then Presiding Elder on the New Haven District, happened 
shortly after to be in Middletown ; and being informed that one of the 
*™stces of these buildings had casually suggested selling them to the 
Methodists, for the sum of five thousand dollars, he at once notified 
">€na that he would be one of ten to purchase the property, and would 
promptly secure the other nine. This led to the serious consideration 
^ tfle matter ; and at the ensuing session of the New York Conference, 
"'^y, 1829, Dr. Clark presented from the trustees proposals for the 
^sfer of the property in due form, and urged their acceptance upon 
^^ conference. A committee, consisting of James Emory, Samuel 
*''*^V, and Heman Bangs, was appointed to consider these proposals. 
^^ New England Conference, being invited to unite in the project, 
"PPowted Timothy Merritt, S. Martindale, and Willbur Fisk to act in 
conjnnctwn with the New York Committee. 


The first act of this joint committee was to issue proposals inviting 
the several towns within a specified region to compete for the location 
of the college by the offer of subscriptions. • Liberal offers came from 
Troy, N. Y., Bridgeport, Conn., and Wilbraham, Mass ; but those from 
Middletown were now so modified that the committee had no hesitation 
in preferring them. The trustees of the Academy, with the consent of 
the stockholders, ofifered the entire property, valued at about thirty 
thousand dollars, to the conferences, on the two conditions, that it 
should be perpetually used for a college or university, and that a fund 
of forty thousand dollars should first be raised for the endowment of the 
college. About eighteen thousand dollars of this fund were promptly 
subscribed by citizens of Middletown. The report of the committee 
recommending the acceptance of this offer was adopted at the session 
of conference in May, 1830. The forty thousand dollars was soon 
raised, trustees were at once chosen, and the college organized under 
the name, " The Wesleyan University." 

At the first meeting of the joint Board of Trustees and Visitors, 
Aug. 24, 1830, Rev. Willbur Fisk, D.D., then Principal of Wesleyan 
Academy, was elected first President of the Wesleyan University. In 
October of the same year, a preparatory school was opened in the 
buildings, under the superintendence of Rev. W. C. Larrabee. In May, 
1831, a charter was granted the University; and on the 21st of the 
following September its halls were opened to students. The Faculty 
consisted of President Fisk, Professors Augustus W. Smith and John 
Mott Smith, and Tutor W. Magoun. At first, in accordance with the 
peculiar views of President Fisk, which were afterwards entertained by 
Presidents Wayland of Brown, and Marsh of the University of Ver- 
mont, the proficiency of the student was made the only basis of classi- 
fication ; and any student able to pass the requisite examination received 
a diploma, without regard to the time he had spent in college. This 
plan, however, was soon abandoned, and the usual system of classifica- 
tion adopted in its stead. It is worthy of note, that the Wesleyan 
University anticipated another of the most important features of the 
new education, by establishing, very early in its history, a scientific 
course, to meet the wants of those who wished to obtain advanced lit- 
erary and scientific training, but whose tastes or circumstances forbade 
the ordinary classical course. In its early days of poverty and of 
struggle, the institution had many faithful and earnest friends, among 
whom Dr. Laban Clark and Dr. Heman Bangs are worthy of especial 
mention; but to no one was it so deeply indebted as to its President, 
Willbur Fisk. His pure and lofty piety and his gentle and winning 
manner endeared him to all who knew him ; while his tact and prudence, 
his high administrative ability, his thorough culture and extensive repu- 
tation, and his untiring efforts in behalf of the University, soon assured 
its success, and secured for it general recognition. 

At the death of Dr. Fisk, in 1839, Dr. Stephen Olin, then in Europe, 
was elected President. On his return from Europe, the following year. 


Dr. Olin found himself too feeble to assume the duties of the Presi- 
dency, and consequently resigned it early in 1841. In February of that 
year, Dr. Nathan Bangs was elected to the vacant post Dr. Hangs, 
then in the midst of a long and honorable career, felt that the sphere of 
his greatest usefulness lay elsewhere : he accepted the position with 
reluctance, and in July, 1842, willingly resigned it to Dr. Olin, whose 
health had now so improved as to justify his acceptance. 

Dr. 01tn*s fame as a pulpit orator, and his previous success in a simi- 
lar situation, caused him to be greeted with an enthusiastic welcome. 
His health was so feeble as never to allow him to devote himself as he 
wished to the work of instruction. He was, however, very successful 
in improving the financial condition of the University, and extending 
its reputation ; and his noble and commanding character was itself an 
inspiration to all the students under his charge. He received very effi- 
cient aid in the general administration of the college from l^rof. Augus- 
tus W. Smith, LL.D., who for several years filled the office of Vice- 

Dr. Olin died in 1851. After an interval of a year, Professor Smith 
was elected to the chair of President. Dr. Smith had been connected 
with the University from the beginning; he was a most thorough 
scholar, and extended, while President, the high and well-deserved 
reputation he had won as a professor of mathematics. It was the con- 
stant desire of President Smith, during the whole term of his adminis- 
tration, to secure such an endowment fund for the University as would 
relieve it from the constant pressure of financial embarrassment, and 
assure its continued existence and prosperity. About one hundred 
thousand dollars was subscribed to this fund ; and although, as is usual 
in such cases, the full amount subscribed was never realized, yet by the 
persevering labors of President Smith, ably aided by Professor H. B. 
Lane, more than eighty thousand dollars was at this time invested for 
the endowment of professorships. Isaac Rich, of Boston, was the chief 
donor to this fund. 

Upon the resignation of President Smith, in 1857, Rev. Joseph Cum- 
mings, D.D., LL.D., President of Genesee College, was elected to the 
vacant post. The personal force and energy of President Cummings, 
his tireless industry, his hearty devotion to the welfare of the college, 
together with his skill and popularity as an instructor, combined to 
make his administration in many respects a very successful one. It 
was particularly marked by the growth of the material interests of the 
institution, in which President Cummings always took especial concern. 
To his labors the college is principally indebted for the line of noble 
buildings that now crown the hill. 

During the Conunencement week of 1868, a new and tasteful library- 
building, capable of containing one hundred thousand volumes, was 
dedicated. This building was erected by the late Isaac Rich, at a cost 
of forty thousand dollars. During the same week, the contributions of 


Mr. Rich to the Endowment Fund were increased to one hundred tfi 
sand dollars. In the fall of 1868, the old " Boarding Hall " was rem 
eled and transformed into " Observatory Hall," by the addition o 
handsome tower, in which was placed one of Alvan Clark's fin 
refracting telescopes. The Commencement season of 1871 was r 
dered memorable by the dedication of two new and beautiful huildin 
The t)ne, the Memorial Chapel, was erected at a cost of about si: 
thousand dollars, in memory of those alumni and students who fell 
the war for the Union. The funds for the erection of this chapel w< 
mostly raised by general subscription during the centennary year, 18 
The other building was the Orange Judd Hall of Natural Scien 
erected during the years 1 86(^-71, at a cost of one hundred thousa 
dollars, and believed to be one of the most complete and elegant stn 
tures of its kind in the country. For this building the University 
indebted to the munificence of Orange Judd, Esq., of New York, w 
will ever be remembered as one of the most faithful and generc 
friends of his Alma Mater. 

It was during this period also that provision was made for the regu 
increase of the library and the scientific collections of the colle* 
During the years 1864-5, a library fund amounting to twenty-sev 
thousand six hundred dollars was raised by the Alumni. This fui 
although originally none too large, and since somewhat depleted 
unfortunate investments, has secured for the library a continuous, 
not a very rapid, growth. The whole number of volumes now in t 
library is about 3^,000. An increase of this fund is at present one 
the most urgent needs of the college. The completion of the Oran 
Judd Hall of Natural Science, in 1872, provided ample accommodatio 
for the proper care and arrangement of the scientific collections of t 
University ; and in the years immediately following, large additio 
were made to these collections, chiefly by the endeavors of Mr. 
Brown Goode, then Curator of the Museum. Since that time t 
growth of the Museum has been constant and rapid. In 1872 the C' 
lege curriculum was enlarged, especially in the department of natui 
science, and modified by the extension of the elective system ; and 
the fall of that year the halls of the University were, for the first tin 
opened to ladies. 

President Cummings resigned his position in June, 1875, though 
continued in charge of the department of philosophy until Januai 
1878. At a special meeting, held July 28, 1875, the trustees elected 
the successor of President Cummings, Rev. Cyrus D. Foss, D. 
President Foss entered upon the duties of his oflice at the opening 
the fall term, and was formally inaugurated October 26, 1875. I 
found it necessary to give immediate attention to the enlargement 
the permanent funds of the college. The growth of the endowme 
during the previous ten years had by no means kept pace with t 
growth of the unproductive wealth of the college in buildings, colh 
tions, and other material facilities. The increase in the number 


buildings and the needful enlargements of the course of study ren- 
dered the annual expenditures, of necessity, greater than ever; while, 
on the other hand, in the stagnation of business and general financial 
depression that followed the panic of 1873, the productive property of 
the college had depreciated greatly in value. In March, 1876, a com- 
mittee of the trustees decided thai only about one-half of the hills 
receivable reported at the previous Commencement could be any longer 
considered good. A debt, allowed gradually to increase for twenty 
years, had reached the sum of sixty thousand dollars ; while the total 
amount of funds from which income was available was only one hun- 
dred and forty-one thousand dollars. The annual expenditure was 
about ^orty-six thousand dollars ; the annual income from all .sources 
only twenty thousand. In these circumstances, it was evident — to 
quote the words of President Foss in his report to the conference in 
1876 — that "only large and generous help, promptly given to the insti- 
tution, could save it from disaster." Never, perhaps, was the Univer- 
sity in a more critical position. It is gratifying to be able to record* 
that the generosity of its friends soon removed it out of urgent danger. 
A committee appointed by the Alumni Association appealed for aid to 
all the graduates of the college. In response to this appeal about 
forty thousand dollars was subscribed, of which the greater part has 
been paid. Still more largely liberal was the response to the untiring 
personal efforts of President Foss. The inevitable annual deficit, 
while it yet continued, was met by generous annual subscriptions, in 
advance, chiefly from the trustees. The debt of the University was 
paid. And, during the five years of President Foss*s administration, 
nearly two hundred and fifty thousand dollars was added to the perma- 
nent funds. If the needs of the college were still great, the danger of 
immediate disaster was past Of the group of generous friends whose 
liberality brought this timely aid, the largest giver was Hon. George I. 
Seney, who began then that series of princely gifts to Wesleyan Uni- 
versity which has made him its largest benefactor. 

But it was not financial success alone that marked the administration 
of President Foss. A character so noble, a kindness and courtesy so 
unvarying, an enthusiasm for goodness so inspiring, a piety so high and 
pure — these could not fail of their effect upon all who knew him. His 
influence was itself an education of the best sort. No president of 
Wesleyan University was ever more respected ; none was ever better 

In May of 1880, President Foss was called by the General Confer- 
ence of the Methodist Episcopal Church to fill the highest office in the 
gift of the church. At the annual meeting of the trustees in June fol- 
lowing, the place thus hiade vacant was filled by the electjoii of Rev. 
John W. Beach, D.D. During the two years of President Beach's 
administration the college has seen no decline of prosperity. The 
increase of its financial resources, in particular, has gone on with 
encouraging rapidity. Mr. Seney has raised his contributions to the 


permanent endowment funds to the sum of four hundred thousand cJ 
lars, besides various other gifts to the property of the college amou 
ing to about fifty thousand dollars. His last gift, in addition to 
these, is a fund of one hundred thousand dollars, the income of whi 
is to be given annually in scholarships to undergraduate students. T 
whole amount of the permanent productive funds of the University 
present is about nine hundred thousand dollars ; and its whole propei 
is valued at one million three hundred and seventy-five thousand d^ 
lars. The faculty at present numbers twenty members, of whom sevc 
teen are officers of instruction. The number of students is larger th 
ever before, and is believed to be steadily increasing. 


•Rev. Laban Clakk, D.D. 
■Rev. Thomas Bukch 
•Rev. Heman Bangs 
•Hon. Isaac Kellugc 
•Aaron Sandford 
•James L. Phelhs, M.D. 

John Lvon Smith 
•Rev, ['rks. Willbur Fisk, D.D. 
•Rev. Joseph Annis MEKKii.r. 

•Hon. Abel Bliss 

•Abraham Avkkv 

•Rev. John Wcslev Hakkv . 

•Hon. Isaiah Fisk 

•William H. Shaptp-k 

•George Washington Stanlrv 

•Hon. Elijah Huubaku 

•Hehrv L. DkKoven . 

•Jonathan HAkNK.S, Esij. 

•Hon. William L. Storrs, LL.l). 

•Hon. Samuel Dickinson Huhhakd, '. 

•Isaac Weub 

•William James Trench 

*Rev ChAUI.i-:!^ D. Cahoon 

•Chakles Sherman 

•Hon. Seth Si'kague . 

•Samuel Russell 

•Hon. Ehenezer Jackson, A.M. 
Rev. Charles Adams, U.D. 

•Rev. Phes- Stephen Olin, D.D., 

■Rev. EzEKiEL Robinson 

•Charles Woodward, M.D. . 

•George Andrews 

•Rev. George Gary, D.D. 

•Hon. Jambs Harper . 
Hon. Jacob Sleeper . 

•Rev. Schuyler Seagek, D.D. 

•Rev. Benjamin Ray Hoyt . 

•Hon. Elisha Harris 





1831- i«47 




1831 1849 





















1842- 187 I 











Thomas Griswold Mather 
♦Rev. Bishop Edmund Storer Janes, D.D., LL.D 
♦Rev. Kittredge True, D.D. 
♦Daniel Drew .... 
♦Isaac Rich .... 
♦Rev. Pres. Nathan Bangs, D.D. 
♦Rev. Benjamin Griffen 
♦Pres. Augustus William Smith, LL.D. 
♦John Gove .... 
♦Hon. Lee Claklin 
♦Joseph Tobey .... 

Hon. Charles Parker 

Hon. Daniel Wetmore Camp 

Rev. James Porter, DD. 

Rev. Gardner Baker 

John IIuhbard Watkinson . (Class of 1835 

Rev. Pres. Joseph Cummings, D.D., LL.D. (No. 119 
♦Rev. David Patten, D.D. . . (No. 12 

Preston Bennett 

Rev. John Parker 

Andrew V a rick Stout 
♦Cornelius Walsh 

Rev. Seth Howard Beale . 

Rev. Daniel Currv, D.D., LL.D. . 

Rev. John Wesley Lindsay, D.D . 

Hon. Arthur Benjamin Calef, A.M. 

Hon. Benjamin Douglas 

Hon. Oliver Hoyt 

Daniel Henrv Chase, LL.D. 

Rev. James Pike, D.D. 

Oliver Cutts .... 

Charles Carter North, A.M. 

Horace Smith 

Daniel Drew Ciiamkerlain, A.M. 

Rev. Bradford Kinney Peirce, D.D. 
♦Rev. Jonathan Kelsey Burr, D.D. 


Rev. Prof. Samuel Foster Upham, D.D. (No. 547) 
Rev. (Gardner Baker . . . . 

♦Henry J. Baker . . . . . 

Rev. William G. (^ueal . . . . 

John Clark Rand, A. M. . (No. 745) 

Rev. Pearly P. Ray . . . . . 

♦Rev. Lorenzo Dow Barrows, D.D. 
Hon. William Deerin(; . . . . 

Rev. Joseph Elijah King, Ph. D., D.D. (No. 315) 
George Ingraham Seney, A.M. (Class of 1845) 

(No. 48) 
(No. 127) 
(No. 41 1) 

(No. i) 
(Class of 1842) 

(No. 164) 
(No. 253) 
(No. 314) 









87 1 







(No. 638) 
LL.D. (No. 480) 

(No, 940) 
(No. 607) 
A.M. (No. 502) 

Rev. Bostwick Hawley, D.D. (No. 70) 

Harvey Bradburn Lane, A.M. (No. 20) 

Rev. Daniel Avery Whedon, D.D. (No. 267) 

Rev. Morris DeCamp Crawford, D.D. 
Rev. William Griffin, D.D. 
Hon. Charles Parker .... 

Hon. George Greenwood Reynolds, LL.D. (No. 166) 
Rev. Winfield Scott Smyth, Ph.D. (No. 748) 

James H. Taft ..... 

Rev. Henry Ward Bennett, A.M. (No. 712) 

Rev. James Clarke Watson Coxe, Ph.D. (No. 755) 
Hon. George J. Ferry 
J0.SEPH S. Spinney 
Rev. William Rice, D.D. 
John Flavel Judd 
Watson Carvosso Squire, A.M. 
Rev. Bp. Cyrus David Foss, D.D., 
Rev. Reuben B. Dunn 
Andrew Varick Stout 
John H. Sessions 
Joseph B. Thomas, Jun. 
Rev. Henry Crounce Abbott, A M. 
Rev. Abraham Merrill Wheeler, 
♦Rev. Reuben Nelson, D.D. . 
Rev. Bp. William L. Harris, D.D., 
William Hoyt 
Bowles Colgate 

Rev. George Janvrin Judkins, A.M. 
Simeon Sereno Scranton . 
Joseph S. Stout 

Hon. David Ward Northrop, A.M 
Hon. Augustus Ledyard Smith, A. 
William H. Wallace 
Stephen Barker 

Rev. George Henry Whitney, D.D. 
William J. Hutchinson 
Payne Pettibone 
Charles Lacey Hamilton, A.M. 
Rev. David Copeland, Ph.D., D.D. 
Samuel Talcott Camp 
Phineas C. Lounsbury 
♦Rev. Bp. Gilbert Haven, D.D. 
Charles Scott 
Stephen Henry Olin, A.M. 
Rev. Micah Jones Talbot, D.D. 
Rev. John Wesley Beach, D.D. 
John Clark Rand, A.M. 



(No. 657) 

(No. 870) 
(No. 494) 

(No. 605) 

(No. 917) 
(No. 507) 

(No. 283) 

(No. 834) 
(No. 225) 
(No. 252) 
(No. 745) 

Accessus Exitus 
I 874- I 878 





1878- I 882 



























Rev. Bp. Edward Gayer Andrews, D.D. 

Rev. Daniel Avery Whedon, D.D. 

Rev. George Loomis, D.D. . 

Rev. George Gamaliel Dains, A.M. 

Anderson Fowler 

Hon. David Benjamin Lockwood, A M. 

Rev. Edson Wyllys Burr, A.M. 


( No. 306) 


(No. 267) 


(No. 193) 


(No. 616) 


• • 


( No. 373 ) 


( No. 647) 




*R£v. Lahan Clark, D.D. 
Hon. Jacob Sleeper 
Charles Carter North, A.M. 
Hon. Oliver Hoyt 
Andrew Varick Stout 







♦George Washington Stanley 
*Rev. Heman Bangs . 
♦Rev. Jacob Frederick Huber 

Rev. Charles Adams, D.D. . 
♦Charles Woodward, M.D. . 
♦Rev. liENjAMiN Griffen 

Kev. John Parker 

Rev. John Wesley Lindsay, D.D, . 

Hon. Arthur Benja.min Calef, A.M. 

Rev. Bradford Kinney Peirce, D.D. 

Rev. Samuel Foster Upham, D.D. 


John Lyon Smith 
♦Rev. Heman Bangs 

John Lyon Smith 
♦Hon Daniel Wetmore Camp 

Hon. Oliver Hoyt 

William Hoyt 

(No 127 
(No. 411) 
(No. 164) 

( No. 547) 



I 844- I 859 


I 878- I 879 




♦Rev. Stephen Olin, D.D., LL.D. 

•Rev. Nathan Bangs, D.D. . 

*Rev. Stephen Olin, D.D., LL.D. 

*pROF. Augustus William Smith, LL.D. 
Rev. Joseph Cummings, D.D., LL.D. (No. 119) 

Rev. Bp. Cyrus David Foss, D.D., LL.D. (Xo. 480) 
Rev. John Wesley Beach, D.D. (No. 252) 

1 839- 1 841 
I 841- I 842 
I 842- I 85 I 


(No. 20 



*Rev. Willbur Fisk, D.D. 
•Augustus William Smith, LL.D. 
•Rev. John Price Durbin, D.D. 
•Rev. John Mott Smith, A.M. 
•Rev. Jacob Frederick Huber, A.M. 

Rev. Daniel Denison Whedon, D.D., LL.D. 
•William Williams Mather, A.M. 

Rev. Joseph Holdich, D.D. . 
•John Johnston, LL.D. 

Harvey Bradburn Lane, A.M. 
•Rev. William M. Willett, A.M. 
•Hon. William L. Storrs, LL.D. 
•Rev. Alfred Saxe, A.M. 
•Rev. Stephen Olin, D.D., LL.D. 

Rev. John Wesley Lindsay, D.D. 
•Rev. Charles Kittredge Thue, D.D. 

John Monroe Van Vleck, LL.D. (No, 405) 1853- 1857, 

Rev. Albert Sanford Hunt, D.D. (No. 421) 

Rev. Joseph Cummings, D.D., LL.D. (No. [19) 

•Rev. Archibald Campbell Foss, A.M. (No. 435) 

Rev. Calvin Sears Harrington, D.D. 

Rev. Fales Henry Newhall, D.D. 

James Cooke Van Benschoten, LL.D. 

Rev. William North Rice, Ph.D. . 

Rev. George Prentice, D.D. 

Caleb Thomas Winchester, A.M. . 

Wilbur Olin At water, Ph.D. . . 


(No. 127) 

(No. 437) 
(No. 295) 

« • 

(No. 812) 

(No. 905) 
(No. 789) 





























Rev. Cyrus David Foss, D.D., LL.D. 
Rev. John Wesley Beach, D.D. 
Rev. George Lewis Westgate, A.M. 
Morris Barker Crawford, A.M. 


(No. 480) 
(No. 252) 
(No. 821) 
(No. 1036) 

Oliver Payson Hubbard, A.M. 
♦John Johnston, LL.D. .... 

*Rev. Charles David Burritt, A.M. (No. 214) 

Rev. Moses Clark White, A.M., M.D. (No. 268) 

Rev. Henry Norman Hudson, A.M. 

Noah Cressy, M.D. . . . 

George Brown Goode, A.M. . (No. 916) 




I 834-1 < 
1 835-1 1 
1 844-1 1 

f 868-1^ 


Rev. William M.- Willett, A.M. . 

Rev. William Rhodes Bagnall, A.M. (No. 1 16) 

Rev. Henry DeKoven, D.D. (Class of 1836) 

*Rev. Jacob Frederick Huber, A.M. 
*Rev. William Jay Foss, B.A. 

Rev. Lyman Coleman, D.D. 

Ralph Guernsey Hibbard, A.M. . 

Rev. Fales Henry Newhall, D.D. 

James Cooke Van Benschoten, LL.D. 

Follansbee Goodrich Welch, M.D. 

Rev. Edward Brenton Otheman, A.M. (No. 492) 

Rev. George Prentice, D.D. 

Wilbur Olin Atwater, Ph.D. 

Arthur Taylor Neale, A.M. 

Morris Barker Crawford, A. M. 

William Lambert Gooding, A.M. 

(No. 534) 

(No. 295) 

(No. 789) 
(No. 1018) 
(No. 1036) 


1843, 1848-186:::::: 
I 864- I 873 
I 869- I 870 
I 873-1 874 


♦William Magoun, A.M. .... 

Daniel Henry Chase, LL.D. . (No. i) 

Rev. Willard Martin Rice. D.D. (No. 54) 

Rev. Loren Laertes Knox, D.D. (No. 74) 

♦Rev. George Willis Ninde, A.M. (No. 135) 

Rev. William Rhodes Bagnall, A.M. (No. 116) 

Prof. Edmund Longley, A.M. . (No. 128) 

♦Rev. Charles David Burritt, A.M. (No. 214) 

Rev. W1LLIA.M Francis Smith, A.M. (No. 205) 

Rev. Reuben Harrison Loomis, A.M. (No. 299) 

Rev. John Wesley Lindsay, D.D. (No. 127) 

Rev. Daniel Steele, D.D. . . (No. 351) 

Rev. Albert Sanford Hunt, D.D. (No. 421) 

Rev. Solomon Chapin, A.M., M.D. (No. 552) 

I 837-1840 
I 842- I 846 
I 844- I 845 
I 847- I 848 
I 848-1850 




Hon. Darius Baker, A.M. . (No. 907) 

tev. Edgar Moncena Smith, A.M. (No. 962) 
Rev. Charles Francis Rice, A.M. (No. 987) 
Morris Barker Crawford, A.M. (No. 1036) 

Claren'ce Abiathar Waldo, A.M. (No. 1106) 
John Pancoast Gordy, A.B. (No. 1173) 

Rev. Hinckley Gilb'tThos. Mitchell, Ph.D. (No. 1017) 
Alexander Martin Wilcox, Ph.D. (Cass of 1877) 
Abram Wineoardner Harris, A.B. (No. 1242) 

I 872- 1874 

I 877- I 88 I 






Daniel Henry Chase, LL.D. 
*Rev. Jacob Frederick Hubp:r, A.M. 
•John Johnston, LL.D. 
Rev. John Wesley Lindsay, D.D. . 
John Monroe Van Vleck, LL.D. . 
Rev. John Wesley Lindsay, D.D. . 
John Monroe Van Vleck, LL.D. . 
Samuel Gray Hulbert 
^^v. William North Rice, Ph.D. . 
^-^leb Thomas Winchester, A.M. 

(No. i) 











5f- ^Hown Goode, A.m. . (No. 916) 

William North Rice, Ph.D. (No. 812) 



• ^HowN Goode, A.M. 
^•^i^HuR Taylor Neale, A.M. 
*^^-^'- John Henry Pillsbury, A.M. 
^^i-is Gaylord Clarke, A.M. 
^^Hoett Alberto Rich, A.B. 
"exhy Leslie Osborn, A.B. 
JOSBipH Chester Burke, A.M. 
1^*^N Harper Long, D. Sc. . 
^^orge Fletcher Winchester 
^'^arles Dayton Woods, B.S. 
^^^Hrill Hitchcock, A.B. 
^^LUAM Edward Mead, A.B. 


Kev. Edgar Moncena Smith, A.M. 

MoRRiH Barker Crawford, A.M. . 

Willis Gaylord Clarke, A.M. 

Clarence Abiathar Waldo, A.M. 

Abeam Winegardner Harris, A.B. 

(No. 916) 
(No. 1018) 
(No. 1055) 
(No. 1 1 42) 
(No. 1185) 
(No. 1 183) 
(No. 1034) 

(No. 1260) 
(No. 1269; 
(No. 1276) 

(No. 962) 
(No. 1036) 
(No. 1 142) 
(No. 1 1 06) 
(No. 1242) 

I 834- I 835 


I 848- I 854 

I 867-1 868 
1 868-1869 


I 874-1 876 
I 878- I 880 
1 878-1881 
I 880- I 88 I 





1 NEITHER Graduate Alumni nok Non-Graduates) 



(Arranged according; to rank and succession. ) 


, Aug. II, 1792, in Brattleborough, Windham Co., Vt. 
A.B., Brown University. 181 5-16, During winter studied Law in the 
: Hon. Isaac Fletcher, Lyndon, Vt. 1816-17, Taught family school for 
1 Ridgely, Oaklands, near Baltimore, Md. ; continued the study of Law. 
n poor health; resided at home, Lyndon, Vt. 1818, A.M., Brown 
sitv; joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church; 
cd to Craftsburv Circuit, Vt. 1819, 20, Stationed at Charlestown, Mass. 
Superannuated on account of ill health. 1823-7, Presiding Elder of 
It District. 1826, Chaplain of Vermont legislature. 1826-31, Principal 
leyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1828, Elected Bishop ofthe Canada 
incc, Methodist Episcopal Church, but declined. 1829, D.D., Augusta 
', Ky. 1830-9, President of Wesleyan University. 1832, Visitor of 
filitary Academy, West Point, N. V. 1832-9, Chaplain of Middletown 
y, 1035, D.D., Brown University. 1835-6, In Europe, as Delegate of 
hst Episcopal Church to the Wesleyan Conference in England, and as 
ntative of several religious and benevolent societies; also traveled on 
itinent of Europe. 1836, Elected Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal 
, but declined. 1839, Member of Board of Education of Connecticut, 
te to Cieneral Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1824, 28, 32. 
rBLiOGRAPHY.) Died, Feb. 22, 1839, in Middletown, Conn, 
ied, Tune 9, 1823, Miss Ruth Peck of Providence, R. I. 
Address of widow : Middletown, Conn. 


, March 2, 1797, in Leicester, Addison Co., Vt. 

A.B., Middlebury College. Commenced teaching in South Carolina ; 
a] of Tabernacle Academy, S. C. 1823, AM., Middlebury College. 
>ined South Carolina Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1826- 
lessor of Bclles-Lettres in Franklin College, Athens, (Ja. 1832, D.D., 

and the East. 1839-41, President of Wesleyan University. 1842-51, 


Again President of Wesleyan University. 1844, Delegate to General Conf^i^* 
ence, Methodist Episcopal Church. 184 j, LL.D., Yale College. 1846, Del ^^' 
gate to Evangelical Alliance, London, England. 1851, Elected Delegate t^o 
General Conference of 1852. (See Bibliography.) Died, Aug. 16, 1851, i ^ 
Middletown, Conn. 

Married, Aug. 10, 1827, Miss Mary Ann Bostick of Milledgeville, Ga., wh ^cr 
died May 7, 18^9. Married, Oct. 18, 1843, Miss Julia M. Lynch of Rhinebe cl^"^. 
N. Y., who died May i, 1879. Children: Stephen Henry (No. 834), b. Apr^ - 
22, 1847: James Lynch, b. 1849; ^* ^ug* ^ 1^51 • 


Born, May 2, 1778, in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

1799, Taught in Canada. 1802, Joined New York Conference, Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 1802,3, Appointed to Circuit of Bay Quintie, Canada; 
1H04, River Le French ; 1805, Oswegotchie ; 1806, Quebec; 1807, Niagara; 
1808, Delaware, N. Y. ; 1809, Albany. 1810, 1 1, Stationed at New York, N. Y. 
1813-17, Presiding Elder of Rhinebeck District, 1819, Presiding Elder of New 
York District ; one of the founders of the Missionary Society of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 1820-8, Publishing Agent and Editor of Books, Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 1828-32, Editor of The Christian Advocate and youmal^ 
New York, N. Y. 1832-6, Editor of The Methodist Magazine and Quarterly 
Review^ New Yorl^ N. Y. 1836-41, Corresponding Secretary' of the Missionary 
Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 1841-2, President of Wesleyan 
University. 1843, Stationed at Second St., New York, N. Y. ; 1844, 5, Greene 
St., New York; 1846, 7, Sands St., Brooklyn. 1848-51, Presiding Elder of 
East New York District. 1852-62, Superannuated. Delegate to the first 
Delegated General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 181 2; 
Delegate, 1812-52, ten sessions. (See Bibliography.) Died, May 3, 1862, in 
New York, N. Y. 

Married, 1806, Miss Mary Bolton, of Edwardsburgh, Ontario, who died May 
23, 1864. Children: Nancy, b. April 25, 1807; d. June 10, 1807: Lemuel, b. 
March 26, 1809: William McKendree, b. Dec. 15, 1810 ; d. Sep. 5, 1852: 
Nathan, b. Oct. 21, 1813; d. Dec. 17, 1856: Mary Eliza, b. Oct. 30, 1815; d. Oct. 
21, 1857: Elijah Keeler (No. 15), b. July 12, 1817 : Grace Shotwell, b. June 30^ 
1819; d. Dec. 23, 1847: Susan Cornelia, b. April 17, 1821; d. Dec 12, 1822: 
Joseph Henry, b. Jan. 17, 1823; d. May 29, i860: Rebecca, b. June 17, 1825: 
Francis N., b. Feb. 23, 1828. 


Born, May 12, 1802, in Newport, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

1825, A.B., Hamilton College. 1825-7, Teacher in Oneida (now Central 
New York) Conference Seminary, Cazenovia, N. Y. 1827-31, Principal of 
same. A.M., Hamilton College. 1831-57, Professor of Alathematics and 
Astronomy, Wesleyan University. 1847, LL.D., Centenary College, of La. 
1850, LL.i)., Hamilton College. 1852-7, President of Wesleyan University. 
1859-66, Professor of Natural Philosophy, U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, 
Md. i860, One of the Corps of Astronomers sent to I^brador by the U. S. 
Government to observe solar eclipse. (See Bibliography.) Died, March 
22, 1866, in Annapolis, Md. 

Married, Jan. 18, 1827, Miss Catherine R. Childs of Cazenovia, N. Y. Chil- 
dren: a daughter, d. in infancy: Helfen Fairchild; Preceptress of Wells Col- 
lege, Aurora, N. Y. : Katharine Rachel; married Prof. Walter M. Hill: Perry 
Childs (No. 324), b. Nov. 24, 1827 : Augustus Ledyard (No. 494), b. April 5, 1833. 

1882, Address of widow : Aurora, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 


Born, 1800, in Bourbon County, Ky. 

1820, Joined Ohio Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1820, Stationed 
at Greenville, Ohio; 1821, I^wrenceburgh ; 1822, Hamilton and RossviUe; 


jl^ZaKSTilleTown ; 1S24, l^banon; 1SJ5, CinciniKiti. i>'^-\S« A.lf., ('iiicin 

■BCoQcgt t&z^-fh Agent for Augusta Colkj-c, Ky. i8.'6-3i. PinfrN-^nr i»f 

Aral Ui^ro^es AugiL<4ta CoileKC, Ky. iSjS, A.M., <*iiu iim.iti C*i»llt};t*. 

4if ChipUin U. S. Senate; resided nt W;LshinKtnn. !>. C. i>\)i, rniftssnr 

tfNAnlSdeoce, Weslcv^n Universitv; uncx|>cctr<l1v ra1k'<l tn antttlu-r pnsi- 

•■i 1533-4, Editf>r of 7%^ CfiristitiH Ai/ihh'iifr and %*urn,il, Nfw Vork. Si. V. 

iSjHSP^dent of Dickinson College, Carlisle, I*;i. iSy», 'I'r.insfcir*-*! to 

'mfiphia Conference. 1S42-3, Traveled in KurdiK- .in<l the K.iM. iS|6. 

Saiawl Ji Union Church. Philadelphia, Ta.; 1S47, S, I'linitv Chiiith, I'hila- 

iJpfcu. i%rresidin}: Elder, Nt»rth Philadelphia Dishiit. 1S5.. ;-.». Ci.rie 

viD% .SecretHrv cif the Missionary ScKrietv, MclhiMlisi Chnuh. 

Wegiit tn General C<wfcrcnre, MetlwHlist Kpi'-cnpal riiniLJi, iS.j 1-72. cif;ht 

»WB. Died, Oct. iS, 1S76, in New Yr.rk, .\. V. 


Bom, Oct. 10, I7«jS, i" Bnmklyn, N. V. 

lSi6^A.K, Colunmia Collej^c. 1S17, Studied Mctlit im ; jt)inetl .Ni:\v Ymk 
^Oifmnce, Methodist Kpiscopal Church ; .ippi>ii)ted to J.ini.iie.i Ciit nit, N.^'.: 
*4 Sijffolk Circuit ; 1811;, 20, Stamford, Conn. iSjn-51, I' uf Wes- 
ky>a Seminary, situated at New York. N. Y., until 1S2O, when it nnuivetl 
toWhite Plains, N. Y. 1831-2, Trnfcss'ir i»f Latin .iml Ciicek L:inj'u.ii;t>. and 
^waiurc, University; also Aetinp rrofcssm nf Natuial Siirmr. 
^ Dec 27, iR"i2, in Middlctown, ('onn. 

Mirried, Nov. 19, 1820, Miss Amanda Pay «»f Norwalk, t'nnn., who dieil 
^4.1853. Children: William Francis (No. 20O. 1». Nmv K). iSji: Julm 
^<W,b.Nov. i_|, 1824; Minister of Interior, Sandwit h KI.mhU: Auj.'Ustus I'.tc k 
■"Otb-Oa 15^ 1826: Amanda Day, b. July 21, i82<»; mairiid 11. \V. Munsini : 
BinMtad.b. July i, 1832; d. Aug. 29, 1S32. 


J^D; March 9, iSoi, in liasle, Switzerland. 

^wiied in Gymnasium in liasle. 1S14-1S, Ap])rentirr and Cleik in a eoni 
'"•''^l house in liasle. 1818-19, Engaged in Uxikkreping in Iiieste, Au<>tria. 
[J^9i Emigrated to America, narrowly <'srapinf; frmii a shi]iwit-(-k mi .Saiuly 
\^^ 1820-2, Studied and taught in Hrdfoni Aeademv, Pa. 1SJ2-4, Studictl 
*j*^'ogy. 1S25-6, Studied in Theological Srminarv ni thr (icrman Urlornu-d 
J:J|!f'^h in Carlisle, Pa. 1826-31, Teacher of Modern l.angnaj;(s, l>iikin<nn 
j.^W Carlisle, l*a, 1831-42, J'rofessor of McKlern I,;int;ua^frs, \Vi'»*li'van 
^nivcrsiiy. 1834, A.M., Washington (now Trinity) CoIIil^i-, Ilaittord. Conn. 
237''42, Librarian of Wesleyan University. iS|2, Oidaincd Lo< al KIdcr. 
MttbodUt Episcopal Church. 1842-78. Teacher of Modern L.»ngua.LMs in Mid- 
Wown,Conn. 1843, 1848-63, Instructor in MoiKrn Lan-jua^es in Wr^liyan 
"n«^mity. Died, Jan. 3, 1878. in Middletown, Corm. 

•^Ivried, April 7, 1829, Mary Ann Smith, who died July i \, i.S^3 Married, 
y^}^> ^^34, Miss Julia Krothingham, who died April iS, 1.S7 j. Cliild . Maiv 
'^'^I^b. Feb. 23, 1830; d. April 15, 1861. 


^\ March 20, 1808, in Onondaga, Onondaga Co., N. Y. 
'^?'\ A.B., Hamilton College; studied I^iw in Kochostcr, N. Y. iS.'«). 
in Oneida (now Central New York) Confciericc Seujinarv. Ca/e- 

novii XT .V "*"-'""" \""" ^^ • *^v.« > wi ivy «., will «.iv III. c; .-iL-iiiru.ii V, \_.a/.C- 

feis^ I'^^Si-^. Tutor in Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y. iS ^ ^^-.j j, I'ro- 

,t?J^^/>^ Latin and Oreck Languages an<l Literature, Wcsjcvan Universitv. 
fcjjJ\Jo'ncd New York Conference, Methodist Epi.-icopal Church. 1S42, Trans- 
Prnf ^'^ ^'^^' Conference. 1S43-5, Stationed at Pittsfield, Mass. 1S45-C2, 
'^^ssor of Rhetoric, Logic, and History, University of Michigan. 1.S52, 


Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1855, Station 
at Jamaica, N. Y., New York East Conference. 1856-82. Editor of Tfu Met 
dist Quarterly Review, New York, N. Y. D.D., Emor>' College. 1867, 
Wesleyan University. (Sec Biuliography.) 

Married, July 15, 1840, Miss Eliza A. Searles of White Plains, N. 
Children: John Swinburne (No. 786), b. June 30, 1843: Charles Austin, 
Feb. 12, 1045: Daniel Denison, b. Aug. 13, 1847: Asbury Searles, b. Feb. i 
1850: Theodore, b. Nov. 23, 1853; d. March 10, 1854. 

1S82, Address : 805 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


Born, May 24, 1804, '" Brooklyn, Windham Co., Conn. 

1828, Graduated at U. S. Military Academy, West Point, N. Y. 1829-31 
Assistant Professor of Chemistry in the same. 1833-4, Acting Professor 
Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology, Wesleyan University. 1834, A.M., Wes-^^ 
Icyan University. 1834-6, First Lieutenant, U. S. Army. 1836, Professor o^^ 
Chemistry, University of Louisiana, New Orleans, La. 1836-44, Engaged ii 
Geological Survey of State of New York. 1837-40, Ohio State Geologist. 
1838-9, Kentucky State Geologist. 1842-5, Professor of Natural Science, Ohio 
University. 1S47-50, Vice-President and Acting President of same. 1851-2, 
Editor of The Weslryan Ai^riculturist. (See Bip.lioc.raI'HY.) Died, Feb. 27, 
1850, in Columbus, Ohio. 


Born, Ai)ril 20, 1804, in Thomey, Cambridgeshire, England. 

18 — , Studied in a private Classical School in England. 1818, Came to this 
country to complete education and study Law. 1818-22, 

1822, Joined Philadelphia Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church; appointed 
to Lancaster Circuit, Pa. 1823, Stationed at Smyrna, l)cl. ; 1824, Newcastle, 
Del.; 1825, Philadelphia, Pa. 1826, Visited England, to improve his health 
and attend to business connected with his family. 1827, 8, Stationed at Eliza- 
bethtown, N. J.; 1829, 30, Trenton; 1S31, 2, Union Church, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
18^3, New Brunswick, N. J.; 1834, Vestry St., New York, N. Y. 1828, A.M., 
Pnnceton (College. 1835-6, Assistant Professor of Moral Science and lilies- 
Lettres, Wesleyan University. 1836-49, Professor of Moral Science and Belles- 
lettres in same 1843, 1).!)., La Grange College, Ala. 1849-78, Correspond- 
ing .Secretary of American Bible Society. 1859, Visited Europe in l)ehalf of 
American Bible Society ; traveled in England, France, Germany, and Switzer- 
land. 1878, (.>n account of loss of sight, resigned Secretaryship. 1878-82, 
Superannuated, New York Ccmference; residing in Morri.stown, N. J. Dele- 
gate to General Ctmfercnce, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1840, 48, 52, 60. 
(See Bnu.iocRAriiv.) 

Married, April 9, 1829, Lydia Austin Kollock of Elizabethtown, N. T., who 
died Juno 23, 1879. Children: Mary Josephine : Henry Kollock, b. 1833 ; d. 
1836: George Suckley, b. 1835; d. 1852: Henrietta. 

1882, Address: Morristown, Morris Co., N. J. 


Born, Aug. 23, 1806, in Bristol, Lincoln Co., Me. 

1832, A.B., Bowdoin College. 1832-5, Teacher in Oneida (now Central New 
York) Conference Seminary, Cazenovia, N. Y. 1835, Principal of same; A.M., 
Bowdoin College. 1835-7, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, and Ixcturer 
in Natural Science, Wesleyan University. 1837-79, Profe.«isor of Natural 
Science in same; from 1873, Pro^ssor emeritus. 1850, LL.D., McKendree 
College. 1876, Visited the Bermudas for health. Member of Philadelphiai 
Academy of Natural Sciences ; Mcml^er of American Association for the 
Advancement of Science. (Sec Bikliography.) Died, Dec. 2, 1879, in Clifton, 
Richmond Co. (Staten Island), N. Y. 



Married, 1835, Miss N. Maria Hamilton of Blandford, Mass., who died 
Aug. S, 1S78. Children: Algernon Knox (No. 562), b. April 19, 1837: Willbur 
Fisk (No. 695), b. Dec. 25, 1839: Henry Martyn, b. May 31, 1847; d. April 27, 
1848: Melville Morton (No. 740), b. July 2, 1842: William Armor (No. 925), 
b. April 3, 1851. 


r>orn. Jan. 3, 1803, in New York, N. Y. 

A.M., College. 1823, Joined New York Conference, Mcthixlist Kpi.scopal 
Church. 1823, Appointed to Suffolk Circuit, N. Y. ; 1824, Wethorsficld Circuit, 
r'onn. 1825, 6, Stationed at Fishkill landing, N. Y. 1826, Transferred to 
Genesee Conference. 1S27, Stationed at Delphi, N. Y.; 1828,9, Lys.inder; 
1S30, I, Syracuse. 1828, i>elegate to Genera! Conference. 1832, \iy division 
of Conference, became member of Oneida Conference. 1832, Stationed at 
Weetlsport, N. Y. 1833, Health failed; located. 1838-41, Teacher of Hebrew 
in Wesleyan University. 1841-2, Professor of Hebrew and Biblical Literature 
in Wesleyan University. 1842, Editor of YViir Ci(issii\ Wesleyan University. 
1843-8, Founder and President of Newbury liiblical In.stitute, Vt. 184S-S2, 
Engaged in literary work in Jersey City, N. J. 1882, Editor of T/ie lUblt' 
Maf^azine. (See BlBLloc.RAl'llY.) 

Married, 1828, Miss E. Carman of Dutchess County, N. Y., who died 18 — . 
Married, 1866, Miss Frances C. Fletcher of Ireland. Children: William, b. 
1S29; d. 1876: Cornelius, b. 1831: Edward, b. 1832: Mary, b. 1837; d. 1871. 

1882, Address: Bergen Heights, Jersey City, N. J. 


Born, March 25, 1795, '" Middletown, ('cmn. 

1814, A.B., Yale College. 1817, Admitted to the Bar at Whitest* »\vii, N. Y.; 
soon after returned to Middletown, Conn. i827-<), MemlK-r of the Connecticut 
House oi Representatives. 1829-33, Meml)er of Ccmgress. 1831, Speaker of 
the Connecticut House of Representatives. 1839-40, Again Menil)er of Con- 
gress. 1840, Associate Judge of the Connecticut Supreme t'ourt of Errors. 
1841-6, Professor of I-iw, Wesleyan University. 1856, Chief Justice of Con- 
necticut Supreme Court of Errors. 1846-7. Professor of Jurisprudence in Yale 
College. 1846, LL.1)., Western Reserve College. Died, June 25, 1861, in 
Hartford, Conn. 


Born, Aug. 14, 1809, in Portland,' Me. 

1831, Preached in Medford, 1832, A.B., Harvard Uiiiversity; preached 
in Newton Upi>er Falls, Mass. 1833, Joined New England (.'onference, Metho- 
dist Episcopal Church; stationed at Bristol and Providence, R. I. 1834, Agent 
of New England Conference Missionary Education Society. 1835, First Prin- 
cipal of Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1836, Transferred to New York Conference; 
suiioned at Middletown, Conn.; 1837, John St., New York, N. Y. 1838, 
Transferred to New England Conference. 1838, 9, Stationed at Common ht., 
Lvnn., Mass; 1840, Springfield; 1841, 2, North Russell St., Boston; 1843, 
Park St, Worcester; 1844, 5, Walnut St., Chelsea; 1846, 7, St. Paul's Church, 
I>owell; 1848, 9, High St. (now Trinity Church), Charlestown. 1849-^)0, Pro- 
fessor of Moral Science and Belles-Lettres, Wesleyan University. 1849, D.D., 
Harvard University, i860, i. Stationed at Tarrytown, N. Y.; 1862, 3, Thirtieth 
St, New York. N. V.; 1864, Fishkill. N. Y.; 1865, Sheffield, Mass. 1866, Trans- 
fcrrcd to New England Conference ; stationed at Hanover St., Boston, Mass. ; 
1867, 8, Newton Upper Falls; 1869, Monson. 1870-7, Financial Agent of 
Wesleyan University. 1875, Professor of Logic and Practical Theology in 
Tabernacle College, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1875-6, Stationed at Whitestone, N. Y ; 
1877, Cold Spring ; 1878, Cedar St., Brooklyn. Died, June 19, 1878. 


Married, April 19, 1835, ^^^ Eliza1)eth B. Hyde of Wilbraham, Mas 
Children: Edward Hyde (No. $27), b. March 20, 1836: Mary Susan, b. J« 
30, 1839: Emily Frances, b. July 7, 1842; married W. E. De Riemer: Alfre 
Charles (No. 1029), b. June ^, 1853: Rebecca Mariner, b. Aug. 13, 1855; mai 
ricd J. C. Hemphill : Frederick William, b. July 8, 1858 : four others decease* 

1802, Address of widow : Flushing, N. Y. 


Born, Dec. 15, 1827, in La Grange, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

1850-4, Stutfied in Genesee College, Lima, N. Y. 1855-6, Teacher < 
Ancient languages in Oxford Collegiate Institute, N. Y. 1856, A.B., Ilamilto 
College. 1856-7, Teacher of Ancient Languages in Susquehanna Seminar 
Binghamton, N. Y. 1857, A.M., Madison University. 1857-S, Principal < 
Oxford Collegiate Institute, N. Y. 1858-61, Studied in Universities of Bcrlii 
Bonn, Gottingen, and Athens ; traveled in Europe. 1862, Principal of Hig 
School, Lyons, Wayne Co., N. Y. 1863-4, Teacher of Ancient Languages i 
Oneida (now Central New York) Conference Seminary, Cazenovia, N. ^ 
1864-73, Professor of the Greek Language and Literature, and Instructor in i\ 
Modem Languages in Wesleyan University. 1873-82, Professor of the Gre€ 
Language and Literature, Wesleyan University. 1S75, LL.D., Rochester Ur 

Married, Nov. 25, 1862, Miss Mary Pierce Morgan of Lima, N. Y. Childrei 
a son b. Aug. 4, 1866; d. Aug. 4, 1S66: Mary Catharine, b. May 11, 187; 
Frederick Alma, b. Dec 13, 1878: Marguerite Augusta, b. March 23, 1S82. 

1882, Address : Middletown, Conn. 


Born, June 8, 1843, ^^ Concord, N. H. 

1865-72, Instructor in Physical Culture, Yale College. 1867-8, Instruct 
in Physical Culture, Dartmouth College. 1872-82, Practicing Medicine in Nc 
York, N. Y. 186S-9, Instructor in Gymnastics, Wesleyan University. 187 
M.D., New York Homeopathic College. 1877-82, Proprietor and Medic 
Superintendent of Sanitary Institute, New York, N. Y. 

Married, June 30, 1870, Miss Rose Phillips Merrill of Wilbraham, Mas 
Children : Mabel Rose, b. March 15, 1871 : Ernest P\3llansbcc, b. Dec. 20, 187 

1882, Address: 21 West 27th St., New York, N. Y. 


Born, Dec. 15, 1834, in Grafton, Worcester Co., Mass. 

1S55-6, Studied in Methodist General Biblical Institute, Concord, N. 1 
1856-7, Taught in Piedmont Station, Va. 1857, Joined New England Confc 
ence, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1857, 8, Stationed at Greenfield, Mas* 
1859, 60, Ludlow ; 1861, Wilbraham; 1862, Oxford; 1863, 4, Melrose; 1865, 
Newtonville. 1S65, A.M., Wesleyan University. 1867-8, Studied in Univ< 
sity of Halle, and traveled in Europe. 1869, Stationed at Hyde Park, Mass 
1S70, I, Bromfield St., Boston. 187 1-3, Professor of Rhetoric and Englis 
Literature, WesUyan University. 1871-S0, Instructor in the Hebrew Langua: 
in same. 1873-82, Professor of Modern Languages in same. 1875, ^-^ 
Northwestern University. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Nov. 26, 1856, Miss Ellen F. Derby of West Boylston, Mass , wl 
died Aug. 25, 1876. Married, June 26, 1S78, Miss Elizabeth Miller Brooks 
Middletown, Conn. Children : William Edwards, b. Sept. 28, 1857; d. Aug. ^ 
1858: Ellen Clara, b. Oct, 29, i860: George Raymond, b. July 23, 1862; Cla 
of 1S82: William Claflin, b. July 14, 1868. 

1882, Address: Middletown, Conn. 

1 882.] 



Born, March 31, 1809, in Pomfret, Windham Co., Conn. 

1825-6, Studied in Hamilton College. N. Y. 1828, A.B., Yale College. 
1828-9, Taught in Geneva, N. Y. i82«>-3i, Taught in Richmond, Va. 183 1, 
A.M., Yale College. 183 1-6, Assistant in Yale Chemical Laboratory. 1834-5, 
Lecturer on Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology, Wcsleyan University. 1836- 
66, Professor of Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Geology in Dartmouth College. 
1866-9, Lecturer on same in Dartmouth College. 1869-71, Lecturer on 
Chemistry and Pharmacy in Dartmouth College. 1871-82, Professor of same. 
1837, M D., Medical College of South Carolina University. 1861, L1«D., 
Hamilton College. 1871, Overseer of Thayer School of Civil Engineering, 
Dartmouth College. 1873, A.M., Dartmouth College. 1878, Traveled in 
Europe. Secretary of New York Academy of Sciences. Mcml)er of Asso- 
ciation of American Geologists, and American Association for Advancement of 
Science. Corresponding Member of Academy of Natural Sciences of Phila- 
delphia, Boston Natural History Society, and Montreal Natural History Society. 
Honorary Member of Medical Society of the State of New York ; also of 
the New Hampshire Medical Society. 

Married, May 17, 18^7, Miss Faith Wadsworth Silliman of New Haven, 
Conn. Children: Harriet Trumbull, b, May 25, 1838: Henrietta Whitney, I). 
Feb. 28, 1840 : Grosvenor Silliman, b Oct. 10, 1842. 

1882, Address*: 65 West 19th St, New York, N. Y. 


Born, Jan. 28, 1814, in Cornwall, Addison Co., Vt. 

1840, A.B., Middleburv College. 1840-1, Taught in Kentucky. 1841-3, 
Taught in Huntsville, Ala.; commenced lecturing on Shakespeare. 1844-5, 
Delivered his Shakespearian Lectures in Philadelphia, Baltimore. Washington, 
Boston, etc. 1847, A.M., Trinity College. 1849, Ordained I'ricst of Protestant 
Episcopal Church. 1853-5, Editor of The Churchman^ New York, N. Y. 
1856-8, Editor of The Church Monthly. 1858-60, Rector of St. Michael's 
Church, Litchfield, Conn. 1862-5, Chaplain in U. S. Army. 1868-9, Lecturer 
on Shakespeare, Wesleyan University. 1865-82, Engaged in literary work and 
teaching, in and near Boston, Mass. 1867-70, Editor of The Saturday Evening 
Gazette. i873-tS2, Engaged in preparing the Harvard Edition of Shakespeare^ 
and twenty-three of Shakespeare's plays. 1881, LL.D., Middlebury College. 


Married, Dec — , 1852, Miss Emily S. Bright of Northampton, Mass. Chil- 
dren: Henry Bright, b. June 1, 1854: William Crosswell, l». July 11, 1856; 
d. June 2, 1864- 

1882, Address: 33 Lee St., Cambridge, Mass. 


Born, March 6, 1839, in Rome, Franklin Co., Mass. 

1862, M.D., Berkshire Medical College, Greenfiehl, Mass. 1802-tS, Practiced 
Medicine in Canaan, N. Y. 1865-7, Studied Comparative Anatomy and Phys- 
ics in Lawrence Scientific School, Cambridge, Mass. 186S-71, l^ccturer on 
(Comparative Osteology, Wesleyan University. 1871-3, Veterinary Surgeon to 
Connecticut State Board of Agriculture. 1873-6, Professor of Veterinary 
Science, Agricultural College, Amherst, Mass. 1876-9, Lecturer on Veterinary 
Medicine, University of Vermont. 1878, V.S., Montreal Vermont College ; 
Ph.D., University of Vermont. 1879-82, Practicing as Veterinary Surgeon, 
Hartford, Conn. 

Married, June 15, 1869, Miss Alta Clarissa Starr of Jacksonville, Vt. Chil- 
dren: Bertie Hoffcrt, b. Aug. 6, 187 1; d. Aug. 13, 1871 : Louis Agassiz, b. Dec. 
U. '873: Morton Starr, b. Oct. 4, 1876. 

1882, Address : Hartford, Conn. 



Horn, June 14, 1796, in Middlefield, Hampshire Co., Mass. 

1817, A.B., Yale College. 1817-20, Teacher in Latin Grammar S<; 
Hartford, Conn. 1820-5, Tutor in Yale College ; also studied in Yale ' 
logical School. 1825-32, P;istor of Congregational Church, l^clchcr 
Mass. 1832-7, Principal of Burr Seminary, Vt. 1833, A.M., Yale Col 
A.M., Middlebury College. 1837-42, Principal of English Departme: 
Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. 1842-4, Studied in Germany, and tra 
in Europe and the East. 1844-6, Instructor in Latin and Greek, Am 
College. 1847-9, Professor of German, College of New Jersey. 184 
Taught in Philadelphia, Pa.; traveled with a private class in Europe ant 
East. 1858-60, Again Professor in College of New Jersey. 1860-2, Te 
of Hebrew and Biblical Literature, Wesleyan University. 1847, S.T.D., 
lege of New Jersey. 1856-7, Traveled in Euro|)e, lOgypt, the Oesert, 
Palestine. 1862-82, Professor of Latin and Greek in Lafayette College, E* 
Pa, (Sec BiHMocKAiMiY.) Died, March 16, 1882, in P^aston, Pa. 

Married, Sept. 21, 1826, Miss Maria Flynt of Monson, Mass., who died 
II, 1871. Married, Oct. 29, 1873, Marion B. Philleo of Utica, N.Y. Chil 
Olivia, b. Oct. 10, 1827; d. Sept. 28, 1847: Eliza M., b. Jan. 18, 1832; mi 
John L. Dudley; d. June 3, 1871. 

1882, Address of widow : Easton, Pa. 


Born, Sept. 23. 1837, in Plymouth, Litchfield Co., Conn. 

1860-82, Instructor in Elocution in Wesleyan University; also engag 
giving Public Headings, and at intervals as Instructor in Connecticut 
Normal School; New York Central Conference Seminary; Theological 
tute of Connecticut, Hartford; High School, Hartford, Conn.; and 
institutions. 1866, A.M., Wesleyan University. 

Married, Nov. 21, i860. Miss Cordelia Theresa Hough of New Britain, ( 
Children: William Guernsey, b. Feb. 23, 1866; d. Aug. 7, 186C): Ralph Bs 
b. June 7, 1867 : Mabel Cordelia, b. April 5, 1872 : Mary Frances, b. D 


1882, Address: New Britain, Conn. 


Born, Dec. 22, 18^1, in Galena, Kent Co., Md. 

1874, A.B., Dickinson College. 1874-6, Teacher of Natural Science, 
mington Conference Academy, Dover, Del. 1876-7, Studied Philosopl 
Harvard University. 1877-8, Teacher <»f EngliNh, Wilmington Confc 
Academy. 1S78-81, Studied Philosophy in G<»tlingen, l^ipsic, and Heide 
Universities, Germany. 1881-2, Instruct«>r in Ethics, Wesleyan Unive 
1882-3, Co Principal of Wilmington Conference Academy, Dover, Del. 

1882, Address: Dover, Kent Co., Del. 


Born, Sept. 15, 1802, in Pembroke, Plymouth Co., Mass. 

1823, A.B., Brown University; studied Law. 1828-31, Taught in Wes 
Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1831-2, Tutor, Wesleyan University, j 
wards taught in Brooklyn and New York, N. Y. 18 16, Practiced I^w in 
York, N. Y. 1848- , Private Secretary of Hon. Nathaniel Nilcs, \ 
Charge d'Affaires at Turin, Italy ; also tutor in his family. Remained i 
employ of the succeeding Charge d^Affaires for several years. 1857-71, * 




tary of the British Vice Consul, Turin, Italy. 1897-8, Consular Aj^ent for 
the United States for Turin and provinces; taught English and Italian at 
Turin; Tutor in English to the Royal Family at Turin. Died, Sept. 26, 187 1, 
in Turin, Italy. 


Bom, Jan. 6, 1805, in Hudson, N. Y. 

1825-6, Studied (as Sophomore) in Yale College. 1826-36, In poor health ; 
engaged occasionally as Clerk in Banks in Middlctown, Conn. 1836-40, En- 
gaged in business as Book-seller, Middletown, Conn.; Firm, K. (tunt & Co. 
1S40, Engaged in farming, in Michigan. 1845-67, Secretary of the Russell 
Manufacturing Co., Middletown, Conn. 1S67-8, Librarian of Wesleyan Uni- 
versity. 1868-72, Engaged in literary and scientific work, Mi<ldletown, Conn. 
Died, March 12, 1872, in Middletown, Conn. 


liorn, Dec. 25, 1856, in Steubcnville, Ohio. 

1S77, B.S., University of Kansas. 1877-80, Studied Chemistry, Physics, and 
Mathematics in the Universities of Tubingen, Breslau, and Wiirzburg, Germany. 
1879, D.Sc, Tubingen University. 1880-1, Assistant in Chemi.stry, Wesleyan 
University. 1881-2, Professor of Chemistry, Northwestern University. 

1S82, Address: Evanston, Cook Co., 111. 


Born, Feb. 17, 1855, in South Scituate, Plymouth Co., Mass. Brother of No. 

1876-82, Librarian of Russell Library, Middletown, Conn. 18S0-1, Assistant 
Librarian, Wesleyan University. 

1882, Address : Middletown, Conn. 


UP TO APRIL, 1883. 



Joseph Chester Burke, Editor. , 

(Where appointments, stations, positions, or addresses are known to be the 
same as in 188 1, no reference to such is made.) 

TRUSTEES. P, xix, /. 19 (Storrs). L. = Lucius. 

XX, /. 3 (True). After Rev. insert Prof. 

13 (Camp). Prefix *. 
xxi, /. 2 (Lane). Prefix Prop. 
9 (Taft). H. = Horton. 
II (Coxe). Affix D.D. 
13 (Spinney). After 1875- add 1883. 
16 (Squire). Prefix Hon. 
21 (Thomas). After 1878- add 1883. 
28 (JUDKINS). Delete 1881. 
36 (Hutchinson). AfUr 1880- add 1883. 
42 (Haven). Delete D.D. 
xxii, after /. 7 (Burr), add: 
William Murphy Ingraham . . (No. 287) 1883-7 

Robert Seney ....... 1883- 

Rev. Aaron Rittenhouse, D.D. . (No. 710) 1883- 

Rev. David Hough Ela, D.D. . (No. 559) 1883- 

Under Secretaries, last line (Upham), after 1874- insert 1883, and add: 
Rev. Edson Wyllys Burr, A.M. . (No. 647) 1883- 

FACULTY. P, xxiii, under Presidents, last line (Beach). Affix LL.D. 

under Professors, /. 11 ( Willett). Delete *. 

xxiv, under Instructors, /. 2 (Bagnall). Delete Rev. 

/. 6 (Coleman). After Rev. insert Prof. 

14 (Nealb). For A.M. read Ph. D. 

after Gooding, add: Lawrence Bunting Fletcher 


under TUTORS, /. 9 (Smith). Delete Rev. 

XXV, under Assistants, add: 

Walter Bradford Barrows, B.S. . 1882- 

Willis Kimball Stetson, A.B. (No. 1288) 1882- 

Henry Sebly White, A.B. . (No. 1312) 1882- 

P, xzviiL * Nathan Bangs. Before 1831, received D.D. 1851-62^ Trustee 

of Wesle3ran University. 


•John Price Durbin. (See Bibliography.) 

xxxi. • Charles Kittredge True. (See Bibliography.) 

xxxii. George Prentice. Son, George Rayjnond, is No. 130S. 

xxjciii. Oliver Payson Hubbard. In line 9, delete University. 

xxxiv. William Lambert Gooding. 1877, A.M., Dickinson Colic 
Married, Oct. 26, 1882, Miss Kathleen Moore of Wyoiiii- 
Kent Co., Del. 


11. John Wesley Merrill, '34. 1873-4, Supernumerary. 1874-82, Suf 
annuated, residing at Concord, N. H. 

12* •David Patten, *34. 1849, Member of Committee on Revision of Me 
odist Hymn Book. 

15* Elijah Keeler Bangs, '35. Son of Pres. Nathan Bangs, D.D. 

16. *Holden Dwight, '35. (Sec Bibliography.) 

21. 'Marvin Marcy Mason, '3J. Born, Jan. 26, 1808, etc. 1835, Sett 
in Georgia. 1835-8, Engagedf in teaching in Florida and Georgia; tauj 
one year in Mohticello, Fla. 1838-^0, Taught in Vineville Acades 
near Macon, Ga.; also preached. Died, July 2, 1854, in Vineville, n^ 
Macon, Ga. Married, Feb. 13, 1851, Miss Elizalieth J. Roberson^ 
Macon, Ga., who died Oct. 25, 1853. Child: Eoline Ro'berson, b. A 
I3» '853; d. Sept. 5, 1853. 

27, *WiLLiAM Downes Tubbs, *35. 1834-5, Resided in Elizabeth Ci 

N. C; engaeed in no business on account of poor health. 1835, ^^^ 
on trip by schooner to West Indies. Died, 1835, off Cape Hatteras. 

28. •Henry Bannister, '36. Died, April 15, 1883, in Evanston, 111. 

81* *WiLLis Stephen Burr, '36. Projector and Secretary of the Sell 
Railroad, Ala. 

87. Daniel Parish Kidder, *^6. 1 881-3, Corresponding Secretary of t 
Board of Education of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Address : { 
Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

40. 'William Henry Potter, '36. Died, May 29, 1882, in Jackson, J 
His wife died, Nov. 29, 1881. In family record^ interchange first Utt> 
of 2d and yi lines, 

47. •George Brainerd Cone, '37. 1837-43, Teacher of Languages 

Troy Conference Academy, Vt. 1843-5, Principal of Providence C 
ference Seminary, East Greenwich, R. I. 1845-8, Taught in Macon C 
lege, at Macon, Ga., and Macon, Miss. 1849, Taught in Gainesvi! 
Ala. 1850, Agent for Tennessee Female College, Columbia, Tei 
Died, 1851 or 2, in Gainesville, Ala. Married, February, 1844, M 
Hannah M. Anderson, at Warrensburgh, N. Y., who died 1848. CI 
dren : two; both died in infancy. 

48. Daniel Curry, ^37. 1883, Stationed at Bethany Chapel, New Yo 

N. Y. Address : 17 West I32d St., New York, N. Y. 

50. William Thompson Harlow, *37. (See Bibliography.) 

52t George Kellogg, '37. i88i-;j, Engaged in photographical and astronc 
ical experiments in New York, N. Y. Address : 744 Broadway, N 
York, N. Y. 

56* •Henry Wisner Smith, '37. 1837-44, Engaged in farming in Wi 
ham. Pa. Died, May, 1844, in Windham, Pa. 

67. Erastus Wentworth, '37. Son, Lewis Miller, d. March 9, 1883. 

58* Ephraim Emerson Wiley, '37. Brother of Nos. 142 and 247. (5 

62. Lorenzo Whiting Blood, '38. 1883, Stationed at Versailles, Co 
Address : Versailles, New London Co., Conn. 


7S. Jesse Beaufort Hurlburt, '3S. i8Sr, Clerk in Government Depart- 
ment, Ottawa, Ontario. (See Bibliography.) 

82. Leonidas Rosser, '38. For 1877-81 read 1877-80. 1880-2, Stationed 
at Farmville, Va. Address : Farmville, Prince Edward Co., Va. 

85* 'Franklin SouLt, '38. Died, June 3, 1882, in San Francisco, Cal. Ad- 
dress of widow : 1905 Stockton St., San Francisco, Cal. 

99, 'Clark Titus Hinman, '39. Married, August, 1841, Miss Martha A. 
Morse of Newbury, Vt., who died Feb. i, 1858. (See Bibliography.) 

100. Mead Holmes, '39. (See Bibliography.) 

103. *JoB Waterman Keech. '39. Bom, May 3, 1807, in Sherburne, Che- 
nango Co , N. Y. 1839-47, Taught in public schools in East Hartford, 
East Haddam, and elsewhere in Connecticut. 1847-S, Taught in Pen- 
nington Seminary, N. J. 1848-50, Tauehl in May's Landing, N. J. 1850-2, 
Taught in Gloucester City, N. T. 1852-71, Engaged in farming in Oak- 
land and Christiana, Wis.; taught part of the time. Died, June 4, 1871, 
in Oakland, Jefferson Co., Wis. Married, Jan. i, 1849, ^^^^ Elizabeth 
Almira Martin, of East (laddam, Conn. Children: William Ayer, b. 
Tune 4, 1850; d. Oct. 9, 1863: Julia Palmer, b. Aug. 19, 1851: Martha, 
b. Oct. 9, 1852: John M., b. July 24, 1854 : Frances Jeannettc, b. March 
6, 1856: Amelia Sarah, b. tuly 21, x86i : Charles Henry, b. Dec 25, 
1863. Address of widow: Christiana, Dane Co., Wis. 

104* ICHABOD Marcy, '39. 1882, 3, Stationed at Ayer, Mass. Address: 
Ayer, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

106. Ashley Rensselaer Northrup, '39. 1857-82, Engaged in farming 
in Normal, 111. ; has held various local offices. 1882, Residing in Glid- 
den, Iowa. Address : Glidden, Carroll Co., Iowa. 

100» Humphrey Pickard, '39. Born ... in Fredericton. . . 1 831-2, Studied 
in Wesleyan University. 1836, Joined English Wesleyan Conference; 
Stationed at Miramichie and Fredericton, N. B. 1837, Re-entered col- 
lege. 1839-40, Stationed at Miramichie and Richibucto, N. B. ; 1841, 
St. John. 1842, Editor of the Methodist Maj^zine. 1842-69, Principal, 
etc. . . 1862-9, President of Mount Allison Wesleyan College, Sackville, 
N. B. 1869-73, Editor of The Provincial IVesleyan^ and Book Steward, 
Wesleyan Conference Office. 1873-6, Agent for Mount Allison College 
Endowment Fund. 1876, 7, Stationed at Sackville, N. B. 1878-80, Book 
Steward, Methodist Church of Canada. 1880-2, Supernumerary; resid- 
ing in Sackville, N. B. Delegate to Canada Wesleyan Methoaist Con- 
ference. 1857, 60, 67. Delegate to English Wesleyan Methodist Confer- 
ence, 1857, 62, 73. President of Wesleyan Conference of Eastern Brit- 
ish America, 1862, 70. Delegate to General Conference of Methodist 
Church of Canada, 1874, 78. Address : Sackville, New Brunswick. 

114. •Samuel Henry Ward, '39. Address of widow: Care of E. W.N. 
Starr, Esq., Middletown, Conn. 

116. William Rhodes Bagnall, '40. 1882, Address: New York, N. Y. 
("As I intend to change residence soon, I prefer simply this. Letters 
so addressed will reach me. Aug., 1882.") 

118* Loranus Crowell, '40. Brother of No. 556. 1882, 3, Agent of Wes- 
leyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 

119. Joseph Cummings, '40. 1881-3, President of Northwestern Univer- 
sity, Evanston, 111. 1882, Transferred to Rock River Conference. Ad- 
dress : Evanston, Cook Co., 111. 

126. •Nathaniel Clark Lewis, *40. 1877-82, Superannuated; resided in 
Onarga, 111. Died, May 28, 1882, in Onargo, 111. (Widow is sister of 
No. 144.) 

127. John Wesley Lindsay, '40. For 1873-81, read 1873-82. 

182, •Benjamin Franklin Mudge, '40. (See Bibliography.) 

ISS. •Thomas Hicks Mudge, '40. (See Bibliography.) 

141. ♦Henry Van Valkenburgh, '40. Born, 1882, in Bath, Steuben Co., 
N. Y. For some years engaged in the lumber business in New York, 
N. Y. Afterwards for many years engaged in banking and insurance 
business. 1873-4, Agent of Connecticut Mutual and Equitable Insur- 


ance Companies, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Died, Aug. 22, 1874, ^^ Cincin'^ 
Ohio. Married, 1844, Miss Ellen Phelps of Middletown, Conn. M^* 
ried, 1854, Miss Eliza Thompson of St. Louis, Mo. Children : £llen» 

{an. 12, 1845: Lillie Thompson, b, June 30, 1856, d. Nov. 19, tS$^ 
ohn Gregory, b. July 17, 1858 : Louise Pratt, b. Dec 9, 1862. Address 
widow: 394 North State St., Chicago, 111. 

142. •William Stevens Wiley, '40. Born, June 4, 181 2, in Maiden, Ma* 
Brother of Nos. 58 and 247. Soon after 1840, went South and took charg 
of a school in Louisiana. Studied in New Orleans Medical School. i&4' 
Assistant Surgeon, and in 1847-8, Chief Surgeon in U. S. Army Hospitf 
at Vera Cruz, during Mexican War. 1848-50, Practiced Medicine i 
Columbus, Miss. Completed medical course of study in Memphis, Tcni 
M. D. Practiced in Marion, Va. Soon after 1855, till 1857, practiced 1 
Jonesville, N. C. Died, March 12, 1857, in Jonesville, N. C. Married 
April 12, 1842, Miss Eliza Partridge of Rockland, Me., who died Oct. i 
1850. Married, December, 1855, ^>** Marj' F. Davis of Washingtc 
County, Va., who died February, 1857. Children : Two boys b. and < 
before 1846: Eliza R., b. May 31, 1846,* married Mr. Sanford H. W 
liams : Mary F., b. Dec. 25, 1856. 

148. •Henry Wright Adams, '41. 1851-73, Engaged in general stu< 
and invention ; received forty Letters Patent from the United Sta.t< 
and others from foreign countries. 187^-81, £ngaged in publishi' 
works and in invention; received thirty-nve Letters Patent in vario 
branches of industry. 1879, Patented important improved methods 
mining. 188 1, President off the Adams Mining and Reduction O' 
Charlotte, N. C. Died, Sept. 21, 1881, in Charlotte, MecklenburgK C< 
N. C. Address of widow: Burlington, Burlington Co., N. J. 

149. •Edmund Erastus Eastman Bragdon, '41. Child, Sarah £., marri^ 
Wm. O. Church ; Eva N., married Fred. F. Judd, Address of wido'' 

Aubumdale, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

154. John Hubbard Hall, Jun., '41. 1872, By division of Conferenc 
became member of Central New York Conference. 

160. William Capers Miller, '41. 1844, Practiced Medicine in Charle 
ton, S. C. Probably died, 186 1-5. 

165. Daniel Jarvis PiNCKNEY, '41. (See Bibliography.) 

168. Richard Sutton Rust, '41. De/^te 1881, Delegate to Method! 
Ecumenical Conference. (Was elected, but resigned.) Married, Au, 
9, eU. 

171. *Clinton William Sears, '41. 1856-8, Pastor, etc . . . i860- 
Pastor of First Methodist Episcopal Cliurch, Urbana, Ohio. 1862- 
Chaplain of 95th Ohio Volunteers. Died, Aug. 29, 1863, in Urban 
Ohio, of disease contracted in the army. Among children^ J. Magoc 
should readf J. Magoun. /« address of widow ^ for Tour tee rea 

172. Lorenzo Rockwood Thayer, '41. 1882, 3, Presiding Elder of Lyn 
District (See Bibliography.) 

175* Matthias Evans Willing, '41. For 1872-81, read 1872-82. 188: 
Rector of City Mission, New York, N. Y. Address: 169 East 74th St 
New York, N. Y. 

186. Nelson Goodrich, '42. 1882, 3, Stationed at Quarryville, Conn. Undt 
children: Eliza U., married Josiah H. Smith: Leona F., married Phili 
Townson: Roscoc Hinman, M.D., Vermont University, 1875: Hattie L 
married Martin S. Howes. Address : Quarryville, Tolland Co., Com 

100. John Clough Ingalls, '42. 1848, Stationed at I.ynnfield. 1849-61 
Supernumerary, on account, etc. . . . 1862-4, Superannuated. . . 1865-71 
Supernumerary. 1S76-83, Superannuated. Wife died Jan. 3, 1883. 

196. Alexander Hamilton Mead, '42. 1882, Stationed at Watertowr 
Conn.; 1883, Howard Av., New Haven. Address: 75 4th St., Nci 
Haven, Conn. 

106. Elijah Washington Merrill, *42. 1852, Superintendent of Publ; 
Schools of Territory of Minnesota. 

199* Thomas Alden Nickerson, '42. (See Bibliography.) 


200. Ira Perry, '42. 1881-2, Practicing Medicine at Goleta, Cal. Address : 
Goleta, Santa Barbara Co., Cal. 

200a« William Gifford Pierce. A. B., 1882. (Sec Non-Graduate 
Record, Class of 1842, p. 376 ; also Additions, Numerical Index.) 

205* William Francis Smith, '42. 1882, Located. 

207. •Lorenzo Dryden Stebbins, '42. (See Bibliography.) 

814. •Charles David Burritt, '43. 1843, ^-S-. Wesleyan University. . . 
1844, Joined Oneida Conference, etc, 1845, A.B., Wesleyan University. 

228* •John Wesley Round, '47. 1861, Served as Volunteer-Aid in first 
battle of Bull Run, Va. Died,- from effect of exposure and service, etc. 

226. John Hanson Twombly, '43. 1883, Stationed at Gardner, Mass. 
Address, Gardner, Worcester Co , Mass. 

227. •Richard Crittenden Underhill, '43. Born, Dec. 8, 1824, in Man- 
basset, Queens Co., N. Y. . . . Died Dec. 20, 187 1, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Married June 16, 1863, Miss Jeannette J. Donaldson, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

288. •Major Plumer Crafts, '44. 1844-5, Teacher in Brownwood Insti- 
tute, La Grange, Ga. . . Died, June 13, 1S81, in Terre Haute, Ind. 
Children: Mary Orleana, b. March 10, 1848; d. Sept 16, 1848: Edgar 
Dwight, b. Oct. 26, 1849; d. Dec. 3, 1849: Grove Rossetter, b. Nov. 
28, 1851: Evelyn Eudora, b. Jan. 3, 1854; d. July 29, 18C4: Eugene 
Wellington, b. Jan. 10, i8$6. Address of widow: 430 North Fifth St., 
Terre Haute, Ind. 

285. Francis SouTHACK HoYT, '44. 1869, D.D., Baldwin University. 1873, 
D.D., Ohio Wesleyan University. 

289« Silas Lawrence Loomis, *44. Member of the American Association 
for the Advancement of Science. 

246« James Strong, '44. 1883, Travelinsr with family in Europe. Under 
Children : Cyrus John, . . . Class of 1885. 

247. George Hedding Wiley, '44. Brother of Nos. 58 and 142. 

2o2. John Wesley Beach, '45. 1882, LL.D., Northwestern University. (See 

258. *Jonathan Kelsey Burr, '45. Died April 24, 1882, in Trenton, N. J. 
Under Children, Joseph M. Bruwn, .... Class of 1885. His widow died 
Aug. 21, 1882. 

267. Daniel Avery Whedon, '45. 1882, Stationed at First Church, New- 
port, R. I. ; 1883, Mathewson St., Providence. Wife died Feb. 24, 1882. 
Address : Bristol, Bristol Co., R. I. 

274. Eli Converse Bruce, '46. 1883, Supernumerary. Address: 297 
Grape St., Syracuse, N. Y. (See Bibiliography.) 

280. John Binney Gould. '46. Delete (See Bibliography). 1867, Trans- 
ferred to East Maine Conference. 1876, Ix)cated. 1881-3, Preaching at 
Methodist Episcopal Church, Newton, Mass. 1883, Re-admitted to New 
England Conference; stationed at Newton, Mass. Address: Newton, 

281. Albert Schuyler Graves, *46. 1883, Stationed at Southold. N. Y. 
Address : Southold, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

28a. Zenas Hurd, '46. 1882, Stationed at East Otto, N. Y. Address: 
East Otto, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. 

286. Ammi Bradford Hyde, '46. For 1846-61, read 1846-62. 1848, 
Joined Oneida Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 

287. William Murphy Ingraham, '46. 1883, Trustee of Wesleyan Uni- 
versity. £/>f^cfr Children: George Seney, Class of 1885. 

2tK). Reuben Harrison Loomis, \(>, 1882, 3, Stationed at Windsor Av., 
Hartford, Conn. Address : Hartford, Conn. 

295. •Fales Henry Newhall, '46. For 1871, 2, rfad 1871-4, Sta- 
tioned at Common St., Lynn, Mass. ; 1875, South St., Lynn. 1876-82, 
In poor health; superannuated. Under Children: William Rice (No. 
1278). Died, April 6, 1883, in Worcester, Mass. 


802. William Tunison, *46. 1883. Stationed at Washington, N. J. 
dress : Washington, Warren Co., N. J. 

806* Edward Gayer Andrews, *47. Under Children : Edward Hotchld 
. . . Class of 1885. (See Bibliography.) Address: 1515 Rh^ 
Island Av., N. W., Washingon, D. C. 

808. •John Colburn, *47. Died, July 14, 1881, in Hampton, Va. 

811. James Alexander Dean, '47. 1882, Principal of Durham Acadei 
N. C. Address : Durham, Orange Co., N. C. 

814. Orange Judd, '47. For 1855-63, read 1854-63. 

815. Joseph Elijah King, '47. Under Children : Alice Eliza. marrm 

No. 1275. 

817. Edward Spalding LiPPiTT, '47. ( See Bibliography.) 

821. Benjamin Pilsbury, '47. 1849, By division of Conference, becai 
member of New York East Conference. 1882. 3, Stationed at Durl 
Centre, Conn. Address : Durham Centre, Middlesex Co., Conn. 

828. James Rogers, '47. Delete (See Bibliography). 1881-2, Princii 
of Haven Normal School, Waynesborough, Ga. Address : Wayn< 
borough, Burke Co., Ga. 

828. Alexander Winchell, '47. Address: Ann Arbor, Washtenaw C< 

880. William George Hawkins, '48. For 1879-81, read 1879-82; 
1880-1, rmd 1880-2. 1882. Rector of Church of Our Saviour, Not 
Platte, Nebr. Address ; North Platte, Lincoln Co.. Nebr. 

848. James Elijah Latimer, '48. 1870-83, Residing in Auburndale, 

1876, By change in Conference, became member of Genesee Conferem 

848. *Henry Sanborn Noyes, *48. Address of widow: 96 Charles St ^^ 
Boston, Mass. 

851. Daniel Steele, '48. 1883, Stationed at Reading, Mass. Address 
Reading, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

860. JosiAH JuDsoN Cleveland, '49. 1881, Stationed at Bolinas, Cal. 
1882-3, Superannuated. Address: Alameda, Alameda Co., Cal. 

878. DAvrD Benjamin Lockwood, '49. 1883, Member of Connecticut:^' 
House of Representatives. Address : Bridgeport, Conn. 

879. John Pegg, '49. 1882, 3, Stationed at Danbury, Conn. Address: Dan- 
bury, Conn. 

885. John Henry Smith, '49. Address: Denver, Colo. 

888. Nathaniel Judson Burton, '50. 1882, Member of the Corporation 
of Yale College. (See Bibliography.) 

890. Irah Eaton Chase, '50. 1881-2, During winter traveled in Italy for 

894. Albert Harrison Hoyt, *w. 1877-83, Engaged in editorial and 
other literary work. 1882-3, Residing in Boston, Mass. Address : 16 
Marlborough St., Boston, Mass. 

403. William Sprague Studley, '50. 1882, Transferred to Genesee Con- 
ference ; stationed at Delaware Av., Buffalo, N. Y. Address : Buffalo, 

N. Y. 

404. John B. V/fN Peften, '50. 1882-3, Again Principal of Fairfield 
Sejninar}', N. Y. Address : Fairfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

405. John Monroe Van Vleck, '50. Under Children, for (No. 1290), reetd 
(No. 1291). 

416. John Henry Gaylord, ^51. 1882, Preaching as supply in Methodist 
Episcopal Church, East Long Meadow, Mass. Address: East Long 
Meadow, Hampden Co., Mass. 

417. Charles Frederick Gerry, '51. 188 1-2, Member of Massachusetts 


419. Othniel Holmes, '51. 1883, Stationed at Starkville and Van Homes* 
viJle, N. Y. Address : Starkville, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 


420. Seth Parker Holway, '51. For 1880-1, read 1880-2. 1881, Assist- 
ant Collector of Licenses, for the City and County of San Francisco. 

1882, Secretary of Columbia Gold Mining Co.; the Blucstone and Reduc- 
tion Works of Arizona; and the California Electric Gas Lighting Co. 

1883, Deputy Assessor of City and County of San Francisco. 

425. Elliot Judson Peck, '51. Born, May 22, 1823, in Stratford, Fairfield 
Co., Conn. 

480. Charles Wesley Bennett, '52. 1879, Transferred to Northern New 
York Conference. 

434. George Brown Dusinberre, '52. 1882, General Agent for Land 
Department of Atchison, Topeka and Santa F6 Railroad. 

48(J. ♦James Sayre Gripping, \2, Died April 3, 1882, in Osawatomic, 
Kans. Address of widow : Manhattan, Riley Co., Kans. 

487. Calvin Sears Harrington, '52. Son, Karl Pomeroy, is No. 1302. 

438. James Wesley Horne, *S2. 1858, Joined New York East Confer- 
ence, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1882, 3. Stationed at Southport, Conn. 
1882, LL.D., Liberia College. Address : Southport, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

489. Thompson Hoadley Landon, '52. 1883, Stationed at Prospect St., 
Paterson, N. J. Address: 40 Benson St., Paterson, N. J. 

442. Walter Oakley, '52. For 1880-1, read 1880-2. 1S82, Supernumer- 
ary. Address : Topeka, Kans. 

451. Aaron White, '52. Under Children ; Henry S., No. 131 2. 

452. Benjamin Franklin Burnham, '53. Also engaged in literary work ; 
law editor. 

460. Francis D. Hodgson, '53. 1857, Joined Philadelphia Conference, 
Methodist Episcopal Church ; stationed at Scott Church, PhiladelphisT, 
Pa. Transferred successively to the Oregon, California, East Genesee 
and Central New York Conferences. 

464. •Sylvester Hill Opdyke, '53. Address of widow: Middletown, 

486. David Henry Sherman, '53. (See Bibliography.) 

476. Henry White Warren, '53. Under Children, y^ (No. 1291), r^<i</ 
(No. 1258). 

471. William Fairfield Warren, '53. 1882, Traveling in Europe. 
Fraternal Delegate to British Wesleyan Methodist Conference. 

474. Henry Baker, '54. 18S2, Transferred to Baltimore Conference. 
1882, 3, Stationed at Havre de Grace, Md. Under Children, for (No. 
1261), r^a</ (No. 1262): Edwin Henry; Class of 1885. Address: Havre 
de Grace, Harford Co., Md. 

479. Justin Spvulding Barrows, '54. 1882, 3, Stationed at North Brook- 
field, Mass. Address: North Brookfield, Worcester Co., Mass. 

477. William Case Bowen, '44. 1879, Transferred to New Jersey Con- 

479. Calvin Beach Ford. '54. 1883, Stationed at George St., New Haven, 
Conn. Address : 62 Lafayette St., New Haven, Conn. 

486. ♦Charles Lafayette Howe, *54. 1881, Stationed at Bridgeport, 
N. Y. ; 1882, Delphi and Oran. Died, Feb. 28, 188 ?, in Cazenovia, N. Y. 

488. Joseph Hughes Knowles, *54, Full address: 56 Spruce St., New- 
ark, N. J. (See Bibliography.) 

498. John Wesley Selleck, '54. 1883, Stationed at Pine Plains, N. Y. 
Address : Pine Plains, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

499. Joseph Johnson Turton. '5,4. 1875, Transferred to Central New 
York Conference. 1881. Stationed at Pratt's Hollow, N. Y.; 1882, 
Euclid. Address: Euclid, Onondaga Co., N. Y. 

500. Joseph Vinton, *u. 1883, Stationed at Southington, Conn. Address: 
Southington, Hartford Co., Conn. 

60S. Abraham Merrill Wheeler, '54. 1882, Stationed at Lyndon, Vt. 
Address : Lyndon, Caledonia Co., Vt. 



504. Charles Candee Baldwin, '55. Also Corresponding Member oC 
the Minnesota Historical Society of St. Paul; same of the Virginia 
Historical Society of Richmond. 

507* •David Copeland, *$$. 18 — , Transferred to Wyoming Conference. 
Died, Dec. 7, 1882, in Ro)'alton, Vt. 

513* *JosEPH S. £. Leonard, '55. M.D., Louisville Medical Colle^ Ky. 
Surgeon in Confederate Army. Died, 1S60 or 1861, in New Madnd, Mo. 

514. Henry Lummis, '55. 1SS2, 3, Stationed at Stoneham, Mass. Address : 

Stoneham, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

616. John Henry Mansfield, '55. 1878-83, Superannuated. 

520* Elias Raymond Pennoykr, '55. 1861, On account of failure of 
health, left the ministry and went to Delaware. 

522. John Emory Round, '55. 1882, D.D., East Tennesee Wesleyan Uni- 
versity. Under Children, add Hattie Christal. b. Dec. 25, 1880. 

627. Edward Hyde True, '55. Brother of No. 102Q. 

628. Henry Vosburgh, '55. 1882, Stationed at Perry, N. Y. Address: 
Perry, Wyoming Co., N. Y. 

635. BuRWELL Philip Goode, '56. 1858, M.D., Medical College of Ohio. 

642, Orville Watson Powers, '56. Residing at Denmark Hill, London. 
Son, b. 1877 ; daughter, b. 1879. Address same as in i88t. 

647. Samuel Foster Upham, '56. Under Children: Frank Bourne, . . Class 
of 1885. 

648. Emerson Warner, *56. 1880, . . . (after Church insert period.) 1882, 
Traveled in Europe. 

663. Robert Clark, *57. 1882, 3, Stationed at Niantic. Address: Niantic, 
New London Co., Conn. 

664. QuiNCY Johnson Colli.n, '57. 1882, Transferred to New York Con- 
ference ; stationed at Hillsdale, N. Y. Address : Brookton, Tompkins 
Co., N. Y. 

565* George Fisk Comfort, '57. 1872-83, Professor of Modern Lan- 
guages and Aesthetics and History of Fine Arts, Syracuse University, 
N. Y. 1873-83, Dean, etc. 

659. David Hough El.\, '57. 1882, 3, Stationed at Grace Church, Worcester, 
Mass. 1883, Trustee of Wesleyan University. Address: Worcester, 

5C0. William Thomas Elmer, '57. 1882, Member of Commission to 
revise the Criminal Laws of Connecticut. 

602. Algernon Knox Johnston, '57. 1881-3, Director of the S. S. White 
Dental Manufacturing Co., New York, N. Y. Address: Maple Av., 
Clifton, Richmond Co., N. Y. 

664. Willard Francis Mallalieu, '57. 1882, 3. Presiding Elder of Boston 
District. Address: 4 Howland St., Boston Highlands, Mass. 

667. John Peterson, '57. 1881, Stationed at Washington St., Newbury- 
port, Mass. Address: 228 High St., Newburyport, Mass. 

674« Albert Doughty Vail, '57. 1882,3, Stationed at St. James* Church 
New York. Address: 1981 Madison Av., New York, N. Y. 

675* Edward Warren Virgin, '57. 1882, 3, Stationed at Dedham, Mass. 
Address: Dedham, Norfolk Co., Mass. 

678* Name is Ezra Alverda Winchell. 

579. George Storrs Chadbourne, '58. 1882, 3, Stationed at Harvard St., 
Cambridge, Mass. Address : Cambridge, Mass. 

6g(K Henry Alonzo Collin, '58. 1881-2, Professor of Chemistry and 
Prysics in University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebr. 1882-3, Professor 
of v^hemistry and Physics, Cornell University, Mount Vernon, Iowa. 
Add:ess : Mount Vernon, Linn Co., Iowa. 

687. Natfanikl Fellows, '58. 1883. Presiding Elder of Springfield Dis- 
trict. Address: Evans House, Springfield, Mass. 


594. George Washington Mansfield, '58. 1883, Stationed at South 
Hadley Falls, Mass. Address: South Hadley Falls, Hampshire Co, 

595. Solomon Parsons, '58. 1882, 3, Stationed at Summit, N. J. Address : 
Summit, Union Co., N. J. 

596. Frederick Walker Pitkin, '58. For 1879-81, read 1879-82. 

fe98. Charles Smith Rogers, '58. Son. Henry Tracy, d. 1883. 1882, 3, 
Stationed at Trinity Church, Worcester, Mass. Address: Worcester, 
' Mass. 

6(K). Hiram Pliny Shepard, '58. 1873, Located by Kansas Conference. 
605. George Henry Whitney, '58. (See Bibliography.) 
608. Charles Collard Adams, '59. Address : 1 16 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 

616. George Gamaliel Dains, '59. 1883. Stationed at Hamilton, N. Y. 
Address: Hamilton, Madison Co., N. Y. 

622. Edwin Bayard Harvey, '59. 1882-3, President of Worcester County 
Medical S^jciety. 

624. Stephen Southrick Hebberd, '58. CSee Bibliography.) 

625. Samuel Jackson, '59. 1883, Stationed at South St., Lynn, Mass. 
Under Children, for (No. I2bgi)fread (No. 1270). Address: 14 South 
St., Lynn, Mass. 

628. Asa Prior Lyon. '59. 1880-2, Supernumerary. . 1880-2, Preached in 
Millbank, Dak. 1882-3, Preaching in Sioux KalU, Dak. Address: 805 
Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

632. John Emory Powers, '59. De/e/e (See Bibliography). 

636. •Alfred Henry Saxe, '59. Died, Nov. 11, 1881, in Warwick, Orange 
Co., N. Y. 

639* William Henry Starr, '59. 1882, 3, Stationed at East Greenwich, R. L 
Address : Ea.«t Greenwich, Kent Co., R. L 

641. Frederick Woods, '59. 1882, 3. Stationed at Trinity Church, Spring- 
field, Mass. Under Children : Frederick Shenstone, . . . Class of 1885. 
Address : Springfield, Mass. 

642. John Wesley Young, '59. 1882. Stationed at Spring Valley, N. Y. 
Address : Spring Valley, Rockland Co., N. Y. 

643. Bennett Tyler Abbott, *6o. 1883, Stationed at Babylon, N. Y. 
Address : Babylon, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

644. Edward Merritt Anthony, *6o. 1882,3, Stationed at Staffordville 
and Wellington. Address: Staffordville, Tolland Co., Conn. 

646. *Wilbur Fisk Burns, *6o. Died, in Sierra Leone, 

Africa. His wife is also dead. 

649. George Clarke, '60. 188 1, 2, Agent of New York Conference Tem- 
perance Society. 1881, On account of health, resided at Ocean Grove, 
N. J. 1882, Traveled with No. 784, in Egypt, Palestine, and the East. 
1883. Stationed at New Castle, N. Y. Address: New Castle, West- 
chester Co., N. Y. 

651. Andrew Kerr Crawford, '60. 1882, Stationed at Point Arena, Cal. 
Address : Point Arena, Cal. 

654. Herbert Franklin Fisk, *6o. Brother of No. 1005. 

656. Daniel Foster Hallock, '60. 1882, 3, Stationed at Coram, N. Y. 
Address : Coram, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

657. George Janvrin Judkins, '60. 1882, 3, Presiding Elder of Dover Dis- 

658. Melvin Dewain Kinney, '60. 1882, Stationed at Trinity Church, 
Oswego, N. Y. 1883, Supernumerary ; president of Thousand Island 
Park Association. Address: Thousand Island Park, Jefferson Co., 

N. Y. 

■y 659. John Brown Lapham, '60. 1882, Stationed at Kent's Hill and Read- 
field Corner. Address : Kent's Hill, Kennebec Co., Me. 


067. ICHABOD Simmons, '60. 1882, Traveled three months in Euro; 
1883, Tresiding Elder of Brooklyn District. Address: 219 Adelphi S 
Brooklyn, N. V. 

668. Hknry Moore Simpson, *6o. 1882, 3, Stationed at Roselle, N.J. HT 
wife died, Feb. 14, 1882. Address: Roselle, Union Co., N. J. 

671. Samuel Martin Stiles, '60. Former residence of wif«, Whitin 

672. Charles Nelson Stowers, '60. 1882, Presiding Elder of Mankat^::^ 
District. Address : Mankato, Blue Earth Co., Minn. 

673. Sylvester Emory Strong, '60. 1S82, Visited Florida for health. 

675. Sanford Benton Sweetser, '60. 1883, Stationed at Elm St., Gl 
cester, Mass. Address : Gloucester, Mass. 

680. Samuel Augustus Winsor, *6o. 1S82, Preaching at Fort Colli 
Larimer Co., Colo. Address: Care of L. C. Winsor, University o- 
Denver, Denver, Colo. 

683. John Wesley Barnhart, '61. 1882, 3, Stationed at Greene Av.g 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: 613 Greene Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

685. John Storry Breckinridge, '6r. 1864, Delegate of U. S. Christi 
Commission. 1883, Stationed at Meriden, Conn. Address: Meriden,^ 

. Conn. 

686, William Dawson Bridge, '61. (See Bibliography.) 

6.S.S. Edgar Frederick Clarke, '61. 1883, Stationed at Thames St, 
Newport, R. I. Address : 90 Spring St., Newport, R. I. 

693. Christopher Page Flanders, '61. 1882, Stationed at Guildhall, Vt. 
Address: Guildhall, Essex Co., Vt. (See Bibliography.) 

695* *Willbi'rFisk Johnston, '61. 1881-2, Not engaged in business. Died, 
Dec. 17, 1882, in Clifton, Staten Island, N. Y. 

699. Hubbard Bester Payne, •61. Address: Franklin St, Wilkes Barrc, 

700. Daniel W. Raymond, '61. To Children add: Edith, b.Dec 17, 1882. 

701. Aaron Rittenhouse, '61. 1882.3, Stationed at Ebenezer Church, Phila- 
delphia, Pa, 1883, Trustee of Wesleyan University. 

705. George Whitaker, '61. 1882, 3, Stationed at Union Square Church, 
Somerville, Mass. Address: Somerville, Mass. 

706. Nathan Willis Wilder, '61. 1863, Stationed at Essex and Jericho, 
Vt. Address : Essex, Chittenden Co., Vt (See Bibliography.) 

709. John Emory Andrus, '62. Brother of H. J. Andrus, non-graduate, 

710. William Ranney Baldwin, '62. For 1877-81, read 1877-82, eU, 
1882, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Bradford, Pa. Address : Bradford, 
McKean Co., Pa. 

712. Henry Ward Bennett, '62. Address : Ilion, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

716. William Francis Co.mfort, '62. Delete (See Bibliography.) 

718. Samuel Stephen Etheridge, '62. Also U. S. Deputy Marshal of Des 
Moines District, Iowa. 

722. James Marcus King, '62. 18S2, 3, Stationed at i8th St., New York. 
Child, Robert Lenox, d. P'eb. 21, 1882. Address: 305 W. i8th St., New 
York. N. Y. 

726. *SMrrH Williams, '62. 1862-3, Taught and preached in Allegan, 
Mich. 1863-4, Taught Union Academy, Galesburgh, Mich. 1864, 
Taught in Albion College, Mich. ; joined Genesee Conference, Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 1864-5, l*rincipal of Parma Academy, N. Y. 1864, 
Stationed at Sweden, N. Y.; 1865, Niagara Falls; 1866, Eden and North 
Evans; 1867, Lancaster and Elma. 1868, Health failed; located. 
186S-75, Engaged somewhat in business. Died, Oct. 7, 1877, etc. Mar- 
ried, (.)ct. 6, 1S68, Miss Helen E. Ingalls of Springfield, Erie Co., N. Y. 
Address of widow: Mrs. J. W. Chaddock, Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., 


730. Wesley Dempster Chase, *6]. 1883, Stntioncd at Gouverneur, N. Y., 
Address : Gouverneur, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. 

733. George Lysander Edwards, '63. 1SS1-2. Projf-reader, etc. 1S82-3, 
PsLStor of Congregational Church, Bingham. Me. Address: Bingham, 
Somerset Co., Me. 

734. Oliver Haley Fernald, '63. 1883, Stationed at Rockville, Conn. 
Undir Children : Flora Arnette, . . . . d. April 3, 1882. Address : Rock- 
ville, Tolland Co., Conn. 

737. Charles Dudley Hills, '63. 1882, 3, Stationed at Saratoga St., Boston, 
Mass. Address: 85 Lexington St., Boston, Mass. 

739. Charles Thurston Juhns«>n. '63. 18S3, Stationed at Ipswich, 
Mass. Address : Ipswich, Essex Co., Mass. 

740. Melville Morton Johnston, '63. 1881-3, Engaged in the manage- 
ment of the S. S. White Dental Manufacturing Co., New York, N. Y. 
Address : Box 231, Clifton, Richmond Co., N. Y. 

742. Augustus Winslow Kingslev, ^(>},. 1S82, Stationed at Bumside, 
Conn.; 18S3, Campello, Mass. Address: Campcllo, Plymouth Co., 

7*4. Joseph Pullman, ''dy 1882, 3, Stationed at Fleet St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
tinder Children : Bella Beeton, .... Class of 1885. Address: 43 Fleet 
St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

747. Isaac Edward Smith, '63. 1882. 3. Stationed at West Winsted, Conn. 
Address : West Winsted, Litchfield Co., Conn. 

750. Alexander Chilson Stevens, '63. 1883, Stationed at Riverhead, 
N. Y. Address : Riverhead, Suffolk Co., X. Y. 

752, Alfred Augusiis Wright, '63. 1883, Dean, and Professor of New 
Testament Greek, Chautauqua School of Theology. Address: Boston, 

755. James Clarke Watson Cox e, *63. 1882, Stationed at Grace Church, 
Brooklyn, Iowa. Address : Brooklyn, Poweshiek Co., Iowa. 

767. David Weston Gates, '63. 1882, Stationed at Trinity Church, Albany, 
N. Y. Address : Albany, N. Y. 

758. Gilbert Holmes Gregory, 'd^. ivS82, Stationed at 109th St., New 
York, N. Y. 18S3, Presiding Elder of New York District. Address: 
75 East fifth St., New York, N. Y. 

759. George Alonzo Halu '63. 1863. Joined Trov Conference, Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 1866, Transferred to New York East Conference. 

700. Charles Schwartz Harrower, '63. 1882, 3, Stationed at St. Luke's 
Church, New York, N. Y. 18S2, D.D., Wesleyan University. Address : 
loS West 41st St., New York, N. Y. 

704. Thomas ShiriIs Wiles, '63. His wife died Dec. 7, 1881. 

700. *Jacob Worthen Hall Ames, *64. Born. May 7, 1838, in Crovdon, 
Sullivan Co., N. H. , . . Children: Jacob P'isher, b. March 24, 1865; d. 
July 22, 1865: Jessie Worthen Hall, b Nov. 28, f806. Address of 
wiaow : Mrs. A. N. Stow, 500 Henry St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

707. Henry Baker, '64. 1882, Transferred to New York East Conference. 
1S82, 3, Stationed at Simpson Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: 211 
Clermont Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

708. JedediahDurkeeBeeman, '64. Brother of No. 1067. 1882, President 
of Vermont Seminary and Female College, Montpelier, Vt. Address : 
Montpelier, Washington Co., Vt. 

772. *Benjamin Whittemore Chase, '64. 1882, Stationed at Seaford, Del. 
Died, Dec. 12, 1882, in Seaford, Del. 

782. John Joseph Reed, Jun., '64. (Sec Bibliography.) 

784. George Lewis Thompson, '64. 188 1, 2. Chaplain of Connecticut leg- 
islature. 1882, Traveled six months in Egypt, Palestine, and the East, 
with No. 649. 1883, Stationed at Birmingham, Conn. Address: Bir- 
mingham, New Haven Co., Conn. 


786. John Swinburne Whedon, '64. 1882, 3, Stationed at Sag Hai 
N. Y. Address: Sag Harbor, Suffolk Co., N. Y: 

787. Thomas Bond Wood, '64. Itfjih line, /or Argenimt Republic, ; 
Southeastern South America. 1870-7, Stationed at Rosario de Santa 
preached in English and Spanish. 1871, Conducted the only schoc 
the region of Rosario in which, <r/^., eic. 1872-6, Founded schools 
introduced school reforms in the Province of Santa F^. (Delete the 
fence 1874-6, Professor, etc.) 1875-7, Professor of Astronomy 
Physics in National College, Rosario de Santa Fii. 1881, During 
and winter visited the United States and Mexico. 1882, LL.D.. Ind 
Asbury University. Address: 805 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

788. Albert Harmon Wyatt, *64. 1882, 3, Stationed at Middletown, C< 
Address : Middletown, Conn. 

789. Wilbur Olin Atwater, '65. 1882, Appointed State Chemis 
Connecticut. 1882-3, Studying Physiological Chemistry in the Uni 
sity of Munich and elsewhere in Germany. 

790. Theodore Charles Beach, '65. 1882, 3, Stationed at Great Neck, ^ 
Address : Great Neck, Queens Co., N. Y. 

791. Wellesley Wellington Bowdish, '65. 1882, D.D., Iowa Wesle 
University. 1883, Stationed at First Place Church, Brooklyn, N. 
Address: 158 Summit St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

796. I^uther Munsov Gilbert, '65. For Child reati Children, and a 
Frederick Newhall, b. May 6, ifei. 

798. George Augustus Graves, '65. 1883, Stationed at Greenport, N. 
Address : Greenport, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

799. Albert Overton Hammond, '65. 1875, Located. 

801. Salmon Durance Jones, '65. 1865, Preached at Methodist Episcc 

Church, Wethersfield, Conn 1868, Joined Newark Conferei 

Methodist Episcopal Church 1882, 3. Stationed at Chatham, > 

Has invented a rotary engine. Address: Chatham, Morris Co., N. J 

808. Siegfried Kristeller, '65. 1S82, Stationed at Copper Hill, Coi 
1883, Cook St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Address : 176 Varet St , Brooklyn, N 

804. Joseph Henry Mansfield, '65. 1883, Stationed at Maiden, M 
Address : Maiden, Mass. 

805. James Mudge, '65. 1882, Stationed at Shahjehanpore, India, i: 
Returning to the United States. Address: Care of Rev. Z. A. Mu« 
Newton Upper Falls, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

808. William Amos Notfage, '65. 1882, 3. Stationed at Townsend, M 
Address : Townsend, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

812. William North Rice, '65. 6'>«</^'r Children: Charles William, . . 
d. June 30, 1882. 

815. Richard Hubbard Rust, '6j. 1880, Transferred to £)incinnati ( 
ference. 1880-2, President of Cincinnati Wesleyan College, Ohio, i; 
Stationed at Grace Church, Dayton, Ohio. Address: Dayton, Ohio. 

816. Elias Benjamin Sanford, '65. For 1878-81, read 1878-82. il 
Editor of The Golden A'«/<r, Boston, Mass. Address: 25 Congress 
Boston, Mass. 

817. *WiLBUR FisK Sanford, *65. (See Bibliography.) 

818. Henry Edgar Smith, '65. 1870, M.D., University of Vermont. 

822. Nicholas Tillinghast Whitaker, '65. (See Bibliography.) 

823. Charles Wesley Wilder, '66. 1883, Stationed at West Medf 
Mass. Address : West Medford, Middlesex Co , Mass. 

826. *OsMiN Atkins, *66. Both children drowned, Dec. 19, 1881. 

884. Stephen Henry Olin, '66. His wife died Nov. 7, 1882. ( 

885. George Carr Round, *66. 1870-8, Chairman of the Manassas Scl 
Board. 1872-8, Clerk of the Corporation of Manassas, Under Child 
for George Carr, read George Charles. 


838. Alexander Harrison Tuttle, '66. 1883, Stationed at Plainfield, 
N. J. Address : Plainfield, Union Co., N. J. 

841. (Robert) Newton Crane, '67. (See Bikliography.) 

842, Edward Cunningham, '67. 1882, Transferred to New York East 
Conference. 1882, 3, Stationed at Ansonia, Conn. Address : Ansonia, 

• New Haven Co., Conn. 

845. David Benson Furber, '67. Brother of No. 1006. 

846. Frederic Taber Glover, '67. Address : Care of Rev. C. E. Glover, 
Rye, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

849. Charles Edward Mandeville, '67. 1881, D.D., Shaw University, 

850. Charles Wesley Millard, '67. 18S2, 3, Stationed at Cannon St., 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Address: Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

853. Charles Randolph North, '67. 1883, Stationed at 30th St., New 
York, N. Y. Under Children, add Lucy Elizabeth, b. June 14, 1881. 
Address : 327 Wej»t 30th St., New York, N. Y. 

854. Wilbur Fisk San ford, *67. 1877, Located. 

857. Samuel Reed Bailey, '68. Address: Livermore, Androscoggin Co., 

862. George Blauvelt Dusinberre, '68. 1883, Stationed at Watertown, 
Conn. Address : Wateitown, Litchfield Co., Conn. 

806. Theodore Myers House, '68. 1882, Transferred to Central New York 
Conference, and stationed at Geneva, N. Y. Address : Geneva, Ontario 
Co., N. Y. 

868. Ensign McChesney, '(&. 1882, Stationed at State St., Troy, N. Y. 
Address : Troy. N. Y. 

869. Albert Julius Nast, '68. Married, Sept. 7, 1876, Miss Sarah McDer- 
mott of Berea, Ohio. Children: William Gamble, b. Nov. 11, 1877: 
Marie Eleanore, b. Jan. 29, 1880. (See Bibliography.) 

870. David Ward Northrop, '68. 1883, Secretary of State of Connecti- 

871. Charles Melville Parker, *68. Son, b. April 9, 1883. 

878. EVEREIT Irving Racketf, '68. 1882, Associate Editor of The Indus- 
trial Worlds Chicago, 111. Address: 183 Lake St., Chicago, 111. 

876. Joseph Emerson Roblns, '68. 1882, 3, Stationed at Portsmouth, N. H. 
Address : Portsmouth, Rockingham (io., N. H. 

878. Almona Benjamin Smart, '68. 1881-3, Missionary to Dakota. 
Address: Wessington Heights, Elmer, Aurora Co., Dak. 

870. George IIapgood Stone, '68. Place of birth, Collamer, Onondaga 
Co., N. Y. 

882. David Casler, '69. 1882, Stationed at Norway, Mich. Address: 
Norway, Oxford Co., Mich. 

883. Walter Augustus Chadwick, '69. 1882, 3, Stationed at Chester, 
N. Y. Address : Chester, Orange Co., N. Y. 

884. Alden FrraROY Cuase, '69. To Children, add: Eitzroy, b. May 3, 
1881; d. May 7, 1881. 

885. Nathan Gilbert Cheney, '69. 1882-3, Pastor of the New York 
Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1883, Sta- 
tioned at New York Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. Address : 154 Herkimer St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

886. Wilbur Fisk Crafts, '69, 1883, Resigned charge of Congregational 
Church of Christian Endeavor. Address : Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y. 

887. Charles Pitman Croft, '69. 18S2-3, Pastor of Congregational 
Church, Terre Haute, Ind. Address: Terre Haute, Ind. 

89?. Samuel Emory Holden, '69. To Children, add Harold Em:ry, b. 
April 23, 1882. 


805. Tamerlane Puny Marsh. '69. 1882, Stationed at Wabash 
Chicago, III. Address: 45 Fourteenth St., Chicago, 111. 

807. Alfred Noon, '69. 1883, Stationed at Rockport, Mass. Addr« 
Rockport, Essex Co., Mass. 

906. Harvky Woodward, '69. 1882, Stationed at Laconia, N. H. ; i^ 
New Market. Address: New Market, Rockingham Co., N. H. 

000, Isaac Nkwton Clements, '70. 1878, Joined Central New York C^ ^ 

ference, Methodist Episcopal Church. Firr 1873^ r, read 1871 ^ 

1882-3, Vice- Principal and Teacher of Latin in Central New \ <^ 
Conference Seminary, Cazenovia, N. Y. 

010. William Eastman Dwight, '70- '883, Stationed at Cochitu^*-^ 
Mass. Address: Cochituate, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

013. Leon Chester Field, '70. 1882, 3, Supernumerary on account of p*=^ 
health. 1883, Traveling in Kansas for health. (See Bibliograpw: ^ 
Address : Seneca, Nemaha Co., Kans. 

014. Charles Wesley Gallagher, '70. 1882,3, Stationed at First Chur^ 
Taunton, Mass. Address : Taunton, Mass. 

015. Benjamin Gill, '70- 18S2, Traveled during summer in England. 

016. G. Brown Goode, '70. Vice-President of Board of Exhibition Ccp- 
missioner.^, American Society of Taxidermists (1882). 18S3, Comn^»- 
sioner to the Fisheries Exhibition in London. 

017. Charles Lacey Hamilton, '70. Firm: W. C. Hamilton & Sc^ 
1S80-3, Trustee of Wesleyan University. 

018. Samuel Parker Hammond, '70. 1882, Stationed at Nyack, N. "^^ 
1883, St. Paul's, Jersey City. N. J. His wife died Aug. 16, i8S:== 
Address: 216 3d St., Jersey City, N. J. 

010. David Henry IIanaburgh, '70. 1883, Stationed at South St., Pcek^ 
kill, N. v. Address : Pcekskill, N. Y. 

025* William Armor Johnston, '70. 1881-2, In charge of the manufactory* 
of the S. S. White Dental Manufacturing Co. of New York, N. Y., a-* 
Prince's Bay. Address: Box 231, Clifton, Richmond Co., N. Y. 

028. George Preston Mains, '70. 1883, Stationed at Waterbur^', Conn 
Address: Waterbury, Conn. Under Children: George Preston,...^ 
d. April 26, 1882. 

020. Virgil Wadhams M.vrrooN, '70. 1883, Stationed at Mapleville and! 
Glendale, R. I. Address: Mapleville, Providence Co., R. I. 

03D. *WiLLiAM Lee Miller, '70. Died, Dec. 27, 1878, in Westborough 


031* Henry Gleason Newton, '70. (See Bibliography.) 

032. Abraham John Palmer, '70. 1882, 3, Stationed at Park Av. (86th 
St.), New York, N. Y. Address : 106 East 86th St., New York, N. Y. 

033. George Townley Parrotf, '70. For 1880, Member etc.^ read 188 1-3, 
Member of New Jersey Assembly. 

03(J. Ali-red Seelye Roe, '70. Son, Delos Metcalf, b. Jan. 8, 1883. 

037. *CnARLES Edson Seaver, '70. Died, Nov. 6, 1881, in Holyoke, Mass. 
Address of widow: Chicopee Falls, Hampden Co., Mass. 

046. Eldon Benjamin Birdsey, '71. 18S3, Judge of Middletown Court of 

040. Albert Barnard Crafts, '71. Married, Oct. i, 1881, Miss Jennie L. 
Blake of Ashaway, K. I. 

052. Theodore E. Hancock, '71. Married, June 7, 18S2. Mis"? Martha, 
Blanche Connelly of Pittsburgh, Pa. Delete (See Bibliography). 

054. Robert Wkavek Jones, '71. 187 1, Joined New York East Confer- 
ence. 1S83, Stationed at Janes Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. Address: 633 
Madison St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

055* Watson Eli Knox, '71. Delete (See Bibliography), 1882, 3, Sta- 
tioned at State St., Springfield, Mass. Address : Springfield, Mass. 


959. Albert Pearne Palmer, '71. 1883, Stationed at Central Church, 
Brockton, Mass. Address: IBrockton, Mass. 

961. Edward Amasa Ransom, '71. ivS82, Editor of The Hudson County 
L^dgcr^ Jersey City, N. J. (See Bibliography.) 

962. Edgar Moncena Smith, '71. DeUte (See Bihliography). 1882, 
President of Maine Weslcyan Seminary and Female College, Kent's 
Hill, Mc. Address: Kent's Hill, Kennebec Co., Me. 

965. William Frederick Whitcher, '71. (See BiHLioGRArnv.) 

968. Delos Richard Baker, '72. (See Bibliography.) 

969. Joseph Henry Beale, *72. 1880, Located. 1881, 3, On editorial staff 
of The Loomis Musical and Masonic Journal^ New Haven, Conn. 
Address : New tiaven. Conn. 

971. Edwin Alonzo Blake, '72. 1882, 3, Stationed at Port Chester, N. Y. 
Address : Port Chester, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

972. John Ayer Cass. '72. 1882, Stationed at Westfield, Mass. 1883, 
Transferred to New York East Conference; re-transfcrred. Supernu- 
merary, for travel in Palestine and the East for one year. Address : 
Keadticld Depot, Kennebec Co., Me. 

973. Perry Chandler, '72. 1882, Stationed at School St., Gorham. Me. ; 
1883, Second Church, Kiltery, Me. Address: Kiitery, York Co., Me. 

975. Samuel Greenleaf Gushing, '72. 1881-2, Agent for a wholesale 
boot and shoe firm in Burlington, Iowa. Address : Care of A. G. Adams, 
Burlington, Iowa. 

97C» John Alphonso Day, '72. 1882, Stationed at Groveland, Mass. ; 
1883, Ballard Vale, Mass. Address: Ballard Vale, Essex Co., Mass. 

979. *JOHN Newton Holt, ^72. 1882, Visited Florida for health. Died, 
March 2, 1882, in Archer, Fla. Children: Bertha M, b. Feb. 4, 1878: 
Ruth, b. Nov. 22, 1880 ; d. March 26, 1881 : John Newton, b. March 
22, 1S82. Address of widow : 20 Hamlin St., Middletown. Conn. 

981. Isaac J. Lansing, '72. 1883, Traveling and studying in Europe. 
Under Children, add Philip Griswold, b. Sept. 25, 1881 ; d. Aug. 19, 
1882. Address: Brooklyn, N. Y. 

98?« Frank Mason North, '72. 18S2, 3, Stationed at Memorial Church, 
White Plains. N. Y. Address : White Plains, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

9H7. Charles Francis Rice, '72. 1883, Stationed at Webster, Mass. 
Address : Webster, Worcester Co., Mass. 

989. Arthur Benton Sanford, '72. 1883, Stationed at John St., New 
York, N. Y. Address: 44 John St., New York, N. Y. 

99?, George Washington Wrkuit, '72. 1883, Stationed at South Yar- 
mouth, Mass. Address : South Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., Mass. 

998. ♦ George Jay Brown, 't^. Died, Dec. i, 1S80, etc. 

999. William Bunker Coleman, Jun., '73. 1S76-S2, Rector of Trinity 
Church, etc. 1882-3, Rector of St. George's Church, Utica, N. Y. Acl- 
dress: Utica, N. Y. 

1002. Norman Landon Cramer, '73. 1875, Withdrew from Conference. 
1876-7, Traveled in the West ; Principal of Grammar School, Grand 
■Rapids, Mich. 1877-9, Principal of Public Schools, etc. For Shailcr & 
Hall, read Shaler & Hall. Child: Myron Cady, etc. 

1004. William Henry Eustis, '73. Address : Boston Block, Minneapolis, 

1005. Everett Olin Fisk, '73. Married, Sept. 12. 1882, Miss Helen Chase 
Steele of Philadelphia, Pa. Residing at 19 Joy St., Boston, Mass. 

1007. Benjamin Emmons Gerst, ''-jy 18S3, Teaching in Elmont, Queens 
Co., N. Y., but address same as in 1881. 

1011. Stephen JuDsoN Kikby, '73. 1883, Assistant Treasurer of Lowell, 
Mass. Address : Lowell, Mass. 

1012. Olin Levincs Livesey, '73. 1881-2, Manager of the Livesey Manu- 
facturing Co., New London, Conn. Address: 36 Howard St., New 
London, Conn. 


1013. Delmer Rial Lowell, '73. 1881, By change in Conference be^i^-^-^J?* 
member of Vermont Conference. 18S2, Stationed at Rutland, 

Child: May Irene, b. Dec. 16, 1881. Address: Rutland, Vt. 

1014. Georgk Asbury McL\ui;hlin, ^7^. 1882,3, Stationed at W^^^'^^ 
Church, Haverhill, Mass. Address: Haverhill, Mass. 

1015. * Edward Mesler, '73. Died. Jan. 11, 1882, in Clarksboro ■-» .^°» 
Gloucester Co., N. J. 

1010. IviNs AsHTON Messler, '73. (See Bibliography.) 

1017. Hinckley GiLiJERT Thomas Mitchell, '73. Member of Societ>^ ^ 
Biblical Literature and Exegesis. 1883, Instructor in Semitic Langua^ -=^ 
and Philology, Martha's Vineyard Summer Institute. • 

1010. Isaac Henry Packard. '73- '^^73-4t Preached at Methodist Epii 

pal Church, Fitchburgh, Alass. 1874, Joined A'he^ Zf//r/tz«</Conferc»^' 
etc. 1883, Stationed at Central Church, Lowell, Mass. Addrc^^ 
30 Seventh St., Lowell, Mass. 

1024. Joel Osmon Siierburn, '73. 1882, Member of Vermont House ^^ 
Representatives. 1883, Stationed at Northtield, Vt. Address: No«^** 
field, Washington Co., Vt. 

1027* Marcus Ix^rknzo Tafi', '73. Married, Sept. 29, 1882, Miss E. Low ^ 
Sanford of St. Louis, Mo. Address: Chinkiang, China. 

1028. *GEORr.E BiCKFORi) Davey Toy, '73. Address of widow: M'< 
Joseph Toy, Simsbury, Hartford Co., Conn. 

1029. Alfred Charles True, '73. 1882-3, Studying Greek and Lat: 
Literature and Philology in Harvard University. Address: 19 Joy S*'^ 
Boston, Mass. 

1032. Forrest Edson Barker, '74. 1S83, Member of Massachusetts Hoa^' 
of Representatives. 

103«). Joshua Rogers Buckelew, '74- 1SS2, Located. Address: 3^ 
Johnson St., Brooklyn, N. V. 

1034* Joseph Chester Burke, '74. 1882-3, Teacher of Natural Scienor^ 
Lusell Seminary, Auburndale, Mass. Address : Auburndale, MiddleseJ^ 
Co., Mass. 

1036. Morris Barker Crawford, *74- 1882-3, Traveling in the West for 


103S. Daniel Dorchester, Jun., '74. 1882, 3. Stationed at Newtonville, 
Mass. Address : Newtonville, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

1031). *George Borden Dorsett, '74. Died, Oct. 14, 1882, in Keyport, N. 
J., after a year's illness. 

1045. Georoe Henry Hardy. '74. 1882, Stationed at Gilford Village, 
N. H.; 18S3, Grantham and North Grantham. To Children add Grace 
May, b. Feb. 17, 1882. Address: Grantham, Sullivan Co., N. H. 

1040. Thomas Bond Lindsay, '74. 18S2, Ph.D., Boston University. 
Residing in West Newton, Mass. 

1047. William Wallace Martin, '74- 1883, Made supernumerar>' to 

study Arabic, etc. Address : 

1051. Francis Hihert Parker, *74. 1882, Firm dissolved; practicing Law 

1052. Wesley Ulysses Pearne, '74. 18S3, Re-appointed Clerk of City 
Court, Middletown, Conn. Married, April 25, 18S3, Miss Harriette C 

Arnold of Middletown, C«»nn. 

1054. John Nehemiah Pierce, '74. For R. D. Dana, Esq., read Richard 
H. Dana, Estj. 1879, Admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court, Mass. 
1879-82, Practicing Law in Edgartown and Cottage City, Mass. 

1050. A\tffte ihould read Byram Greene Sanford. 

1057. A.MOS William Seavey, '74. 1882,3, Stationed at Center Church, 
Provincetown, Mass. Address: Provincetown, Barnstable Co., Mass. 


1058. Joseph Battell Shepherd, '74. 1882, Withdrew from the Confer- 
ence ; ordained Deacon in the Protestant Episcopal Church ; Assistant 
Minister, Church of the Apostles, New York, N. Y. Address: 76 
Seventh Av., New York, N. Y. 

1059. Charles Wesley Smiley, '74. For 1879-81, read 1879-82. 1879- 
82, Special Agent of the Tenth Census. 1882, Chief of the Division of 
Records and Statistics of the U. S. Fish Commission; Editor of Annual 
Reports and Bulletin of the U. S. F. C Member of American Fish 
Cultural Association; of the Executive Committee of the Washington 
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; of the Philosophical 
Society of Washington. Child adopted 1882; Robert Wagner, b. Jan. 
36, 1868. 

1060. Edwin Pitman Stevens, '74. 1S83, Stationed at Hoosick Falls, N. 
Y. Address: Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. 

10(>3* BusHROD Shedden Taylor, '74- 1881-2, Missionary to Isthmus of 
Darien, etc. 1882, Returned home on account of sickness; preaching 
in Methodist Episcopal Church, North Granville, N. Y. 1883, Stationed 
at Bristol, Vt. Children: Marian Aria, b. March 7, 1879; William 
Henr)-, b. Dec. 17, 1880. Address: Bristol, Addison Co., Vt. 

1064. Edward David Towle. *74- >882, Withdrew from Conference. 
1882-3, Pastor of Unitarian Church, Chelsea, Mass. Address : Belling* 
bam St., Chelsea^ Mass. 

1065. John Cornwell Welwood, '74. Married, Dec. 11, 1882, Miss 
Alba E. Wall of Savin Hill, Dorchester, Mass. 

1067* Leonard Lemon Beeman, '75- 18S2-3, Supernumerary; in poor 
health ; on a farm in West Brookfieid, Mass. To Children add: Wilbur 
E. Stone, b. Jan. 22, 18S2. Address: West Brookfieid, Worcester Co., 

1069. Robert Edgar Bisbee, '75- (See Bibliography.) 

1071. Oliver Allen Coleman, '75. 1881-3, City Attorney, Baxter Springs, 
Kans. Address : Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co., Kans. 

1074. Moses Eugene Culver, '75. 1883, Prosecuting Attorney, City Court 
of Middletown, Conn. 

|076. AsHTON Chauncey Eddy, '75. 1882, Stationed at Brasher Falls; 
1883, Constable. Address: Constableville, Lewis Co., N. Y. 

1078. Junius Guilford Fallon, '75. His wife's former residence was 
Peru, N. Y. ; she died Aug. 28, 1882. 

1082. Austin Henrie Herrick, '75. 1882, 3, Stationed at Chicopee. Ad- 
dress : Chicopee, Mass. 

1083. George Washington Hughes, *75- 1882, Stationed at Schuyler's 
Falls. 1883. Transferred to New York East Conference; stationed at 
West Goshen, Conn. Address : West Goshen, Litchfield Co., Conn. 

10H5. William Channing Kellogg, '75. 1881-2, Taught in Public School, 
Yonkers, N. Y. 1882-3, Practicing Law in Yonkers, N. Y. Address : 
Room 18, Warburton Hall, Yonkers, N. Y. 

1086. Thomas Raymond Kneil, '75. Married, Jan. 5, 1882, Miss Carrie M. 
Howley of Johnsonville, N. Y. 

1087. Isaac Chase Libby, '75. 1 88 2-3, Principal of Seminary at Spakane, 
Wash. Address : Spakane, Falls Co., Wash. 

1088. Cyrus Coligni Lovejoy, '75. (See Bibliography.) 

1089. Warren Augustus Luce, 'tj. 1882, Stationed at First Church, Fall 
River, Mass. ; 1883, Burnside, (Jonn. Address: Burnside, Hartford Co., 

1091. Caleb Irving Mills, '75. 1882, Stationed at Columbia Falls and 
Columbia, Me. ; 1883, Winterport and Nealey's Corner. Married, Aug. 
30, 1882, Miss A. Etta Whittemore of East Machias, Me. Address: 
Winterport, Waldo Co., Me. 

1092. James Nixon, J un^ '75. 1882, Supernumerary; residing at Portland, 
Me. Address : Portland, Me. 


1093. Millard Mayhkw Parker/75. ^^ 1877-81, read 1877-S2. i ^>^ 3t 
Residing in West for health. Third child : a daughter, b. Feb., i^^3- 
Address: Hermosa, Los Angeles Co , Cal. 

1091. Benjamin Chandler Pilsbury, '75. 1S82, ^, Stationed at Bethleh ^n, 
Conn. Address : Bethlehem, Litchfield Co., Conn. 

109B. Wilbur Samuel Raymond, '75. 1882, Mayor of St Elmo, Colc^- 

1098. James Latimer Robinson, '75. Married, Oct. 5, 1882, Miss Com«^^ 
S. Butler of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1099. George Edwin Sanderson, '75. 1883, Stationed at Rockbotto^Hi 
Mass. Address : Rockbottom, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

1102. Frank Deuel Skeel, '75. Married, Dec. 7, 1882, Miss Mary R^>^ 
crtson of Mott Haven, N. Y. 

1103. AuTHUR Davis Smith, '75. 1883, Practicing law in Aberdien, D3.It 
Address : Aberdien, Brown Co., Dak. 

1100. Clarence Abiathar Waldo, '75. For i88t, Teacher, etc,^ ^^^\ 
1881-2, Teacher, etc, 1882, Elected Professor of Mathematics ***5 
Physics, Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. ; granted leave ^^ 
absence to study in Germany ; studying in University of Leipsic. Cbi'o- 
a daughter, b. 1883. Permanent address : Gouvcrneur, St. Lawrence C<>-» 
N. Y. After Sept. i, 1883, direct address : Terre Haute, Ind. 

1108. Aldon Owen Abbott, '76. 1882, 3, Preaching at Blandford, 

1109. Everett Fremont -Adams, '76. 1881-2, Practiced medicine in W^ 
Harps well, Me. 1S82, Engaged in canvassing. 

1110* Joseph Fithian Andrew, '76. Married, March 21, 1882, M4ss ^^j^i- 
H. Greene of Morristown, N.J. 1882, 3, Stationed at Irvington and J^*" 
ton. Address : Irvington, Essex Co., N. J. 

1114. William Somerfield Blake, *76. 1882, Located. . 

1115. Wjlbert Celestus Blakeman, '76. 1883, Supernumerary; cnga^^^f 
in literary work. Married, Sept. 14, 1881, Miss Etta W. Baldwin 
Paterson, N.J. Child: Edna Marion, b. July 14, 1882. Address: ^' 
Union St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1117. George Silas Coleman, '76. 1883, Managing Clerk of law 
Bristow, Peet & Opdyke, New York, N. Y. ; residing at 46 East 2l8t 
Address : 30 Nassau St., New York, N. Y. 

1118. Benjamin Coulhourn Conner, ''jd. To Children add: Blanc < 
McCabc, b. July 15, 1882. Address : 95 Vine St., Williamsport, Pa. 

1119. Charles Edward Davis, '76. 1882,3, Stationed at Natick. Addres 
Natick, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

1120* Stephen Olin Garrison, '76. 7b Children <7</</; Norman Scott, 
Dec. 12, 1882. 

1121. William McNah GtLLis, '76. 1883, Stationed at Mechanicsville aim 
Cuttingsville, Vt. Address: Mechanicsville, Rutland Co., Vt. 

1122, Frank Joseph Halky, *76. 1883, Stationed at Eastport, Me. Ac^' 
dress: Eastport, Washington Co., Me. 

1125. Hknry Sewall, '76. 1S82-3, Professor of Physiologjr in Michiga*^ 
University, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1879, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins UniversitjT* 
Address: Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Mich. 

1120. Frank RosEVKLT Sherwood, '76. 1883. Stationed at Port Henry* 
N. Y. Address : Port Henry, Essex Co., N. Y. 

1127. Name should read Henry Dwight Simonds. 

1131. Charles Harvev Walter, Jun., '76. 1882,3, Stationed at Union 
Village and Norwich. Address : Union Village, Orange Co., Vt. 

1139. Middlesex Alfrkd I^ailev, '77. Far Child read QM\\6xtvi^ and add: 
Helen Edna, b. Nov. 22. 1882. 

1140. Jeremiah Francis Calef, '77. 1882, Practicing Medicine in Crom- 
well, Conn. Secretary of Middlesex County Medical Society. Married, 
April 10, 1883, Miss l^ura Dart Hutchinson of Cromwell, Conn. Ad- 
dress: Cromwell, Middlesex Co., Conn. 


1141. George Henry Clarke, '77. 1882, 3, Stationed at Bond's Village, 
Address: Bond's Village, Hampden Co., Mass. 

1148. Clarence Peter Coburn, '77. 1882-3. Engaged in City Depart- 
ment of Post Office, Boston, Mass. Married, Jan. 25, 1883, Georgette 
K. Browne of Lynn, Mass. 

1144. Olin Burr Coit. '77. 1883, Stationed at Mendham, N. T. Married, 
Nov. 1, 1882, Miss Emma Stitzer of Philadelphia, Pa. Address : Mend- 
ham, Morris Co., N. J. 

1145. Henry Prentice Cooke, '77. Address : Rome, N. V. 

1147. George Augustus Erving, '77. 1882, Stationed at Arlington 
Heights, 111. Address : Arlington Heights, Cook Co., 111. 

1149. Elwood Stokes Gerard, '77. Brother of No. 1299. His wife 
died June 29, 1882. 

1154. Thomas Clifton Martin, '77. 1883, Stationed at Bernardston and 
Gill, Mass. Married, Aug. 2, 1882, Miss Carrie Eugenia Doane of Dana, 
Mass. Address : Bernardston, Franklin Co., Mass. 

lloo. C RANDALL J. NoRTH, '77. 1 883, Stationed at 27th St., New York, 
N. Y. Address: 219 East 27th St., New York, N. Y. 

1156. Charles Henry Raymond, '77. (See Bibliography.) 

1158. William Hanna Smith, '77. Child: Richard Hendon, b. . , 1882. 

IICM). Watson W. W. Tranter, '77. 1882, Stationed at Marseilles, 111. 

1102, Isaac Harrison Whittier Wharff, '77. 1883, Stationed at New- 
port and Detroit, Me. Address : Newport, Penobscot Co., Me. 

11 63. William Seymour Winans, Jun., '77. 1883. Stationed at Garrison's, 
N. Y. Address : Sloatsburgh, Rockland Co., N. Y. 

1166. Clarence Everett Bacon, '78. Married, April 4, 1883, Miss 
Catherine Sedgwick Whiting of Hartford, Conn. 

1178. John Pancoast GoRDY, '78. (Sec Bibliography.) 

1174. Charles Henry Hkmstreet, '78. Stationed at Nora, III. Address: 
Nora, Jo Daviess Co.. 111. 

1179. Alpha Gilruth Kynett, '78. 1882-3, Studying in Drew Theologi- 
cal Seminary, Madison, N. J. 

11 S3. Henry Leslie Osborn, '78. 1882, Spent summer at the University 
Station, Beaufort, N. C. 

1184. Edmund Janes Palmer, '78. Address: 1276 Lexington Av., N. Y. 

1187. William Ezra Scofield, '78. 1882-3, Teacher of Mathematics in 
Centenary Collegiate Institute, Hackettstown, N. J. Address : Hacketts- 
town, Warren Co., N. J. 

1188. Newton Pratt Scudder, '78. (See Bibliography.) 

1193. Joseph Henry Tompson, '78. 1883, Stationed at Luncnburgh, Mass. 
Address : Lunenburgh, Worcester Co., Mass. 

1198. Henry Elwin Briggs, '79. Married Jan. 16, 1883, Miss Katharine 
S. Miller at Warsaw, Ind. 

1 199. Seldon Lester Brown, '79. For Child rra^/ Children, attd add: Sel- 
don Lester, b. Jan. 30, 1883. 

1201. William Burt. '79. 1883, Stationed at DeKalb Av , Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Address : 466 DeKalb Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. Child : Edith Helen, b. 
Nov. 4, 1882. 

1202. Nathaniel Walling Clark, '79. 1883, B.D., Drew Theological 
Seminary ; joined Philadelphia Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; 
stationea at Bethlehem and Stony Bank. Address: Cheney, Delaware 
Co., Pa. 

1204. Frederic Johnson Collins, '79. 1883, Engaged in the manufac- 
ture of Leather-Board, etc., with No. 1213; Firm, Fred J. Collins & Co., 
4 High St., Boston, Mass. 

1205. Frank Simpson Cookman. '79. 1883, Stationed at Alpine, N. J. 
Address: Alpine, Bergen Co., N. J. 


1206. Lewis Whittier Craig, '79. For 1S81, Trincipal, etc.^ read 
Principal, etc. 1882-3, Teacher of Latin and (I reek, New Hai 
Conference Seminary and Female College, Til ton, N. H. A 
Tilton, Belknap Co.,'N. H. 

1211. Charles Edward Green, '79. 18S3, Stationed at Dannemi 
Rogcrsfield, N. Y. Address : Dannemora, Clinton Co., N. Y. 

1218. James Martindale IIawxhurst, '79. 18S3, Engaged in n 
ture of Leather- Board, etc, with No. 1204; Firm, Fred J. Collin* 
4 High St., Boston, Mass. 

1210* Albert Mann, Jun., ^9- 'S83, Stationed at Orthodox St., 
ford, Pa. In marriage^ for Tard read Yard. Address: 'Era 
Philadelphia Co., Pa. 

1220. Daniel Anson Markham, '79. 1882-3, Principal of High 
St(mington, Conn. 

1225. WiLMOT Woodruff Van DusEN, '79. 1883, Stationed at A 
N. Y. Address: Antwerp, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

122S. Edwin Augustine White, *79« Delete (See Bibliography. 

1281. Anna Van Vleck, '79. 1882-3, Teacher of Mathematics in 
Latin School for Girls, Newton St ; present residence, 156 
Av. Address: Girl's Latin School, Boston, Mass. 

1282. Goodsil Filley Arms, '80. Married Jan. 17, 1883, Miss 
Taggard of Northfield, Vt. Address: East Dover, Windham Cc 

1288. William Milton Brundage, '80. 1883, Stationed at Slingt 
N. Y. Address: Slingerlands, Albany Co., N. Y. 

1287. Robert St?:phenson Crawford, '80. 1883, Stationed at C 
Bridge and Ellsworth, Conn. Address : Cornwall Bridge, Ulchfii 

1289* Arthur Midwinter Freeman, '80. 1883, Studying Law : 
York, N. Y. : office in Mills Building, Broad Street. Address : 
town, Morris Co., N. J. 

1244« Charles Noah Dixon Jones, *8o. 1882, M. D., Long Isla; 
lege Hospital of Brooklyn, N. \. 1882-3, Tracticing and s 
Medicine in New York, N. Y. ; Pathologist to the Woman's I 
of Brooklyn. 

1247. Horace Edwin Morrow, *8o. 1SS2, Commenced three years 
in Andover Theological Seminary, Mass. Address: Andover 
Co., Mass. 

1248. George Alcott Phinney, '80. 1883, Joined New England 
ence, Methodist Episcopal Church ; stationed at Cliftondale, 
Address: Cliftondale, Essex Co., Mass. 

1249* Wilbur Fisk Randall, '80. 18S3, Assistant Book-keeper f 
Boyle, wholesale dealer in duck and canvas, Fulton St., New Yorl 
Residing at 119 East 128th St. Address: 199 Fulton St., Nev 

N. Y. 

1250. Frederick Wright Rorpins, 'So. 1883, Practicing Mcdi 
Pinconning, Mich. Address: Pinconning, Bay Co., Mich. 

1251. William Reading Rogers, '80. 18S3, Stationed at Dixw 
New Haven, Conn. Address : 94 Henry St., New Haven, Conn. 

1252. Ira Gile Ross, '80. 1S83, Stationed at Greenfield and 1 
Falls, Mass. Child: Myron Alcott, b. Jan. 27,1882. Address: 
field, Franklin Co., Mass. 

1258* Myron Reed Sanford, '80. 18S2-3, Teacher of Mathcm: 
Ccntenar}' Collegiate Institute, llackettstown, X. J. Address: H 
town, Warren Co., X. J. 

1254. Benjamin Francis Simon, '80. 1S83, Stationed at Diamor 
R. I. Address: Diamond Hill, Providence ('o., R. I. 

1255. *Howari) Hutchins Smith, '80. 1882, M.D., Harvard Uni 
1882, Junior Interne in the Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, 
Died Oct. 26, 1S82, in Boston, Mass. 


1257. Walter Pierce Stoddard, '80. ^c?r Child r^^// Children; a daugh- 
ter, b. Feb. 4, 1883. 

125 8« Henry Mather Warren, '80. Daughter, b. March 13, 1883. 

1259. Asa Hopson Wilcox, *8o. 1882-3, Teaching in Scranton, Pa. Ad- 
dress: Scranton, Pa. 

1261. James Martin Y eager, '80. 1882-3, Traveled in Europe and the 
East. 1881, Stationed at Lenox and Lenox Furnace, Mass. Address : 
Lenox, Bcrlcshire Co., Mass. 

1263* George Bernard Benedict, *8i. 1S82, Joined Detroit Conference, 
Methodist Episcopal Church ; stationed at Sand Beach, Mich. Address : 
Sand Beach, Huron Co., Mich. 

1204* John Thomas Crook, '81. 1882, Teaching in Ellinger, Fayette Co., 
Tex. (Address as printed. ) 

1269. Merrill Hitchcock, '81. 1882-3, Preaching in Wells, Vt. 1883 
Joined Vermont Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church; stationed at 
Middletown and Wells, Vt. 

1270. Frederic Asbury Jackson, '81. 1882, Teacher of Mathematics in 
Belleville Academy, N. Y. Address : Belleville, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

1273* Frank Bruce Lynch, *8i. Address: Easton, Northampton Co., 

1274. Charles Wesley McCormick, '81. 1883, Transferred to Northern 
New York Conference. 1883, Stationed at Ogdensburgh, N. Y. Ad- 
dress: Ogdensburgh, N. Y. 

1275. William Wesley McGilton, '81. 1882, Traveled in Europe. 

1276. William Edward Mead, '81. 1882-^. Assistant Principal in Ansonia 
Public School, Conn. Address : Ansonia, New Haven Co., Conn. 

1278. William Rice Newhall, '81. 1882-3, Teacher of Greek and Math- 
ematics, Greenwich Academy, East Greenwich, R. L Address: East 
Greenwich, Kent Co., R. L 

1280* Elton Sherman Rich, '81. 1882, Studying Medicine in University 
Medical College, New York, N. Y. Address: 410 East 26th St., New 
York, N. Y. 

1281. John Frank Rich, *8i. 1882-3, Principal of High School, Belfast 
Me. Address : Belfast, Waldo Co., Me. 

1282. John Bell Scott, '81. 1883, In business with his father, Charles 
Scott, 174-8 Canal St., Philadelphia. Address: 174 Canal St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa< 

1284. Samuel Dibble Sherwood, '81. 1882-3, Teaching in Derby, Conn. 
Address : Derby, New Haven Co., Conn. 

1285* Wesley Wood Smith, *8i. 1883, Joined Wyoming Conference, 
Methodist Episcopal Church ; stationed at North Plains, Pa. Address : 
Plainsville, Luzerne Co., Pa. 

1*286. William Laing Somerset, '81. 1S83, Teaching in Fairfield, Conn. 

1288. Willis Kimball Stetson, '81. 1882-3, Assistant Librarian, Wes- 
leyan University. Address : Middletown, Conn. 


Bom, June 10, 1855, in Wilton, Franklin Co., Me. 

1881-3, Teacher of Greek and Latin, Maine Wesleyan Seminary and Female 
College, Kent's Hill, Me. 

Married, July 23, 1882, Miss Alice Rosamond Porter of Mount Vernon, Ken- 
nebec Co., Me. 

Address: Kent's Hill, Kennebec Co., Me. 

1291. Clara Van Vleck, '81. 1882-3, Teacher of Mathematics in High 
School, Middletown, Conn. 


Class of 1882. 


Born, April 6, 1859, in Farmington, Franklin Co., Me. 
1882, During summer, Civil Engineer on the Maine Central R; 
1882-3, Teacher of Natural Science, Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa. 
Address : Kingston, Luzerne Co., Pa. 


Born, March 25, 1855, in Dixfield, Oxford Co., Me. 

1882-3, Teacher of Latin in Rockland College, Nyack, N. Y. 

Address : Nyack, Rockland Co., N. Y. 


Born, May 21, 1857, in Broadhcadsville, Monroe Co., Pa. 
1882, Joined Philadelphia Conference, Methodist Episcopal Churcl 
tioned at Moorcs, Pa. ; 1883, Prospect Park, Pa. 
Permanent address: Stroudsburgh, Monroe Co., Pa. 


Born, March 22, i860, in East Greenwich, Kent Co., R. I. 
1882-3, Teacher of Natural Science in Greenwich Seminary, East 
wich, R. I. 

Married, June 29, 1882, Miss Nellie De F. Gates at Moodus, Conn. 
Address : East Greenwich, Kent Co., R. I. 


Born, Sept. 27, 1857, in Taunton, Mass. 

1882-^, Preaching in Methodist Episcopal Church, Cottage City, 
1883, Jomed New England Southern Conference, Methodist Episcopal C 
stationed at Orleans, Mass. 

Married, May 10, 1883, Miss Annie F. Horton. 

Permanent address : North Dighton, Bristol Co., Mass. 


Born, July 4, i860, in New York, N. Y. 

1H82, Assistant Librarian, Russell Library, Middletown, Conn. 1882- 
ied Medicine in Yale Medical School. 1883, Studying Medicine in Cc 
Physicians and Surgeons, New York, N. Y. 

Address: Middletown, Conn. 



Bom, April 5, i860, in Albany, N. Y. 
1882-3, Resided in Albany, N. Y. 
Address : 283 Madison Av., Albany, N. Y. 


Bom, Nov. 25, 1854, in Mount Bethel, N. J. Brother of No. 1149. 
^882-3, Principal of Second North School, East Hartford, Conn. 
Married, July 6, 1881, Miss Mattie J. Chapman of Middletown, Conn. Child: 
Ruth,b. March 4, 1883. 
Address : Hartford, Conn. 


Bom, March 12, 1854, in Glenville, Schenectady Co., N. Y. 
]^3'» Teacher of Latin in ' * ' 
'ress : Williamsport, Pa, 

™~3» Teacher of Latin in Dickinson Seminary, Williamsport, Pa. 

Adare&<& . WillUman/^rf Pn 


f°f'^» Aug. 18, i860, in Oyster Bay, N. Y. 
V , ^~3» Studying Medicine in College of Physici:ms and Surgeons, New 
fork, N. Y.; residing at 41 West 20th St. 

'Permanent address : Cromwell, Middlesex Co., Conn. 


^^* June 13. 1861, in Great Falls, Strafford Co., N. H. Son of No. 437. 
^j r^^^* Post-Graduate Student in Wesleyan University ; Teacher of Latin 
Q r^^lc in Hieh School, Westfield, Mass; Organist at Methodist Episcopal 

1 J , » Stamford, Conn. 

^^^••eas : Middletown, Conn. 


1882 ' -T^"^ 29, 1859, in SuflSeld, Hartford Co., Conn. 
T\\^J ^pent summer at home in Suffield. 
• Aug. 13, 1882, in Suffield, Conn. 


188^* May 14, i860, in Passaic, Passaic Co., N. J. 
.rH?» touring summer, traveled in Southern Calitornia. 1882-3, Engaged on 
kAp department of the Denver Republican, Colo, 
'^^^fess : 80s Brt)adway, New York, N. Y. 



Born, July 8, 1858, in Camden, N. J. 

1882-3, Studying Law in Columbia Law School, and in office 
District Attorney A. Q. Keasbey, Newark, N. J. 

Permanent address: Bridgeton, Cumberland Co., N. J. 


Born, June 30, 1857, in Harrison ville, Gloucester Co., N. J. 
1882-3, Teacher of Elocution and English Literature in Penningt< 
nary, N. J. 

Address : Pennington, Mercer Co., N. J. 


Born, Aug. ^, 1858, in Alburgh, Grand Isle Co., Vt. 
1882-3, Studying Law in office of U.S. District Attorney A. Q. 
Newark, N. J. 
Address: 721 Broad St., Newark, N. J. 


Born, July 23, 1862, in Oxford, Worcester Co., Mass. Son of I 
George Prentice, D.D. 

1882, Professor of Greek in Hamline University', Minn. 1883, Pro 
Mathematics in same ; in poor health. (See No. 131 2.) 

Address : Middletown, Conn. 


Born, June 12, i860, in Sheldon, Franklin Co , Vt. 

1882-3, Studying Law. 1883, Principal of High School, Farwcll, ^ 

Address : Farwell, Clare Co., Vt. 


Bom, Julv' 10, 1849, '" Winslow, Kennebec Co., Me. 
1882-3, Clerk in bookstore of Lucius R. Hazen, Middletown, Conn 
Married, Aug. i, 1877, Miss Abbie A. Crowell of North Vassalboro 
Child: Ethel Gertrude, b. Jan. 7, 1881. 
Address: Middletown, Conn. 


Born, Jan. 11, 1858, in New York, N. Y. 

1882, Post-Graduate Student in Hebrew, Weslcyan University; Pr< 
Mathematics, Hamline University, Minn. 1S83, Professor of Greek ir 
Married, Dec. 25, 1882, Miss Elvira Louise Polhcmus of Brooklyn, '. 
Address: Hamline, Ramsey Co., Minn. 



Bom, May 20, 1861, in Cazenovia, Madison Co., N. Y. Son of No. 451. 
1S82-3, Assistant in Phjrsics, Wesleyan University. 1883, Teaching Mathe- 
matics in Hamline University, Mich. 
Address : Hamline, Ramsey Co., Minn. 


Bom, Nov. 18, 1854, in Riplev, Noble Co., Ind. 

1882-3, Assistant Principal of Jeff ersonville High School, Ind. 

Address : JefTersonville, Ind. 


Born, March 6, 1857, in Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., N. H. 
1882-3, Teaching in Central High School, Middletown, Conn. 
Address: Middletown, Conn. 

• ♦• 



Born, Oct. 21, 1857, in New York, N. Y. 

1877, A.B., Columbia College. 1877-80, Fellow of Columbia CoUeze. 1881, 
Fellow of Johns Hopkins University. 1881, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. 
1881-2, Assistant in Physics, University of Pennsylvania. 1082-3, Instructor 
in Physics, Wesleyan University. 

Address : Marlborough, Ulster Co., N. Y. 


Bom, Jan. 10, 1855, in Grantville, Norfolk Co., Mass. 

1876, B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1876-9, Assistant in 
Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Rochester, N. Y. 1879-81, Assistant 
in Natural Science, Colegio Nacional, Concepcion del Uruguay, Argentine 
Republic, S. A. 1881-2, Instructor in Natural Science, State Normal School, 
Westfield, Mass. 1882-3, Assistant in Natural History, Wesleyan University. 

Married, June 29, 1882, Lizzie M. Withall of Rochester, N. Y; Child: WU- 
liam Morton, b. April 7, 1883. 

Address: Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn. 

• ♦• 

NUMERICAL INDEX. P, 306. Between 200 and 201, insert: 
2000. William Gifford Pierce. M. 

P. 310. To 767 add P. 

311. 990, M. 

312. 1x40, M. 

313. 1174, M. 




In Class of 1879, instrtM, after names of these: 1 197, 1198, 1 1 
1201, I203, 1203, 1206, 1207, 1208, 1210, 1214, 1217, 121 
1222, 1223, 1224, 1225, 1226, 1230, 1231. 

Between 1 288 j;/</ 1289, insert : 1288^. Henry Emerson 







Charles Mors€ Allen. 
George Dana nartlctt, 
George Milton BrodhcacL 
William Livescy Hurdick. 
Ixjwis liates Codding, t 
Joseph Kranklin dcCastro.t 
lUace Millard Gallicn. 
Joseph Gerard. 
Valeniine Ilalltnbcck. 
Frank Kirkwood Hallock. 
Karl Pomc.roy Harrington. 
•Charles Kugers Honbhaw. 




iohn LaMonte Hurst, 
lerbert Parvin Terrell. 
El^AOod We:«tinKbrcx>k Mattson. 
Wilbur Ashley Molt. 
George Raymond Prentice. 
William Martin Puffer. 
Charles Revnolds. 
Joseph Ricnard Taylor. 
Henry Seely White. 
Amelia Waring Platter.} 
Carrie Clifton Webster. t 

POST-GRADUATE STUDENTS. P. 314, /. 3 (Neale). For loiyreoiT 

4 (Russell). For 102 1 reaeT 

STATISTICS. P, 315. Total number of graduates is now 1314 + 2 C 
and 1288a) = C316. 



HONORARY ALUMNI. P, 318 et seq. (To avoid repetitions, the c<^ 
tions to addresses of Honorary Alumni who are Non-Graduates ar^ 
• noted here. See Addenda to Part II.) 

Rev. Stephen Livingston Baldwin, D.D. For 1882 read 1883. Addi^ 
Nyack, Rockland Co., N. Y. 


Rev. William Bell, A.M. i8.|6, Resided in Perth, Lanark Co , Ontario. 

Rev. Thomas Wetmore Bishop, A.M. 1883, Again in the pastor 
Address ; Springfield, Mass. 

* Rev. Daniel Wheelock Bristol, D.D. Died, 1883, in Syracuse, N. Y 

Rev. John Alfred Metcalf Chapman, D.D. Address: Greenland, R 
Ingham Co., N. H. 

* Rev. Prof. Benjamin Franklin Cocker, D.D., LL.D. Died, 1883, 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 

*Rev. John Riggs Crane, D.D. Born, 1787, in Newark, N. J. 1805, A, 
College of New Jersey, i Si 8-53, Pastor of First Congregational Chur 
Middlctown, Conn. Died, 1853, in Middlctown, Conn. 

Rev. Charles Wesley Cushing, D.D., 16 North P'itzhugh St., Rochester, N. 

♦Rev. Gustavus Fellows Davis, D.D. 1835, Pastor of a Baptist Church 
Hartford, Conn. 

Rev. John Dickinson, A.M. Address : 805 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 

Betiveen Fisk and Fl.OV insert: 

Rev. Jamf.s Xewbiry FiizGerald, D.D., 

805 Broadway, New York, N. Y. D.D., 188 

Dorn, 1S37, in Nt.waik, N. J. i.\;h-62, Pnicticrd Law in New Jcrsiy. i86a-?o, Y.t\%:»^^ 
in the \\f'ik of the Mini»-tiy, Xcwaik ('diifin m r, Mcthmlist ICi)iscnpal Church. 18S0— j2 
Kicordin;; .Sccntary of Mi^wonaiy .Si,cit:iy, MiiIkhHsI l-'.pisaipal Church. 1880-3, Vic^^ 
President of lioaid of Trustees, J3rcw Seminary, N. J. Delegate to General Conferenc^^ 
1872, f>. 

Rev. John Bartlit Foote, A.M., Jamcsville, Onandaga Co., N. V. 



♦Gen. James B. Gardenhirk, LL.D. Born, 1821, in Overton Co., Tenn. 
1839-61, Practiced Law in Tennessee and Missouri. Member of Missouri 
Legislature. Attorney-General of Missouri. 1861, Brigadier-General, U. 
S. Army. Died, 1862, in Jefferson City, Mo. 

Rev. Isaac Gibbard, D,D. For 1869-82, Again, etc, read 1869-74, Again in 
the Ministry, East Genesee and Central New York Conferences, etc, 1880, 
D.D., Syracuse University. 

•Harvey Holmes Gregory, M.D. Born, 1829, in Plattekill, Ulster Co., 
N. Y. 1853, M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, etc. 1853-77, 
Practiced Medicine in New York and Harlem, N. Y. Died, 1877, in New 
York, N. Y. 

♦Francis Hall. LL.D. Born, 178c, in Taunton, Somerset Co., England. 
18x1-63, Editor and Proprietor of The Commercial Advertiser, New York, 
N. Y. 1819, Aided in founding Missionary Society of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church ; for 30 years, Recordintj Secretary. Vice-President and 
afterwards Treasurer of Young Men's Bible Society of New York, N. Y. 
Vice-President of American Tract Society. Died, 1866, in New York, N. Y, 

Rev. George Sylvester Hare, D.D. Change 82 to 83. Address : Sing 
Sing, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

Prof. Ralph Guernsey Hibbard, A.M. For Faculty not Graduate 
Alumni, read Faculpy not Alumni. 

Rev. John Hobart, A.M. For Class of 1837, r^<z^ Class of 1839. 

Henry Oscar Houghton, A.M. For D.D., read A.M. 

*Rev. William George Howard, D.D. Born, 1814. in Newburyport, Mass. 
1835, A.B., Amherst College. 1843-7, Pastor of Baptist Church, Middle- 
town, Conn. Afterwards Pastor in Essex, Conn., Albany and Rochester, 
N. Y., Chicago, 111., and New Orleans, La. 1854, D.D., Rochester Uni- 
versity. Died, 1865, in the South. 

♦Rev. William Clasen Hoyt, A.M. Died, 1883, in Stamford, Conn. 

Rev. Edgar Huxtable, A.M. After first sentence, read: 1842, Professor of 
Ancient Languages in Bristol Baptist College, England. 1S53, Made 
Prebendary of Combe, England. 

Rev. Joshua H. Johnson, A.M. 1857, Principal of Belleville Seminary, Hast- 
ings Co., Ontario. 

♦Prof. John Johnston, LL.D. For Faculty not Graduate Alumni, read 
Faculty not Alumnl 

♦ Rev. George Frederick Kettell, D.D. Died, 1883, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

George W. Leach, M.D. 1846, Resided in South Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Rev. Thomas Dale Littlewood, A.M. Change 82 to 83. Address : Seaford, 
Queens Co., N. Y. 

•John Copeland Miller, A.M. Bom, 1822, in Buffalo, N. Y. A.B., Tran- 
sylvania (now Kentucky) University. 1847-55, Professor of Mathematics 
in Centenary College, Jackson, La. 1855-61, President of the same. After 
1866, President of Chapel Hill College, Texas. Died, 1879, i^ Chapel 
Hill, Tex. 

Allen Newman, A.M. 1847, Resided in New York, N. Y. 

•Rev. Abiathar Mann Osbon, D.D. Delete address. Died, 1882, in Peeks- 
kill, N. Y. 
Rev. Joseph Henry Owens, A.M. Delete 1882, Again in the Ministry, etc. 

•Rev. Bp. Robert Paine, D.D. Delete address. Died, 1S82, in Aberdeen* 

*Rev. Samuel E. Parker, A.M. 1839, Resided in Philadelphia, Pa. "Author 
of A Treatise on Logic y etc., etc." (Faculty Records.) 

•Rev. George Thomas Perks, A.M. For 1867, read 1867-77. Author of A 
Charge to Young Ministers, 1873. 

Between Prentice and Punshon, insert : 
Rev. Morris Watson Prince, A.M., 

21 Cedar St., Haverhill, Mass. A.M., 1882. 

iSec N<JN-GBAnT'ATK Rkiokd, Class of 1868.) 


*Rev. William Morley Punshon, D.D , LL.D. For 1844-81, ftad 184- 

etc. For 1875, ^^^^ 1875-81, etc, 
Alexander Simpson Reid, A.M. 1861, Principal of Wesleyan Acad 

St. Johns, Newfoundland. 

*Rev. Phineas Rice, D.D. For Born, 1876, read Born, 1786, etc. 

Rev. Daniel Richards, A.M. Change 82 to 83. Address : Wakefield, 
dlesex Co., Mass. 

•Hon. Joseph Jenkins Roberts, A.M. For 1855, read 1855-76, etc. I 
1876, in Monrovia, Liberia. 

Between Ryerson and Sanford, insert: 
John Samuel, A.M., 

333 South i8th St., Philadelphia, Pa, A.M., 1 

(See Non-Graduatb Record, Class of 1848.) 
•Rev. Bp. Levi Scott, D.D. Delete address. Died, 18S2, in Odessa, De 

Rev. Moses L^wis Scudder, D.D. For Sullivan Co., N. Y., read Fair 
Co., Conn. 

Hon. David Olcott Shattuck, LL.D., Sonoma, Sonoma Co., Cal. I 
1792, in Connecticut. 1837-41, Judge of a District Court of Mississ 
1843-5, Professor of Law, Centenary College, Jackson, La. 1845-9, I 
dent of the same. 1849-55, Judge of the Superior Court of San Franc 
Cal. ; also sometime afterwards for another term of 6 years. 

Rev. Benjamin Sleight, A.M. 1848, Wesleyan Missionary in Canada ] 

Rev. Charles Nelson Smith, A.M. Change 82 to 83. Address : Peal 
Essex Co., Mass. 

Rev. Milton Spenser Terry, D.D. Change 82 to 83. Address : 249 "^ 
43d St., New York, N. Y. 

•Rev. William L. Thornton, A.M. Born, 1811, in Huddersfield, Eng 
1830-49, Engaged in the work of the Ministry, etc. Author oi Methc 
not Heresv {iS^i) ; Methodism (in Cyclopedia of Religious Denominai 
1852) ; Obligations of Commerce to Christianity (1858). Died, 186 
Hackney, England. 

Eben TouRjtE, Mus. D. For 1868, read 1868-72. For 1872, read 187: 
Before Director insert 1867-83, and to works add: N. E, Conserv* 
Piano Method, 

Rev. Mark Trafton, D.D. Change 82 to 83. Address : People's Chi 
Boston, Mass. 

•Rev. Francis Athow West, D.D. For i860, read 1860-6. Died, 18^ 
Great Crosby, England. 

Rev. Daniel Denison Whedon,D.D., LL.D. For Dennison r^ot/DENi 

Between White and Wiley insert: 
Prof. Robert Parr Whitfield, A.M., 

Comer 77th St. and 8th Av., New York, N. Y. A.M., i 

Born, 1828, in New Hartford, Oneida Co., N. Y. 1871-6, First Assistant Curator, Ncm* 
State Museum. 1872, 1875-8, Lecturer on Geology and Palaeontology, Rensselaer Insi 
Troy, N. Y. 1877-^2, Ciuator, Geological Department, American Museum of Natura 
tory, Central Park, New York, N. Y. 1877-83, Professor of Geology and Palaeontt 
Rensselaer Institute, Trov, N. Y. Author of Paltuoniology of ^otk ParaJM, Vol 
Part 2, with James Hall, LL.D. ; Paltuontohgy o/Ohio, Vol. II, Part II, with James 
LLD. ; Palaeontology 0/ Black Hills 0/ Dakota, U. S. Geographical Survey. 

Rev. William Crawford Wilson, A.M. Change 1880-2 to 1880-3. Addi 
piinville, Westchester Co., N. Y. 



Charles Wesley Smiley, Editor. 

1834. F. Merrick. Omit all degrees. 1838-42, Professor in Ohio Univer- 
sity. Omit item for 1841-2. Omit items for 1873-8, and 1879-81, and 
insert 1873-82, lecturer on Natural and Revealed religion in Ohio 
Wesleyan University. 1846-53, lectuier on Chemistry in Starling 
Medical College. 

1834. E. T. Starr. For Ebenezer readY^iexu For 187 1 read 1872. 

1834. A. Stevens. 1834-7, Pastor of Church street and Bennett street 
churches. 1856, LLD. Omit 1855, agent for Wesleyan University. 
1860-62, Pastor of Seventeenth street Methodist Episcopal Church, New 
York. 1862-5, of M. E. Church, Mamaroneck, N. Y. For 1860-74, 
read 1865-73. 

1835. A. J. HuESTis. Not Heustis. Born Feb. 22, 1806, in Westmoreland, 
Cheshire Co., N. H. 1834-5, Principal of a private school in New 
Jersey. 1835-43, Founder and Principal of Buckingham Collegiate 
Institute, Va. Superintendent of public instruction for Humboldt 
County. President of the Society of Humboldt County Pioneers. Fifty 
years, local preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Twice 
elected County Judge. 1866-7, Member of California Legislature. 
1834, Married Annis M. Chaffee. Children: *Anstides Chadwick; 
Wilbur Fisk; ♦Francis Asbury; Sarah Minerva; *Ellen Virginia; 
♦Abigail Frances; John Emory. 1882, Address of son: Wilbur F. 
Huestis, Eureka, Humboldt Co., Cal. 

1835. M. Hill. 1836, Stationed at Burlington Circuit, Conn. 1840-8, 
Engaged in burning lime in Redding, Conn. 1849, Joined New York 
East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1849, Stationed at 
Bethel and Long Ridge; 1856, i, Stratford; 1852, 3, Norwalk; 1854, 5, 
St. John street. New Haven. 1856-60, Supernumerary. 1861-62, Super- 
anuated. 1861-8, Secretary and Treasurer of the Fair Haven Gas Light 
Co. 1870-6, Treasurer of Dann Bros, and Co. 1878-82, Auditor of the 
New Haven Gas Light Co. Children : Mary Jane; Morris Smith; John 

1835. J. McClintock. 1836, married. 185 1, married. Children: *Sarah ; 
♦Louisa ; Emory ; Augusta ; ♦Caroline ; ♦Catharine ; Anne. 


1837. H. F. Pease. •Rowena C. 1882, address : Norwalk, Fairfield Co., 

1837. M. L. ScuDDER. 1882, Stationed at Bethel, Conn. 1882, Address: 
Bethel, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

1837. T. B. Thorpe. Not Thorp. 

1838. L. B. Andrus. Father of J. E. Andrus, '62, and of H. J. Andrus,'68. 
1838. L. C. Collins. For Glastonbury read Glastenbury. For milk rtad 

dairying and mercantile. 

1838. T. Hale. 1836-43, Taught in Alabama and Louisiana. 1847-58, Editor 
of Vermont JourtuiL For Sarah read Sara. 

1838. W. W. Holmes. Engaged in teaching for a time. 

1838. J. K. Longnecker. 1882, Address of cousin: Hyman Longnecker, 
Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., Pa. 

1838. D.D.Merrick. Married Isabella Smith. ♦William D. 1882, Address 
of widow: Mrs. Isabella Covert, care of Maj. D. J. Wedge, Clinton, La. 

1838. G. M. MUNDY. Bom Dec. 26, 1817, in New Brunswick, N. J. 1839, 
A.B. 1850, removed to Brooklyn, N. Y. 1850-61, Clerk in Custom 
House, New York, N. Y. 186S-80, resided in Brooklyn, N. Y. 1844, 
married Maria M. Forde of Utica, N. Y. Children: ♦Isabella M. ; 
♦Louisa M.; Arthur J. 1882, Address: Geneva, N. Y. 

1838. T. H. Oakley. Omit practiced law. Omit Army of the Potomac 
1858-82, resided in Cleveland, Ohio. Wife died in 1849; married Jane 
Wheeler, who died in 1851 ; married Betsey Ann Wheeler, who died in 
1853 ; married Abigail Waters. Correct names of children : ♦Jane F. to 
♦Jane T. ; ♦Mary to ♦Mary Harter ; ♦Nellie to ♦Nellie Louise; ♦Richard 
to ♦Richard Harter. 1882, Address : 358 Garden St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

1838. J. Sweet. 1844, Ordained priest. 1867-74, rector at Glencoc, Minn. 
Children: John Whittingham; William Henry; ♦Charles Hunt ; ♦Emma 
Berry ; Mary Emily ; Reuben Hunt ; Charles Nathaniel ; Harry Whipple. 
1882, Address of widow : Marysville, Mont. 

1838. T. M. Wheeler. For Delphi read Delhi. 

1839. J. Hob ART. Several years, lecturer on moral, scientific, and religious 
topics. 1862-5, Chaplain of the 8th Wisconsin Regiment of Volunteers, 
the Live Eagle Regiment. Married a lady of Old Town, Me.; divorced 
and married Mary Anne Taylor of New Bedford, Mass. Children: John 
Wilbur ; Sarah Frances ; Mary Jane. 

1839. J. S. Mead. Cousin of M. E. Mead, *52. 1882, Address: 86 Fourth 
St., Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y. 

1839. Z. A. MuDGE. 1832-4, Taught in Topsfield; 1834-5, in Lynn, Mass. 
1837-40, Private tutor in Mississippi, and Principal of the male depart- 
ment of Woodville Academy. 1882, Stationed at Highland ville. 1S82, 
Address : Newton Upper Falls, Middlesex Co., Mass 

1839. W. L. Wilson. Was not pastor.* 1882, married Mary S. Martin of 
Sandy Hill, N. Y. This name should follow Watson and not precede. 

1840. P. A. Badeau. Born July i8th. 1850, removed to Illinois and was 
employed as engineer on the Alton and Springfield R.R., the Chicago 
and Alton R.R., the Pacific R.R. 1857, appointed civil engineer to 
Mound City, 111. Died Sept 18. 1840, married Sarah A. Badeau. 
Child : ♦Louis Haden. 1852, married Katherine J. Glenn of Miles 
Station, III. Children : ♦Emma Adaline ; Glenn P. Address of widow : 
Mrs. K. J. G. Stewart, Hillsboro, HI. 

1840. C. D. Dowse. Taught school in Brighton. 1841, married Mary Ann 
Baldwin of Brighton, Mass. Children : Henry Dana ; Charles Francis ; 
William Baldwin. 

1840. J. Kellogg. Born April 13, 1817. 1837, clerk in a store in Eatonton, 
Ga. 1839-44, Book-keeper in a bank in Columbus, Ga. 1845, Agent of 


an Augusta Bank in Appalachicola, Fla. 1846-7, Lieut, in ist Regiment 
of Georgia Volunteers in Mexican War. Chief clerk in Depot Quarter- 
master's Department. 1847-8, U. S. Consul at Mexico, Mex. 1851, 
Secretary of the Merced Mining Company. 1855-7, Note Teller for 
Drexler, Sather and Church. 1858-9, Book-keeper and Cashier in Gor- 
don's Sugar Refinery. 1860-1, Chief Deputy Tax Collector. 1862-3, 
cashier in Banks and Go's bank. 1864-5, cashier of London and S. F. 
Bank. 1866-7, clerk for the C. P. R.R. Co. Lumber dealer in Oak- 
land, Gal. 1882, book-keeper and cashier of Puget Sound Lumber Co., 
South Vallejo, Gal. Children: Mary E. ; Grace A. 1882, Address: 
South Vallejo, Solano Co., Gal. 

1840. W. H. Paddock. 185 i, district missionary in western Pa., founding 
many churches. 1855, rector of Calvary Church, Pittsburg. 1840, mar- 
ried Laura S. Stewart of Utica, N. Y. Children : *Laura ; *Charles ; 
♦Alice ; *Stewart ; William ; Mary ; Frederick ; George ; Benjamin ; 
Edward ; Joseph ; Sophie ; Albert. Brother's name, Wilbur. 

1841. R. F. A. DiLLARD. 1S43, appointed Commissioner in Chancery. 
1844, member of the Senate of Virginia. Died June 2, 1876. 1840, mar- 
ried Miss Moyler. 1846, married M. J. Massenbur^. Children: T. 
Massenburg; Mattie V. ; Agnes T. ; William M. ; Lizzie M. ; Richmond 
F. ; Richard M. 

1841. W. H. Foster. Born May 29, 181 3. Children: •William Harrison; 
♦Walter Frank ; Wilbur Fisk ; George Edwin; John Frederick; Horace 
Frank ; Jennie Frances. 

1841. P. D. Pelton. 1859, went to Madison, Wis. ; 1861-7, engaged in the 
drug business in Huron, Ohio ; 1867-74, farming in West Bufialo, Wil- 
liams Co., Ohio. 1874-9, in drug business in Clyde, Ohio. 1879-82, 
retired in Fremont, Ohio. Son W. F. was Captain in the i ith Wisconsin 

1842. D. Ayres. Bom Oct. 6, 1822. 1875, made Professor Emeritus of 
Surgery. 1882, Address : 198 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1842. S. B. Bangs. See Bibliography. 

1842. J. S. Berry. x86i-8, Adjutant-General of Maryland, with the rank of 
Major-General. 1857 and 1861, member of the Maryland Legislature ; 
Speaker both sessions. 

1S42. H. R. Branham. A.M., Emory College. Four years surgeon in the 
Confederate Army. 1882, engaged in planting cotton. Children: 
♦Longstreet; Parke ; Linda ; Sal lie. 

1842. M. K. Brewer. Prefix*. Died May 21, 1881, in Baltic, Conn. 1882, 
Address of widow : Baltic, New London Co., Conn. 

1842. John Currey. Omit, see Bibliography. 

1842. H. B. Hubbard. For July rtad Julia. 

1842. H. W. Murphy. Cousin of W. H. Murphy. For Lavina read 

1842, W. G. Pierce. i88f, A.B., and A.M., Wcsleyan University. For 
Adams read Adam. 

1842. J. Pike. Omit 1863, stationed at Sanbornton Bridge. For St. Paul's 
church. Concord, read St. Paul's church, Manchester. 1882, stationed at 
Bristol, N. H. 1882, Address : Bristol, Grafton Co., N. H. 

1842. D. Wood. For Vanschuyner read Vanschuyver. 

1843. C. Hamblen, Jr. Left College last term of Senior year. Children : 
Joseph G.; ♦Sarah Alice; ♦Cornelius; Sarah Alice. 

1843. !• Lewis. Bom May 5, 1820. Children : Jerome Dwight ; Edward 
Norman; Alice Mary. 1882, Address: Coburg St., Goderich, Ontario, 

1843. ^' ^- P£CK. 1844-67, engaged in teaching languages and farming. 
1867-82, in business in Mount Upton, N. Y. Children: Clarissa Anna; 
Amelia Jane; Amanda Maria; Frances Augusta; ♦Henry Seth; Alvin 


1843. J. A. Pelton. Bom Feb. 19, 1822, in Chatham, Conn. iS^h 
engaged in teaching. 

1844. J. H. Cooper. Born, April 20, 1821. in Stockbridge, Windsor C<^-» ^^ 
1848, married Persis E. Allen of Elk Grove, 111. Children; hT^orf 
Allen ( A.B., Northwestern University) ; Florence j *Lizzie ; Mary E«a' 
bcth ; Alice Janet ; Evelyn Allen. 

1844. A. G. Shears. For 1879-81 read 1874-81. For Watson ^^ 
♦Watson. For ♦Charles Sidney read ♦Charles Sidney Alonzo. 

1845. O. Dennett. Unmarried. 

1845. J. B, Fitzgerald. Bom, Sept. 14, 1824, in Boonville, Warrick C^"* 
Ind. Married Isabel Sweet of Manlius, N. Y. Children; •Mary ^i 
♦Laura ; ♦Frederick J. ; Julia K. ; ♦Florence ; Hartson J. ; Porter *•» 
Helen Paine ; Thomas H. 

1845. F- ^' Harriman. For Fredrick read Frederick. For 1857-60 ^-^^ 

1845. A. McCrillis. For died Sept. read 13 Sept. 18. 

1845. L. W. Peck. Born June 14, 1825. For Wardham read Windbj^f* 
For Hyde Park, N. Y. read Pa. For Waverly, N. Y.,read Pa. I^**. 
stationed at Oxford, N. Y. Children: Helen; Mary E. ; Emma -J^" 
♦Frances A. ; Sarah M. ; *Susie G. ; Jessie T. ; ♦Fannie M. ; George ^^ 

1845. M. R. Warner. Left college in Freshman year. 1856-66 and ^^^^ 
82, Justice of the Peace. 1852 and 1853, Member of ^^^ Connect**" 

1846. E. D. Dow. Brother of No. 152. 

1847. D. Dorchester. 1858, transferred to the New England Conferc^*^ 
For Central Church, Lynn, read Lowell. 1882, Member of the Nf *^^ 
chusetts Legislature. 1882, Presiding Elder of North Boston Dist*^^ 
For Mattie read Merial. For Lucy Hall read Liverius Hull. 

1847. F. Harper. Born Oct. 7, 1828. 1851, married Margaret Du^*^ 
Child : Mrs. Sibley. 

1848. A. Avery. Born Nov. 15, 1824. Left college at the close of J***^ni 
year. Omit studied at Harvard College. 1878-82, retired f^ 
business. , 

1848. J. R. Hea. 1876-80, Adjuster for the National Insurance Compar»5'^^Q^ 
Montreal; 1880-2, for the Westem Assurance Company of Torc^** ^q 
Ont. For Eadson read Eedson. 1882, Address: 249 Yonge St, Tor^^* 
Ontario, Canada. 1 

1848. Jonathan Johnson. 1846-8, civil engineer on the Vermont CeO*"^ 

Railroad. 1849, married. 

1848. Alexander Meggett. 1846, left college. For 1850-1, read 185'''^^ 
For 185 1-3 read 1853-4. For Republican read\Jn\0VL 1881-2, Regi^^ 
of the U. S. land otiice, Eau Clair, Wis. For Statesville read Slat^*" 
ville. First two children deceased. 

1848. H. B. Nichols. 1854-82, Engaged in farming. For Oreman n 
Overman. C?w/V Monroe. 

1848. John Samuel. For Banford rend Bunford. 1882, Address: i 
Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

1849. J* M. Brewer. First wife died 1863; second wife died 187a Addi- 
tional children : ♦Frederick B. ; *Jennie L. 

1849. J. A. CoRBiN. Prefix ♦. Died Nov. 13, 1881, in Alpena, Mich. 

1849. E- H' Harlow. For Loudon reoti Loudoun. 

1849. J- ^' Morrow. 1S82, Address: Hackensack, Bergen Co., N. Y. 

1849. ^^' S- Titus. Born June 23. 1850, Stationed at Bergen, N.J. ; 1851, 
Milltown, N. J. ; 1879, Central Square, N. Y. 1882, Deansville. 1882, 
Address: Dcansville, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

1S49. L. B. Tower. Born in Cummington, Hampshire Co., Mass. Died 
Oct. 2, 1859, in North Adams, Mass. Married. No children. 


1850. William Brush. 1882, Stationed at Vinton, Iowa; In list of children 
£jw*/ * from Hattie E. and mid ii to Ernie. 1882, Address: Vinton, 
Benton Co., Iowa. 

1850. S. V. R. Cooper. 1852-S2, Practiced law. For Tcrrcssen read 
Terrcsson. First wife died in 1865. 

1850. J. E. Johnson. Left college at close of Sophomore year. 1853, 
Ordained deacon, not minister. 1854, Married Annie Sophia Griswold of 
Randolph, Vt. 1858, Married Abbie Elizabeth Carlisle of Sheldon, Vt. 
Children: Susan Elizabeth; John Henry; Everett Carlisle.* 

1850. J. E. Keator. 1848-56, Taught school in Washington and Bertie coun- 
ties, North Carolina. Six months. Assistant Surgeon in the Confederate 
army. Additional children : *Jerman ; Kate Agnes. 

1850. G. S. Levings. For Noah Levings read Noah Clark Lcvings. 

1850. G. S. J. Oliver. For a time in "business in Ohio. For Uncle read 

1850. I. L. Otis. 1850-62, Engaged in teaching public schools of N. J., and 
in Orange county, N. Y. 1862-76, Superintendent of a manufacturing 
establishment in Brooklyn, N. Y. 1877, Went to Virginia and enlaced 
in farming. Omit 1859 and 1881 items. 1845, Married Sarah I. Discho, 
who died in 1876. 1882, Married A. A. Barnes of Philadelphia, Pa. 
Child, I. L^ Jr., deceased. 

1S50- F.H.Smith. 1851, M. A. 1874-80, Visitor, etc. Omit editor etc. 
Children: Eliza Lewis Carter; Eleanour; *Francis Albert; *Maria ; 
Lelia Maria ; Gessner Harrison; *Summerfield ; George Tucker; Mary 
Stuart ; Rosalie ; *Courtenay ; James Duncan. 

1851. E.T. Alling. Omit practiced law. 1857-61, Farming in Hennepin 
County, Minn. 1861-3, Principal of Anoka Academy, Minn. 1863-74, 
In hardware business, firm of E. T. Alling and Co., Anoka, Minn. 
Children : F.benczer Burdctt ; Horatio Treat ; *Hattic Julia ; Nellie 
Emily ; Fred Hart. 

185 1. A. H. Brown. Omit 1877 i'^"™- ^f^*' 1878-81 read 1877-82. 

1851. J. W. Whitcher. 1848-50, Resided in Dubuque, Iowa. 1850-1, Taught 
school in Grant Co., Wis. 1851-2, Studied law in Concord, N. H. 
1852, Civil engineer on the Ohio and Pa. K.R ; 1853, On the Fort Wayne 
and Chicago R.R. 1855-61, Land agent of the 111. Central R.R. ivS62, 
Admitted to the bar in Chicago, 111. 1862-4, practiced law in Oakland, 
Cal. City attorney for Oakland, Cal. 

185 1. L White. For Plymouth Mission read Plymouth. For Lynn read 
Charlcstown. 1864, A.M. Omit 1863 item and 1874 item. For 1869- 
73 read 1869-74. For 1875-6 read 1874-6. Additional children : *Lucy 
Elizabeth ; .* Willie ; Bertha A. ; Carl. 1882, address : Lunenburgh, Mass. 

1852. G. W. Brown. Born June 8, 1824, in Westbrook, Cumberland Co., 

1852. F. C. Cantine. For Carr read Cart. 1852, A.B. For Merrett read 

1852. C.O.Livingston. /^<7r Octave r^// Octavius. 

1852. M.E. Mead. For \%^Z read 1879. 1873-8, In real estate business in 
South Norwalk, Conn. Ralph M. received M.D., 1882. 

1852. S. SiAS, Jr. For Jr. read [Jr.] Born June 13, 1829. For Charlotte 
read Charlotteville. For Angelina read Angelina S. 

1853. H. B. Burn HAM. 1872-82, U. S. Examining Surgeon for pensions. 
President and treasurer of Epping Savings Bank. 1882, Trustee and 
Director of same. 1882, President of Rockingham District Medical 

1S53. E. R. CoBLEFGH. For 1831 read 1830. For 1851 read 1852. For 
♦Edward read * Edwin Reubin. 

1853. A. F. Herrick. 1857,8, Stationed at Lafayette street church, Salem. 
For 1881 read 1881-2. For Marion read Marian. 

1853. C. F. King. For Fredrick read Frederick. 



1853. G.H.Woods. Born Feb. 14, 1831, in Salem, Mass. 1882, Gc 
broker in Cincinnati, Ohio. 1857, Married Kate Tannatt of New Yc 
N. Y. Children: Arthur Tannatt; »Harry Snelling ; ♦KateGilmoi 
•Samuel Herbert; William Henry Prince. 1882, Address of M 
Woods : care of Boston Daily Globe, Boston, Mass. 

1854. J. Brush. Left college at the close of Sophomore year. 1854. 
Studied law. 1855, Admitted to the bar. Married Ellen Ncwcomb. / 
Willis read Wells. 

1854. J. H. Collin. Letter to New Orleans did not reach him. 

1854. J. N. Crandall 1875-81, In EUectric Light business. New York Ci 
1875-81, Secretary of the Fuller Electric Light Company. 

1854. G. W. DiKEMAN. 1858-67, Farming, and Deputy Clerk of the City 
Brooklyn. 1867, 8, Appointed to the Vista circuit of the M. P. Churc 
1869, To the Orange circuit of the same. 1879,80, Farming in Bcllva 
Orange Co., N. Y. 1872-9, Practiced law in Brooklyn, N. Y. Chi 
ren : Jennie Ingraham ; Nettie Hunt ; Bertha. 

1854. G. Haseltine. 1855, Admitted to the bar in Albany, N. Y., and in 
Louis, Mo. 1856-9, Engaged in law business in London, Englai 
1862-5, Patent Solicitor, firm of Geo. Haseltine and Co. 1865-76, di 
of Haseltine, Lake and Co. 1878-82, Counsellor at law, and Solicitoi 
foreign patents, i860. Founder and 1860-1, Editor of the London Ami 

1854. D. Marvin, Jr. 1882, Stationed at Hannibal, N. Y. 1882, Addre 
Hannibal, Orange Co., N. Y. 

x8^ W. C. Robinson. For Callyhan read Callachan. 1863-9, Practi 
law in Pa. and Conn. 1874, Member of the Connecticut Legislati 
1872-82, Professor of Law in Yale College. 

1854. D. Tuthill. 1855-9, Clerk in the Custom House, New York, N. 
1859 Pastor of the M. E. Church, Whitestone, N. Y. 1859, Mission 
of the M. E. Church, to Arizona. 1859-60, Pastor of the M. 
Church, Los Angeles, Cal. 1869-83, President of Santa Cruz, Cal. ( 
Company and 1874-83, Of gas Company, Salem, Oreg. 

1854. S. P. York. Born May 3, 1829. 1865-6, Principal of Amenia S< 
nary, N. Y. 1868-80, Teacher in the High School, Vineland, h 
1880-2, Principal and Superintendent of public schools. Omit 1881 u 
For Marvin read Merwin. 

1855. D. J. Brewer. 1858, Admitted to the Bar in Albany, N. Y. For il 
^read 1861-2. /^^r 1862-5 ^'"^ 1863-4. 186^-8, Judge of the F 
Judicial District of the State of Kansas. 1869-70, County Atton 
After education, add of Leavenworth, Kans. (see Bibliogiapby.) 

1855. N. NiCKERSON. For Sophomore read ]uvk\o\ . 

1855. W. WiLKiE. Born, Feb. 23, 1830, Le Roy, Jefferson Co., N. 
1858-9, Licensed by the M. E. Church, and stationed at Dover Hill, 
For about Chicago read Oak Park. For 1875-8 item read 1875-7, Sc 
tary of the Board of Education, and Superintendent of Schools of 
town of Lake, III. For 1879-81, Principal read 1879-82, Superiniend 
1859, Married Margaret C. Jeneson. Children: Bessie; Chaui 

1856. C. W. Bates. 1862, Married. Children: *Charles Edgar; Care 

1856. H. F. CiiisHOLM. Died in Thurlow. Married 1861. Child 
♦Frederick Carl ; *Harry Darwin ; Bertha Louiae. 

1856. F. Gibson. Died without leaving college. 

1856. H. P. Hall, /'br Dekalb Co. Ind., read III. For 1881 and prev 
read 1 87 8-8 2. 

1856. S. F. Jaynf. Agent of the U. S. Sanitary Commission, Army of 
Potomac. Fifteen years real estate broker. 1870-82, resided in Ora 
Married. Children: Alfred; Eleanor ; Ruth. 

^856. T. W. Rhodes. Born in Marcellus Falls. 1854, Left college at en 
Sophomore year. 


56. N. P. Deceased daughters : *Annie Maria; *Gracie Maria; 
♦Grade Pierce. 

56. O. Smith. Several years, farmer in Emporia, Kans., and in Northern 

57. W. J. CoiTE. Fitr Statesville District read Sixth District.. 

57. [. H. James. 1867, 8, Stationed at Warren, R. I. ; 1869, 70, 71, North 
Bridgewater, Mass. ; 1879,80, 81. Sachem street church, Norwich, Conn.; 
1882, Danielsonville. 1882, Address : Danielsonville, Windham Co., 

58. M. B. Brewer. For Marshal read Marshall. 

58. D. Davis. 1856-60, Taught school in Warren, Pa. and in Milwaukee, 
Wis. F(n^ 1858-81 read 1861-82. 

58. C. A. Gilbert. Horn Oct. 19, 1835. 

58. W. P. Hyde. For Warren, Pa., read Warren. R. I. 

58. H. S. Jewett. Bom Dec. 4, 1837. 1870-6, Proprietor and Principal of 
Poughiceepsie Military Institute. 

58. A. Markham. For Markman read Markham. 

58. A. E. M. PURDY. Bom Oct. 17, 1838, in New York. N. Y. For 
University of the City of New York, read Columbia College. Married. 

58. W. H. Searles. i860. Chief Enjjineer of the Ilydrographical Survey 
of Ohio River, Hardin Co., III. 1861, Assistant Engineer Marietta and 
Cincinnati Railroad, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1861-2, Assistant Engineer of 
the Military defenses of Cincinnati, Ohio. 1864, Chief Engineer Mineral 
Range Railroad, Houghton, Mich. 1865, Assistant Engineer, Pittsburg, 
Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad, Pittsburg, Pa. 1866-7, Principal 
Assistant Engineer, Alleghany Valley Railroad. Brady*s Bend, Pa. 
1868-9, Manufacturer of petroleum oils, Cleveland, Ohio. 1870-1, 
Chief Engineer, Indiana North and South Railway, Attica, Ind. 1872-3, 
Chief Engineer on the New York, West Shore and Chicago Railroad. 
1874-5, Consulting Engineer, New York City. 

58. C. H. Stocking. Instead of \^\ item read i88f. General Manager of 
the Central Florida Mill and Lumber Company. Mills at Appalachi- 
cola, Fla. 

158. G. C. Van Allen. For New York, N. Y., read Watertown, N. Y. 

59. H.B.Brown. Add to Children : \W\tr\. 

59. B. H. Cheney. Left college at close of Freshman year. 
59. S. Emery. Omit Connecticut. 

159. S. M. Mansfield. Son of Gen. J. K. F. Mansfield. For 1S62-5 read 
1862-3. Major of Engineer Corps, U. S. Army, stationed at Galveston, 

{59. G. F. Stearns. For 1868 read 1867. For Ada M. read Ada May. 

{60. W. I^ BoDVVKLL. 1859, Taught in Hanover, N. J. ; i860, in Fairmount, 
W. Va. ; 1861-2, in West Canaan, Conn. For 1861-4 read 1863-4. 

J60, J. M. Buckley. (See Bibliography.) 

J60. L. W. Clement. For Sorinda read Lorinda. 

56o. A. Gould. 1858, Stationed at South Royalston, Mass.; 1859, 60, 
Cherry Valley; 1863, 4, Rock Bottom ; 1868, 9, Union Square, .Somer- 
ville ; 1882, Clinton, Mass. 1882, Address: Clinton, Worcester Co., 

S60. P. T. Keenk. For Phillip read Philip. Born, Oct. 4. 1845. Taught 
until 1864. 1864-71, Clerk in the Navy Department. Commissioner of 
the U. S. Agricultural Department to visit Ecuador and to collect medic- 
inal plants. For 1860-81 read 187 1-9. 1880-2, Secretary of the Oregon 
Railway and Navigation Co. 

i860. D. Leach. Member of the Anthropological Society of Washington, 
D. C. Children: one son; three daughters.' 1882, Address: Smith- 
sonian Institution. 

i860. B. K- Lovatt. 1862, Admitted to the bar. 188 1-2, Justice of the 
Peace. For 1867 read 1867-82. For 1873 read 1870-82. 

: ', 



i860. D. K. Stetson. Father of No. 1.2S8 Left college at close of F« 
man vear. 1859-66, In business for himself in Nalick, Wcstboro, a 
Woodville, Mass. 1866-82, Firm of Stetson & Talbot Add * 
Marv L. 

i860. A. S. White. 1882, Stationed at Wahoo, Nebr. 

i860. W. T. Worth. 1882, Stationed at Mathewson Street Church, Pre 

dence, R. I. For 1879, 80 read 1879,80, i. 1882, Address : Providcnc:::^ -* 

1861. J. A. Blanchard. 1858-63, Engaged in business in New Yor^^*^ 
1867-8, Assistant Physician, etc. 1878-81, Practiced Medicine -amj 
lioosic Falls, N. Y. 188 1-2, Superintendent of the Inebriates' Hou_^ * 
for Kings County, Fort Hamilton, N. Y. 1882, Address: Fort Haoi^- ^ 
ton, Kings Co., N. Y. 

1861. G. R. Chadwick. 1882, Stationed at Pittston, Me. 1882, Addr« 
Pittston, Kennebec Co., Me. • 

1861. W. F. PirER. 1882, Address changed and lost. 

1 86 1. J. C. Shattuck. For Herbert read Hubert. 

1861. G. L. TAYLt)R. Left college in Junior year. 1864, A. M. 1861, Assis~^ 
ant Editor of Christian Advocate and Jonrnal. 1882, Stationed at Ridj 
field, Conn. For Thompson read Thomson. 1882, Address : Ridgefielc 
Fairfield Co., Conn. 

1861. R. H. Wilder. I^ft college at the close of Freshman year. Fo^ 
1863-81 read 1866-81. 1877, Engaged in farming in Hudson, N. 
Married Maria E. Pedrick of Concord, N. H. 

1862. R. B. AtwooI). /(Tt 14th r^-^?// 4th. 

1862. C. O. Brigham. Born, Dec. i, 1838. For 14th read 4th. i86^ Cap-^^^ 
tain. 1865, 2d Lieutenant. For 1873-4 read 1875-7. 1877, Admittc^^ 
to the bar. For 1S74-81 read 1877-82. 

1862. G. H. Goodwin. Omit Mrs. 

1862. S. P. Hatfield. Captain. 

1862. C. H. Lathrop. For Lathrop read Lothrop. 

1862. C. Laux, Jr. Born in Cusel, Germany. 

1862. G. 1). Sargeant. For 14th read 4th. Wife died in 1882. Additional 
child: Philip Aaron. 

1882. D. II. Sawyer. 1882, Supernumerary. 

1863. G. G. Baker. 1882, Stationed at South Baltimore, Md. 

1863. V. A. Cooper. 1882, Stationed at Winthrop Street Church, Bostoi^ 
Mass. 1S82, Address : 1 1 Moreland St., Roxbury, Boston, Mass. 

1S63. J- ^' Topham. For 1862-3 ^^^^ '862. 1862, Member of 38th Pa. Vol- 
unteer Militia. For 14th read 4th. For New l.oudon read New London. 
For 1865-81 read 1863-82. 1869, Married a Southern lady. Children: 
three daughters. 

1863. F. J. Wagner. 1866, 8, Stationed at Allen Street Church, New Bed- 
ford, Mass.; 1868, 9, at St. Paul's Church, Fall River, Mass. Far Lynn 
read Lowell. 1882, Stationed at Walnut Street Church, Chelsea, Mass. 
1882, Transferred to Minnesota Conference, and stationed at Centenary 
Church, Minneapolis, Minn. Children: Emily Allison; Robert Adams; 
*Mary Allison; *Frances Elizabeth; *Frank Benner. 1S82, Address: 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

1863. J. W. Ward. Born, Feb. 12, 1840. For 1881 and previous read 
1876-82. Child: Mary Sager. 

1864. W. S. Allen. For 1881 read 18S2. For Adclina read Adeline. 

1864. J. H. Brooks. 1882, Stationed at Lyons and Spring Prairie, Wis. 
1882, Address: Lyons, Walworth Co., Wis. 

1864. J. H. Dandy. 1863-4, ist Lieutenant looth New York Volunteers. 
1862-3, 2d Lieutenant. 1864, Captain. 1864, Acting Commissary of 
Subsistence at headquarters. Army of the James. 1865, Major of the 
looth N. Y. Vols., and in command of the regiment. Brevetted Lieut.- 
Colonel and Colonel of N. Y. State Volunteers. For Greg read Grigg. 
1882, Address of brother : G. B. Dandy, Perth Amboy, N. J. 


1S64. \V. A. FostiATE. 1858-9, Taught in (^ucensborough, N. Y. ; 1859-60, 
in Hinsdale, N. H. 1862, 2d Lieutenant of Co. K, 14th N. H. Vols.; 
1863, 1st Lieutenant of same ; 1864, Captain, Co. B of same. For near 
Winchester read of Opequan, Va. 1864, Married Frances Hosmer of 
Fisherville, N. H. No children. 

1864. C. H. Lane. 1882, Address: 26 Basing'Hall St., London. 

1864. L. S. Nichols. Did not die in the army. 

1564. B. C. Shepard. Born in Geneseo, Livingston Co., N. Y. 1S61-4, In 
hardware business. For 1861-81 read 1864-82. 

1864. J. M. Shepard. Entered the U. S. Navy and served until the close of 
the war. Studied medicine and dental surgery in Boston. 1868, Located 
for practice of dentistry in Cassopolis, Mich. 

1864. W. F. Vinal. Born, Jan. 6, 1846, in Monroe, Waldo Co., Me. 

1865. C. W. Ferguson. Born, June, 1843, in New York, N. Y. 

1865. J. B. KiLBOURN. For Junior read Sophomore. 1881, Teller in the 
Stockgrowers National Bank, Pueblo, Colo. 1882, Assistant Cashier in 
the bank of Pueblo, Pueblo, Colo. 

1865. C. D. Marcy. 1862-3, In 43d Mass. regiment in service in N. C. and 
Va. 1864-5, Sergeant, etc. For 1881 and previous read 1867-82. For 
1863 read 1873. Additional child: Hattie Murdock. 1882, Address: 
155 Franklin St., Boston, Mass. 

1865. S. E. Nichols. For 1865 read 1862. For proprietor read publisher. 
For stationary rMd' stationery. 1882, Address: Buffalo, N. Y., 

1565. W. II. Rice. Address of sister: Mrs. Alvah Ilovey, Newton Centre, 
Middlesex Co.. Mass. 

1S65. D. C. Tate. Born May 26, 1846. Omit brother-in law, etc. Clerk in 
National Park Bank. Cashier and managing clerk for Lockwood & 
Davenport, and F. M. Lockwood & Co. 1882, Dealer in railroad 
stocks and bonds, 33 New St., New York, N. Y. 

1866. W. H. Adams. 1882, Appointment and address same as 1881. 

1866. J. W. Dally. /i?r Allentown /-m^ Allertown. /br Woodbridge, N. Y. 
read N. J. For Dover read New Dover. 1882, Appointment and 
Address: Asbury, Warren Co., N. [. 

1866. L. Hall. Omit (see Bibliography). 

1866. J. W. Jackson. Omit (see Bibliography). 

1867. C. L. Barrows. 188?, Address of sister: Guildhall, Essex Co., Va. 

1867, J. H. Chapman. For 1S7S read 1878, 9, 80, i, 2. 1882, Address: 223 
Main St., Nashua, N. H. 

1867. J. H. Churchill. 1868-9, Practiced medicine in Minneapolis, Minn.; 
1869-741 In Cross River, N. Y.; 1874-6, In Middletown, Conn.; 1876-82. 
In Cross River, N. Y. 1868, Married Miss Irene G. Canfield. 

1867. J. Clark. For 1867-81 read 1S71S2. 1882, Address: 99 Nassau St., 
New York, N. Y. 

1867. P. F. Cole. Born, Nov. 16, 1845. ^^^ three years retu/ 1867-70, 
187 1-3, For Denny Poor and Co. 1874-5, For I. and P. F. Cole. 1877- 
82, Book-keeper, etc. 1882, Married. 1882, Address: 120 Orchard St., 
Newark, N. J. 

1867. G. O. Cummins. For Cummings read Cummins. Born Jan. 2, 1843, 
in Independence, Warren Co., N. J. 1868, M.D., University of Pa. For 
1868 read 1868-70. For 1881 read 1870-82. i860, Married Hattie R. 
Wade of Hackcttstown, N. J., who died Aug. 30, J876. No children. 

1S67. I. N. P^LWOOD. For 1862-3 read 1865. '^^» married. 1882, Appoint- 
ment and Address: Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co , Mich. 

1867. H. D. H>iRROWER. Omit (see Bibliography). 

1867. R. Lauder. Born, May 4, 1840, in Glasgow, Scotland. 1S67, Married 
Clara E. Sexton of Windsor, Conn. 1882, Address : 192 Fairfield Av., 
Bridgeport, Conn. 

1867. H. C. Michener. For 1879 read 1878-9. 


1867. L. ScHOBKRT. 1867-70, In the M. E. Church Evangelical Associatio 
' For Karoline read Karoli. For Mytie Blache read Myrtie Blanche. 

1867. A. \V. Weeks. For 1861-2 reai 1862-3. 1865, For Frcedmen's rec 
Freedmen under the. 1865-9, Chief Clerk of District in Freedmcn 
Bureau at Fort Monroe, Va, 1869-82, Business Manager and Boo 
keeper in Lowell, Mass. 

1867. H. Weston. 1882, Address : corner East Genesee and Locust Streel 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

1867. H. R. Williams. For during read at close of. For Police r« 

i863. H. J. Andrus. Son of L. B. Andrus, '38. 

1868. M. J. Callan. After Institute add Ohio. First Pastorate, Kingsto 
Mo. For Garney read Gurney. Prefix * to Olive Amy. 

1868. S. H. Noon. 1871 item should be same as 1872, /. 1877 item shou 
be same as 1878. 1882, Appointment and Address : Weston, Worcest 
Co., Mass. 

1868. S. W. NoYES. Bom Sept. i, 1845, in Haddam, Conn. 

1868. M. W. Prince. Omit Private, etc. 1882, A.M. Wesleyan Universii 

1 88 1, Transferred to East Maine Conference. 1 88 1-2, Principal of E* 
Maine Conference Seminary. 1882, Address rBucksport, Hancock C 

x868. J. W. Russell. 1874-82, Practiced law alone. 1882, Elected Stat 
attorney for two years. For 1870-81 read 1870-4. 

1868. O. W. Scott. For during read at close of. For First Church Havi 
hill read Wesley Church. 1881, 2, Stationed at Wyoming street chur 
Pittston. Additional child: Arthur Orange. 1882, Address: Pittst 
Luzerne Co , Pa. 

1869. R. N. Fearon. Born Mar. 21. 1839. 1868, Superintendent of Scho 
of Marine City, Mich. 1871, Of Ionia, Mich. 1872-8, Engaged in bi 
ness. For F. G. Darrow re id F. S. Darrow. 

1869. M. E. Griffin. Born in Easton, Northampton Co., Pa. For employ 
by read contractor on. For John Griffin read John H. Griffin. 

1869. H. M. Jernegan. For Mayher r^^ Mayhew. Child: *Walter S 

1869. J. Lemley Jr. For Walter A. read Walter H. 1882, Address: Ri\ 
side av., Greenbush, Albany Co , N. Y. 

1869. B. L. Miller. For during read at close of. Married A. M. Packer 
Groton, Conn. 

1869. G. W. Morrow. 1882, Residence: Eatonton, Monmouth Co., N. 

1882, Address: 85 Montgomery St., Jersey City, N. J. 

1870. F. B. Beers. Born Mar. 25, 1846. Omit President, etc. 1882, Alsc 
business at 31 Pine St., New York, N. Y. 

1870. J. W. Dearborn. 1882, Appointment and address: Lynn, Mass. 

1870. R. F. Dearborn. Born, May 13, 1850, in Andover, N. H. Childn 
Pauline ; Elbridge. 

1870. M. W. Lyon. 1F82, Station and Address: Frankford Arsenal, Ph 
delphia. Pa. For F. G. read Fannjy' Gould. 

1870. L. Rkno. Omit 1870-3, item, 1869-82, merchant in Greenville, 1 
1882, Cashier of Bank of Greenville. 

1870. L. S. Stowk. 1882. Station and Address same as 1881. 

1870. L. D. Watson. Born Dec. 15, 1838, in Alleghany Co., Md. 18 
LL. B., 1878, LL. U., Albert University. 1869, B.D. 1875, Ph.D. 18 
A.M. 1881, 2, stationed at Tonawanda, N. Y. 1869, Married EIni 
Lawrence. 1882, Address: Tonawanda, Erie Co, N. Y. 

187 1. W. H. Cook. 1882, Station and Address: Ashland, Middlesex C 

1871. C. A. Genunc. Born, Feb. 4, 1849. 

187 1. W. F. Graves. Born in Bristol, Vt. For 1873, Professor read i\ 
Professor pro tern. For 1S81 read 1882. 


1871. W. F. Steele. Station and Address: Grcensborough, Guilford Co., 
N. C. 

1872. W. F. CouSENS. 1875-6, Traveling Salesman, etc 1874, In silk and 
twist business, firm of W. F. Cousins & Co. 1877-8 //^-w, instead of 
clerk rrad traveling salesman. 1878, Traveling Salesman, etc. 18S2, 
Address : Ogunquit, York Co., Me. ' 

1872. T.H.Hand. 188 r, Astoria Church; 1882, Freeport. 1882, Address: 
Free port, Queens Co., N. Y. 

1872. H. H. Haynes. 1877, Ordained Deacon in the Protestant Episcopal 
church ; 1878. Presbyter. 1877-8, Rector of Trinity church, Tillon, 
N. H.; 1878-80, of Trinity church, Denver, Colo.; 1J&2, of St. Luke's 
church, Fort Collins, Colo. For 1881 rM</ 1878-82. 1882, Address: 
Fort Collins, Larimer Co., Colo. 

1872. L. M. Hubbard. 1882. Director of First National Bank of Walling- 
ford. Conn.; Trustee of Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. Director 
in the Wilson Sewing Machine Co. Additional child : Leverctt Mars- 
den, Jr. 

1872. M. V. B. Knox. Captain of 23d U. S. Colored Infantry. 1882, Ph.D., 
Boston University. 18S2, Station and Address : Lebanon, Grafton Co., 
N. H. 

1872. A. B. Poland. For Amesbury r^aJ Salisbury. For Mill bury r^ai/ 

1872. L. E. RocKWELi^ 1882, Station and Address same as 1S71. 

1872. S. O. Sherman. 1870-82, Reporter f««r the Boston Dat/y Evenittir 
Traveler. 1881, Sarah F. Hill of Lynn, Mass. 1882, Addreas: 54 
Cottage St., Chelsea, Mass. 

1872. G. W^ Stone. Born, Jan. 7, 1849, in Jay, Me. 1882, Engaged in farm- 
ing. 1883, Member of the Maine legislature. Unmarried. 

1872. S. W. ToLES. Left college in Sophomore year. 1871-2, Taught in. 
Bloomfield, Conn. Omit items of 1872 and 1873-4. Omit West Suffield. 
For 1878, 9, read 1878, 9, 80. Omit 1880 item. Additional child : 
Hubert ErnesL 1882, Station and Address : Islip, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

1872. C. S. Woodruff. For 1871, 2 reaa 1870, i, 2. Omit Clarksville. 1882, 
Station and Address : Bayonne, Hudson Co., N. J. 

1873. G.W.Elliott. 1873-4, /'<?r associate r^a</assi&tant. 1 88 1, O/y/i/ special 
advertiser. Omit member of American Social Science Association. 
1882, Manager of London Branch of H. H. Warner and Co's business. 
For Pauline r»a//*Pauline. 1883, Address : Rochester, N. Y. 

1873. J- ^ ' Fenn. 1861-5, Corporal in the ist Conn. Heavy Artillery. 
1882, Station and Adcfress: Spencer, Worcester Co., Mass. 

1873. ^ C- ^- Eoote. For Osmond read Osmon. Omit D.D. 

1873. E- P- Gamble, For 1873-S1 read 1876-82. 1880, Married Lilla 

1873. ^ W- Lawrence. Omit 1872-3 item. 1872-4, Clerk in a dry goods 
business in Brooklyn, N. Y. 1877-9, Practiced medicine in Tomhan- 
nock; 1879-82, In Summit, N. J. Additional child: Frederick T. 

.1873. ^' ^' Maclay. 1878, Ft>r Chinese r^-^^ Japanese. 1880, For University 
of the City of N. Y. read Columbia college. 1882, Married Jessie Sperry 
of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1873. ^' M* Maclay. 1881, Member of the Pethick, Maclay and Co., com- 
mission merchants. 1882, Address : Tientsin, China. 

1873. J- ^^- Meeker. Born, Sept. 20, 1850, in Elizabeth, N. J. 1872, Married 
Fannie Denman of Elizabeth, N. J. Children : Gertrurfe E.; Harold D.; 
Clifford D. 1882, Station and Address: Bound Brook, Somerset Co., 

1873. J- W. Sanborn. 1871-2, Principal, etc. 18S1, Perry, N. Y. 1882, 
Station and Address : Batavia, Genesee Co., N. V. Addiiional child: 
•Wilfred Wentworth. 1881, Married Elma M. Titus of Fulton, N. Y. 

1S73. L- H. Weeks. 1879, Correspondent at the Azores. 1878-S2, Literary 
editor and art critic of the Boston Post. 1882, Address: OHicc of the 
Post^ Boston, Mass. 


1874. J. H. Boucher. Born April 15, 1852. 

1874. H. Carier. 1S82, Station and Address: Jeffersonville, Ohio. 

1874. E. P. Dole. Re-elected Solicitor for 1882-4. Child: Henry Hail^* 

1874. W. W. Elder. 1882, Station and Address: Valparaiso, Mich. 

1874. G. A. Emerson. Born, Aug. 24, 1846, in Hermon, Penobscot Co., -*'^' 
1879-82, Taught commercial law. 1879-82, Trustee of New Hxmf^°^ 
Institution. 1883, Appointed clerk of the Supreme Court of N. H - ^ 
Belknap Co. For Letia rra^i 2^tta. Children : Ernest B.; Jason '*'•' 
George E. 1882, Address : Laconia, Belknap Co., N. H. 

1874. A. H. Nash. 1S82, Station and Address: Fultonvillc, Montgoff'^'^ 
Co., N. Y. 

1874. G. M. Roe. 1881-2 Editorial writer ; 1882, Cit\' Editor. ' 

1874. VV. M. Stkrlin(;. 1872, Transferred to Minnesota Conference. 

1874. J. H. Taft, Jr. Born, July 7, 1852. Drug Broker in New York. ^^ 
Ethel r^uti Ethel Toft. 

1875. M. D. Church. 1882, Station and Address: East Orange, Es^' 
Co., N. J. 

1875. C. P. HowLAND. Born, Oct. 3, 1849, ^^ Columbia, Pa. F^r Zalr^^ 
rea(/ Tabor. 

1875. L \V. Morey. 1882, Discontinued connection with M. E. Church. 

1875. Charles Phelps. Born Aug. 10, 1853. Left college at close of Seni^^]^, 
Year. 1876-7, Studied law with B. H. Bill. For 1877-81 reaii 1878-8- ^ 
i88r, Married Leila L. Bill of Rockville, Conn.; no children. 

1875. G. Skene. Born, Aug. 3, 1845, '" Anthorp, Lincolnshire, Englanc 
1882. Station and Address: Pittsfield, Mass. 

1875. J. Zvveifel. 1882, Station and Address: Hartford, Washington Ca 

N. Y. 

1876. \V. B. Baldwin. 1880-2, Bookkeeper for Osgood & Whitney, 7: 
Washington St., Boston, Mass. Child : William B., Jr. 1882, Address 
Newton, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

1876. D. F. Brooks. 18S2, Station and Address: Fairhaven, Rutland Co., Vt. 

1876. G. Corning. For Green Farms rrac/ Grexi's Farms. 

1876. W. W. Cox. 1875. 6, Stationed at Clifton Park, N. Y.; 1877, 8, Wash- 
ington and Becket; 1882, Broadalbin. 1882, Address: Broadalbin, 
Fulton Co , N. Y. 

1876. T. P. Frost. 18S2, Station and Address same as 1881. 

1876. R. L. Greene. 1882, Station and Address same as 1881. 

1876. J. E. Kendrick. Omi/ 1879-81 //^w. 1881-2, Superintendent of Ken- 
drick Loom Harness Co. 

1876. J. E. Knapp. 1S73, Joined, on trial, Vermont Conference. 1S75, ^ 7» 
South Royalton and Tunbridge, Vt. 18S2, South Londonderry and 
Bondville. For Raymond, C. W., rcae/ *Rayroond Chester Watson. 
Additional child: Minnie Palmer. Edward Nathan, not*. 1882, 
Address : South Londonderry, Vt. 

1876. C. A. Lyon. Born in Barker, Broome Co., N. Y. 1881, traveling 
salesman for Fancher & Durkee. 

1876. J. W. Newton. For Danville r^ad Dansville. 1881, Married Bessie 
Gordon Crawford of Elom, Ontario. 

1876. J. T. Parker. For Freshman nW Sophomore. 1882, Address same 

as 188 1. 
18; 6. G. P. Raymond. 1881-2, Manufacturer of shirts in Queen City Shirt 

Co. 18S2, Address: 487 Pearl St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

1S76. C. H. Sherwood. Married M. V. Hooy. Children: Lena; Charles. 

1876. L. L. H. Taylor. Tauj^ht in Epjiing, N. H., and Lee, N. H. 1880-2, 
In hardware business. Married Abbie L. Dodge of Raymond, N. H. 
Children: Henry Le Forrest; Ralph Haydon ; Levi. 

1876. \V. U. Taylor. For Vermont Medical College read University of 
Vermont. For Assistant Surgeon nv;</ House Surgeon. 1881-3, Practiced 
medicine in \'ooers, N Y. 188:, Address : Mooers, Clinton Co., N.Y. 


'^76. c. B. TuTTLE. Born, May 16, 1851. 1881-2, Practiced law at 9 Cen- 
tral Square, Lynn, Mass. 

'S77- J. A. BOWLKR. 1878-80, Supplied M. E. Church in Goshen, N. H. 
18S1, Joined, on trial. New Hampshire Conference, Methodist Episcopal 
Church. Children : 'Bertha May ; Bertram Evan. 1882, Address . 
Hillsljorough Bridge, Ifillsboroui^h Co., N. H. 

1877. W. H. Fairchild. Omit 1876 item. 1881-3, Lister. 1876-81, Prac- 
ticed law in Fairfield, Vt. 1882, Married Mida Soule of Fairfield, Vt. 
No children. 

^^77' W. Goss : W. D. Goewey. Transpose the records, 

1S77. E. L. Griswold. Prefix ♦. Died, Sept. 26, 1881, in Elyria, Ohio. 

'^77' F. W. Johnson. A short time in class of 1881 ; also 1882, Missionary 
to the Black Hills. 

1577. W. McCaulky, Jr. 1881-2, Practiced law in Haverstraw, N. Y. 1882, 
Married Ida M. Garrison of Haverstraw, N. Y. 1882, Address: Haver- 
straw, Rockland Co., N. Y. 

'^77. J. M. Thomas. 1876-8, On railroad engineering corps. 1881-2, Man- 
ager of the Perryville Improvement Company, Perryville, Md. For 
1876-81 read 1877-82. 1882, Address : J. Miller Thomas, North East 
Cecil Co., Md. 

'^78. c. D. Bernsee. Born, Aug. 22, 1858, in Brooklyn, N. Y. For brother 
read nephew. F^or Scientific read Latin Scientific. 1882, In commission 
business. 1882, Address: 179 Madison St., Chicago, 111. 

1578. J. N. Brown. 1878-81, Director, etc. 1881-2, Organist, etc. 1882, 
Teaching voice culture, organ, and piano. 1882, Address: Trenton, 
Mercer Co., N. J. 

1878. s. L, Dollnkr. For brother read uncle. 

'878. y^ o. NiCKERSON. 1877-8, Assistant Principal of Culpeper Female 
Institute, Culpeper, Va. 1878-80, Principal of High School, Scituate, 
Mass. 1881-2, Bookkeeper of Cottage Hearth Co., 11 Bromfield St., 
Boston, Mass. 1878, Married Abbie A. Goodwin of Boston, Mass. 

'^78. H. G. NiCKERSON. Prefix'*, 1878-82, Principal of High and Grammar 
Schools, Harwich, Mass. 1882, Elected Chairman of School Committee 
of Harwich, Mass. Died, April 19, 1882, in South Harwich, Mass. 

i<^78. Q, n^ Perkins. 1882, Station and Address, same as in 1881. 

1S78. p J Pomeroy. 1880, 1, 2, Stationed at West Fitchburg, Mass. i88o, 

Kfarried Ellen G. Northway of South Norfolk, Conn. Child: Sarah 

'078. yf^ ^ Russell. Married Frances Adelaide Chapman. 

^^ A. C. Atkins. Also a manager of Florida House, St. Augustine, Fla. 
Y 882, Married. 

'°79- M. I. Barrows. Born, Sept. 30, 1858. Married A. A. Bennett of 
^olliston, Mass. 

*®79- A. P. Hann. Elected City Treasurer. Member of Democratic Execu- 
tive Committee. 

*% C C. King. Child : ♦Robert Kimball. 1882, Station and Address : 
Sachem St. Church, Norwich, New London Co., Conn. 

>^79- ^ F. Sawyer. 1882, Address: Bradford, McKean Co., Pa. 

iS79- L. A. Thomas. 1877-8, Taught school ; 1878-9, Engaged in farming. 
x875h8i. In ill health. 188 1-2, Selling a patent of his own invention. 
<Mit 1877-81 item. 

1&79- F. C. Williams. For Fred read Frederic. 1882. Teaching district 
school, Meriden, Conn. 1882, Address : Meriden, Conn. 

1S80. E. T. Burrowes. 1880, Married Fannie E. Norcross of Portland, Me. 

'882, Address: 12 Locust St., Portland, Me. 
iSSo. J. A Corey. 1882, Station and Address: Fairfield, Somerset Co., Me. 
iSSo- w. R. Goss. 1882, Station and Address same as in 1881. 
<&^ F. H. Greeley. 1879, Married. One child. 
1880. £. p, Heerick. Cousin of No. 1,214. Omit 1879-80 item, 1882^ Sup- 


plied Methodist Episcopal Church, West Brookfield, Mass. C 
Clifton Burnett. 1882, Address :. Worcester, Mass. 

i88o. W. B. Hill. 1881, A. B. Yale College. 1881-2, Student in Yale 
School. For Prospect Grove rtad Shelter Island. 1882, Instruct 
Gymnastics and Physical Culture in Yale College. 

i88o. H J. D. JoNKS. 1881-2, Instructor in Elocution in Harvard Col 
1882, Professor of Elocution in Harvard University. 1882, Add 
Cambridge, Masis. 

i88a G. A. Kerr. Left College in Senior Year. 1882, Joined, on 
Troy Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. Omit Correspon 
etc, 1882, Station and Address: Lanesborough, Berkshire Co., Ma 

i88o. W. F. Lawford. Born, Feb. 12, 1852, in Fredericton, N. B. 

A. B., Boston University. 1882-3, Student in Theological Schoi 
Boston University. 1882, Address: 36 Bromfield St., Boston, Mass 

i88a E. B. Olmstkad. 1881-2, Principal of Milford Graded School, Mil 
N. Y. 1882, Pastor of M. E. Church, Oneonta Plains, N. Y. 1882, 
ried Anna C. L. Smith of Milford, N. Y. 1882, Address: One 
Otoego Co., N. Y. 

1880. C. M. Palmer. For Armstrong, ^53 read Armstrong, '57. 

1880. W. M. Stetson. 1882, Address : 917 Walnut St., Philadelphia, I 

1 88a R. J. Thompson. 1882, M. D., University of Pa. 1882, Pract 
medicine in Fall River, Mass. 1882, Address : 33 Rock St., Fall K 

1880. O. S. Walton. 1882, Joined, on trial, Wilmington Conference, B 

1881. W. L. Anderson. 1882, Married. 

188 1. A. H. Clarke. (See Bibliography.) 

1881. P. O. B. Gause. Born, Nov. 11, i860. 1881-2, Assistant to the 
fessor of Surgery and of Ophthalmology and Otology. 1882, Sti 
medicine in Vienna, Austria. 

1881. C. M. Hall. Born, Jan. 28, 1855. '882, Joined, on trial, New Enf 
Conference, M. E. Church. 1882, Stationed at Newton Lower 1 
Mass. 1882, Married Abbie I. Greene of Clinton, Mass. 1882, Add 
Newton Lower Falls, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

1881. F. W. Johnson. Omit name here. See Record with Class of 187 

1881. R. F. Raymond. 1880-1, Studied History and Roman I^w in Hai 
University 1881-2, Studied in Law School of same. 1882, Add 
14 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, Mass. 

1881. G. H. Richmond. For Scientific read Latin Scientific. 1882, 
Usher of VermofU Farmer, 1881, Married Hattie M. Sylvester of N 
field, Vt. 

1881. G. H. Stephens. For 1855 ^^^^ ^^VJ- *SS'» A- ^-^ Rutgers Col 
1881-2, Student of Theology in Theological Seminary of Refo; 

1881. J. F. Thompson. 1878-0, Teller in Bradford National Bank. 
Cashier of the State Bank of Bolivar, Bolivar, N. Y. 1882, Add 
Bolivar, Alleghany Co., N. Y. 

1881. H. Warner. 1882, Admitted to the bar in New York, N. Y., ai 
Middletown, Conn. 1882, Practiced law in Middletown, Conn., fii 
Samuel L. & Harris Warner. 

1881. W. WiLLCOCKS. 1882, Joined, on trial, New York Conference, 1 
Church. 1881. Stationed at Norton Hill, N. Y. ; 1882, Carmel 
Drewville, N. Y. For Duxbury read West Duxbury. 1882, Add 
Carmel, Putnam Co., N. Y. 

Page 527. After Amherst 14, insert Dartmouth 14. For Ashbury recui As 

With the completion of this list in November, 1882, the work on 
Graduates ceases. The editor believes the Record quite complete to that 
As the volume will probably not appear until sometimes in 1883 it is but ji 
say that there is no pretense whatever that addresses are correct for anv 
later thap November, 1882. C. \ 




Joseph Chester Burke, Editor. 


Ta^ general suggestion that a collection of a few such facts as the following 

°^ P*'^ pared was made a few years ago by G. Brown Goode, A. M. For the 

8C<*P^ ^nd plan of the present work, however, the Editor is responsible. In col- 

^ and arranging these facts, he has made the attempt to present a condensed 

^ ^^thcr brief account of the growth and development of the University in 

^. ^ ^f its phases, and to produce a historical reference table rather than a com- 

P^ ^^n of brief narratives and pleasing anecdotes. 

^^^ far as practicable the facts are arranged in strict chronological order, but 

"^ ^cw cases items bearing different dates but relating to the same subject 

^ <iaturally grouped themselves under one date ; this is especially true where 

^^ have been separately fragmentary. After the opening of the University, 

Collegiate year is taken as the largest division of time, and the months are 

^^^^ed in paragraphs under these heads. Of those events regularly recurring 

^UaJly only two have been mentioned each year — Commencement and the 

^ day of the fall term. References in parentheses are given to aid in 

'^"Wing out the history of some subjects ; in a few cases, where possible, 

. *^ a forward and a backward reference is given. For every statement there 

*^*^e reliable authority. Contributions of money to the college of less than 

*5»Ooo have not been mentioned. 

the early history of the college is to a considerable extent a history of 

.^*"^ and plans, the completion of which adverse circumstances never per- 

^^<i, it has been found necessary, in order to faithfully represent the early 

^^5 of the college to make niention of a few motions and resolutions which 

^ never carried to completion; these are followed by the sign (o). Names 

^^^rsons have been inserted as little as possible. A few events in the early 

^J^*"^ on account of their antiqueness have been more fully described than those 

*^ter years. Only those societies and organizations which have prolonged 

^*' existence at least five years have been mentioned. Exceptions have been 

°^^«, however, in the case of chaptered secret societies and in other cases 

^ ^'"e circumstances have demanded it 

^Uc e«litor must take this opportunity for thanking generally all thbse who have 

**^^tcd by correspondence and otherwise in this work. The following is a list 

^ »ome of the authorities consulted : Historical Sketchy Prof. C. T. Winchester; 

**^C8leyan University," by Prof. William North Rice, Ph.D., in Scribntr's 


Monthly^ Sept., 1876, pp. 648-661 ; Town Records of MiddUtown ; RecordF 
the General Assembly of Connecticut ; Catalogues of the American Literx 
Scientific, and Military Academy^ 1826-S ; Annual Catalogues of IVesleyan 1/ 
versity, 1831-83; Records of the Trustees, 1830-82; Records of the Joint Boa 
1830-70 ; Records of the Prudential Committee, 1831-41 ; Faculty Recor* 
1835-47, 1852-5, 1860-83; Records of the Philorhetorean Society; Records 
the Peithologian Society ; Holdich*s Life of Willbur Fisk, D D. ; Life and LetU 
of Olin; Stevens* Life and Times of Nathan Bangs, D.D,; The Class 
1840-2; The Olla Podriaa, 1858, 61-83; ^^^^ College Argus, 1868-83; Pr« 
C. T. Winchester in Report on Public Libraries, Washington, D. C. ; Dr. Jo' 
Johnston*s collection of Commencement and other College programm* 
1833-71 ; Prof. C. T. Winchester's collection of College programmes, 1865-^ 
While it is too much to hope that these Annals are without imperfectioi 
the editor should say that he has spent no little care, patience, and labor 
order to eliminate errors, remedy defects, and obtain necessary facts, and 
humbly presents the work as a small gift to his Alma Mater, trusting that 
may in some measure prove both entertaining and useful to those who consu 
its pages. 





Sept. 6. The land which now constitutes the greater part of the campu 
amounting to about thirteen acres, having been purchased through subscri 
tion by the citizens of Middletown, Conn., was legally transferred at this tic 
by the former owner (Nehemiah Hubbard) to three trustees (John Hinsda 
Elijah Hubbard, and John Alsop) for the erection of buildings for "The Ame 
can Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy." This Academy was found 
by Capt. Alden Partridge, the first Superintendent of the U. S. Military Aca 
emy, West Point, N. Y. This lot of land had a frontage on High street of 6 
feet ; elevation above sea-level, about 175 feet ; above the level of the Conn< 
ticut river, about 1 50 feet ; distance from the river, one-half mile west. 

Oct. 24. The corner-stone of the Lyceum Building was laid. (Sec iSi 
Aug. 22, [2].) 


May. An Act of incorporation granted by the General Assembly of Cc 
necticut to the American Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy; shax 
of stock to be $30 each. 

Aug. 22. The Academy was opened to students, and five days afterward t 
buildings wtre handed over to the incorporated trustees. These buildings wc 
[i] the Dormitory (North College, see 1871, Sept. 14), facing east, 150X 
feet, four stories and attic, long halls on each floor (no sectional partitions, s 
1832, Oct. 23), of brown sandstone from the quarry at Chatham (now Portlan< 


ANNALS. Ixxxi 

Conn.: [2] ^1,^ Lyctum (after 1862 called Chapel Building; after 1871. South 

College), i{, ijug ^jjjj and twenty feet south of Dormitory, of same material, 

lacing east, 45X56, a ground-floor, partly basement, and three floors above, 

tower jn front 14 x 16 and 73 feet high ; ground floor was used for arsenal and 

laboratory (see 1835, June 30); third floor consisted of one room called Hall of 

the Lyceum, and was used for public services, entertainments, and as drill-room : 

13] two guardhouses about 10 X 12, of s^ame material as Dormitory, one on each 

«uc of the High street entrance leading to the front door of the Dormitory. (See 

'°3'. Summer.)* [A] The Boarding Hall had been erected as a private enter- 

Pnse during the summer. This was situated nearly in line with William street, 

some distance back from High, facing north, about 150x50, of brick, entrance 

at west end ; basement with kitchens, etc., first story for dining hall, and second 

*tory for officers* rooms. (See 1833. April 11.) [B] About this time, Capt. 

ftrtridge erected, apparently with his own funds, a gun-house (old laboratory, 

*^ '835, March 24; 1871, fall; 1881, summer), about seventy-five feet west 

^ Donmitory, 30 x 55, entrance at east end, two stories, of brick. The pieces 

of artillery stored here were four 6-pounders, two 12-pounders, and one 



^^^ "first catalogue of 1826 of the Academy shows 19 officers and 281 cadets ; 
the sec^^nd of 1826, 22 officers and 274 cadets. Those for the remaining years 
show ^_ steady and decided decrease in numbers. 


^'* V 5, The petition of the trustees to the General Assembly of Connecticut 
I^^i^cr to confer degrees, award diplomas, and raise by lottery $40,000 for 
7^*"* *^al, astronomical, and philosophical apparatus, and for library and build- 
»ngSi XV as continued by the Assembly to the May session of 1828. 


^V- The petitioners above named were given leave by the Assembly to 


^-'"ly in the year, Capt. Partridge obtaining the desired charter from the Ver- 
"*®"^ legislature closed the Academy and removed to Norwich, Vt. — A small 
*cn(K>\ was kept up in the buildings by Prof. Edwin F. Johnson and Col. Ran- 

**^ ^Rev. Laban Clark, D.D., (see p. 321) proposed to buy the property of 

^* -Academy for $5,000 and establish a Methodist college. 

^^*y 29. The New York Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church 

*PP^*^ted a committee to consider proposals from the trustees of the Academy. 

* He Ne^ England Conference a few days later appointed a similar com- 

^^ ^^.— This joint committee issued proposals to several towns that they 

inoulcj compete for the location of the college by offering subscriptions. 

*'^y» N. Y., Wilbraham, Mass., Bridgeport and Middletown, Conn., responded. 

^"^ trustees then offered, on these two conditions, (i) the property to be used 

P^^ctually for a college or university, and (2) a fund of $40,000 to be first 

rais«ci as endowment, to give gratuitously the entire property of land and build- 

^*^ with fixtures and a nucleus of a library, together worth $30,000, to the 

C<J«Uerence through their committees. 

^neorigjiu] plan, a picture of which has been recently placed in the president's office, con- 
***°P«ated another large building of exactly similar external proportions as the Dormitory, to be 
''^'''^ south of the Lyceum, making a lymmetrical group of the three buildings. 


Oct. 1 6. The town of Middletown subscribed toward the fund of f40,oc^^^^ 
grant of $10,000. (See 1833, Nov. 29.) 


May. The New York Conference accepted the offer from Middletown, rai^^** 
the balance of the $40,000, agreed on the name "Wesleyan Univkrsit'*^*'* 
and appointed permanent trustees. 

Aug. 24, 25, 26. First meeting of the trustees of Wesleyan University; h^l<^ 
in the hall of the Lyceum. Also first meeting of the Joint Board at same tisz>^ 
and place. Number present : of 21 trustees (see p. xix), 20, and of 21 ▼isitor** 
12; viz.: from New York* Conference, 7 trustees and 9 visitors (2 visito*'* 
absent); from New England Conference, 3 and i (i trustee and 4 visito*"* 
absent) ; New Hampshire and Vermont, 3 and 2 (3 visitors absent) ; A., L^ S* 
and M. Academy, 7 trustees. The perpetual lease of land and buildisj 
accepted. The institution to be opened Aug. 17, 1S31. (But there was 
delay; see 1831, Sept. 21.) Rev. Willbur Fisk, D.D., principal of Wesley- 
Academy, Wilbraham, Mass., elected president of the University ; salary, £• 
first year, $i,ooa A Prudential committee authorized to employ instmct^ 
fur a school preparatory to opening the University, and to determine upon t' 
expediency of establishing "commons." (See 1831, May 13 and 14.) Acoi 
mittee to apply to the next General Assembly for an act of incorporation. (S-^ 
1831, May 21.) Scholarships at $500 authorized ; Rev. Heman Bangs appoint 
special agent, with G. P. Disosway, Esq., assistant Pres. Fisk respectfuS- ^^ 
requested to also act as agent ; the agents exhorted to use every effort possibi 
A committee appointed to "set out trees, make a garden and such othi 
improvements" as they might deem expedient. (But see 1831, Sept. 20, etc) 

Oct. A preparatory school opened in the old Methodist lecture room 
Church street — a wooden structure since displaced by the brick one—under tl 
care of Rev. William C. Larrabee, A.B., of Bowdoin College. 

Dec. 18. Pres. Fisk, leaving his family in Wilbraham, reached Middletown 
spent most of the winter and following spring in traveling as financial igent 


May 13 and 14. Meeting of the Joint Board. The Boarding Hall to be pur 
chased, if possible. (See 1833, April 13 ; 1830, Aug. 24.) Three professor^^ 
elected. Rules and regulations adopted : L The Joint Board to choose the 
faculty, make rules for government, instruction, etc. ; each professor to receive 
$750 salary and two-thirds of the tuition fees on the individual recitations which- 
he may hear daily over the number of forty- five, provided that the total sum 
received never be over §1,500. (See 1835, Aug. 25.) IL Studies divided into 
departments ; students to be classed in each department according to degree of 
their advancement, and whenever they complete the full course, without refer- 
ence to the length of time, they shall receive graduate degrees. (See 1831, fall, 
[E]. ) Examinations on entering college ; also at close of each term before an 
examining committee. (See 1S32, Dec. 19.) Marks to be based on ezamina- 
tions and the weekly reports of the professors. IIL Commencement to be the 
third Wednesday in September. (For changes, see 1833, Aug. 28.) Tuition 
to be $6 a term for each study heard daily, the number of studies being decided 
by the president according to the mental ability and financial circumstances of 
the student ; room-rent, front, $4, back, $3 ; graduating fee, $4 for degree and 

The New York East Conference was not set of! till 1S48. 

ANNALS. Ixxxiii 


$1 ioT diploma. IV. Government to be paternal^ vested in the president and 
supported b)' the professors ; a book of merit and demerit to be kept, and incor- 

ngiblc students to be sent home. 21. Act of incorporation granted by the 

General Assembly of Connecticut. (See Sept. 20; 1830, Aug. 24; for new 
charter, 1870, June 2.) Provisions of the charier : I. The University to possess 
estate not exceeding $200,000, excluding college buildings, library and appa- 
ratus; provided that subscribing to religious tenets shall never be a condition 
of admission to students or a cause of ineligibility to the president, professors, 
or other officers. II. All property to be managed in behalf of the Annual Con- 
ferences or General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. III. Usual 
quorum to be 9; number of trustees never to be more than 39. IV. The Joint 
Board, composed of the above trustees and of the visitors to be elected by the 
Annual Conferences (or General Conference), shall elect the president and 
fax:ulty, prescribe the course of study, etc V. The president to confer degrees 
and grant diplomas to candidates approved by a majority of the faculty and a 
naajority of the Joint Board. VI. Funds to be similarly exempt from taxation 
*s the funds of Yale College, and same privileges granted ; provided that the 
fcal estate which is free from taxation shall never afford an annual income of 

°*C'' 16,000, and provided that the private property of the officers shall i>ot be 

June 28. First recorded meeting of the Prudential committee ; voted that 
'*e rooms in the Dormitory be repaired. (The plastering had been badly 
P'erced and scraped by bayonets.) 

A^uring the sunmier the guard houses were torn down and removed. (See 
% Aug. 22. [3IO 

^^Pt, 19. Pres. Fisk was authorized by the Prudential committee to fit up a 
'eading.foom. (Sec 1831, fall, [L].) — 20. Act of incorporation of May 21 
*^opted by the trustees. (See 1832, Oct. 10 ) 

^^Pt. 20. The Prudential committee authorized by the trustees to procure 
^soorjas possible a complete philosophical and astronomical apparatus (>ee 
'°3'» fall, [M]) ; and "to commence and regularly increase a library." (See 
^* -Aug. 26.) A committee authorized to " lay out and improve the land, 
^^ ^et out trees." (See 1831, fall, [Pj ; 1830, Aug. 24.) The board of instruc- 
^^^ ^lled. (For these and other additions to this board see pp. xxiii — xxv ) 



. J^l^t. 21. The Wesleyan University was opened. Public exercises, con- 

, ^I? of orations and addresses by several students entering at the time, and 

fj^*^ inaagural address by the president, were held. 

^ll. [A] Over ten per cent, of the forty-eight students in attendance during 

^rst term had been attending other colleges, but were drawn to Wesleyan 

^ ^Hc general desire to attend a college of their own denomination. Of the 

P^Q.xjatc alumni, No. i came from Columbia, and Nos. 3, 4, 5, and 6, from 

"^^ilton College. The first name recorded was Osman C. Baker, non-gradu- 

*^^» '34; the first recitation made was by E. B Nye, No. 24, '35 — [B] Of these 

w^^^eight students, forty roomed in the Dormitory, seven resided in town at 

^°^, and one boarded in a private family. (As to students* rooms in the 



Lyceum, sec 1832, Aug. 15; in other buildings, see 1837, Aug. 23, 
— [C| The Prudential committee voted "to furnish stoves for studeni 
the University building at a suitable compensation." (See 1874, sumi 
— [D] "More than half of the students" (a "large number," 1832-3; "a 
ber," 1833-4) boarded themselves at about half the price of board at the b 
ing houses ($1.50 per week in private families) "chiefly on a milk and vege 
diet," and found it "very conducive to health and comfort." (See 1833, ^^ 
6.) — [E] Students arranged under departments, in sections instead of by cla 
and allowed to pursue studies in any particular department without referen 
their standing in other departments, or to the length of time they should s 
at the University. (On classes, see 1836, Aug. 24.) — [F] The departments 
as follows: (i) moral science and belles-lettres; (2) mathematics, inch 
natural philosophy and astronomy (see 1840, Aug. 5); (3) natural science, 
sisting of chimistry (so spelt in catalogue until 1839), geology and minen 
with lectures ; (4) ancient languages and literature, Latin and Greek only 
1839, Aug. 7) ; (5) modern languages, German, French, Italian, and Sp; 
(see 1844, S *pt. 5.) — [G] Government of the college under 21 trustees an 
visitors from 3 Conferences. (See 1870, June 2.) Faculty consisted ol 
president, 3 professors, and i tutor. For several years it was customan 
the faculty to make tours of observation, and mark demerits for absences 
rooms during study hours. — [H] Prayers held daily at 6 a. M. and 5 P. J 
the upper story of the Lyceum. (See 1835, June 30 ; for change in time 
1846, March 3; from 1831 to 1846, the time varied slightly at different sez 
of the year, 5i A. M. often being the time in spring and summer ; for ch 
in number of services, see 1858, Sept. 2, etc.) It was customary foi 
president to officiate at evening services; members of the faculty ir 
morning. — |I| Recitations in one study by each class heard after cl 
before breakfast. The first recitations of Monday at 6 o*clock, a. m., 
suited for study on Sunday; "evidences of Christianity and kindred sti 
are designed to fill up the vacant hours of the Sabbath." Catalogue^ 
(See 1855, Aug. 30.) — [J I Weekly exercises in composition and declam 
through the whole four years' course. (For chapel orations, see 1833, 
— [K] The library, which was very small, considerably less than 900 voli 
was kept at first on the first floor of the Lyceum. (See 1835, J**"^ 3°-) ^'*^* 
sometime during this year by gifts from Mr. Handy of Poughkeepsie, I 
(See 1832, March 15.) — [L] The reading-room at first was in the Lye 
first floor, northeast corner ; afterwards removed to the Dormitory, 
floor, southwest corner. — [M| Laboratory in basement of the Lyceum. 
1836, April 12.) "A very respectable chimical apparatus is already prov 
. . and preparation is also making to procure from Europe the coming s] 
or summer, an extensive mathematical and philosophical apparatus." 
1834, Aug. 26; 1836, May 2.) — [N] Most of the necessary text books 
for sale under charge of the president. (See 1837, Aug. 23.) — [O] The cai 
at this time was an open, level field, where no trees had obstructed the mil 
manoeuvres of ihe cadets. That portion lying south of the Lyceum, 
occupied by Memorial Chapel and Rich Hall, was chosen by the stui 
for their foot-ball ground. It became the custom for the first section (F 
man class) to furnish the footballs for the college. This custom was ke] 
till after 1865.— [I'l Col. North gave some trees and sent his hired ma 
help set them out. (See 1832, March 15; 1831, Sept. 20.) — [Q] First catal 
printed; W. D. Starr, printer, Middletown ; 12pp., i2mo. 

\i3^-^3.] ANNALS. IXXXV 

Nov. 1, <p}j^ Philorhetorean society organized from a pre-existing debating/] 

dub; also called at first, the Philorhetorean lyceum, and for short, " Philo" ;} I 

the name came to be spelled Philorhetorian ; a literary society which was \l 

composed of members from all sections or classes (see 1832, Feb. 14) ; meet-)' 

logs held at first in different members' rooms. (See 1832, March 17; for first | 

«nnoal exercises, see 1835, Aug. 25 ; for decease, see 1866, after July 19.): 

^ Missionary society of Wesleyan University formed. (See 1^32, April f 

2j* The Non Nomenenda society was founded ; a literary society with mem- 

''^hipopen to all. (See 1832, Feb. 28.) — 26. The Adelphian society, an open, 

''terary society, purchased a treasurer's book ; date of founding unknown. (See 

'^33. July 10.) These literary societies met weekly on Tuesday evening. 

There was also formed about this time a Reading Room society. (See 1862, 
^Pt29; 1831, Sept. 19.) 

^cc. 21. First term closed ; winter vacation of 7 weeks ; the same the fol- 
lowing year. (See 1833. Aug. 28, [D].) 

i8j2, Feb. 14. Philo voted that all persons not members should be excluded 
hereafter from meetings unless invited. Also voted soon afterwards that pro- 
^^^^^ings should be kept secret. But Philo and Peitho w erejiever^strictlv 
^^^^et societies. (Sec March 17; 1831, Nov. i.) — 28. The Non Nomenenda 
^^^'<=iety ceased to exist and transferred it^ funds to the Adelphian society. (See 
'^33 July 10 ; 1831, Nov. 23.) 

^larch 15. Prudential committee meeting: Pres. Fisk to negotiate with Mr. 
^^s»pman concerning his library. (See 1832, Oct. 11 ; 1831, fall, [K].) Rev. 
^ ' Heed to superintend the planting of trees this spring. (See 1841, April i ; 
*^3*. fall, [P].) — 17. Philo voted to accept and fur^i^^^ a rnfiTT* ^^ff^r^A }^y 
^r^s. Fisk. (See 1833, April 16.) 

April 4. Prudential committee appointed three financial agents : Pres. Fisk, 
I>r. Clark, and Rev. F. Reed ; strenuous efforts to be made to raise funds. — 
^ ^' Last account in the treasurer's book of the Missionary society ; the society 
was soon afterward abandoned. (See 1831, Nov. 21 ; 1834, Oct. 22.) 

Jb1y4. The day celebrated by the students. Celebration of the day not 

'cgolarly kept up at first. (See 1838, July 4.) — 11. First annual examination 

ended, (See 1873, Sept. 11.) End of second (last) term of the first year. 

wllowed by a summer vacation of five weeks ; the same the following year, 

iSce 1833, Aug. 28, [D].) 


Aug. 15. The third Wednesday, being the first day of the fall term, was the 
^y for Commencement, but as no students were ready to graduate, there were 
•^ Public exercises. — Two students, only the bell-ringer and chum, roomed in 
^ Lyceum. The room was called "No. 7, Lyceum", after 1843. (See 1869, 
'^ninaeir.)— Two courses of study announced ; the Bachelor of Arts course, 
^^hc English and Scientific, called Literary and Scientific, after 1836. (See 
**5S,Sept2; 1873, Sept. 11.) 
^' 10. Joint Board accepted act of incorporation (see 1831, May 21 and 
•*• 20), and resolved, " that none but male while persons shall be admitted as 
"■<lentsof this institution". (See 1835, Aug. 25.)— 11. Joint Board: the 
^'^Wishment of a medical department proposed and referred to the Prudential 
^^niittee (see 1833. Aug. 27) ; Thomas Chapman, Esq., of Camden, N. J., 
J^'^'^g transferred 2/xx) volumes, chiefiy theological, to the University on very 
"'orable terms — 1,655 being placed at a low price, and one-half of this sum 
pvca by Mr. Chapman himself, the remaming books being given outright — 


was thanked, and (on the 15th) was appointed agent 10 solicit donatio: 
books. (Sec 1835, Aug. 25; 1832, March 15.) — 23. Prudential commi 
authorized Prcp. Fisk to have partitions constructed across the lower ha 
the Dormitory for the purpose of protection against the cold (see 
June 30) ; resolved that the construction of an observatory on the Ly 
building be deferred for the present (see 1836, May 2). — The annual catah 
1832-3, says: '* parents and guardians are earnestly advised that young m 
college have very little need of spending money ; and, in general, it wou 
much the safest for the student, cheapest for the parent or guardian, and 
gether best for the University, to commit the funds of the students t( 
president or one of the professors, who will attend to their wants and disci 
their bills, for which a small commission will be charged." (Last clause, 
cerning commission, dropped in 1858; the remainder in 1873.) 

Dec. 19. At end of this fall term, there was a term examination befor 
faculty. (See 1833, Aug. 27; 1832, July 11 ) — 27. First death in the co 
community; Prof. John Mott Smith (see p. xxix), who was buried in th( 
burying ground of Middletown, and afterwards removed to the college c 
tery. (Sec 1837, April 12 and Oct. 16 ) 

1833, Jan. 10. Prudential committee : Joseph Barratt, M.D., of Middlct 
to be asked to remove his minerals from the Laboratory or set a pric 
them. (Sec 1837, Jan. 25.) — 23. Pres. Fisk authorized by the Prudential 
mittee to procure plates for diplomas. 

March 6. Prudential committee voted that if students wished to boa 
commons, any of the several dwelling houses belonging to the Univc 
should be altered for that purpose. (See April 11 and 13; 1S31, Ma 
and 14.) — 18. Same committee: the Aldermen and Common Council t 
petitioned to change the name of either High or Parsonage (now Col 
street to University street (see 1857, Sept. 27) ; a committee to petitior 
General Assembly at next session for moneys claimed by the state froir 
general government. (Petition was signed May i.) 

April II. An agent appointed by the Prudential committee to bid not 
$2,000 on the old commons building. (See April 13; 1825, Aug. 22, [A], 
committee also appointed to fit up the building, if purchased, for the stud 
Boarding association. (See April 25.) — 13. The Boarding Hall bought at 
tion; this was called College Hall. (See 1834, Apr. i ; 1847, Aug. 30 — »6w 1 
took steps toward occupying a room in College Hall for a debating room. 
1832, March 17 ; 1839, fall.) — 25. Accounts of the students Boarding associ: 
begun, (^ee 1835, Oct. 5.) 

July 3. Arrangements made for recasting the University bell. (Sec 
fall.) — 10. The Adelphian- society became the Peithologian. (Sec 1835, 
25; 1831, Nov. 26, and 1832, Feb. 28.) Peitho had room near Philo*8 in 
lege Hall. (Sec April 16.) 

Aug. 27. Joint Board : a medical department again proposed (see 1832, 
11), and also one of law (see 184 1, Aug. 4) ; a seal, having in the center a 
ness of the head of John Wesley, and on the margin, " Univcrsitas Wesle 
A.D. 1831 ", was presented by Pres. Fisk, and accepted as the seal of the 
versity ; one examination (annual) only to be held, at the end of the colle 
year, and candidates for degrees to be examined in the whole collegiate a 
(see 1845, Aug. 5; 1832, Dec. 19) ; "resolved that the necessary arrangen 
for connecting mechanical and agricultural labor with the course of instru 
be made, each student to labor at least two hours every day» the system 1 


-1834.1 ANNALS. IxXXVii 

introduced j^^ q^^.^ g^ ^j^j^^ parents may have assurance that the physical as 
well as the intellectual and moral education will be attended to". (See 1836, 
Aug. 24; end.) 

1 833-4. 

^°S- 28. First Commencement, the first day of the fall term and the fourth 
Wednesday of August. (For change to first Wednesday of August, see 1838, 
Aog. I ; for change !o the end of the collegiate year, see 1843, Aug. 2 ; for 
pennanent change to Thursday, see i860, June 21; for change to the present 
custom, see 1873, June 26 ) [A] It became customary after this, and the plan 
WW probably first adopted at this time, to form a procession on the campus 
^^ then proceed, the sheriff of the county and generally a band of music leading 
ti»€ w^ay, to the Mpthodist Episcopal Church. (See 1842, July 30; 1876, June 
^) [B| The exercises, which were "honorably spoken of by the public", 
consisted of a Latin salutatory, eulogy, philosophical oration, Greek oration, 
English oration, and a valedictory ; six undergraduates also spoke, and the 
"professor-elect, Daniel D. Whedon," delivered an inaugural address. Until 
'^43t Commencement pieces were assigned by the faculty without distinction 
" to scholarship, and consisted of a valedictory, salutatory, philosophical, and 
generally a classical oration, dissertation and eulogy ; sometimes a poem, 
Greek or German oration, once a dialogue, etc. (For change to the *' honor 
system ", see 1843, Aug. 2; for other changes, see 1874, June 25, etc.) The 
programme was in English. (See 1846, Aug. 5.) For names of the first gradu- 
ates, six in number, see pp. 3 and 4. The cap and gown has been worn by the 
president from the first [C] After these exercises, a dinner — the first com- 
mencement dinner — was given at College Hall. (See 1840, Aug. 5.) The 
cwtoin of jjjg president's levee in the evening has been in practice from the 
first. JD] Thjg ygjr to consist of three terms, with winter and spring vacations 
of two weeks each, and a summer vacation of six weeks. (See 1837, Aug. 23.) 

»^*n. Chapel orations first mentioned in the catalogue of this term. "The 
""^t Section (senior class, after 18^6,) will deliver original essays before the 
ficulty and students." (See 1874, Sept. 10; 1831, fall. [J])— Two resident 
graduates. There was also one in 1834-5, there were two in 1835-6, and two 
•n 1S42-J. (See 1872, Sept. 12) — Board in the Boarding association "much 
*^ *' than $1.50 per week. Steward's name published in the annual catalogue 
(till 1844). 

^^- 8. Peitho library founded. Philo also took measures on the same evening 
to secure a book-case and a mineral case.-^Thc Tub Philosophers, a secret, four 
^^^^* society, was founded about this time. (See 1845, after Sept.) 

** ov. 19. Arrangements to be made for selling the ashes of the two societies 
tor tHe mutual profit of each. — 29. The compromise of the town of Middle • 
wwn as to its grant of $io,cod, giving instead the interest in its quarry for forty 
y^''s or until the sum of $10,000 should be reached, accepted by the Prudential 
«>"^mittec. (See 1829, Oct. 16.) 

*^34» Feb. 4 Editors of TAi^ Philorhetorian Afa^azim elected. Three hundred 

copies of the prospectus had been ordered printed, ami great exertions were 

"^^r^ards made to secure subscriptions 

^Pril I. The University c 'mmons began; price of board. Si. 25 j)cr week. 

\^c 1846, Aug. 5.) — 15. The publication of The Mat^azine postponed indefi- 

wely.^jg First Junior exhibition. The parts were generally about the same 

^ ^hosc of Commencement, with the exception of the valedictory, a Latin ora- 

^^ in the place of the salutatory^ and the addition of Spanish and French 

oQtioQs^origio^ ctran^atic sketches, etc.; the latter were a part of the progranime 


for the last time in 1858. (See 1873, March 19.) — 22. A superintendent had t 
engaged for the mechanical department. 

Aug. 25. The carpet for use on the stage in the Methodist church was ] 
chased about this time ; the students paid for its use at each public exhibit 
— 26. Pres. Fisk was appointed by the Joint Board as agent to visit Eur 
for the purpose of procuring additions to the apparatus, library, and cabim 
$7,000 appropriated for this purpose by the trustees. (See 1835, Sept 3; il 
Sept. 20.) 


Aug. 27. Commencement ; fall term began. — Office of librarian establish 

Oct. 22. The Missionary lyceum founded, " a society having for its princ 
object the benefit of the missionary cause." (See 1835, Sept. 21 ; 1848, Ji 
187 1. June.) 

Nov. 24. First Senior exhibition ; end of fall term. (See 1842, Dec 
These exhibitions generally consisted of nearly the same parts as Commei 
ment exercises; also of a dissertation, a colloquy or dramatic sketch with 
or more actors, sometimes a German or French piece, once a poem, etc. 

1835, March 5. Care of the cabinet intrusted to the Missionary lyceun 
24. A committee appointed by the Prudential committee to negotiate about 
brick building, formerly used as a gun-house. (See June 30; 1825, Aug. 22, [ 

April 30. First minutes of a faculty meeting recorded. 

June 30. Prudential committee : the present laboratory in the basemen' 
the Lyceum to be fitted for a chapel (see 1871, July 18 ; 1831, fall, [H]); 
present chapel, the upper story of the Lyceum, to be fitted for the libi 
and cabinets (see 1868, spring; 1831, fall, [K]); the brick building to be fit 
up for a laboratory (but was not done at once ; see 1836, April 12); the Doi 
tory to be divided into three sections by two suitable partitions (see 1832, ( 
23). The seats in this new chapel faced west. (See 1849, Aug.) 

Aug. 25. Trustee meeting: President Fisk requested to observe during 
tour in Europe, and perfect some plan for beautifying the campus (see Sept. 
the vote of 1832, Oct. 10, refusing admission to men of color, rescinded ; the us 
plan of salaries substituted for the former plan of contingent salaries (see i\ 
May 13, [I]) ; James Blackstock, Esq., of New York, N. Y., thanked for d( 
tion of the library of his late brother-in-law, Rev. John Summerfield, amount 
to 375 choice works (see 1832, Oct. 11) ; Dr. William Prescott, of Lynn, M; 
thanked for his gift of a valuable cabinet of i«ooo minerals and 4,000 shi 
first. public addresses, delivered before Philo and Peitho, a custom afterw: 
observed annually. (See 1866, after July 19.) 


Aug. 26. Commencement. — About this time the '* Governor's chair " of C 
necticut, made of carved oak, brought from England in 1629, and used in 
inauguration of the younger Winthrop, came into the possession of the coll< 
this was used as the president's chair in Peitho hall ; is now dei>osited in I 

Sept. 3. Pres. Fisk left Middletown for Europe, sailing the 8ih from 1 
York on the Roscoe for Liverpool ; was eighteen days making the 1 
(See 1836, Nov. 23.) Prof. A. W. Smith, acting president.— 21. First add 
before the Missionary lyceum. (See 1834, Oct. 22 ) The annual sermon 
usually delivered on Sunday evening of Commencement week. (See i87i,J« 
1878, June 23.) 

Oct. 5. The Boarding association dissolved. (See 1833, April 25.) 

-1836.] ANNALS. Ixxxix 

1836, Jan. 29. Prudential committee : plans adopted and estimate ordered 
for a new college building, some part of which should be used for a chapel and 
to be situated in range with the Lyceum as far south of it as the Dormitory is 
north ; a painting to be made by T. B. Thorpe, '37, and sent to the president to 
be lithographed in Europe for his use. (See March 23.) 

March 23. The erection of the new building made to depend on securing a 
loan of $io,ocx> by mortgage from the School Commissioners of Connecticut. 

April 12. The brick building to be repaired for a laboratory. This was 
done soon afterward, for see enumeration of buildings, Sept. i. (See 187 1, 
Sept. 14; 1831, fall, [M|.) — 18. The Cuvierian or Natural History society 
formed ; composed of Juniors and Seniors; meetings monthly. In 1837, April, 
the use of the room over the laboratory was granted, provided that, if the society 
should cease to exist, their entire collection should then fall to the University. 
(See 1871, fall.) The society died later than 1841, when it had fifty members, 
and before i860. 

May 2. The bill for the telescope and freight, 6,000 -f 960 francs, receipted 
in Paris by M. Lerebours, maker. This was a refractor of six inches aperture, 
and was used at first on a movable stand ; equatorial mounting made in 1S54 
or '5. (See 1869, Jan) — Collection of 100 Vesuvius minerals sent by Pres. Fisk. 

June. Both Philo and Peitho had cabinets of minerals at this time. 

Aug. 22. The faculty resolved that in view of the present state of the public 
mind on the subject of honorary degrees, they had no candidate for any degree 
to present to the Joint Board, and sug;;ested the propriety of abstaining for one 
or more years from conferring any such degree, especially doctorates. — 23. 
First meeting of the Alumni association ; also met on 24th. 

During this year the philosophical and astronomical apparatus was enlarged 
by the addition of nearly 100 instruments, procured mostly in London and Paris 
at an expense of about $4,000. Besides the telescope already mentioned (May 
2), the following were described in the annOal catalogue: "a splendid plate 
Electrical Machine, with two plates of thirty-six inches in diameter, a magnifi- 
cent Altitude and Azimuth Instrument, so constructed as to be used also for 
meridian transits, an Astronomical clock, and various others of the latest con- 
struction and of the first quality. The entire apparatus is believed to be as 
complete and useful for the purposes of instruction as any in the country." 
'•To the College Library, there has been an accession .... of more than 
one thousand volumes of the first scientific and classical works, selected in 
Europe by the president with great care." 


Aug. 24. Commencement. In addition to the usual exercises by the gradu- 
ating class, two "masters* orations," for the degree of A.M., were delivered. 
Masters' orations formed a part of the programme as late as 1853. — Students 
arranged for the first time in classes instead of sections (see 1831, fall, [E|), but 
the clause "without any reference to their standing in other departments " was 
retained in the catalogue till 1843. — Preaching service by the College pastor to 
be held in the chapel every Sunday, 10 a. M.,aII students required to be present 
unless excused upon written request from parents or guardians ; regular attend- 
ance in the afternoon to be at such church as each one should choose. (See 
Sept. 8.) — A few students enabled to meet a part of their college expenses by 
laboring in the mechanic's shop, which had now been fitted up. (See 1837, 
March 17 ; 1833. Aug. 27.) 

Sept. I. In a circular prepared for use among the members and friends of 


the Methodist Episcopal Church in the northern and eastern ConferenceSf 
buildings are said to consist of "a College Edifice, Lyceum (in which ar 
temporary chapel, library, and recitation rooms), Boarding Hall, Laborat 
and Carpenter's Shop." — 8. The first quarterly conference of the churct 
the " Wesleyan University station" held. (See 1845, April 22.) 

Oct. First triennial published on page vii of the annual catalogue, givii 
list of the fir<it four classes. 

Nov. 23. Pres. Fisk reached New York on his return from Europe, 
reached Middletown on the 29th just in time to preside at the Senior exl 

1837, Jan. 25. Prudential committee voted to pay Dr. Barratt for his cab 
of minerals (about 1,000 specimens) which had been kept in the college cabi 
$436; carried into effect. 

March 17. Between this date and the end of the year a turning lathe ' 
chisels, etc., was purchased for the Mechanic's shop. (See 1839, July 
1836, Aug. 24.) 

April 12. The Prudential committee decided to confer with the Senior c 
concerning a cemetery on the grounds of the University. The spot chosen 
the knoll west of the college buildings. (See Aug. 30; 1849, June.) 

Aug. 22. Joint Board: the erection of a new college building for the ace 
modation of students considered an indispensable necessity, and the trus 
asked to proceed in the work as soon as $10,000 could be raised or secu 
(See 1839, fall.) 

During this year, additional apparatus amounting in value to about $2 
arrived from Europe ; also, 750 English plants in 5 folio vols, and 500 fossils 
gift of Rev. Henry Fish, A.M., and a collection of minerals from Cornwall m 
and Giant's Causeway. "Russell's magnificent orrery, a new and unriv 
instrument and the only one of the kind in the world," of American make, 
purchased during this year ; occupied southeast room, second floor of Ch 
Building; used last about i86o(?) ; not mentioned in catalogue after i'< 
taken to pieces and removed to carpenter's shop, 1876. 


Aug. 23. Commencement. By vote of the Joint Board on the prcce 
day, there were to be hereafter two terms in the collegiate year, with a wi 
vacation of eight weeks and a summer vacation of four weeks. (See 1 
Aug. 28, |D] ; 1842, Aug. 3 ) — Seven students roomed in College Hall. 
1841, Aug. 4 ) — A volunteer class of students having the ministry in \ 
called the *' Wesley Institute", was formed. (See 1841, Oct) — The bookj 
was discontinued about this time. (See 183 1, fall, [N].) — The Mystical Sev 
secret, literary, four years' society, formed about this time. (See Oct. 16; 1 
May.) — 30. Prudential committee voted that the faculty be a committe 
arrange lots in the college cemetery. (See Oct. 16 and April 12 ) 

Fall. Between this time and 1838, June 28, alcoves and shelves were 
on the south side of the library (upper story of the Lyceum) for the cabin( 
minerals. — The Vh\ Nu T li£la-itf--EcIectic,soci ety, a secret, literary^ fou r y< 
unchaptcred society, founded. — First and only catalogue of the library pri 

Oct. 16. A few days before this the remains of Prof John Moit Smith 
removed to the college cemetery. (vScc itS32, Dec. 27.) On same day the 
stitution of the Mystics was empowered by Pres. Fisk's signature. 

Nov. The President's house, though not entirely finished till 1838, Jan. 
occupied about the last of this month ; cost of erection nearly $7,000 ; froi 



°' ^^^* 120 feet. During this winter an instrumental band was formed. (See 
^^3^. 2SJov. 7.) 

July 4. Faculty and students united bv invitation in the procession of the 

citizens, in celebrating the day. (See 1845 and 1832.) — 24. An ice-house to 

"^ ^uilr.— 31. Trustees voted that, in the erection of new college buildings, 

*"C public building, containing the chapel and recitation rooms, should l)e 

placed directly south of the Lyceum, and that if the building for student's 

rooms be erected first, sufficient space should be left for a chapel south of the 

lycc tin. 


Aug;. I. Commencement; first Wednesday in August. (See 1859, June 22; 
^^3y'* -Aug. 28.) — Natural History added to the course of study. — 27. Pruden- 
tial committee: a resolution offered to change Commencement from the begin- 
ning ^o> the end of the collegiate year, but laid on the table. (See 1843, Aug. 2.) 

Th«r Chique Chauque eating club formed; known at first as the North club ; 
after x S62, this became the eating club of the Psi Upsilon society ; now spelt 

^'oAr. 7. The music at the Senior exhibition was furnished by the Calliopean 
assDC^iation and the University band. 

i^ 30» Feb. 20. Prudential committee : a bill for setting a stone for the transit 
instriAincnt ordered paid. Probably the octagonal observatory was built about 
this tine. This was a small wooden structure, nine feet in diameter, painted 
white ; it was placed at first in the rear of Prof. Smith's house, where Prof, 
^^ce now lives, and moved in 1854 or 1855 to the spot now occupied by the 
wuth^cst corner of Rich Hall. (See 1866, Sept. 11.)— 21. Faculty voted that 
no recitations be held after the one before breakfast on the morrow, on account 
ot its being the anniversary of Washington's birthday. This is the first refer- 
ence of the kind in the Faculty Records,— z^, Friday. Pres. Fisk died at his 
residence about 9 45 a. m. ; funeral on the 26th ; the remains were interred in 
"^ college cemetery ; exercises of the University suspended till the 27th. — 
'«^- A. W. Smith appointed acting president. 

June 4, Faculty: first mention found of contest between the Junior and 
^^oroore classes in elocution ; four of each class to declaim before the 
^^niining committee at the end of the term ; first and second best in each 
^**s to be decided upon. The programme has been printed since 1847. (See 
'°58, July 30.) — 18 Great interest in temperance work: the faculty ** advise 
*"a exhort " the students to join the College Temperance association. 
J^'y 16. The mechanic's shop to be put under charge of the steward. This 
** ^boutthe end of the manual labor system. (See 1836, Aug. 24.) 
^'^8-6. Rev. Stephen Olin, D.D., elected prtsident; Dr. Olin at this time 
'fi Europe in poor health. A monument to be erected by the alumni and 
""^icntsto the memory of Dr. Fisk. 


**g- 7. Commencement. — Hebrew introduced ; taught at an extra charge. 

*** catalogues at this time and until 1845, *^ least, were published by the 
^ents ; the number to be printed and other matters were decided upon at 

^8* meetings, and the surplus from the sales was appropriated, along with 
, Revenue of a small tax, for the support of the Reading room. — The second 

^nial published in the annual catalogue, pp. 7-1 1, being a list of all degrees 
<^erred up to this time. 

^ 25. Celebration of the centenary of Wesleyan Methodism. 


During this fall, the new Boarding Hall (now Observatory Hall, see iS6 
fall) was erected; 100x40, three stories, brick; dining room in middle < 
second floor, south rooms on all floors for steward's family, a room for the sic 
on the third floor, kitchen and pantries on first floor ; after 1842, Feb. i, a 
soon as the rooms were finished Peitho rented the north room on the thin 
floor, and Philo rented the other large room on the same floor, the rooan 
between being used for the societies* libraries ; there was a wooden staircase 
on the outside of the building where the tower now stands ; entire cost, about 
$8,000. Soon afterward the bam was built (see 1882, April), and the well wai 
dug and stoned. 

1840, March 1 1. The Kappa Delta Phi society organized. (See 1841, Oct i^ 
April 8. Prudential committee { voted that the steward (Horace Bartle^ 

1838-44,) be permitted "to occupy his leisure hours in experiments in makic 
telescopes, with a view of ultimately furnishing a large one for the University 

June 24. A college periodical, TAe Classic^ was established at a coll^: 
meeting:, "the business being done up decently and in order". (Records.) 

July I. The first number of The Classic or College Monthly^ publish 
by Messrs. Barnes and Saxe, Wm. Trench, printer. Each number contain 
48 pp., 8vo. This was edited by a committee of the students ; 1841-2, P^ 
Wm. M. Willctt was chosen editor-in-chief. (See 1842, Sept. i.) 

Aug. 4. The Joint Board voted that the Fisk professorship, recently foum^ 
by the Centenary Fund of the New York Conference, should be applied to ^ 
department until the conference should specify to which one they wished 
assigned. (See 1842, Aug. 2; 1853, Sept. i.) 

The University band allowed by vote of a college meeting to take the ins* 
ments home during the summer vacation. 


Aug. 5. Commencement; the class voted to hold a re-union at the end 
three years, apparently not an usual custom. Dinner held in the new Boardr 
Hall. (See 1853, Sept. i ; 1833, Aug. 28, [C.]) — Department of mathemati 
divided into (i) mathematics and civil engineering, and (2) natural philosop 
and astronomy; department of normal instruction added. (See 1 841, Dec. 
Physiology added to the course of study. 

Board at the commons, without tea, coffee or animal food, $1.25 ; otherwis 

Nov. 24. Steps taken for the regular increase and improvement of tl 
college library by appropriating the library fees, and soon after this an appc 
tionment of this sum was made among the different departments. 

Late in the fall, Pres. Olin returned from Europe, but his feeble health d 
not permit him to assume the duties of the presidency, or even to visit Middl 

1841, Jan. 6. The legacy of Dr. Fisk's library, chiefly classics, to the colle| 
library was formally accepted with an appropriate vote of thanks by tl 
Prudential committee. — 20. Pres. Olin resigned ; Rev. Nathan/ Bangs, D.I 
elected president. 

March 30. The subject of electives discussed by the faculty ; this discussi< 
was continued for over a year, but no electives were introduced. fSee 184 
Aug. 31.) 

April I. Suggestion made in The Classic that the " naked, uninterestii 
lawn " be improved by planting trees and shrubs, cultivating the grass, intr 

•1842.] ANNALS. XCiii 

acing walks, fountains, statuary, etc — 12. College meeting: the campus in 
•ont of the college building to be ornamented. — 20. The faculty voted " that 
tic students be excused from recitations to-morrow (a< they have been to-day) 
r the next fair day to finish planting trees on the campus." (See July i ; 
S32, March 15.) This became a custom, and the day was known as "tree 
ay ". The privilege came to belong to the Sophomores only. (See 1853, 
Ipril 22.) 

June 21. The pews of the faculty in chapel to be taken up and made 
arrower, and one or two added on each side for the accommodation of their 
imilies. (See Aug. 10.) 

July I. In commenting on the laudable effort lately made by the students to 
dorn the campus by planting trees and shrubs, The Classic calls attention to 
'rof. Smith's suggestion that a shaded avenue be extended from the college 
niildings to the college cemetery. A row of trees was set out about this time 
:xtending from the brick Laboratory westward towards the cemetery. 


Aug. 4. Commencement ; inaugural address by Pres. Bangs. Departments 
»f ecclesiastical hist^^ry, of biblical literature, and of law added. Lectures given 
n eleven branches. (Same in 1842-3.) — Two law students. — Extra rooms had 
>een fitted up in College Hall for students; seventeen students in eleven 
ooms. — la Faculty chose pews in chapel. 

Oct The suggestion was made that the Wesley Institute association be 
nerged in the biblical de'partment. (See 1837, after Aug. 23.) — 13. Kappa 
Delta Phi changed name to Kappa Sigma Theta. (See 1843, Nov. 20; 1840, 
March 11.) 

Dec I. Instruction was begun in the normal department. The male depart- 
nent of the city High School was used as a practice school. 

1842, Feb. I. The new society rooms of Philo and Peitho in the new Board- 
ng Hall nearly completed. (See 1839, fall.) 

March 29. The faculty voted that hereafter at exhibitions and commence- 
naents no unusual costume or theatrical equipment should be admitted upon the 

May 18. The Physiological society formed. This society was afterwards 
illowed to place its library in the hall of the college library. 

July 30. The sheriff of the county being unable to be present as marshal on 
Commencement day, the Acuity made provision for the exigency by special 
invitation. (See 1833, Aug. 28, [A] ; 1876, June 29.) This grew to be the rule 
rather than the exception. 

Aug. 2. Joint Board: Pres. Bangs resigned; Rev. Stephen Olin, D.D., 
reelected ; the Fisk professorship fund to be completed by subscriptions (see 
1840, Aug. 4); voted that "the three recitation rooms'' in the Lyceum be 


Aug. 3. Commencement; not more than twenty of the thirty seven members 
of the class allowed to speak, and each limited to eight minutes ; " one session 
only." (See 1849, Aug. i ; 1853. Aug. 3.) — The terms hereafter to be three in 
number with vacations as follows: winter 8 weeks, spring 2, and summer 4. 
This year, however, the winter vacation was 10 weeks, and the spring 3. (See 
1858, Sept. 2.) — Modern langqages dropped as a department and taught at an 
extra charge. (See 1858^ Sept. 2.) — 11. The instruments of the band to be 



collected and placed under the care of the faculty for the use of the college 
hereafter. (See 1845, Oct. 4.) 

Sept. I. Last number of The Classic published; at a college meeting, Aug. 
14, it was voted on account of lack of financial support to ''let it die."— Third 
triennial published in the annual catalogue, pp. vii-xiii. 

Dec. 7. Last Senior exhibition; a petition to the faculty to omit this one on 
account of the smallness of the class and large expense was made, bat not 
granted ; but it was recommended that no band of music be engaged, and it was 
voted that after the present term the supper be prohibited. 

1843, < 2. First Commencement at end of the year ; also the first one 
where parts were assigned according to rank in general scholarship; the 
" honors " were a valedictory, salutatory, philosophical, metaphysical, ancient 
classical, and modem classical oration, and occasionally portraiture of character. 
The remaining parts were called orations, or from 1859, first-class orations and 
orations. But occasionally there were special parts, such as a poem, Greek 
oration, ethical oration, etc. (See 1874, June 25 ; 1833, Aug. 28, [6].) 


Aug. 31. Fall term began. Departments of ecclesiastical history, biblical 
literature and Hebrew dropped ; the latter taught, but at extra charge. Nat- 
ural philosophy and astronomy combined with the mathematical department 
Lectures on 1>ctany introduced; kept up three years. — About this time the 
Social Union, a secret, literary society, was formed. 
Oct. 4. Use of instruments granted to the new band. (See 1881, fall.) 
Nov. 20. The Kappa Sigma Theta became the Xi chapter of the Psi 
Upsilon society, a secret, literary, four years' society. (See 184 1, Oct. 13.) 

1844, May I. First Junior exhibition where parts were assigned by rank in 

Aug. 7. Commencement. 


Sept. 5. Fall term commenced. Department of normal instruction dropped. 
(See 1841, Dec. i.) Modern languages also dropped. (See 1848, Aug. 31.) 

The Chi Psi society, Alpha chapter, a secret, literary, four years' society, 
founded. (See 1863, ^^^') 

1845, Feb. 27. First mention in faculty records of the observance of the 
day of prayer (" concert of prayer ") for colleges. 

April 22. Last quarterly conference of the University church. (See 1836, 
Sept. 8.) 

July 4. Celebration of the day by an oration and by reading of the Declara- 
tion of Independence. — 7. The Phi Beta Kappa society, Gamma chapter of 
Connecticut, founded. 

Aug. 5. Examinations hereafter to be held at end of each term. (See 1873, 
under Sept. 11 ; 1833, Aug. 27.) — 6. Commencement. 


Sept. 4. Fall term commenced. 

Fourth triennial pul^lished in the annual catalogue, pp. ix-xviii. — The Tub 
Philosophers, who had changed before this into the Thenicans or Thencannics, 
broke up about this time. (See 1833, Oct. 8.) 

Nov. II. Written examinations introduced (?); faculty voted "that any of 
the officers who may deem it expedient and feasible be permitted to make use 
of written examinations in their classes." 


March 3. Morning prayers changed from 6 o'clock to 7.45, but the bell 
ng at 6. (See 1858, Sept. 2 ; 1831, fall, [H].) — At this time any Senior 
iled to be prepared at the proper time for his chapel performance was 
mitted to attend any of his recitations. 

1. President Olin sailed for England to attend the Evangelical Alliance 
r the benefit of his health. (See Nov. 2.) ProC A. W. Smith, acting 

4. All college exercises, excepting prayers, omitted; a dinner was 
n "Steward Hubbard's Hall," at which a toastmaster presided, the 
ition was read, the " Glee Club " sang, etc. — Mathematics first buried 
ir. This was not done for several years afterward ; the process changed 
ling. (See 1867, J*i^y«) 

5. Commencement ; programme first in Latin. — With the close of this 
ite year the commons ended. (See 1834, April i.) 


8. Fall term commenced. — Law was not taught this year, but the 
aent was nominally kep>up in the catalogue till 1852. 

2. President Olin arrived in New York after a thirty-six days* voyage, 
g among other gifts, books to the library from Rev. Jabez Burns, D.D. 

Aug. 4. Commencement ; dinner given in the rooms in the Boarding 
bere the commons had been held. (See 1853, Aug. 3.) 


2. Fall term commenced. 

Course of study for the first time arranged in the catalogue by years 
of under departments. (See 1868, fall.) Calendar also first published. — 
i of the library fund, about $250, was apportioned, one-half for general 
re, and one-half for mathematics, moral science, natural science, and 

July. Missionary Hall in Boarding Hall (now Nos. 14 and 16 in O. 
dicated for the use of the Missionary lyceum as a society room and 
ory for specimens from heathen lands. (See 187 1, fall.) — 24. Between 
.ug., and this date, the College Hall (old Boarding Hall) was sold for 
nder condition that the materials be removed from the grounds ; the 
vere used in building the houses Nos. 102, 104, 106, and 108 William 

I. The professorship which had been endowed by the New York Con- 
and called the Hedding professorship, was acknowledged by the Joint 
md applied to the department of moral science and belles-lettres ; after- 
o mental philosophy and political economy ; now history and political 
ly. — 2. Commencement. 


31. Fall term commenced. — Lectures given to Juniors in Greek litera- 
opped in 1850), and in Roman literature (dropped in 1853). Lectures 
homores in Greek and Roman literature. Modern languages again 
ced, but at an extra charge until 1850, when they became a part of the 
of study. (See 1844, Sept. 5.) First elective (Hebrew) mentioned in 
rse of study. (See 1849, Aug. 30; 184 1, March 30.) 
June. At this time it was customary to excuse the Juniors after mom- 
itations on some day in June or July to clear up the college cemetery, 
r being known as " cemetery day." This custom prevailed certainly as 
1854 and 1855. (See 1837, April 12.) 


" July 4 ". First Senior examination commenced four weeks before Cona- 
menccment ; followed by the first Senior vacation. 

Aug. I. Commencement ; twenty-eight speakers, a morning and an afternoon 
session. There were two sessions also in 1851 and 1852. According to the 
printed programmes these three were the only years in which two sessions were 
held. (But see 1842, Aug. 3.) — During this term the chapel seats were turned 
about so as to face east. (See 1835, June 30.) 


Aug. 30. Fall term commenced. — Additional electives allowed in this aod 
the succeeding years, but for important changes and additions, see 1869, Sept* 
9, and 1873, Sept. 11. 

1850, Aug. 7. Commencement ; degree of D.D. conferred on an alumn 
for the first time, it being conferred on two, Nos. 28 and 33. * 


Sept. 5. Fall term began. 

1851, Aug. 6. Commencement. — 16. Pres. Olin died. 


Sept. 4. Fall term began. 

Oct. 16. Rev. John McClintock, D.D., elected president; name was printer 
in the catalogue, but he declined the position. — The fifth triennial publishc ' 
with the annual catalogue, pp. 3-23, giving for the first time lists of truste 
and faculty, and a statistical table of eleven lines. 

1852, Aug. 3. Prof. A. W. Smith elected president. — 4. Commencement. 


Sept 2. Fall term began. — During this year and the next, Rev. Laban Clar k,^ ^ 
D.D., delivered his lectures on theology at 9 a. m., Sundays ; attendances^ 
voluntary. — A revised edition of the last year's triennial was published with th< 

1853, April 22. The Sophomores were granted leave after the morning' 
recitation ** to go and procure trees for the college grounds." (See 1862, spring ; 
1841, April 20.) 

Aug. 3. Commencement ; by vote of faculty, only one session allowed. (Sec 
1849, Aug. I.) Dinner at McDonough Hall for the first time. (Sec 1876, June 
29 ; 1847, Aug. 4.) Efforts to raise an endowment fund of $100,000, called the 
Centum Millia fund, were begun about this time; suggestion made by Isaac 
Rich, Esq. John Gove, Esq., gave $7,500 to this fund. (See 1854, Aug. i.) 


Sept. I. Fall term began. — Lectures in metaphysics introduced. — The Fisk 
professorship applied to the department of natural science (mathematics and 
astronomy only, since 1880). (See 1840, Aug. 4.) 

1854, May. Maps of the Latin department purchased. — The Libanians, a 
secret society, so secret that its existence was not known for some time, was 
organized about this time. (See 1856, spring.) 

During the summer term, the table, on which is the inscription, •* Universitas 
Wesleiana. Condita 1831. Inserted by the Sophomore class" ('56), was in- 
serted over the central doorway of the Lyceum. 

Aug. I. An agent appointed by the Joint Board for raising funds for the 
proposed endowment. (See 1853, Aug. 3; 1855, May and June.) — 2. Com- 

57-11 ANNALS. xcvii 


^ug• 3 I. Fall term began. — Boarding Hall first used in part as a dormitory ; 

jcc rooms only being used this year and next, but the numl:)er was increased 

fti&ST t.o twelve, and in 1861 to eighteen — The sixth triennial published with 

Hvx\ua\ catalogue, pp. 3-22. 

iS$S* ^ay 4. The State of Connecticut paid the first installment of its grant 

ol $io,ocx) to the endowment fund ; other installment paid 1856, May 15. Hon. 

'Benjamin Douglas and Prof. H. B. Lane were influential in securing this 

jtant. — 30. Daniel Drew contributed to the endowment fund, $5,000. 

]\me 20. Isaac Rich contributed to the endowment fund, $20,000 — 31. 
Improvements recommended by the Joint Board: that the roofs of both the 
Dormitory and Lyceum be covered with tin or slate (c) ; that the tower on 
tl« Lyceum be raised and finished in a symmetrical manner (see 1856, Aug. 5), 
ind be prepared to receive a clock that shall strike regularly for recitations (o) ; 
tbat a new college edifice be erected on the south side of the Lyceum to corres- 
pond with the exterior of the Dormitory (o) ; that an iron fence be placed in 
front of the premises on High street (o) ; that the lot in the rear be drained and 
P'ded; that the old buildings in the rear be removed (see 187 1, summer) ; that 
^ laboratory be enlarged and arranged to receive the philosophical appa- 
tatus. A plan for an avenue on the south side of the president's house from 
n'gb street was also proposed, but finally rejected. 
^H- 1. Commencement. 

1 800-6. 

^°S- 30. Fall term began. — The Monday morning recitations adapted for Sun- 
«y study (see 1831, fall, [I]) were dropped, excepting with the Seniors, who 
•^d Paley's Evidences this year and Hopkin*8 afterwards. (See 1863, after 
Aug. 27.)' 

^c Chronometer eating club formed ; this became the eating club of the 
Alpha Delta Phi society about 1865. (See 1877, fall.) 

^856, spring. The Alpha Delta Phi, Middletown chapter, a secret, literary, 
mr years' society, was formed about this time ; composed of members taken 
"Offl the Betreans and Libanians, which then disbanded. (See 1854, May.) 

Aiig. About this time the whole of the $ 100,000 endowment had been secured ; 
'oOjOcowas invested as endowment for professorships. (See 1853, Aug. 3.) — 
S The Joint Board recommended ; ist, that a tower be placed over the bell 

au lis apparatus for protection (a short octagonal wooden tower was built 

*^^ afterward) ; 2d, that a hedge (o) with a suitable fence be placed in front of 

** college grounds.— d The subject of reservoirs for protecting the buildings 

jj^l^t loss or damage by fire referred to the Prudential committee (o). Cele- 

"on of the twenty-fifth anniversary by an alumni dinner at McDonough 

***» *ith speeches, etc. — 7. Thursday. Commencement ; the degree of LL.D. 
^*^'red on an alumnus (No. i) for the first time. 


^^P^'4. Fall term began. 

v/' ^* experiment of seating the students in chapel alphabetically instead 

">' classes was found unsuccessful. — An attempt to revive T/te Classic made. 

* 57. Aug. 5, Wednesday. Commencement. Pres. Smith resigned; Rev. 

J^s^Ph Curamings, D.D., '40. elected president. By vote of the Joint Board, 

"* ^^partmcnt of geology to receive for purchases, etc., $200 annually. 

Sununcr. A portion of the lower floor of the Boarding Hall fitted up for 

^ janitor's rooms. (See 1882, April.) 



Sept 3. Fall term began. Prof. John Johnston, LL.D., acting presida 
till spring term. — The Theta Delta Chi, Omicron chapter, a secret, litenr 
four years* society, established about this time. (See 1860, after Jane 2I.H2 
The name of Parsonage street changed to College street. (See 1833, MardiiS 

1858, spring. A flag-pole, one hundred and twenty feet high, was erected I 
the Sophomore class on the spot now occupied by the southwest dooT'Ste 
of Memorial Chapel. (See 1868, May.) 

July 4. Celebration according to the custom usual at this time ; ringing • 
college bell and firing of the cannon at sunrise ; speeches made by some of tl 
faculty and students around the cannon at the fla^-pole ; exercises in coUe| 
chapel at 9 a. m. (See 1868, May, end.) — 30. Friday evening before Coi 
mencement. At the usual contest in declamation between the Junior and Sop 
omore classes (see 1839, June 4), an offer of a prize was made ; this was abo 
the first prize given at Wesleyan and was called, from its donor, the President 
prize. (Given last in 1866.) 

Aug. 4. Commencement. Scholarships at $100 and $50 authorized by ' 
Joint Board to be sold by an agent. 

During summer vacation important improvements were made ; the Dormi^ 
was " bereft of its damp harboring vines ; " grounds graded near the buildin 
walks laid out ; wood-work inside the Dormitory painted. 


Sept. 2. Fall term began. Length of vacations to be thus: winter 3 we 
spring 2, and summer 8. (See 1872, Sept. 12; 1842, Aug. 3.) Modem 
guages in regular course of study again. (See 1842, Aug. 3.) Separate annoa 
ment of the scientific course of three years made in the catalogue. (See i> 
Sept. II ; 1832, Aug. 15. end.) — Prayers on Saturday evening and on Sun 
morning and evening discontinued. (See 1872, Sept. 12; 1874, Sept 10; i* 
fall, [H].) 

Fall. The Alpha eating club, formed probably before this, was compo 
at this time chiefly of Eclectics and Mystics. Since 1865, this has been 
club of the Phi Nu Theta or Eclectic society. — There were two boat ch 
having 17 and 9 members; a boat, "the first boat of the navy,'* was bou 
about this time. In 1861, there were 7 boats and 7 clubs ; in 1862, one of 
boats was a four-oared barge, 18 feet long, and another, a six-oared, lapstr 
barge, 26 feet long; in 1865, one of the boats was four-oared, shell sides., 
feet long. Between 1865 and 1871, no mention of boat clubs appears in ! 
0//a Podrida. (See 1869, Sept. 25.) — The Frankfort collection of 2,000 n 
erals, many very choice and mostly from European localities, was purcha 
about this time for $1,400. — The seventh triennial published with the ann 
catalogue, pp. iii-xxii. 

Nov. 8. The first Olla Podrida issued; folio 12X 17 inches, price four ce! 
(No. 3, folio, 13X19, was published by the Sophomore class in April, 18 
No. 4, the first in pamphlet form, was published by the Freshman class in J 
1862; from 1864 to 1873, published by the secret societies; 1873-6, by 
Argus association; 1877, by the Olla Podrida committee; since then by 
Junior class. That of 1874, April, was in same form as Argus^ quarto.) — 17. I 
day of fall term ; first Sophomore exhibition. (Sec 1866, Nov. 27 ; 187 1, 1 
20.) The names of the parts were the same in general as those of the Ju 
exhibition and Commencement. (Sec 1843, Aug. 2.) 

1859, Feb. 22. Celebration of the day by the Sophomores with a prograxi 


-1862.] ANNALS. XCix 

arried oat in the college chapeL (In 1862, at the invitation of the citizens, the 
exercises were held in McDonough Hall.) (See 1864, Feb. 22.) 

Jooe 21. Measures taken by the Joint Board for erecting the necessary col- 
lege boildings ; a committee appointed to arrange for raising $50,000. (See 
iS6o,Jone2o.) — 22. Fourth Wednesday. First Commencement held in June. 
(See i86o» June 21 ; 1833, ^^8- 28.) 


Aog. 18. Fall term began. — Imi>ortant general improvements were made in 
the appearance of the grounds and buildings during this year. 

i860, Jane 19. The Adams prize, Sophomore mathematics, first awarded. 
(GiTen last in 1863.) — 20. The committee of the Joint Board on buildings 
recommended the erection of three buildings : one containing a chapel, lecture 
hall, and recitation rooms ; one for natural science ; and one for an observa- 
tory. At the almnni meeting it was voted to edit an Alumni Record, Orange 
Jodd, Editor.— 21. Thursday, Commencement ; this was brought on Thursday 
It the continued request of the alumni in order that they might have more time 
forthealamni meeting and exercises. (Sec 1862, July 17 ; 1859, June 22.)— The 
Theta Delta Chi society was dissolved about this time. (See 1857, Sept.) 


Aug. 16. Fall term began. Special instruction in elocution introduced. 

(S«e 1870, Sept. 15.) 

poring this year, gas was put into the halls and recitation rooms of the college 

I061, April. First mention found of base-ball clubs ; two in existence. (See 
»864. Sept) 

Jone 17. Yitnt award of the Parker prize, Senior rhetorical until 1867, ^"t 
^ then, Junior and Sophomore declamation ; also first award of the Walsh 
P"«i Sophomore Greek and Latin. (Given for Greek only, after 1863 ; given 
. *^« ^874.)— 20. Commencement. 


^ug. i^ Pali term began. Vacations to be as follows : winter 3 weeks, 
4t and summer 6. (See 1866, Aug. 30 ; 1858, Sept. 2.) — A preparatory 
*^\ called " The Middletown Academy," was held this year in the college 

^862, spring. Tree-day celebrated for the last time. (See 184 1, April 20; 

"Si April 22. ) — The college cabinet was removed from the Lyceum, fourth 
^ (8ce 1837, fall), to the Missionary lyccum room. Boarding Hall. (See 

'40, Jttiy.) Tjjjji ^2LS kept separate from the collection of the Missionary 
•yccom till 187 1, fall.— The libraries of Philo and Pcitho were annexed about 
"^^me to the college library. 

Joly. "Xhe Roll of Honor," a list of all those students and alumni who had 

J^^fed the Union forces during the civil war up to this time, published in TAe 
^^f'odrida, (See 1865, Nov.) "The Wesleyan University Guards,*' Co. G, 
y (afterwards ist) Connecticut Artillery was composed of students, and 
~™'^d on the college campus. — First award of the Calef prize, Junior and 
^Phomorc declamation. (Given last in 1879.)— 17. Commencement; third 

*^wsday. (See 1873, June 26; i860, June 21.) 


^«»g-28. Fall terra began. The Lyceum called Chapel Building. (See 187 1, 
%. 14.) 


Sept. 29. End of the students* Reading Room association ; faculty resol' 
to assume charge. (See 1831, Nov. 26.) 

The eighth triennial, the first in Latin and separate from the annual catalog 
published ; pp. 48, 8vo. First award of the Ayers prize, Freshman preparati 

1863, June. Class-day instituted; the exercises which were semi-pri^ 
were held on' the campus in the early evening ; a supper, later. (See 1864, Ju 

July. The library fund was increased to about $6,000 through subscript 
of the alumni. —The card catalogue of the library was commenced during 
year. — 15. The Olin professorship ($25,000) of rhetoric and English liters 
founded by Isaac Rich, Esq. The Robert Rich professorship of Latin fouo 
First Commencement concert. (See 1872, July 17.) — 16. Commencement. 


Aug. 27. Fall term began. — Saturday morning recitations introduced a 
this time. 

Fall. The Chi Psi society surrendered its charter about this time. (See 1 
May 23; 1844, fall.) 

Nov. 13. Hon. Lee Claflin contributed to the endowment fund, $io,ooa 

During fall and winter, the gymnasium was built, being first used in 
spring of 1864. 

1864, Feb. 22. The public exercises on Washington's birthday consisted 
the first time of an oration by a Senior and reading of the Declaratio 
a Junior. About 1873, a declamation was substituted for the reading. Tl 
the present custom. (See 1859, Feb. 22.) 

June. Class-day exercises on the campus, and an oration, history, p 
prophecy, etc., in McDonough Hall. This general plan with increasing de 
has usually been followed. The campus exercises were held around the 
pole till 1868, in which year they were held under the mulberry tree, nor 
Rich Hall- (See 1869, June.) 

July. First Obituary Record of the alumni published, including the n: 
of those who had died since July, 1862. This has since been published annv 
— First award of the following prizes : North, Sophomore mathematics 
given, in 1875) ; Phi Beta Kappa, Sophomore Latin ; Hibbard, Freshman d 
mation (continuous except 1866 and 7, when its place was taken by the S 
ties' prize). There was also a prize contest this year between Philo and P< 
with three prizes: Senior oration. Junior debate, and Sophomore deba 
The custom of class re-unions according to the present arrangement at inte: 
of 3, 7, 10, 15, and 25 years, commenced this year. — 19. The thanks ol 
Joint Board returned to the class of '64 for their gift to the University o: 
portrait of Rev. Laban Clark, D.D., "entitled to be called the Father oJ 
University." (This is now preserved in Rich Hall.) — 20. Isaac Rich, Esq., 
posed on certain conditions to donate funds for the erection of a library b 
ing. (See 1867, July 16; 1868, July 15.) — 21. Commencement. 


Sept. I. Fall terra began. Formal instruction in the gymnasium 
required attendance was given this year; also in 1869-70. 

Fall. Agallian Base Ball club organized; score book purchased ; gro 
on Washington Green ; club was in existence until at least 1S69, fall. 

1865, July. The Library fund was increased to $27,600 by the alum 
First award of these prizes : Rich, for Senior oration ; Cutts, mental philos 
(given last, 1878) ; Miller, Junior debate ; Dean, Sophomore debate ({ 

— 1867.] ANNALS. Ci 

la^st, 1867). — 18. The thanks of the Joint Boird returned to the class of 1865 
for their gift of the portrait of Isaac Rich, Esq. (This is now preserved in 
Rich Hall.) The establishment of a school of science proposed before the 
Jo.'nt Board (o). "^150,000 is being raised to establish a scientific school in 
thft University." (^//a /WnV/a, editorial, 1866, May. ^) — 20. Commencement. 


Aug. 31. Fall term began. Drew professorship of Greek founded. (Ended, 

Tlie Skull and Serpent society, a secret. Senior society, established. The 
Sigma Phi Sigma society (B. B. s) formed. (Appeared last in Olla Podrida^ 
1872, Feb.) 

Nov. The Army and Navy Union formed. The total number now (1883) on its 
roll is 279, embracing eleven per cent, of all the graduates living at the begin- 
ning of the war, and " over thirty per cent, of all who were connected with 
the institution during the war." For list, in part, see The Olla Podrida, 1866, 
pp. 44-50. (See 1862, July.) This organization aided in the erection of the 
Memorial Chapel. 

1866, July. First award of the Olin prize. Senior English oration ; also of 
the societies* prize. Freshman declamation (given again in 1867). In a gym- 
nastic contest between the Junior and Sophomore classes the prize, which was 
a United States flag, of silk, valued at $70, the gift of Rev. W. H. Boole, was 
won by the class of '67 ; this flag is preserved in Rich Hall. — 18. The propo- 
sition was made before the Joint Board to raise a Centenary fund of $250,000, 
and a committee appointed to secure contributions ; also to erect a memorial 
chapel, in memory of the Alumni and students who had fallen in the late war. 
(See 1871, July 18.) — 19. Commencement. — About this time the regular meet 4 
ings of Philo and Peitho were discontinued. (See 1831, Nov. i ; 1833, July 10.) 
The societies began to decline before this; they died out almost entirely after! 
1868, spring. (See 1870, fall.) x^ 


Aug. 30. Fall term began. Vacations changed to two or three weeks in win - 

tcr, three in spring and eight in summer. (See 1872, Sept. 12; 1861, Aug. 15.) 

Sept. II. The nine-foot octagonal observatory removed. (See 1839, Feb. 20 ; 

"Mr. Truit,** near Indian Hill, utilized the dome in the raising of poultry.) 

Groond broken soon after this for Rich Hall. 

The ninth triennial, the second and last in Latin and separate from the annual 
catalogue, published ; 54 pp., 8vo. 

Not. 27. Usual plan of appointments for Sophomore exhibition dropped ; 
three grades announced on back of programme. (See 1871, Dec. 20.) 
1867, Feb. 22. Last salute fired around the flag-pole. (See 1868, May.) 
May. "The Boston and the New York alumni clubs have been formed." 
, [Olla PodridOf 1867, May.) The first annual re-union of the former was held 
during the winter of 1867-8 ; that of the latter seems to have been held 1868-9. 
~-The Delta Kappa Epsilon, Gamma Phi chapter, a secret, literary, four years* 
soaety, organized. — ^The Mystical Seven changed from a four years' society to a 
Senior society, and called Owl and Wand. (See 1837, Aug.)— The Wyvern 
^^ng club of the Delta Kappa Epsilon society founded. 

j^l* Fnst pud/if exercises of the burning of mathematics. (See 1846, July.) 

"~*^ Joint Board : the Taylor prize for the best English poem from any student 

O'^nded (see 1868, July 13) ; a committee appointed to present to the alumni 


the subject of procuring a portrait of ex-Pres. Smith (a portrait now I 

Rich Hall) ; a paper proposing the admission of women to the Ui 

referred for report at the next annual meeting (see 187 1, July 19); 

library building to be called Rich Hall (see 1868, July 15) ; an observ 

be built as a tower to the Boarding Hall. (See 1868, spring )— 18. Cor 

ment. — 19. - Last account in the treasurer's book of Philo. (See iS 

July 19.) 


Sept. 12. Fall term began ; present custom adopted of comment 
term on the second Thursday of September. 

1868, spring. The observatory- on Boarding Hall begun ; the outsi 
way removed. (See fall.) — The library was removed from the fourth 
the Chapel Building to Rich Hall. A sum amounting to ^5,000, to be e: 
for books on American history, was raised by the friends of the late M 
Odell of Brooklyn ; the library alcove containing the books to be ca 
" Odell Alcove." This money was gradually expended during the tl: 
lowing years. 

May. The Shurtleff cabinet of Simeon Shurtleff, M.D., of Simsbury 
consisting of 8,000 species and 80,000 specimens of shells, 650 birds, i,o( 
etc., which had been purchased shortly before this (so voted by facult 
Aug. 17,) for $10,000, was placed in Rich Hall on the third floor. (S* 
fall.) — Ground broken for Memorial Chapel. (See July 15.) The flag-p 
taken down soon after this. (See 185S, spring.) 

June II. The College Argus^ No. i, Vol. i, published; edited by 
Since 1874, fall, the personal department has been edited by Juniors. 

July. Preliminary edition of The Alumni Record issued. (See 1869, 
13. First award of the Taylor prize. (Also awarded in 187 1, 1879, ^^^ 
15. Rich Hall, the library building, dedicated; 90x55, of Portlanc 
stone, 212 feet south of the Chapel Building; shelf- room for 80,000 v< 
cost, $40,000. (See 1864, July 20.) Comer-stone of Memorial Chapel la 
1871, July 18.) — 16. Commencement. — Entrance examination papers 

Aug. 4. Isaac Rich and Daniel Drew gave each a note for $100,0 
some former bonds and notes were canceled at this time, the advance c 
tion of each respectively was $55,000 and $70,000. 


Sept. 10. Fall term began. 

Fall. The relic of distinctions as to departments no longer kept in t 
logue. (See 1847, fall.) — The library in Rich Hall opened for use.- 
pipes laid in the Dormitory, one faucet on each floor. — The tower an 
on the Boarding Hall completed; height sixty-five feet ; outside of the t 
heretofore whitewashed, first painted. From this time the building wa 
Observatory Hall. (See 1839, fall, after Oct. 25.) 

1869, Jan. The new telescope mouhted ; made by Alvan Clark & 
Cambridge, Mass., 12-inch aperture, equatorially mounted with clock-w( 
at the time second best in this country. The latitude of the observ 
41° 33' 16" N.; longitude, 17"' 34.5' E. of Washington. The old teleso 
stored away in the observatory. (See 1836, May 2.) — The Cinean so( 
open, literary society — intended to supply the place of Philo and Peitho- 
ized. (See fall.) 

March. The endowment fund was estimated at this time to be $320,0 
total amount of gifts, including buildings and apparatus, as well as contri 
to the endowment, since 1863, was ^37 5,000. 

-1871.] ANNALS. ' Ciii 



The University Base Ball club was organized about this time. 
Jqm 24. Class-day exercises first held under the maple in front of the Dor- 
BiUory; this "class maple " was used till class-day of '81, when, on June 27, an 
^tioQ and music in the North Congregational church was substituted for the 
*^rnoon campus exercises ; the class maple was cut down, Dec. 29, 188 1 ; 
*^cc then another has been selected. 

/oiy. The Wise prize, Senior moral philosophy, first awarded; also the 
«irce prize, natural science. — The Alumni Record first published by Orange 
Judd, A.M^ editor, at a private expense of about $4,000. (See i860, June 20.) 
"~'5* Commencement. 

Samner vacation. First concrete walk laid across the campus. New walks 
were also laid out. — The upper story of the Chapel Building was fitted up for 
students' rooms. 

Sept. 9 Fall term began. — Latin, Greek, and mathematics of Junior year 
changed to elective ; other clectives, zoology, physical geography, and botany, 
addecL — The Cinean society died. (See 1869, Jan.) — The Cottage eating club 
formed— 25. Boat race in ordinary row-boats on the Connecticut river. (See 
1858, faU; 1870, Oct. 4-) 
Nov. 4. Ground broken for Orange Judd Hall. (See 1870, May 5.) 
*^7o, May. Several plaster casts donated ; busts of Homer and Euripides 
presented by E. B. Nye, M.D.; a statue of Sophocles by the class of '71 ; these 
were placed in Rich Hall.— 5. Corner-stone of Judd Hall laid. (See 1871, July 
18.) — Campus enlarged by the removal of two dwelling-houses near Cross street, 
]une 2. The charter amended by the General Assembly of Connecticut ; a 
Board of not over 40 trustees to be substituted for the Joint Board of trustees 
and visitors, which was now composed of 29 trustees and of 30 visitors from 13 
patroniring conferences (see 1831, fall, [G]) ; each of these conferences to elect 
It least one trustee, the alumni to elect five, and the Joint Board the remainder. 
Joly 5. Hon. John F. Judd gave to the college $5,000. — 19. Last meeting 
of the Jomt Board ; the new charter adopted. (See 1831, May 21.)— 21. Com- 


Sept. 15. Fall term began. Elocution as a study introduced. (See i860, 

Aag. 16.) 

'*!'• Pcitho revived temporarily and held a few meetings this year. (See 1866, 
«^w July 19.)— Theta Nu Epsilon, Alpha chapter, a Sophomore, secret society, 
ofginized.— Campus enlarged and graded. — Donation to the library of 493 vols., 
«»cladinginany scientific works, by D. D. Chamberlain, M.D. 

^ 4* Boat club of the class of *73 formed. 

«ov. and Dec Ward's casts of over 1,000 fossils, costing $3,600, the gift of 
^'>nge Judd, deposited in Judd Hall. 
°7i, Jan. The Middletown Scientific association organized; meetings 

^^ monthly, field-days and excursions in spring and fall. 

^°* The Chicago Alumni club formed. 

Jj^*. Last minutes recorded of a meeting of the Missionary lyceum, but the 

^^. as a literary society, died before this. (See 1834, Oct. 22.) Occasional 
P^ "C meetings were held, certainly as late as 1S64. The students who last 

8^w the constitution for membership belonged to '73. However, the sermon 
^"'eredon Sunday evening of Commencement week was called as usual **the 
^^ sermon before the Missionary lyceum " till 1878. (See 1878, June 23.) 


July i8. Memorial Chapel dedicated; 60X101, of Portland brownstoi 
facing east, in line with and midway between Chapel Building and Rich Hi 
76 feet each way ; without spire at this time (see fall) ; daily chapel room and V 
recitation rooms on first floor, large audience room on second floor, with a.seati 
capacity of 800. In this " upper chapel " is the memorial window contaimi 
the names of eighteen of the students and alumni who fell in the late war. (S 
1866, July 18.) — Orange Judd Hall of Natural Science also dedicated ; of san 
material, 62X94; four stories and basement; first floor devoted to chemistr 
second floor to natural history and physics (see 1S79, summer), third and fourt 
floors to the museum ; total cost, $100,000. — 19. The trustees decided tba 
there was nothing in the charter to prevent ladies from being admitted to tb 
privileges of the University. (See 1872, Sept. 12.) — First annual regatta on th. 
Connecticut river ; the boat-house at this time was a temporary structon 
50X II, at foot of William street — 20. Commencement. 

During the summer, the four recitation rooms on first floor in the old Chapi 
Building were remodeled into two, with a professor's study adjoining each, a 
at present. Bath-rooms and water-closets fitted up in the west end of the 0I 
chapel room. The coal-sheds and out-houses in the rear of the Dormitory wei 
torn down, and the carpenter^s shop moved back of the gymnasium. 


Sept. 14. Fall term began. — From this time the Dormitory was called Nor 
College, and the old Chapel Building, South College. — Attendance at only 01 
preaching service on Sunday required, and this in the afternoon at Memor 

During this fall, the spire of Memorial Chapel was built through the gift 
George I. Scney, A.M. ; height of the vane from the ground, 144 feet. The ^ 
and clock were then put in place, the latter being the gift of Hon. Jacob Sleep 
and the old bell was sold for bell-metal. — Judd Hall chemical laboratory ^ 
natural history roc ms used, leaving the old brick Laboratory unoccupied. 1 
various cabinets were removed to Judd Hall Museum. (For college cabinets, • 
1862, spring and 1868, May; collection of Missionary lyceum, see 1848, Ju 
Cuvierian society, 1836, April iS.) For full list of additions to museum, 
Attnttal Reports of the curators. — The telescope furnished with a refracting sp 
troscope having the dispersive power of twelve prisms. — The Arion Glee C ' 
was formed. — Sickness in college ; eighteen cases of typhoid fever, two 
which were fatal. 

Dec. 20. The Sophomore exhibition omitted on account of the epidem 
most of the students had been excused to go home, a small-pox scare hav: 
followed the typhoid fever. Last exhibition appointed. (See 1858, Nov. 17.^ 

During this winter, a zoological collection for the museum was made in ES 
muda by G. Brown Goode, A.M. 

1872, Jan. Commons opened in the old Laboratory ; continued to the e 
of the year. — The firing of the cannon on Feb. 22 hereafter forbidden by v< 
of the facultv. 

Feb. The pipe organ of Memorial cha|>el was procured about this time. 

Spring. The Kappa Gamma, a Freshman, secret society, founded. 

July. The Corpse and Coffin, a Junior, secret society, formed. — First awa 
of Van Benschoten prize, Junior Greek ; also given in 1873 *"d '875. Fi: 
award of the Herbarium prize. — 17. Regular custom of Commencement c< 
cert ended with this year. (See 1863, July 15, end.) — 18. Commencement 



^ College regatta at Springfield, Mass. ; Wesleyan first in the Freshman 

^^; time 17:07^, the best time up to this date ever made in a Freshman race. 

^i^this and the following years, important donations, chiefly zoological and 

'^ooiogical, were received by the museum firom the Smithsonian Institution, 

*^'ashington, D. C. 


^pt« 12. Fall term began. Present arrangement of terms and vacations 

^^ninneiiced : winter vacation two weeks, spring one, and summer eleven. (See 

'^6^ A ug. 3a) — Pres. Cummings visited Europe ; Prof. J. M. Van Vleck acting 

president. (See 1873, May 19.) — Sunday morning chapel service was in^tituted. 

(Sec I S58, Sept. 2.)^Ladies first entered the University. (See Record of Grad- 

'**^f -^ ^Hvtni^ class of '76.) — First "modern" post-graduates. (See 1833, fall.) 

FaJ 1 . The Wesleyan Boat club was organized about this time. 

No'v. 26. Vote of thanks passed by the faculty to Mrs. Jonathan Barnes for 

the clc>D2tion of the law library of her late husband ; this consisted of 658 

'^7 3, March 19. Last Junior exhibition where distinctions as to rank were 
made can the programme, and where all members were assigned parts. (See 
1S75* -April 6; 1834, April 16.) 
^^y 19. Reception to Pres. Cummings on his return from Europe. 
J**^c 23. First award of the Sherman prize. Freshman Latin. Class Day, 
^ ^«^nge in the time of Commencement, was brought on Monday of Com- 
"^^^mentweek. — The first revised edition of The Alumni Record published. 
^"^^^ boat-house, near the steamboat warehouse, 65 X 22, three stories fronting 
tbe ri-ver, completed ; cost, ^1,000. (See 1880, after Nov.) — 26. Commencement, 
the last Thursday of June. (See 1862, July 17.) 
July 17. College regatta at Springfield, Mass. ; Wesleyan, second ; time, 17:01. 
*^Uring summer, zoological collections for the museum were made by Prof. 
Wm. l<^orth Rice and G. Brown Goode, A.M., at Casco Bay, Me., under the 
auspices of the U. S. Fish Commission. 


Sept. II. Fall term began. — Term examinations dropped, and written exam- 
roatiom to be held whenever studies should be completed. The annual examina- 
tion in all studies of the year also to be dropped, and oral examinations in 
*om« studies to be held near the close of the year. (See 1832, July 11.) The 
^urse of study re-arranged into three courses: L Classical; 11. Latin Scien- 
ce ; III. Scientific. On completion of L, the degree of A.B. to be given ; 
I** Ph.B.; IIL, B.S. Special courses allowed and post-graduate instruction 
V^^. Elcctives largely increased ; in the classical course, French and Ger- 
"*^mthe Sophomore year ; German, Latin, physics, practical chemistry, with 
aitions to other electives, in Junior year ; Greek, practical natural history 
° Pfactical astronomy in Senior year. 

*•'• The porch of Memorial Chapel was built about this time. — First 
ication in the annual catalogue of a table giving order of recitations ; also 
"fst statement of the number of hours per week devoted to each study. 
^' The marking system revised ; demerits for absences from recitations 
"^ct lhestudent*s relation to the college rather than his scholarship. 
74, spring. The base-ball ground, west of the Dormitory, laid out. The 
^a been used as a play ground since 1863 or 1S64. 
J w 25. Fii-jt Commencement at which the speakers were selected accord- 


ing to their standing in composition and declamation, with no distinction as t( 
individual rank ; present system of honors also adopted ; first grade of honor 
conferred on those having general scholarship above 88 per cent., and th* 
second, above 83 ; the best students receiving about 92 per cent. Spccia 
honors also given. (See 1843, Aug. 2 ; 1882, June 29.) 

July 18. College regatta at Saratoga ; Wesleyan, second ; time, 16:50. 

Summer. Arrangements for heating South College by steam were made- 
Zoological collections for the museum made by Prof. Wm. North Rice an 
G. Brown Goode, A.M., at Noank, Conn., under the auspices of the U. S. Fi: 


Sept. 10. Fall term began. — Present arrangement of chapel services adopt< 
the evening service being omitted every day and the morning service on cv< 
day except Sunday changed from 8:45 to 8. ( See 1858, Sept 2.) — Chapel orati< 
no longer required (see 1833, fall), but choice allowed between them and essa 
— Price of yearly tuition changed to $75. Since 1846, this had been $33; pr 
to that, $36. 

Oct. 17. First boat race by classes for a prize given by W. F. Osborne, & 
of Ansonia, Conn., the prize in this instance consisting of six silver cu 
Since this time, Mr. Osborne has given prizes at nearly ever}' undergrade 
regatta ; the Osborne and Eustis cup, now deposited in Rich Hall, was t 
offered 1875-6, and has been awarded successively to the classes of '76^ 
and '83. 

1875, April 6. First Junior exhibition at which contest was made for 
prizes offered by Hon. George J. Ferry of Orange, N. J. (Sec 1873, March 1 

June. First award of the Camp prize. Junior English literature ; of 
Powers prize. Junior logic (given last, 1877) ; of the Spinney prize, Sophom 
Greek. — Pres. Cummings' resignation from the presidency finally accepted 
the trustees. (See July 28.) The trustees proposed to raise an endowm 
fund of half a million during the centennial year, 1876; the alumni voted 
co-operate. The committees commenced work in the latter part of the yc 
and the following have been the principal subscriptions ; G. J. Ferry, Oran. 
N. J., $10,000 ; O. lioyt, Stamford, Conn., $40,000 ; W. Hoyt, Stamford, Con 
$5,000; J. F. Judd, Hartford, Conn., $5,000; A. V. Stout, New York, N. ' 
$40,000 (endowing Stout Professorship) ; J. H. Taft, Brooklyn, N. Y., $5,oc 
Mary Taber*s estate, $7,750 ; J. H. Sessions, Bristol, Conn., $5,000. A pub 
subscription was taken up in the New York Conference in 1876, and in 1 
New York East in 1877. — 25. Commencement 

July 14. College regatta at Saratoga; Wesleyan, fifth; time, 17:13}. — 
Rev. Cyrus David Foss, D.D., '54, elected president 

Sometime during this year, Joseph Spinney, Esq., gave the Spinney collect] 
of birds, 97 species, 290 specimens, from the Andes of Ecuador. 


Sept 9. Fall term began. 

The State Agricultural experiment station, the first established in this co 
try, was located by the legislature at Wesleyan ; Si,ooo given by Orange Juc 
$2,800 by the State; closed 1877, summer. — Fall meeting for athletic spor 
one was also held the next year. — The present era of foot-ball commenced. 

Oct. 26. Inauguration of Pres. Foss. 

1876. March. University debt, $60,000; annual expenditure, $46,000; ava 
blc endowment, $141,000; total income, $20,000. (See 1880, June 22.) 

May. A valuable horse lawn-mower donated by W. H. Wallace, Esq., 

^1879.] ANNALS. CVii 



j ^'"ooklyn, N. Y. Previous to this the grass was cut by hand generally twice a 
* )taf. — 23. The Chi Psi society again organized. (See 1863, fall.) 
,' /one. The A. V. Stout professorship of moral philosophy founded. — 29. 

Commencement. The usual street parade from the campus to the church was 
oaiittc€l for the first time, and the procession formed in the Sunday-school room 
0/^ the church. (Sec 1833, Aug. 28, [A].) Dinner given in the lower hall of 
Afemorial Chapel, for the first time. (See 1853, Aug. 3.) 
Joiy 19. College regatta at Saratoga; Wesleyan, fifth; time, 17:58^. 

Sci>t. 14. Fall term began. 

Fal 1 . A new cabinet organ placed in the lower chapel. 

^^'^■^ter. Zoological and geological collections for the museum made by 
Prof. AWm. North Rice and G. Brown Goode, A.M., at Bermuda. 

*S7"7'» June. First award of these prizes : the Squire scholarship ($150), for 
Senior Greek; Harrington prize, Senior history; Carter, Senior examination 
and essay on writings of some English author (given last, 1879); Rice, Sopho- 
more mathematics. — 28. Conmiencement. — Candidates for the Freshman class 
requix'^<l to be 15 years of age, instead of 14 as the custom had been from the 


Sei>t. 13. Fall term began. — About this time the Chronometer eating club 
dunged its name to Star and Crescent club. (See 1855, fall.)— The Skull and 
Spades, a Sophomore, secret society, organized. — The Lambda Rho, Alpha 
chapter, a Freshman, secret society, organized. 

*^7S, Jan. The bequest of the library of Prof. Jacob F. Huber received. 
This library consisted of about 2,000 volumes, besides many pamphlets and files 
^ Periodicals. — In the Intercollegiate literary and oratorical contest, Wesleyan 
won a second prize in mental science. 

^e^- 1. The hall of the Psi Upsilon society on Broad street was first used. 

Jon© 23. The Missionary lyceum sermon called the University sermon. (See 
'°7i, June; 1835, Sept 21.) — 27. Commencement. 

*^^ring this year, a valuable collection of radiates was presented to the 

''^cunj by the Peabody museum of Yale College. 

^ 1878-9. 

^Pt 12. Fall term began. 

. ''^Proverocnts made to the reading-room; an extra room added ; a magazine 
** and chairs furnished. — The Barratt herbarium, collected by Joseph Bar- 
^ ^.D., presented to the University. 
^^^^^'9, Jan. In the Intercollegiate literary and oratorical contest both repre- 
^tlvcs from Wesleyan received awards. 

J^ne 23. First award' of the Weeks prize. Junior logic. — 24. A second 
^**ed edition of Thb Alumni Record authorized by vote of the trustees.— 
. " Commencement. — Provision first made for entrance examinations to be 
^ in the large cities at a distance from Middletown. 

^^^y 18. College regatta at Lake George : Wesleyan, second ; time, 8:38^. 

'^Oimcr. The old settees in the recitation rooms of South College were 

.^'^ced by new ones with book-rests. — The present mathematical and phys- 

I'ecitation room in Observatory Hall made from old Pcitho hall, and the 

P y»ical laboratory from Philo hall, the old library rooms being fitted up for 

apparatus room ; J500 for new apparatus given by George I. Seney, A.M. 

*^^logical collection for the museum made ofi* the Banks of Newfoundland 

^ H. L. Osborn, A.B. 



Sept. II. Fall term began. The system of preliminary examinations intn 
duced ; Seniors and Juniors not required to make up recitations lost b 
absences, but absences not to exceed 20 per cent, of the whole number of red 
tations ; otherwise such student must pass a preliminary examination before 
being admitted to the regular class examination. Number of essays of the 
Juniors and Sophomores reduced from 1 5 to 9. 

Oct. First large gift of George I. Seney, A.M., to the endowment fund; 
$50,000 in 6 per cent, gold-bearing railroad stock. 

1880, Feb. $75,000 added to the endowment by George I. Seney, A.M. 
Spring. The transit house, 22 X 18 and 12X12, near Observatory Hall, was 

completed ; the transit instrument, three-inch aperture, with collimators, prime 
vertical, same aperture, and an electric chronograph placed in position. The 
last was made by Alvan Clark & Sons, Cambridge, Mass. ; the others by Fautl 
& Co., Washington, D. C. Total cost, $2,500. 

May. Pres. Foss elected Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church at the 
session of its General Conference. 

June 21. First award of the Scranton prize, a second pria^e for Junior an< 
Sophomore elocution. — 22. Pres. Foss resigned; Rev. John WeMey Bcact 
D.D., *45, elected president. Another $50,000 subscribed to the endowmc^ 
fund by George I. Seney, A.M. Up to this time the alumni had subscribe 
$40,000 to the endowment fund, and others, $250,000, making the total, $3?! 
000. The following professorships were established : the Beach professors^i 
chemistry ; G. I. Seney, geology and natural history ; M. L. Taft, modern 1^ 
guages ; Jane A. Seney, Greek. — 24. Commencement. 

Summer. Several hundred dollars expended on improving the campus ; ei] 
hundred feet of concrete walks laid. 


Sept. 9. Fall term began. 

Fall. $75,000 subscribed to the endowment fund by George I. Seney, A.V^ 
Special original work begun in the chemical laboratory on the analysis of f^ 
fishes ; also of the nitrogen supply in plants. 

Nov. Pach's photographic studio, 33 X 16, erected near Observatory Hal 
Donation of the diffraction spectroscope by W. R. Walkley, *6o. — B^ 
house torn down. (See 1873, June.) — The "Foss place," west of the coll " 
hill, purchased by George I. Seney, A.M., and presented to the University. 

1881, June 27. First award of the Philosophy prize. Senior philosophy. — 
Semi-centennial exercises held : in the forenoon in Memorial Chapel, addr 
of welcome by Pres. Beach and response by Bp. E. G. Andrews, '47 ; in the afc: 
noon on the campus, historical address by Rev. J. M. King, '62, oration by B 
Cyrus D. Foss, '54, hymn by Prof. C. S. Harrington, '52, and ix>em by S. 
Olin, Esq., '66 (See pamphlet report.) — 30. Commencement. 

Optional sight-reading introduced into the entrance examinations. — T 
Seney scholarship founded by a fund of $100,000 from George I. Seney, A.M 
of these, 16 were to be awarded to the Freshman class, and 8 to each of ti 
other classes. — The old brick Laboratory used for the carpenter's shop and ic 



Sept. 15. Fall term began. — Verbal excuses to class officers substituted f 
written excuses to the faculty. 

Fall. The old band instruments (see 1843, Oct. 4) donated to the Natior 

3.] ANNALS. cix 

tm, Washington, D. C. — The present foot-ball ground laid out and the 
ill association organized. 

. The Washington and the Philadelphia Alumni associations formed, 
i, Jan. $150,000 given by George I. Seney, A.M., for the endowment 

il. Wesleyan united with eight other colleges in founding the American 
of archaeology and classical philology at Athens, Greece. — The rooms 
lower floor of Observatory Hall vacated by the janitor's family. (See 

summer.) The bam near Observatory Hall torn down. — Gift to the 

im of valuable marsupial skins from Australia by Hon. T. R. Pickering ; 

beldon cabinet of minerals purchased for $150, the gift of Hon. C. C. 


69. Regatta at Harlem, N. Y.; Wesleyan, first; time, S'S^i' — *7' The 
ng of the Phi Nu Theta or Eclectic society dedicated. — 29. First Com- 
:inent at which the speakers were contestants for the Rich prize. (See 
June 25.) — ^The Centennial endowment fund amounted to $788,920. 
r 4. College regatta at Lake George ; Wesleyan, second ; time, 9:40. 
ronomical mean-time clock, made by Waltham Watch Co., received and 
on lower floor, northwest corner, of Observatory Hall. 


L 14. Fall term began. 

Evans scholarship founded by Mrs. John Evans of Meriden, Conn., by 
)f $2,000. The valuable cabinet of minerals belonging to her late ha»- 
Iso given to the University. 

, March. The Kappa Alpha Theta society, Omicron chapter, a secret, 
ars', ladies* society, established. 

table showing number of faculty, students, etc., see next page.) 



Table showing Number of Faculty. Stui> 














































































187 1 























Students. I 

























































$ t 



' Inc 




I 200 







1 58,700 




24.630 I 
24,1 10 I 
23,820 : 
30,410 i 
31,210 I 




: 1 36, 1 90 
j 1 79,440 

! 183.580 


' 236, 590 



, i(m').i5o 


23,500 4, 
24,050 ' 6. 
24,020 5. 
24,600 5, 
23,160 lb, 
17.350 8, 
r6. 120 9, 
15,180 8, 
26.050 8, 
22,^60 !io, 
18,170 8, 

18,940 14, 
19,250 in, 
21,410 II, 
23,630 t 



25,770 18. 
1 5,020 





J 9. 







* Not including Assistants and others without classes. 

t The items could not be obtained for the blank y«-nrs, but it is ho|y 
sometime in the future. 

t The nearest tens. 



Graduate Alumni 






The plan followed in preparing the present edition of the Record o 
aU Alumni has been the same in main as that adopted in 1873. As a 
record has been made of the works of authors, all mention of biblio 
matter is here omitted, and reference is made to the bibliography 
spelling of names of cities and towns, and in the abbreviations of s 
territories of the United States, the U, S. Official Postal Guide 

The number of alumni having increased more than twenty -five per c 
the last edition was issued, the labor of preparing this one has necessa 
somewhat greater. Over nineteen hundred letters have been rece 
.more than twenty-one hundred hours have been spent on the work. 

While in a few instances this edition lacks completeness, yet thi 
efforts of many alumni and friends of the college the addresses of nea 
graduates, and a great number of historical facts relating to them, 1 
secured. Out of the nineteen (not starred) whose addresses or entir 
were wanting in 1873, some definite information has been received c 
all but two. 

The editor desires to specially acknowledge the assistance he hai 
from one experienced in the work, Prof Wm. North Rice, whose kin< 
tions have been invaluable, and to mention, among the names of the r 
have furnished valuable material, W. S. Allen, A.M., Librarian of 
England Methodist Historical Society, who has also read the proof-sh 

He also cherishes the hope that this edition of the Record may sti 
strengthen the pleasant bonds of the alumni to each other and to th 




CLASS OF 1833. 


Born, March 8, 1814, in Hoosick, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. Brother of No. 93. 
1832, Taught in Wcsleyan University. 1833, Teacher in Wesleyan Academy, 
Wilbraham, Mass. 1834, Tutor in Wesleyan University. 1835, Opened the 
Middletown (Conn.) Institute and Preparatory School. 1835-70, Principal and 
Proprietor of same. 1838-40, Traveled and studied in Europe. 1840-3, Con- 
ducted Middletown Female Seminary. 1856, EE.D., Wcsleyan University. 
President of Alumni Association several years. 1862-77, Trustee of Wesleyan 
University. 1867, Traveled in Europe. 1870, Work given up on account of 
health being impaired by an injury. 1872, Health nearly restored. 

Married, June 2, 1842, Miss Caroline E. Smith, daughter of John L. Smith 
0^ Middletown, Conn. Children: Henry M., b. March 11, 1843: John L., b. 
^^c.27, 1844; Class of 1865; Caroline £., b. Dec. 3, 1846; married No. 946: 
Daniel W., b. March 18, 1050 : Susan Emmal, b. March 17, 1855; married 
Edward Douglas: Ellen Amelia, b. July 18, 1858: Albert H., b. April 3, 1861 ; 
Class of 1882. 
^881, Address: Middletown, Conn. 


Born, March 12, 1809, in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., N. Y. 
P ^°34f Taught in Wesleyan University and a Female Seminary in Middletown, 
r^^-; also in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1835-6, Principal of 
^% Academy. Mass. 1837-9. Principal of High School, Fort Plain, N. Y. 
\f^^*'-^"*'^P*^ of Mexico Academy, N. Y. 1841-61, In regular ministry of 
^J^^hodist Episcopal Church in Black River Conference. N. Y. ; stationed 
u {?^^an, Brockett*s Bridge, Little Falls, Syracuse, Vienna, Watertown, 

Cfkimer (twice), Oriskany, &c; Presiding Elder, four years ; supernumerary, 

^ years; superannuated, one year. 1 861-5, r*rincipal of Fort Plain Semin- 
P^,^d Collegiate Institute, N. Y. 1866-7, Principal of Fort Plain Female 

°"ege. 1867-71, Principal of Fort Plain Seminary and Female Collegiate 
nstitute. 1871-4, Supemumerar)-. 1875, Superannuated. Died, Oct. 19, 
'^7S,in Frey's Bush, Montgomery Co., N. Y. 
.Married, Dec. 8, 1835, Catherine Bauder. Children: Emily Elizabeth, 

• ^ctobcr, 1836 ; d. 1853 : Ariah Benson Clarke, b. April, 1838 : Celcstia Mar>', 
,' ^^40: Catherine Louisa, b. 1847 ; d. in thirteenth year : John Wesley, b. 1850 : 
'^Augusta, b. 1855. 

**^ Address of widow: Fort Plain, Montgomery Co., N. Y. 



1832, Residence, Steuben, Oneida Co., N. Y. Took charge of 
Academy, N. Y., soon after graduating. Died, 1833. 


Bom, Jime 6, 181^, in Yorkshire, England. 

1833, Taught in Wallingford, Conn. 1834-42, Teacher in Wesleyan Acadc^ • 
Wilbraham, Mass. 1842, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Epi^ 
pal Church. 1842, Stationed at Millbury, Mass. 1843, ^^ appointment 
account of poor health; preached some months in Wilbraham. 1844, Rcrno* 
to Chillicothe, Ohio, and taught in a private school. Poor health soon compel 
him to give up work. Died, March 30, 1847, in Chillicothe, Ohio. _ 

Married, March 13, 1842, Miss Julia Avery of Wilbraham, Mass., who d5 
March 14, 1874. Children: John, b. June 26, 1843: Julia, b. May 11, iS^S 
d. Oct. 14, 1847. 


Born, Jan. 21, 1807, in Richfield, Otsego County, N. Y. Brother of No. 22 

1834, Principal of Union Academy, Sumter District, S. C. 1835, Join* 
Georgia Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; Classical Teacher in Co 
ference School, Covington, Ga. ; suffered severe illness, resulting in loss 
part of lower jaw ; 1836, Traveled for health. 1837-41, Classical Teacher 
Conference School, Covington, Ga. 1842, Principal of Preparatory Schoc 
Emory College, Oxiford, Ga. 1843, Principal of Academy, Madison, Ga. 184- 
5, Traveled in United States and Canada. 1846-7, Principal of Academ 
Clarksville, Ga. 1848-9, President of Fort Wayne Female College, In< 
1850-2, Teacher in Cokesbury Institute, S. C. 1853-7, Teacher and Recto 
Cokesbury Institute, S. C. 1857-8, Traveled through Northern States an 
Canada, and among mountains of North Carolina. 1859-60, Pastor « 
churches in Williamston and Abbeville, S. C. 1861. Teacher of Mathematii 
in Masonic Female College, Cokesbury, S. C. 1862-^, Resided in Buncomt 
County, N. C, in feeble health, teaching part of the time. 1864-5, Travelc 
1866-7, Resided in Binghamton, N. Y. ; preached most of the time. i868-r 
In Lenoir, N. C; teacher of Mathematics in Davenport Female Collcg 
1875-9, Superannuated; resided in Lenoir, N. C. Died, Aug. 3, 1879, 
I^noir, N. C. 

Married, Nov. 27, 1838, Miss Mary I^uisa McCants of .Cokosbury, S. 
Children: George Fisk, b. Jan. 5, 1840; graduated at Woflford College, S. C 
William Capen, b. April i^, 1842; killed m battle at Gaines Mills, near Ri« 
mond, June 27, 1862 : Louisa Jane, b. Nov. 3, 1845 * graduated at Female (^ 
lege, Cokesbury, S. C: Robert James (No. 988), d. Nov. i, 1848: Mary E' 
b. Dec. 30, 1852 ; graduated at Davenport Female College, N. C. 

1 88 1, Address of widow : Lenoir, Caldwell Co., N. C. 


Born, May 27, 181 4, in Charlton, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

1833, Taught in Ohio. 1837, Studied law in Michigan City, Ind., and ^ 
admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of that State. Died, Jan. 2, 183^ 
Michigan City, Ind. 


Class of 1834. 


Born, Nov. r, 1815, in Kortright, Delaware Co., N. Y. 

1835-7, Taught in Columbus, Miss. 1837, Spent summer at the home of his 
father (Rev. Heman Bangs), Hartford, Conn.; sailed for the South. Died, 
Oct. 9, 1837; drowned in the wreck of the steamer Home, off Cape Hatteras. 


Born, 1S08, in Litchfield County, Conn. 

Immediately after graduation, he became Tutor in Allegheny College, Mead- 
ville. Pa. Afterwards, successively. Professor of Latin and Greek, and Professor 
of Mathematics, in same. 1840, Ordained Deacon in the Protestant Episcopal 
Church. 1841, Ordained Priest. He was settled one year at Hollidaysburgh, 
Pa.; four and a half years at St. John's Church, Cleveland, Ohio; seven years 
at St. Peter's Church, Tccumseh, and St. John's Church, Clinton, Mich. Died, 
Nov. 20, 1854, in Tecumsch, Mich. 

Married Miss Amelia Isabella Soule, daughter of Bishop Soule, of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 


Born, July 4, 181 1. 

1834-^ Tutor in Randolph Macon College, Va. 1837-45, Practiced Law in 
Clinton, Miss. 1845-8, Practiced Liiw in Cincinnati, Ohio. 1848-51, Published 
The Cincitimiti Daily Atlas. 1854-72, Connected with The Conii^essional 
Glode, Washington, D. C. 1872-80, Clerk in the U. S. Treasury Department, 
Washington, D. C. 1880-1, retired from active life. 

1881, Address: 467 C Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 


Born, July 14, 1807, in Frankfort, Waldo Co., Me. 

Studied in Theological Senvinary, Andover, Mass., for two years. Afterwards 
taught school and preached in Mississippi. Died, Aug. 24, 1854, in Wayland, 

Married, July 27, 1841, Miss Caroline Gleason of Wayland, Mass. 

188 1, Address of widow: Wayland, Middlesex Co., Mass. 


Born, May 9, 1808, in Chester, Rockingham Co., N. H. Brother of No. 23. 

1834-7, Studied in Andover Theological Seminary, Mass. 1837-41, Presi- 
dent of McKendree- College, Lebanon, 111. 1841, Organized the first Metho- 
dist Episcopal Church in East Boston, Mass., and was Pastor of the same. 
1842, Stationed at Ashbumham, Mass., New England Conference ; 1843, 
South Boston; 1844, ^, Roxbury (now Boston); 1846, 7, Common St., Lynn ; 
1848, 9^ Dorchester; 1850, i, East Cambridge; 18^2, 3, Saxonville. 1844, D.I)., 
McKendree College. 1854-68, Professor of Ethics, Metaphysics, Natural and 
Historical Theology, in Methodist General Biblical Institute, Concord, N. H. 
1868, Stationed at Quincy Point, Mass.; 1869, 70, Southampton; 187 1, 2, Lud- 
low. 1873-81, Supernumerary- 


Married, Aug. 17, 1842, in Newburyport, Mass., Miss Emily Husc. * 
dren: Charles Amos (No. 779), b. Sept. 23, 1843: Edward Annis, b. Av 
1845 i Class of 1870: Mary Emily, b. Sept. 30, 1847: John Wesley, b. No 
1849: Joseph Enoch, b. Oct. 21, 1851 ; d. April 5, 1854: Elijah Heddir 
Dec. 19, 1856 ; graduate of U. S. Military Academy, West Point, N. Y. : 
liam Henry, b. June 17, 1861 ; d. March 4, 1863. 

1881, Address: Concord, N. H. 


Born, Oct. 15, 18 10, in Boston, Mass. 

1834, Principal of Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. Health f 
1 84 1, Transferred from New England to Providence Conference, Metl 
Episcopal Church. 1841, 2, Stationed at Chestnut St., Providence, 1 
1843, 4» Nantucket Mass.; 1845, ^» ^^"™ ^^- ("ow County St.), New Bed 
1847, 8, Fall River; 1849. 50, Mathewson St., Providence, R. I.; 1851, W: 
1852, 3, Presiding Elder of Providence District. 1854-66, Professor of The 
in Methodist General Biblical Institute, Concord, N. H. 1855, D.D., Wes 
University 1858-71, Trustee of Wesleyan University. 1867-71, Profcs* 
Homiletics and Pastoral Theology in Boston Theological Seminary. i5 
Held same position in School of Theology of Boston University. 1873-9, h 
impaired; Secretary Board of Trustees, and Agent of Boston University. 
March 26, 1879, in Boston, Mass. 

Married, Aug. 31, 1841, Miss Maria A. Marcy of Greenwich, Mass. Chil 
Charles H., b. Oct. 12, 1845: Randolph M., b. September, 1852; d. 
Frederick M., b Nov. 10, i8j6. 

1881, Address of widow: 83 Pinckney St., Boston, Mass. 


Bom, Dec. 13, 1805, in Wayland, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

1837-45, Principal of Holliston Academy, Mass. 1845-51, Principal of SI 
bury Academy, Mass. 1851-4, Principal of New Salem Academy, Mass. i\ 
Principal of Attleborough Academy, Mass. Local Preacher in Met! 
Episcopal Church. Laid the foundation for churches in Sudbury, Hopk 
Milford, Medvvay, Shrewsbury, West Boylston, Clinton, Athol Depot, and 
places in Massachusetts. Died, Feb. 24, 1881, in Shrewsbury, Mass. 

Married, May 25, 1835, Miss Sarah Morse of Leominster, Mass. Chil 
Milton Gardner, 0. Aug. 17, 1837 ; d. July 17, 1841 : Emer>' Homer, b. J 
1839 : Marshall Newton, b. May 9, 1841 ; served in the War five years : V 
Howard, b. Jan. 10, 1843; served in the War three years: Sarah Emi 
Feb. II, 1841;; deceased: Watson Emmons, b. Dec. 15, 1846: Milman E 
b. May 8, 1848; d. Dec 15, 1848: Willmott Burrutt, b. Nov. 8, 1850. 
Maxwell, b. Aug. 23, 1854 ; d. April 27, 1877. 

1881, Address of widow : Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., Mass. 


Born, Dec. 21, 1806, in Dutchess County, N. Y. 

1835-8, Teacher of Ancient Languages in Oneida Conference Seminar) 
Central New York Conference Seminary), Cazenovia, N. Y. 1838, Pre 
of Buckingham Female Seminary, Va. 1842-C9, President of Wesleyan F 
College, Cincinnati, Ohio. Minister in Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Juna II, 1859, in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Married, 1836, Miss Mary Cole of Cazenovia, N. Y. Had several ch: 

i88i. Address of widow: Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Class of 1835. 


■n, July 12, 1817, in New York, N. Y. 

5, Classical Teacher in White Plains Academy. 1836, Classical Teacher 

ratoga Springs. 1838, Classical Teacher in Hempstead Seminary. 1839, 

ipal of Saratoga Springs Institute. 1844, Principal of White Plams 

emy. 1847-81, Engaged in Auction and Commission business, chiefly of 

s, in New York, N. Y. Firm : Bangs & Co. 

xried, Aug. 22, 1839, Miss Emma Matilda Watts, who died June I'l, 1843. 

ied, April 30, 1853, Miss Catherine B. Johnston. Children : Lemuel W., 

)ril 25, 1840 : Mary Emma, b. Tuly ii, 1842: William J., b. March 15, 

: Walter K., b. Sept. 3, 1855 ; i Jan. 18, 1874. 

Ji, Address : 739-41 Broadway, New Yorlc, N. Y. 


m, Aug. 28, 18 10, in Thompson, Windham Co., Conn. Brother of No. 4^ 
55, Agent for an Educational Society in the South. 1836-7, Taught m 
mbus, Ga. 1837, Joined Mississippi Conference, Methodist Episcopal 
ch. 1838, Taught in New Orleans, La. 1839, Tutor in the Col- 
of Louisiana, Jackson, La. 1840, Taught a private Academy in Clinton, 
1841, Health failed. 1842-5, Teacher of Languages, Norwalk SemiiJary, 
; Principal of same for some time. 1846, President of Baldwin Univer- 
Berea, Ohio. Died, Nov. 24, 1846, in Berea, Ohio. 

irried, June 13, 1839, Miss Almena Marietta Pelton of Chester, Mass. 
iren : Edward Champion, b. Nov. 13, 1840 ; d. April 28,1869: Wilbur 
, b. Feb. 6, 1843; d. Aus. 12, 1843: Susan Eliza, b. Sept. 13, 1844; d. 
:h 6, 1866 : Holden, b. July 9, 1847 ; d. April 19, 1848. 
h, Address of widow: Mrs. A. M. Bassett, Minneapolis, Minn. 


m, Feb. 21, 1814, in Derby, Conn. 

35-9, Taught in New York, N. Y. 1839-44, Traveled in the West for 

h. Died, Aug. 27, 1844, in Chardon, Geauga Co., Ohio. 


•m, Nov. 1, 1811, in Coeymans, Albany Co., N. Y. 

36, Teacher of Languages in Oneida Conference Seminary (now Central 
York Conference Seminary), Cazenovia, N. Y. 1837-41, Teacher of 
ish Literature in Albany Academy, N. Y. 1842-4, Principal of Vernon 
lemy, N. Y. 1845-8, Principal of Red Creek Academy, N. Y. 1848-50, 
:npal of Jordan Academy, N. Y. i8^i, Teacher of Mathematics in 
lyra Union School, N. Y. 1852-81, On his farm in Macedon Centre, N. Y. 
irried, May 1, 1838, Miss Elvira Pratt of Madison County, N. Y. Chil- 
: Theodore Henry, b. Feb. 15, 1839: Mary Adelaide, b. Jan. 14,1842; 
ied E. M. Fort : Augustus James, b. Dec. 29, 184J: Helen Elvira, b. 
1 27, 1846; married D. P. Bucklin : Charles Merwin, b. April 16, 1853. 
5i, Address: Macedon Centre, Wayne Co., N. Y. 


►m, Feb. 7, iSio, in Baltimore, Md. 

37-41, Engaged in dru^ business in Baltimore, Md. 1842, Joined Alabama 

crcncc, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1842, Stationed at Mobile, Ala. ; 


1843, 4» Demopolis; 1845, ^» Tuscaloosa; 1847, Montgomery; 1848-52, Ppl 
dras St, New Orleans, La. 1853-7, Presiding Elder of New Orleans Distric 
1858, 9, Stationed at Felicity St., New Orleans, i860. Presiding Elder < 
New Orleans District. 1861-4, Superintendent of Chaplains of C. S. A. wci 
of Mississippi River. 1865-70, Editor of The Ne7v Orleans Christian Advocai- 
and Presiding Elder of New Orleans District. 1870, Elected Bishop < 
Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 1873, Founded a Mission in Mexic 
Has received degrees of D.D. and I^L.D. See Bibliography. 

Married, 1842, Miss M. A. Spencer of Easton, Md. Children : Mary Anns 
b. Feb. 13, 1843 • Rebecca, b. Oct. 7, 1844; d. Sept. 8, 1845: Emma«Hoicombi 
b. Feb. 2, 1846: Christian, b. Dec. 23, 1847 : Sarah Dameron, b. Oct 8, 1845 
d. Oct. 15, 1851 : Sarah Louisa, b. Dec 9, 1851 ; d. June 13, 1869: John Oi 
mand, b. Aug. 17, 1854 : Samuel, b. Aug. 3, 1856. 

1 88 1, Address : New Orleans, La. 


Born, Jan. 10, 1813, in Wyoming Valley, Luzerne Co., Pa. 

1S35, Traveled in Europe. 1836, Teacher in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbra 
ham, Mass. 1838, Assistant Engineer on Western and Atlantic Railroad, Gs 
1839-40, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Wca 
leyan University. 1840-3, Professor of Mathematics and Civil Engineerioi 
Wesleyan University. 1843-8, Professor of Greek and Latin Languages 
Wesleyan University. 1848-61, Professor of Greek Language and Litcratur* 
Wesleyan University. 1861-81, In business in New York, N. Y. i87i-5,Tnu 
tee of Wesleyan University. 

Married, 1840, Miss Maria E. Potter. Children : Mary Josephine, b. Feb.? 
1841 : Charles Harvey, b. March 11, 1844; Class of 1864; Sarah Gcorgiana 
b. Jan. 21, 1854. 

1881, Address: 160 E. 6ist St., New York, N. Y. 


Bom, Jan. 26, 1807, J" Southbridge, Worcester Co., Mass. 
Taught one year in Monticello, Fla. 1838-50, Taught and preached ii 
Macon, Ga. Died, July 2, 1854. 
Married, Miss Lizzie Robinson ; deceased. Child: one ; died in infancy. 


Bom, Jul^ I, 18 1 7, in Middletown, Conn. 

1837-40, Traveled in Europe. 1843, Removed to Cleveland, Ohio. 184^ 
Admitted to the Bar. 1844-81, Practicing I^w in Cleveland, Ohio; engage 
extensively in mining iron ores at Marquette, on Lake Superior, and maw 
facturing the same in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 

Married, Sept. 24, 1850, Miss Georgiana F. Woolson, of Cleveland, Ohi« 
who died Nov. 2, 1853. Married, June 11, 1856, Miss Elizabeth L. Gwinn, ( 
Buffalo, N. Y. Children: Samuel, b. July 13,1851: Catharine Livingston* 
b. Sept 3, 1853: William Gwinn, b. Sept 22, 1857. 

1881, Address: Cleveland, Ohio. 


Born, Sept 9, 1810, in Harwich, Barnstable Co., Mass. Brother of No, 11. 

1836^-43, Professor of Ancient Languages in NIcKendree College, Lebanoi 
111 ; Acting President much of the time. 1843, Admitted to practice Law i 
the Supreme Court of Illinois, and located at Belleville, 111. 1844-9, Practice 
Law in Boston, Mass. 1849-81, Practicing Law in San Francisco, Cal. 185^ 
Admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of United States. 

Married, 1837, Miss Harriet M. Sage of Cromwell, Conn. 

1 88 1, Address : San Francisco, Cal. 

^35] ALUMNr RFXORI). 9 


Born, Nov. 7, 1812, in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Mass. 
1835-6, Studied in Medical Department of Yale College. 1S37, M.I)., Yale 
>]lege. 1837-51. Practiced Medicine in East Haddam, Conn. 1851-81, 
acticing in Middletown, Conn. See Bibliography. 

Married, Nov. 20, 1837, Miss Caroline Hubbard of Middletown, Conn., who 
;d Aug. 24, 1877. Children : Edward, b. Aug. 24, 1838 ; d. Sept. 2, 1872 : 
larlotte, b. July 29, 1840 ; married No. 861 ; d. Nov. 9, 1874 • Frederick B., 
Feb. 12, 1842; d. Jan. 20, 1843: Frederick B.. b. Nov. 15, 1843: Margaret, 
Nov. 10, 1845: Catharine H., b. March 11, 1848; d. March 26, 1852: Caroline 
, b. March 2h, 1851; d. Aug. 1, 1851 : Ellen A., b. March 18, 1853; d. March 

1S81, Address: Middletown, ('onn. 


Bom, June 24, 1810, in Glastonbury, Hartford Co., Conn. 
[83^ Classical Teacher, Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1836, 
incipal of Troy Conference Seminary, Poultney, Vt. 1837-40, Studied in 
leological Department, Yale College. 1840, Ordained Deacon in Protestant 
>iscopa] Church. 1840-1, Minister of St. Andrew's Church, Meriden, Conn. 
41, Ordained Priest. 1841-9, Rector of Trinity Church, Newtown. Conn. 
49, Resided Rectorship on account of disease of throat. 1850, Founder 
d Propnetor of St. Mark's Hall, Orange, N. Y. 1850-60, Rector of St. 
ark's Hall, i860. Removed to New York, N. Y. 1 861-2, Traveled. 1863-81, 
ector of Grace Church, South Oyster Bay, N. Y. 1869, Removed to Jamaica, 
. Y. 

Married, Nov. 15, 1840, Miss S. S. Mallory of Poultney, Vt. 
1881, Address: 9 Clinton Avenue, Jamaica, N. Y. 


Bom, Aug. 20, 1813, in Oneida County, near Utica, N. Y. 
^^3S"9. Teacher in Maine Wesleyan Seminary. 1839-41, Pastor of First 
Methodist Episcopal Church, Bangor, Me. 184 1, Principal of Providence 
Conference Seminary, East Greenwich, R. I. 1842, Pastor of Odeon Metho- 
dist Episcopal Church, Boston, Mass. 1843, Health failing, traveled South 
and \Vc8t. 1843-6, Professor of Greek and Hebrew languages and Litera- 
te in Indiana Asbury University. 1846, D.D., Ohio Wesleyan University. 
1846-52, Editor of TAe LxidUs' Repository, 1849, l->elivered lecture on the 
Career of Louis Kossuth, before the Legislature of Ohio. 1851-4, President 
of Genesee College and Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, N. Y. 1852, Dele- 
^te to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; LL.1)., Madison, 
^J^ersity. 1856-60, Pastor of First Methodist Episcopal Church, Bangor, Me. 
J^. Pastor of Mission Methodist Episcopal Church, Bangor, Me. 1861, Pastor 
^ Second Methodist Episcopal Church, Bangor, Me. ; elected Chaplain of ist 
^ame Cavalry. 1862, U. S. Consul at Stockholm, and Acting Minister to 
^^eden. 1864, Commissioner of Immigration from the North of Europe for 
^T State of Maine ; elected Member of the Geographical and Statistical So- 
ciety of New York. 1865, Elected Member of the Society of Arts of London, 
\°8land. 1866, Pastor of Central Methodist Episcopal Church, Portland, Me. 
' W, Kditor of The Northern Border. See Bibliography. 

Married, July 26, 1835, Miss Sarah Ann Dunn of East Poland, Me. Chil- 
J^«j: Roscoe Montfort, b. May 7, 1837; d. Sept. 15, 1838: William Roscoc, 
y % 17. 1840; d. July 8, 1844 : Henry Franklin, b. Feb. 21, 1842 : George 

•»b. June 19, 1845; ^- June 27, 187 1 : Annie Rich, b. Jan. i, 1848; married 
^•E. Rragg: Sarah Frances, b. Dec. i, 1850; d. March 21, 1856: Laura Jane, 

•K>'^. >852 ; married H. L. Bass: Willie Moore, b. Feb. 8, 1856. 

^^^y Address: East Poland, Androscoggin Co., Me. 

^°34i Residence : Elizabeth City, Pasquotank Co., N. C. 



Class of 1836. 


Born, Oct. 5, 1812, in Conway, Franklin Co., Mass. 

1836. Taught in Lowville, N. Y. 1837-9, Studied in Auburn Thcologi 
Stnynary. 1838, Teacher of Greek, Hebrew, and Latin in Oneida Conferer 
Seminary (now Central New York Conference Seminary), Cazenovia, N. 
1840-3, Principal of Fairfield Academy, N. Y. 1843-56, Principal of Onci 
Conference Seminary, Cazenovia, N. Y. 1850, D.D., Wesleyan Universi 
1856-81, Professor of Exegetical Theology in Garret Biblical Institute, ETva 
ton, 111. 1869-70, Traveled in Europe and the East. Delegate to Gene 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1864, 68, 72. See Bibliography. 

Married, Aug. 12, 1840, Miss Lucy Kimball of Lewis County, N. Y. CI 
dren : Mary 11., b. Sept. 18, 1841 ; married O. A. Willard : Henry M., b. July 
1844; A. M., M D. : Charles K.. b. Nov, 14, 1847; A. M., C. E.: Ellen 
b. May 6 1850; married O. H. Merwin : Lucy H., b. Jan. 15, 1855: John 
b. Nov. 15, i860. 

1881, Address: Evanston, Cook Co., 111. 


Born, Nov 21, 1814, in Springfield, Mass. 

1836-40, Civil Engineer in Louisiana. 1840-54, U. S. Surveyor. 1854 
Civil Engineer and Surveyor in Springfield, Mass. 1856-8, Assistant Engm 
of a railroad in Illinois. 1858-61, Principal Assistant Engineer and Sur>-e 
of railroads in Alabama and Florida. 1861, Entered C. S. Army ; Engineer: 
Artillerist, Army of Virginia. 1862-4, First Lieutenant in sanie. 1864 
Prisoner of war. 1865-81, Civil Engineer and Surveyor in Marion, Ala. 

1881, Address : Marion, Perry Co., Ala. 


Bom, May 9, 1809, in Torrey, Yates Co., N. Y. 

1837-8, Niade botanical collections in Virginia and Illinois. 1S38, Explo 
caves near Tuscumbia, Ala. 1839-40, Principal of AUenton Academy, Wil 
County, Ala. 1842, Discovered and obtained skeleton of Zeuglodon in CI 
County, Ala. ; traveled through Alabama, Tennessee, and the mountain! 
North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia ; discovered a new genus of pl^ 
( Buckleya, Torr.), and also twenty-four new species. 1842-3, Studied in Col 
of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, N. Y. 1843, Collected plants and si 
in Florida; discovered thirteen new species of shells. 1843-55, On h< 
stead farm. 18^5-6, In bookstore. Yellow Springs, Ohio. loCo, Determ 
barometrically the altitude of some of the highest mountains of North Care 
and Tennessee. The second highest mountain east of the Mississipf 
Buckley's Peak, Great Smoky Mountains, between North Carolina 
Tennesee. 1859^-60, Traveled South and West to collect materials for a I 
plement to Michaux and Nuttall's Sylva. 1860-1, Assistant Geologist 
Naturalist of the Texas Geological Survey. 1S62-5, Chief Examiner in 
tistical Department of U. S. Sanitary Commission. 1866-7, State Geol< 
of Texas. 1868, Made geological map of Texas for Hitchcock & Blake's < 
logical Map of the United States. 1871-2, Agricultural and Scientific Edit 
The State Gazette, Austin, Tex. 1872, Ph.D., Waco University, Texas. 187 
State Geologist of Texas ; prepared map of Texas for Prof. Bradley's Geolo] 
Chart of the United States. 1877-81, Engaged in preparing a work on 
Geology and N.ntural History of Texas. Member of various Scientific Soci< 
Founded Texas Association of Science. See Bibliography. 

Married, 1852, Miss Charlotte Sullivan of Naples, N. Y., who died 1854. 
ried, i8<;5. Miss Sarah Porter of Naples, N. Y., who died 1858. Married, 1 
Miss Lilmie Myers of Elbridge, N. Y. Children : Charlotte, b. April 7, i 
d. Jan., 1874: Carrie, b. Aug. 31, 1856: Mary, b. 1857 ; d. aged six months 

1881, Address: Austin, Tex. 




born, 1816, in.Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. 

After graduating, studied I^w. One of the early settlers of Sclnia Ala., where 
he resided for aI)out twenty-five years. Was Judge and an active member of the 
Dallas County Har. Member of various Scientitic Societies Died, Oct. 15, 
1S69, in Selma, Ala. 


Born. Oct. 7, 1814, in Caroline County, Va. 

1837-8, C<»tton-planter, Tunica Hills, La. i8j8-66. C!otton-planlcr, Wdk- 
inson County, Miss. ; continued to plant in Tunica Hills ; also owned large 
plantation in Madison Parish, La. Died, Oct. 5, 1866, in Saint Ix)uis, Mo. His 
literary lastesand religious nature found little encouragement in his surroundings ; 
and he never appeared in public except in defence of public sch(K»ls or moral 
refonn. During the War, his property was invaded by both parties: at its 
close he died, it was believed by those who knew him, a broken-hearted man. 

Married, Jan. 4, 1838, Miss Sarah IL McGehee, who died March 2. 1855. 
Married, Oct. 7, 1857, Miss Louise E. Landon, who died Sept. 19, 1862. Chil- 
dren : Annie McGehee, b. Dec. 22, 1839; mairied J. II. Kennard: Kale 
Florence, b. Aug. 15, 184 1 : Edward McGehee, b. Sept. 12. 1842; d. April 2, 
1876: John Williamj b. June 9, 1844; d. June, 1845: Beverly Scott, b. Dec. 
19, 1847; d. November, 1848: Mar^- Eugenia, b. July 30, 1852: Sarah Ix)uisa, 
b. Feb. 19, 1853; married Robert Semple. 


Born, Feb. 25, 1812, in Mount Desert, Hancock Co., Me. 

1836, Teacher of Mathematics and Mental Philosophy, Amenia Seminary, 
N. Y- 1S37-43, Principal of same. 1843, Joined New York Conference, Metho- 
dist Episcopal Church. 1843-4, Stationed at Winsted, Conn. : 1845, 6, Salis- 
bury; 1847, ^t Sullivan St., New York, N. V.; 1849, co,- Vestry St., New 
York; 1851, 2, Cannon St., Poughkeepsie. 1850, D.D., Weslcyan University. 
1S64-71, Bishop of Methodist Episcopal Church. 1867-71, President of Freed- 
men's Aid Society. President of Board of Trustees of NVesleyan Female 
College, Cincinnati, and of Ohio Wesleyan University. See Bibliography. 
Died, May 23, i87i,in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Marriea, 1838, Miss Mary J. Redman of Trenton, N. J. C'hildren: Frances 
Redman, b. May 18, 1840 ; graduate of Wesleyan Female College ; married 
W. B. Davis: M. Augusta, b. Nov. 30, 1842: Katie Redman, b. April 25, 1845; 
married E. W. Mullikin: Ella Fidelia Merrick, b. Aug 25, 1847; d. Oct. 24, 
1853: Davis W., b. July 28, 1849: .\nna Myra, b. Aug. 30. 1852 ; d. Sept. 22, 
1853: Jesse Redman, b. Oct. 31, 1854. 


Born, Feb. 9, 1810, in Bridgehampton, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

1S36, Private tutor in family of Judge McGehee, Wilkinson County, Miss. 
1836-45, Founder and Principal of McGehee .Academy, Woodville, Wilkinson 
Co., Miss. 1845-46, Principal of Galveston Academy, Tex. 1846-^6, President 
of Kutersvillc College, Tex. 1856-61, President of Soule University, Chappell 
Hill, Tex. 1861-I, On a plantation; also kept a boarding-.scho(»l. 1863-4, 
I'rincipal of a boarding-school, San Felipe, Tex. 1864-65, l*rincipal of Richmond 
Academy, Tex. 1865-9, Principal of a private school, 1 larrisburgh, Tex. 1869- 
77, In business with his son, Harrisburgh, Tex. 1877-80, In poor health. 
Died, Dec. 20, 18S0, in Harrisburgh, Tex. 

Married, June, 1838, Miss Mary S. C'hapman, Princij3al of Female Academy, 
Woodville, Miss., formerly uf Saybrook, Conn., who died Dec. 19, 1S76. Chil- 
dren: Mary Prudence, b. June 17, 1839; d. July 25, 1840: Edward Howd, b. 
July, 1841 ; d. October, 1841 : Lillie, b July 23, 1843 J d- '• W' illiam Gustavus, 
b. Feb. 28, 1846 : Ella N irton, b. March 3 185L 




Born, April 29, 1S17, in Cromwell, Middlesex Co., CTonn. 
1836-7, Studied Law. 183S, Studied in Union Theological Seminary, ' 
York, N. Y. Died, May 16, 1839, in Cromwell, Conn. 


Horn, Feb. 3, 1819, in Middletown, Conn. 

1836-7, Studied I^iw in Waterford, N. Y. 1837-40, Studied Law in T 
York, N. Y. 1840, Attorney at Law in New York, N. Y. 1843-80, Attorney 
Counsellor at l«iw in New York, N. Y. 1866-7, Member of Brooklyn Com' 
Council. 1867, Meml3cr of Stite Legislature from Brooklyn. Died, Au^- 
1880, in Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Married, Oct. 30, 1850, Miss Grace Webster Haddock of Hanover, N. H. ^ 
dren: Charles Iladdock, b. Oct. 14, 1851 ; d. March 5, 1857: Grace Web<s 
b. July 24, 1854 ; d. March 23, 1857 : Theodore Swan, b. July 29, 1856 ; d. Jat' 
1857: Guy, b. Oct. 26, 1858: Theodora, b. June 24, i860: Frank, b. Dec 
i8b2 : Grace Webster, b. June 11, 1874. 

1881, Address of widow : Marlborough, Ulster Co., N. Y. 


Born, Oct. 18, 18 15, in Darien, Genesee Co., N. Y. 

1836, Teacher of Languages in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. ; joined Gtn* 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; stationed at Rochester, N. Y. iS 
9, Missionary at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 1839, Traversed, as a missionary-^ 
lorer and Bible-distributor, the coast of Brazil, from San Paulo to the mc 
of the Amazon. 1841, Transferred to New Jersey Conference; stationer 
Paterson, N. J. 1843, Stationed at Trenton, N. J. 1844-56, CorresponC 
Secretary of Sunday-School Union ; Editor of Sunday-School Publicati 
and Tracts of Methodist Episcopal Church ; resided m New York, N- 
1851, D.D., McKendree College. 1852-3, Traveled in Europe, making spc 
observations upon Sunday-Schools and religious education. 1855, I^'I^-» ^ 
leyan University. 1856-71, Professor of Practical Theology in Garrett BibI 
Institute, Evanston, III. 1865, Member of General Centenary Commit 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 1871-81, Professor of Practical Theology 
Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, N. J. Delegate to General Conferei 
Methodist Episcopal (Church, 1852, 68. See Bibliography. 

Married, 18^6, Cynthia H. Russell of Salisbury of Conn., who died A" 
1840, in Rio dfe Janeiro, Brazil. Married, 1842, Miss Harriet Smith, Woi 
ington, Ohio. Children: Rowcnna, IL, b. 1837; d. Sept. 27, 1861 ; Henry 
b. 1839: Katie M.,b. Dec. 29, 1842 ; marritd Rev. G. E. Strobridge : Daniel 
b. Feb. 13, 1848: hlvalina E., b. Oct. 13, 1855; married Rev. J. O. Wilson. 

1881, Address: Madison, Morris Co., N. J. 


Born, Dec. 31, 1815, in Jefferson County, Miss. 

1S36-42, Cotton-planter in Warren County, Miss. 1842-50, Profcssoi 
Ancient Languages, Centenary College. 1850-5, Taught private school in Jj 
son, La. 1855-81, Founder and Principal of Collegiate Institute, Baton Roi 
La. 1861-;, superintendent of Public Education for 1 x>uisiana.' See Bibliogra| 

Marriecf, Nov. 22, 1837, Miss Mary Hangs, daughter of Rev. Heman Bai 
Children: Benjamin Drake, b. Sept. 27, 1838; A.IJ., Yale College, 1S56: J 
Burruss, b. Dec. 6, 1840 ; A.M., Centenary College: Sarah Burritt, b. Sep 
1842; d. July 17, 1844: Heman Bangs, b. Sept. 27, 1844; A.M., SouU; 
University: James Trueman, b. Nov. 10, 1846; d. Julv 31, 1857: Leonard ( 
ington, b. June 27, 1849; ^- ^c^- '2, 1S67 : Nathaniel Hawkins, b. Sept 
1851: Elizabeth Ann, b. Aug. 23, 1853; d. Oct. 20, 1867: William How 


K Aug. 29, 1856; A.B., University of Mississippi, 1879: Aaron Burritt, b. Sept. 13, 
S58 ; d. Aug. 8, 1859: Albert Sidney Fohnston, b. May 6, 1862: Stephen 
Uexander, b. June 4, 1864 ; d. Nov. i, 18&. 
1881, Address: Baton Rouge, East Baton Kouge Co., La. 


Born, April 17. 181 1, in Victor, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

1836, Taught in West Farms, N. Y. Teacher of Ancient Languages in 
Iraenia Seminary, N. Y. 1838, Teacher of Mathematics, Troy Conference 
Academy, Poultney, Vt. 1839, Engineer on New York Canals. 1841, Princi- 
•al of Lockport Academy, N. Y. 1845, Principal of Fayetteville Academy, 
i. Y. 1851, I'rincipal of High School, Brighton, Mich. 1852, l^rincipal of 
Jnion School, Flint, Mich. 1854, Taught in Victor, N. Y. 1860-3, I'-ngagcd in 
irming in Victor, N.Y. Died, June 15, 1863, in Victor, N. Y. 

Married, Aug. 7, 1842, Miss Sylvia C. Sharp of Barnard, Vt. Children: 
Villiam Henry, b. May, 1843: Daniel Sharp, b. December, 1844: Erastus 
imiih, b. March, 1846: Royal Sharp, b. July, 1848 : Joel Brace, b. June, 1851 : 
'>ancis Addison, b. January, 1856: Walter Spencer, b. May, i86a 

1881, Address of widow: South Bend, St. Joseph Co., Ind. 


Born, Oct. 21, 1814, in Cumberland, Providence Co., R. I. 

1836, Tutor in College of Louisiana, Jackson, La. 1838, Tutor in Ancient 
^nguages in same. 1845, Principal ot High School, Feliciana, La. 1846, 
^incipal of Preparatory Department, Centenary College, Jackson. La. i860, 
Assistant Professor of Ancient Languages, Centenary College. 1861, Mayor 
►f Jackson, La. 1865, Acting Professor of Mathematics, Centenary College. 
873-1881, Teaching a school for boys, Jackson, La. 

Married, 1840, Miss Ellen R. BuUard of Jackson, La. Children : Marv 
Ulcn, b. Julv 18, 1841; d. July 14, 1850: William Allen, b. July 14, 1852; cl. 

iog- 15* "^5^. 
1881, Address: Jackson, East Feliciana Co., La. 


Born, July 26, 1S07, in Simsbury, Hartford Co., Conn. 

1836, Teacher of Moral Science and Belles-lettres in Genesee Wesleyan 
Seminary, Lima, N. Y. 1837-44, Principal of same. 1844, 5, Stationed at 
Pirst C!hurch, Rochester, N. Y.; 1846, 7, St. John's (now .Asbury) (!hurch, 
Kochester ; 1848, 9, Pearl St., Buffalo ; 1850, i, Swan St. (now Grace Church), 
Buffalo; 1852, 3, First Church, Ixjckport. 1S44-51, Trustee of Wesleyan 
University. 1854-5, Principal of Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, N. Y. 
1856, D.D , Wesleyan University. 1856-7, Principal of Genesee Model School, 
Lima, N. Y. 1858, Stationed at Com Hill Church. Rochester, N. Y. 1859-60, 
Mncipal of Dansville Seminary, N. Y. 1861-2, Stationed at Albion, N. Y.; 
863, Grace Church, Buffalo; 1864-6, Batavia; 1867-9, Albion; 1871, 2, Lock- 
K>rt; 1873, Niagara Falls. 1874, Superannuated. Received D.D. a second 
ime. Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1844, 8. 
)ied, Oct. 22, 1874, in Lockport, N. Y. 

Married, April 15, 1839, Miss Eliza S. Rogers of White Plains, N. Y., who 
icd Sept. 1, 1852. Married, Sept. 15, 1853, Miss Sarah A. (donkey of Lockport, 
i. Y. Children: Eliza Cordelia, b. Feb. 26, 1S40: Schuyler Fisk, b. July 6, 
842; A. B., Genesee College, i860: James Henry, b. Dec. 27, 1846: Mary 
Vugasta, b. April 12, 1848: William Perl, b. Feb. 28, 1852: Stephen Olin, 

1881, Address of widow: Lockport, N. \. 

14 \veslp:yan universitv. [1836 


lk>rn, Feb. 19. 1813, in Exeter, Wasliington Co., R. I. 

1836, Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in McKendrce Col- 
lege, Lebanon, 111. 1845, Principal of Hillsborough Academy, 111.; Professor oj 
Mathematics and Languages in Kemper ('ollege. Mo. 1846, Professor «» 
Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, < )'Fallon University, Mo. 1S48, Teacher 
of Mathematics, Languages, and Natural Science in Freeland Seminary, l*^ » 
Ll^D., (V Fallon University. 1851, Principal of Montgomery Female Senaw*" 
ary. Pa. 1S53-81, Principal of Pennsylvania Female College, Collcgevillc, I**- 
18(^)9-73, Professor of Natural Sciences in Ursinus College, Pa. iSji-^** 
Banker, Collegcville, Pa. 

Married, Sept. 12, 1842, Miss Luanna S. Munson of Wecdsport, N- ^• 
Children : Henry Fillcy, 1». March 29, 1844 ; d. March jo, 1844: Eugene I^cKoy. 
b. March 28, 1849; d. Jan. 18, 1852: Ida Gertrude, b. March 13, 1S53: VM^ 
Minnehaha, b. Feb. 9, 1854; d. Jan. 28, 1857. 

1881, Address; Collegeville, Montgomery Co., Pa. 


Born, Dec. 5, 1816, in Berne, Albany Co., N. Y. 

1836-1;, Studied Law in Albany, N. Y. 1839, Admitted to practice in c<:>«>""^ 
of New York. 1845, Appointed Master in Chancery. 1851-6, City Reco*'^^'^' 
Albany, N. Y. 1859, Member of legislature of New York. 1873-81, l*rs»<^^**- 
ing I^w. 

1881, Address: .Albany, N. Y. 

♦ *♦■ 

Class of 1837 


Born, Sept. 17, 181 7, in Wilmington, New Hanover Co., N. C. ^ 

1837, Taught in Kentucky; joined Kentucky Conference, Methodist Episc*;^^ 
Church. 1843, Professor in Transylvania University (now University of 1'*^^ 
tucky), Ixrxington, Ky. lii$o-4, lA'xtov oi VV/d Quar/fr/y /fdvitiv {South). 1854^"^^ 
President of Saint Charles College, Mo. 1861-3, President of Central Coll«^^ 
Fayette, Mo. Was ( haplain, C. S. Army. 1 863-69, Stationed in I^uisville, 
1869-73, President oi Florence University, .Ala. 1873-6, President of Univer' 
Public Schools, Louisville, Ky. 1876-9, President of Wcslcyan College,--^ 
Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, i8so» ■^- 
62^ 70. D.D., Wofford College, S. C, and Southern University, Ala. 

Married, Mav, 1844, Miss Rosa II. Field of Richmond, Ky., who died Mai^^ 
1850. Marriecf, Fe])ruary, 1853, Miss Helen M. Richardson of Ijouisville, 
Children: ICli/.a (.'hanibers, b. May, i860: William Henry, b. May, 1866: th- 
daughters ; decease*). 

1881, Address: IJrooksville, Bracken Co., Ky. 


Born, about 1815, in Carmel, Putnam Co, N. Y. ^^ 

1837, Studied I^w in New York, N. Y. 1840-81, Practicing Ijuvi in N ^ 
York, N. Y. 186S, Traveled with his family in Europe. 
Married daughter of Stewart F. Randolpti. 
1881, Address: 15 W. 29th Street, New York, N. Y. 


46. *('HAkI.KS COLIJNS. 

\pril 17, 18 13, in North Yarmouth, Cumberland Co., Me. 
, Principal of High School, Augusta, Me. iSjcS, Joined Maine (^onfer- 
thodist Episcopal Church ; elected President of Kmoryand Henry Col- 
Transferred to Holston Conference. 1S50, Delegate to (icneral (V)n- 
Vfcthodist Episcopal Church, South. 1X51, D. I)., Centenary College, 
onic College, Mo., and Dickinson College, l*a. 1852, Elected President 
ison College, Pa. 1860-75, Proprietor and President of State Female 
near Memphis, Tenn. See Bibliography. Died, July 10, 1S75, in 
, Tenn. 

d, July 13, 1S41, Miss Harriet N. Hart. Children: Narcissa, d. Nov. 
: Mary lx>ngley; d. 1879: Charles Standish : Hannah Elizabeth: 
Hart: Wilbur Fisk ; d., aged one year: Harriet: James Marshall; 
879; d. Sept. 25, 187S: Lily Greenwood ;d.Jan. 19, 1862: Horatio King. 


ibout 1S12. in Coventry, Tolland Co., Conn. 

Teacher of Languages in Troy Conference Academy. 1840, Principal 

lence Conference Seminary, R. I. 1843, Removed to Georgia. 1845, 


d, 1841, Miss Hannah Anderson; deceased. Children: two; both d. 



Nov. 26, 1809, near Peekskill, Westchester Co., N. Y. 
(Principal of Troy Conference Academy. 1839, Professor in Georgia 
Tollege, Macon, Ga. 1841, Entered Georgia Conference, Methodist 
.1 Church. 1844, Transferred to New York Conference. 1852, D.D., 
1 University. 1854, President of Indiana Asbury University, Greencas- 
1857, Returned to New York East Conference. 1857, Stationed at 
lird Street, Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y.; 185S, 9, Middletown, Conn.; i860, 
Lochelle, N. Y.; 1862, 37th Street, New York. N. Y. 1862-81. Trus- 
esleyan University. 1864-76, Editor of TAt Christian Advocate^ New 
Y. 1876-80, Editor of The National Repository. 1878, LL.D., S)Ta- 
versity. 1880-1, Associate Editor of The Methodist^ New York, N. Y. 
tioned at Szd Street, New York, N.Y. 1881, Delegate to the Methodist 
cal Conference. 1 )elegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal 
i860, 64, 68, 72, 76, 80. See Bibliography. 

d, Feb. 16, 1838, Miss Mary Halsted. White Plains, N. Y. Children : 
b. June 5, 1840: Edward Coxe, b. Octolxjr, 1842; d. January, 1846: 
5hav, b. April, 1845; ^' ^^- 7* 1852: David Stanford, b. July, 1849; 
, 1852. 
Vddrcss : 17 W. i32d Street, New York, N. Y. 


fuly 22, 1813, in Thompson, Windham Co., Conn. Brother of No. 16. 

1, Principal of Mount Vernon Academy, III. 1840, A.M., McKendree 

1841, Returned to the East. 1843, Principal of lulwardsvillc Academy. 

rwards Principal of High School, Payson, Adams Co., 111. 1848-54, 

I Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute, Iowa. ; and in one or two other 
1854-6, Principal of North Hebron Institute, Washington Co., N. Y. 
leoTroy Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1856-63, Stationed 
ely in Bristol, Vt.; Salisbury; Chester, Mass.; Nassau, N. Y.; Peters- 
1865, Retired from Conference. 1863-73, In business in Boston, Mans.; 

II Dudley, Mass. 1873-81, Residing in Dudley, Mass. 



Married, March 24, 1840, Miss Mahal.i P. Casey, who died March, iS4*- 
Married, June 4, 1843, Miss Ruth G. Ryder of Massachusetts, who died iS44- 
Married, April 6, 1848, Miss Jane E. Hoar of Payson, III., who died 1854- 
Mariied, April 26, i860, Mrs. Ix)uisa h. Dixon of Dudley, Mass. Childrcr* - 
Samuel L., 1>. March 15, 1841 ; member of Illinois legislature: Wilbur F., ^- 
July 5, 1844: Elizabeth S., b. May S, 1849: Quincy, b. May 30, 1S54: also one 
son^ d. 

1S81, Address: Dudley, Worcester Co., Mass. 


Itorn, April 18, 1816, in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Mass. 

1837, Principal of Seminary, South New Market, N. H. 1839, Professor <>J 
Philosophy and Mathematics in Emory and Ilenrj' College, Va. 1842, Joir»c<* 
Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1848-52, Presiding Eld^^ 
of Sandwich District. 1852, j, Stationed at Mathewson St., Providence, K. X- ; 
1^54. 5f I'^Jni St., New Hedford, Mass. 1856-66, Principal of Rock River Con- 
ference Seminary, Mount Morris, 111. 1869-73, l*residing Elder of New Bedfore 
District, I'rovidence Conference. 1873, 4, Stationed at Bristol, R. I.; iST'S^ 
Center Church, Brockton, Mass.; 1876, 7, Thames St., Newport, R. I. iS^S, 
Superannuated. 1879-81, Traveled in the West for health. Delegate to G^**" 
eral Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1852, 64, 72, Died, Jan. 21, i5Si« 
in Omaha, Nebr. 

Married, Aug. 27, 1838, Frances A. Winsor of Duxbury, Mass. Childr^*** 
Julius I., b. Oct. 28, 1839; d. May 7,1872: Elizabeth F, b. Oct 12, 184-^' 
Juliet, b. Feb. 26, 1845: Ephraim Wiley, b. Sept. 30, 1848: William ThoBB^p- 
son, b. Feb. 14, 1855: Frederick Pease, b. Dec 12, 1856. 


Born, Feb. 14, 1807, near Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Pa. 

1837, Taught in Somerville, Tenn. i8j9, Taught in Memphis, Tenn. 18 ,^*T 
Joined Memphis Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South ; stationedl>_ ^ 
Aberdeen, Miss. i853,Transferred to Mississippi Conference, stationed at Vic"^ ^^ 
burgh. Died, Nov. 5, 1855, in Vicksburgh, of yellow fever, while attending I 

Married, Dec. 2^, 1837, Miss Jane Tobey of Middletown, Conn., who di 
Jan. 16, i860. Chddren : Wilbur Fisk, b. March 24, 1839: Julia A., b. Jan. 
1842; married O. M. Enlow: William Lewis, b. November, 1845; d. i" 
Mary Eliza, b. July 16, 1848 ; married J. M. Hogshead. 




Bom, June 19, 1812, in New Hartford, Litchfield Co., Conn. 

1837, Engaged in the manufacture of machinery. 1838-41, Principal 
Sumter Academy, Sumterville, S. C. 1841, Engaged in tne manufacture 
pins in Birmingham, Conn. 1844, Invented the jack-chain machine, applied 
the manufacture of well-chain, at the rate of a yard a minute. Went to Ei 
land with jack-chain, hook-and-cve, and pin machines, and established a iiianu 
factory of hooks and eyes in Rcdditch. 1846-55, Manufactured surgical instru-^^ 
nients in Birmingham, Conn. 1S49, Invented a dovetailing machine. 185: ^^ 
Invented a type-distributing machine, which distributes 120 types per minut 
1853, Invented an adjustable obstetrical forceps. 1855, Removed to New Yoi 
City to educate his claughter in music. 1856-62, Merchant and manu^cture^^ 
<^f dental supplies. 1857, Defendant's Expert in suit of Singer vs, Grover 9^ 
Baker and Wheeler & Wilson. i86;j-6, Officer of the Customs. 1864, Haint-^ 
ifTs Expert in phonographic copy-right suit, Graham vs. Pitman. 1867-^ !*• 
Euro})c with his daughter. Elstablished in London a manufactory of hat% 
under the patent of his brother. 1869, Made an adding apparatus. 1870-Sly 
Engaged in experiments. 1878, In Europe ; chiefly at the Paris Exposition. 

Married, Aug. 25. 1837, Miss Jane Elizabeth Crosby of Middletown, Conn. 


1 : Clara Jane : Albert Henry : Clara Louise. The first two died very 
The last is the celebrated singer, — the first American operatic singer 
i wholly in this country before going upon the stage. 
Address : C2Lre of H. G. Stebbins & Son, P. O. Box 1 129, New York, N. Y. 


about 1817, in Baltimore, Md. 

(about). Studied Law in Dickinson College. Died, December, 1837, 

sle. Pa., from the rupture of a blood-vessel m playing foot-ball. 


1817, in I^wviUe, Lewis Co., N. Y. 

40, Tutor in Weslcyan University. 1840-56, Principal of Classical 
ly, Philadelphia, Pa.' 1856-63, Pastor of Moyamensing Presbyterian 
, Philadelphia. 1863-74, Pastor of Fourth Presbyterian Church, Phila- 
1858-81, Recording Secretary of Presbyjterian Board of Publication. 
, Stated Clerk of Presbytery of Philadelphia. 1866, D.D., Wesleyan 
;ity. 1872-81, Stated Clerk of the Synod of Philadelphia. 1878-^ 
Stated Clerk. of Presbyter)' of Philadelphia. Member of General As- 
Presbyterian Church, 1865, 8. Member of Philadelphia Academy of 
Sciences. See Bibliography. 

icd, July 7, 1840, Miss Elizabeth McDowell of Philadelphia, Pa. Chil- 
ohn McDowell, b. Sept. 19, 1841 ; A.B., A.M., M.D., University of 
Ivania ; A.M., College of New Jersey and Wesleyan University ; Sur- 
. S. Navy; d. July 13, 1868: Henrietta Kollock, b. July 11, 1843: Clara 
, b. Aug. 7, 184J : Willard Martin, b. Dec. 28, 1849 : Susan McDowell, 
12, 1851 : Emeline Elton, b. May 3, 1861 : four others ; d. 
Address : 1334 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


, about 181 3. 

^yman in Methodist Episcopal Church, afterward in Protestant Epis- 
"burch. For some time in South Carolina. 1859, Went to Texas. 
'cb. 18, 187 1. 

Residence : Windham, Bradford Co., Pa. 


» A**g- 5» 1813, in Stonington, New London Co., Conn. 

Teacher of Natural Science, Gouverneur Wesleyan Seminary, N. Y. 
Teacher of Natural Science in Troy Conference Academy ; joined 
onfcrence, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1846, President of \icKendree 
\ Lebanon, ill. 1850, Pro'essor of Natural Philosophy and Chemistry 
cinson College, Carlisle, Pa. D.D., Alleghany College. 1854-62, Mis- 

to Fuh Chau, Ch na. 1862, Keturnecl to America ; stationed at 
Second St., Troy, N. Y.; 1865, 6, Staie St., Troy ; 1868-70, Piltsfield, 

1871, 2, Amsterdam, N. Y. 1872-6, Editor of TAf lAuiies' KeposUory^ 
laii, Ohio. i877-:8i, Superanuated. Delegate 10 General Conference, 
list Episcopal Church, 1868, 72, 76. See lii liography. 
icd, 1839, Mary Alexander of De Kalb, N. Y., who died, 1852. Mar- 
54, Anna M. Lewis of Westchester, Pa., who died, 1855. Married, 1859, 


Phebc E. Potter of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., who died, 1874. Children: Tan 
Lemuel, b. 1841 ; d. 1877: Anna Lewis, b. 1855: Louis Miller, b. 1862: Nc 
Louise, b. 1864: George Edmund, b. 1866: Ellen Saxe, b. 1867 : Cornelia C 
verse, b. 1869: Maggie Harris, b. 1874 : three others; d. in infancy. 
1881, Address : Sandy Hill, Washington Co., N. Y. 


Born, Oct. 6, 181 4, in Melrose, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

1837, Principal of High School, Augusta, Me. 1838, Professor of Anci 
Languages in Emory and Henry College, Emory, Va. 1852-81, President 
Emory and Henry College. 1852, D.D., Genesee College. Member of G 
eral Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1854, 58, 62, 66, 70, 
78. Chaplain, during the late War, at the hospital at Emory and Henry Coll€ 
1 88 1, Delegate to Methodist Ecumenical Conference. 

Married, Feb. 18, 1839, Miss Elizabeth H. Hammond of Middletown, C<M 
who died May 11, 1867. Married, Oct. 3, 1870, Miss Lizzie J. Reeves of Jo* 
borough, Tenn. Children : Margaret Ann, b. Feb. 9, 1840 : Frances Elizabictb 
Sept. 6, 1841 : William Harlow, b. May 29, 1845 : Virginia Watson, b. Oct 
1847 '• ^Jin Fisk, h. Dec. 29, 1849: George Ephraim, b. Oct. 19, 1851 : Cha.i 
Sherwood, b. Oct. 31, 1854; d. July i, 1855: Mary Helen, b. July 21, i^: 
Edward Emerson, b. Aug. 7, 1875: Garland Somers, b. Sept. i, 1079. 

188 1, Address : Emory and Henry College, Emory, Washington Co., Va- 

• ♦• 

Class of 1838 


Horn, 1816, in Seneca, Seneca Co., N. Y. 

1838, Principal of an Academy in Elmira, N. Y. 1841, Teacher in One 
Conference Seminary (now Central New York Conference Seminary) Cazcno" 
N. Y. 1844, Teacher in Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, N. Y. i^ 
Principal of same. 1849-64, Professor of Mathematics in Genesee CoU^ 
part of the time Acting President, i860, LL.D., Wesleyan University. r>i 
Sept. 12, 1864, in Lima, N. V. 


Born, Dec. 14, 18 14, in Phelps, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

1838, Taught in Vienna, N.Y.; joined Genesee Conference, Methodist Episco' 
Church, and was stationed at Barrington ; discontinued at his own request. St 
ied medicine a few months. 1840, Preached part of the year in Le Roy, N. 
1841-2, Teacher of Natural Science in Gouverneur Wesleyan Seminary, N. 
1842, Joined Black River Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1^43, S 
tioned at Ogdensburg, N.Y. 1844, Stationed at Syracuse. While there, elect 
teacher of Natural Science in Oneida Conference Seminary (now Central N 
York Conference Seminary), Cazenovia, N.Y, 1850, Appointed by Mission; 
Board of Methodist Episcopal Church to establish an institution of learning 
California; opened a Classical School in San Jose, Cal. 1850-2, Prina 
of same. 1852, Opened Preparatory Department of University of the Pad 
Santa Clara, Cal. 1854, Resigned, and was stationed at Folsom St. (n 
Howard St.) Church, San Francisco. 1855, Opened Oak Grove Institi 
Alameda, Cal. i8$6, 7, Stationed at Powell St., San Francisco. i8j8 
Presiding Elder of Petaluma District, California Conference. 1859^ Presid 



f £Wer of Marysville District. i86d, Delegate to General Conference, Methodist 

^pacopal Church. 1860-7, President of University of the Pacific, Santa Clara. 

joOj, D.D., Dickinson College. 1867-70, Presiding Elder of San Francisco 

district. 1870, I, Stationed at Marysville. Died, Sept. 27, 187 1, in Marysville, 

Man-ied. 1S42, Miss Elizabeth G. Mannering, Preceptress of Gouverneur 
Wes/eyan Seminarv. Children : Edward, b. April, 1844 ; A.B., University of the 
Pacific, 1864: Mary Elizabeth, b. 1846: Alfred, b. 1848; A.B., Univcrsitj- of the 
Padfic. 1867 : Clara Hesperia, b. 1854 : Alice, b. 1859 : Bertha Mannering, d. 1865. 


BoTx^, July 4, 18 18, in Springfield, Mass. 

183&— ^, Taught and botanized in Northern Alabama. 1879, Visited Texas. 
1^39^51' *» Botanized and geologized in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North 
Carolina^ Virgini2^ Pennsylvania, and New York. 1842-3, Studied Law. 1844-9, 
Engage<j in farming. 1849-52, Botanized and geologized in Baldwin County, 
.\la.; nearly completed survey of Gulf Coast from Mobile to Pensacola. 
[^52-^, Teacher of Natural Science, Newark Wesleyan Seminary, N.J. 1856-7, 
PracticaJ and Analytical Chemist, Newark. 1858, Superintendent of Passaic 
Chemical Works, N. J. 1860-1, Investigated pyritous gold mine in Gaston 

K "u^* N. C. 1861, In Plainfield. N. J. 1862, Erected Chemical Works on 
^•J^^^icison, near Fort Lee. 1863-6, Surveyed the Copper Regions of N.J. 
1867-^ Resided in Newark, N. J. 1869, Taught in Farrand's Collegiate School. 

«^^^*^ for Baltimore Copper Co. works for manufacture of sulphuric acid. 
^?72-3, Teacher of Latin and Greek in Harrison's Polytechnic School^ New 
Vwk, Isj Y 1873-81, Manufacturer of Chemicals, Newark, N. J. 
, 'r?"'"i«d, July II, 1843, Miss Elizabeth Shattuck. Children : Frank Rolston, 

o 12, 1847: Mary Elizabeth, b. April 4, 1849: Arte Herbert, b. Dec. 23, 


*^»» Address: 39 Franklin St., Newark, N.J. 


^^^^ April 13, 18 1 2, in Mason, Hillsborough Co., N. H. 

i8jS, Preached and taught school in Litchfield, Conn. 1839, Joined New 
J-Qgl^tid Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1839, Stationed at South 
Hadlcy^ Mass. ; 1840, i, Stafford Springs, Conn. 184 1, By division of Confer- 
ence, V>ecame member of Providence Conference. 1842, Stationed at Thomp- 
'?°^*^le,Conn. ; 1843, Eastford. 1844, 5, Mystic; 1846, East Greenwich, R. I. 
Jf47» I^calih failed : supernumerary. 1848, 9, Stationed at South Glastonbury, 
Una. ; 1850, Rockville ; 185 1, 2, Hazard>^lle ; 1853, 4, Quarryville ; 1855, 6, 
tolchestcr; 1857, 8, Danielsonville. 1859-61, Presiding Elder of New London 
district 1861, 2, Stationed at Portland, Conn; 1863-5, Uncasville; 1866, 7, 
Worth Grosvenor Dale ; 1868, Norwich Town ; 1869, 70, Warehouse Point ; 

j7^» ^» Bumside ; 1873, Windsorville. 1874, Health failed ; superannuated. 
1S?5» C, Stationed at Gurleyville, Conn. ; 1877-9, Staffordville ; 1880, i. West 

p,J*^*"ricd, June 16, 1839, Miss Elizabeth Smith of Winchendon, Mass. 

S« ^"* ^^^y ^'* ^- ^^"^^ ^» ^^4' = ^"^" ^'' ^- ^^^y 2, 1850. 
^°^J, Address : West Thompson, Windham Co., Conn. 


^^, Aug. 3, 1813, in East Hartford, Hartford Co., Conn. 

,^^40, M.D., Yale College. 1844-50, Practiced medicine in Middletown, 
^^- '8S'~3» ^" business in New York. 1854, Returned to Middletown ; 
Scjetary of Air Line R.R. Died, May 21, 1855, in Middletown. 

Married, Mav 11, 1841, Miss Mary E. Starr. Children: Edward Hamilton, 
^ April ic, 1842; d. April 2, 1863; William Starr, b. July 10, 1847; d. 
^% 26, 1847: Mary Townsend, b. July 10, 1847; d. Aug. 3, 1847; Mary 
Gface, b. May 20, 1849; Enaily Anna, b. April 25, 1855 ; d. Oct. 14, 1873. 

i^l. Address of widow : Middletown, Conn. 



Born, Dec. 4, 18C9, in Portland. Me. 

Some lime Principal of Grammar School, New London, Conn. Aftc 
Teacher of Languages in Weslcyan Academy, Wilbraham. Mass., 
English and German Seminary, Evansville, Ind. 187 1, Member of the 
of Shakeis, Watervlict, N.Y. ; Teacher of the children of the family. i{ 
Postmaster, Sonyea, Livingston Co., N.Y. 

Mirried, July 22, 1841, Miss Rebecca Doane, of Orleans, Mass., wV 
Oct. 29. 1853. Children: Ellen D., b. Aug. 31, 1842; Henry A., b. 1 
1844; James W., b. May 2, 1848; Isabella H., b. May 5, 1850; Reb< 
March 7, 1852. 

1881, Address : Sonyea, Livingston Co., N.Y. 


Bom, Jan. 19, 1S12, in Bethlehem, Grafton Co., N. H. 

1838-40, Teacher of Natural Science in Amenia Seminary, N.Y. 
Principal of Pennington Seminary, N.J. 1843, Joined New Jersey Coni 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 1047, Transferred to New England Coni 
1847, ^> Stationed at Saugus, Mass. ; 1849, Union Church, C^arlestown ; 
Centenary Church, Boston. 1852, Hanover St., Boston. 1853, Transfc 
Wisconsin Conference, and appointed President of Lawrence University. 
D.D., McKendree College. 1855, D. D., Harvard University. 1857-6C 
ber of the lioard of Regents of N«)rmal Schools in Wisconsin. 1859, 
tioned at Summerfield Church, Milwaukee. 1861, Transferred to Ne 
land Conference ; Member of Board of Examiners, Harvard University. 
2, Stationed at Harvard St., Cambridgeport, Mass. ; 1863, Meridian St., 
1864-74, Principal of Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1874. 
fcrrcd to South Carolina Conference. 1874-81, President of Ciafiin Un 
and State Agricultural College. Orangcburgh, S. C. Delegate to Gener 
ference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1856, 60, 80. 

Married, July 29, 1039, Miss Mary Locke Emery of Kennebunk. Me. 
ren: Josephine Emery, b. Sept. 12, 1840; married A. R. Dyer: Wilbu 
b. Feb. 17, 1842; d. Oct. 21, 1842: Mary Eliza, b. July 21, 1845 ; man 
R, Wright. 

1881, Address : Orangeburgh, Orangeburgh Co., S.C. 


1837, Residence : Baltimore, Md. 

1839-47, Principal of Grammar School, Baltimore, Md. Studied 1 
Baltimore. 1861-3, In U.S.A. Afterwards taught, until 187 1, a C 
School in Dover, Del. 187 1, Returned to Baltimore, Md. 1873-81, Cler 
Post Office Department, Washington, D.C. Residing at 192 1 Vermont Av 

Married, 1870. 

1881, Address : Contract Office, Post Office Department, Washington 


Bom, March 15, 181 5, in Franklin, Delaware Co., N. Y. 

1838-46, Principal of D.'laware Literary Institute. 1846, Joined Nen 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1846, 7, Stationed at Cof 
N.Y. ; 1848, 9, Durham; 1850, Windham; 18^1, 2, New York, N. Y.; 
Rondout ; 1855, 6, Poughkeepsie ; 1857, 8. Middletown ; 1859, 60, Cox 
1861, 2, Saugerties. 1863-7, Principal of Delaware Academy, Delhi, 
1868, Stationed at Hudson, N. Y.; 1869, Carmel ; 1870, i, Amenia; 
Shrub Oak; 187 j-7. Great Barrington, Mass.; 1878, Germantown, 
1879, 80, Dover Plains ; 1881, Golden's Bridge. 

1838.] ALUMNI RECORD. 21 

Married, March 39, 1842, Miss Mary A. White of Walton, N.Y., Preceptress 
af Delaware Literary Institute. Children: Theodore, b. March 30, 1844 ; A.H., 
Vale College. 1864: James Seelcy, b. December, 1847: Arthur, b. July, 1849: 
Wi lliam Piatt, b. November, 185 1 ; LL.B., Columbia College, 1873 • Mary Anna, 
l>. TVov'mber, 1853; d. July 24, 1861 ; Silas Hedding (No. ii'48), b. Dec. 8, 
rS^;: Isabella, b. November, 1858. 

1881, Address: Golden*s Bridge, Westchester Co., N.Y. 


^ ¥ 8^7, Residence : Hartford, Conn. Soon after graduating, studied Law in 
C ixicinnati, Ohio. 1840, Opened an office in Hamilton, Ohio. Soon returned 
to Cincinnati, where he remained, and married. Died, 1847. Left a widow and 

J'veral children. 


Item, Feb. 6, 18 18, in Providence, R.I. 

1839, Assistant Engineer on New York and Erie Railroad. 1840-3, Assist- 
•-^t Engineer on Troy and Schenectady Railroad ; resided in Troy, N.Y. 
^^43-4, Engaged in building the Railroad from Hartford to Springfield ; settled 
^ Springfield, Mass. 1845, Bridge-builder and machinist. 1852-3, Partner in 
^« contract to build the New Haven and New London Railroad. 1855-79, 
*^«"esidcnt of Connecticut River Railroad Co. 1859, Visited St. Petersburg 
^^d Moscow on railroad business ; also traveled in Switzerland, i860, Mayor 
^ Springfield, Mass. 1868-79, Presideit City Library Association, Springfield, 
^ass. 1869-70, Government Director, Union Pacific Railroad Co. Member 
^f the Massachusetts House of Representatives, 1857, 63, 67, 70 and 73. Died, 
J*>lyii, 1S79. in Springfield, Mass. 

Married. May 25, 1843, ^*^s H. O. Corson of Canastota, N.Y. Children ; 
*^gar L.. b 1844; d. 1848 : twin daughters, b. Aug. 9, 1846 ; d. Aug. 10, 1846 : 
^'orinne, b. Aug. 31, 1848: Harriet B., b. 1850; d. 1852: Azariah B., b. March 
?• 1853 * Sarah Jane, b. April 26, 1854 : Eliza J., b. Jan. 26, 1856 : Ambia C, 
t>- May 28, 1859: Henrietta C, b. June 20, 1861 : Cornelia H., b. July 10, 

'881, Address of widow : Springfield, Mass. 


^om, April 8, 1814, in Camillus, Onondaga Co., N.Y. 

1838-42, Teacher of Ancient Languages in Oneida Conference Seminary 
iTJpw Central New York Conference Seminary), Cazenovia, N.Y. 18;^, Joined 
^eida Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1842, 3, Stationed at Utica, 
^- *". : 1S44, S» Ithaca; 1846, 7, Wilkes Barre. Pa.; 1848. Wyoming; 1849, 
J *ford, N.Y. 1850, Transferred to Troy Conference. 1850, i. Stationed at 
J^'^singburgh, N.Y ; 1832. 3, Pittsfield, Mass. ; 1844, 5, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. : 
:^56, 7, Gloversville; 1858, 9, West Troy; i860, i, Cambridge; 1862, 3, Castle- 
i?^" ^^^'^ '^^ 5* Albany, N. Y.; 1866-8, Fort Plain; 18^71, Glens Falls; 
J*72~4. Bennington, Vt. ; 1875, 6, Saratoga, N.Y. 1863. D.D., Weslcyan Uni- 
p "^ity. 1871-81, Trustee of Weslevan University. % 1872, Superintendent of 
J**^lic Schools in Bennmgton, Vt. 1875-81, Supernumerary ; Member Board of 

^**Jcation, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. See Bibliography. 

,. Married, Aug. 2, 1840, Miss Elizabeth R. Webber of Middletown, Conn., who 

P^^ Jan. 16. 1877. Children : Mary E., b. March 11, 1844 ; married Lieut. Com. 

^- T. WooHwani, U. S. Navy : Frances I., b. Sept. 3, 1848 ; married T. S. 

IJ^^tchum: James Webber, b. Aug. 7, 1850 ; d. July 22, i860: Carrie Balch, 

°- July 2C. 1857 ; d. Sept. 8, 1857. 
1881, <\ddress : Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 



Born, Sept. 17, 1809, in Thompson, Windham Co., Conn. 

1839-41, Principal of Sumter County Academy, Ala. 1841-2, Principal 
Alabama Conference Seminary, Summerfield, Ala. 1842, Joined Alabii 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1842-53, Engaged in the work 
the ministry. 1851, Traveled in Europe. 1853-^, Principal of Acadca 
Apalachicola, Fla. 188 1, Living on farm near Richfield Springs, N. V. 

1881, Address : Richfield Sprmgs, C^tsego Co., N.Y. 


Bom, April 16, 18 18, in Albany, N.Y. 

1838, Teacher in Vicksburgh Academy, Miss. 1840, Teacher of Ancie 
Languages, Centenary College, Brandon, Miss. 1842, Principal of Vicksburi 
Academy and Superintendent of Public Schools. 1853-63, In business. i8f 
Supervisor of Warren County. 1863, In Quartermaster's Department, C.S. Ari: 
1865, In business in Vicksburgh. 1868, 69, 70, Lav Delegate to Mississip 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 1069-73, In business, VicI 
burgh. Miss. 1873HS0, Principal of Vicksburgh Academy, Miss. 1880, Sujm 
intendent of Public Education for Warren County, Miss. Died, Nov. 27. i^ 
in Vicksburgh, Miss. 

Married, Sept. 20, 1850, Miss S. E. Bland of Vicksburgh, Miss. Chil 
Juliet Peale, b. .August, 1866. 


Born, about 1820, near Prescott, Ontario. 

1838-45, Professor of Languages in Victoria College, Coboure, Ont^ 
President of Victoria College. Principal of a Lacjies* Seminary, Cobourg. * 
tario. Afterwards resided in Toronto and Hamilton. 1861, Commissi^ 
from Canada to World's Fair, London, England. 1861-4, Engaged in liteJ 
work in London. Afterwards Principal of Ladies' School, Brockville, Ont^ 
Practiced Law. LL.D. 1881, Resicling on farm, Chelsea, Ontario, but sp* 
ing most of time in Library of Parliament Buildings, Ottawa. 

Married, about 1841, Miss Boulter of Montreal, Pteceptress of Victoria * 
lege. Child: daughter; married Mr. Musson. 

1881, Address : Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Ontario. 


Born, Jan. 8, 181 1, in Nelson, Madison Co., N.Y. 

1S38-41, Tutor in Wesleyan University. 1840, Joined New York Confercr 
Methodist Episcopal Church ; supplied Middlefield and Durham, Conn, i- 
Transferred to Black River Conference; Principal of Gouvemeur "\^ 
leyan Seminary. 1842, Transferred to Oneida Conference. 1851, Transfer 
to East Maine Conference ; Principal of East Maine Conference Semin^ 
1856, Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, i^ 
Transferred to Rock River Conference ; stationed at Mount Carroll, 111. ifi 
Professor of Ancient Languages and Literature in Lawrence University, Ap| 
ton, Wis. 1861, Professor of Greek Language and Literature in same. i8< 
71, Preached in Wisconsin Conference. 1868, D.D., Lawrence Univcrs 
1871-81, Superannuated. See Bibliography. 

Married, Jan. 26, 1842, Miss Ann Eliza Bowen, Preceptress of Gouvern< 
Wesleyan Seminary, who died Aug. 20, 1859. Married, Aug. 13, i86r, M 
R. C. Newman, Preceptress of Oneida Conference Seminary, who died Dec. 
1863. Married, Nov. 22, 1866, Mrs. S. B. Turner of Keokuk, Iowa. Childn 


arriet Olivia, b. Aug. 29, 1843; ^- Sept. 16, 1843: Harriet Olivia, b. Sept. 6, 
44 ; A.B. Lawrence University, 1864 ; d. Sept. 4, 1872 : Mary Abigail, b. 
ct. 17, 1846: John K., b. Aug. 8, 1848 : William M., b. Dec. 30, 1850: Alfred, 
July 2, 1859 ; d. July 29, 1859 : Lorcn Henry, b. N(w. 3, i8to. 
1881, Address: Evanston, Cook Co., 111. 


Bom, May 11, 181 5, in Brimfield, Hampden Co., Mass. 

1838-40, Taught in New Bedford, Mass.; also studied Law. 1840, admitted 
> the Bar. 1841, Removed to Cincinnati, Ohio. 1842-81, Practicing in Cin- 
nnati. Since 1849, ^^^ conducted many cases before the U. S. Supreme 
ourt and the Court of Claims. In 1855 was opposed to Abraham Lincoln in 
case having reference to the Rock Island Bridge ; and since then has been 
Dunsel in several cases relating to the bridges over the Mississippi River, 
fas spent several summer vacations in P2uropc, having visited the greater part 
i Western Europe, Spain excepted. 

Married, 1845, Miss Mary Seymour Clarke, daughter of Major Nathan 

larke of U. S. Regular Army, children : eleven, of whom seven are living. 

1881, Address: Corner of Third and Walnut Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Bom, June 3, 18 19, in Centre ville, Queen Anne Co., Md. Brother of No. 

1839-41, Sudied Law. 1842, Admitted to the Bar. 1842-3, Practiced in 

•ew York and Peekskill, N. Y. 1844-52, Practiced in New York, N. Y. 

>ied. May 28, 1852. 

Married, Nov. 27, 1850, Miss Jane E. Haggart of New York, N. Y. Child : 

harles Stephen, b. Sept. 16, 1851. 


Bom, June 20, 1818, in Peacham, Caledonia Co., Vt. Son of John Mat- 
K:ks, Governor of Vermont, and U. S. Senator. Brother of No. 194. 

Studied Law at home. Until 1856, practiced Law in Peacham, Vt. Member 
: Vermont House of Representatives for several years. 1847-8, Member of 
crmont Senate. 1856, Removed to Kenosha, Wis. 1857, Superintendent of 
ublic Schools, Kenosha, Wis. ; opened Law Office in Chicago, 111. Died, 
^ec. 22, 1859, in Kenosha, Wis. 

Married, Oct. 3, 1839, Miss Eliza Brock. Children: William, d. in U. S. 

rmv, 1862: Elvira; married C B. Nichols. 


Bom, Dec. 19, 181 5, in Massachusetts. 

1839-40, Private tutor, near Dinwiddie C. H., Va, 1840, Admitted to the 
tar. 1841-77, Practicing Law in Fairfield, Iowa. 1850, Member of State 
Constitutional Convention. 1851, Elected State Attorney. Served five years 
s State Attorney; three years as County Judge. 1852, President of a Plank- 
ad Company. 1854, Visitor of U. S. Military Academy, West Point, N. Y. 
're>ident and Treasurer of County Agricultural Society for ten years. 1864, 
)elegate to National Democratic Convention, Chicago, 111. 1865-77, President 
f a Railroad Company. 1868-77, President of City Board of Education, Fair- 
eld, Iowa. See Bibliography. Died, May 4, 1877, in Fairfield, Iowa. 

Married, Sept. 28, 1844, Miss Martha E. Smith. Children: Lyman Smith, 
>. Oct. 21, 1845 • Mary C. A., b. Nov. 22, 1847 : Susan E., b. Jan. 10, 1850. 
1881, Address of widow: Fairfield, Jefferson Co., Iowa. 



Born, March 23, 181 5, in Woodstock, Windham Co., Conn. 

1838, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, il 
9, Stationed at South Wellfleet, Mass. ; 1840, Yarmouth Port. 1841, By 
vision of Conference became member of Providence Conference. 1841, 
Stationed at North Bridgewater, Mass.; 1843, Monument ; 1844, 5, FisI 
ville. Conn. ; 1846, 7, Thompsonville ; 1848, 9, Rockville ; 1850, Greenvi 
1851, South Truro, Mass.; 1852, Eastham ; 1853, 4, Colchester, Cot 
1855, 6, Hazardville. 1857^, Presiding Elder of New London District^ iJ 
60, Stationed at Mystic Bridge, Conn. ; 1861, 2, Daniclsonville ; i863,*Fis 
ville. 1864-5, Chaplain 12th New York Cavalry; stationed at New Be 
N. C. 1866, Stationed at Centreville, R. I. 1867, Supernumerary, i' 
Stationed at Baltic, Conn. ; 1869. Greenville ; 1870, i. East Hampt 
1872, 3, East Haddam ; 1874, Niantic ; 1875, ^^^ Cumberland, R. I. iS 
7, In poor health; superanuated. Died, June 13, 1877, in Norwich, Conn 

Married, July 21, 1840, Miss Lydia Howard of Tolland, Conn., who ( 
Aug. 27, jSo8. Married, April 9, 1869, Mrs. Fannie Buell of Preston, C< 
Children: Sarah Howard, b. July 5, 1841 ; married A. L. Bearing: Ade 
Dilana, b. July 28, 1843 5 married T. C. Allen: Helen Augusta, b. Feb. 5, li 
d. Aug. 21, 1847. 


Born, Feb. 26, 18 10, in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Mass. 

1841, M.D., Harvard University. 1841-72, Practiced Medicine in Mel 
Mass. 1873, Retired from practice. 1875--81, Traveling in the West; s| 
ing a part of the time in agricultural and literary pursuits. See BibliogrJ 

Married, Oct. i, 1843, Miss Eliza D. Dyer of Boston, Mass., who died Sej: 
1875. Married Nov. 24, 1876, Miss Eunice B. Dyer of Baltimore, Md. 
dren: Erastus Otis, b. April 21, 1845; ^- March 21, 1863: Thomas 1 
b. Feb. 9, 1850; d. Jan. 11, 1856. 

1881, Address : Melrose, Middlesex Co., Mass. 


Born, Dec. 8, 1816, in Pratt's Hollow, Madison Co., N. Y. 

1839, Studied in Auburn Theological Seminary, N. Y. 1840, Preach* 
Cayuga Circuit, N. Y. 184 1, Taught in Groton Academy, N. Y. 1843, Ta 
a select school in Farmer, N. Y. 1844-5, Taught in Macedon Academy, j 
1846, Taught in Red Creek Academy, N. Y. 1847-50, Engaged in far 
in Lansing. N. Y. 1851, Joined Oneida Conference, Methodist Epis* 
Church. 1852, Stationed at Port Byron, N. Y. ; 1853, Ludlowville : 18' 
Ledyard. 1856, Located. 1857-81, Engaged in farming in Lansingville, ] 

Married, Dec. 30, 1840, Miss Caroline Strong. 

1881, Address: Lansingville, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 


Born, July 31, 181 5, in Petersburgh, Va. 

1838, Joined Niw York Conlerence, Methodist Episcopal Church; 
tioned at Wethcrsfield, Conn. 1839, 1 ransferred to Virginia Confer 
1840, I, Junior Preacher on Charlotte Circuit. 1842, Stationed at Charl 
ville, and Chaplain of University of Virginia. 1843, Stationed at L' 
Richmond; 1844. 5, Trini'y, Richmond. 1846, 7, Appointed to Warn 
Circuit ; 1848, Bedford Circuit. 1849, 50, Stationed at Alexandria, 
1851, Washington, D. C 1852-3, Piesiding Elder of Fredricksl)urgh Dif 
185J-6, Presiding Elder of Norfolk District. 1856-8, Presiding Eld< 



Lynchburgh District 1858, D.D., Emory and Henpy College. 1858-9, Editor 
of The Richmond Christian Advocate, i860. Stationed at Union, Richmond. 
1861-4, General Missionary in C. S. Army. 1865-9, Presiding Elder of Richmond 
District 1870-7, General Missionary m Vir/?inia Conference. 1877-81, Pre- 
siding Elder of Randolph Macon District, Va. Delegate to General Con- 
ference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1850, 54, 58, 62, 66. See Biblio- 

Married, Oct. 22, 1844, Miss Martha W. Chandler of Portsmouth, Va. Chil- 
dren: eight living, — ^six sons and two daughters ; two sons deceased; one of the 
living named Wilbur Fisk. 

1881, Address : Ashland, Hanover Co., Va. 


Bom, Sept. 5, 181 3, in Sheldon, Franklin Co., Vt 

1838-40, Principal of Middletown Preparatory School during the absence of 
D. H. Chase (No. i) in Europe. 1841-3, Principal of Middletown High 
School, and Professor of Normal Instruction in Wesleyan University. 1843, 
Joined Troy Conference. Methodist Episcopal Church. 1843-4. Stationed at 
Ferry St., Troy ; 1845. North White Creek. 1846 On account of ill health, 
gave up preaching, and retired to early home, Sheldon, Vr. Died, Oct. 8, 1846. 

Married, soon after graduating. Miss Elizabeth Chase of New York, N. Y. 
Children: Alfred H. (No. 6^6), b. Aug. 5, 1839: William F., b. July 30, 1842; 
Class of 1863 : two others ; d. in infancy. 


Bom, May 27, 1816, in Athens, Windham Co., Vt. 

1840, Admitted to the Bar, 184 1-2, Member of Vermont House of Repre- 
sentatives. 1842-9, Secretary of State of Vermont. 1849, Removed to She- 
boygan, Wis. 1852, Speaker of Wisconsin Assembly. 1855-81, Practicing 
Law in San Francisco, Cal. 1861-2, Member of California Senate. 1S63-4, 
President pro tern, of same. 1878, Delegate at large to California Slate Con- 
vention for revision of the Constitution of California. 

Married, Oct. 27, 1845, Miss Julia Hubbard of Montpelier, Vt., who died 
Feb. II, 1871. Children: Payne Jeweit, b. A^ug. 28, 1846; A.B., University 
College, San Francisco, 1868: James Chester, b. April 17, 1851 : Chester Hub- 
bard, b. April 19, 1854; d. May 3. 1863: Julia Ruth, b. Jan. 2, J859. 

1881, Address: San Francisco, Cal. 


Bom, Jan. 17, 18 10, in Freeport, Cumberland Co., Me. 
183&-1846, Taught in Wilkinson County, Miss. 1844, Editor and Proprietor 
^f The Republican^ Woodville, Miss. 1848, Editor and Proprietor of The Eve- 
***ng Mercury y New Orleans, La. 1840, Went to California through Mexico; five 
*iionths in the saddle. 1849-50, Worked in the Mines. 1850-1, Editor of The 
-^Ita California^ San Francisco, Cal. 1851, State Senator from San Fran- 
cisco. 1 053-7, Editor and Proprietor of The California Chronicle. 1858, In 
-•Australia. 1859-61, Editor of The San Francisco Times. 1861-5, Officer of 
Customs, San Francisco, Cal. 1865, Collector of Internal Revenue, First 
l^ strict, California. 1870, -Editor of The Morning Call. 1872-81, Editor of 
'^kt Alta California. See Bibliography. 

Married, June 27, 1843, Miss Mary P. Hand of Bridgehampton, N. Y., who 
^ied Sept. 4, 1848. Married, Jan. i, 1855, Miss F. E. Soule of Bangor, Me. 
^^hildren: a daughter, b. and d. May 17, 1844: Frank, b. Aug. 6. 1845; gradu- 
ated at U. S. Military Academy, West Point, 1866: Charles Z., b. Nov. 29, 
ISS";; C. E.: Kittie I. F., b. March 16, 1861. 
. 1881, Address : San Francisco, Cal. 




Born, Feb. 26, 1820, in Warren, Trumbull Co., Ohio. 

1841, Admitted to the Bar. Settled in Middletown, Conn. 1843- 
of Court in Middlesex County, Conn. 1843-55, i>everal times W 
Legislature. 1856, Presidential Elector for Connecticut. Died, Apri 
in Middletown, Conn. 


Born, Aug. 15, 1817, near Hamilton, Ontario. 

1839, Joined Weslevan Conference, Canada. Appointed Profess 
toria College. 1845, Founded Burlington Ladies' Academy, Hamiltoi 
185 1-7, Prmcipal of Rutgers Female Institute, N. Y. 1857, Found 
for Young Ladies, Van Norman Institute, in New York, N. Y. 185; 
cipal of same, i860, LL.D., Wesleyan University. See Bibliograpi 

Married, 1838, Miss Sarah Maria Spencer of Cazenovia, N. Y., whc 
29, 1874. Married, Aug. 26, 1875, Mile. Aurelie Rebecca Veiller of Par 
Children: Louise Letitia, b. Oct. 17, 1838; married L. M. Brown; c 
1865 : Maria Felicia Hemans, b. Dec. 9, 1840 : Daniel Spencer, b. Fe 
Charles Wesley, b. Jan. 16, 1852 ; d. Feb. 18, 1852: Frank Hamilton, 
1859: Louis, b. and d. July 11, 1876. 

1881, Address: 315 West 57th St., New York, N. Y. 


1837, Residence: Jersey Citv, N. J. 1843-81, Practicing Law in J< 
1881, Address: Jersey City, N. J. 


Born, Dec. 19, 1812, in Winsted, Litchfield Co., Conn. 

1838-41, Missionary Teacher in city of Buenos Ayres. 1841-60, P 
Jonesville Academy, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 1860-3, Superintendent 
In^truction, Brattleborough, Vt. 1863, Removed to Saratoga Sprir 
1865-81, Merchant at Saratoga Springs. 1868-81, Secretary Saratoj 
Bible Society. 1869-71, President of Hoard of Education, Saratoga 
1872, l^y Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Chu 

Married, May 12, 1841, Miss Hannah Hosvvorth of Hartland. 
I^ura, b. July 20, 1846; d. Sept. 15, 1847 ; Hiram B., b. April 17, 1S48 
1849: Minnie I>., b. March 5, 1850. 

1881, Address: Saratoga Spnngs, N. Y. 

Class of 1839. 


Born, April 20, 1807, in Derby, Orleans Co., Vt. 

'839, Joined East Genesee Conference, Methodist Episcopal Chur 
40, Stationed at Perry, N. Y. ; 1841, 2, Elmira ; 1843, 4» Brockpc 
Albio.-i; 1846, 7, Seneca Falls; 1848, 9, Canandaigua. 1850, Tran 
Troy Conference. 1850, 1, Stationed at Albany, N. Y.; 185a, 3, 

1839] ALUMNI RECORD. 2/ 

Springs; i8j4, Pittstown. 1855, Transferred to East Genesee Conference. 1855, 
6, Stationed at Canandaigua, N. Y. ; 1857, Ovid; 1858, 9, Clyde; i860, i. 
Corning; 1862, Palm>Ta. 1863, Removed to Lima, N. Y. 1863-8, Filled 
appointments at Rochester, Richmond, Rush, and Henrietta. 1868, Stationed 
at Henrietta, N. Y. 1871-^, Supernumerary. 1873-8, Superannuated. 

Married, Sept. i, 1839, Miss Almira A. i^e of Middletown, Conn. Children : 
Ann Eliza, b. Jan. 6, 1841 ; married Mr. Bell : Edith, b. July 24, 1847 ; d- Jaly 
27* 1875: Joseph, b. July 24, 1847. 

1881, Address: Saint Peter, Nicollet Co., Minn. 


Bom, Feb. 14^ 1819, '" Springfield, Mass. Brother of No. 29. 

1840-1, Principal of State Academy, Russelleville, La. 1841-3, Studied in 
Louisiana Medical College, New Orleans, La. 1843, M.D., from same. 1843-81, 
Physician and planter, Marion, Ala. 

Married, 1850, Miss Julia R. Jones of Marion, Ala. Children : Francis H., 
b. Nov. 9, 1851 : a son, b. January, 1853 ; d. same month : George O., b. March, 
%;d. December, 1855: William E., b. March, 1854; d. May, 1861 : Lula, 
'*• jovcmhcr. 1855: Julian, b. March, i860; d. March, 1864. 

wi, Address : Marion, Perr)- Co., Ala. 


^m, June 27, 1821, in New Haven, Conn. 

I040, Engaged in teaching. 1843, M.D., Yale College. 1843-52, Practiced 
^wicine in Palmer, Mass. 1852-81, Practicing Medicine in Middletown, 
J;Onn. 1859-78, Secretary of City Board of Education. 1869-81, U. S. Deputy 
^oUeciorof Customs, District of Middletown, Conn. See Bibliography. 

Married, May 13, 1844, Miss Ann P. Benjamin of Hartford, Conn., who died 
^ov. 26, 1863. Married, May 17, 1865, Miss Jane E. Tobey of Middletown, 
JjOnn. Children : Albert Leander, b. Aug. i6, 184c : Oliver Parish, b. June 15, 
*°47.' George Whiting, b. May 4, 1850: Joseph Chester (No. 1034), b. Oct. 31, 

5^ Sarah Jane, b. Sept. 20, 1856. 

'°^^ Address: Middletown, Conn. 


^n.Oct. 31, 1818, in Hoosick, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. Brother of No. i. 
pf°39» Taught in Preparatory School, Middletown, Conn. 1840-2, Assistant 
i"napal of Preparatory School, Middletown, Conn. 1843-8, Principal of 
j«nale Institute, Middletown, Conn. 1848-54, Principal of Newark Wesley an 

wtitute, jyf. J. Labored much in Teachers' Institutes and Associations. 1854, 
J«t educational work on account of failure of health. 1854-61, Engaged in 
™*°ofacturing. 1861-6, Out of business during the war. 1866-9, Engaged in 
^^ofacturing. 1869-73. U. S. Deputy Collector in First District, N. Y. 
*Wi, On editorial suff of The New York Tribune. 

hurried, Aug. 20, 1840, Miss Sarah Johnson of Middletown, Conn. Chil- 

'«!: Frances Elizabeth, b. June 26, 1842: Julia Fisher, b. Feb. 27, 1848: 
jennie Burton, b. May ii, 1854: Nellie Low, b. Oct. 13. 1857. 

'««, Address: 1134 Pacific St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


'^38. Residence : Lenox, Madison Co., N. Y. Taught in Female Seminary in 
Canandaigua, N. Y. Died, 1843, in Missouri. 



Bom, June i, 1815, in Winsted, Litchfield Co., Conn. 

1839-40, Taught in Spring Hill Boarding School, Sandwich, Mass. Stodie 
for the Ministry of the Protestant Episcopal Church with Rev. Dr. Jarvis c 
Middletown, Conn. 1843, Ordained. 1843-4, In charge of parishes of Bethlehec 
and Northficld, Conn. 1847-52, In charge of parish in Winsted, Conn. 185Z 
66, In charge of parishes of Athens and Coxsackie, N. Y. Died, April 2j 
1866, in Athens, N. Y. 


Bom, Dec. ij, 181 5, in Thompson, Windham Co., Conn. 

1840, Studiedf I^w with Hon. P. C. Bacon, Worcester, Mass. 1841, Studie 
with Hon. L. S. Fbstcr, Norwich, Conn. 1842, Admitted to the Bar ; cor 
menced practice in Killingly, Conn. 1844, Appointed State Attorney ^ 
Windham County. 184J, Member of Legislature from Killingly. 1849-S 
Judge of Probate for Killingly District. 1854, Removed to New Londc 
Conn. 1856, Appointed Judge of City Police Court and Clerk of Proba 
Court. 1866-8, City Attorney. 1869-7^ Practiced Law in New Lond' 
Conn. ; Member of the Board of Education in New London, Conn. 1873^ 
Residing at Thompson, Conn. 

Married, 1842, Matilda Sly of Dudley, Mass. Children : Mary Ellen, b. J 
17, 1847: Martha Anna, b. Oct. 2^, 1848. 

1881, Address : Thompson, Wmdham Co., Conn. 


Born, Oct. 8, 18 18, in New Braintree, Worcester Co., Mass. 

1840, After teaching school for the winter in Massachusetts, settled in 5 
dusky, Ohio. 1843-52, Practiced Law. 1852, Visited Europe. 1855-81, - 
ga(2:ed in manufacturing in Sandusky, Ohio. 

Married, Sept. 21, 1847, Miss Puella H. Follett of Sandusky, Ohio, whod 
Sept. I, 1849. Married, July 24, 1852, Miss Hannah A. Secley of Danbt 
Conn. Children: Oran Follett, b. July 27, 1848; d. Aug. 17, 1848: Ella f 
lett, b. Aug. 25, 1849; d. July 15, 1850. 

1881, Address: Sandusky, Ohio. 


Bom, Dec. 4, 181 5. 

1838, Residence: Carlisle, N. Y. Taught. 1872-3, Practiced Law in Ma 
ville. Mo. 1873-7, Practiced Law in Farmington, Minn. Died, February, 18 
in Farmington, Minn. 

Married, Nov. 26, 1839, Miss Sarah Rice, who died Jan. 13, 1867. Childre 
John R., b. Sept. 15, 1840: Amelia H.,b. Feb. 24, 1843 • Mary, b. Oct. 8, 18^ 
d. Sept. II, 1872 : Annett, b. June 7, 1847 : Joseph, b. Oct. 3, 1849: Eunice, 
Feb. I, 1 851 : Harriet, b. Oct. 19, 1852. 


Born, Aug. 3, 1819, in Kortright, Delaware Co., N. Y. 

1839-42, Teacher in Newbury Seminary, Vt. 1844-6, Principal of sai 
1846-53, Principal of Albion Seminary, Mich. 1851, D.D., Ohio Weslej 
University. 1853-4, Founder and first President of North western Universt 
Evanston, 111. Ded, Oct. 21, 1854, in Troy, N. Y. 

Married, Miss Martha A. Morse of Newbury, Vt. Children : one son a 
two daughters. 



Dec. II, 1819, in New York, N. Y. 

Ltcensed and ordained by the Presbytery of Buffalo, N. Y. 1840-6, 
d in Western New York. 1846-52, Preached in Northern Ohio. 1852- 
iched in Wisconsin. 1864-73, Preached in Northern Illinois. Devoted 
years to the Sabbath-school cause, in connection with the American 
-School Union and The Sunday-School Times, 1873-81, Health seri- 
ipaired, but able to preach occasionally and to write (ox the press, 
led, Aug. 2, 1840, Miss Mary D. A. Everett of Napoli, N. Y. Children: 
b. Oct. 29, 1S41; d. in the army at Murfreesborough, April 12, 1863: 
», b. April 10, 1849. 
Address: Rockford, 111. 


, April 16, 1819, in Perry, Wyoming Co., N. Y. 

-40, Principal of Palmyra Academy, N. Y. 1840-2, Principal of Spring- 
cademy, N. Y. 1842-5, Teacher of Mathematics and Natural Philos- 
[orwalk Seminary, Ohio. 1845-7, Principal of High School, Sandusky, 

1847-52, Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, and Acting 
nt of Fort Wayne Female College, Ind. 1852-81, Engaged in business 

Wayne, Ind. See Bibliography. 

ied, Aug. 17, 1841, Miss Sarah Dibble of Springville, Erie Co., N. Y. 
n : Robert Dibble Comstock, b. March 9, 1846; d. Sept. 26, 1864: 
\ Dibble Comstopk, b. May 3, 1854. 

Address : Fort Wayne, Ind. 


, Nov. 25, 18 1 5, in Butternuts, Otsego Co., N. Y. 
Studied Modern Greek with Professor Negris of Yale College. Pro- 
>f Ancient Languages in Saint Charles College, Mo. Studied Hebrew, 
Saxon, and Gaelic. 1842, Professor of Ancient Languages in Augusta 
% Ky. 1844-50, Professor of Ancient Languages and Literature, and 
first year Acting President, in Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, 
continued studies in philology, particularly in Arabic, Syriac, Ethiopic, 
id Welsh. 1845, Joined North Ohio Conference, Methodist Episcopal 
I. 1850, Professor of English Literature in Dickinson College, Carlisle, 
nsferred to Philadelphia Conference. 1852, D.D., Ohio Wesleyan Uni- 
1860-8, President of Dickinson College. See Bibliography. Died, 
;, 1868, in Carlisle, Pa. 

■ie«i, Sept. 20, 1843, Miss Lucena Clark of Elmira, N.Y. Children: 
: Lucena, b. June 27, 1844: Herman Sidney, b. May 16, 1846; A.B., 
son College, 1867: George E. Casenove, b. March 22, 1848: Mary 
, b. Aug. 28, 1850 : Charles Ernest, b. Aug. 9, 1852 ; d. Dec. 6, 1864 '- 
jre, b. June 19, 1854: Eddie Thomson, b. June 18, 1857. 

-8, Residences : Sherburne, Chenango Co., N. Y. ; Buffalo, N. Y. 


, July 16, 181 1, in Leyden, Franklin Co , Mass. 

-I, Taught in Rhincbeck Academy, N. Y. 1841, Joined New England 

ence, Methodist Episcopal Church; stationed at Leeds and Northampton, 

1842, 3, Greenfield; 1844, Bcrnardston ; 1845,6, Ware Village; 1847,8, 


Chester; 1849, 50, Charlemont ; 1851, 2, North Andover 8^3, 4, Marbleb 
18^5, 6, Millbury ; 18^7, Worcester ; 1858, 9, Southbridge ; iS6o, i, Ashbuml* 
1862, 3, Dedham ; 1864, 5, Marlborough ; 1866, 7, Maple St., Lynn ; 186S 
West Brookfield. 1871, President of Claflin University, Orangeburgh, 
1872, President of Clark University, Atlanta, Ga. 1872, Resided in Soi 
ville, Ma<<s. ; 1873, 4, Stationed at Hadley, Mass. ; 1875, 6, Charlemont, Ma 
1877-9, Bernardston; 1880, i. East Long Meadow. 

Nlarried. June 23, 1841, Miss Sarah H. Gill of Stoughton, Mass. Child 
Charles DeWitt, b. Oct. 24, 1842 ; class of 1865 : Hattie Eliza, b. May 26, 1 

1 88 1, Address East Long Meadow, Hampden Co., Mass. 


Born, Nov. 4, 181 3, in Lynn, Mass. 

1839-42, Teacher of Languages and Mathematics in Providence Confer^ 
Seminary, East Greenwich, R. L Died, Sept. 16, 1844, in Lynn, Mass. 


Borr, March 15, 1814, in Pompey, Onondaga Co., N. Y. 

1839-40, Principal of Lafayette Academy, N. Y. 1840-1, Principal of 
laski Academy, N. Y. 1841-j, Principal of Bethel Academy, Nicholas ville, 
184^-7, Taught select school in Danville, Ky. 1847-9, Principal of C 
Sprmg Academy, Ky. 1849-51, Principal of Pendleton Academy, Falmo 
Ky. 1852-3, Principal of Kushville Institute, 111. 1853-7, Taught in Blc 
ington, 111.; last five months in charge of the Illinois Wesleyan Univer 
1857-81, Farming in Normal, 111.; has held various local offices. 

Married, March 15, 1848, Miss Martha A. Connor of Nicholasville, 
Children: James A., b. Dec. 26, 1848; A.B., Illinois Wesleyan Univer 
1871; B.D., Garrett Biblical Institute; AM., Illinois Wesleyan Univers 
William E., b. Dec. 4, 1853: Hiram A., b. May 10, 1^65 ; d. April 26, 1866 

1 88 1, Address : Normal, McLean Co., 111. 


Born, Dec. 11, 1814, in Preston, New London Co., Conn. 

1839-44, Taught a select school. 1844, Joined Providence Conference, M 
odist Episcopal Church. 1844-5, Stationed at Rockville, Conn. ; 1846, 7, 1 
Thompson ; 1848, Haddam ; 1849, 5o» Colchester. 1851-3, Taught a select scl 
in New Haven, Conn 1854-5, Teacher of Latin in Collegiate Seminary, C 
lotteville, N. Y. 1856, Located ; admitted to the Bar. 185^1, Practicing La 
Norwich, Conn. 

Married, Feb. 14, 1867, Miss Atina Hasseltine Lathrop. Children : Emc 
Calista, b. Sept. 7, 1868; d. Aug. 30, 1869: Anna Estelle, b. June 13, 1872. 

188 1, Address : Norwich, Conn. 


Born, Oct. 4, 1819, in New York, N. Y. 

1840-3, Studied Law in New York, N.Y. 1843, Admitted to the Bar. il 
68, Practiced Law in New York, N. Y. 1868-81, Practicing Law in Brook 
N. Y., also Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer. 

Married, Aug. 30, 1845, Miss Adelaide D. Miller of New York, N. Y. Child 
James L., b. Feb. 8, 1847 ; d. May 4, 1848 : Louisa Augusta, b. Sept. 3, li 
d. Aug. 19, 1849 ' Gertrude Emma, b. March 21, 1851 ; d. June 27, 1852: A 
aide Louisa, b. June 16, 1853 ; married W. R. Woodward: Catherine Aim« 
Sept. 24, 1854; d. Nov. 13, 1854: James Lodowick, b. Feb. 3, 1861. 

1881, Address : 340 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1839.] ALUMNI RECORD. 3 1 


Bora, June 10, 1813, in Frcderickton, New Brunswick. 

1839, Joined English Wcsleyan Conference. 1839, 40, Stationed at Richi- 
bocto, N.B.; 1841, St. John. 1842, Principal of Mt. .Mlison Weslcvan 
Academy, Sackville, N.B. 1857, D.D.. Wesleyan University. 1862, President 

of Wcsleyan Conference of Eastern British America. 

Married, 1841, Miss H. M. Thompson, formerly preceptress of Wesleyan 
Academy, Wilbraham, Mass., who died March 11, 1844. Married. 1846, Miss 
Mary R. Carr of Portland, Me. Children : Edward Dwight, b. October, 1842 ; 
d. March. 1S46: Charles F. Allison, b. March, 1844 ; d. before 1850 : .Mary E., 
*> July. 1847 : Amelia E., b. March, 1849. 

jS8i, .Address : Halifax, Nova Scotia. 


^•u, March 8, 1817, in Auburn, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

1840-2, Studied in Theological Department of Yale College. 1843, Resident 
Licentiate at Auburn Theological Seminary, N. Y. 1844, Settled over First 
Congregational Church, Rockford, III. 1848, Settled over First Congregation- 
ii Church, Lockport, 111. 1850, Returned to Rockford, 111., to take charge of 
V V Congregational Church. 1855-81, Engaged in farming in Auburn, 

P r'^ed, Aug. 29, 1844, in Auburn, N. Y., Elizabeth Curtis. Children : 
J "*o«lh Amelia, b. April 15, 1847: Annie Root, b. Jan. 14, 1850: Lansing 
^' ^>- Xov. I, 1852. 
'^i. Address: Auburn, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

^"^.Oct. II, 1819, in New'York, N.Y. 

p"^S^^ Engaged in mercantile and manufacturing business in Elizabeth 

J^.^".J. 185CH8, Held various offices in town and county. 1860-76, In busi- 

Jf^.'n New York, N. Y. 1876-81, In National Bank of the State of New York, 

w * 1880-81, Cashier of the same. 

"i^»:-j XT _ _o xt: Tj :^» 

£jj^*>ied, Nov. 5, 1850, Miss Harriet Gale of Orange County, N. Y. Children 
ijj^'^u, b. Aug. 26, 1851 ; married A. S. Gale : William Rockwell, b. Dec. 23, 

j»i[ ll. May, 1853. 

"^1, Address: Elizabeth, N. J. 


1^*^, Aug. 21, 1817, in Middletown, Conn. 

Cof^39, Taught. 1840, In the West. 1841-2, Studied Law in Middletown, 

CoJJ*^* 1843, Admitted to the Bar. 1844-5, Practiced Law in Middletown, 

51 y' ^^S^y* Teller in Middlesex County Bank, Middletown, Conn. 1847- 

Of|* *»» mercantile and mining business in California. 1851, Returned East 

C^^5^count of ill health. 1851-3, Treasurer of New York and Boston Railroad 

C|J*^I>any. 1854-5, Probate Judge for Middletown District, Conn. 1854-9, 

\|^*'Jc in State Treasurer's Office, Hartford, Conn, i860, Moved to Boston, 

7^ -^^. 1860-4, Treasurer of New York and Boston Railroad Company. 1865- 

\i *^*"easuTer of the Corporation engaged in filling up the Back Bay, Boston, 

^J^. 1868-73, Insurance agent. 1873-81, In business in Boston, Mas.**. 

I^j^^rricd, Dec. ji, 1862, Lucy W. Rogers of Hartford, Conn. Children: 

|i'^*ic Sprig, b. July 30, 1864: Charles Dennis, b. Feb. 14, 1866: Earnest 

^^oln, b. May 4, 1868: Isabel, b. Aug. 13, 1872. 

^^i. Address : WoUaston, Norfolk Co., Mass. 



Born, June 20, 181 5, in Windsor, Broome Co., N. Y. 

1839, Principal of Towanda College, Pa. 1842, Teacher of Natural 
in Ithaca Academy, N. Y. 1844-51, Taught in Sheboygan, W^is. 
Teaching in Binghamton, N. Y ; teacher of Ancient Languages in Bin 
Academy ; then Principal of same ; subsequently Principal of No. i 
School. 187^-9, Insurance and Real Estate Agent, Binghamton, N. Y 
Jan. 4, 1879, *" Binghamton, N. Y. 

Married, Nov. 28, 1839, Miss Ann Eliza Tallmadge of Candor, N. Y. C 
Ida Louisa, b. Nov. 10, 1844: Edward De Witt, b. May, i, 1845: 
Clinton, b. Sept. 11, 1846. 

1881, Address of widow: Binghamton, Broome Co., N. Y. 


Born, June 13, 18 17, in East Windsor, Hartford Co., Conn. 

1839-41, Carried on a bookstore in Middletown, Conn. Afterwards rei 
to New York, N. Y., where he established The Emporium, a family 
Went to San Francisco, engaged in the assay of gold in the Mint. H 
failing, he started on a trip to the Sandwich Islands. Died, March : 
on the voyage. Buried at Honolulu. 

Married, Nov. 25, 1839, Miss Emily Helen Starr of Middletowr 
Child: Helen Laura, b. Oct. 1840; d. September, 1842. 

1881, Address of widow: Middletown, Conn. 


Bom, May 23, 1818, in East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. 

Studied Law in East Haddam, Conn., with Hon. E. A. Bulkeley. i' 
mitted to the Bar in Middlesex County. 1842-3, Practiced Law in Co 
Conn. 1843-73, Practiced Law in New London, Conn. 1847, Me 
Connecticut Legislature. 1854-61, State Attorney for New London 
1857, Member of Connecticut Legislature. 1859, State Senator and C 
of Judiciary Committee. 1861-70, United States District Attorney f 
necticut. 1862-^, Mayor of New London. 1869, J"^gc of Court of ' 
New London District. 1870-3, Judge of the Court of Common Pie: 
London County. 1S74, Removed to East Haddam. 1877, Member of ' 
ticut Legislature, and Chairman of Judiciary Committee on part of the 
1877-81, Practicing Law in Hartfora, Conn. 

Married, Sept. 6< 1843, Miss C. W. Moseley of East Haddam, Conn. C 
Thomas M., b. July, 5, 1846 ; graduated at U. S. Military Acadcm; 
Point, 1868 : a son, b. m 1856 ; a. in infancy : Allen, b. Jan. 28, 1858. 

1 88 1, Address: Hartford, Conn 

Class of 1840. 


Born, July 17, 1819, in Boston, Mass. 

1840, Entered Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. 1842 
in Wesleyan University. 1843, Joined New England Conference, M 



Episcopal Church. 1846, Stationed at Northampton, Mass. 1847, Principal of 
frovidcncc Conference Seminary, East Greenwich, R. I. 1849, Stationed at 
Holliston, Mass. ; 1850, I, Southbridge ; i8c2, 3, Shrewsbury ; 1854, q. Maiden; 
'S56. 7, Union Church, Charlestown ; 1858, Meridian St., Boston ; I059, Chel- 
sea. 1860-70, Engaged in manufacturing in Boston, Mass. 1870-81, Engaged 
in editorial and other literarj' lal)or. See Bibliography. 

Married, Aug. 20, 1846, Miss Sarah F. Goodridge of boston, Mass. Children : 
Wiiliam Rhodes, b. July 15, 1847 ; d. Aug. 21, 1878 : Sarah Goodridge, b. May 7, 
1849: John GooNdridge, b. Oct. 19, 1855; d. April 3, 1875: Francis Asbury, b. 
Auff^3i, 1866. 
188 1, Address: 704 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


'837* Residence: East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. Went to Texas. 
Has tieen President of a College. 1881, Teaching school in Harrisburgh, Tex, 
18S1 , .\ddress : Harrisburgh, Harris Co., Tex. 


Born, Oct. 28, 1815, in Ware, Hampshire Co., Mass. 

1^0-4, Principal of Spring Hill Boarding School, Sandwich, Mass. 1844, 
jomed New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1844, 5, Sta- 
tioned at Common St., Lynn, Mass.; 1846, 7, Chicopee ; 1848, Worcester ; 1849, 50, 
Biomfield St., Boston ; 1S51, 2, Church St., Boston ;. 1S53, Boston St.. Lynn. 
*SS4-8, Presiding Elder of L>Tin District. 1856, Delegate to General Confer- 
*^^ Methodist Episcopal Church. 1858-62, Presiding EUler of Boston District. 
^J^tSi -Stationed at Union Church, Charlestown ; 1864-^, Salem ; 18C7, 8, Milford, 
*^73' I'residing Elder of Worcester District. 1873. Stationed at Ashland ; 
>p74-6, West Medway ; 1877, Maple St.. Lynn. 1877, D.D., Wesleyan Univer- 
«^ 187M1, Presiding lillder of L>-nn District. 

Married, Sept. 17, 1843, MJ*»^ iUizabeth Ann Fuller of Sandwich, 
J-Wdren: Elizabeth Wing, b. Dec. 8, 1844 ; married No. 812: Samuel P'uller, 
b. Nov. 19, 1846; d. Jan. 3, 1879: Harrison Newhall, b. Jan. 29, 1849: Abbie 
•**«. b. May 24, 1851 ; d. July 21, 1879: Julia Ann, b. July 8, 1854; married 
Jio. 1119: Arthur Loranus, b. June o, 1862 ; d. Aug. 22, 1862: Albert Lyon, 
^- Apfii 26, 1868. 
'«^ii Address : Lynn, Mass. 


^fn, March 3, 1S17, in P'almouth, Cumbcriand Co., Me. 
y ,f^3» Teacher of Natural .Science and Mathematics, Amenia Seminary, 
Co f '^43-^>. Principal of Amenia .Seminary. iiS46, Joined New England 
Mairf^^"^' ^^cthodist PIpiscopal Church. 1846-53^ Stationed successively at 
^J'^^I^: Chelsea, Hanover St. (Boston), Bromfield St. (Boston). 1853, I*r6fes- 
j^jj 'hcolog>' in Methodist General Biblical In.stitute, Concord, N. H. 1854, 
i8c \^^^'^y'*" University. 1854-7, President of Genesee College, Lima, N. Y. 
,g)?""jS» President of Wesleyan University. 1861, D.I)., Harvard University, 
p ,'|'^*i)., North-we.stern Dniversity. 1:^72-3, Traveled in Europe. 1875-7, 
18^,^^'^°^ <^^ Mental Philosophy and Political Economy, Wesleyan University. 
|/~*> Stationed at Maiden, Mass.; 1880, i, Harvard St., Cambridge. Dele- 
of V^^"'""^^ Conference, Methodist Epi.scopal Church, 1864, 76, 80. Member 

nierican Association for Advancement of Science. See Bibliography. 
difn^"j'^' Aug. 15. 1842, Miss Deborah S. Ha.skell of Litchfield, Me. ' Chil- 
^ Mary H. B.. d. in 1847 : Helen F. ; married S. P. Hatfield : Alice D. 

°°^ Address : 82 Prospect St., Cambridge port, Mass. 




Born, Oct. i, 1815, in Bernardston, Franklin Co., Mass. 

1840-3, Teacher of Languages in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1843, 
New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1843-4, Static 
Newton Upper Falls, Mass.; 1845, Ipswich ; 1846, 7, Ljnn ; 1848, 9, M 
18^0, I, Holliston ; 1852, 3, Boston. 1855, Went to Manhattan, Kans. ; 
Missouri Conference ; was a member of Kansas and Nebraska Conferenc 
formation. Had charge of Fort Kiley and Manhattan Circuits. 1857, A| 
Blue Mount College, now Kansas State Agricultural College. 1859-63, Pr 
Elder of Manhattan District. 1863-73, President of Kansas State Agri( 
College. 1865, E).D., McKendrce College. 1874-9, President of Baker 1 
sit)', Baldwin, Kans. 1879-80, Stationed at Holton, Kans. ; 1881, Valle] 
Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1864, 8a 

Married, July 8, 1845, Sarah Jane Woodruif of Litchfield, Conn., wh 
Aug. I, 1850. Married, Nov. 21, 1859, Mrs. Frances A. Dennis of Baldwi 
Kans. Children: Henry Longfellow, b. May 16, 1846: Isaac Goodnow, 
21, 1848; d. April 18, 1849: Ellen Frances, b. Feb. 15,1850: Emma 1 
Mar. 10, 1852 ; married Prof. F. E. Miller, Kansas State Agricultural C 
Charles Sumner, b. March 2, 1854 ; d. April 6, 1S55: George, b. Nov. 28 
Georgiana, b. Nov. 28, 1856 ; d. Oct. 16, 1S59 : Fannie, b. Aug. 28, 
a daughter, b. and d. July 4, 1867. 

1881, Address: Valley Falls, Jefferson Co., Kans. 


Born, October, 18 19. 

1841-J7, Successively Tutor, Professor of Natural Sciences, of Belles-I 
and of Mathematics, m Indiana Asbury University, Greencastle, Ind. 
Elected Professor of Mathematics in Iowa Wesleyan University. Dice 

Married, 1854, Hattie M. Davis. Children : Anna : Alice. 


Born, Oct. 2, 1816, in Deering, Hillsborough Co., N. H. 

1840-1, Taught in Newbury, Vt. 1842-6, Taught in Columbus, Ga. iJ 
Editor in Manchester, N. H. 1856-9, Superintendent of Public Scho 
Hillsborough County, N. H. 1.S64, Removed to California. 1867, Trav 
Alaska and British Columbia as correspondent of the San Francisco 
1869, Returned to New Hampshire. 1S71-2, Secretary of Stale of New 
shire. 1875-8, Superintendent of Public Schools in Nashua, N. H. 
Traveled with family in South-western .States. 1881, Collecting miner; 
farming. See Bibliography. 

Married, Dec. 26, 184S. Miss Celestia S. Mooney, Northtield, N. H., wl 
Oct. 12, 1863. Married, Jan. 19, 1S71, Miss Josephine B. Atkinson of De 
H. Children: Mary Hale, b. 1872 ; d. in infancy: John M., b. 1873; d 
Charlotte Atkinson, b. May 26, 1875. 

1881, Address: Nashua, Hillsborough Co., N. H. 


Born, March 7 1820, in Sterling, Windham Co., Conn. 

1842-59, Grain merchant in Worcester, Mass. 1859-81, In busiiTiess i 
York, N. Y. 

Married, May 7, 1S45, Mary Amelia Pond of Worcester, Mass. Ch 
William Pond, b. Feb.12, 1S46: Mary Ixster, b. June 27, 1849: Emm 
lard, b. Oct. 17, 1851 : d. May 27, 1869: John Allen, b. July 21, 1853 ; d. A 
1857: Alice FostcV, b. April iS, 1857. 

1881, Address: 580 Washington Av., Brooklyn, N. V. 




Born, Nov. 25, 1814, in Hamdcn, New Haven Co., C!onn. 

1840-53, In the lumf>er business. Wheeling, W. Va. 185 1-2, Member of 

Hoose ot Delegates of Virginia. 1853, Elected President of the Bank of 

VkKccling. 185S, Engaged ni Manufacture of railroail iron. Crescent Iron 

Works, Wheehng. 1861, Memlier of Richmond Convention ; voted against 

Ordinance of Secession; Member of Wheeling Convention, which adopted the 

restored government of West Virginia. 1863-4, Menil)er of State Senate of 

West Virginia. 1S64, Member of National Republican Convention, Baltimore, 

Md. 1865-9, Member of Thirty-ninth and Fortieth Congress. 187 1-81, Engaged 

in manufacture of iron and nails; Secretary of Wheeling Iron and Nail Co. 

1872, Lay Delegate to General Conference, Methodist ICpihcopal Church. 

1875-81, President of Pittsburgh, Wheeling & Kentucky Railroad Co. 1879-81, 

President of German Bank, Wlieeling. 18S0, Men»l)er National Republican 

Convention, C hicago. III. 

Manicd, Sept 29, 1842, Sarah Pallistcr of Wheeling, W. Va. Children : W' il- 
liamPallister (No. 718), b. Dec. 24, 1843; Dana Li>t, b. July 7, 1845: Chester 

Russell, b. Oct. 25, 1848: Julia Alice, b. April 11, 1850: Anna Gill, b. Sept. i, 

1881, Address : 2130 Chapline St., Wheeling, W. Va. 


^ro, Aug. 23, 1S16. 
^839, Residence : Bristol, Hartford Co., Conn. 1 840-1, Teacher of Academy, 
Wethcrsfield, Conn. 1841-3, Principal of Kingston Academy, N. Y. Taught 
a pnvate school for boys in Brooklyn, N. Y. Ix)cal preacher in Methodist 
tpiscopal Church. Died, Nov. 16. 1845, '« Brooklyn, N. Y. 


»J>n^. Feb. 15, 1S15, in New I^)ndon County, Conn. 
.,''j4<>;-i, Teacher in Irving. Institute, Tarrytown, N. V. 1S43, Joined New 
»ork hast Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1843, Stationed at Water- 

J^'«; 1S67. Onarga; 1868, 9, Odcll ; 1870, Forrest. 1871-5, Superannua- 
J' j^idedin Onarga, III. 1875, Stationed at La Fayette, 111. ; 1876, Sparland. 

Mi, Superannuated; residing in Onarga, 111. 

^Jj^'cd, April 15, 1845, Miss Amada Allyn of Montvillc, Conn. 

'''"'i Address : Onarga, Iroquois Co., 111. 


^^» Aug. 20, 1820, in Barre, Washington Co., Vt. 
J°40, Entered Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. 1843, Joined 
Pi* * ^rk Conference, Methodist ICpiscopal Church, i S.\ -^, 4, Stationed at New 
tvV'l^ Plattekill, N. Y. ; 1845, 6. Lenox, Mas.s. 1847, Futor in Wesleyan 
.J^'^'^sity. 1848-60, Professor of I^tin and Hebrew in Weslevan University. 
,J?°« '.Stationed at Thirtieth St., New York, N. Y.; 1862, 3. Eighteenth St. ; 
ipZ^^cdford St. 1862-75, Trustee of Wesleyan University. ^ 1S63. D.D., Wes- 
^ University. 1864-8, President of CJenesee College, Lima, N. Y. 1868-71, 
n 2^**or of Exegetical Theology in Boston Theological Seminary. 1871-81, 
|0?^*^r of Exegetical Theology in School of Theology of Boston University. 
^Hi, Dean of Faculty of College of Liberal Arts, Boston University. 1874, 


Traveled in Europe. Delegate to General Conference, Methodist E 
Church, 1864, 68, 72. See Bibliography. 

Married, June 16, 1852, Kmily Hond of Haltimorc, who died April 
Children : Thomas Bond (No. 1046), b. April 28, 1853 : Lucy Henrietta 
6. 1855: William Birckhead, b. Aug. 14, 1858; A.B., Boston Universi 

1881, Address: 20 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 


Born, April i, 181 9, in Sidney, Kennebec Co., Me. 

1840, Principal of South New Market Seminary, N. H. 1S43, 
Mathematics, Wesleyan University. 1843-79, Professor of Mathema 
afterwards of English Literature and of Slodern languages in En 
Henry College, Va. 1879-80, Taught in Science Hill School, Shelbys 
1880-1, Engaged in literary work in Allcnsvillc. Ky. 

Married, Feb. 16, 1845, ^^^^^ Mary Hammond of Middietown, Conn., 
Feb. 10, 1875. Children: Sclden, b. Feb. 7, 1846: Virginia Harriet C 
Jan. 14, 1848: Kate Hammond, b. May 11, 1850: Edmund, b. Nov. 24 

1881, Address: Shelbyvilie, Shelby Co., Ky. 


Born, July 22, 1818, in New York, N. Y. 

1841, Taught in New Rochelle, N. Y. 1842, Taught in Rye, N. } 
M.D., University of New York. 1848, Entered the drug business in N* 
N. Y. 1856, Removed to Middietown, Conn. 1858-&. Cashier in a 
New York, N. Y.; family in Middietown. i86?-9. Engaged in the d: 
ncss, in Middietown, Conn. 1870-81, Engaged in the drug business in I 
N. Y. 1879, Traveled in Europe. 

Married, July 3, 1838, Miss R. J. Disbrow of New York, N. Y. C 
Robert Lauder (No. 602), b. June 20, 1S39 : Margaret, b. Aug. 19, 184 1 ; 
F. N. Bliss: Matilda, b. May 3, 1843; married No. 766: Mary, b. Oct. 
married No. 750: Arthur, b. Nov. 4, 1846: Jessie, b. Sept. 10, 1849; 
W. E. Hulbert. 

1881, Address: 500 Henry St., Brooklyn, N. V. 


1839, Residence: Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., N. V. 

1845, Practiced Law in Woodvillc, Miss. 186 1, Practiced Law in 
Miss. Was Major in C. S. .Army; lost an arm, and was taken pri 
Gettysburgh. Died, 1867, in Cazenovia, X. Y. 

Married Miss M*Gehee of Woodville, Miss. 


Born, April 27, 181 5, in South Wilbraham (now Hampden) Ham( 

After graduation, studied I^w in Ellington, Conn., two years. 
Theology in East Windsor, Conn., two years. Studied Theology 
Haven, Conn., one year. Teacher in Windsor Academy, Conn. Prc3 
some months, but was prevented by ill health from assuming the di 
settled pastorate. Founded a Female Seminary in Willoughbv, Ohio, 
remained two years. Founded a Commercial School in Cleveland, Oh 
he remained two years. Engaged in Mining in California. Preac 
founded a School. General Agent for a paper called TA^ Pacific. 
failed, and he returned to Ellington, where he was private tutor for t 
Was much interested in geological study. Traveled extensively thr 
United States. Died, Aug. 29, 1864. 

1840.] ALUMNI RFXORD. 3/ 


Bom, Aug. II, 1817, in Orrington, Penobscot Co., Me. IJrother of No. 133. 

1S43-4, Studied I^w in Lynn, Mass. fS.14, .\dmitted to the Kssex County Har. 

»Su~59» Practiced I^w in Lynn, Ma.«>s. 1S50-9, Associate Justice of Police Court 

in Lynn. 1852, Elected Mayor of I Ann. 1854-60, Member of Massachusetts 

State Temperance Committee. 1859, Chemist in coal-oil refinery, Chelsea, Mass. 

i860, Rrcckenridge Coal and Oil Company, Cloverport, Ky. 1862, In Quin- 

diro,Kans. 1864-5, State Geologist of Kansas. 1865-73, Professor of Natural 

Sciences in State Agricultural College, Manhattan. Kans. Spent most of his 

Tications in exploring the Geology of the Cretaceous Formation in Western 

Kansas: discovered forty-five new species of fossils, including Ichthyornis 

iispar, a bird with bi-concave vertebrae. 1867, President of Kansas State 

Teachers' Association. 186S-79, President of Kansas Natural History Society 

(now Kansas Academy of Science). 1873-9, I'Ccturer on Geology, State IJni- 

Tereity, I.awrence, Kans.; made geological explorations of the Cretaceous 

Formation under employ of Professor O. C. Marsh of Vale College. Fellow 

of the . American Association for the Advancement of Science. Died, Nov. 21, 

1870. in Manhattan, Kans. 

Married, Sept. 16, 1846, Mary l^usebia A. Heckford of Lynn, Mass. Chil- 
dren: Melville R., b. Aug. 8, 1847 : Josiah P»., b. Nov. 25, 1849: Ensebia P»., b. 
^Pt- 27, 1852: Frank Peabixly, b. Nov. 25, 1857; d. July 11, 1864: Twin.s, b. 
and d. Sept. 25, 1862. 


fioni, Sept. 27 (or 28), 181 5, in Orrington, Penobscot Co., Me. Brother of 
No. 132. 

1^40-3, Studied in Union Theological Seminary, New \'ork, N. \. 1843, 
Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church 1857-8. Pro- 
fessor of Sacred Literature in McKendree College, Ixibanon, 111.; Member of 
Southern Illinois Conference. 1859, Transferred to the Missouri Conference. 
Stationed successively at Pilot Knob, Simpson Chapel (Saint Louis), and Inde- 
pendence. i86f. Driven out of Missouri by the Rebellion ; appointed tn Man- 
hattan, Kans. 1862, Professor of Ancient Languages and Biblical Literature in 

Baker University, Baldwin City, Kans. Died, fuly 21, 1862, in Baldwin City, 
Kans. * ' 

Married, H. Lucinda Grover, who died September, 1S58. Children : Lucinda 
J|?"a, b. Aug. 8, 1843: Thomas Grover, b. Sept. 4, 1846; d. March 15, 1847: 
Milton Russell, b. April 22, 1848. 


^°f^ Feb. 7, 1816, in Boston, Mass. 
in a}' Studied in Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. ^^, and 
jT^'l^^fl Medical I>ectures. 1843, Member of Convention, at Utica, N. V., 

'ch organized the Wesleyan Metho<list Connection of .Vnicrica. 1843, ^'''^' 
l^ at Providence, R. I. 1844, Preached in Athol and Needham, Mass. 

^.■^S Preached and taught in Buffalo, N. \ . 1846, Stationetl at I'last Solon, 
18 '^■*7' Rc"™ovc^ ^o Kalamazoo, Mich., on account of poor health. 

5^7. Engaged in teaching and in business, Rochester, N. W 1S5S-61, Seeds- 
r"'. Buffalo, N. Y. 1861, Raised a Company of Cavalry. 1S61-J, In the 
bT^I? ^^ *^^ Sanitary Commission, Washington, D. C. One of the original 
^•^oers of the National Freedmen's Relief Asso( iation. 1S63-S1, Clerk in 
^ Auditor*s <^)<fice. Treasury Department. 1863, Founded the Colored Free 
^^1 S\^tcm of the District of Columbia. 1867, Founded the Lincoln Coiipe- 
^^'c Building and Deposit Association. 1S80-1, Rcsidin;; at his fruit farm 
'^^f S^abrook, Md. See Bibliography. 

f*arried, June 13, 1843, Julia Johnson of Rochester, N. Y. Children : Mary 
i&l? ' °' J"^y '^» '*^44; married T. P. Keene : Frances Julia, b. Aug. 16, 
T*J;'.George Jacob, b. Aug. 25, 1849: Anna, b. Aug. 2^, 185*3; d. in infancy: 
jwenh Wight, b. Sept. 19, 1858. 

*«i| AddrcM: Washington, D. C. 



Born, Oct. 21, 1817, in Baltimore, Md. 

1840, Teacher in Oneida Conference Seminary (now Central New Yc 
ferencc Seminary), Cazenovia, N. Y. 184 1-2, Tutor in Wesleyan Un 
Died, Sept. 6, 1842, in Lyons, N. Y. 


Born, Oct. 15, 1820, in Riverhead, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

1841-3, Studied Law. 1844, Joined New York Conference, Methodisi 
pal Church. 1844, 5, Stationed at Southampton, N. Y. ; 1846, 7, Bridgeh 
1848, 9, Patchogue. 1850, Superannuated. 1851, 2, Stationed at Bim 
Conn.; 1853, 4, Bridgeport; 1855, 6, Waterbury; 1857, 8, 27th St., Ne 
N. Y. ; 1859, 60, Allen St.; 1861, Washington Av., Brooklyn; 186 
John St., New Haven, Conn. 1864, Presiding Eider of Bridgeport 
Conn. 1865-6, Supernumerary. 1867, 8, Stationed at Riverhead 
1869-72, Presiding Elder of Bridgeport District, Conn. 1872, Del 
General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1872, Presiding 
Long Island South District. 1873, 4, Stationed at Port Chester, N. Y. 
Supernumerary. 1877-9, Stationed at Riverhead and Jamesport, N. Y. 
Supernumerary ; residing at Norwalk, Conn. 

Married, March 23, 1846, Miss Jerusha L. Cook; deceased. Married 
1858, Maria J. Cook; deceased. Married, May 18, 1864, Calista E. Bar 
died 1867. Married, Sept. 6, 1869, Mrs. Grace Colburn. Children: M 
July 10, 1849: Thomas G., b. Aug. 17, 1852; d. Dec. 21, 1853: Isab 
Dec. 21, 1854 ; d. March 7, 1865 : Thomas S., b. Aug. 5, 1857. 

1881, Address: Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Conn. 


Born, October, 1819, in Kredericton, New Brunswick. 

1840-8, In Fredericton, N. B. 1S48-66, Teacher of Mathematics an 
ral Sciences in Wesleyan Academy, Sackville, N. B. 1866-70, Pro! 
Mathematics in Mount Allison Wesleyan College, Sackville, N. B. 
Engaged in farming in Sackville, N. B. 1874-8, Member of Provincial 
ture of New Brunswick. 

Married, Jan. 23, 1854, Mary E. Dixon of Sackville, N. B. Childrer 
Burpee, b. November, 1854: Humphrey Frederick, b. Aug. 26, 1857: 
b. Feb. 7, i860: Edward D wight, b. Sept. 16, 1864; ^' Oct. 27, 1871 
Alice, b. Nov. 4, 1867; d. July 28, 1875: Thomas Edward Dwight, I 

1881, Address: Sackville, New Brunswick. 


Born, August, 1810, in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

1840-8, Preached in Utica, N. Y. 1848-51, Resided in Trov, N. Y. 
In the Mercantile Agency in New York, N. Y. 1865-73, Residing i 
Chester County, N. Y.; engaged in farming and gardening. 1875-81, ] 
in literary pursuits. Sec Bibliography. 

Married, 1835, Lucy A. Stone of Litchfield, Conn., who died Jan. 1 
Children: four sons and one daughter; one of the sons deceased. 

1S81, Address: 522 Eighth Av., New York, N. Y. 



Bom, Feb. 20, 1815, in Charlestown, Jefferson Co., Va. 

1S41, Principal of'^Ohio Conference Seminary, Springfield, (Jhio. 1845-8, 
Professor of Ancient Languages, Augusta College, Ky. 1848, Ordained Cler- 
gyman in Protestant Episcopal Church. 1865-71, Rector of Christ Church, and 
Principal of Boys' Boarding School, Springfield, Ohio. Died, May 8, 187 1, in 
Springfield, Ohio. 

Married, Aug. 4, 1842, Mi»8 Laura F. Cooper of Middletown, Conn. Chil- 
dren: Chandler, b. Feb. 4, 1844: Elizabeth, b. July 27, 1845: Samuel Cooper; 
d. at the age of five years : Isaac Douglas ; d. in infancy : Laura Florian ; d. in 
infancy : Samuel Cooper; d. in infancy: Mary Douglas, b. March, 1855: Harry, 
d. in infancy. 

1S81, Address of widow: 506 East Main St., Springfield, Ohio. 


Born, June 4, 1S18, in Lisle, Broome Co., N. Y. 

1840, Principal of Stockbridge Academy, Madison Co., N. Y. 1841-2, Prin- 
cipal of Oneida Academy, N. Y. 1843, Admitted to practice, as Attorney and 
Solicitor in Courts of Record, State of New York. 1846, Admitted to practice 
in the United States Courts. 1846-81, Practicing Law in New York, N. Y. 

Married, Oct. 24, 1843, Miss Maria K. Warner of Middletown, Conn. Child : 
Sarah Maria, b. Nov. 15, 1844; married Mr. Burt 

1881, Address: 109 K. 12th St., New York, N. Y. 


1839, Residence: Albanv, N. Y. 1873, Fngaged in Life Insurance Business, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. Died aoout 1874, in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Taught for many years in Louisiana. Graduated at Medical School, New 
Orleans, La. Served as surgeon during the Mexican War. Practiced Medi- 
cine several years in Marion, Va. Died, 1858, in Jonesville, N. C. 

Married, Kliza Partridge of Massachusetts ; deceased. Married, Mary Davis 
of Virginia ; deceased. Children : Eliza : Marj*. 


Class of 1841. 


Bom, March 12, 1818, in Brookfield, Orange Co., Vt. 

1841-2, Studied Hebrew with Dr. Nordheimer in New York, N. Y. 1842, 
Joined New Hampshire Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1842-3, 
Teacher of Languages in Newbury Seminary, and Teacher of Hebrew in Bil> 
lical Institute, Newbury, Vt. 1843-4, Agent of Wesleyan University. 1844, 
Stationed at Great Falls, N. H. 1845-7, Agent of American Hible Society. 
1848-9, Rector of Christ Church, Springfield, Mass. 1850, Minister of Christ 


Church, Boston, Mass. 1851-81, Engaged in general study and 
Has received forty Letters Patent from the United States, and othcn 
eign countries. 1865, M.D., University of Pennsylvania. During 
and for several years thereafter, was employed by National Republ 
mittee as a political speaker. See l^ibliography. 

Married, Aug. 9, 184 1, Miss Adeline E. Hubbard of Middlcto 
Children: Adelaide H.; married: Sarah H. : Josephine H.; marrit 

1881, Address: 1201 North 41st St., West Philadelphia, Pa. 

144. KOliKRT ALLVN. 

Born, Jan. 25, 181 7, in Lcdyard, New London Co., Conn. 

1841-3, Teacher of Mathematics in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbrah 
1842, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Chui 
Transferred to Providence Conference. 1843, 4» Stationed at Colches 
1845, Thompsonville. 184 5-8, Principal of Wesleyan Academy, V 
Mass.; Member of New England Conference. 1848, Transferred to 1 
Conference. 1848-54, Princijial of Providence Conference Semii 
Greenwich, R. L 1852, 4, Member of legislature of Rhode Islam 
Commissioner of Public Schools of Rhode Island, and Editor of The R> 
School Master. 1854, Visitor of U. S. Military Academy, West P 
1857-9, Professor of Ancient Languages in Ohio University, Ath< 
Member of Ohio Conference. 18^9-63, President of Wesleyan Fema 
Cincinnati, Ohio; Member of Cmcinnati Conference. i8(>3-74. Pi 
McKendree College. Lebanon, 111 ; Member of Southern Illinois C 
1863, 4» Stationed at Lebanon, 111. 1865, D.D., Wesleyan University. 
Secretary of Southern Illinois .Annual Conference. 1874-81, Princip: 
cm Illinois Normal Ifniversity, Carbondale, 111. 1876, LL.D., McKc 
lege. Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Churc 
See Bibliography. 

Married. Nov." 21, 1841, Miss E. II. Denison of Coleraine, Mass., 
April 24, 1844. Married, June 28, 1845, Miss Mary B. Budingtonof Ley 
who died Oct. 18, 1879. Children: Charles, b. Sept. 5, 1842: Em< 
b. April 12, 1844: Robert, b. July 11, 1846 ; d. Sept. 7, 1849: Joseph 
b. April I, 1849; A.B., McKendree College: Ellen Sophronia, b. Ju 
Harriet Amanda, b. Nov. 14, 1859. 

1881, Address: Carbondale, Jackson Co., 111. 


Born, May 12, 181 7, in Veteran, Chemung Co., N. Y. 

1842, M.D., Columbian College, I). C. ; practiced Medicine in 
Va. 1843^ Taught in Mount Morris Seminary, III. 1844, Practice) 
in Bellvillc, III. 1845-81, Practicing Medicine in Chicago, III. 

Married, Sept. 3, 1844, Miss .Susan V. West of Dixon, III., who d 
1858. Married, Nov. 3, 1863, .Mrs. Melissa Brown Benham of Ca 
N. Y. Children: Ophelia West, b. June 20, 1S45; d. July 24, 1 
Clara, b. July 27, 1846; d. July 29, 1875: Frank Edward, b. Oct. 2 
Sept. 25, 1851 : Fannie Elosia, b. Dec. 15, 1853: d. May 12, 1858. 

1881, Address : 2415 Michigan Av., Chicago, III. 


Born, March 17, 1820. 

1840, Residence: Ashfield, Franklin Co., Mass. 

1847-9, Taught in Troy, Miami Co., Ohio. 1851-81, Principal 
School, l^)well, Mass. 

Married, Aug. 12, 1846, Sarah E. Kent. Children: Mary M,b. 0< 
Charles Jasper, b. Aug. 25, 1851 ; d. Sept. r, 1865: Gerard, b. Jul] 
A.B., Harvard University, 1880. 

1881, Address : Lowell, Mass. 




Born, Sept. 18, 1816, in Marccllus, Onondaga Co., N. Y. 
1841, Principal of Ohio Conference Seminary, Columbus, Ohio. 1842, 
Joined Ohio Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1843-5, Engaged in 
pastoral work in Ohio Conference. 184J-52, Principal of Greenfield Seminary, 
Ohio. 1852-64, Vice-President, and Professor of Natural Science, in Ohio Unl- 
vtrsity, Athens, Ohio. 1854, M.D., Willoughby Medical College and Univer- 
sity of Louisville. 1856. D.D., McKendree College. 1863, Ll-H., Hamline 
University. 1864-7. Editor of The Parkersburgh Gazette, \V. Va. 1867-71, 
Taught in Greenfield, Ohio. 1871-8, Principal of State Normal School, Fair- 
"Kmt, \V. Va.; Member of West Virginia Conference. See Bibliography. 
I>icd,Dcc. 22, 1878, in Fairmont, W. Va. 

Married, March 10, 1842, Miss Olive Jones Winslow of Amherst, Mass. 
Children: Edwards, b. Nov. 18. 1843; ^'- Chalmers, b. July 3, 1845: 
Florence, b. Feb. 26, 1848: Alice, b. March 8, 1850; d. : Preston, b. Feb. 6, 
«854; d. 

1881, Address of widow : Fairmont, Marion Co., W. Va, 


Born, Dec. 8, 1812, in Warwick, R. I. 

'841-2, Taught and studied Law in Fall River, Mass. 1843-60, Practiced 
L*w in Woonsocket, R. I. 1857, Member of Rhode Island House of Repre- 
5"^^«s; removed to Central Falls, R. I. 1858, President of Town Council, 
North Providence, R. I. 1868-81, Practicing I^w in Providence, R. I. 

Married, Oct. 25, 1859, Adelia Carpenter, who died March 23, 1867. Child : 
«^Evans,b. Nov. 21, 1864. 

'881, Address : Providence, R. I. 


^m,Dec. 8, 1812, in Acton, York Co., Me. 

. '°4i, Taught in Mexicoville Academy, N. Y. 1842, Principal of Fulton 
^<^emy; joined Black River Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
S* 5» Stadoncd at Wolcott, Wayne Co., N. Y. 1846, Principal of Mexico- 
"nH •^^^^^'X' ^- ^' *^47, Stationed at Syracuse, N. Y. 1848-52, Principal 
^W Financial Agent of Falley Seminary. 1853, Joined New York Conference ; 
phoned at Vestry St., New York, N. Y. ; same year Professor of Ancient 
H*8«iges in Ohio Universit}', Athens, Ohio. 1854, Professor of Latin in 
Indiana Asbury University, Greencastle, Ind. 1858, Professor of Ancient Lan- 
V^t& in Genesee College, Lima, N. Y. i860, D.D., Indiana Asbury Univer- 
^\ I>ied, March 20, 1862, in Lima, N. Y. 

Married, April 19, 1842, Eliza Barnum of Bridgeport, Conn. Children: 
?^E., b. Oct. 25, 1846: Alice M., b. Nov. 19, 1849; ^- Feb. 17, 1850; 
V f*^-*^- July 5, 1851; d. Feb. 7, 1852: Louis B., b. Sept. 28, 1855: Eva 
^••oOct.9, 1859: Annie R., b. Nov. 12, 1861. 


^ Oct, 18 1 2, in North Carolina. 
^*4i. After graduating, went South for his health. 1843-4, In hospital at 
jccster, Mass. Died, Aug. 3, 1844, in Lynn, Mass. 
^ed,Sept. I, i84r. Miss Elizabeth Newhall of Lynn, Mass. 
*'i Address of widow : Mrs. James R. Newhall, Lynn, Mass. 

• 6 



Born, May 14, 1816, in South Windsor, Hartford Co., Conn. 

1842-4, Delivered Philosophical Lectures in the New Englan 
New Jersey. 1845-6, Architect and Builder, Hartford, Conn. 18. 
in Primary Department, U. S. Military Academy, West Point, N. 
Taught in Hester Street Academy, New York, N. Y. 1853- 
and Builder, Hartford, Conn. 1857-8, Architect and Builder, W 
Wis. 1859-67, Architect and Builder, Hartford, Conn. 1867, T 
the summer. Died, Aug. 22, 1868, in Hartford, Conn. 

Married, October, 1844, ^liss Elvira Clark of Hartford, Conn., w 
tember, 1856. Married, Jan. i, 1861, Miss Matilda Clark of Ha 
Children: Arthur M., b. Oct. 7, 1845: Lelia, b. Sept. 30, 1849: Eu 
19, 1862; Ida, b. February, 1865. 


1840, Residence : Bath, Grafton Co., N. H. 

After graduation, Principal of Portchester Academy, N. Y. iS 
Deacon m Protestant Episcopal Church ; Assistant Minister 
Church, Portsmouth, N. H. 184S-51, Rector of Grace Church, 
1849, Ordained Priest. 1851-4, Rector of the Church of the Ascei 
sion Parish, La. 1854-6, Assistant Minister of Grace Church, S 
ville, I^a. 1857, Minister of Trinity Church, Natchez, Miss. i8f 
of St, James' Church, Alexandria, La. 1868-73, Rector of St. Geo" 
Griffin, Ga. 1874-6, Rector of St. Joseph's Church, Saint Joseph, 
Rector St. Mary's Church, Franklin, La. 1878-9, Minister of Tri 
New Orleans, La. 1879-81, Rector of St. George's Church, Griffi 

Married, Miss Johanna Hubbard of Middletown, Conn., who ( 
1852. Married, Feb. 8, 1872, Mrs. Flora Felicia George, who d 
1873. Children: Ella H., b. Dec. 2C, 1842 : Henry, b. Nov. 20, 18 
16, 1853 .•• Florian Keble,b. Feb. 5, 1873. 

1881, Address: Griffin, Spalding Co., Ga. 


Born, July 11, 1821, in Baltimore, Md. 

1843, Admitted to the Bar in Baltimore, Md. 1850-79, Taugl 
Residmg in Emmorton, Md. 

1881, Address: Emmorton, Harford Co., Md. 


Born, Oct. 24, 181^, in Fayetteville, Cumberland Co., N. C. 

1841, Joined Oneida Conference, Methodist Episcopal Chui 
Stationed at Clinton, N. Y. ; 1843, Vernon Village ; 1844, Ne 
1845, Vernon Centre ; 1846, 7, Marccllus; 1848, Tuliy ; 1849, 50, 
stock; 1851, 2, Fly Creek; 1S53, 4, Butternuts; 1855, West Ea 
Clinton. 1858-9, Supernumerary ; resided in Clinton, N. Y. 18 
at Vernon Centre, N. Y. ; i860, i, Verona ; 1862, 3, West Wint 
Deansville; 1866, 7, Smyrna; 1868, Pompcy; 1869, Pratt's Hoi 
Peterborough; 1872, 3, De Ruyter. 1868-73, Family resided in C 
the sake of educational facilities. 1875-81, In poor health. 18; 

Married, June 10, 1844, Miss Julia A. Gillespie of Clinton, N. V 
Mary Frances, b. March 27, 1845; d. Sept. 2, 1848: Emma Maria 
1849; A. B., University of Michigan, 1S74: Ellen Amelia, b. Au 
Arthur Gillespie, b. Nov. 12, 1856; A. B., University of Michigan 
Stacv, b. June 15, i860. 

1881, Address, Cazenovia, Madison Co , N. Y. 

\%^l.] ALUMNI REcbRD. 43 


Bom, in Strong, Franklin Co., Me. 

Practiced Law several years in New York, N.Y. Practiced Medicine a few 
years in Ohio, and then moved to New Albany, Ind. ; invented a dovetailing 
machine. 1866, Health failed ; returned to Strong, Me. 1868, Went to 
Florida on account of his health. Died, August, 1869, in Strong, Me. 

Married, while in New York, N.Y. 

1840, Residence, Augusta, Ontario. 


Bom, Dec. 4, 18 16, in Luzerne County, Pa. 

1841, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1841, 
2i Stationed at Maiden, Mass. ; 1845, 4, Boston ; 1845, 6, Pynchon St., Spring- 
kW ; 1847, 8, Union St, Springfield. 1849, Engagedf in farming in Herrick, 
Bf*dford Co., Pa. ; preached only occasionally, on account of diseased throat. 
J^-^ Presiding Elder, Wyalusmg District, Wyoming Conference. 1859-61, 
w-^ Member of Pennsylvania Senate. 1862-5, In business. 1869-81, En- 
8*gd in mercantile business and in farming ; preaching occasionally. 

Married, Oct. 31, 1842, Miss Sarah A. Lum, of Braintrim, Wyoming Co., Pa., 
»bo died i860. Married, Feb. 9, 1861, Miss Catharine Smith, of Northmore- 
"n^Pa. Children: ten. 

J881, Address ; Herrick, Bradford Co., Pa. 


^niS Vermont. 

!^t Tinght in Georgia ; afterwards practiced Medicine. 

^*<*» 184J or 6, near Athens, Clarke Co., Ga. 



JsSl ^^s'^icnce : Rhinebeck, N. Y. 

^^i, Practicing Law in Boston, Mass. 

'*°'> Address: Room 36, 40 State St., Boston, Mass. 


'40, Rcsid 
.CO ^inCharl 
*^'- Address : 

MedS"^' ^^sJdences: Wraggsborough and Charleston, S. 
^^^ in Charleston, S. C, for some years until 1861. 

C. Practiced 


Y^i Jan. 4, 181 5, in Sand Lake, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. 

.*J42, Lectured for Connecticut Anti-slavery Socictv. 1843, Studied Law 
Y^ John Jay in New York, N. Y. 1845, Practiced Law in Syracuse, N. Y. 
^^% Practiced Law in Saint Anthony's Falls, Minn. 1851, Member of Minne- 
•^ Territorial Legislature. 1856, Removed to Northfield, Minn.; built mills 



and started the town. 1S57, Member of Minnesota Constitutional C01 
i860, Member of National Republican Convention, Chicago, 111.; 5 
General of Nevada Territory ; Elected Judge of Supreme Court of 
1870, In Knoxville, Tenn. ; engaged in organizing a colony for settl 
California. 1873, President of Southern California Colony Association 
lished colony for Eastern families at Riverside, Cal. 1879-80. Pract 
in San Francisco, C'al. 1880-1, (leneral Agent of the Washington 
Colony, Fresno County, Cal. 

Married, Sept. 22, 1045, Emma Bacon of Middletown, Conn., who die 
1847. Married, Aug. 2S, 1848, Ann Hendrix Loomis Dewitt of Onom 
N. Y. Children: Emma Kacon, b. March 3, 1852: George Loomis, b 
1853: John Grecnleaf, b. Sept. 16, 1856: Charles Lewis, b. May 31, 1 
ward, D. Julv 11, i860 : Mary, b. May 3, 1865. 

1881, Adaress: 22 Montgomery St., San Francisco, Cal. 


1840, Residence, Montville, New London Co., Conn. 1844, Stud 
1844-9, Practiced Law. 1849, In business in New York, N. V. ; : 
removed to Saint Louis, Mo. 1859-67, In business in New York, N. Y. 
Resided in Hackensack, N. J. 1879-81, Residing in New York, ^ 
engaged in business. 

Married, 1842, Eliza H. Johnson of Middletown, Conn. Children : ' 
I. : Arthur : Amelia : Charlotte : Jessie. 

1881, Address, 412 West 57th St., New York, N. Y. 


Name changed by Massachusetts Legislature to Kazlett Arvi 

Born, December, 1819. 

1845, Graduated at Newton Theological Institution, Mass. ; Ordaim 
of Baptist Church, Woonsocket, R. I. 1847, Settled in New York, N. 
Settled in Boylston, Mass. See Bibliography. Died, 1851, in V 

Married, March, 1845, Mary Ann Porter of Waterbury, Conn. < 
Earllis Porter, b. April, 1846: Frceling Wilder, b. January, 1848. 


Born, Feb. 3, 1819, in Royalton, Windsor Co., Vt. 

1843, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Churc 
Stationed at Waltham, Mass.; 1S44, 5, Newburyport; 1846, Charleston 
Located and preached in Boston, Mass. ; Editor of The Sunday Schai 
ger^ and The Sunday School Teacher. 1850, Became an agent of the 
Sunday School Union. 1855-6, Member of Massachusetts Sena' 
Appointed Trustee of State industrial School for Girls : afterward 
Superintendent and Chaplain of same. 1S62, Joined New England Co 
stationed at Watertown, Mass. 1S63-72, Chaplain of House of Ref 
dall's Island, N. Y. 1868, D.D., Weslcyan University. 1871-81, 1 
Wcsleyan University. 1872-81, Editor of Zion's Herald^ Boston, Mai 
Delegate to Methodist Ecumenical Conference. See Bibliography. 

Married, Aug. 5, 1841, Harriet W. Thompson of Middletown, Com 
ren: Charles Prince, b. June 18, 1842: Henry Thompson, b. Sept. 
Hannah Prince, b. Jan. S, 1S52 ; d. August, 1853: Harriet Maria, b. 

i88i, Address: 36 Bromficld St., Boston, Mass. 


1 84 1.] 



Born, Tan. i, 1818, in Ulysses, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 

1841, Teacher in Genesee Weslcyan Seminary, Lima, N. V. 1842-54, Prin- 
cipal of Rock River Seminary, Mount Morris, 111. (with intervals of rest on 
account of ill health). 1847, Member of Illinois Constitutional Convention. 
Jo47-^ Member of Illinois House of Representatives. 1867-70, Member of 
Illinou Senate. 1870, Member of Illinois Constitutional Convention. 1869-81, 
Engaged in farming in Mount Morris, 111. ; on account of ill health, has not 
taught, and has preached but little for several years. 

Married, 1844, Margaret C. Hill of Mount Morris, 111. Children : Charles C, 
b.Feb.1, 1846: Thyrtta M., b. Oct. 13, 1848: Ida F., b. May 5, 1850: Mary 
^» D.Oct 10, 1856; d. Aug. 30, 1858: Merritt W., b. Dec. 12, 1859. 

1881, Address : Mount Morris, Ogle Co., 111. 


^rn,Feb.7. 1821, in Amenia, Dutchess Co., N.Y. 

'«4f, Studied Law in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 1842-4, Studied Law in Brook- 
v^ ■' '^44. Admitted to the Bar in Brooklyn, N.Y. 1845, Commenced 

rS '^71-81, Trustee of Wesleyan University. 1872, Elected one of the 

qT^^ of the City Court, Brooklvn^ for fourteen years. 1881, Appointed by the 

jlj^'^^orof the State of New York to hold Supreme Court in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

§g^^*cgate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1872, 76, 80. 

ly^^'T'ied, Oct 15. 1846. Miss Harriet Townsend of Milton, N. Y. Child: 

iSi ^^^' ^7'*)» b. June 30, 1848. 
^*. Address: 16 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


.^ ^'t^ Oct. 26, 1813, in Granville, Hampden Co., Mass. 
qJ ^^ * -65, In mercantile and tannery business in Blandford, Mass. ; held offices 
Ri-»n>5^"* Clerk, Postmaster and Justice of the Peace. Died, Dec. 25, 1865, in 
'^'J^^f ord, Mass. 

•*-^*'ricd, October, 1841, Miss Orphia M. Boise of Blandford, Mass., who died 
». "^3. Married, Sept 20, 1848, Miss Jane C. Sessions of South Wilbraham, 
•^^- Child: Howard Pannelee,b. Oct. i, 1842. 

^^t, Address of widow: Blandford, Hampden Co., Mass. 


^n», Sept. 12, 181 5. in Ipswich, Essex Co., Mass. 

^*»39i Agent of Connecticut Anti-Slavery Society. 1841, Principal of Elling- 

'J*^ School, Conn. 1843, Principal ot ^^g'^ School, Middietown, Conn. 1844. 

joiiie^i New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1844-5, ^^^' 

^wied at Springfield, Mass. 1846, Worcester. Transferred to New Hamp- 

^'c Conference. Principal of New Hampshire Conference Seminary and 

'tnule Collie. State Commissioner of Common Schools for New Hamp- 

J^forthrec years. i8ji-2. Stationed at Portsmouth, N. 1 1. ; 1853, 4, Lawrence, 

S**"-; »8S5,^ Great Falls, N. H. ; 1857, Manchester ; 1S58. Haverhill, Mass. 

IJS^ Transferred to Cincinnati Conference. 1859, President of Wilberforce 

"'diversity, near Xenia, Ohio. 1861, D.D., Ohio Wesleyan University. 1863, 

^tionedfat Morris Chapel {now St Paul's), Cincinnati, Ohio, 1864, Presi- 

^Qt of Wesleyan Female College, Cincinnati. 1868-81. Corresponding Secrc- 


tary of Freedman's Aid Society, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1877, LL 
Central Tennessee College. Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Epis 
pal Church, i8j4, 72, 80. 1881, Delegate to Methodist Ecumenical Conferen 
See Bibliography. 

Married, Aug. 12, 1841, Miss Sarah Ann Hubbard of Middletown, Coi 
who died Jan. 28, 1873. Married, Oct. 21, 1875, Miss Elizabeth Anna Lowi 
of Morrow, Ohio. Children: Richard Hubbard (No. 815), b. Sept. 5, 18. 
Charles H., b, Sept. 27, 1847. 

1881, Address: 190 West Fourth St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Born, June 9, 1812, in Homer, Cortland Co., N. Y. 

1841-9, Engaged in teaching. 1849-53, ^" business in the South. 1853- 
Member of Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1868-73, 
business in Taunton and Attleborough, Mass. 1873-9, ^^ business at Atl 
borough, Mass. 1879-81, Superannuated ; residing in Mansfield, Mass. 

Married, July 26, 1842, Miss E. M. Hubbard of Glastonbury, Conn. Chi 
ren : Wilbur Fisk (No. 854), b. Dec. 2, 1843: Pamelia S., b. Sept. 21,18^ 
Carrie S., b. Aug. 12, 1848: Mary Jane, b. Nov. 5, 1865. 

1881, Address : Mansfield, Bristol Co., Mass. 


Bom, Dec. 28, 1814, in Edinburgh, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

1841, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, i^ 
2, Stationed at South Boston, Mass.; 1843, 4, Cambridgeport ; 1845,6, Saug 
1847, 8, Lowell ; 1849,50, Springfield; 1851, Boston; 1852, Holliston. V 
Feb. 16, 1854, in Holliston, Mass. 

Married, Dec. 14, 1843, Mary A. Clarke of Chester, N. H. Children: 
ward Aylsworth, b. May 16, 1846 ; d. Nov. 26, 1872 : James Francis, b. Fet 
1849 ; A.B., Dartmouth College, 1872 : Charles Wesley, b. June 14, 1852 ; *• 
Harvard College, 1874. 

1881, Address of widow : 27 Methuen St., Lowell, Mass. 


Born, April 27, 1820, in Carroll, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

184 1-2, Studied in Lane Theological Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio, i 
Joined Genesee Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1842, Statione 
Vienna, N.Y. ; iiS43, Tenn Yan. 1S44, Transferred to Ohio Conference, i 
Stationed at Oxford, Ohio ; 1S45, Portsmouth ; 1846, Richmond Dale ; 1847, 1 
Richmond Circuit; 1848, 9, Bethel Chapel, Cincinnati; 1850, Chillicot 
1851, Columbus. 1852-3, Professor of Ancient Languages and Liierat 
lUmois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, 111. 1854, Professor of Anc 
Languages and Literature, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. 1855, Presiden 
Illinois Wesleyan University. 1S56-7, Pastor of Methodist Episcopal Chu 
Springfield, Illinois. 1858-60, Pastor of Morris Chapel, Cincinnati, O 
i860. Chaplain of Ohio Volunteers. Died, 1S64, of disease contracted in 

Married, June i, 1842, Miss Angcline Brooks of Cincinnati, Ohio, who < 
Dec. 17,1848. Married, .Sept. 17,1850, Miss Helen C. Graff of Cincinr 
Ohio, who died Oct. 30, 1857. Married, April 7, 1859. Mrs. Laura A. Jone 
Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Children: Clinton Brooks, b. Fune 2, 1844; gradus 
at the U. S. Military Academy, West Point, N. Y., 1867: John McKnigh 
Aug. 28, 1851: Leavitl, h. March 18, 1853; d. May 19, 1854: J. Magooi 
Sept. 2, 1855: Helen Angeline, b. March 5, i860. 

1881, Address of widow : Mrs. Laura A. Tourtee, Delaware, Ohio. 


1841-] ALUMNI RECORD. 47 


Bor-ik, Dec. 2, 1814, in Winchester, Cheshire Co., N. H. 
iS4.x» Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 184 1, 
Statioi-i«d at Millbury. Mass. ; 1842, Grafton ; 1S43, Flulliston ; r844, 5, South- 
bridge ; 1846, 7, Ipswich; 1848, 9, Common St., Lynn; 1850, i, Chicopec; 
1852, 3, Chelse*; 1854, 5, Meridian St., East Hoston ; 1856, 7, Maiden ; 185S, 9, 
BTom.field St., Boston; i860, 61, Worthen St., Lowell; 1862, Central Church, 
Lowell ; 1863, 4» Camhridgeport ; 1865, East Boston. 1857-69, Meml)er of 
the Hoard ot Overseers of Harvard University. 1863, D.D., Wcsleyan Uni- 
versity. 1866-70, Presiding Elder of Boston District. 1S70-3, Presiding Elder 
of Springfield District. 1874-5. Stationed at Meridian St., East Boston, Mass.; 
^876, 7, Newtonville, Mass. 1878-81, Presiding Elder of Boston District. 
Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1856, 68, 72. 

Married, August, 1841, Miss Harriet Maria Saj^e of Middletown, Conn., who 
died Feb. 6. 1842. Married, July 27, 1842, Miss Jane Turner of Millbury, Mass., 
who died Feb. 3,1864. Married, Jan. i, 1865, Miss Kubv Warfield,' Precep- 
tress of Wesleyan Academv, Wilbraham, Mass., who died Jan. 25, 1872. Mar- 
ried, >Jov. 20, 1873, Miss ^arah Frances Haskell of Boston, Mass. Children : 
Harriet Jane, b. Feb. 19, 1845 ; d. Feb. 21, 1845: Ixircnzo Kockwood, b. March 
17. 1846; d. Sept. 6, 1847: Henry Kirk, b. July 6, 1848 ; d. June 17, 1850 : Ed- 
ward Olin, (No. 1 104), b. Dec. 4, 1852 : William Henry, b. Oct. 2, 1S56: Fred- 
eric Lewis, b. Aug. 25, i860 ; d. Nov. 30, 1863. 
i&Si, Address : Newtonville, Middlesex Co., Mass. 


^^■"n, May 17, 1821, in Hartford, Conn. 
, '^41, Studied Law in Hartford. 1854, Went South ; had previously traveled 
m Mexico and the South. Died, Feb. 24, 1855, on steamer Louisiana between 
^*^veston and New Orieans. 

..^J^tried, Sept 20, 1842, Sarah J. Whiftlesey of Wallingfi^rd, Conn., who 
^*d Nay 14, 1844. Child: Harriet Champion, b. June 21, 1843. 


j -^40, Residence ; Augusta, Kennebec Co., Me. 1849-53, Officiating Minister 
hia *1"'^y Protestant Episcopal Church, New York, \. Y. 1861, D.D., Colum- 
(M ^^ollege. 1853-81, Assistant Minister in Trinity I'rotestant Episcopal 

^^^ ^ew York, N. Y. Chaplain of Seventh New York Volunteers. 

'^i, Address : 3 East 45th St., New York. N. Y. 


*|J>rn, Jan. 17, 1814, in Princess Anne, Somerset Co., Md. 
y^^42-4, Teacher in Classical Schools, Baltimore, Md. 1844, Joined New 
i,j ^k Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1844-9, Filled appointments 
iH^«lat Conference. 1849, As Chaplain of a Company bouiul for California, 
r^^^€ a voyage round Cape Horn to San Francisco. 1849-52, California Cor- 
espondent for The Christian Advocate^ New York, N.V. ; assisted in founding 
y- ^ California Christian Advocate. 1852, Supplietl a Church in Brooklyn, N. 
\»\ '857. Ordained Deacon in the Protestant Kpiscoi)al Church ; founded a 
l^^^ion Church in New York^ N. Y. 1863, After the Battle of Gcttysburgh, 

)n at that place. iS(»4, Rector of St. 
Lssi<ttant Minister of Christ Church, Sth 

, _, ^ of Bellevue Hospital, New York, N. Y. 

|| Alarried, 1853, Miss Julia M. Cadmus of Brooklyn, N. Y. Children: Wil- 
j^-tn Evans; <i.: Julia Florence: Mary Clarkson ; d. : Matthias David: Ed- 
^Td Richard ; d. : Virginia Adelaide ; d. 
)88i, Address: 566 Lexington Av., New York, N. Y. 


Class of 1842. 


Born, March 17, 1818, in South New Market, Rockingham Co., N. H. 

1842-3, Principal of an Academy in Norwich, Conn. 1845, Teacher in N< 
Hampshire Conference Seminary. 1846, Joined New England Conferen* 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 1846, Stationed at Medford, Mass. ; 1847, W 
pole; 1848,9, Watertown; 1850, i. Common St., Lynn; 1852, Saugus; iS, 
Boston; 1856, Salem ; 1857, Melrose. 1859, Went to California on accoant 
failure of health. Died, Aug. 27, i860, in San Francisco, Cal. 

Married, Sept. 4, 1842, Sophie M. Metcalf of Greenland, N. H. 

1881, Address of widow: Greenland, Rockingham Co., N. 11. 


Born, Nov. 20, 1814, in Woodbury, Litchfield Co., Conn. 

1842, Studied in Berkshire Medical Institute, Pittsfield, Mass. 1843- 
Resided in Newark Valley, Tioga Co., N. Y. 1844-5, Studied McdidiK 
taught in Academy, (Grange, Conn. 1846-7, Taught in Baltimore, Marylar 
1849, M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, University of Maryland. 184 
53, Practiced Medicine. 1853-4, Preached on Carlisle and Mercersburgh C 
cuits, Baltimore Conference. 1854, Joined Baltimore Conference ; preached* 
Rockingham Circuit, Va. 1855, Rejected b\' Conference on account of an 
slavery views. 1855-6, Joined Wyoming Conference; stationed at Cher 
Ridge, Pa. ; 1856, 7, Bethany ; 1858, Stoddartsville Circuit. 1858, Rejected 1 
Conference on account of views as to the observance of the Sabbath. 1858- 
Practiced Medicine in Sterling, Wavne Co., Pa. 1860-81, Practicing Medidne 
Beach Pond, Wayne Co., Pa. 1873-81, Preaching occasionally among tl 
Seventh- Day Baptists. 

Married, May 21, 1857, Thoniasine Spry of Beach Pond, Pa. Childrci 
Aurelia Ann, b. Feb. 25, 1858: Bethiah Jane, b. Aug. 7, 1859: Cornelias An 
ustus, b. April 20, i86i : Darius Erastus, b. July 16, 1863: Edwin Candee, 
July 21, 1865: Francis Tambh-n, b. April 19, 1867: Garner Terry, b. Aug. 
1870: Harmonius Octavius, b. June 11, 1872: Isabella Nancy, b. June, 187 
Julius Lyman, b. March 19, 1876: Keturah Esther, b. March 4, 1879. 

1881, Address: Beach Pond, Wayne Co., Pa. 


Born, Oct. 14, 1814, in Whately, Franklin Co., Mass. 

1842, Preached in Middlefield and West Worthington, Mass. 1843, P^*^ 
Methodist Episcopal Church, Feeding Hills, Mass. 1844, Joined New Engl 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1S44, Stationed at West Brookfi 
Mass.; 1845, ^» Charlemont; 1847, 8, Chesterfield; 1849, Pelham ; I^ 
Superannuated. Died, March 27, i85i,in Northampton, Mass. 

Married, Aug. 7, 1842, Mary Pearl, Preceptress of Troy Confer^ 
Academy, who died March 31, 1872 Children : Helen Maria, b. July 4, i^ 
d. April 21, 1846; Nellie M., b. June 21, 1846; d. Aug. 12, 1849; Mazy J* 
b. x\pril 25, 1848: William Emory, b. July i, 1850. 


Born, .\pril-27, 1820, in Wilbraham, Hampden Co., Mass. 

1842-7, Taught on Long Island. 1847-9. Engaged in farming in Michig 
184^55, Taught and engaged in real estate business in Chicago, 111. 185$' 
Resided in Evanston, III. 1870-81, Residing in Santa Crut, Cal. 

842.3 ALUMNI RECORD. 49 

Married, 1845, Miss Eunice L. Coc of Middletown, Conn.; deceased Mar- 
ried, iS 54, Miss Mary R. Patrick of Granby, Mass. Children: Emma Louisa, 
b. i»4^ ; d. 1855 : Selena Coe. b. 1849: Fannie L., b. 1856: Maria L.,b. i8c8 ; 
d. 1864 : May A., b. i860: Ella Simpson, b. 1863: Lucy Smith, b. 186 C : 

George Hyde, b. 1868 : Willie H., b. 1875. 
i»i. Address : Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co., Cal. 


Bom, March 16, 1816, in Wilbraham, Hampden Co., Mass. 

After graduation, studied Medicine in New Haven, Conn. M.D., Yale Col- 
lege; practiced Medicine a few months in Springfield, Mass., where his 
health failed. Died, March 2, 1850, in Wilbraham, Mass. 

Married Jane Eliza Bamett of Westville, Conn. Child : d. in infancy. 


»S4i, Residence, Berne, Albany Co., N.Y. 1845, Joined New York Confer- 
ence, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1849, Principal oi Lansingburgh Academy; 
tTMsferrcd to Troy Conference. 1851, Teacher in Joncsville Academy, N. Y.; 
went South for his health. Died, Feb. 17, 1853, in New Orleans, La. 


^n. 1813, in Huntington, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

'044. Joined New York Coi^erence, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1844, 
ataiionedatGreenpoit, N. Y. ; 1845, Huntington; 1846, Jamaica ; i847,South- 
J^Pjon; 1848, Delhi. 1849, Agent for Wesleyan University. 1850-1, Sta- 
noned at Lenox, Mass. ; 1852, 3, 50th St., New York, N. Y. ; 1854, 5, Manhat- 
T has' ^'^'•' '^^^* ^'"^'^ Bridge, N. Y. ; 1857, Morrisania, N. Y. Died, 


^rn. March 6, 1821, in Milton, Strafford Co., N. H. 
^■[JJ^M.D., Berkshire Medical College, Pittsfield, Mass. 1847, Practiced 
^cine in Columbia County, N. Y. 1851, Physician and Druggist in Wash- 
pP^^Ga. 1862, Physician and Surgeon in Hospital, Richmond, Va. 1863, 
in S^^^ ^^ Surgeon in Law Hospital, La Grange, Ga, Died, Nov. 17, 1863, 

P.^y^ed, Dec 27, 1842, Miss Catharine R. Ward of Middletown, Conn. 
^oildren: Harriet Lucia: Charles Albert: William Henry: John Dennett: 
^'f»f«s Marion. 
*'» Address of widow : Washington, Wilkes Co., Ga. 


i&/^' ^819, in Charlestown, Sullivan Co., N. H. 
Stj^^ Taught in Waukesha, Wis. ; established a Female Seminary. 1849, 
jj^^ on trip to California for botanical research. Died, 1849, on journey. 
^*^ed, 1846^ Miss Adeline Underwood. 



Born, Tune 13, 1816. 

1841, Residence: South Glastonbury, Hartford Co., Conn. 184^)011 
Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1843, 4« Stationed 
Plymouth, Mass ; 1845, ^> Monument ; 1S47, 8, Warehaiti ; 1849, 50, So 
Dartmouth; 1851, Millville; 18^2,3, Wapping, Conn. ; 1S54, ^, East Gbsi 
bury; i8s6, 7, East Haddam; 1558, 9, Colchester; i860, i, Baltic; 1862, VI 
ping; 1863-5, South Coventry and Andover; 1866, 7, St£iffordville ; 1868, B 
dam Neck: 1869, 70, Eastford ; 1871, Attawaugan; 1872, Griswold and Vo 
town; 1873, Tolland, Tolland Depot, and Willington ; 1874, East Thomps 
1875, Greene and East Greenwich, R. I. ; 1876, Tolland Depot and Willing 
Conn. ; 1877, 8, Marlborough and Hebron ; 1879-81, Gales Ferry. 

Married, Oct. 15, 1842, Miss Abigail S. Sawyer of Boston, Mass. Childi 
Richard N., b. June 28, 1843; d. Oct. i, 1844: Elizabeth J., b. Nov. 29, iJ 
d. Nov 29, 1844: Eliza U., b. March 10, 1847 : Mattie A., b. Nov. 15, 18 
Leona F., b. Dec. 8, 1852 : Roscoe H., b. July 9, 1854: Hattie L., b. Nov. 
1857 : Mary S., b. Feb. 20, 1859 ; d. 1859. 

1 88 1, Address : Gales Ferry, New London Co., Conn. 


Bom, Aug. 12, 181 7, in New Marlborough, Berkshire Co., Mass. 

1843, Taught in private family. West Feliciana Parish, La. 184^, Admit 
to the Bar in Wilkinson County, Miss. ; also in Litchfield County, Conn, il 
Commenced practicing Law in Canaan, Conn. 1849--67, Judge of Prob 
District of Canaan, Conn, (except three years). 1854, Admitted to practia 
U. S. Circuit Court. 1857, Member of Connecticut House of Represcntati 
1866, 7, Member of Connecticut Senate, from 17th District. 1867-75, Judg 
Superior Court. 1876-81, Judge of Supreme Court of Errors. 

Married, Oct. 21, 1846, Miss Sarah C. Ferguson of Sheffield, Mass. CI 
ren : Bertha I. : Samuel F. : Mary F. : Josie : Kittie M. : Carrie Tobcy. 

1881, Address : North Canaan, Litchfield Co., Conn. 


Born, Jan. 18, 1824, in Haverstraw, Rockland Co., N. Y. 

1842, Studied Law in office of Lott & Murphy, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1845, 
mitted to practice in Supreme and Chancery Courts. 1845-81, Practicing ] 
in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Married, Jan. 7, 1846, in Sheffield, Mass., Miss Cynthia M. Ward. Childi 
Cynthia Josephine, b. May 24, 1S47 ; married J. F. Magovern : Elizabeth W 
b. Feb. o, 1850 : Joseph William, b. Jan. 28, 1854: Mary Lucretia, b. Nov. 

1881, Address: 151 Remsen St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Born, Nov. i, 1820, in Boston, Mass. 

1843, Principal of a Private Academy in Sudbury, Mass. Teacher of Nat 
Science in Amenia Seminary. 1846, Principal of Amenia Seminary. } 
Joined New York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1848, 9, Stati( 
at 24th St. Church (now 30th St. Church), New York, N. Y. ; 1850, i, 
Hook Mission, N. Y. ; 1852, Mulberry St. Church (now St. Paul's Chui 
New York, N. Y. 1853, Professor of Latin in University of Michigan, i 
Professor of English Language, Literature, and History, in University of M 
gan. D.D., Union College. 1856-63, Editor of Zion's Herald^ Boston, K 

1842.] ALUMNI RECORD. 5 1 

1858-65, Member of Massachusetts Board of Education. 1862, 3, Member of 
Massachusetts Senate. 1863, LL-I)-» Ohio Wesleyan University. 1863-9, 
httident of University of Michigan. 1869-72, President of North-western 
University, Evanston, 111. 1872-80, Corresponding Secretary of Board of 
Edacation, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1874-80, Chancellor of Syracuse 
University, N. Y. 1876, Fraternal Delegate from General Conference Method- 
ist Episcopal Church, to British Wesleyan Conference. 1880, Elected Bishop 
of Methodist Episcopal Church. Member of General Conference, Methodist 
Escopal Church, i860, 64, 68, 72, 80. Died, Aug. 2, 18S1, in Salem, Oreg. 
(Sec Bibliographv.) 

Married, July 2S, 1847. Miss Mary Frances Coles of New York, N. Y. Chil- 
*en : Otis Erastus, b. Jfuly 27, 1849; A.B., University of Michigan, 1870 : Alida 
Electa, b. Tan, 13, 1852; d. April 8, 1853; Frances Elizabeth, b. May 27. 1854 : 
Alfred Coles, b. Sept. 30, 1857 : Mira Electa, b. May 6, 1859: Theodore Wood- 
niff.b. March 1,1861. 


Bom, March 17, 18 19. 

1841-2, Principal of Torringford Academy, Conn. 1842-5, Principal of High 
School, Cornwall Bridge, Conn. 1843-9. Principal of High School, Falls Vil- 
lage,Conn. 1S49-50, Studied Law with No. 140 in New York, N. Y. 1850, 
Admitted to the Bar in Litchfield, Conn. 1851-4, Principal of Wellsborough 
A^my, Pa. 1854-60, Principal of Grammar School, Paterson, N. J. 1860- 
fti Principal of High School, Paterson. 1863-4, Acting Superintendent of 
^bliclnstruction, Paterson. 187 1-4, Superintendent of Public Instruction, 
Paterson. 1874-5, Principal of school in Paterson. Died, June 27, 1875, in 
Paterson, N.J. 

Married, 1841, Miss T. H. Gilbert of Lakeville, Conn. 

'881, Address of widow : 290 Ellison St, Paterson, N. J. 


Bom, June 23. 1808, in Sandown, Rockingham Co., N. H. 
V ]'}* ^""cip2il oi Central vi lie Academy, Dracut, Mass. 1846, Joined New 
l^pgland Conference. Methodist Episcopal Churph. 1846, Stationed at Leo- 
minstcr, Mass. ; 1847, North Maiden. 1848, Supernumerary, on account of 
»UQre of health. 1849-52, Principal of Melrose Academy, Mass. 1852-4, 
Consumptive, and greatly prostrated. 1855-78, Engaged in manufacture and 
«*Jcof various medicines. 1864-6, Traveled in United States. 1878-81, Super- 
innoatcd. New England Conference. 

Married, Feb. 16, 1837, Miss Emily T. Colby of Danville, N. H. Children : 
iX?J ^"S^"^** b. Aug. 29, 1844; d. Dec. i, 1844 : Herbert Alden, b. March 21, 
Y' > ^ ^cc 16, 18&: Horace Sumner, b. Jan. i, 1851 : Olin Fisk, b. Feb. 10, 

*o8i, Address : Melrose, Middlesex Co., Mass. 


Born, July g^ ,333^ [^ Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Brother of Nos. 287 and 


• ,^"3* Taught in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1844-81, Studying and practic- 
Uw '? Brooklyn, N. Y. 
'""" ' '" " "yn. Children: Richard, b. 

May 10, 1851 : Fred (No. 



Born, 18 19, in New Gloucester, Cumberland Co., Me. 
After graduation, his health was feeble, and his intellect became impairw 
Died, Oct. 22, 1859, in an Insane Asylum. 


Bom, Tune 30, 1817, in Attica, Wyoming Co., N. Y. 

1842, Teacher of Natural Science, Genesee Wcsleyan Seminary. Lima, N. 
1844, Principal of same. 1848, Seamen's Chaplain, Canton, China. i$ 
President of Wesleyan Female College, Wilmington, Del. 1860-73, ^^^^ 
of Alleghany College, Meadville, Pa. i860, D.I)., Genesee College. 1861, Joii 
Pittsburgh Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1875. Transferred 
Central New York Conference. 1875, 6, Sutioned at Clifton Springs, N. Y. 18; 
81, Founder and Principal of Foster' School, Clifton Springs, N. Y. 18 
Trustee of Wcsleyan University. 

Married, Oct. 29, 1851, Eveline P. Smith. Children: George Wcldi, 
Nov. 24, 1852 : Eva Grobe, b. Nov. 30, 1856: Daniel Kidder, b. Aug. 2, i860 

1881, Address: Clifton Springs, Ontario Co., N. Y. 


Bom, 1823, in Peacham, Caledonia Co., Vt. Son of John Mattocks, Gd 
nor of Vermont, and U. S. Senator. Brother of No. 77. 

1842, Studied Law at home. Studied Law in Law School of Harvard U 
versity. Becoming discouraged, retumed to Peacham. Found dead, Jan. 


Bom, Jan. 7, 182 1, in New York, N. Y. 

1843, Studied Law in Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., with Lyman Tremai 
1843, Preached on Durham Circuit, N. Y. ; 1844, Delhi Circuit ; 1845, K( 
right Circuit. 1846, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episco 
Cnurch. 1846, 7, Stationed at Glen Cove, N. Y. ; 1848, Moriches; 18491 
Greenport. 1 851, Transferred to New Jersey Conference. 18151, 2, Statioi 
at Passaic, N. J.; 1853, 4» Elizabeth; 1S55, Middletown Point; 1856, 7. Hudi 
City ; 1858, 9, Quarrv St., Newark, i860. Transferred to New York E 
Conference, i860, i. Stationed at De Kalb Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 1862, N 
Canaan, Conn.; 1863. Ninth St., New York, N. Y.; 1864, 5, Second^ 
Harlem. 1860-1, Visited Europe with his family. 1866-8, Supemumcn 
1867-8, Pastor of Grace Church, Staten Island, N. Y. 1868, Pastor of Toi 
kins Square Church, Brooklyn, N. \'. 1869, 70, Stationed at Tompk 
Square Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 187 1-3, Wesley Chapel, New Haven, Cop 
1874-5, North Church, Hartford, Conn. 1876, Secretary of Prisoner's Fri< 
Corporation, New Haven, Conn. 1877, 8, Stationed at West Haven, Cot 
1879, 80, Yalesville and South Meriden ; 1881, West Stratford. 

Married, Sept. 14, 1847, Elizabeth A. Stephenson of Coxsackie, N. Y. C 
dren: Hannah Julia, b. Au^. 23, 1848; d. Sept. 17, 1849: Minnie Caroline 
June 28, 1850 : States Maurice, b. June 28, 1850 ; d. July 27, 1851 : Cathei 
rlolman, b. Sept. 2, 1852: Maurice Alexander, b. Oct 12, 1854: Sarah 
beth, b. July 12, 1857 : Ella Josephine, b. Jan. 8, 1862 ; d. Dec. 4, 1865. 

1881, Address : West Stratford, Tolland Co., Conn. 

1842.] ALUMNI RECORD. 53 


Bom, March ij, 1816, in Conway, Carroll Co., N. H. 

1S45, Traveled^ lectured, and taught Elocution. 1844, Principal of High 
School, Port Huron, Mich. 1845-50, Teacher of Greek, Latin, and Elocution 
b Albion Female Collegiate Institute, Mich ; acting Principal of the same 
diree and a half years. 1051-4, Principal of University School, Saint Anthony, 
Minn.; preached occasionally. 1855-63, On account of poor health, engaged 
ift inning in Minnesota ; also taught and preached part of the time. 1864, 
Ordained a Minister in the Congregational Church. 1S64-J, Home Missionary 
in Marine, Minn. 1866, Home Missionary in Winnebago City, Minn. 1867-73, 
Pastor of Congregational Church, Cannon Falls, Minn. 1874-7, Pastor of Con- 
gregational Church in Northfield and Stanton, Minn. 1877-80, Pastor of Con- 
gregational Church in Spring Valley. 1 880-1, Pastor of Congregational 
Charcb in Hamilton. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Nov. 3, 1844, Miss Mary C. Whitcher, of Louisville, N. Y. Children : 
Charles W., b. Sept. 28, 1845; A.B., Beloit College, 1870; Minnie M. (adopted 
«'«ktcr), b. Sept. 14, 1856. 

I081, Address: Spring Valley, Fillmore Co., Minn. 


J841, Residence : East Salisbury, Essex Co., Mass. 

'042, Teacher in Ellineton Institute, Conn. Taught six years. Preached 
trenty-threc years in Philadelphia and Wilmington Conferences, Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 187 1-2, Principal of Laurel Classical Institute, Del. 1873- 
81. Teacher in Fairmount Academy, Md. ; member of Wilmington Conference. 

»^ed, 1853. 

'081, Address : Fairmount, Somerset Co., Md. 


^) Dec 22, 181 5, in Searsmont, Waldo Co., Me. 

104^9, Practiced Law in Niks, Mich. 1858-60, State Senator, i860. Del- 
ate to Democratic National Convention. 1869-73, Mayor of Niles. Died, 
™^ H 1879, in Niles, Mich. 


J!°4i, Residence : Orrington, Penobscot Co., Me. Practiced Law in New 
Weans, U Died in Austin, Tex. 

200. IRA PERRY. 

^% March 23, 1819, in Natick, Middlesex Co., Mass. 
j^"«|ed Medicine in Buckland, Mass. 1845, M.D.. Berkshire Medical Col- 
j^jittsficld, Mass. 1845-56, Practiced Medicine in West Medway, Mass. 
igj^In company with four others, founded the town of Zumbrota, Minn. 
teSf * ^^<^^ Medicine in Canton, Mass. 1862-3, Acting Assistant Sur- 
^S'!\7- S- -^i^y » employed in the field in Virginia, and in the hospitals in 
^ ««hington. 1063-6^ Assistant Surgeon of Ninth Regiment, U. S. Colored 
^Jj?^t in service in South Carolina, Virginia, and Texas. 1866-7, Surgeon, 
•^J^ of Brevet Major, U. S. Volunteers. 1866, Assigned to duty at Wash- 
^^ in writmg reports of medical and surgical cases. 1867, Assigned to 


duty in the department of the Missouri. 186S-79, Practiced Medici 
Surgery in Hyde Park, Mass.; studied specially the chemistry and ph) 
of tood. 1870-81, Traveling in Southern California for health; pr: 
Medicine and founding a sanitarium for consumptives in Nordhofi^ Ca). 

Married, April 26, 1849, Joanna BuUard of Wayland, Mass. CI 
Marian Elvira, b. March 31, 1850: Bertie, b. April 3, 1852; d. Aug. 3 
Helen Adams, b. Oct. 14, 18^3 : I^ila Emmeline, b. Sept. 19, 185] 
Joanna, b. Feb. 19, 1858: Minnie Amelia, b. May 20, i860. 

1881, Address: Hyde Park, Norfolk Co., Mass. 


Bom, Aug. 28, 1 82 1, in Seward, Schoharie Co., N. Y. 

1850, Principal of Second Ward Public School, Newark, N. J. 1 
Vice-Principal of High School, Newark, N. J. 

Married, Dec. 26, 1850, Anna E. Thompson of Broadalbin, N. Y., \ 
Oct. 9, 1866. Married, Dec. 26, 1867, Dora Wilbur Waters of Lowvill 
who died Dec. 28, 1868. Children: Mary E., b. Oct. 16, 1851 : Ann; 
Tune 21, 1854; d. Sept. 12, 1855: Margaret G., b. March 29, 1856: T*' 
b. Aug. 15, 1859; d. July 29, 1861 : James La Rue, b. Nov. 26, 1801 
Ricord, b. Feb. 26, 1864; d. Feb. 11, 1869: George Waters, b. Dec. 2 
d. Jan. 3, 1869. 

1 88 1, Address: 23 Bathgate Place, Newark, N. J. 


Born, March 5, 1822, in Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

1843-5, Studied Law with D. Greig in New York, N. Y. 1846, Adr 
practice in Supreme Court. 1847, Located in Piqua, Miami Co., Ohio ; i 
to Ohio Bar. 1848, Traveled through Western States. 1849-50, C( 
with the construction of the Columbps, Piqua & Indiana Railroad. 
In New York, N. Y. ; Director and Financial Agent for several 
Railroads. 1867, Traveled in Europe. 1868-74, Engaged in farmi 
Tuckahoe, N. Y. 1874-81, Residing in Tuckahoc. 

i860. Married Ann D. Odell of Yonkers, N. Y. 

1881, Address: Tuckahoe, Westchester Co., N. Y. 


Born, July 5, 1820, in Bath, Grafton Co., N. H. Brother of No. 204 

1845-74, Practiced Law in Littleton, N. H.; in partnership, from i^ 
No. 204. 1855-60, Solicitor for Grafton 'County. 1861-9, U. S. 
Attorney for New Hampshire. Died, Aug. 3, 1874, in Littleton, N. H 

Married, Tune 24, 1847, Jane M. Batchelder. 

1881, Address of widow: Littleton, Grafton Co., N. H. 


Born, Dec. 26, 1821, in Bath, Grafton Co., N. H. Brother of No. 2C 

1842-^, Taught school and studied Law in New Orleans, La. Adn 
the Bar in New Orleans. 1843-55. Practiced Law in New Orleans. 
Practiced Law in Littleton, N. H., in partnership with No. 203. 
Practicing Law in Lisbon and Concord, N. H.; until 1874 in partner: 
No. 203. 1874-6, Justice of Circuit Court of New Hampshire. 

Married, 1856, Joann H. Stevens of Littleton, N. H. Child: Ka 
Aue. 19, 1862. 

1 881, Address : Lisbon, Grafton Co., N. H. 



Bom, Not. 19, 1821, in South Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Conn. Son of Pro£ 
]o)m Mott Smith. 

1843, Teacher in Kingston Academy, N. Y. 1845-6, Teacher in Rye 
Aademy, N. Y. 1846, Tutor in Wesleyan University. 1846, Joined New 
York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church; stationed at Milford, Conn.; 
1847, Saybrook ; 1848, Westport, Wilton, &c. 1848, By division of New York 
Conference became member of New York East Conference. 1849, Stationed at 
Greenwich, Conn. ; 1850, Astoria, N. Y. : 1851, Southampton; 1852, Darien, 
Conn.; 1853, Portchester, and King St., New York, N. Y.; 1854, Plymouth and 
Watertown, Conn.; 1855, Hartland; 1856. 7, Windsor; 1858-^1, Supernumer- 
ary; residing and occasionally teaching in Middletown, Conn. 

Married, Oct. 24. 1855, Sarah I. Slater of Portchester, N. Y. Children: 
John Mott (No. 1256), b. Aug 8, 1056: Fannie Amanda, b. June 20, 1863. 

1881, Address : Middletown, Conn. 


Bora, 1822, in Waterville, Kennebec Co., Me. 

1841, Residence : Vassalborough, Mc. Died in Philadelphia, soon after re- 
ceiving degree of M.D., while pursuing scientific studies. 


Born, Sept. 21, 18 17, in Herkimer, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

^0.4}. Joined Black River Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1843, 
Jtahoned at West Martinsburgh, N. Y.; 1844, Gouverneur; 1845, 6, Evanses 
JJulj: 1847, 8, Fairfield; 1849, 50» Lowville; 1851, 2, Rome. 1853, Teacher of 
Mathematics, New York Conference Seminary, Charlotte, N. Y. 1854, Princi- 
pe of Fairfield Collegiate Institute, New York. 1855, 6, Transferred to Troy 
Conference; stationed at North Second St., Troy, N. Y.; 1857, 8, Hudson St., 
AlMny; 1839^ Burlington, Vt.; i860, I, Williamstown, Mass.; 1862, 3, Gal way, 
^' . -5 ^864" c. Poultney, Vt. 1866, Transferred to New England Conference ; 
?«J;oned at Watertown, Mass. 1867-9, Supernumerary. Died, Nov. i, 1869, 
ffl Central New York. . 

Married, July 13, 1842, Maria P. Cole of Manheim, N. Y. 


^ni, 1820. 
P '^39-41, Residences : Greenbush, N. Y.; Sand Lake, N. Y. 1842, Tutor in 
fJ»ory and Henry College, Va. 1846-50, In Insane Asylum in Utica, N. Y. 
^H J850, in Utica, N. Y. 


^. March 8, 1820, in Newfane, Vt. 

J^ Taught school in Meade County, Ky. 1844-6, Clerk in Saint Louis, Mo. 
\ ^' ^" business in New Orleans, La. 1849-65, Mining in California, Idaho, 
j>cvada,and Montana. 1865-78, Book-keeper in San Francisco, Cal. 1878-81, 
\i ?^ of a Government Bonded Warehouse, in San Francisco, Cal. 

,jy"«d, 1872, Miss Acelia Ladd of Belfast, Me. 

P *'*^ Address : Corner (N. W.) Sansome and Lombard Sts., San Francisco, 




Born, March 30, 181 q. 

1845-50, Principal ot private school, Portland, Me. i85i-79b Prin 
Grammar School, Portland, Me. Died, May 5, 1879, in Portland, Me. 

Married, May i, 1845, ^^^ Lucy A. Ia>cke, who died Aug. 18, 1S43 
ried, March 26, 1848, Miss Ellen M. Cox. Children: Joshua M.,b. 
1849: Gershom M., b. Nov. 30, 1853: Edward O., b. May 12, 1855. 


1841, Residence : Toronto, Ontario. 

Was a member of Wesleyan Conference, Canada ; died a few mont 


1841, Residence : Middletown, Conn. 

Was Brigadier-General in C. S. Army. Taught ten years. 1881, F 
in Austin, Tex. 
Married. Children all deceased. 
1881, Address: Austin, Tex. 


Bom, March 23, 1823, in Lcmpster, Sullivan Co., N. H. 

1842-3, Studied Law in Claremont, N. H. 1844, Studied Law and ta 
Columbus, Ga. 1845, Admitted to the Bar in Alexandria, La. 1^45-^ 
ticed Law in Shreveport, La. Died on the way home, May 16, 1846^ i 
bridge, Mass. 

Class of 1843*. 


Bom, Mjjy 29, 1823, in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 

1844-5, Tutor in Mathematics, and lecturer in Botany, Wesley: 
versity. Joined Oneida Conference, Episcopal Church. 
Stationed at McGrawville, N. Y.; 1847,8, Skaneateles; 1849, Norwich; 
Ithaca; 1852,3, Cazenovia; 1854, Second Church, Ithaca. 1855, Prcs 
Wesleyan Female College, Delaware, Ohio. i8j6, Went home to It! 
account of failing health. Died, May 7, 1856, in Ithaca, N. Y. 

Married, Aug. 27, 1844, Jerusha W. Lord Married, Nov. 19, 1854, 
lanthe Randall of Camden, N. Y. Children (now living): Mary L 
Sept. 7, 1848: Charles Randall, b. Oct. 8, 1855. 

1881, Address of widow: Fredonia, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

1842, Residence: Olcott, Niagara Co., N. Y. Died in C. S. Army. 




Bora, Nor. 24, 1814, in Littleton. Grafton Co., X. H. 

1843, Taught i** High School, Middletown, Conn. 1844, Joined New Eng- 
land Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1844, Stationed at Wilbraham, 
Mass.; 1845, Blandford; 1846, Blandford Center; 1847, 8, Thorndike Village; 
»% 50, Park St., Worcester; 1851, 2. North Russell St., Boston; 1853, Church 
St., WHton. 1853, Professor of Ancient Languages in McKendree College, 
Ubanon, 111.; transferred to Southern Illinois Conference, and stationed at 
Ubanon. 18^-7, Professor of Ancient Languages in Lawrence University. 
.\ppleton, Wis.; member of Wisconsin Conference. 1858-63, President of 
McKendree College, and Professor of Moral and Intellectual Science; member 
of Southern Illinois Conference. 1859, D.D., Lawrence University. 1863-6, 
Editor of Zion's Heraid^ Boston, Mass. 1867-72. President of East Tennessee 
Wesleyan University, Athens, Tenn. 1872, LL.D., East Tennessee Wesleyan 
Univcrsit)'. 1872-4, Editor of The Methodist Advocate, Atlanta, Ga. Delegate 
to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1864,72. Died, Feb. i, 
1874, in Atlanta, Ga. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Aug. i. 1844, Miss Charlotte M. Simmons of Springfield, Mass. 
Children: Nelson Simmons, b. June 29, 1845; A.B., McKendree College; A.M., 
McKendree College and Wesleyan University (See List of Honorary Alumni) : 
Mward Augustus, b. Dec. 5, 1851; M.D., Atlanta Medical College, 1874: 
Charlotte Theodora, b. Dec. n, 1871. 

J88i, Address of widow : Athens, McMinn Co., Tenn. 


^m. July 16, 1815, in Otis, Mass. 

^H4« Joined Genesee Conference ; appointed to Starkey Circuit ; on account 
^J.Ppor health, discontinued. 1846, Taught in Royalton Academy, N. Y. 
^•«i. Nov. 29, 1863, in Royalton, N. Y. 

**»nied, July 28, 1845, Miss Sarah Coe. Child : James F. 


^ni, Feb. 3, 1822, in New York, N. Y. 

Jj43"^i, In business in New York, N. Y. 
P**5"ied, April 28, 1846, Caroline Nichols Clark of Middletown, Conn. 
Uiidrcn: William Stuart, b. May 28, 1847 : C. E., Columbia College: Horace 
,« r ' ^' J"b' 4» ^851 : Caroline, b. July 6, 1853: Julia Maud, b. March 26, 
'»5^ Guy Duval, June 24, 1859. 

^«>i, Address: 8 Monroe Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


^. Nov. 17, 1820, in Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
P„^.H Studied Law in Peekskill, N. Y. 1846, Admitted to the Bar. 1846-81, 
rrjcticing Uw in Peekskill, N. Y.; has held several civil offices. 
wf^*!"ed, Dec. 18, 1854, Margaret A. Frost of Peekskill. N. Y. Children: 
jj^e Frost, b. Oct. 6, 1861 : Jessie Canniflf, b. July 6, 1863: William A., b. 
7 '5. 1866. ^ ^ J y * ^ 

^'»>. Address : Peekskill, Westchester Co., N. Y. 




1839-42, Residences: Elizabethtown, N. J.; Burlington, N. J. 1843, 
in Euzabeth, N. J. Died within a year after graduation. 


Born, Sept. 5, 1822, in Sharon, Noifolk Co., Mass. 

1843, Preached in Winchendon, Mass. 1844, Joined New England 
encc, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1844, Stationed at Templeton, 
1845, 6, Millbury; 1847, Leicester; 1848, 9, South Walpole; 1850, 1, 
vilie; 1852, 3, Hopkinton ; 1854, 5, Iledding Church, Boston; 1856, 
Methodist Episcopal Church, Dorchester. 1858, Withdrew from New 
Conference and formed an independent Methodist society in Dorcheste 
1858-66, Pastor of said society. 1868-73, Teaching and preachini^ in ] 
Conn. 1873, Principal of English and Classical High .School, West ] 
Conn. 1873-5, Taught in public schools. 1875, 6, Judge of Probate 
Meriden District. 1876-81, Superintendent of Public Schools, Meridei 

Married, Oct. 26, 1843, Miss Mariette R. Clark of Pittsfield, Mass. 
Emily Parker, b. Aujij. 10, 1848; d. Sept. 19, 1848. 

1881, Address: West Meriden, New Haven Co., Conn. 


1842, Residence: Charlestown, Sullivan Co., N. H. Powder mam 
in Middletown, Conn.; afterwards for some time near Rochester, N. Y 
ted soda powder. 1873-81, Manufacturer of gunpowder, Pittsford, ^ 

188 1, Address: Gunpowder Company, Pittsford, Munroe Co., N, Y. 


Horn, July 27, 1822, in Richfield, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

1843-4, Taught in Brooklyn, Pa. 1844-5, Taught in Winfield, N. Y. 
Teacher in Clinton Liberal Institute, N. Y. 1849-50, Professor of 
Languages, Columbian College, Washington, D. C. 1851-62, Prii 
S. S. Seward Institute, Florida, N. Y. Died, Jan. 5, 1862, in Florida 

Married, June 12, 1848, Elizabeth Pauline Warner of Rensselaer Coui 
Children: Caroline Mary, b. April 30, 1849; d. Dec. 20, i8s6: Sarah 
b. July 17, 1852: Seward Underbill, b. Nov. 16, 1856: Mary Eliz 
Oct. 27, 1858. 


Born, Sept. 28, 1817, in Lancaster, Coos Co., N. H. 

1843-6, Principal of Wesleyan Seminary, Albion, Mich. 1844, Join 
gan Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1847, Admitted to 
Died, 1850, on the passage to California, and was buried in the Pacific 

Married, July 18, 1844, Miss Louisa Peabody of Albion, Mich 
Madalon Louisa, b. Aug. 9, 1845 ; first lady admitted to Michigan Ui 
A.B., Michigan University, 1872 ; married C. K. Turner. 

1 88 1, Address of widow : Mrs. Louisa Stockwell Johnson, Kj 



-n, Feb. 25, 1821, in East Machias, Washington Co., Me. 
3-4« At home, East Machias. 1844, Preached in South Somerset, Mass. 
Joined Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1845, 
>ned at Centreville, R. L; 1846, 7, Fairhaven, Mass.; 1848, Duxbury; 

50. Holmes's Hole (now Vineyard Haven); 1851, Sandwich; 1852, 3, 
re St., Nantucket; 1854, Matthewson St., Providence, R. L; 1855, 6, 
^aul's. Fall River, Mass. ; 1857, 8, Marlborough St., Newport, R. L 
-8, Editorial Contributor of The Fall River News, 1858-62, Principal of 
idence Conference Seminary, East Greenwich, R. L 1864-7, Editorial 
ributor of the Bristol Phenix. 1865-6, Superintendent of Public Schools, 
port, R. L 1866-7, Editor of Newport Daily News. 1867, Editorial 
ributor of Fall River News. 1868, Stationed at Pawtucket, R. L 1869, 
ding Elder, New Bedford District 1870-3, Presiding Elder, Providence 
ict. 1872, D.D., Wesleyan University. 1874-6, Stationed at Warren, 
; 1877, 8, Phenix. 1879-81, Presiding Elder of I*rovidcnce North District. 
-I, Trustee of Wesleyan University. Delep^ate to General Conference, 
lodist Episcopal Church, 1868, 72, 80. (See Bibliography.) 
irried, Aug. 19, 1847, Miss Eliza D. Slade of Somerset, Mass., who died 

29, 1S63. Married, Nov. 21, 187 1, Miss Martha A. Gardiner of Providence, 

Children: Herman Jones, b. July 23, 1849; d. Sept. 6, 1850: Emory 

ow (No. 1061), b. Sept. II, i8qi : Anna Mary, b. Sept. 3, 1853: George 

:, b. Aug. 20, 1857: Micah J.,b. July, 1863; d. ; Mary Gardiner, b. April 

873 ;<i- 

81, Address: 5 Franklin St., Providence, R. L 


k)rn in Rochester, Strafford Co., N. H. 

S43-6, Teacher in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1844, Joined 
V England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1846, Stationed at 
lliamsburgh, Mass.; 1847,8, Holliston; 1849, 50, St. Paul's, Lowell; 1851,2, 
stficld; 1853,4, Roxbury (now Boston Highlands); 1855,6, Hanover St., 
ton; 1857, 8, Walnut St., Chelsea; 1859, 60, Park St., Worcester; 1861-3, 
Hty, Charlestown ; 1864-6, Common St., Lynn. 1855, Chaplain Massachu- 
* House of Representatives. 1858, Chairman Chelsea School Committee. 
^71, Secretary' of the New England Educational Society. 1866-70, Super- 
ndent of Public Schools in Charlestown, Mass. 1868-70, One of the 
-ctors of the American Institute of Instruction. 1869-80, Trustee of Boston 
vcrsity. 1870, i, Stationed at Hanover St. Methodist Episcopal Church, 
ton. 1871, D.D., Wesleyan University. 187 1-3, President of the Uni- 
lity of Wisconsin. 1874-6, Stationed at Wesiheld, Mass. ; 1877, State 
Springfield; 1878, 9, Broadway, Boston; 1880, i, Fitchburgh. 1878-80, 
airman of the Standing Committee, College of Liberal Arts, Boston Uni- 
lity. Twice elected one of the Overseers of Harvard College. Delegate to 
»eral Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, i860, 4. (See Bibliography.) 
tarried, Nov. 26, 1844, Miss Betsey Dow of Montpelier, Vt. Children : 
^Ua, b. Nov. 13, 1846: William Lance Dow, b. Nov. 12, 185a 
^i, Address : Fitchburgh, Mass. 


^m, October, 1824, in Manhanset, Queen's Co., N. V. 
'^43-6» Studied Law in New York, N. Y. 1846, Admitted to the Bar. 
♦6-71, Practiced Law in Brooklyn, N. Y. 1853-6, District Attorney of 
ng's County, N. Y. Died in 187 1 or 2. 



Born, June 8, 1818, in Fayette, Kennebec Co., Me. 

1843-4, Resided in Faj^ette. 1844-50, Teacher in Amenia Seminary. 
1850-1, Spent the winter in Mobile, Ala., on account of health. Died,]a 
1852, in Fayette, Me. 


Born, Oct. 2s, 1824, in Middletown, Conn. 

1843-4, Studied Law in Middletown with J. Barnes, Esq. 1845, ^ 
South America. 1858, Went to California. 1854 or 5, Commenced prac 
Law in Superior Citv, Wis. i860, Removed to Ypsilanti, Mich. 1861, 
Lieutenant in First Michigan Infantry; afterward Adjutant, and subseq 
Captain. Killed, Aug. 30, 1862, in the second battle of Manassas, Va. 


Bom, Aug. 22, 1822. 

1841, Residence: Cold Springs, Putney Co., N. Y. For some year 
graduation, in business in New Orleans, La. 1857-9, Teacher in Port ( 
Collegiate Academy, Miss, i860, Engaged in cotton-planting. 1863-9 
cipal of Port Gibson Collegiate Academy, Miss. 1873, Resumed samepc 
1874, Superintendent of Peabody School, Hazlehurst, Miss. 1878, Princ 
Woodville Female Seminary. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, March i, 1849, Alice Ann Dameron of New Orleans, La. 
James, b. Dec. 27, 1850. 

1881, Address: Woodville, Wilkinson Co., Miss. 

Class of 1844. 


Bom, Jan. i, 1822, in Augusta, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

1844-9, Taught schools in New York. 1849-51, Taught schools in 
185 1 -61, Practised Law in Texas. Died, Feb. 17, 1861, in Brenham, Te: 

Married, Aug. 10, 1844, Miss Julia A. Wilson, of Milan, Dutchess Co 
Children: Alice Josephine, b. Aug. 10, 1845 ; d. Sept 13, 1846: Olin Ma 
b. Sept. 9, 1848: Adin Mayo, b. July 13, 1851 : Julius Wilson, b. Oct. u 

1S81, Address ot widow: 131 North Tenth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Born, Aug. 30, 181 5, in East parnard, Windsor Co., Vt. 

1844-66, Taught and preached in Columbus, Ga. 1866, Returned t 
Barnard, Vt. 1872-3, Member of Vermont Legislature. 1873-9, Ii 
health. Died, July 28, 1879, in East Barnard, Vt. 

Married, Dec. 20, 1847, Anna S. Rhodes. Child: Charles Olin, b. 
1849; M.D., University of Vermont, 1871. 

1881, Address of widow: East Barnard, Windsor Co., Vt 



Born, June i6, 1817, in Washington, Oranec Co., Vt. 

Went South and engaged in teaching. 1045, Teacher in Brown wood Insti- 
Itttc, UGrange, Ga. 1846, Principal of Hamilton Academy, Ga. 1847, Prin- 
dpaJ of Female Academy, Pontotoc, Miss. 1853-62, Principal of Corpus 
Christi Academy, Tex. 1862, In the Confederate Marine Service ; captain of 
Ibe gunboat " Surf." 1865-81, In the Book and News Business, Terre Haute, 

Married, June 18, 1846, Miss Lydia E. Webster of Burlington, Conn. Chil* 
dren: five, of whom tWo are living. 
i88i, Address : Terre Haute, Ind. 


Bom, Oct. 13, 1817, in Manheim, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

1844, Teacher of Ancient Languages in Oneida (now Central New York) 
Conference Seminary, Cazenovia, N. Y. 1846, Teacher of Ancient 
gagw in Troy Conference Academy, West Poultney, Vt; afterwards 
Principal. 1852, Professor of Ancient Languages, McKendree College, l^ba- 
WD. III. 1853, President of Ohio Wesleyan Female College, Delaware, Ohio. 
joSSi Resigned on account of ill health ; lived on a farm in Mitchell County, 
}^l subsequently filled the office of County Judge, Lieutenant-Govfernor, and 
™ident of Sute Board of Education. 1863, Acting Secretary of State Board 
"Education; appointed Visitor to United States Military Academy, West Point. 
J^j"/. Editor of TA^ lowi School Journal. 1864-0, State Superintendent 
^ Public Instruction, and President of State Teachers' Association. 1867, 
Kcsigned these positions on account of ill health. 1867-72, Resided in Waverly, 
Iowa. Died, Oct 3, 1S72, in Waverly, Iowa. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Tuly 24, 1845, Miss Maria M. Peck of De Witt, N. Y. 

'081, Address of widow : Waverly, Bremer Co., Iowa. 


Bom, Nov. 5, 1822, in Lyndon. Caledonia Co., Vt Brother of Nos. 284 and 


. '^54-60, President of Williamette University, Salem, Oreg. 1860-72, Pro- 
^r of Chemistry and Natural History in Ohio Wesleyan University, Dela- 
te* Ohio. 1872-^1, Editor of The Western Christian Advocate. 1881, Dele- 
g« to Methodist Ecumenical Conference. Delegate to General Conference, 
jcthodist Episcopal Church, 1872, 76, 80. Has received degree of D.D. (See 

Married, Dec. 25, 1848, Miss Phctbe Martha Dyer of Phillips, Me. Chil- 
J'^: Fannie E., b. Dec. 6, 1852: Charles Albert, b. Aug. 22, 1854: Edgar 
"eenian, b. Aug. 2. 1856: Willson Dyar, b. March 12, 1859: Francis Corliss, 
°- Aug. 26, 1862: George Benjamin, b. Aug. 20, 1865. 

»»i, Address: 190 West Fourth St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


^^n» Jan. 15, 1822, in Ridgefield, Fairfield Co., Conn. 
w^nf Received degree of M.D. 1851, Surgeon in Kings County Hospital ; 
"^ lo Florida. Died. July 7, 1851, in Ridgefield, Conn. 



Born, Oct. 6, 1824, in New York, N. Y. 

1845--8, Farming in New Jersey. 1849-52, Studied Medicine in Me 
College, University of New York. i8j2, M.D., from same. 1853-4, Pra( 
Medicine in Newark, N. J. 1855-6, In Hall of Records, New York, 1 
1 8^7-8 1, Engaged in Drug Business, Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y. 

Married, June 22, 1857, Miss Cornelia J. Board of New York, N. Y. ( 
Frederick Clarke, b. May 10, 1859; d. March 26, 1863. 

1881, Address: 205 Grand St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Born, July 7, 1824, in Coventry, Tolland Co., Conn. Brother of No. 2 

1844-50, Associate Principal Adelphian Academy, North Bridge water, 
1S51, Teacher in Mount Hollis Seminary, HoUistou, Mass. 1852, Vice- 
pal of Irving Institute, Tarrytown, N. Y. 1853, Principal of same. 1 
Professor of Natural Science and Belles- Lettres in Wesleyan Female C 
Wilmington, Del. 1857-8, President of same. 1859-63, Principal of La 
Institute, Washington, D. C. 1863, M.D., Georgetown College. 1864, 
Assistant Surgeon, Army of the Potomac. 1865-8, President of Wl 
Female College, W. Va. 1868, Professor of Physiology, Howard Uni^ 
Washington, D. C. 1870-3, President of the Department of Literature, 
and Fine Arts in the American Union Academy of Literature, Sciem 
Art, Washington, D. C. 1875-Si, Traveling and studying in Europe 

Married, Oct. i, 1847, Fsther Lucretia Lincoln of Holliston, Mass. M 
Oct. 20, 1870, Mary Williams of Canandaigua, N. Y. Child : Charles 1 
b. Sept. 9, 1859. 

1 88 1, Address: 23 Union Square, New York, N. Y. 


Born, May 22, 1822, in Coventry, Conn. Brother of No. 238. 

1845-52, Associate Prmcipal of Adelphian Academy, North Bridg 
Mass 1854, Teacher of Mathematics in Dunbarton Academy, D. C. 
Principal of Western Academy, Washington, D. C. 1856, M.D., Geor 
College. 1857, Astronomer to the Lake Coast Survey. 1859-60, Profc 
Physiology, Medical Department, Georgetown College, i860. Special I 
tor in Mathematics to U. S. Naval Cadets, and ordered on a cruise 
Atlantic. 1861-7, Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology, Georgetown ( 
1862, President of Washington Scientific Association. 1862, Surgeon al 
to McClellan's Staff, Army of the Potomac. 1863-5, Acting Assistant S 
on Steamer ** State of Mame," and in Patent Office, Finley, and Mt. P 
Hospitals. 1862-72, Member American Medical Association. 1867, P* 
of Practice of Medicine, Medical Department, Howard University, W 
ton, D. C. 1867-9, Dean of Howard University. Delegate to Convei 
American Medical Colleges to establish a higher curriculum of Medical 
1868-72, Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology in same. 1869-73, Pr 
Department of Physics and Chemistrv, American Union Academ^^ of lit* 
Science, and Art, Washington, D. C. 1870, Chairman of Special Con 
to examine Mathematical and Chemical Instruments to be used in R 
Service. 1870, Delegate to Decennial C onvention for revision of the U. i 
macopeia. 1872, President American Union Academy of Literature, Scier 
Art. 1873, Consulting Physician. 1877-81, President of the Swede Ii 
Coal Co. 1878, Discovered process and invented machinery for prodi 
textile fabric from palmetto. i878--8i. President of the Palm Fibre Co., 
ington, D. C. 1879, Discovered process by which ores of chromium, f< 
condemned, have become valuable. 1879-81, President of the Ma 
Chrome Co. 1880, Invented improvement in areometers. (See Bibliog 

^AA] alumni record. 63 

Married, Jan. 22, 1847, Betsey A. Tidd, who died 1850. Married, May 28, 
51, Abby C. Paine. Children: Annie Elizabeth, b. Sept. 24, 1850 : Stephen 
iwrcnce, b. May 10, 1853; d. May 5, 1861 : Edwin Silas, b. Dec. 29, 1858: 
mma Paine, b. April 22, 1867. 
1881, Address : Montello Box, Washington, D. C. 


Bom, Jan. 17, 18 19. 

1843, Kcsidence: Sheldon, Franklin Co., Vt. 1844, Joined Troy Conference, 
leihodist Episcopal Church. 1844, Stationed at Whitehall, N. Y.; 1845, kut- 
ind, Vt. 1846, Teacher of Mathematics in Troy Conference Academy. 1849, 
Vent to California. 1851, Teacher of Mathematics in Troy Conference 
cademy. 1851. Professor of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in McKen- 
rec College, I^banon, III. ; joined Illinois Conference. 1854, Professor of 
lathematics and Natural Sciences in Lawrence University, Appleton, Wis.; 
ansfcrred to Wisconsin Conference. 1859, Acting President of Lawrence 
niTersity. 1861, President of l^wrence University. 1865, Mayor of Apple- 
•n, Wis 1866, LI^I)., Wisconsin State University. 1866-7 s. Engaged in 
lanufecturinjj. 1875-81, Connected with the Surgical Institute in Appleton, 
V»- 1880, Traveled in Colorado and Southwestern States. 1881, Assaying 
f» Colorado. 

Married, 1844, Mary A. Adams, who died 1852. Married, 1853, Mary A. E. 
*ierce of Middletown, Conn. Children : Caroline Augusta, b. Aug. 5, 1845 : 
)lm Raymond, b. June 27, 1848; d. Oct. 23, 1851 : William Adams, b. Oct. 19, 
'852; d. Oct. 8, 1857: Samuel Pierce, b. Sept. 27, 1854; d. Oct. 15, 1857: 
\nnie Sophia Stevens, b. Sept. 24, 1856: James Russell, b. Nov. 9, 1858; d. 
lync 22, 1865: Edward Cooke, b. March 2, 1863: Ellen Moore, b. Dec. 20, 
'0^: Eben Pierce, b. March 12, 1867: Russell Teal, b. May 18, 1870. 

»«i, Address: Silver Cliff, Custer Co., Colo. 


^nj, Aug. 30, 1822, in Brooklyn, Windham Co., Conn. 

'?45. Principal High School, Middletown, Conn. 1847, Teacher of Mathe- 
fnatics in Ogdensburg Academy, N. Y. 1849, Admitted to the Bar in Oswego, 
:• '849-50, Practiced Law in Hermon, N. Y. 185T, Teacher of Mathe- 
njaticsand Natural Science, Saint I^wrence Academy, N. Y. 1853, Principal 
ot Independent Academy, Potsdam, N. Y. 1857-60. Superintendent of City 
^ool«, Akron, Ohio. 1861-3, Principal of Deansville Academy, N. Y. 1863- 
72, bchool Commissioner in Oneida County, N. Y. 1867, Elected President of 
|:«*Yor|[ State School Commissioners and City Superintendent's Associa- 
aon, 1868, Patented "Pooler's Perpetual Calendar." 1873-81, On New York 
^^ Corps of Instructors of Teachers* Institutes. 1879^1, Member of the 
^J"of Examiners of Applicants for State Certificates. (See Bibliography.) 

-^Jcd, 1853, Elizabeth U. De Long6 of Potsdam, N. Y. 
Address : Deansville, Oneida Co., N. Y. 


^fn.Oct. 23, 1821, in Gilmanton, Belknap Co., N. H. 

,, ^^45";^ Principal of High School, Maiden, Mass. 1846, Studied Law with 

"inklhj Pierce. Concord, N. H. 1848-9, Deputy Secretary of State of New 

g^P'liire. 1849-50, Secretary of New England Fire Insurance Co. 

W Colonel of New Hampshire Volunteer Militia. 1851-61, President and 

^otrof Hamilton (Bowditch) Insurance Co., Salem, Mass. 1856-7, Mem- 


l)er of Massachusetts I^egislature. 18^7, Justice of Municipal Court, Sate 
Mass. 1S60, Major of Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. iSoi-c, U. S. Dept 
Surveyor, Custom House, Boston, Mass. 1865, Visited California and New 
on a Geoloffical and Mining Tour. 1866-7, Stock Broker in New York, N.I 
186S, Vice President of First National Eclectic Assurance Society of the UnilB 
States, New York, N. Y. 1869, Principal Manager of the North AmericaaLif 
Insurance Co , New York, N. Y. 1870-2, Traveled in Europe as Foreign SecR 
tary of the North American Life Insurance Co. 1872-5, Foreign Seaetaiyc 
the Continental Life Insurance Co. 1879-81, Manager of the American Fftt 
hold I^nd Mortgage Co., London. 

Married. Dec. 25, 1848, Miss Annie Curtis of Concord, N. H. Child: Ge 
trude, b. Dec. 17, 1859. 

1881, Address: 9, lo, and n Poultry, or 24 Queen Victoria St, LondoOf 
C, England. 


Born, 18 f 6, in llallowell, Kennebec Co., Me. 

r844. Principal of Migh School, Sheffield, Mass. 1S45, Principal of He 
stead Seminary, N. Y. 1849-54. Professor of languages in Delaware Coll 
Wilmington. Died, May 29, 1854, in Morristown, N. J. 

Married, October, 1847, ^^^^s Caroline M. Trench of Middletown, Conn.,' 
died June 30, 1866. Children: Alphonzo William, b. Aug. 28, 1848 : Clara Ai 
b. June 30, 1853. 


Born, Oct. 13, 18 to, in Austerlitz, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

1845-6, Principal of Spencertown Academy, N. Y. 1846, Principal <rf 1 
lington Academy, Wis. 1847, Principal of Sheffield Academy, Mass. 1848- 
Principal of various graded schools in Western New York. 1856-78, Eoga 
in farming in Wisconsin. Died, Nov. 19, 1878, in Koro, Wis. 

Married, June 14, 1847, Adaline Cady of Genesee County, N. Y., who( 
May, 1849. Married, Oct. 20, 1856, Pamelia Cummings White. Childi 
Nathaniel Cady, b. June 16, 1848: Fred Dennison, b. Sept. 11, 1857: J 
Adaline, b. Dec. 9. 1859: James West, b. April 7, 1862: Charles, b. AuR. 
1864 ; d. in infancv : Ada Pamelia, b. Jan. 10, 1866 > Dwight Cummings, b. Ma 
31, 1868: Elizabeth Ream, b. June 13. 1870: Cordelia Bell, b. July 22, 1876. 

1881, Address of widow: Koro, Winnebago Co., Wis. 


Born, Aug. 4, 1822, in Danbury, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

1845, Principal of Danbury Academy, Conn. 1847, Principal of Uanb 
Select School. 1849, Teacher in Newark Wesleyan Institute, N. J. iJ 
Principal of same. 1856-61, Professor of Ancient Languages and Mathema 
in Wesleyan Female College, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1862, Principal of Boys' Sch 
Hamilton, Ohio. 1866-81, Proprietor of Starr's Institute, Seven Milt, Ohi< 

Married, 1846, Frances Eliza Andrews of Danbury. Conn. Children: 01 
Andrews, b. Nov. i, 1848: Sarah Frances, b. March 10, 1857; d. Sept. 28, t 

1881, Address: Seven Mile, Butler Co., Ohio. 


Born, Aug. 14, 1822, in New York, N. Y. 

1844-6^ Teacher of Ancient Languages in Troy Conference Academy, ^ 
Poultney, Vt. 1846, Resigned in July; resided the ensuing winter m 1 
York, N. Y. For a year and a half theieaiter resided in Newtown, N 

1844-1 ALUMNI RECORD. 6$ 

i%*5^ Resided in Flushing, N. Y.; for two of these years President of a 
Company engaged in constructing a railroad to New York, N. Y. 1856, S.T.D., 
Wedejan University. 1858, Professor «f Biblical Literature, and Acting Presi- 
dent, Troy University. 1868-81, Professor of Exegetical Theology, Drew 
Theoloi(ical Seminary, Madison, N. J. 1872, Lay Delegate to General Confer- 
ence, Methodist Episcopal Church; member of American Branch Palestine 
Exploration Socie^. 1874, Traveled in Palestine and Egypt. 1881, LL.D., 
Wcsleyan University. (See Bibliography.) 
Married, July 18, 184Q, Miss Marcia A. Dustin of Middlebury, Vt. Children : 

{amesT.,b. June 13, 1848: Mary D., b. Dec. 8, 185 1 ; d. Feb. 17, 1854: Stella 
I, b. June 18, 1856: Emma F., b. July 30, 1858: Cvrus J., b. March 3, 1862: 
Harriet Judd,b. Aug. 28, 1867. 
1881, Address : Madison, Morris Co., N. J. 


^843, Residence, Portland, Me. 1853-81, Professor of Ancient Languages, 
Centenary College, Jackson, La. 
Married Mrs. Mary Magruder. 
J081, Address: Jackson, East Feliciana Co., La. 


^m, May 12, 1818, in Hancock, Delaware Co., N. Y. 

'844, Joined New York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1844, 
Appointed to Delaware Mission, N. Y.; 1845, Deposit and Canonsville. 1845, 
Appointed Missionary to Africa and Principal of Monrovia Seminary. Died, 
J*"-^ 1846, in Liberia. 

•^wJ, Oct 26, 1845, Miss Elizabeth Trench of Middletown, Conn. 

*88». Address of widow : Mrs. E. T. Well?, Middletown, Conn. 


Y"*» Jin. 14, 1821, in Kensington, Hartford Co , Conn, 
is'^^^ Engaged in teaching. 1853, Engaged in business, Wolcott, Conn. 
57. Member of Connecticut Legislature. 1863, Engaged in business, Meriden, 
^"- ,1864-81, Engaged in farming, Kensington, Conn. 
J^^cd, Aug. 14, 1851, Phebe Norton of Wolcott, Conn. 
^^h Address : Kensington, Hartford Co., Conn. 


^' Aug. 19, 1817, in Brookfield, Madison Co., N. Y. 
ri?!^ Joined Oneida Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; stationed at 

^V^nock, N. Y. Died, Dec. 11, 1844, in Tunkhannock, N. Y. 

Carried, Aug. 19, 1844, Miss Ann Eliza Irvin of Whitney^s Point, N. Y. ; 


Class of 1845. 


Bom in Marblehead, Essex Co., Mass. 

1854, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics in Burlington College, N.J. T» 
in High Schools fifteen years. 1867, Discontinued teaching. 1867-^1, 
gaged in no regular employment on account of poor health. 

1881, Address: Marblehead, Essex Co., Mass. 


Born, Dec. 26, 1825, in Trumbull, Fairfield Co., Conn. Brother of No. 

1845-9, Taught and studied in Philadelphia, Pa. 1850-1, Teacher in Ai 
Seminary, N. Y. 1851-4, Principal of same. 1854, Joined New York C 
ence, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1854, j, Stationed at Poughkeepsic,? 
1856, 7, Eighteenth St.. New YorK ; 18 j8, 9, Newbnrgh; i860, i, Hu 
1862, Greene St., New Y'ork.; 1863, 4, Shemelcf, Mass. ; 1865-7, Kingston, ] 
1868, 9, White Plains. 1870, Transferred to New York East Confe 
1870-2, Stationed at Mamaroneck, N. Y. ; 1873,4, First Church, New h 
Conn.; 1875, Greenwich ; 1876-8, Mamaroneck, N. Y. 1872, D.D., We 
University. 1879, 80, Presiding Elder of New York District. 1880-1, Pre 
of Wesleyan University. 

Married, July 12, 1852, Miss Elizabeth A. Vail of Amenia, N. Y., wh< 
Sept. 25, 1852. Married, Jan. 16, 1855, Miss Eliza M. Vail of Pleasant^ 
N. Y. Children: Burton Thompson (No. 1112), b. Dec. 24, 1855: Ell 
v., b. Dec. 29, 1857 : Jarvis V., b. Au^. 4, 1861; d. Aug. 29, 1865: John 
May 12, 1864; d. Nov. 6, 1865: Francis A., b. Aug. 21, 1866: Mary R.,1 
15, 1869: Emeline, b. Nov. 22, 1871: George S., b. Jan. 29, 1873. 

1881, Address: Middletown, Conn. 


Born, Sept. 21, 1825, in Middletown, Conn. 

1845, teacher of Languages in Adelphian Academy, Mass. 1846, Stm 
Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. 1847, Preached on ( 
Circuit, N. J. 1848, Joined' New Jersey Conference, Methodist Epi 
Church; appointed to Circuit of Rome, N. Y., and Wantage, N. J. 
50, Stationed at Milford, Pa.; 1851, 2, First Church, Orange, N. J.; 
4, Union Church, Burlington ; 1855, 6, First Church, Hoboken ; 1857, 
St., Trenton. 1858, Transferred to Newark Conference. 1858, 9^ Statio 
Clinton St., Newark, N. J.; i860, i. First Church, Orange ; 1862, 3, Marl 
Paterson ; 1864-6, First Church, Hoboken ; 1867-9, Central Church, N< 
1870-2, Morristown ; 1873, First Church, Hoboken ; 1874-6, Madison ; 1 
Mont Clair. 1867-S, Professor Extraordinary of Hebrew and Exegctical Th 
in Drew Theological Seminar)', Madison, N. J. 1871-81, Trustee Weslcyj 
versity. 1872, Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal C 
1872, D.D., Wesleyan University. 1879, Health failed. 187^1, Supen 
ary. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, March 29, 1858, Miss Pamela C. Brown of Jersey City, N. J. 
dren : Joseph M. Brown, b. July 10, 1862 : John Kelsey, b. Sept. 19, i86c 

1881, Address: Trenton, N. J. 

1845] ALUMNI RFXORD. 6^ 


Born, Dec 16, 1823. 

1842-4, Residences : Glens Falls, Warren Co., N. Y.; Troy, N. Y. 1846, 
Engaged in commission business in New York, N. V. 1850, Removed to Iowa. 
1S51. Studied Law in Dubuque, Iowa; appointed Deputy Clerk of District 
Court. 1852, Admitted to the Bar in Dubuque. 1854, Elected Prosecuting 
Attorney for two years. 1856, Relinquished practice on account of ill health. 
180-62, Again in the practice of Law. Died, 1864, in Dubuque, Iowa. 

Married, 1847, Mrs. M. J. Henderson of New York, N. Y., who died Novem- 
ber, 1849. Married, July 5, 1854, Miss Sarah J. Chapin, formerly of Holyoke, 
Mass., who died Jan. 18, 1856. Child: James C, b. Jan. 14, 1856. 


Born, Feb. 27, 1 821, in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Mass. 

^^5-51), Teacher in I>awrence Academy, Falmouth, Mass. 1S51, Taught in 
MoQomcnt, Mass. 1852-3, Teacher in Spring Hill Boarding School, Sandwich, 
l(>ss. Chairman of School Committee of Sandwich, Mass. Died, Feb. 26, 
1854, in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Mass. 


^. Feb. 6» 1822. in Herkimer County, N. Y. 
. W45-6, Teacher in Whitestown Seminary, N. Y. 1846-9, Taught in Wash- 
"8*00, D. C. 1850, Traveled in Europe. i8ci-8i, Engaged in lumber busi- 

Married, Aug. 12, 18 ji. Miss Clara S. Treadway of Middletown, Conn. 
^-hildren: Minnie Elizabeth, b. Jan. 24, 1854; married No. 950: Lewis Ed- 
•*f°»b March 23, 1857 : \Vad.sworth Leach, b. Aug. 13, 1858 : George William, 
^^3. 1864: John Ftcderick. b. Nov. 29, 1868; d. Jan. 29, 187 1. 

'85i, Address : Utica, N. Y. 


^*^Oct. I, 1819, in Wyoming Valley, Luzerne Co., Pa. 
J^5~6, Teacher in Wyominp Seminary, Kingston, Pa. 1846, Admitted to 
"^ «rin Wilkes Barre, Pa. 1846-61, Practiced Law in Wilkes Barre. 1848- 
Sp» Registrar of Wills for Luzerne County, Pa. iS^i-6, Superintendent of 
JjODunon Schools in Wilkes Barre. 1856. Appointed District Attorney, Luzerne 
V«>ntv. 1861-2, Colonel of Seventh Pennsylvania Reserves. McCall's Divi- 
"**»"• S. Army ; engaged in most of the battles of the Peninsular Campaign ; 
^^^^ at Charles City Cross-Roads ; resumed command at Malvern llill, 
'Jcrehcwas again wounded. At Harrison Landing taken with fever, and left 
^ Winy July ^ 1862. 1863, Resumed practice of Law, and opened a private 
J^ Wilkes Barre, Pa. 1863-72, Practiced I.iw in Wilkes Barre, Pa. 
JSH. Burgess of Wilkes Barre Borough. 1868-72. Alderman Fourth Ward, 
"([«es. Barre, Pa. Died, Aug. 20, 1872, in Wilkes Barre, Pa. 

^'•' Carrie Aris»a: Benjamin N.: Edith Rose: Gill)ert Alexander. 



Born, 1818, in Central New York. 

1846, Taught in Somerville, Ala. 1853-61, Proprietor of Boardir 
Macon, Miss. Died, Dec. 22, 1868, in Louisville, Miss. 

Married, Miss Georgiana Leach of Durham, Conn., who died 185 
again, i860. Children: Edward Mellville, b. Jan. 12, 1847: Leverc 
b. April 23, 1849; Class of 1872: Zuilee, b. 1865. 


Bom, July 27, 1823, in North Greenwich, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

1845, Taught in Rye, Westchester Co., N. Y. 1846-7, Taught ii 
N. J. 1848-9, Studied Medicine. 1850, M.D., University of 
1850-61, Practiced Medtcine in New York, N. Y. 1861-5, Practice 
in Middletown, N. J. 1865-81, Practicing Medicine in New York, 1 
Inspector of Metropolitan Board of Health. 

Married, May 15, 1851, Miss Mary Ann Van Pelt of New York, 1 
dren: Emma Augusta, b. June 18, 1852: Singleton, b. Dec. 6, 18 
Collier, b. Dec. 17, 1856. 

1881, Address: 186 East Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


Born, Jan. 11, 1826, in Troy, N. Y. 

After graduation, studied Law for two years, but abandoned it fc 
try. Ordained Priest of the Protestant Episcopal. Church. 1851- 
St. Paul's Church, Windsor, Vt. ; resigned on account of feeble hea 
Rector at Little Falls, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 18 s8. Rector of St. Jc 
Sai' t Louis, Mo. 1858-61, Rector at Little Falls, Herkimer Co 
signed on account of ill health. 1862-4, Hector t.f the Parish of Hoi 
Albany, N. Y. 1S64-9, Rector of Christ Church, Hudson, N. Y. 
Insane Asylum, Uiica, N. V. 

Married, 1849, Adeline Dickinson of Middlefield, Conn. Childre 
Everett, b. April 6, 1857 : Edward Campbell, b. March i, 1859: Ac 
1861; d.: Herbert Reofield, b. May 10, 1865; d. : Irving Peakc, 
1866: Norman Dickins(»n, b. Jan. 16, 1869; d. 

1881, Address: Care of Dr. J. P. Gray, Utica, N. Y. 


Born, Jan. 3, 1825, in Wilkes Barre, Pa. 

After gra uaiion, t. ught in Georgia; was subsequently teacher 
matiis in Centenary Institute, Summerfield, Ala.; afterward Princips 
Department of .same; also a Preacher in the Methodist Episco 
South. Died, March 28, 1851. 

Married, Sept. 9, 1847, Frances E. Grant of Georgia. Chih 
Louisa, b. June 17, 1848; d. Sept. 22, 1849: Mary Frances, b. Kel 
d. Dec. 26, 1850. 


Born, Oct. 4, 1823, in New York, N. Y. 

1S45-7, Taught, and stud ed Medicine in Wilkinson County, ] 
Studied Medicine in University of New York. 1849-50, Studied 
University of Louisiana, New Orleans, La. 1850, M.D., Univerftity 

;45.1 ALUMNI RECORD. 69 

l^y, Practiced Medicine in Santa Crus, Cal. 1853-61, Practiced Medicine 
nMarysville, Ca). 1856, Wrote the first Republican Address to the people of 
California, and helped to organize the Party. 1856-61, Member of Republican 
State Central Committee. 1861-5, Surveyor of Port of San Francisco. 1866-8, 
Qoaitzminer, Penon Blanco, Mariposa, Cal. 1869-71, Special Agent, U. S. 
TreasuT)- Department, for Cal. 187 1-3, Quartz-miner, Pefion Blanco, near 
Cooltcrville, Mariposa Co., Cal. 1873-4, Built tlie Yosemite and Coulterville 
wajgon-road, thereby opening Yosemite Valley to public travel. 1874-81, Prac- 
ticing Medicine in Alameda, Alameda Co., Cal. 

Married, Feb. 10, 1853, Mary Eliza Sterling of Staten Island, N. Y. Chil- 
dren: Sterling, b. Nov. 18, 1854: Seward, b. July 7, 1856; d. Aug. 13, 1857: 
Margaret Elizabeth, b. Jan. 26, i8j8; d. Jan. 27, 1858: Marv Helen, b. Jan. 3, 
1859: Ernest, b. June 2, 1862 ; d. Jan. 27, 1864: Elizabeth Margaret, b. June 

1881, Address : Alameda, Alameda Co., Cal. 


Bom, March 16, 1825, in Newport, R. I. 

1845, Studied Law in New Bedford, Mass. 1846, Taught, and studied Law 
in West Feliciana, La. 1848, Admitted to the Bar in New Bedford. 1848-69, 
Practiced Law in New Bedford. 18^8, Appointed Judge of Police Court ; 
Member of Massachusetts House of Representatives. 1864, 5, 8, Member 
Massachusetts Senate. 1869, President Massachusetts Senate. 1869-81, Judge 
of Superior Court. 1869, LL.D., Wesleyan University. (See Bibliography.) 

Mamcd, Aug. 15, 1855, Frances R. Thomas of New Bedford. Children: 
Robert Kent, b. July i, 1857 ; d. March 29, 1876: Frederick Robertson, b. Jan. 
17. 1869; d. May 20, 1870: Frank Carter, b. Oct. 22, 1872 : Arthur Stanley, b. 

July 10. 1877. 

*ooi, Address : Newton, Mass. 


^ni, Aug. 17, 1824, in Gilmanton, Belknap Co., N. H. 
4^*845, Taught High School in Maiden, Mass. 1846, Taught in Sacarappa, 

I Q ^^^^^^''f* taught in Upper Marlborough, Md. 1848-9, Studied in Medi- 
<^' school of Harvard University. 1850, M.D., Harvard University; located 
J -''Cdford, Mass. 1852-j, Professor of Chemistry and Materia Medica in 
°*a University ; resided m Keokuk. 1855, Delegate to American Medical 
Jj^'^tion, Philadelphia. Resigned professorship from ill health. 1857, 
I^/^J^<i Medicine in Ep worth, Iowa. 1862-j, Successively Surgeon of the 
/. *^^a. Brigade-Surgeon and Surgeon-in-Cnief of 2d Division, i6th Army 

^^- , 1868-81, Practicing Medicine in Rockport, Mass. 

u/'ir '*^' October, 1852. Rebecca M. Tate of Middletown, Conn. Children : 
. ""« Jacob, b. September, 1853 : Mary Eliza, b. Mav, 1856: Fannv Margaret, 

iM ' '^59' C**''<^"ce Herbert, b. January, 1868. ' 

^^* Address : Rockport, Essex Co., Mass. 


j^J« Oct. 16, 1819, in Edinburgh, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 
pj'-*^ Teacher in High School, Troy, N. Y. 1848, Teacher of Languages, 
p.^^*<>nvillc Academy, Delaware Co., N. Y. 1849, Fngaged in farming in 
J^ainburgh. N. Y. i8jo. Principal of Bakersfield Academy, Franklin Co., 
'. J853, Principal andl Proprietor of Boarding-School, Edinburgh, Saratoga 
18 ..?* ^'* '^5^' Vice-Principal of Seward Institute, Orange Co., N. V. 
vpy3t Principal of Weaversville Academy, Northampton Co., Pa. 1863, 
'^ncipal of Norwich Collegiate Institution, Norwich, Conn. 1873, Principal 


and Proprietor of JoncsviHe Academy, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 1877, Taught 
Conklingville. 1878, Taught in Saratoga County. N. Y. 1878-9, Book-keep 
in Patent Package and Wooden Ware Factory, Hadley, N. Y. 1880, EnooM 
ator, District No. 73, Hadley, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

Married, Oct. 30, 1849, Miss Sarah Bainbridge of New Y^ork. Childre 
Emily Frances, b. Dec. 11, 1851 : Sarah Elizabeth, b. Nov. 27, 1857; AJ« 
27, 1874 : Clara E., b. May 21, i860. 

1881, Address: South Glens Falls, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 


Born, March 15, 1822, in Lee, Strafford Co., N. H. 

1844-8, Resided in Lee, N. H. 1848, Removed to California. Afterwards 
to Australia; remained there three years. Returned to California. 1872-S, 
gaged in mining and farming in Arizona. Died, July, 1878, in Arizona. 


Born, Dec. 16, 1823, in Brandingham, Lewis Co., N. V. 

1846, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church; 
tioned at Barre, Mass. 1847, Transferred to Oneida Conference. 184; 
Stationed at Morrisville, N. Y.; 1849, Fabius; 1850, Camillus ; 1851,2, 
wich ; 1853, Earlville ; 1854, 5, Aurora St., Ithaca ; 1856, 7, Cazenovia. 
-62, Presiding Elder of Chenango District. 1862, 3, Stationed at North 
Auburn, N. Y.; 1864, 5, Bleecker St., Utica. 1866, Transferred to Provid 
Conference. 1866, 7, Stationed at Marlboro* St., Newport, R. I.; 186 
Bristol, R. I.; 1870-2, Edgartown, Mass.; 1873-5, Mathewson St., Provid< 
R. I.; 1876, 7, Broadway, Providence. 1869, D.D., Wesleyan University, i 
80, Trustee of Wesleyan University. 1878-81, Presiding Elder of Provid 
District. 1881, Trustee of Wesleyan University. 1881, Delegate to Meth< 
Ecumenical Conference. Reserved Delegate to General Conference, Meth( 
Episcopal Church, 1856. Delegate to same, i860, 64, 72, 76,80. (See Bib 

Married, May 11, 1846, Miss Mary L. Jones of Wallingford, Conn. Child 
Charles H., b. March 10, 1848: Emma Francis, b. Jan. i, 1862. 

1881, Address: Providence, R. I. 


Born, July 24, 1819, in Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

1845-7, Studied Theology and Medicine in Yale College. 1846, Joined ] 
York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church; stationed at St. John's 
New Haven, Conn 1847-^3, Missionary and Physician in Fuhchau, CI 
1848-52, Conducted a public Dispensary in Fuhchau. 1854, M.D., Yale 
lege. 1S54-73, Practiced Medicine in New Haven, Conn. 1857-67, Lect 
on Microscopy, Medical Department of Yale College. 1862-.^, Tcache 
Botany, Sheffield Scientific School of Yale College. 1864-73, Secretar 
Connecticut Medical Society. 1867-81, Professor of Pathology and Microsc 
Medical Department of Yale College. 1868-75, Lecturer on Histology 
Microscopy, Wesleyan University. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, 1847, ^^iss Isabel Jane Atwater of Homer, N. Y., who died 1 
1848, in China. Married, 1851, Miss Mary Seely of Onondaga, N. Y. Child 
Carvl Fenelon Seely, b. April 5, 1856: Eugene Henry, b. Sept 4, 1862. 

1881, Address : 48 College St., New Haven, Conn. 




Born, Nov. 6, i8i8, in Saltspringville, Montgomery Co., N. Y. 

1S45. Taught a select school, Fort Plain, N. Y. 1847, Principal of the Union 

School, Fort Plain, N. Y. 1849, Taught High School, Cooperstown, N. Y. 

1850, Principal of Union School, Herkimer, N. Y. 1851, Principal of Ames 

Aademy, N. Y. 185;^, Principal of Fairfield Academy, N. Y. 185^, Clerk in 

New York Central Railroad Freight Office at Fort Plain. 1856, Freight Agent 

b same office. 1857, Clerk in the New York Central Railroad Freight Office 

at Utica 1859, T eacher of Ancient Languages, Fort Plain Semmary and 

Female Collegiate Institute. 1865-79, Bookkeeper in the National Bank of 

Fort Plain. (See Bibliography.) Died, Dec. 30, 1879, in Fort Plain, N. Y. 

Married, Nov. 11, 1840, Miss Charlotte Farquharson of Cherry Valley, Otsego 
Co., N. Y. Children: Marv Tane, b. Nov. 27, 1846: Augustus Seneca, d. 
March3, 184S; d. Dec. 27, 1848. 
1881, Address of widow: Fort Plain, Montgomery Co., N. Y. 


Bom, June 27, 1821, in Windsor, Windsor Co., Vt. 

»845, Principal of Meriden Academv. Conn. 1846-8, Studied in Law School 
of V'alc College. 184S, LL.B., Yale College ; commenced practice of Law in 
Meriden, Conn. 1849, Member of Connecticut Senate. 1849-51, Engaged in 
practice of Law, and in land speculation in California. 1851-62, Practiced Law 
nj Meriden, Conn. 1861-2, Recruited for Connecticut Regiments. 1862, 
Uctttenant-Cclonel, 14th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers ; afterwards Colo- 
jd, 15th Regiment; engaged in the battle of Fredericksburgh. 1863, Lost his 
Jjalth in service, and was honorably discharged. Member of Connecticut 
General Assembly. 1863-5, Commissioner of Board of Enrollment for Second 
Congressional District of Connecticut. 1864-81, Practicing Law in New Haven, 
r^ ^865-9, Assistant U. S. District Attorney for Connecticut. 1868, Mem- 
Iwof Common Council of New Haven. 1872-4, President of Court of Com- 
■?<» Council, and Commissioner of Police of New Haven. 1873-4, Cor pora- 
^ Counsel of New Haven. 1877-81, Member of Board of Aldermen, New 
•J*^cn. 1878^ Member of General Assembly of Connecticut. 1879, Speaker 
« the House of Representatives of Connecticut. 

Married, Feb. 3, 1848, Maria H. Phelps of East Windsor, Conn. Children 
JCj^ter R.^ b. March 13, 1849; d. Sept. 2, 1850: Maria A., b. May 17, 1852 
^narles P., b. April 18, 1854; d. Aug. 16, 1855: Hattie P., b. Jan. 31, 18^7 

4 April 13, i860: Arthur B , b. Feb. 23, 1862. 

'°^^ Address : New Haven, Conn. 

Class of 1846. 


jo^ March 24, 1822, in DeKalb, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. 
kff^^^ Commenced study of Medicine. 1848, M.D., Castlcton Medical Col- 
vf • 1849, Commenced practice in Benson, Vt. 1853, Practiced in Poultney, 
laf '^57» P"icticed in Fayette, Iowa. 1865, Surgeon of i6th Regiment Iowa 

^^Jtiy. 1866-81, Practicing in Fayette, Iowa. 
^L!*irried, September, 1849, Miss Mary E. Wentworth of Stonington, Conn. 
I'^Mren: Mary Florilla, b. Jan. 18, 1852; d. March 23, 1855: Frances Anna, 
)jJUnc 2, 1856: John Wentworth, b. Aug. 17, 1859; d. May 19, 1861 : Edward 

*^ b. Feb. 14, 1863. 

^^i, Address : Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa. 



Born, Sept. o, 1822, in Edgartown, Dukes Co., Mass. 

1846, Joinecf Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal ChurcL 1? 
Stationed at Somers, Conn.; 1847, Hebron; 1848, Fairhaven, Mass.; li 
Pawtuckct, R. I. 1849-55, Preached only occasionally on account of ill hci 
1849-50, Principal of Dukes County Academy, Mass. 18^0, Principal of H 
School, Edeartown, Mass. ; in November, went South with invalid wife; ' 
shipwrecked in the Gulf of Mexico ; traveled in the Southwest. 1851, Prii 
pal of Columbus Seminary, Miss. 18^2-5, Engaged in mercantile business,: 
in teaching ; most of the time in North Bridgewater, Mass. 185c, 6, Statioi 
at Taunton, Mass.; 1857, 8, New Bedford, Mass.; 1859, Bristol, R- I. i86( 
Traveled in Europe and the East. 1861, 2, Stationed at Providence, R. 
1863, 4, fall River, Mass. 1864, Transferred to Upper Iowa Confero 
1864-6, Stationed at Davenport, Iowa. 1866, Again compelled, by failar 
health, to leave the ministry. 1866-8, Engaged in mercantile and insora 
business in Davenport and Burlington, Iowa, and Providence, R. I. 186I 
Principal of Western Iowa Collegiate Institute, Glenwood, Iowa. 1869- 
Studied in Law School of Harvard University. 1870, Admitted to the I 
1870^1, Practicing I^w in Boston; preaching occasionally. 

Married. Children: Velina Worth, b. June 16, 1856: Julia Elizabeth, 
Nov. 27, 1859 : Frederick, b. June 29, 1862. 

1881, Address: 31 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 


1842-5, Residences: Fair Haven and Cheshire, New Haven Co., Cc 
Burlington, Hartford Co., Conn. Brother of No. 252. 

1849, Taught in Prince George County, Md. 1850, Taught Classical 
Mathematical School in Alexandria, Va. 1852-81, Practicing I^w in Alexac 
Va. ; Attorney and Counselor in State and U. S. Courts, Virginia. 187 
President First National Bank, Alexandria, Va. 


1881, Address: Alexandria, Va. 


Horn, April 18, 1820, in Worthington, Hampshire Co., Mass. 

1846, Joined Black River Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Appointed to Lee Circuit ; 1847, East Canada Creek Circuit. 184S-9, P 
pal of Red Creek Union Academy, N. Y. 1850, 1, Stationed at Floyd, ^ 
1852, Clayton. 1853-60, Principal of Gouverneur Wesleyan Seminary, ] 
1800, I, Stationed at First Church, Syracuse, N. Y.; 1862, Lowville. 18 
Presiding Elder of Ogdensburgh District. 1867-9, Stationed at Carthage, ] 
1869-70, Principal of Black River Conference Seminary, Antwerp, N 
187 1-2, Stationed at Ogdensburgh, N. Y.; 1873, 4, First Church, U 
1875-7, Adams ; 1878-80, Potsdam ; 1881, Fulton. Delegate to General 
fercnce, Methodist Episcopal Church, i860, 64, 68, 76, 80. 

Married, May 27, 1847, Miss Susan S. Brooks of Steuben, N. Y.; who 
Aug. 27, 1866. Married, June 13, 1867, Miss Martha J. McAllaster of S 
Vt. Children: Frances Louisa, b. Jan. 4, 1852; d. Jan. 23, 1852: Fr 
Wallace, b Dec. 30, 1853: Frederick Eli, b. Oct. 7, 1859. 

1881, Address: Fulton, Oswego Co., N. Y. 


Born, Dec. 4, 1826, in Cazenovia, Madison Co, N. Y. 
1847-51, Resided in Cazenovia, N. Y. 1851, Engaged in commercial pui 
in California. 1854, Went to Sandwich Islands, and introduced steamer 

1846.1 ALUMNI RECORD. 73 

commonication between the Islands. 1856, Returned to San Francisco. 1857, 
Hicturaed to New York, i860, Went to Nevada. 1861-3, Territorial Comp- 
troikr. 1S63, Engaged in quartz-mining. 1868, Resided in San Francisco, Cal. 
1881, Engaged in Mining and Mining Brokerage. 
1S81, Address : San Francisco, Cal. 


Bora, Feb. 18, 1824. 

1S45, Residence : Hamptonburgh, N. Y. 1846-8, Studied Law and engaged 
in fanning in Montgomery, N. Y. Died, April 17, 1849. 

Married, Dec. 20, 1848, Mary J. benedict of Montgomery, N. Y. Child : 
William Friend, b. Sept. 13, 1849. 

1881, Address of widow : Montgomery, Orange Co., N. Y. 


ft>nj, Feb. 9, 1821, in Pittsford, Rutland Co., Vt. 

'% Taught in Brunswick County, Va.; M.D., Cleveland Medical College. 
W50. M.D., Cincinnati Medical College. 1850-6, Practiced in Milan, Ohio. 
»»5^ Practiced in Parma, Mich. Died, Dec. 25, 1862, in Milan, Ohio. 


^rn, May 26, 1826, in Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

'°47-5, Studied Law in Rhinebeck and New York, N. Y. 11X49-50, In biisi- 
•jws in New York and Liverpool as partner in a shipping house. 1851, 
Admitted to the Bar in New York, N. Y. 1851-81, Practing Law in New 

.^^^ricd, 1856. Miss Helen Jay Prime of New York, N. Y. Children: Fred- 
00 ^"'"«' ^' 'S57: Elizabeth Waters, b. 1859: Helen Jay, b. i864. 
'881, Address : 26 Broad St., New York, IS. Y. 


°^ Nov. 3, 1821, in Honesdale, WajTie Co., Pa. 
• l?"*?"^* Principal of Meriden Academy, Conn. 1849-63, l^ngaged in mining 
•oLalifornia. 1864-70, Deputy Surveyor of Customs in San Francisco, Cal. 
jjT^i Connected with Internal Revenue Office, San Francisco, Cal. 1873-81, 
Jj^kecpcr; for a time in charge of County Records, Calaveras County. 
*^«ai March 18, 1881, in San Francisco, Cal. 


18^ April 7, 1824^ in Hull. Plymouth Co., Mass. 
Sf!^ Joined Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1846, 
^ooned at Tolland and Rockville, Conn.; 1847, Marlborough ; 184S, Marsh- 
j*'^Mass.; 1849, Qaincy; 1850, 1, East Weymouth; i8q2, 3, Edgartown ; 
jj5i 5, Allen St., New Bedford; 1856, 7, New London, Conn.; 185S, East 
JrJ^iJt., Norwich ; 1859,60, Fall River, Mass.; 1861,2, Chestnut St., Provi- 
j?J*f R. I.; 1863, 4, Power St., Providence ; 1865, 6, Broadway, Providence ; 
i?y«8,Brick Chapel, Bangor, Me. 1862-3, Chaplain of nth Rhode Island 
tJ'^Oteers. 1869-78, U. S. Consul at Birmingham, England. 1877, Traveled in 

J^' 1878-81, U. S. Consul at Marseilles, France. (See Bibliography.) 
. Jurricd, April 21, 1847, Miss Caroline E. Denison of Mystic, Conn. Child : 
•"*« Melville, b. July 4, 1848; A.B., Brown Universitjr, 1871. 
'%if Address: Care of J. M. Gould, 63 Sears' Building, Boston, Mass. 




Born, Jan. 17, 1824, in Salisbury, Addison Co., Vt. 

1846, Preached in West Troy, N. Y. 1847. Joined Oneida Conference 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 1847,8, Stationed at (iroton, N. Y.; 1849. Sj 
Moravia; 1851, Ithaca; 1852,3, Oxford; 1854, Bleecker St., Utica; 1855,* 
Cortland; 1S57, North St., Auburn. i8(io. Presiding Elder of Cortland Dii 
trict. 1864-9, Principal of Oneida (now Central New York) Conference Sen 
nary, Ca/.enovia, N. Y. 1870, Transferred to New York East Conference 
stationed at Fair Haven, Conn. 1871, Traveled in Europe. 1872, 3, Stations 
at VVinsted, Conn.; 1874, 5, New Rochelle, N. Y. 1876, Presiding Elder c 
I^ng Island South District. 1877-9, Presiding Elder of Brooklyn Distric 
1880, I, Stationed at South Third St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Delegate toGenen 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1864. 68, 80. 

Married, ( )ct. 19, 1851, Harriet A. (rrant of Ithaca, N. Y., who died July-' 
1858. Married, April 29, 1862, Miss Isabella O. Mcintosh of Vernon, N-^ 
Children: Albert S., b. Oct. 17. 1852; d. Sept. 11, 1859: Jessie Helen. 1 
May 5, 1854; d. April 5, 18^5: Arthur Eugene, b. April ;o, 1857: Ix)uieM.. 
Dec. 24, 1863; d. Sept. 3, 1864 : Evelyn M., b. Oct. 9, 1805; d. March 31, 1S6 
Belle Evangeline, b. April 19, 1868. 

1881, Address: 411 South Third St., Brooklyn, N. V. 


Born, Oct. 4, 1821, in New Village, N. V. 

1846, Taught in Huntington, N. V. 1847, Principal of Academy, Haverstr; 
N. V. 1848-9, Taught in Prince George County, Md. 1850, Taught at Matb< 
Court House, Va. 18JI-3, Principal of Hickorv Neck Academy, James ^ 
Co., Va. 1854, In lumber business at Bigler's Mills, York River, Va. iSjl 
Again Principal of Hickory Neck Academy. 1858-60, Principal of SemiP 
in James City County, Va. 1861, Principal of Uniontown Academy, Ala. i* 
In Fifth Regiment Virginia Cavalry. 1863-4, At home a private citizen; h^ 
plundered, furniture burned, and himself imprisoned. 1865-6, Taught in f 
Kent County, Va. 1867-8, Engaged in planting oysters and in farming in 
Dell, York River, Va. 1869-S1, Planter and merchant in Burnt Ordin 
James City Co., Va. 

Married, Feb. 26, 1857, Miss Mary Octavia Henley of Virginia, who * 
May, 1873. Married, ( )ct. 18, 1876, Miss Alice Browne Hankins, who * 
Dec. I, 1876. Children: Frank Henley, b. May 18, 18 j8; d. Nov. 21, i^ 

Kate Mowbray, b. March 24, 1861 : , b. July 23, 1863; ^- Nov. 21, i« 

Laura Octavia, b. Aug. 5, 1866: Frank Whittaker, b. 1869; d. Octol)cr, 187 

1881, Address: Burnt ( )rdinary, James City Co., Va. 


Born, Sept. 19, 182 1, in Maiden, Mass. 

1S46, Teacher of (ireek and Latin in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1S48, Pri 
pal of same. 1851, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episo 
Church. 1851, 2, Stationed at Northampton, Mass.; 1853, 4, Wilbrahi 
1855, 6, Westfield; 1857, 8, Roxbury; 1859, 60, Cambridgeport. i86i.Chap 
of Eighth .Massachusetts Regiment; commissioned April 18 — ^the first Cl 
lain commissioned after the breaking out of the Civil War. 1862, Travcle 
Europe and the East. 1863. Stationed at North Russell St., Boston, M 
1867-72, Kdit<jr of Zion's Herald, Boston, Mass. 1872, Elected Bisho| 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 1873, Traveled in Mexico, where he found* 
Mission. 1876-7, Traveled in Africa. 1879, Elected Trustee of Weslcyan \ 
versity. Delegate to Oencral Conference, Methodist Episcopal Churchy i 
72. (See Bibliography.) Died, Jan. 3, 1880, in Maiden, Mass. 

Married, 1851, Miss Mary Ingraham of Amenia, N. Y., who died Apr 
i860. Children: William Ingraham (No. 1151), b. Jan. 30, 1856: Mary M 
clle, b. May 7, 1858: two others; d. 

\^46] ALUMNI RECORD. 75 


\^om, Oct. iS, 1821, in Boston, Mass. Brother of Nos. 235 and 394. 

1846, Principal of High School, Middlctown, Conn. i»S49, Principal of High 
School, Chelsea, Mass. 1852, Principal of l^wrenceburgh Institute, Ind. 
1854, Associate Editor of Tne Indiana School Journal . 1856, Principal and 
Teacher of Mental and Moral Science, Indiana Female (College, Indianapolis. 
1858-60, Professor of Latin and Literature, Indiana Asbury University, (Jreen- 
castle. 1863-7, Professor of Belles-lettres and History in same. Died, May 
24, 1867, in Greencastle, Ind. 

Married, Aug. 25, 1853, Miss Emcline Lewis of Boston, Mass. Children : 
Mary Corliss, b. July 18. 1855: Alice Emma, b. Feb. 14, i8sS; d. Jan. 11, 1859: 
Ellen Carrie, b. Feb. 2, i860: (Irace Emma, b. January, 1S62. 

•285. ZENAS HURI). 

Bom, Oct. 27, 1821. 

1846, Joined Genesee Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1846, Sta- 
Joned at Churchville, N. V. 1847, Appointed to Covington Circuit. 1848-0, 
Sutionedat Niagara Falls; 1850, Wilson; 1851, 2, Seneca St., Buffalo; 1853, 
J[^w; 1854, Castile; 1855, Bike. 1856-9, Principal of Genesee Conference 
Seminary, pike, N. Y. low. Teacher of Mathematics, Genesee Weslevan 
Seminar}', Lima, N. Y. 18^2, Principal of .same. 1862, Stationed at Ala- 
^ma, X. Y.; 1863. Cambria; 1864, Knowlesville ; 1865, Newfane; 1866-8, 
Niagara Falls; 1809,70, Tonawanda; 187 1, Lyndonville; 1872,3, Kushford ; 
Jf74-^(;ainesvillej 1877-9, Porter; 1880, i, Chili. 1864, Served in Christian 
^OTamission at White-House Landing and City Point, Va. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, May 29, 1850, Miss Mary F. Scager of Lima, N. Y. Children: 
^«« W. s., b. May 3, 1855: Willie Simpson, b. Sept. 3, 1859. 

^J^J. Address: Chili, Monroe Co., N. Y. 


^^March 13, 1826, in Oxford. Chenango Co., N. Y. 

^046-61, Teacher of Languages in (.)neida (now Central New York) Confer- 

SjJ^* Seminary, Cazenovia, N. Y. 1862-4, P^istor of Methodist i'lpiscopal 

J-'^'i'ch, Rushville. N. Y. 1864-79, Professor of Greek in Allegheny College, 

Jo^*^JjHe, Pa. 1864, Served in U. S. Sanitary Commission at City Point, Va. 

J^^cmberof American Oriental Society. 1868, D.D., Syracuse University. 

79-81, Professor of Hebrew and Biblical Literature in Allegheny College, 
MjjdviUe, I>a. (See Bibliography.) 

Hkk^'^^' July 25, 1850, Miss M^ira Smith of Utica, .\. Y. Children: Maria 
""^M.b. Jolv 3, 1855: Fannie, b. June 27, 1857; d. Oct. 26, 1863. 

^^\ Address : Meadfvillc, Crawford Co.. Pa. 

^^» t'eb. 2, 1827, in Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Brother of Nos. 191 

046-8, Teacher of Mathematics and Natural Science in Amenia .Seminary, 
»Kltt ^^48, Commenced study of Law in Brooklyn, N. Y. 1850, Admitted to 

M '^^ New York State. 1850-81, Practicing Law in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
jgf?^di October, 1853, Jane A. Seney of Brooklyn, N. Y.; who died May, 

i» ^^*^dren: Frances T., William M., (Jeorge S., Robert .S. 

»«i, Address: 44 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 



Born, Aug. 5, 182 1, in Pctersbargh, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. 

1846-8, Teacher of Natural Science in Tro^ Conference Academv, 1 
ney, Vt. 1849, Health failing, went to California. 1854H53, Engaged in a 
mining and milling. 1864-9, County Judge of Mariposa County, Cal. 186 
Practicing Law in the Courts of the State of California. 1878-Q, Membi 
the Convention for the Revision of the Constitution of Calitomia. 1 
President of the Mariposa County Board of Education. 

Married, 1852, Sarah Allen of Pawlet, Vt. Children: Lewis Newm 
Lucv S.: Julia L.: Nathan C: Marian S. 

1081, Address: Mariposa, Mariposa County, Cal. 


Bom, Aug. 26, 1826, in New Lebanon, Madison Co., N. Y. 
1846-53, Engaged in manufacture of thermometers and barometers. Di* 
April 14, 1853. 


Born, Jan. 3, 1818, in Bloomfield, Hartford Co., Conn. 

1846-8, Tutor in Mathematics in Weslcyan University. 1848, Joined N 
York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1848, Stationed at B 
lin, Conn.; 1849, 50, Bloomfield; 1851, South Second St., Williamsburgh, N/ 
1852, 3, Ridgeneld, Conn.; 1854. Southport ; 1855, Simsbury; 1856^ Simsbn 
North Canton, and Washington Hill; 18^7, 8, Durham; 1859, 60, Binningltf 
1861. 2, West Winsted; 1863. 4, Second St., New York, N. Y.; 1865-7, ? 
Haven, Conn. ; 1868-70, Middlefield ; 1871, 2, Southin^ton. 1873, SupernoJ 
rary; resided in East Granby, Conn. 1874, 5, Stationed at East Granl 
1876-8, East Pearl St, New Haven ; 1879-81, Ansonia. 

Married, Aug. 4, 1848, Miss Emily Hamilton of West Granville, Mass.,^ 
died April 16, 18^5. Married, November, i860. Miss Emily Gilbert of Ri< 
field, Conn. Children: Henry Harrison, b. Jan. 11, 1851 ; d. Ian. 23, i^ 
Frederick Wadsworth, b. Oct. 12, 1852; d. April 23, 1867: Sarah, b. April 

1881, Address: Ansonia, New Haven Co., Conn. 


1842-5, Residences : Colerain and Griswoldville, Franklin Co., Mass. 1 
Teacher of Mathematics in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1 
Teacher of Natural Science in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1851-62, Tea 
of Natural Science in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. iSd 
Professor of Physics and Natural History, Northwestern University, E 
ston. 111. i86s. Elected Corresponding Member of Boston Society of Nal 
History. 1866, Geologist on U.S. Survey of (Government Road from Le 
ton, Idaho, to Virginia City, Montana. 1869, Elected Corresponding Met 
of State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 1870-81, l*rofessor of Nat 
History in Northwestern University. 187 1, Elected corresponding memb< 
Lyceum of Natural History, New York, N. Y., and of Wisconsin Acaden 
Sciences, Arts, and Letters. 1873, LL.1)., University of Chicago. 187^ 
Acting President, Northwestern University. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, July 2, 1847, Miss Elizabeth E. Smith of Chatham, Conn. ( 
dren: Annie Smith, b. Nov. 30, 1851 ; married F. H. Davis, M.D.: E< 
Grosvenor, b. Jan. 23, 18C4; d. Jul^ 22, 1855: Frederick Malcolm, b. No 
1856; d. Sept 25, 1857: Maude Elizabeth Olivia, b. June 20, 1862; d. Fe 


Address : Evanston, Cook Co., 111. 




Born, April 19, 1822, in Holliston, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

1S46, Taught in North Bridgewater, Mass. 1848, Teacher of Languages 
in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1849, Sick at home. i8co, Taught in Royal- 
ton, Vt. 1851, Studied Medicine, and engaged in drug 1)usincss in Roxbury, 
Mass. 1855, M-I^t Dartmouth College. 1855-6, Traveled in United Slates 
and Europe. 1857-62, Druggist in Roxbury, Mass. 1862-4, Acting Assistant 
Surgeon, U. S. Army Hospital, Nashville, Tenn. 1865-9, Druggi&t in Rox- 
bury, Mass. Died, July 7, 1869. 

Married, May 6, 1850, Miss Emma L. I..oomis of Coventry, Conn., who died 
March 22, 1S55. 


Born, Jan. 24, 1827, in Troy, N. Y. Brother of No. 76. 

1846, Studied I^w with his brother in New York, N. Y. 1847-8, Taught in 
West Feliciana. La. ; finished law studies. i84(). Professor of Natural Science 
in Centenary College, Jackson, I^., and Editor of The Southern Mirror, 
18Q2-3, Practiced I^w in Clinton, La. 1853, Elected District Attorney. (See 
Bibliography.) Died, Nov. i, 1853. 


Bom, Oct. 17, 1823, in Mount Pleasant, Ontario. 

1846, Principal of Newburg Academy, Ontario. 1847, Joined Conference of 
Wesleyan Methodist Church, in Canada. 1847, Stationed at Port Hope, 
Ontario; 1848, 9, Toronto; 1850, London. 1850-81, President of Victoria 
College, Cobourg, Ontario. 1S60, D.D., Quecn*s College. 1864, Fraternal 
Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1866, Fraternal 
Delegate to New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Conference. 1872, 
LL.D., University of Victoria College. 1873, Fraternal Delegate to Wesleyan 
Methodist Conference of England. 

Married, July 3, 1851, Miss Mary B., daughter of Rev. Enoch Wood of 
Toronto, President of Wesleyan Conference, and Superintendent of Missions. 

Children : , b. and d. July 17, 1852: Mary Elleda, b. May 3, 1856: Carrie 

Eliza, b. June i, 18J9: Frederick K, b. June 24, 1861 : Louisa Florence Celeste, 
b. Jan. 24, 1868: Harold Wood, b. Oct. 26, 1875. 

18S1, Address: Cobourg, Ontario. 


Born, June 19, 1827, in Saugus, t^ex Co., Mass. 

1846, Teacher in Gouverncur Seminary, N. Y. 1847, Taught in Brooklyn 
Centre, Ohio. 1848-53, Teacher in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 
1851, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1853, 4, 
Stationed at l*ynchon St., Springfield, Mass.; 18 J5. 6, Park St., Worcester; 
1857, 8, South St., Lynn; 1859, 60, Roxbury (now Boston Highlands); 1861, 2, 
Bromfield St., Boston; 1863, Hanover St., Boston. 1863-71, Professor of 
Rhetoric and English Literature in Wesleyan University, and Instructor in 
Hebrew. 1866, D.D., Genesee College. 1867-8, Studied and traveled in 
Europe. 1871, 2, Stationed at Common St., Lynn, Mass. 1873-81, In poor 
health. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Aug. 6, 1850, Miss N. Janette Sweetser of Saugus, Mass. Chil- 
dren (living): William Rice (No. 1276), b. Dec. 22, i860: George Martin, b. 
Oct. 4, 1 86 J. 

1 88 1, Adidress : East Saugus, Essex Co., Mass. 



])orn, Feb. 13, 1828, in Weslfield, Hampden Co., Mass. 

1S45-S, Studied Medicine. 1849, Assistant Physician, Kmigrants* Hospitil, 
Ward s Island, and Penitentian* Hospital, Blackweirs I^^land. 1850. AssistaM 
Physician, Kings County Hospital, N. Y. i8ji, M.D., University of City of 
New York. iScr, House Surgeon, Brooklyn City Hospital; commenced prac- 
tice in Mount Kisco, Westchester Co., N, Y. 1853-4, Practiced in Florida. 
Orange Co., N. Y. 1855, Removed to Davenport, Iowa. 1857-S, Practiced 
Medicine in Mount Kisco, N. Y. 1862, Coroner of Westchester County. 1864, 
Surgeon of Board of Knrolment, loth Congressional District. N. V. 186$. 
Honorably discharged from U. S. service. 1872, Member of Board of Super- 
visors, Westchester County, N. Y. 1873-81, Practicing Medicine in Meant 
Kisco, N. Y. 

Married, Mav 15, 1855, Miss K. C. Calhoun of Pawling, Dutchess Co.. N.V. 
Children: Frederick Calhoun, b. March 28, i8$6: Arthur Campbell, b. Mayi6b 

1881, Address: Mount Kisco, Westchester Co., N. Y. 


Horn in Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

Practiced Law in Davenport, Iowa. Died, Feb. 3, i86a in Ottawa, 111. 



1S45, Residence: Sumpterville, Sumter Co., Ala.; afterwards engaged in 
wholesale grocery business in Saint lx3uis, where he remained till 1861. 1861- 
81, In poor health; residing in Litchfield, Conn. ; continuing business interest 
in Saint Louis. 

1881, Address: Litchfield, Litchfield C'o., Conn. 


Horn, Aug. 7, 1S24, in Hempstead, (Queens Co., N. Y. 

1854, M.l)., University of the City of New York. 1854-^1, Practicing Medi- 
cine m Hempstead, N. Y. 

Married, June 4, 1S79, Miss Mary Ella Haff of Hempstead. N. Y. 
1881, Address: Hempstead, Queens Co., N. Y. 


1S45, Residence: Montgomery, Orange Co., N. Y. 1846-52, Taught in 
South Carolina. 1853, Studied I^w in Newburgh. N. Y. 1855-81, l^actidng 
l«iw in Newburgh, N. V. i859-()8. Surrogate of Orange County, N. Y. 

Married, 1867. Children: William C, b. Feb. 21, 1869: James B.. b. 

May 20, 1S73. 
1881, Address: Newburgh, Orange Co., N. Y. 

1846.] ALUMNI RECORD. 79 


Born, Aug. 25, 1825, in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Mass. 

1846. Studied Medicine. 1850, M.D., Harvard University. 1850-2, Studied 
Medicine in Paris; traveled in England, Ireland, and Germany. 1853-72, 
Practiced Medicine in Boston, Mass. 1862, Surgeon in Hospitals at F^ortress 
Monroe and Washington. 1872-81, Practicing Medicine in Norwich, Conn. 

Married, Oct. 21, 1857, Miss Caroline H. Foster. Child : Seth, b. January, 

18S1, Address: 28 Broadway, Norwich, Conn. 


Horn, Aug. 29, 1825, in Trenton, N. J. 

1846, Taught in Pennington Seminary, N. J. iiS47, Joined New Jersey Con- 
ference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1847, Stationed at New Egypt, N. J. ; 
184S, Mcdford; i84<3f Columbus; 1850, i, Cedarville and Fairton. 1852, 
Transferred to Newark Conference. 1852, 3, Stationed at Belleville, N. J. ; 
1854. 5, Cross St., Paterson; 1856, 7, Central Church, Newark; 1858,9, St. 
Paul's, Jersey City; i860, i, Market St., Paterson; 1862, 3, Union St., Newark; 
1864-6, St. Paul's, Jersey City; 1867-9, Haverstraw, N. Y.; 1870-2, Hohoken, 
N. J. ; 1873-5, Simpson Church, Jersey City. 1876-80, Presiding Elder. Jersey 
Citv District. 1880, 1, Stationed at Simpsim Church, Jersey City. Reserve 
Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1880. 

Married, May 2, 1849, Miss Elizabeth W. Woodward of Imlaystown, N. J. 
Children : Edward J., b. Jan. 24, 1850 ; d. Dec. 28, i8ji : Ella, b. Jan. 28, 1S52 ; 
Carrie VV., b. ?'eb. 12, 1854; d. Jan. 30, 1855: William E., b. Dec. 16, 1855: 
B. Clifford, b. July 16, 1858: Clarence W., b. Sept. 3, i860: Allie B., b. Dec. 
25. 1870. 

18S1, Address: Jersey City, N. J. 


1S42-5, Residences: Burlington and Bristol, Hartford Co., Conn. Taught in 
Maryland. 1873^1, Practicing I^w in New York, N. Y. 
Married in Maryland. Children : four daughters. 
iSSi, Address: 15 Center St., New York, N. Y. 


]k>rn, Feb. 19, 1826. 

1845, Residence: Trenton, N. J. 1850, In Euroj)e. 18^3-69, Engaged in 
real estate business in Trenton, N. J. 1873-81, Cashier of Trenton Banking 
Company, N. J. 

Married Miss Margaret A. Chambers of Maryland. 

1881, Address: Trenton, N.J. 


Born, Dec. 12, 1814, in East Marlborough, Chester Co., Pa. 

1846, Taught a private school in Hamorton, Pa. 1S47, Principal of Hall's 
Creek Academy, Calvert Co., Md. 1848, Teacher in boarding school, Wil- 
mington, Del. 1853, Teacher in Seminary near Richmond, Ind. 1854, Teacher 
in boarding school, London Grove, Chester Co., Pa. 1855, Associate Principal 


of Academy, Media, Delaware Co., Pa. 1857, Principal of select school ii 
Salem, N. J . i860, Associate Principal of Unionville Academy, Chester Co, 
Pa. 1864, Principal of Friends' Academy, Wilmington, I)cl. 1S70, Associate 
Principal of West Chester Academy, Pa. 1873, Auditor of Chester Coonty, 
Pa. 1879, Justice of Peace of the same. 

1881, Address: Kennett Square, Chester Co., Pa. 

Class of 1847. 


Born, Aug. 7, 1825, in New Hartford, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

1847, Joined Oneida Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1847, A 
pointed to Morrisville Circuit, N. Y.; 1848, 9, Hamilton ; 1850, i, Cooperstow 
1852, 3, Stockbridjje. 1854, Teacher in Oneida (now Central New York) Cd 
ference Seminary, Cazenovia, N. Y. 1855, Principal of Female College, Man 
field, Ohio. 1856-64, Principal of Oneida Conference Seminary. 1803, DX 
Genesee College. 1864-6, Stationed at Stamford, Conn. ; i8(>7, 8, Sand S 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 1869-70, St. John's Church, Brooklyn; 187 1, Seventh Ai 
Brooklyn. 1872, Elected Bishop of Methodist Episcopal Church. i872,Orati 
at Twentv-fifth Anniversary of his class. 1881, Trustee of Wcsleyan Universitj 
delivered Reply to Address of Welcome, Semi -Centennial Exercises, Wcsleya 
University ; I^L.D., Allegheny College. Delegate to General ConfercDO 
Methodist Episcopal Church, 1864, 72. 

Married, Aug. 7, 1851, Miss Susan M. Hotchkiss of Cheshire, Conn. Chi 
dren: Eva, b. May 5, 1852; d. Aug. 7, i8j2: Winnifred Elizabeth, b. April i 
1856: Helen, b. June 28, 1859; married W. G. Nixon: Edward Hotchkiss 
FeD. 22, 1863: Grace, b. May 30, 1869. 

1881, Address: 805 Eleventh St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 


Born, Dec. 3, 1823, in Worcester, Mass. 

1S47, Entered Bangor Theological Seminary, Me. 1850, Preached in Chio 
pee, Mass. 185 1-5, Pastor of First Congregational Church, Enfield, Cp*n 
i855-7a, Pastor of North Congregational Church, Enfield. 1872-81, Minist< 
in Catholic Apostolic Church; residing in Middletown, Conn. 

Married. 1852, Miss Eleanor M., daughter of John L. Smith, Middlcto»i 
Conn., who died May 19, 1859. Married, 1863, ^^ss Susan E., daughter ( 

John L. Smith, Middletown, Conn. Children : , b. September, 185*1 j 

soon after: Charles Smith, b. May, 1854: William M., b. 1857: ^' 

February, 1859 ; d. in two weeks. 

1 88 1, Address : Middletown, Conn. 


Born, June 26, 1826, in J^nsingburgh, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. 

1847, Taught in private family in Red Hook, N. Y. 1848-51, Taught i 
Orangeburgh, S. C. 1852, Teacher of Mathematics in Troy Conference Ac 
demy, Poultney, Vt. 1853-60, In business in Lansingburgh, N. Y. 1867-^' 
Government Office, Washington, D. C. 1873-81, In feeble health, and o«t ' 
business. 1877-81, In National Military Asylum, Hampton, Va, 

Married, Sept. 28, 1858. 

1881, Address: National Soldiers' Home, Elizabeth City Co., Va. 




iorn, Sept. 17, 1822, in Lodi, Seneca Co., N. Y. 

1S49, Engaged in mining in California. 1850-1, Practiced Law in San Fran- 
co, Cal. 1851, Settled in Sacramento, Cal., and practiced Law. 1856. 
iitorof Times (Daily and Weekly), Sacramento. 1857-63, Practiced Law in 
icramento. 1858-9, District Attorney for City and County of Sacramento. 
»6o, Member of National Republican Committee. 1863-4, Representative in 
ongrcss from California. 1867-73, U. S. Senator from California : for four 
iars, Chairman of the Committee on Appropriations. 1873-S1, Practicing 
aw in San Francisco, Cal. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Jan. 6 1853, Miss Olive A. Colegrovc of Trumansburgh, N. Y. 
hildren: Emma, b. Aug. 18, 1854: Seward, b. March 13, 1856: Willoughby, 

Nov. 20, 1857: Lucretia, b. Jan. 2, i860: Cornelia, b. June i, 1863: Schuyler, 

Feb. 14, 1S65: Grace, b. Jan. 19, 1868: Frederick, b. July 15, 1870; d. Oct. 2, 
^ly George, b. Aug. 28, 1874. 

1081, Address : .San Francisco, Cal. 


^n, July 12, 1822, in Forcstvillc, Chatauqua Co., N. Y. 

^8471 Teacher in Morrisville Academy, N. Y. 1848-57, Editor and Proprie- 
*f <rf TAe Madison County Whig, Cazenovia, N. Y. 1857-63, Editor and 
roprieior of The Litchfield Journal, Litchfield, 111. i86j, Editor of The 
^*^i Shelbyville, 111. 1865-72, Engaged in teaching and assisting at Teach- 
ra' Institutes. 1871, Editor of The Litchfield Independent. 1873-8, Editor 
w Proprietor of The Litchfield Union Monitor. (See IJibliographv.) 

Married, Oct. 18, 1849, ^*** ^' ^' Horton of Stockbndge, N. Y., who died 
wdi 20, 1875. Children: Edward H., b. 1850; d. 1854: Mary, b. 1858; 
'anjed: Katie, b. 1861. 

'881. Address: Litchfield, Litchfield Co., 111. 


^rn, April 3, 1823, in Hubbardton, Rutland Co., Vt. 

'°47> Studied in Andover Theological Scminarv, Mass. 1848, Taught in 
•^wick County, Va. 1849-52, Principal of South Lowell Academy, Orange 
^•» ^. C. 1852, Joined North Carolina Conference, Methodist Episcopal 
"•^ch, South ; Adjunct Professor in Randolph Macon College, Ashland, Va. 
'y~4. Again Principal of South Lowell Academy, N. C. 1855, President of 
^oWesleyan Female College, Delaware, Ohio. 1856, President of Mansfield 
•""tile College, Ohio. 1857-9, Principal of Asbury Female Institute, Green- 
Jj'ilnd. i860, Joined Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
^Stationed at Nantucket, Mass.; 1861, East Greenwich, R. I.; 1862, 
^c,Conn. ; 1863, Colchester; 1864, 5, Fisherville; 1866, 7, Dighton, Mass.; 
^ Powers St., Providence, R. I. 1869, Transferred to New York East Con- 
[^^c. 1869,70, Stationed at Westville, Conn. ; 1871, Bloomfield. 1872-5, 
'tsident of Elast Tennessee Wesleyan University, Athens, Tenn. 1873, D.D., 
linois Wesleyan University. 1875, Traveled in Europe. 1876-7, Supcrnume- 
7" '877, One of the successful contestants for the Elizabeth Thompson 
fizes given for Essays on "The Labor Question." 1878, Stationed at Che- 
^''*. Conn. ; 1879, Madison. 1879-81, Supernumerary ; residing in Mystic, 
^- (See Bibliography.) 

.■**rricd, 1854, Mary Harris of Orange County, N.C.,who died [an. 13, 1859. 
^*nH Nov. 15, i860, Sarah M. Gilsdn of Mclndoes Falls, Vt., who died 
P!jJ^i862. Married, April 7, 1863, Jane Harding Noyes of Mystic, Conn. 
°"wen: Adeline Elizabeth, b. June 10, 1856: Mary Harris, b. Jan. 8, 1859: 
^•^ Gilson, b. Sept. 16. 1861. 
'°oi, Address: Mystic, New London Co., Conn. 


%2 Xr>LETA\ r5r¥T:R5ITY. [184! 


Rr-m, Mxj i\ I \t:. In FarmJrj^.r^ Hirtfocd Co, Conn. 

1^.4.^. ItaudrjtT in W7oinin« Scmin-irr. KLn:pcna. Pa. 1849^. Clerk 00 Na 
River f{i»mhioa3^ i^?3. Lr.ztxtsi Me:ii»yi^ Book Roam, N. Y. iSjjJ- 
fV»ki» in E-jria. <^tiJO. iSt^X Lay Dc'.ezatc from Xortbem Ohio Cod 
CTW^ to ^>5nera: '^onfercace, Methodiit Episcopal Omrch. 1S77-81, Resid 
on hi* farm in ElTria. ^Afo. 

Married, ¥c^i, 2, iS:^ Miis Ann Swectland o( Hartford. Conn. QnTdr 
Elicr* Aas?'»^*ta, h, Nov. 2.S. 1^53 ; cL iS-S : E^win Lothcr. h. Feb. 2, 1S55; 
fA 1^7: Fannie Martha, h. Sept. ^ 1S5- : WfJiam Swc^tiand, h. June, i»6: 

i%8i, Addreu: Elvria, l>/ra;r. Co., Ohio. 


Born, fan. 6, 1S27, in Greenwich, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

1847, Studied Law in White Plains, N. Y. 1857-Si, Practicing Law in P 
cheMer, N. Y. 

Married, 1859. Married, 1S74, Looisa Lyon. Children: Daniel, b. Fcl 
1876: John, b. Jan. i, 1879. 

1881, Address: Portchester, Westchester Co., N. Y. 


Bom, July 26, 1822, near Niagara Falls, Niagara Co., N. Y. 

1847, Taught in High School, Portland, Conn. 184S-0, Teacher of Che 

try and Natural Science, Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1845 
Principal hi High Schf>ol, Middlctown, Conn. 1850-3, Studied Analytical 
Agricultural Chemistry in Laborator>' of Yale College. 1852-3, Lectured 
Agriculture in Windham County, Conn. 1853-81, Editor of TAf Amir 
A/(ricu/turist. 1855-63, Agricultural Editor of The Nrw York Times. I 
Became sole proprietor of The American Agriculturist. 1856-7 1, Reside 
FluHhing, N. Y. 1862, Traveled in Europe. 1863, Served with U. S. Chris 
Commission at Gettysburgh. 1864, Served with U. S. Sanitary Commissio 
Gen. Grant's Army, from the Rapidan to Petersburgh; was brought home J 
and for weeks was apparently at the point of death. 1866-81, Presiden 
Alumni A^sociatirm of Wesleyan University. 1S67, Traveled with his f* 
and with Dr. Chane (No. i) through most of the countries of Europe. 18^ 
Prejiident of \ew York, Flushing, and North Side Railroad, and acti 
engaged in construction of same ; also President of New York and Flos 
Railroad. iSfK), Broke ground for building of Orange Judd Hall of Nat 
Science, Wesleyan University. 1856-81, Publishing The American Agricu^ 
ixt, and numerous books, chicriy agricultural and scientific; Firm ( 1881), On 
Judd Co. 1S70-3, Published (Firm, Orange Judd & Co.) The Hearth 
Jimie. 1S70, Laid Corner-Stone of Orange Judd Hall of Natural Sdt 
1871, Orange Judd Mall of Natural Science was dedicated. 1871-2, Re8id< 
New York, N. Y. 1871-81, Trustee of Wesleyan University. 1872-3, A 
resided in Flushing, N. Y. 1873, Visited Florida on account of ill he 
*«*^73-4' Kcsided in Europe, for health. 1874-7, Resided in Middletown,C 
1877-81, Residing in Flushing. N. Y. Member of American Assodatioi 
the Advancement of Science. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, (Kt. 10, IVS47, Miss Sarah L. Ford of Boston, Mass., who died 1 
Married, 1S55, Miss Harriet Stewart of Lock port, N. Y., teacher in Rock 
Female College, 111. Children: a son, b. July 26, 1S48 ; d. soon after: On 
b. Jan. ig. iS«;o; d. Sept. ^, 1S51 : Oranue. b.March 23, 1852; d. April 2,' 
Saiah Ford. 1>. Inly iS, iJ>54 ;*mairiod \o. QtO: William Orange, b. Man 
1856: d. Feb. Ji, ■!S<H): Charles O/ias, b. Nov. 9, 1858; Class of 1878 
juiv 9, 1S77 : Gei»r};e Thomas, b. July 6, 1861 ; Class of 1883: James Str 
Ik f)cc. .\«;, 1S03; Cl.iss of 18S5. 

iSSi, Address: 751 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 




Born, Nov. 30, 1823, in Laurens, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

1847, Teacher of Natural Science, Vermont Conference Seminar^', Newbury, 
it. 1848-54, Prindpal and Teacher of Latin in same. 1849, Joined Vermont 
>»fercnce, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1854, Principal oiF Fort Plain Semi- 
ury, N. Y. 1855-66, Principal and Joint Fmancial Manager, Fort Edward 
Institute, N. Y. 1856, Transferred to Troy Conference. 1863, D.D., Union 
College. 1866-81, Principal and Financial Manaper of Fort Edward Institute. 
1867, Spent three months in the British Isles and France. 1871-81, Trustee of 
Wesleyan University. 1872, Historian at the Twenty-fifth Anniversarv of his 
class. 1872, Ph.D., Regents of University of New York. 1877-81, Engaged 
in reconstructing Institute buildings, which were destroyed by fire. Delegate 
to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1856, 64. Reserve Dele- 
gate to same, 1868. 72. 

Married, i8«;o, Melissa Bayley of Newbury, Vt. Children : Mary Ellen, 
b. July 20, 1852: married No. 941; d. Feb. 14, 1879: Charles Joseph, b. 
Dec. 24, 1855; d. March 25, 1858: Alice Eliza, b. Sept. 10, 1859: Helen 
Melissa, b. April 2, 1863. 

1881, Address: Fort Edward, Washington Co., N. Y. 


Bom, Jan. 15, 1822, in Stanstead. Quebec. 

1847-8, Teacher in School, Summerfield, S. C. 1849, Principal of 
"jgh School, Camden, S. C. 1850, Teacher of Ancient Languages and Mathe- 
matics in Oak Bowery Female College, Ala. 1851-2, Teacher of Ancient 
Jjwguagcsand Mathematics in Auburn Masonic Female College, Ala. 1853, 
.President of game. 1854. Returned North for health. Teacher of Mathemat- 
JO inTuskegce Female College, Ala. 1855, Called to Stanstead, on account 
of death of his father. 1859-60. Principal of Brookhaven College for Young 
Ladies, Miss. 1861, Engaged in farming in Stanstead. 1866-7, Principal of 
Stanstead Academy. 1870-6, Member of the firm of J. W. Burke & Co., Pub- 
JBhcrs, Booksellers, Stationers, etc., Macon, Ga. 1876, Sold interest in above 
onn. '877-81, Engaged in farming in Forsyth, Ga. 

Married, Sept. 19, 1850, Mi-ts L. H. Pink'ham of Stanstead. Children : Ella 
Alabama, b. Nov. ic, 1852: Emma America, b. March 30, 1856: Rosa Hell, b. 
J'Jr 19, 1862. ^ ^ 

'801, Address : Cedar Lawn, Forsyth, Monroe Co., Ga. 


^^ Sept. 17, 1824, in Woodstock, Windham Co., Conn. 

J°^7i Principal of Literary Institute and Gymnasium, Pembroke, N. H. 
CM ^^^^^ of Natural Science and Mathematics in Wesleyan Female 
Ml rf ^'"<^*""**^ Ohio. 1854, Ordained Local Deacon, Methodist Episco- 
P*j V^'^rch; Principal of Bovs' Classical School, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1857, 
^^ttcd to Bar of Supreme Court of Ohio. 1859-60, Cliy Solicitor of Cm- 

nnati. 1352, Professor of Mathematics in University of the Pacific, Santa 
plj'*' Cal. 1863-7, JPrincipal a^d Superintendent of City Schools, Petaluma, 

p^ Agricultural Society. 1875, Elected Life Director, Free Public Library, 

rj[^*rritd, ^fov. 22, 1848, Miss Helen M. Young of Lebanon, N. H., who died 
[r*j7,i849. Married, July 2, i8qi, Miss Sarah Lucreiia Lewis of Monroe, 
^ Children: Sarah Frances, b. Oct. 10. 1853; d. Oct. 5, 1859: Martha 1 .ewxs, 


b. Dec. 26, 1855; d. Oct. 11, 1859: Mary Willis, b. March 9, 1858: Hdea 
Marion, b. March 31, i860: Edward I^wis, b. June 29, 1862: Fannie Richard- 
son, b. March 9, 1865; d Aug. 5, 1865: Frank Kavanaugh, b. March 9,1865: 
Lois Gertrude, b. June 10, 1874. 
1881, Address: Petaluma, Sonoma Co., Cal. 


Born, Oct. 10, 1823, in Augusta, Ont. 

1848, Principal of Galena Seminary, 111. 184S-50, Teacher of Andent 
Languages and Natural Science in Rock River Semmary, Mount Morris, III- 
i85<>-3, EngaG:ed in mining in California. 1853-7, Teacher of Ancient Lan- 
guages and Natural Science, Rock River Seminary. 1857-8, Teacher d 
Ancient Languages and Natural Science, Belleville Seminary, Ont. 185$. 
Joined Rock River Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1858, 9. Sta- 
tioned at Rockton, 111.; i860, Oregon; 1861,2, Morris; 1863. Newark. 1864. 
President of Minnesota Female Colle^jc. 1866, Transferred to California Coo- 
ference. 1866, 7, Stationed at Grass Valley, Cal.; 186S, 9, Marysville; 1870,1* 
San Francisco. 1872-81, Professor of Ancient Languages, University of il>e 
Pacific, Santa Clara, Cal. 1880-1, V'ice President «»f same Institution. 

Married, July 2, 1856, Miss Mar\' E. Murphy of Minneapolis Minn. Chil- 
dren: Mary* Ella, b. Feb. 12, i860: Elvert Lincoln, b. Dec. 21, i8i55; d. Oct A 

18S1, San Jose, Cal. 


Born, Auc. 16. 1824, in Patterson, N. J. 

1847, Studied in Theological Department, Yale College. 1848, Joined Nc« 
Jersey Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1849, Teacher in New*^* 
Wcsleyan Institute, N. J 1850-69, Engaged in manufacturing in Patterson. 
N. J. 1869-81, Engaged in manufacturing in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; also en- 
gaged in literary pursuits. 

Married, Miss Jane E. Chase of Middletown, Conn. Children: J. H^^, 
b. Jan. 6, 1851 : Sophie Chase, b July 9, 1853: Conelius Wortendykd" 
Feb. », 1855 : Charles Sumner, b. Oct. 15, 1857 ; d. Aug. 2, 1862. 

1881, Address: 117 McDonough St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Born, March 22. 1826. in Durham, Middlesex Co., Conn. 

1848, Teacher in High School, Middletown, Conn. 1849, Studied in And^ 
Theological Seminary ; also in Theological Department, Yale College. ** 
Studied I^w in Middletown, Conn. 1852. Admitted to the Bar. 1855^ 
Pastor of Second Congregational Church, Middle Haddam, Conn. 1862-3. ^ 
at the residence of his father, in Middletown, Conn. Died, Aug. 15, iS63' 
Middletown, Conn. 


Born, Oct. 25, 1824, in Boscawen, Merrimack Co., N. H. 

1847-50, Studied in Theological Department, Yale College; also preach* 
at Westville, Conn. 184S, Joined New York Conference, Methodist Episc<i 
pal Church. 1850, i, Stationed at Guilford. Conn.; 1852. New Britain 
1853, 4, Waterl)ury ; 1855, 6, Seventh St., New York, N. Y.; i8S7, 8, Hemf 
stead; i8i;9, Rve'; i86d, i, St. John St., New Haven, Conn.; 1862,3,8001! 
Third St., lirooklyn, N. Y. 1864-S, Presiding Elder of South Long Islan 
District. 1868, Stationed at Winsted, Conn. 1869, I" Middletown, Conn 


aiingfor a sick friend. 1870, i, Stationed at Watertown, Conn. 1872-6, Prc- 
ading Elder of New Haven District. 187c, D.D.. East Tennessee Wesleyan 
Unive^ity. 1876, Stationed at Danbury, Conn. ; 1877-9, Stratford ; 1880, i, 
V^oodbury. Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 

Married, April 24, 1848, Miss H. Maria Chandler of Middletown, Conn. 
Children: Benjamin Chandler (No. 1094), b., Aug. 10, 1854: Sarah Maria, b.- 
Dec 3, 1857 ; d. Jan. 6, 1874. 
1881, Address : Woodbury, Litchfield Co., Conn. 


Bom, Jan. 12, 1827, in Dorset, Bennington Co., Vt. 

1847, Teacher in High School, Middletown, Conn. 1848, Teacher in Newark 
Wesleyan Institute, N. J. 1849, Pastor of Quarry St. (now Eighth Av.) Metho- 
dist Episcopal Chorch, Newark, N. J. 1850, Studied in Theological Depart- 
»ent, Yale College. 1852-6, Pastor of Congregational Church, North Haven, 
Conn. 1856-71, Pastor of Congregational Church, East Haddam, Conn. 1871- 
81, Pastor of Congregational Church, Manchester, Conn. 

Married, May 20, 1K56. Miss Lydia W. Andrews of Troy, N. \. Children : 
Frederick Wright (No. 1250). b. April 7, 1857: George Andrews, I). March 21, 
»86o; Class of 1883: Anna Florence, b. Oct. 8, 1865: CUra Gertrude, b. 
April 5, 1867. 

J88i, Address : Manchester, Hartford Co., C!onn. 


Born, Sept. 28, 1818, in Cambria, Niagara Co., N. Y. 

'847i Lectured on Telegraphy. 1848, Principal of High School, Portland, 
|-<5nn. 1849, Went to California ; spent the winter in Panama. 1850, Taught 
"j Sacramento, Ca'. 1851, Joined California and Oregon Mission Conference, 
W«ihodist Episcopal Church ; stationed at Sacramento to establish a Seminary. 
JJS2. Engaged in teaching and preaching in Sacramento. 1853, Stationed at 
^hasucity, Cal. ; 1854, Auburn ; 1855. Coloma. 1856-8, Principal of Female 
J2"^'«e Institute, Santa Clara, Cal. 1858-60. ]»rofessor of Natural 
J°2^, University of the Pacific, Santa Clara. 1861, Stationed at Michigan 

isT* ^^}' • '^^' ^^"^^ ^*" • '^^^' Downieville ; 1864, Auburn and Ophir. 
!r5~7. Supernumerary. 1868, located on account of ill-health ; keeper of 
J^Sht Hou^e, Point Conception. 1870-81. Teiching in Public and Private 
2"ools. 1874-5, Head Master of St. Matthew's Hall, San Mateo, Cal. 1879 
"^li Principal of Whitman Seminary, Walla Walla, Wash. (See Bibliography.) 
*»arried. September, 1853, Miss Sophia J. Pettit of Illinois, who died Jan. i. 
18 6 ^'^*'^''^" • Le'^Js Henry, b. July 16, 1854 : Effie Lizzie, b. Oct. 17, 

^^h Address : Walla Walla, Walla Walla Co., Wash. 


Sm:J!["'.^°^- ^^» '^27» inCazenovia, Madison Co., N. Y. Son of President 
''^Jh; brother of 494. 

'847-8, Taught in Clayton, Ala. 1849, Teacher in High School, Middle- 

"»n.Conn. 1850, Studied Law in New York, N. Y. 1851, Admitted to the 

pi afterwards in steamboat office in Albany. 1854, In office of People's 

j^»e.Ncw York, N. Y. 1869-71, In the same office ; General Agent. 187 1-2, 

'^ided in Cazenovia, N. Y. 1872, Engaged in surveying in Appleton, Wis. 

TO Connected with the Green Bay and Mississippi Canal Company. 1876-81 . 

Connected with the Appleton Furnace Co., Wis. 

1881, Address: Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wis. 



Born, June lo, 1824, in Moravia, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

1848, Taught in Moravia. 1849, Teacher in Rome Academy, 
Studied Theology in Geneva, N. V. 1851, Ordained Rectoi 
Church, Fayetteviile, N. Y., and St. Mark's Church, Jamesville, ] 
Rector of Trinity Church, Pawtucket, R. I. 1859, In mission: 
North and East Attleborough, Mass. i860. Resigned and went to 
N. v., on account of failure of health. 1861-3, Assistant Mii 
Peter's Church, Philadelphia, Pa. 1S63, Health af^ain failed; sp 
mer traveling, and on seashore. Died, April 16, 1864, in Port I 

Married, June, 1854, Martha I^uise Rice, of Port Byron, N. 
Smith De Lancey, b. March 27, i860; .A. B., Hobart College. 

1881, Address of widow: Mrs. D. A. Bonnar, Davidson 
Arundel Co., Md. 


Born, July 4, 1827, in Pennington, Mercer Co., N. J. 

1847-51, Teacher of Mathematics 'and Latin, Pennington Sen 
i8ji. Principal of Bethlehem Boarding School for Hoys, Pa. 18 
pal and Proprietor of Nisky Hill Seminary, Bethlehem, Pa. il 
on account of sickness. 1859-61, Professor of Latin and Mai 
Moravian Seminary for Young Ijidies, Bethlehem, Pa. 1861, ] 
account of sickness. 1866-73, Vice-Principal of Moravian S 
Young Ladies, Bethlehem, Pa. 1873-81, Vjce-Principal and '. 
Chemistry, Latin, and Mathematics in the Moravian Seminary 
Ladies, Bethlehem, Pa. 

Married, Oct. 31, 1850, Miss Caroline Maria Protzman of Be 
Children: M. Lizzie b. Sept. 8, 1851 : C. Annie, b. Jan. 5, 18 
Augustus, b. Nov. 2^, 1855 » ^' '^"g- 4» '856: Charles Frederick 
1856 ; d. April 27, 1857: B. Russell, b. April 24, 1859; A. B., Leh 
sity, 1880: Edwin Stanton, b. Jan. 3, 1862; d. Sept. 10, 1862. 

t88i. Address: Bethlehem, Northampton Co., Pa. 


Born, Sept. 21, 1828, in Wilkinson County, Miss. 

1847, Studied Law in New Orleans, La. 1848, Editor of TA 
County Whiffy Miss. i8w, Practiced Law in Natchez, Miss. iS 
Orleans, 1S73-80, Practiced Law in Piaquemine, La. i88<>-i, Pn 
in Bayou Goula, La. Has been Member of Louisiana Senate, 

18^1, Address : Bayou Goula, Iberville Co., La. 


Born, Dec. 31, 1824, in North East, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

1847, Teacher of Natural Sciences in Pennington Seminary, \ 
Teacher of Natural Sciences in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1851, 
Mesopotamia Female Seminar}', Eutaw, Ala. 1853, President of ^ 
versity, Sclma, Ala. 1853-5, Professor of Physics and Civil ] 
University of Michigan. 1855, Engineer of Ann Arbor and Jon 
road route. 18^5-72, Professor of Geology, Zocilogy, and Botany 
of Michigan. 1859. President of Michigan State Teachers' A ssocia 
of The Michij^an Journal of Education. 18^9-62, State Geologis 
alist, and retaining his chair in the University. 1862, Survey was 
bv the war. 1866, Made Survey and Report on the Grand Travcrs 
Michigan. 1866-9, Professor of Geology, Zoology, and Botany 
University still retaining same chair in University of Michigan. 
Wesleyan University. 1869-71, Director of Geological Survey c 
with three Chief Assistants. 187 1, Delivered Address at Dedicatie 
Judd Hall of Natural Sciences. 1872, Vice-President of American 

1848.] ALUMNI RECORD. 8/ 

for the Advancement of Science : made official 'geological survey of certain 

Salt Lands in Minnesota; Poet at Twenty-fifth Anniversary of his class. 1873- 

4, Chancellor of Syracuse University, N. Y. 1873, Visited Europe with family. 

1874-8, Professor of Geology, Zwilogy, and Botany in Syracuse University, 

N. Y. 1874, Traveled and studied in Europe with family. 1875-8, Professor 

of Geology, Zoology, and Botany in Vandcrbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 

1879-Si, Professor of Geology and Paleontology in University of Michigan, 

Am Harbor, Mich. Has lectured extensively and contributed to numerous 

periodicals, on geological and philosophical subjects ; has established by his 

ntestigations the '* Marshall Group *' in American geology ; has described 

MTcn new genera, and three hundred and four new species, mostly fossil ; 

and had his name assigned to eleven new species, by various naturalists. 

Corresponding Member of Geological Society of France ; Geological Society of 

Glasgow, Scotland ; American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Boston 

Sodety of Natural History ; Congris InterfuitionaU ti' Anthropologie et cT Archi- 

fU^Pr&ustorique^ Paris; Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences ; Natur- 

^iitnukaftlicht Gesellschaft Isis^ Dresden; Edinburgh Geological Society; 

Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. ; Anthropological Society of Washington, D. C., 

and many other learned societies. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Dec. 10, 1849, Miss Julia F. Lines of Utica, N. Y. Children: Julia 
Alexandra, b. Oct. 31, 1851 ; d. May 16, i860: Jennie Carissima, b. Oct. 20, 1853; 
JMrricd:StellaClarissa, b. Aug. 11,1857: d. Nov. 22,1859: Alexander* Julius, 
\ Aug 9, i860; d. July 19, 1861 : Ida Belle, b. May 23, 1862 : Flora Mabel, b. 
Sqj. 17, 1867; d. Dec 24, 1873. 
'881, Address : Ann Harbor, Mich. 

• »• 

Class of 1848. 


^[J. March 8, 1828, in Middletown, Conn, 
forir^ Studied Modem Languages. Ix)gic, etc. 1849-50, Taught in Walling- 
-.j^'^onn.; studied Law several months with his father. 1850-4, Studied in 
*^ogica] Department of Yale College. 1855-6, Assistant Pastor of Con- 
jWtional Church, Wether.sfield, Conn. 1856-9, Pursued Theological and 

losophical Studies in Middletown, Conn., preaching occasionally. 1859-66, 
^r^ of Congregational Church, Darien, Conn. Died, May 31, 1866, in 
^**>« Conn. 

ij^f^ed. Sept. 12. i860. Emily H. Wells of Wethersfield, Conn. Child: 
J°w*han, b. July 31, 1864. 



^^ of Intellectual and Moral Science in Lawrence University, Appleton, 
Y^" '857, Joined Wisconsin Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1858, 
g^'^werred to Southern Illinois Conference. 1858-73, Professor of Natural 
j^^. McKendree College, I^banon. III. 1870, Financial Agent of McKen- 

2 . cgc. 1873-81, A^ent of American Bible Society. 
bS'l*^ Aug. 7, 1853, Miss E. A. Adams of Luzerne, N. Y. Children : Anna 
**5b.Nov. 26^ 1857; d. Sept. 25, 1859: Erwin Otis, b. Oct. 16, i860. 

'«>» Address : Lebanon, St Clair Co., 111. 



Born, March 3, 1822, in Chester, Rockingham Co., N. H. 

1848-50, Teacher of Mathematics in New Hampshire Conference Sen 
North field, N. H. 1850, Principal of same. 18 ci, Associate Principal of 
with No. 347. 1852, Resigned on account of ill health. 1852-4, Engaj 
the lumber business, in Cleveland, Ohio. 1854-7, Engaged m same ou 
Detroit, Mich. 1858, Removed to Saint Clair, Mich. 1867-71, Superint 
of Schools for Saint Clair County. 1873, Engaged in the lumber business 
Clair, Mich. 1874-81, Cashier of First National Bank, Saint Clair. iJ 
Trustee of Albion College ; Member of School Board, Saint Clair ; 1 
and Treasurer of Somerville School, Saint Clair. 

Married, Nov. 23, 1854, Miss C. P. Edson of Yarmouth Port, Mass. 
dren: Willis Gaylord (No. 1142), b. May 28, 1856: Edward Edson, b. S 
i860 ; d. Aug. 20, 1863. 

1881, Address: Saint Clair, St. Clair Co., Mich. 


Born, Aug. 19, 1826, in Bristol, Addison Co., Vt. 

1848, Teacher of Mathematics in Gouvemeur Wesleyan Seminary, 
1850, Principal and Teacher of Languages in same. 1853, Teacher of i 
matics in Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, N. Y. i8to. Teacher of A 
Languages in Baton Rouge Collegiate Institute, I .a. ; resigned in a few r 
on account of ill heaU)i. 1 861-3, Teacher of Mathematics in Genesee Wc 
Seminary, Lima, N. Y. 1864, Acting Professor of Mathematics in G 
College. 1865-6, In feeble health ; resided in Rochester, N. Y. Died 
19, 1869. 


Born, Oct. 30, 1823, in Palmer, Hampden Co., Mass. 

1848, Entered an Engineer's office in Springfield, Mass. 1848-9, Enpr 
Mobile and (Jhio Railroad. 1850, Assisted in locating Vermont Vallej 
road; Assistant Engineer successively on Cleveland, Columbus, and Cim 
Railroad, and Cleveland, Painsville, and Ashtabula Railroad. 1851-6, 
eer, Mobile and Ohio Railroad. 1 8 56-60, Engineer, Edgefield and Kei 
Railroad. 1860-1, Engineer, Nashville and Henderson Railroad. 1 
Engaged in fanning near Minneapolis, Minn. 1863-4, Engineer of Coi 
tion, U. S. Military Railroads; organized and commanded a construction 
of 640 men; with the Army of the Potomac in Pennsylvania and Vi 
1864, Honorably discharged on account of ill health. 1865, Engaged ir 
ing near Minneapolis, Minn. 1866-8, Chief Engineer, Hastings and I 
Railroad. 1869-70, City Engineer and Street Commissioner, Minne: 
Minn. 1870-1, Chief Engineer, Minneapolis and Saint Louis Railroad, i 
Assisted in building a section of Northern Pacific Railroad ; Chief En| 
Northern Central Railroad of Minnesota. 1874-5, ^^^Y Engineer, Minne 
Minn. 1876-7, Chief Engineer. Minnesota Northern Railroad. 1878- 
gaged in farming near Minneapolis, Minn. i88o-i. General Assistant En| 
Northern Pacific Railroad. 188 1. Engineer of Yellowstone Division, No 
Pacific Railroad, with headquarters at Miles City, Mont. 

Married, July 12, 18^4, Miss Mary Annie Pierce of Lunenburgh, Mass. 
dren : Mary Estella, b. Nov. 24, 1855 : Frank Pierce, b. Feb. 6, 1858: 
John Childe, b. March 10, i860; Florence Augusta, b. July 31, 1862. 

1 88 1, Permanent Address : 1302 Linden A v., Minneapolis, Minn. 


Born, July 30, 1825, in Danby, Rutland Co., Vt. 

1849, Taught in Mississippi. Afterwards in Ohio, Wisconsin, Indian 
Missouri. For two years in U. S. Army during the Civil War, 18 


pal of Public School, Westpott, Mo. 187 1, Principal of Public School. New 
>ce,Mo. 1872, Studied Law; admitted to the Bar. 1873, Practiced Law 
berly, Mo. 1873-6, Principal of Public Schools in Renie, Heytsville, and 
his, Mo. 1876, Taught Private School in Mobcrly, Mo. 1877, Principal 
St Ward School, Moberly. 1878, Taught in Jacksonville, Mo. 1879, 
it near Mobcrly. 1880, Principal of Public School, Moberly. 1881, En- 
in fruit-farming in Mobcrly. 

Tied, 1870, Mrs. Lydia F. Romig of Grasshopper Falls, Kans. 
, Address: Mobcrly, Randolph Co., Mo. 


.Residence: Hamptonburgh, N. Y. 1849, Teacher in Tarry town Insti- 
. Y. 1854-7, Principal of Rhinebeck Academy, N. Y. 1857-^ Teacher 
rytown Institute, N. Y. 1860-6, Principal of Barnesville Classical Insti- 
^hio. 1866-8, Principal of First Ward Public School, Wheeling, Va. 
2, Engaged irt fruit-farming in Vineland, N. J. 1872-81, Engaged in 
g near Gibbon, Nebr. 

ricd, Dec. 27, 1849, Miss Anna Burnett. Children: Fred Smith, b. 
^851; d. Jan. 6, 1853: Tames Alfred, b. Feb. 15, 185 q: Charles Allen, b. 
31I859: Thomas Bradheld, b. March 11, 1864; d. July 25, 1864: Mary 
a, b. July 30, 1865; d. Nov. 19, 1867. 
. Address : Gibbon, Buffalo Co., Nebr. 


. Residence : Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 1848, Taught in or near 
;0t 111. Died, March i, 1849, ^" Ohio. 


» J*n. 7, 1821, in Vernon, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

~50i Teacher of Mathematics and Natural Science in Fairfield Academy, 

'850-3, Associate Principal of same. 185^-6, Teacher in BloomfieJd 
^^N. J. 1856-69, Principal of Falley Semmary, Fulton, N. Y. 1869, 
^d position on account of ill health. 1870, Traveled for his health. 

Librarian, Registrar, and Business Manager of Syracuse University. 
'» Business Manager of The Northern Christian Advocate. 
led, July 23, 1850, Phebe C. Walker of Russia, N. Y. 

Address: Syracuse, N. Y. 


I Nov. 18, 1827, in Lyons, Wayne Co., N. V. 

% Engaged in the shoe business, Geneva, N. Y. 1849, Began study of 

>on relinquished it for Medicine. 1852, M.I)., Starling Medical College, 

>1^ Ohio. 1852-9, Practiced Medicine, Richmond, Ind. Died, Sep- 

. 1859, in Richmond, Ind. 

'cd, August, 1852, Miss Jane E. Blanchard of Richmond, Ind. Child- 

ary: Belle. 


Oct. 22, 1823, in Baltimore, Md. 

SI, Member of Theological Seminary, Fairfax County. Va. 1851, 



Ordained Deacon in Protestant Episcopal Church. 1852, Rector of St 
Church, Centerville, Md. ; called to the Rectorship of the Church • 
Messiah, Glens Falls, N. Y. 1856-8, Rector of St. John's Church, 
Lancaster Co., Pa. i8j8, Removed to Cambridgeport« Mass. 1859, Re 
St. John's Church, Wilkinsonville, Mass. 1862, Appointed to General < 
of Missions in the Diocese of Mass. ; established churches in Fitchhorg 
ford, and Oxford. 1863, Agent of National Frecdman*8 Commission in 1 
Secretary of the Freedman's Commission ; Editor of The Freedman*s At 
1864-6, fiditor of TAf National Freedman, 1866-7, Registrar of Third E 
York Count)', Va. ; resided at Rippon Hall, Va. 18TO-73, Rector of 
Church, Chambersburgh, Pa. 1873-6, Resided in Binghamton, N. Y. ; 
lain of the New York Asylum for Inebriates. 1876-8, In charge of ( 
Mission Chapel, Ithaca, N. Y. 1879-81, Rector of Christ's Church, B 
Nebr. 1 880-1, Rector of the Gage County English and Classical 1 
Beatrice, Nebr. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Oct. i, 1S51, Miss Narcissa B. Simmohsof Essex, Conn. Ch 
Rachel Thonjson, b. Oct. 31, 1852: John Henry Willis, b. Feb. 13, 
C. E., Cornell University, 1876: William Brainerd, b. July 15, 1857: 
Dorse)^, b. March 13, 1850: George Cole, b. May 10, 1861 : Carroll Cou 
b. April 1 5, 1863 : Hannah Woolsey, b. Sept. 24, 1865. 

1881, Address: Beatrice, Gage Co., Nebr. 


Bom in Berwick, York Co., Me. 

1849, Principal of Alexander Academy, Burke Co., Ca. 1850-1, Prin< 
Greenville Academy, Ga. 1852, Teacher of Natural Sciences in Oak 1 
Female College, Ala. 1853, Principal of English and Classical School, ^ 
Ala. 1854-5, Principal of Montevallo Institute, Ala. 1S56-9, Tai 
Autauga and Jefferson, Ala. 1860-6, Principal of Jasper Aca^my, Ala. 
Removed to Illinois. 1867-72, Principal of Public Schools in Illinois. 
Principal of Public Schools, Corning, Mo. 1874-81, Engaged in fruit-1 
and bee business. Local Preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Married, 1849. ^'^s Amanda B. Lee of Stanstead, Quebec. C\ 
Laura Reese, b. May 12, 1850: Clara Lee, b. Feb. 14, 1852; d. Jan. c 
Stephen Olin, b. Oct. 19, 1853: Florabell, b. Sept. 10, 1855; d. March \ 
Florabell Amanda, b. March 8, 1859. 

1881, Address: Corning, Holt Co., Mo. 


Born, Dec. 25. 1822, in Covington, Genesee (now Wyoming) Co., N. ' 

1848, Joined Genesee Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. I 

Appointed to Cambria Circuit, N. Y. ; 1850, Royalton Circuit ; 1851, 

1852, 3, Covington Circuit ; 1854, Albion; 1855, Brockport; 1856, Nortl 

1857, West Falls Circuit. Died, Feb. 8, 1858, in West Falls, Erie Co. 

Married, 1850, Miss Martha F. Wallace. 


Born, May 7, 1826, in West Henrietta, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

1849, Taught in Lovingston, Nelson Co., Va. 1850, Joined Genesee 
cnce, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1850, Stationed at William.sville, 
1851, Niagara Falls ; 1852, Alexander. 1853, Superannuated, and rem* 
New York, N. Y. 1853, 4, Preached in the Vestry St. Methodist Ep 
Church. 1854, Transferred to New York Conference. 1854, 5, Stati< 
Tarr>'town. N. V.; 1856, 7, Newburgh ; i8q8. Shrub Oaks; 1859, 60, Sin 
1861, 2, Yonkers. 1863, Chaplain 6th New York Heavy Artillery. 
Resided at Owego, N. Y. 1865, 6, Stationed at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 


red to Maine Conference. 1867, 8« Stationed at Chestnat St., Port- 
t. 1869, Withdrew from the Methodist Episcopal Church, and joined 
ir (Swcdenborgian) Church. i86p, 71, Missionary of the New York 
tion of the New Church; resided in Yonkers, N. Y. 187 1-3, Pastor of 
cw Church Society, Philadelphia, Pa. 1874-81, Practicing Law in 
s N. Y. (See Bibliography.) 

ed, Aug. 4, 1849, Miss Sarah Ann Bradshaw of Ix>vingston, Va. Chil- 
Ldwin Ruthven, b. Jan. 19, 185J : Malcolm Sidney, b. July 2, 1859 : 
te Lilian, b. April 20, 1861 : Frank, b. Nov. 15, 1864. 
Address : Yonkers, N* Y. 


Oct. 7, 1826, in Hartford, Conn. 

Teacher of Languages in Newbury Seminary, Vt. 1S49, Teacher of 
id Geology in Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, N. V. 1851, Princi- 
'Tew Hampshire Conference Seminary, Northficld, N. H. 1854, Prin- 

Fort Plain Seminary, N. Y. 1858, Joined East Genesee Conference, 
ist Episcopal Church. 1859-60, Teacher of Languages, Elmira Female 
, N. Y. 1861, 2, Stationed at First Church, Elmira, N. Y. ; 1863, 4, As- 
lurch, Rochester; 1865-7, First Church, Rochester. 1868, D.D., Wcs- 
niversity. 1868, Went to Europe to studv methods of instruction in 
1 and on the Continent. 1869, Pastor of Church in Penn Yan, N. Y. 
Professor of Historic Theology in School of Theology of Boston Uni- 
1874-81, Dean and Professor of Systematic Theology in School of 
jy, Boston University. (Sec Bibliography.) 
ed, 1853, Miss Anna E. Ross of Elmira, N. Y. 

Address : 36 Bromfield St., Boston, Mass. 


7, Residences: Unionville, La.; Donaldsonville, Ascension Co., La. 
^70, in Donaldsonville, La. 


March 25, 1822, in Tompkins County, N. Y. 

Joined Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1848, o, 
d at Marlborough, Conn.; 1850, i, Fisherville; 1852, 3, Chilmark, 
1854, 5, Provincetown ; 1856, North Bridgewater. 1852-3, Also Princi- 
Dukes. County Academy, Chilmark, Mass. 1857, Located; supplied 
St., Boston, NIass. i8q8-6i, President of Wesleyan Female College, 
, Ontario. 1861-3, Prmcipal of Lewiston Academv, N. Y. 1863-6, 
»f Baptist Church, Laight St., New York, N. Y. ; 1866-8, Jersey City 
, N- J. ; 1868-70, Newark ; 187a-/, Norfolk, Va. ; 1872-4, Deep River, 
1874-6, Hackensack, N. J.; 1877-81, New Rochellc, N. Y. (See Bib- 


ed, 1849. Miss F. C. Bevin of Berlin, Conn. Children : (onlv three 
Lnnette Josephine : Robert S. : Althea F. : Rena A. : A. Frederick Olin : 
R. : Madeline. 
Address : New Rochelle, Westchester Co., N. Y. or Essex, Middle- 


Jan. 16, 1822, in Dorset, Bennington Co., Vt. 

52, Principal of Grammar School, Randolph, Vt. 18^2-4, Principal of 

;ld Academy, Vt. 1853-7, Editor of Vermont Christian Messen- 


ger. 1857, Teacher of Natural Science and Latin in Newbury Semii 
1858-60, Principal of Troy Conference Academy, Poultney, Vt. 1860- 
cipal of New Hampshire Conference Seminary, Northfield, N. H. 
Chaplain of i6th New Hampshire Volunteers, served in Lx)uisiana till 
ture of Port Hudson. 186^-5, Chaplain of ist U. S. Colored Cavalry 
in the operations about Richmond till the close of the War. 1865-7 
Superintendent of Schools for Virginia, under Freedmen's Bureau 
Founded State Colored Normal School, Richmond, Va 1867-78, Prir 
same. 1869-79, Alderman; Member of School Board, Richmond, Va. 
81, U. S. Deputy Collector, Internal Revenue, Richmond, Va. 1879, 1 
in Europe. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Aug. 16, 1848, Sarah B. Wright of Leicester, Vt. Children: 
rine Sarah, b. Oct. 25, 1850: William Marcus, b. Feb. 2, 1855: Ralza 
b. June 9, 1859: Ma'beth, b. Jan. 7, 1865; d. Aug. 16, 1074- 

1881, Address: Richmond, Va. 

1845-7, Residence: Donaldsonville, Ascension Co., Ija. Reported d 


Born, Dec. 24, 1822, in LandafF, Grafton Co., N. H. 

1846, Teacher in Newbury Seminary, Vt. 1848, Taught in Springfi 
i8co. Teacher of Mathematics and Greek, Newbury Seminary, Vt. 
Principal of same. 1855-72, Professor of Mathematics and Astroi 
North-western University, Evanston, III. 1860-7, Acting President ( 
1870-1, Traveled in Europe for his health. Died, May 24, 1872, in E 

Married, Feb. 16, 1849, Harriet N. Verback of Derby, Vt. Childre 
garet Sarah, b. Aug. 11, 1858: two others d. 


Bom, July 14, 1822, in Mendon, Worcester Co., Mass. 

1848-9, Preached in Wolcottville, Conn. 1849-56, Teacher of Dra 
Hartford, Conn., New Haven, Conn., Richmond, Va., and Brooklyn 
1856-7, Connected with Potter's Mercantile Agency, New York, N. 1 
8, Connected with Dun and Co. Mercantile Agency, New York, N. "^ 
6c, Financial Agent of Brooks Brothers, New York, N. Y. 1865-8, Cc 
with Bradstreet and Sons' Commercial Agency, New York, N. Y. i86< 
for Osborn and Co.'s Bible Cartoons. 1869-74, Engaged in Manuf: 
1876-8, Legal Correspondent for H. K. & F. B. Thuroer, Grocers, Ne 
N. Y. 1878-81, Connected with The Methodist, New York, N. Y. iJ 
siding at Passaic, N. J. 

Married, Feb. 14, 1849, Miss Cornelia Burling of New York, N. Y 
dren : Lancaster Burling, b. 1850; d. in 1876: Kate Cornelia, b. 1852: 
Burling, b. 1854 ; d. : Ida Eleanor, b. 1857 : Anna W., b. 1859. 

1881, Address: 15 Murray St., New York, N. Y. 


Born, July, 1823, in Leon, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. 
1848, Joined Genesee Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 18 
tioned at Careyville, N. Y.; 1849, S©. Pike; 1851, Rusuord; 1852, Niaj 

148.] ALUMNI RECORD. 93 

ofisJo; 1853,4, Brockport; 1855, 6, Albion; 1857, Pekin. 1860-81, Editor 
adPoblishcr <rf The Earnest Cnristian. 1860-80, General Superintendent of 
M Free Methodist Church. 1870-81, Principal of Chili Seminary, N. Y. 
881, Delegate to the Methodist Ecumenical Conference. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, May 3, 1849, Ellen L. Stow of New York, N. Y. Children : Wil- 
iam Titus, b. June 21, 18^0; d. June 5, 1851 : George Lane, b. Jan. 7, 1852 : 
BcMon Hov^-ard, b. Get. 8, 1853 : Sarah Georgianna, b. Jan. 16, 1855 * ^- ^"8- 
!i, 1855: Charles Stow, b. June 12, 1856: Samuel, b. Jan. 19, 1862; d. Feb. i, 
1875: Benjamin Titus, b. March 13, 1864. 

1881, Address : Rochester, N. Y., or North Chili, Monroe Co., N. Y. 


Bom, Oct. 5, 1824, in Windham, Greene Co., N. Y. 

1848-50, Tutor in Mathematics, Wesleyan University. 1849, Joined New 
England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1850, Stationed at Fitch- 
borgh, Mass.; 185 1, 2, Leominster ; 1853, 4, South St., Lynn; 1855, Second 
Church, Dorchester ; 1856, 7, Hedding Church, Boston ; 1858, 9, Maiden ; i860, 
1. Union St., Springfield ; 1862, Holliston. 1862-9, Professor of Ancient Lan- 
guages, Genesee College, Lima, N. Y. 1868, D.D., Wesleyan University. 1869- 
7^ Acting President of Genesee College. 1871, Vice-President of Syracuse 
University. 1872, Stationed at Tremont St. Methodist Episcopal (Church, Bos- 
ton, Mass.; 1873, 4, Auburndale; 1875-7, St. Paul's, Lynn; 1878, 9, Lafayette 
St, Salem; 1880,1, Peabody. 1879, Traveled in Europe. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Aug. S, i8ra. Miss Harriet Binney of Wilbraham, Mass. Children : 

Wilbur Fletcher, b. Nlay 17, 1851 ; Class of 187 1 ; A.B., Syracuse University. 

'872: Arthur Brainerd, b. April 20, 1855; d. Feb. 24, 1857: Charles Breed, 

0- Dec. 12, 1857: Caroline Binney, b. Aug. 31, 1861: Mary Grace, Nov. 11, 

^881, Address : Peabody. Essex Co., Mass. 


^rn, May c, 1822, in Walden, Caledonia Co., Vt. 

'048, Taught in Hardwick, Vt. 1849-64, Principal of Milford Seminary, 
j^o 1864, Captain Company H, 153d Regiment, Ohio Infantry. 1865-9, 
"j'^Qpal of Mount Washington Academy, near Cincinnati, Ohio. 1870, Princi- 
PJI 0^ Public School in Milford, Ohio. 1872-8, Principal of Graded Schools, 
Mount Washington, Ohio. Died, June 23, 1878, in Mount Washington, Ohio. 
p.J|*fr'ed, Dec. 13. 1848, Miss Sarah S. Bayley of Newbury, Vt. Children : 
f:'!*'t Hamilton, b. Oct. 14, 1849: Charles Edward L., b. July 26, 1S53: Harry 
yinton, b. Dec. 8, 1855: Mary Johnson, b. Jan. 27, 1859: Willis Baylev, b. 
»'«^22,i862; d. Jul)r 14, 1862. 

'oot. Address of widow: Mount Washington, Hamilton Co., Ohio. 


^^ec. 28. 1822, in Pawlet, Rutland Co., Vt. 
Son?^' ^*"^^^*^ ^^ *" Springfield, Mass. 1850-71, Practiced Law in 
tivM ^^ Mass. 1865-6, Member of Massachusetts House of Representa- 
M^ *^^^ Mayor of Springfield. Died, Nov. 11, 1871, in Springfield, 

d^*"i^' I>«c 28, 1853, Miss Fannie Partridge of Northampton, Mass. Chil- 
*ji Ada Armstrong, b. Nov. 29, 1856: Charles T., b. Aug. 26, 1868. 
*^ Address of widow : Springfield, Mass. 


Class of 1849. 


1848. Residence: Farmington, Franklin Co., Me. For several yean i 
ing 1866, Principal of Grammar School, Norwich, Conn. 1868, Agent b 
land, Me., for Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, N. V. 1881, Ins 
Agent in Maplewood, Mass. 

1881, Address: Maplewood, Middlesex Co., Mass. 


Born, Feb. 2, 1822, in Springfield, Mass. 

1850, Preached in West Sprmgfield, Mass. 1851, Joined New Englar 
ference. Methodist Episcopal Church. 1851, Stationed at Greenfield, 
1852, Enfield. 1853, Joined Rochester Presbytery, N. Y. 1854-6, J 
of Niagara Presbytery, and Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Ri' 
at Knowlesville, N. Y. 1857, Organized First Presbyterian Church, \ 
Minn. 1857-9, Pastor of same, and member of Minnesota Presbytery. 
Principal of Classical School for Boys, Jersey City, N. J. ; Member 
Presbytery of New York. 1862, Resided in Washington, D. C. 186; 
S. Trade Store-keeper in Harper's Ferry, W. Va. ; aided in the establi 
of Storer College for Freedmen. 1867-9, U. S. Internal Revenue In 
for Maryland and West Virginia ; employed much of the time on spec 
in the West 187 1-7, Lecturer, and teacher of Elocution, in Storer C 
Harper's Ferry, W. Va. ; Mayor of Harper's Ferry. 1877, Removed 
Black Hills, Dak. 1878-81, Preaching under commission of American 
Missionary Society at Galena and Spearfish, Dak. 1879, Organized th( 
Hills Educational Society. 1879-81, President of Board of Trusl 
Dakota College. 

Married, May 2, 1852, Mary E. Clemmer of Wcstfield, Mass., author 
Woman's Letters " in The Independent. 

1881, Address: Spearfish, Lawrence Co., Dak. 


Born, Aug. 17, 1823, in Middletown, Conn. 

1850, Studied in Newton Theological Institution, Mass. ; 1851, Gra 
at Rochester Theological Seminary, N. Y. ; Pastor of Baptist Church, 
Conn. 1855-73, Pastor of Baptist Church, Waterbury, Conn. Died, W 
1873, in Carlsbad, Germany. 

Married, Nov. 11, 1851, Jane .Xyrault of Wethersfield, Conn. Ch 
Daniel Ayrault, b. Sept. 11, 1852; d. July 23, 1853: Joseph Ayrault, b. 
17, 185s: Lester Lewis, b. May 10, 1858; d. July 27, 1865: Marian, b. 
1861 : Jennie A., b. Dec. 19, 1S65: Vincent Israel, b. Dec. 25, 187a 


Born, Dec. 14, 182S, in Charlotte, Chittenden Co., Vt. 

1850, Studied Medicine in Lansingburgh, N. Y. Died, Oct. 2, i 
Mechanicville, N. Y., from infection derived from a corpse which he W 



Bom, Feb. 7, 1825, in Plattekill, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

1849, Principsd of Franklin ville Academy, Suffolk Co.. N. Y. 1850, Joined 
ew York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1850, i, Appointed 
Sugar Loaf Circuit ; residence, Florida, N. Y. 1852, 3, Stationed at Middle- 
•wn, N. Y. ; 1854, 5, Napanock; 1856, 7, Newcastle; 1858,9, Falls Village, 
onn.; 1S60, I, Hillsdale, N. Y. ; 1862,3, Newburgh. 1864-7, Presiding 
llder of Ellen ville District. 1867-9, Stationed at Tarry town. N. Y. ; 1870-2, 
^erj St, New York, N. Y.; 1873,4, Cold Spring. 1875-80, Superintendent 
if nve Points Mission, New York, N. Y. Died, Nov. 14, 1880, in Nyack, 
N. Y. 

Married, March 21, 1850, Mary Augusta Howell of Mattituck, N. Y. Chil- 
dren: Fannie Augusta, b. Oct. 30, 1851 : Mary Alice, b. Jan. 4, 1854: Nancy 
Eloise, b. Dec. 31, 1856: Charles Howell, b. Sept. 24, 1859; d. June 27, 1874: 
Carrie, b. Nov. i, 1863; d. Feb. 23, 1867: Helen Maria, b. Feb. 8, 1869. 


Born, Feb. 16, 1826, in Harrisburgh, Pa. 

[% Preached on Strasburgh Circuit, Philadelphia Conference. 1850, 
Jflinwl Philadelphia Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; appointed to 
^niburgh. 1851-3, Missionary of Methodist Episcopal Church, Fuh Chau, 
Claia. 1854, In Harrisburgh, Pa. ; engaged chiefly in lecturing on China. 
2{S-7i Pastor of Bethel Church (Independent), Harrisburgh, Pa. 1857-8. 
nwdpalof College Institute, Shippensburgh, Pa., and Pastor of Bethel Church 
»Mme place. 1057-9, Editor of TA^ Chtirch Adz'ocate, published in Harris- 
•yjbf Pa. 1858, Returned to Harrisburgh and resumed former pastoral charge. 
jJS^^ Professor of Belles-Letters in Pennsylvania Female College. 1862-9, 
Jww of First Free Baptist Church. Harrisburgh. Pa. 1866. D.D., Hillsdale 
College. 1869-71, President of Hillsdale College, Mich. 1871-80, President 
w Agricultural College (now Pennsylvania State College). 1880-1, Residing 
■Pou and managing fruit-farm at Hfarrisburgh, Pa. ; also preaching, as home 
^onary, at the Calvary Free Baptist Church, Harrisburgh, Pa. (Sec 

Married, Dccemljcr, 1850, Ellen C. Winebrenner of Harrisburgh, Pa., who 
J[W March, 1858. Married, August, 1859, Mrs. Plliza D. Murphy of Harris- 
J^'^'i. Pa. Children : Francis Robinson, b. Oct. 9, 1851 : James kirkwood, b. 
'^H'A 1853 : Charles Murphy, b. May 15. 1856 : Arthur Russell, b. March 
J4.1858: WiJliam Carey, b. May i, i860: Mary E., b. Feb. 28, 1862: Howard 
^ J- June 16, 1864: Wallace R., b. Sept. 10, 1872. 

'001, Address : Harrisburgh, Pa. 


^fn, 1822, in Masonville, Delaware Co., N. Y. 
^^% Engaged in mining in California. 1852, Preached in Little York, Cal. 
^Si I^reached in Volcano, Cal. 1854, Joined California Conference, Metho- 
^w Episcopal Church. 1854, Stationed at Mariposa, Cal. ; 1855, Sonoma ; 

;5J» Napa. 1857, Professor in University of Pacific, Santa Clara, Cal. 

JS^. Suiioned at Oroville, Cal.; 1859, Dutch Flat; i860, Michigan City; 

*'. 2, La Porte; 1863, Crescent City; 1864, Eureka. 1865, Appointed to 
^»Pa Circuit, Cal. 18^6-7, Presiding Elder of Mount Shasta District. 1868, 
^JttionedatGrcen Valley, Cal.; 1869,70. Petaluma Circuit; 1871,2, Lincoln; 

"H Colfax; 1875, Plymouth ;' 1876, Mayfield ; 1877, Pescadero; 1878, 
*^iord; 1879, SanScandro; 1880, Sonora. 
«^ed, July 17, 1873, Miss Jennie S. Youngs of Rockford, 111. 
»«>i, Address! Sonora, Tuolumne Co., Cal. 



Born, 1830. 

1848, Residence : Rochester, N. V. Died. October. 1866. in New Vork. 


Bom, June 25, 1827, in Lanesborough, Berkshire Co., Mass. 

1849-52, Teacher in Alabama Conference Institute, Summerfield, Ala. i85>4 
President of Lowndesborough Female Institute. 1856-62, Engaged intaiuuBj^ 
in Dalton, Mass. 1862-4, Engaged in same business in Westem^ille, N'V* 
1864-7, Engaged in same business in East Randolph, N. Y. 1867-S, Engaged 
in same business in Lexington, Mich. 1868-71, Engaged in same business io 
Port Hope, Mich. 187 1, Property totally destroyed by the forest fires. 1871-2. 
Superintendent of Public Schools in Sandusky, Oliio. 1872-4, Engaged » 
mining in Venezuela, South America, with No. 364. 1875-81, Enga^ * 
business with No. 540 in the manufacture and sale of Surgical Applunce 
(Firm: Pomeroy Truss Co.); residing in Roselle, N. J. 

Married, Sept. 10, 1850, Miss Lu. E. Colegrove. Children : Charles F, ^ 
July 24, i8ji ; d. June 10, 1852: Charges F., b. Oct. 30, 1853. 

188 1, Address: 746 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


Born, July 10, 1825. in Sumner, Oxford Co., Me. 

1849, Teacher of Natural Science in Troy Conference Academy, Poaltncyi 
Vt. 1850, Taught in Acquackanonck, N. J. 1850-3, In California. i8«^« 
Taught in Alabama ; studied Law. 1857, Practiced Law in Topeka, KanJ- 
1858, Judge of Supreme Court under Leavenworth Constitution. i859,Editof 
of The Kansas Tribune; \' ' "^ ' «^« ,. /_ ,^ 

waterproof and combustibl 

N. Y. 1862-3, Spent one >w«. ... ,,-. -^^j, ^.. . .^ 

introduced Leseliot's Patent Diamond Drill into this country. 1864-6^ ^^'if 
in Piermont, N. Y. 1866-8, Engaged in business in New Grenada, Soatfc 
America. 1S68, Cleared the old Spanish dike leading from the MapWeaa 
River to Carthagcna; placed steamboats thereon for commerce with the inteiojj 
1870-1, Family resided in Port of Spain, Trinidad. 1870-2, Engaged in gy| 
mining in Venezuela, South America. 1872, Returned to Piermont, N. Y-l 
visited England. 1S73, Engaged in mining in Venezuela, with No. 363. 'W 
81, Mining in Colorado. (See Bibliographv.) ^ 

Married, Dec. 25. 1853, Elizabeth Penfield of Middletown, Conn., who 4» 
1861. Married, 1862, Mrs. S. H. Anderson of New York, N. Y. Childreji: 
Grace Elizabeth, b. July 12, 1859; d. 1864: Florence, b. Feb. n, 1864: Alex- 
ander, b. June 6, 1868. 

188 r. Address : Hancock, Chaffee Co., Colo. 



1848, Residence : Covington, Wyoming Co., N. Y. 1852, Admitted to the 
Bar in Fredericksburgh, Tex. 1857-8, Member of Texas L^slature. r859-6a 
Principal of Woodbury Academy, Tenn. 1862-81, Practicing Law in Austin, ^ 
Tex., San Antonio, and Fredericksburgh. 1862-7, Member of Texas Stale 

1881, Address: Fredericksburgh, Gillespie Co.. Tex. 




esidence: Middletown Point, Monmouth Co., N. J. 1881, In the 

ircrs' Bank, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

ddress : 64 Broadway, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Winchester, Conn, 
esidence : Winchester, Conn. Died, May 28, 1853, in California. 


>ct. 27, 1824, in Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Brother of No. 421. 

)ined New York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; stationed 

Park, N. Y. 1852-6, Classical Teacher in Amenia Seminary; after- 

indpal of same. 1856, 7, Stationed at Hillside, Rhinebeck, N. Y. ; 

iled; made a short trip to Europe. 1861-4, Principal of Amenia 

; health failed again. 1868-70, Stationed at Rhinebeck, N. Y. 

Supernumerary; resided in Rhinebeck, N. Y. Died, May 13, 18S1, in 

K, ^* y . 

i, June 20, 1867, Phebe R. Bowne of Rhinebeck, N. Y. Child : Grace 

Sept. 9, 1869. 

iddress of widow: Rhinebeck, N. Y. 


an. 30, 1825, in East Windsor, Hartford Co., Conn, 
tudied Medicine, and was Principal of a Grammar School, North 
e, R. I. 1850, Studied Medicine, and was Principal of Wetherslield 
Conn.; studied in Vermont Medical College, Woodstock, Vt. 1851, 
nd graduated at Castleton Medical College, Vt. 1852-6, Practiced 
in Brooklyn, N. Y. 1852-81, Patented about one hundred new inven- 
ee Bibliography.) 

1, Oct. 30, 1851, in Hempstead, N. Y., Miss Mary A. Bell, who died 
64. Married, April 28, 1865, in Brooklyn, N. Y., Mrs. Elizabeth A. 
died Jan. 24, 1869. Married, Nov. 16, 1870, Mrs. Rebecca E. Lund 
Bedford, Mass. Children: Belle, b. Nov. 20, 1853; ^- J^"- 5> 1856: 
Vfarch 3, 1856; d. Jan. i, 1863: Minnie, b. June 6, 1863; d. Aug. 30, 
nk Read, b.'March 2, 1866. 
ddress: 191 Clinton Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


)ct. 9, 1822, in Sterling, Worcester Co., Mass. Brother of No. 462. 
, Teacher of Ancient languages in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1851-4, 
of Oak Grove Seminary, Ala. 1854-7, Professor of Ancient Languages, 
ec College, Lebanon, 111. 1857-62, Member of New England 
:c, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1859-60, Preached in Milford, 
i62-c, Minister in Protestant Episcopal Church, and Chaplain of 13th 
npshirc Volunteers. 1865-8, Rector of Trinity Church, Milford, Mass. 
Rector of St. John's Church, Framingham, Mass. ; St. Peter's, Ben- 

i, Oct 1, 18^7, Clara A. Tohnson of Nahant, Mass. Children : Everett 
Nov. 20, 1860: Bklward Augustus, b. March 8, 1863; d. Sept. 8, 1864: 
rdner, b. Nov. 5, 1868. 
Vddr^ : 524 Columbus A v., Boston, Mass. 




Born, Aug. 31, 1821, in Lincolnvillc, Waldo Co., Me. 

1849, Went to California. 1850-Si, En^a^cd in general mcrchandiie ad 
insurance business in Benicia, Cal.; gold mining in California; lead and sfliff 
mining in Arizona. 1851, Assistant Editor of The California Stak GvA- 
1858, Editor of The Benicia Sentinel. 1862-5, Postmaster. (See BibliognW 

Married, June 8, 1852, Harriet Wetmore of Middletown, Conn. Chilfflo: 
Walter Brewster, b. July 2, 1856: Bertha W., b. June 16, 1859; d. Dcc6,iW: 
Daisy, b. May 15, 1803. 

1881, Address: Benicia, Solano Co., Cal. 


Born, Jan. 6, 1827, in Goshen, Litchfield Co., Conn. 

1850, Professor of Ancient Languages, Lawrence University, Applcton,WB. 
1855, Resided in Milwaukee, Wis. 1850, Engaged in lumber business m 
Keokuk, Iowa. 1859, Connected with Wisconsin Life Insurance Comp«J» 
Milwaukee. 1862, Joined Wisconsin Conference, Methodist Episcopal Chuioi*. 
stationed at Fort Atkinson. Died, January, 1865. 

Married, Dec. 18, 1855, Caroline M. Warner of New York, N. Y. Oim^'- 
Willoughby S., b. Sept. 22, 1856; d. aged 13 months: Walter B., b.Miy» 
1859: Harry C, b. Oct. 16, 1862 ; d. 1865 : Howard, b. May, 1864. 


Born, Aug. 28, 1829, in Barrytown, Dutchess Co., N. Y. _ 

185 1-4, Studied in General Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. l*5j» 
Graduated from same ; ordained Deacon in Protestant Episcopal Chtt^ 
1854-7, Rector of Trinitv Church, Fishkill, N. Y.; resided in Glenham,N-*' 
1855, Ordained Priest. 1855-8, Established Free Church of St. John the WT 
tist, Glenham. N. Y. 18S5-77, Rector of same. 1858, Established Pari»^ 
school at Glenham. 185S-77, Missionary in Glenham. 1877-8, In poor bea*"** 
Died, April 11, 1878, in Glenham, N. Y. 

Born, Jan. 7, 1827, in Weston, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

:>. Y. liioi, i^ssistant c^uicor 01 j ne nriageporv uauy ^lanaara. lo^- -^ 
First Sergeant in 2d Connecticut Light Battery. 1865-0, Assistant Editor 
The BriJ^i^eport Daily Standard ; City Clerk of Bridgeport, Conn. 1866, Asj^ 
ant Editor of The H'aterhury American^ Conn. 18^, Practiced Law in Bnd^ 
port, Conn. 1S69, Clerk of Bridgeport Cit^ Court. 1869-70, Judge ol t^ 
same Court. 1870-81, Practicing Law in Bridgeport, Conn. 1875, Meobtf 
Connecticut Legislature. 1 880-1, City Attorney of Bridgeport, Conn. '^ * 
Elected Trustee of Weslcyan University. (See bibliography.) . j 

Married. Feb. 11, 1856, Caroline Amelia Redfield of Clinton, Conn., who o*^ 
Nov. 5, 1865. Married, Oct. i, 1868, Lydia Ellen Nelson of Bridgeport. Cf^; 
Children: Alice Redfield, b. Oct. 2. 1856: Lester Burchard, b. Sept. 26, i^S?; 
Class of 1884: Harriet Eugenia, b. Aug. kS. 1869: Lucy Bettie Josephine* 
Nov, 19, 1870: Sidney Nelson, b. Nov. 14, 1872. 

1881, Address: Bridgeport, Fairfield Co., Conn. 




Born, 1830, in Albany County, N. Y. 

1848, Residence : AlBany, N. V. 1849, Joined Oneida Conference, Methodist 
Lpiscopal Church ; stationed at New Hartford, N. Y. i8jo, Teacher in Newark 
^cdepn Institute, N. J. 1852, Principal of Richmondville Academy, N. Y. 
854, Principal of Cooperstown Seminary, N. Y. 1855, Transferred to Pitts- 
Mirgh Conference ; Principal of High School, Pittsburgh, Pa. 1856, Stationed at 
East Liberty, Pa., East Genesee Conference ; 1857, 8, Union Chapel, Cincinnati, 
Ohio, Cincinnati Conference; 1859, 60. Trinity Church, New York, N. Y., New 
York Conference ; 1861, 2, Washington St., Poughkeepsie ; 1863, Kingston; 
1865,6, Harlem ; 1867, Dubuque, Iowa, Upper Iowa Conference; 1868, Union 
Chapel, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1869, President of Albion College, Mich. 1870, 
D.D., Union College. 1 871, Transferred to Rock River Conference. 1871,2, 
Stationed at Third St., Rockford, III.; 187J, Wabash Avenue, Chicago; 1874, 
Ada St., Chicago ; 187 M. Hedding Church, Jersey City, N. T-. Newark Con- 
ference; 1878, Roseville, Newark; 1879, Milton, N. Y., New York Conference. 
fHed, May 2, 1879, i" Roseville, Newark, N. J- 


Bom, April 7, 1824, in Beekmantown, Clinton Co., N. Y. 

»% Preached at Third St., Troy, N. Y. 1850, Joined Troy Conference, 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 1851, Stationed at Winooski. Vt. ; 1852, Chat- 
^ N. Y.; 1853, 4, West Troy; 1855, Burlington, Vt. ; 1856, 7, VVilliams- 
^o*n, Mass.; 1858, 9, Lansingburgh, N. Y.; i860, i, Castleton, Vt. ; 1862, 3, 
Mnstown, N. Y. ; 1864, Arbor Hill Church, Albany. 1865, Chaplain of I92d 
New York Volunteers. i866-8, Stationed at Schuylerville, N. Y.; 1869,70, 
^ohoes; 1871, Jonesville. 1872-6, Presiding Elder of Saratoga District. 1876- 
'^J Presiding Elder of Troy District. 1880, Delegate to General Conference. 
>~o, I, Sutioned at Cambridge, N. Y. 

Married, March 28, 1855, Kate Elmore of Fort Edward, N. Y. Children : 
Jwutt Elmore, b. Sept. 19, 1856; d. Feb. 8, 1877 ' E>la Kate, b. April 23, 1859 : 
^^1«8 Lorenzo, b. Jan. i, iSfoi ; d. March 15, 1861 : Lottie Jane, b. May 19, 
* ii Mina A., b. April 23, 1869 : Charles Lorenzo, b. Nov. 16, 1870. 

^o^^ Address : .Cambridge, Washington Co., N. Y. 


. Residence : Brookfield, Worcester Co., Mass. 1849-54, Taught in vari- 
J'^'.A^emies in Georgia and Alabama. 1854-5, Studied in Andover Theo- 
'ogical Seminary, Mass. Died, Sept. 20, 1855, in the last year of his Theologi- 
** Course. 


^f Dec 23, 1810, in Mount Pleasant, Wayne Co., Pa. 
^% Joined Oneida Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1849, Sta- 


jo^-*" w^oiciii x^iic xii8uiiuii;c v^u. ; ai^u /\gcni ui upper luwci univcr»iiy. 

^?^^ Agent of Upper Iowa University. 1871, Stationed at Rockwell, Iowa, 
j^f Iowa Conference ; 1872, Maysville ; 187^4, Tama; 1875, t>ysant and 
v*^.; 1876^ 7, Solon; 1878, Walker. 1879-81, Superannuated on accouwV 
^ P««ial deaf 11C88. 


Married, Aug. 15, 1844, Miss Harriet P. Bowcn. who died Oct. 7, 1866. Mar- 
ried, June 30, 1870, Mrs. Ruth Locke Parker. Children : Ann Elia, h. Atf. 
10, 1845; d. Feb. 8, 1846: Ann Eliza, b. Dec 11, 1846 ; married J. W. McLeaa, 
M D.: Corinna Isabella, b. Sept. 10, 1848; d. Oct. 11, 1866: Laura Marii,t 
July 8, 1850: Clara Augusta, b. March 13, 1852; d. Sept. 22, 1866: Chiite 
Wesley, b. Sept. 26, 1854; d. Oct. 19, 1866: Abbie Louisa, b. Sept. 4, iSf. 
Frederick Augustus, b. Jan. 2, 1858: William Fremont, b. Jan. 4, 1862; -Ate 
Kathrine, b. May 3. 1864. 

1881. .Address: Favette, Fayette Co., Iowa. 


Born, 1825, in Hebron, Tolland Co., Tonn. 

1849-59, Taught in several Colleges and Academies in Texas. iS6o,^apff^ 
in mercantile business in Houston, Tex. 1865-81, Engaged in mercantile bos- 
ness in Brenham, Tex. 

Married, 1869, Miss Josephine T. Joynes of Hampton, Va. Children: Hu- 
bert Joynes, b. 1S70: Samuel Reginald, b. 1876. 

18S1, Address: Brenham, Washington Co., Tex. 

87». JOHN PEGG. 

Born, March 10, 1827, in Coventry, Hlngland. 

1849, Preached at First Avenue (17th Street), New York, N. V. i-^S?' ^' 
Stationed at West Granby, Conn., New York East Conference, Methodist Ejws^" 
pal Church ; 1852, Plymouth ; 1853, Simsbury; 1854, 5, Ansonia; 18561 7»* 
John St., New Haven ; 1858, 9, Hartford ; i860, i, Danbury ; 1862, 3, FoiJ» 
St., New York, N. Y.; i8()4-6. Middletown, Conn. ; 1867, 8, George SuNe» 
Haven; 1869-71, Meriden; 1S72, 3, Second Church, Norwalk; i874-6r ^^ 
Second St., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 1877-9, Waterbury, Conn. ; 18S0. i, Fleet St. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Married, May 2, 1855, ^"''**'*ce Gilbert of Derby, Conn. Children: Gilwn. 
b. April 26, 1856; d. aged three months: Bessie, b. July 10, 1859: marrie^^' 
W. McLaughlin, M.D. 

1881, Address: 43 Fleet St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Born, July 4, 1S25, in Sharon, Schoharie Co., N. Y. Brother of No*- *^ 
and 540. 

Brooklyn, i-*. i . , ,. 

Married, Oct. 7, 1858, Elvina F. Sherman of Homer, Cortland Co., N- ' 
Children: Edward Sherman, b. Nov. 27,1859; Class of 1879; d. Aug. 18, ij'/jj^ 
Nina Sherman, b. Oct. 3. 1S61 ; d. March 27, 1863: Charles Sherman, b.^^ 
4, 1865 : Julius Sherman, b. Oct. 4, 1867 : Mary Sherman, b. Jan. 7, 1870: S*'*" 
Sherman, b. June 7, 1876. 

188 1, Addres.*^ of widow : Homer, Cortland Co., N. Y. 


Born, 1S28, in Boston, Mass. . -^ 

1849-51, Studied music in Lcipsic, Germany. 1852-6^ Professor of M***^ 
Boston, Mass. Died, March 5, 1856, in Boston, Mass. 



ftoro, Jane 9, 1827, in Stanford, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

1849, Teacher of L^tin and Greek in Providence Conference Seminary, East 
reenwich, R. I. 1850, At home in New York state, in poor health ; afterwards 
wliedin Auburn Theological Seminary, N. Y. 1852, Teacher of Ancient 
^guages in Providence Conference Seminary. 1853, Associate Principal of 
amc. 1854-S, Principal and Financial Manager of same. 1857, Joined Prov- 
dcnce Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1858-73, Principal and Fi- 
landal Manager of Clark Seminary (afterwards Jennings Seminary). Aurora, 111. 
859, Transferred to Rock River Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1866, 
t>.D., Xorth-westem University. 1867, Traveled in Europe and the East. 1873, 
iicsigned Principalship of Jennings Seminary; Supernumerary. 1873-7, Trav- 
eled for health in the mountains of Pennsylvania and New' York. 1878-81, 
Vlanager of Silver Plate Manufactory, Aurora, 111. 

Married, April, 18^5. Susan H. Smith of Fall River, Mass. Children : Charles 
fjenr>, b. May 30, 1856: Fanny, b June 19, 1858: Edmund Chase, b. March 
8. 1867. 

'881, Address : .Aurora, Kane Co., 111. 


^orn, Dec. 22, 1827, in Sidney, Kennebec Co., Me. 

'849-54, Teacher of Languages and Mathematics in Maine Wesleyan Semin- 
17« Kent's Hill, Me. i8qi, Joined Maine Conference, Methodist Episcopal 
'•JWch. 1854, Appointed to Wilton Circuit. 1855, Stationed at Skowhegan, 
J^ 1S56, Again Teacher in Maine Wesleyan Seminary. 1860-71, Professor 
J Mathematics in Maine Wesleyan Seminary and Female College, Kent's Hill, 
•'*• 1864, Appointed Chaplain of 15th Regiment Maine Volunteers. 1865, 
^cntof Treasurv Departmental Savannah, Ga. 1868, Ph.D., Lawrence Uni- 
^^'ty. 187 1-3, Professor of Mathematics and Civil Engineering in Agricul- 
"^ College (now Pennsylvania State College), State College, Pa. 1874-6, 
foprictorof Young Ladies' Seminary, Goshen, N. Y. 1879-81. Again Pro- 
^of Mathematics in Maine Wesleyan Seminary and Female College, Kent's 
"ll. Me. 

Married, Feb. 25. 1851, Susan R. Nickerson, who died April, 1859. Married, 
larch5, 1861, Carrie M. Clark of Portland, Me. Children: Sarah Ellen, b. 

Jly 10, 1853 ; married No. 1055: , b. 1855 ; d., aged one week : Edward 

'Kb. April 19. 1858. 

'^i. Address : Kent's Hill, Kennebec Co., Me. 


^rn, March 13, 1828. in Seneca, Ontario Co., N. Y. 

g'^50.1, Studied in Methodist General Biblical Institute, Concord, N. H. 
°53i OfiBcc Assistant on The National Magazine^ The Methodist Quarterly Re- 
*'*• and The Sunday School Advocate. 1854, Teacher in South Lowell Acad- 
^)y N. C. 1855-8, Health impaired by severe illness. 1859, Founder and 
nncipal of an Academy in Sonora, N. Y. 1864, Joined East Genesee Con- 
?^ce, Methodist Episcopal Church ; appointed to Savona Circuit, Steuben 
J.^\N.Y. 1865, Stationed at Marion, N. Y.; 1866-8, East Palmyra; 1869, 
jwion; 1870-2, Port Gibson; 1873, Junius. 1875-81, Engaged in farming in 
H^on, N. Y. 1878-81, Superannuated. (See Bibliography.) 

*iarried, May i. 1851, Miss Susan L. Vail of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., who died 
^*'<-n9.i864. Married, Oct. 26, 1864, Miss Hannah E. Orcutt. Children: 

esiey Centenary, b. Feb. 21, 1866: Susie, b. June 26, 1867; d. in infancy: 
P^ Sherman, b. July 18, 1868: William Marion, b. Jan. 21, 1870: Isaac 
Q*^f|b. April 9, 1871 : Alfired Cookman, b. May 26, 1872 ; d. Aug. 18, 1872 : 

"J'^ T., b. Feb. 20, 1876. 

^»i. Address : Marion, Wayne Co., N. Y. 



Born, July 2, 1821, in Boston, Mass. 

1849, Went South ; taught; studied Law. 1855-80, Druggist in BrownW 
Minn. 1880-1 . Residing at Idaho Springs, Colo. Has been Senator froffl M» 
nesota for one term. 

Married, 1847 or 8, Miss Taylor. Child : Walter, b. 1849 or 50. 

1881. Address: Idaho Springs, Clear Creek Co., Colo. 


Born, Dec. 28, 1826, in I^ Rov, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

1850. Taught at Tcrre Haute,'lnd. 1852, Taught at Grenada, Miss. jSj*. 
Resided in Lc Rov, N. Y. 1856, Admitted to the Bar. 1859. Member o(A^ 
sembly of State of New York. 1863-7, Special Surrogate of Jcff««« 
County. N. Y. 1867-78, Surrogate of same. 1864-81, Engaged in paper-M" 
ufacture (Firm: Taggart and Davis), Watcrtown, N. Y. 1S78, Traveled «»• 
sively in Europe. 1873-81, Member and afterwards President of Board of £«•• 
cation, Watertown. Vice-Presi<Icnt of the Northern Insurance Co. Diw** 
of the Watertown National Union Bank. ^ 

Married, Dec. 19, 1862, Miss Susan S. of Watertown, N. V.,who(aw 
Aug. 20, 1866. Children: Alice Ue. b. Oct. 31, 1863: Henry Watson. » 
March 2, 1866. 

1881, Address: Watcrtown, Jefferson ('o , N. Y. 

Class of 1850. 


Born, Sept. iS, 1823, in Stockport, Cheshire, England. . 

1S50, I, Principal of Watertown Seminar)', Wis. 1851, 2, Professor of MajJ^ , 
matics, I^wrencc University, Wis. 1852, Joined Wisconsin Conference, M***^ 
dist P^piscopal Church. ii^53,4. Stationed at Jackson St., Milwaukee. *^i^ 
Principal of Preparatory Department, Hamline University, Red Wingi *^. 
1854, Pastor of Methodist Episcopal Church in same place. 1857, Resip*"* 
superannuated until spring, 18^9. 1859, 60, Stationed at Red Wine, W**** J 
i860, I, Winona. 1861-9, l*resident of Hamline University. 1863, Mefflbtf^ 
State Normal Board of Instruction; U. S. Commissioner on Indian Pa)'^J? 
1864, Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1^^^ 
D.D., Lawrence University; President of Minnesota State Teachers' Asso^ 
tion ; Member of State Normal Board. 1869-81, Professor of Greek in ^J**^ 
University', Minn. 1880, State Delqgate to the Robert Raikes Centenary C**^ 
vcntion, London, England. ^ 

Married, Aug. 7, 1850, Miss Eveline E McKinstry of Middletown, C^'^j! 
whodicd June 11, 1852. Married, Sept. 6, 1854, Miss Ruby B. Pease of ^^*:.^i 
town, Wis. Children: Helen Ann, b. May 19, 1851 ; d. Aug. 10, 1853: ^ .]f, 
Mosely, b. June 6, 1856 ; d. Jan. 27, 1857 : Adin Pease, b. Oct. i, i^: p^^ g 
Denslow, b. Feb. 22, 1859: Olive Emma, b. Nov. 6, i860: Ann Eliza, b. S€P .*', 
1862: Mary Bissell, b. Nov. 26, 1865 ; d. Oct. 23, 1867: Lucia May, b. M*' 

1881, Address: Minne.ipolis, Minn. 



3z4, in Trumbull, Fairfield Co.. Conn. 

in Newark, N. J, 1831, Studied TheoIt«>' in New Haven, 
stor of Second Congregational Church, Fair Haven, Conn, 
<f Fourth Congregational Church, Hartford, Conn. 1S68, 
rope for his health. 1870-51, Pastor of Park CongreKatlonal 
Conn. 1S7Z, Again visited Europe. 1870, D.D., Wesleyan 

14, 1S53, Miss Rachel Chase of New York, N. Y. Childr 


1816. in East Woodstock, Windham Co., Conn. 
ew York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
at Plymouth Hollow (Thomastown), Conn.; 1852,3, Had- 
rtville. 1856-9. In ill health; preached occasionally. 1850- 
augaluck. Conn. ; 1861, I, East Bridgepori. 1863, Left the 
t of ill health. Died. June 20. 1866. 
ber, 1850, MUs Baldwin, who died Feb. II, 1853. 


31, in Newton, Rockingham Co., N. H. 

German, Spanish, Italian, at home in New Bedford, Mass. ; 
le study of Medicine, 1851, z, Altended a course of Iccturen 
hie Medical College, Philadelphia ; a second course at the 
Woodstock, Vl; and graduated at the Berkshire Medical 

Mass.; afterward resumed the hospital practice, Philadel- 
ourlh course of lecluies at the Homa-opalhic College, and a 
ollege ; graduated from both these medical schools, 1853, 
ractice of Medicine In Haverhill, Mass. 1854. Disabled by a 
•ral artery, requiring ligating, 1855, Resumed active duties ; 
id operation became necessarj-, and was performed by Dr. 
1 New York, involving the ligating of s' ' 

L Haverhill, Mass. 1876, Delegate 

lal Church. 

, 1856, Miss Josephine Brownell of New Bedford, Mass, 

Haverhill, Essex Co., .Mass. , 

»1H. •StTH CHLKCll. 

izs, in Winsted, Litchfield Co., Conn. 

if an Academy in Clinton, Tenn. 1851, Principal of Athens 

preached occasionally. Died, Oct. 5, 185=, in Athens, Tenn. 

7, 1850, Miss A. C. Warren of WiUiamsburgh, Mass, Child : 

tan. 14, 1852; d. .Sept. i. 1856. 

I widow; Mrs. A. C. Knight, Athens, Mc.Minn Co., Tenn, 



Born, June 7, 1827, »" Rome, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

1S50-3, Engaged in Teaching. 1855, Removed to Msuitorville, Min^i 
admitted to tlie Bar. 1856, Elected District Attorney. 1808-60^ Member d 
Minnesota State Senate. 1862, Entered the Army in loth Kfinnesota Infantty; 
commissioned Captain. 1862, 3, Engaged in the campaigns against the Indiatf 
in Dakota. 1863, 4, In Department of Missouri. 1864, Commissioned Colonel- 
1864-7, I" 1 >epartment of Gulf. 1865, Commissioned Brevet Brigadier-Gene- 
ral. 18G6, 7, In command of District of Baton Rouge. 1867, Mustered oat oi 
service. 187 1-3, Railroad Commissioner: office in Saint Paul, Minn. iSt^ 
Presidential Elector. 1877, 8, Member of Minnesota Senate. 187S-81, Regent 
of Minnesota State University. 1881, U. S. Senator from Minnesota. 

Married, Oct. 8, 1850, Sarah Curtis of New Britain, Conn. Children: 
Edward : George : Henry : Sarah Emily : Maggie : William. 

1881, Address: Kasson, Dodge Co., Mimi. 


Born, Sept. 4, 1828, in Gilmanton, Belknap Co., N. H. 

18^4, M.D., Medical College, Harvard University. 1854-62, Practiced Medi- 
cine m Jefferson Countv, Wis., and Decatur County, Iowa. 1S62-81, Practidcg 
Medicine in Faribault County, Minn. 

Married, Aug. 8, 1850, Miss Flora E. Waterburv, at New Milford, Conn. 
Children: Mary S., b. May 23, 1851: Florence, b. ^eb. 22, 1856: Kate Flora, 
b. April 10, 1S60: Florence M., b. Dec. 20, 1863 : Alta E., b. Aug. 5, 1875. 

1881, Address: Wells, Faribault Co., Minn. 


Born, Dec. 6, 1820, in Sandwich, N. H. Brother of Nos. 235 and 284. 

1851, liegan the study of Law in Portsmouth, N. H. 1852-3, Conmiissioi*' 
of Common .Schools, Rockingham County, N. H. 1853-56, Clerk of St^ 
C'ourt for said County. 1855, Admitted to the Bar. 1856, Resigned oftce « 

ant-Colonel. 1S66-77, Resided in Boston, Mass. 1877, Professor of His*^ 
and Literature, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1878, A.M., Dartmouth College. 1879^'" 
Residing in Cincinnati, Ohio. (See Bibliography.) ... 

Married, June 28, i860. Miss Sarah F. Green of Elizabeth, N. J. ChiW- 
Francis Warlnirton. b. Sept. 6, 1S61 ; d. March 31, 1862. 

1S81, A(ldre.«%s: 140 Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Born, April 6, 1826, in Shoreham, Vt. . ,^ 

1S51, Teacher of Mathematics in South Lowell lk)ys* Academy, N. C. *^5^ 
Taught in Summerfield, Ala. 1854, 5, Teacher of Mathematics in Ccnt^j^.^ 
Institute, Summerfield, Ala. 1856, Founded the Alabama Educational As^^^ 
tion. 1S57-65, l*rincipal of Columbus Female Institute, Miss. 1858, Ord**"* ^ 
Local Deacon in Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 1866-S, Presidc***^^ 
Aberdeen Female College, Miss. 1869, Purchased Tuscaloosa Female Col '*^|j_ 
1870, Joined .North Alabama Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, S^l^tj- 
1872-7, President and Proprietor of Tuscaloosa Female College. 1878, 5^ y. 
tioned at Lafayette, Ala.; 1S80, Florence. Died, Oct. 27, 1880, m Albany, N* 


ricd, 1851, Lucy H. Perry of Vermont, who died 1863. Married, Oct. 10, 
Gary Clayton of Mississippi. Children: Frank Pomeroy, b. Oct. 10, 
d. 1868: Edward Norman, b. 1858; d. aged 14 months: Lucy Ellen, b. 
d. 1862 : Clayton, b. Dec. 23, 1807 • Norma, b. Nov. 3, 1869 ; d. June 7, 
Edward Warren, b. Jan. 5. 1871 ; d. June i, 1871 : Ben Paul, b. Nov. 19, 

;, Address of widow : Florence, Lauderdale Co., Ala. 


5-9, Residences: Northiam, England; Hempstead, N. Y. 1850, Joined 
Vork East Conference, Methodist ICpiscopal Church. 1850, i. Stationed 
rham, Conn. ; 1852, Guilford ; 1853, New Britain; 1854, 5, New Rochelle, 
.; 1856. Mamaroneck ; 1857, 8, Fleet Street, Brooklyn; 1859, Essex, 
; i860, Norfolk St.. New York, N. Y.; 1861, 2, Westville, Conn. ; 1863, 4, 
field; 1865, 6, Sag Harbor, N. Y.; 1867-9, Bridgehampton ; 1870, i, 
Jefferson and Setauket; 1872, 3, Patchoguc ; 1874, q, Amityville; 1876, 
i^ton ; 1877, Farmingdale. 1878, Withdrew from Conference; resided 
mtyville, N. Y. 1879^80, Pastor of Baptist Church, Summit, N. J. 1881, 
r of Second Baptist Church, Camden, N. J. 

rried twice; both wives dead. Children: William Henry; Class of 1873: 
I, Address: Camden, N. J. 


rn, June 21, 1827, in Fairfield, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

>i. Principal of Wilton Academy, Conn. 1852, Principal of Danbury 
emy. Conn. 1854, Published Engravings of Landseer's celebrated Paint- 
1856, Teacher of Mathematics m Susquehanna Seminary, Binghamton, 
. 1857, Principal of Binghamton Academy. 1859-60, Teacher of Mathe- 
s, Hamilton Military and Collegiate Institute, White Plains, N. Y. i860, 
:ipal of Fairfield Academy, Conn. 1861-80, Principal of High School, 
h Norwalk, Conn. 1 880-1, Editor and Proprietor of TAir Connecticut 
blican^ South Norwalk, Conn. (See Bibliography.) 

Juried, 1862, Miss Mary C. Woolley of Bridgeport, Conn., who died 1868. 
ied, 1872, Miss Lottie C. Downs of Newtown, Conn., who died Jan. 19, 
. Children : Frederick Sterling, b. 1862 : Bessie Ingersoll and Jessie Lock- 
d, b. March 22, 1874. 
•81, Address : South Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Conn. 


'^rn, Sept. 28, 1827, in New York, N. Y. Brother of No. 424. 
y?' Joined Troy Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church; stationed 
rair Haven, Vt.; 1851, Sudbury. 1851-3, Taught in Wcsleyan Institute, 
*:*fK. N. J. 1853-6, Principal of Heddnig Institute, Ashland, N. Y. 1856, 7, 
tioned at Fultonville, N. Y. Died, Nov. 6, 1857, in Otisville, N. Y. 
Carried, Jan. i, 1853, Miss Eliza Foquet Bently of Pialtsburgh, N. Y. 


.°49. Residence: Franklin, Delaware Co., N. Y. 1868, Practiced Law in 
?8J,»I11. 1 87 1-5, In business in Chicago. 1875-7, Practiced Law in New 

^77i Address : 99 Nassau St., New York, N. Y. 



Born, Nov. 22, 1826, in Nc^ York, N. Y. 

1 850- 1, Studied in Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. 18 
Professor in College of the City of New York. 1868, Ph.D., Univergity 
City of New York. 1870-1, President of Albion College, Mich, i 
Employed by the Board of Education of Detroit, Mich. 1872, Ordained 
Elder, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1872, Lecturer on Medical Jurispn 
in Detroit Homeopathic College. 1873, M-I^-* Detroit Homoeopathic C 
1873-81, In the employ of the Board of Education, New York, N. Y. 
LL.D., Iowa Wesleyan University. 1880-1, Principal of Grammar Schoo 
York, N. Y. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Dec. 23, 1857, Miss Jane A. Moore of New York, N. Y. Ch; 
William S. M., b. Nov. 27, 1858: Emma A., b. Oct. 14, 1861 : Albert 
April 28, 1864: Josephine T., b. Nov. 4, 1865; Edward A., b. July 28, it 
Sept 15, 1868: Arthur M . b. Dec. 6, 1870. 

1881, Address: 21 11 Fifth Av., New York, N. Y. 


Born, April 13, 1823, in Strafford, Orange Co., Vt. 

1850-2, Teacher of Mathematics and Latin, Wesleyan Academy, Wilb 
Mass. 1853, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal C 
1853, 4, Stationed at Warren, Mass.; 1855, Fitchburgh; 1856, 7, St. 
Church, Lowell; 1858,9, Watertown ; i860, I, First Church, Lynn; i 
Church St., Boston ; 1864, Fitchburgh. Delegate to the U. S. Christian 
mission. 1865-79, President of Lawrence University, Appleton, Wis. 
D.D., North-western University. 1871, Member of Board of Visitors tc 
Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. 1873, Traveled in Europe. 1879-81, 
pal of Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1879, LL.D, lawrenccl 
sity, Appleton, Wis. 1 880-1, Trustee of Boston University. Deleg 
General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1868, 72, 76. (Sec B 

Married, July i, 1852, Miss Susan J. Swift of Provincetown, Mass. Ch 
IJlian, b. Oct. 28, 1855; d. July 29, 1858: George Francis, b. Oct 16, 
Harriet, b. Oct. 24, i860; d. April 19, 1869. 

1881, Address: Wilbraham, Hampden Cfo., Mass. 


Born, 1826, in Shefifield, Berkshire Co., Mass. 

185 1, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal ( 
1851, 2, Stationed at Madison, Conn. ; 1S53, 4, Bethel and Long Ridge ; 
Durham; 1857,8, Westville ; 1859,60, East Bridgeport; 1861, 2, Gree 
1863, 4, Fair Haven; 1865-7, Waterbury ; 1868-70, Hempstead, N. Y. 
Forsyth St., New York; 1872-4, Rye; 1875, 6, Flushing; 1877, Darien, 
1878-80, North New York ; 1881, New Rochelle. 

Married, March 31, 1852, Miss Anna Delia Crawford of Brooklyn, 
who died May 27, 1872. Children: Carrie Elliott, b. March 12, 1S56: 
Delia, b. Dec. 25, 1858. 

1881, Address : New Rochelle, Westchester Co., N. Y. 


Born, May 26, 1823, in Boston, Mass. 

1850, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
I, Stationed at Maiden, Mass. ; 1852, 3, High St., Charlestown; 1854, j 



tral Church, Lowell ; 1856, North Russell St., Boston. 1857, Transferred to 
Kcw York East Conference. 18157,8, Stationed at Summerfield Church, Brook- 
\yn, N. Y. ; 1859, 60, St. John's Church, Brooklyn. 1861, Transferred to Prov- 
idence Conference. 1861, 2, Stationed at County St., New Bedford, Mass. 
1863, Transferred to New England Conference. 1863-j, Stationed at Tremont 
St, Boston, Mass. 1864, 5, One of the Overseers of Harvard University. 
1866, Transferred to Cincinnati Conference. 1866-8, Stationed at Trinity, Cin- 
dnnati, Ohio. 1869, Transferred to New York East Conference. 1869-71, 
Stationed at Summerfield Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 1872-4, Pacific St, Brook- 
lyn. 1873, Spent the Summer in Europe. 1875, Transferred to New England 
Conference. 1875,6, Stationed at St. PauFs, Lowell, Mass. ; 1877-9, Tremont 
Sl, Boston ; 1880, i, Newton. 1878, D.D., Wesleyan University. (See Bibli- 

Married, Sept. 16, 1850, Miss F. A. Collins of Boston, who died Dec. 26, 
1851. Married, Jan. 2, 1S53, Miss Mary Irene Smith of Boston. Children : 
Frances Elizabeth : Cordelia Adelaide : Henry Warren : Mary Almena : Ed- 
ward Sargent. 
1881, Address: Newton, Mass. 


Born in Sterling, Cayuga Co., N. Y. Brother of No. 447. 

J852, Joined Black River Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1852, 
J Stationed at Cape Vincent, N. Y. 1854, Teacher in New York Conference 
i>«ninaTy, Richmondville, N. Y. 18^5, Principal of Fairfield Seminary, N. Y. 
1861, Chaplain 34th New York Regiment. 1862-4, Lieutenant-Colonel i6oth 
^«w York Regiment ; commanded his regiment at assault on Port Hudson ; in 
Red River Expedition ; in the Shenandoah Valley, under Sheridan ; severely 
wounded, and recommended for promotion by Gens. Sheridan and Emory. 
^865, Colonel 193d New York Regiment ; Brevetted Brigadier-General, and as- 
signed to command of District of Cumberland, Department of West Virginia. 
'^Commissary-General of New York. 1866-8, Principal of Fairfield Semi- 
J«»J.N.Y. 1868-9, Member of New York State Senate. 1876-81, Principal 
™ Sedalia Seminary, Mo. 1879-81, School Commissioner of Pettis County, Mo. 

»88r, Address : Sedalia, Pettis Co., Mo. 


^rn, March 4, 1833, in Stone Ridge, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

I050, Teacher of Mathematics, Providence Conference Seminary, East Green- 
*jch, R. I. 1850, Assistant in Nautical Almanac Office, Cambridge, Mass. 
p3~7. Adjuna Professor of Mathematics in Wesleyan University. 1858-81, 
"ofessor of Mathematics and Astronomy in same. 1876, LL.D., North-west- 
J|"i University. 1877-8, Traveled with family in Europe. 1 88 r, Delegate to 
^ae Methodist Ecumenical Conference. Member of American Association for 
Aajancement of Science. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, May 2, 1854, Miss Ellen M. Burr of Middletown, Conn. Children : 
'?i^'°'23i).b. April 30, 1856: Clara (No. 1290), b. Aug. 29, 1859: Ed- 
*»'dB.,b. June 7, 1863; ^^^^ ^^ '^4 ' Jennie, b. Sept. 5, 1864. 

^^i, Address : Middletown, Conn. 



Class of 1851. 


Born, June 5, 1825, in Campton, Grafton Co., N. H. 

185 1-3, Taught in Plymouth and Franklin, N. H. 1853-6, Taught in 
mington, Ind. 18^6, President of Moore*8 Hill College, Ind. i8j7, Jc 
South-eastern I nclian a Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1861. C 
lain of 26th Indiana Volunteers. Died, Dec. 21, 1S62, from wounds, inSp 
field. Mo. 

Married, August, 1852, Emily Emmons of Westchester, Conn., who 
April, I853.^ Married, April 14, 1859, Hannah P. Hinkley of Eastport,M< 


Born, Jan. 27, 1830, in Palmyra, Wayne Co., N. Y. 

1852-7, Engaged in mercantile business. Palmyra, N.Y. 1857-60, In bus 
in Fremont, Ohio. 1861, In business in Rochester, N. Y. 1862-3, In I 
Army, 13th New York Volunteers. 1863-79, In business in Palmyra, I 
1879-81, Residing in Fremont, Ohio. 

Married, Aug. 12, 1851, Miss Mary E. Nixon of Macedon Center, N, Y., 
died June, 1857. Married, Nov. 8, 1859, Miss Caroline E. DolHson of Fret 
Ohio, who died 1865. Children : Mary Josephine, b. Nov. 8, 1854 ; d. 1 
Julia Ann, b. Dec. 23, i860. 

1 88 1, Address: Fremont, Sandusky Co., Ohio. 


Born, July 21, 1830, in Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y. Brother of No. 477. 

1851-2, Studied Law. 1852, Teacher of Ancient Languages in Richn 
ville Union Seminary and Female Collegiate Institute, Schoharie Co., N 
Dec. 23, Seminary burned. 1852-3, Teacher in Schoharie Academy, i 
1853-4, Teacher of Mathematics in Ypsilanti Union Seminary, Mich. 
Principal of Paris Seminary, Edgar Co., 111. 1S55-6, Member of Slate I 
of Education. 1856, Teacher of Mathematics in Quincy English and G€ 
Seminary, Adams Co., HI. 1857, Went to Kansas to survey and I 
lands. 1858, Principal of Topeka Normal School, Kans. 1861-4, Be 
blind; afterward recovered sight of left eye. 1 864, Principal of Auburn i 
emy, N. Y. 1S66, Principal of Elmwood Seminary, Glens Falls, N. V. 
Principal of Genesee and Wyoming Seminary, Alexander, N. Y. 1876, P 
pal of Stamford Seminary, N. Y. 1880-1, Principal of Yates Academy, 

Married, March 28, 1S53, Miss Mary Cole of Great Harrington, Mass. 
died April 17, 1869. Married, Aug. 29, 1877, Miss Sara E. Cramer of R 
beck, N. Y. Children: Frank Cole, b. Aug. 5, 1854; d. Feb. 23, 1874: 
Ham Birdseyc, b. July 3, 185S: Mary Alice,!). Aug. 8, 1862 : Charles AIfr< 
Oct. 6, 1S64. 

1881, Address : Yates, Orleans Co., N. Y. 

40t). ♦ A DIN BROOKS. 

Born, April 15, 1830, in Stockport, Cheshire, England. 

18^1-3, Teacher of Languages in Mexico Academy, N. Y. 1S5J-6, St 
Medicine. 1856, M.D., Albany Medical College. 1856-7, Practiced i^ 
Wing, Minn. Died, Oct. 4, 1857. 

Married, Nov. 21, 1856, Ellen M. Andrews of Watertown, Wis. 

lu iiu|>iu\cu; lauuicii a^ iic W(i» auic. i.'icii, rcu. i/, lou/, lu r>4iii 

[uly 27, 1858, Miss Anna M. Prince of Providence, R. I. Children : 


e 30, 1825, in Sanbornton, Belknap Co., N. H. 
lied Law in Middletown, Conn. 18^2, Admitted to the Bar in 
, Conn. 1853-61, Clerk of Superior Court for Middlesex County, 
mcilman, City of Middletown. 1855, Treasurer of the State of 
1858, City Attorney, Middletown. i860, Delegate to National 
Convention, Chicago, III. 1861-9, Postmaster, Middletown, Conn, 
ident of the Alumni Association, Wesleyan University. 1862-80, 
Wesle^-an University. 1869-81, Practicing I^w in Middletown, 
;, Admitted to Practice in U, S. Courts. 1874-5, Alderman, City 
¥n. 1878, Lectured on Constitutional I^w, in Wesleyan University. 
March 21, 185^, Hannah Foster Woodman of Canterbury, N. H. 
eremiah Francis (No. 11 40), b. Oct. 14, 1855: Arthur Benjamin, 
S59 : Edward Baker, b. Jan. 25, 1862 : Samuel Prescott, b. Nov. 8, 

ress: Middletown, Conn. 


il 21, 1828, in Arcadia, Wayne Co., N. Y. 

ludied in Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. 1854-6, 

Ancient Languages, Providence Conference Seminary, East Green- 

1857, Joined Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 

ioned at Fountain St., Providence, R. L 1859, Transferred to New 
Conference. 1859, 60, Stationed at Westville, Conn. ; 1861, 2, 
1863, John St, New York, N. Y. ; 1864-6, New Canaan, Conn. ; 

dgeport; 1870-2, Mount Vernon, N. Y.; 1S73, Mianus, Conn.; 

r Canaan; 1877, Ansonia ; 1878-80, Westville ; 1881, Forestville. 

July I, 1857, Miss M. Louisa Prentiss of Hingham, Mass. Child: 




Born, Aug. 20, 1826, in Windalim, Windham Co., N. H. 

1851, Studied in Methodist General Biblical Institute, Concord, N. H. 
Principal of East Andover Academy. iiS53, Joined New Hampshir 
ference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; stationed at Peterborough, 1 
1854,5, Rindge; 1856-8, Newmarket; 1859,60, Suncook; 1S61, G.ird< 
Liiwrence, Mass.; 1862,3, Main St., Great Falls, N. H. ; 1864-6, Nc 
1867-9, Keene; 1870-2, Portsmouth; 1873,4, Amesbury, Mass.; / 
Merrimacport ; 1878-S0, Pleasant St., Salem, N. H. ; 1881, Jefferson. 
Member of New Hampshire Legislature ; afterwards School Commissic 
Sullivan County, and Member of State Hoard of Education. 1872, Dcleg 
General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1880, Traveled cxtcn 
in Europe. Member of New Hampshire Historical Societv. 

Married, Nov. 23, 1852, Miss Cornelia P. Hall of Colchester, Conn, 
dren : Jennie, b. Aug. 2, 1854; d. Oct. 13, 185S: Edward Arthur, b. Jul) 
1856; d. Jan. 5, 1858: Grace, b. Oct. 29, 1861. 

1881, Address: Jefferson, Coos Co., N. II. 

415. *DELOS GARY. 

Born, 1 83 1, in Oneida County, N. Y. 

Taught one or two years in Mexico, N. Y. Principal one year of Osi 
High School, N. Y.; studied Law in Oswego, N. Y. 1S5S, Admitted tc 
Bar. 1858-61, Deputy Sheriff of Oswego County, N. Y. 1862-3, Captai 
Company G, 147th New York Volunteers ; wounded at Gett3rsburgh and 
after left the service. 1863-70, Practiced Law in Oswego, N. Y. 186; 
Recorder. Died, July 27, 1870, in Binghamton, N. Y. 

Married : wife deceased. 


Born, Nov. 23, 1824, in New Milford. Litchfield Co., Conn. 

1852-3, Studied in Methodist General Biblical Institute, Concord. N 
1853, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. iSj 
Stationed successively at Sudbury, Sutton, Oakdale, Buckland, and Shelb 
Falls, Mass.; 1860-2, Gaylordsville, Conn.; 1863,4, Pelham, Mass.; iS< 
Blandford ; 1867-9, Charlemont. 1870, Transferred to Vermont Confcn 
1870-2, Stationed at Wilmington, Vt. ; 1873, West Windsor; 1874, 5, P^t 
1876-8, Athens and Canibridgeport. 1S7CHS1, Supernumerary on accoui 
poor health ; residing in Bernardston, 1880-1, Prearhing in Mcth< 
Episcopal Church, Gill, Mass. 

Married, .^ug. 26, 1851, Almira S. Goodspeed of Marlborough, Vt ' 
dren : Francis Asbury, b. Oct. 23, 1857 : Florrie Houghton, b. Feb. 26, i 
d. Oct. 13, 1862: Hattie Emma, o. Sept. 10, 1865. 

1881, Bernardston, Franklin Co., Mass. 


Born, June 3, 1823, in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

1852-6, Teacher in Boston Mercantile Academy. 1857, Teacher in Boy' 
School, Boston, Mass. 1858, Engaged in Insurance business. i863-73» ' 
eral Agent John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., Boston, Mass. 18' 
President Hyde Park Savings liank. 1877, Member of Massachusetts 1 
lature. 1877-81, Engaged in Insurance business, Sudbury, Mass. 1880, ' 
ber of Massachusetts Legislature. 



irricd, June 5, 1852, Martha Ann Clough of Canterbury, N. H. Children ; 
les Clough, b. Sept. i» 1858: Mary Eleanor, b. Oct. 5, 1862: Frank Foster, 
mc 23, 1S64: Gilbert Ha>nes, b. March 3, 1872. 
>Si, Address: Sudbury, Middlesex Co., Mass. 


Boira in Piltstown, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. 

^^51, Studied Medicine in Middletown, Conn. 1S52-3, Engaged in busines.** 
ift Cincinnati, Ohio. 1854-60, Practiced Medicine in Eldorado County, 
CaMomia; also engaged in mining. 1855-60, Superintendent of Schools for 
© Dorado County, Cal. 1862-9, Practiced Medicine in Lander (!ountv. Nev. ; 
Sttperintendent of Schools for same. I^'69-8I, Practicing Medicine in White Pine 
County, Nev. ; Superintendent of Schools for same ; since 1871, County Physi- 
cian for same. 1S75. M.D., California Medical College, tias visited South 
America, Central America, Mexico, and British Columbia. Member of the 
California Medical Si)ciety. Member of the Nevada Medical Society. 
Married, 1851, Electa M. Clark of Haddam, Conn. 
iSSr, Address : Hamilton, White Pine Co., Nev. 


'^i June 14, 1S23, in Marcellus, Onondaga Co., N. Y. 

1851, Teacher in Falley Seminary, Fulton. N. Y. 1852, Taught in Jordan, 
2' ^* '853, Principal of High School, Naugatuck, Conn. 1854, Joined 
•^^ River Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; stationed at Trenton, 
•^- V. ; 1855, Cai)e Vincent; 1856, 7, Ohio; 1858, 9, New Bremen; i860, i, 
^annsville'; 1862. 3, De Kalb ; 1864, Buck's Bridge; i86c, 6, Waddington ; 
'^DcKalb; 1S68. Richville ; i8f)9-7i, Edwards ; 1 87 2-4, Russell ; 1875-7, 
^'JJ^n; 1S78, Trenton ; 1879, ^* Vernon ; 1881, Cold Brook and Russia. 

Married, .May 23, 1855, Miss .Marv A. Scott of Rome, N. Y. Children: 
^'^tibeth, b. Feb. 28, 1856: Frances Eliza, b. Aug. 15, i860; d. Feb. 17, 187^: 
^ofgc Hurroughs, b. Oct. 8, 1862. 

'^i, Address : Cold Brook, Herkimer Co., N. V. 


^n, March 6, 1833, in Warren, Bristol Co., R. L Brother of No. 485. 

'^541 Admitted to the Connecticut Bar. 1854-7, Practiced Law in Middlc- 
*J*"i Conn. 1856-7, Member of Common Council ; Attorney of City of 
^<i<iletown, Conn. 1857-61, Deputy Collector of Customs, Barnstable, Mass. 
1861-^ Practiced I^w m New York, N. Y. 1869-73, Practiced I^w in San 
\fancisc(i, Cal. 1873-5, In the employment of the Brooklyn Life In.surance 
Jj^pany of New York at its San Francisco Agency. 1S75, Cashier of the 
^Jate Investment and Insurance Company, San P'rancisc<j, Cal. 1876-8, Clerk 
'Jthe Hoard of Health, San Francisco. 1876-81, Clerk of the Mayor, San 
fi^cisco. i88o-i, Practicing Law in San Francisco, Cial. 188 1, Cashier of 
w State Investment and Insurance Company, San Francisco, Cal. 

Married, Nov. 23, 1858, Miss Lucretia Bacon of Barnstable, Mass. Children : 

*J«abcth Plumcr, b. April 4, i860; d. July 15, 1876: Grace Bacon, b. Oct. 19, 

♦ «®i, Address: 822 Sutler St., San Francisco, Cal. 



Born, July 3, 1827, in Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Brother of No. 367. 

1851-;^, Tutor in Wesleyan University. 1853-5, Adjunct Professor of Mcnl 
Science in Weslevan Universiw. 1S55, Resigned; removed to Rhinebeck,N.Ti 
health failed. 1856, Visited Europe. i8s7-^, Resided in Amenia and RUk- 
beck, N. V. ; health improved. 1859, Joined New York East CoofieitKet 
Methodist Kpiscopal Church. 1859, 60, Stationed at Nathan Bangs Ctodt 
(now New York Av. Church), Brooklyn ; 1861, 2, South 5th St (now SL 
John's), Brooklyn; 1S63-5, First Place, Brooklyn; 1866-8, Washington St, 
Brooklyn; 1869-71, Hanson Place, Brooklyn ; 1872-4. First Place, Brookli*; 
1875-7, Pacific St., Brooklyn. 1873, ^^-^^m Wesleyan University, i^K> 
Chairman of Fraternal Delegation from General Conference, Methodist Epi* 
copal Church, to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, Soalk 
1878-81, Corresponding Secretary of the American Bible Society; residing ' 
249 Washington Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. Delefi^ate to General Conference, Metb 
dist Kpiscojial ('hurch, 1872, 76. (See Bibliography.) 

188 1, Address: Bible House, Astor Place, New York, N. Y. 


Born, Aug. 1 1, 1830, in Manchester, Hartford Co., Conn. Brother of No. -4 

1 85 1-2, Teacher of Mathematics, Providence Conference Seminar)*, E 
(Greenwich, R. I. 1853-5, Studied in Andover Theological Seminary, Bt^ 
1 85 5-64, Pastor of Congregational Church, Shelburne Falls, Mass. 18^ J3 
Served in Christian and Sanitary Commissions ; was also a volunteer chapl^ 
Died, Jan. 7, 1864, in Nashville, Tcnn. 

Married, 1S56, Miss Susan E. Smith of Ipswich, Mass., Preceptress 
Providence Conference Seminary. 

1881, Address of widow; Mrs. S. F. Field, Shelburne Falls, Franklin ^ 


Born, July 30, 1823, in Nictcaux, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia. 

1852, Joined Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. i8%^ 
Stationed at Allen St., New Bedford, Mass.; 1854, 5, North Bridgewater, Ma-^ 
1856, Bristol, R. I.; 1859, 60, First Church, Fall River, Mass.; i&i, Pawtuc*' 
R. 1. 1862, Transferred to New England Conference. 1862, 3, Stationed 
Pynchon St., Springfield, Mass. ; 1864, St. Paul's, Lynn ; 1665, 6, Cen*= 
Church, I^well; 1867-9, Warren St., Roxbury (now Winthrop St., Bos'* 
Highlands); 1870,1, Grace Church, Worcester; 1872, 3, Harvard SU (^ 
bridgeport; 1874-6, Saratoga St.. Boston; 1877, 8, Auburndale; 1879, * 
Winthrop St., Boston. 1S66, Visited New Orleans and Cuba, 1873, D. J 
Wesleyan University. 1876, Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Ep^ 
copal Church. 1881, Transferred to Maine Conference ; stationed at Chestc' 
St., Portland, Mc. 

Married, Feb. 21, 1855, Velina Baylies Pease of Edgartown, Mass. Childr^ 
Minnie Gordon, b. Nov. 29, 1855 : Nellie Andrews, b. Sept 10, 1S57 ; d. May -^ 
i860: Andrew, b. Dec. 4, 1858; d. Dec. 27, 1858: Lizzie Campbell, b. June 
1861 : Arthur Hamilton, b. Jan. 16, 1864: Willie, b. June 14, 1866; d. July - 
1867 : Edith Maud, b. Sept. 0, 1869: Annie Breed, b. May 13, 1875. 

1881, Address: Portland, Me. 


Born, Sept. 26, 1829, in New York, N. Y. Brother of No. 398. 
i8q2, Taught in East Hartford, Conn.; State Register of Connecticut for ^ 
montns. 1853-4, Associate Principal of Flushing Female College, N. 


idpal of High School, Fall River, Mass. 1858, Studied in Union 
Seminary, New York, N. Y. 1859, Associate Principal of Spingler 
5w York, N. Y. i860, Six months recruiting; health m Middletown, 
)-2, Pastor First Congregational Church, Wmsted, Conn. Delegate 
. Christian Commission. 1862, Supplied Second Congregational 
St Winsted, Conn. 1863-5, Pastor of Congregational Church, 
Conn. 1865, Left Ministry on account of ill health. 1866-9, ^^' 
fe Insurance business in New York, N. Y. 1870, President of 
ilth Life Insurance Co., New York, N.Y. 1873, Stock broker in 
N. Y. 1873-5, Superintendent of Agencies of Mutual Benefit Life 
'o., Newark, N. J. 1876-81, Vice-President of same Company ; 
Mont Clair, N. J. 

1852, Miss E. J. Ferree of Middletown, Conn. Children : Charles 
ept. 10, 1854: Carrie Louise, b. Oct. 18, 1862: Frederick Welles, 
Iress : 752 Broad St., Newark, N. J. 



idence: Stratford, Fairfield Co., Conn. 1851-2, Taught in Milford, 
-4, Taught in Bridgeport, Conn. 1855-7, Taught in Norwalk, 
, Engaged in farming in Stratford, Conn. 1859^81, Engaged in 

Bridgeport, Conn. ; residing in Stratford. 
Nov. 8, 1852, Miss E. ^Idwin of Brookfield, Conn. Children : 

856: Hattie, b. 1858: Susan, b. 1862; Class of 1884: Julia, b. 1864; 

ary, b. 1867 : Elliot William, b. 1869. 

dress : Bridgeport, or Stratford, Fairfield Co., Conn. 


Donaldsonville, Ascension Co., La. 

Law in Donaldsonville ; admitted to the Bar, and commenced prac- 
ima, Terre Bonne Parish, La. i860. District Attorney. Lieutenant- 
8th Louisiana Cavalry, C. S. Army. 1865-81, Practicing Law in 
ns. La. 
Idress : New Orleans, La. 


overaber, 1827, in Hartford, Windsor Co., Vt. 

acher in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1852-3, Civil Engineer in Indiana, 
••icher in Newbury Seminary, Vt. Returned West, and taught till 
•d. Died, June 15, 1858, in Hartford, Windsor Co., Vt. 
Lucctta Tuttle of Hancock, N. H. Children : Charles F., b. June 
fary A., b. Aug. 21, 1858. 


ov. I, 1824, in Redding, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

cached on Sherman, Gaylord Ikidge, and Kent Circuit, Conn. 1852, 

Methodist General Biblical Institute, Concord, N. H. ; preached in 

N. H. 1853, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal 

1853-4, Stationed at First Church, Marlborough, Mass.; 1S55, Saxon- 

, Wobum ; 1857, Townsend ; 1858, 9, Monson ; i860, Clinton ; 1861, 2, 

'>n; 1863, 4» Blandford; 1865, 6, Dudley; 1S67, 8, Warren; 1869, 

1870, I, Cherry Valley; 1872, 3, Hubbardston; 1874, 5, Wales. 

13. 1875, *" Wales, Mass. 



Married, May 31, 1853, Maria H. Atwell of Lynn, Mass., who died Oct n 
1855. Married, April 2, 1857, Caroline M. Baker of Waltham, Man. CkDd: 
Ella Matilda, b. Dec. 11, 1866. 

1881. Address of widow: Mrs. Caroline M. Baker, 12 Essex St., Cambrid|^ 
port, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

Class of 1852. 


Born, Jan. 17, 1834, in New York, N. Y. 

1852-8, In business in New York, N. Y. 1862-76, Publisher of The World, 
New York, N. Y. 1876-S1, Resided in New York, N. Y. Died, Sept. 14. 
1881, inNew York,N. Y. 


Born, July 18, 1828, in East Bethany, Genesee Co., N. Y. 

1852-4, Principal of Stanstead Seminary, Stanstead, Quebec. 1854-5, Teacher 
of Natural Science, Genesee Weslcyan Seminary, Lima, N. Y. 1S56-3, Prin- 
cipal of same. 1859, Associate Principal of Fort Plain Seminary, N. Y. rS6o^ 
Superintendent of Public Schools, Schenectady, N. Y. 1861, Principal of 
Lowville Academy, N. Y. 1862, Stationed at Pcnn Yan, N. Y., Kast Genesee 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1864, A^ain Principal of Genesee 
Weslcyan Seminary. 1866-9, Studied Church History and Christian Art 
Archxology in University of Berlin, Prussia. 186S, Traveled in Italy. 18691 
Traveled in Egypt, Palestine, Greece, etc. 1869, Stationed at Towanda, PSl; 
1870, Elmira, N. Y. 1870, 1 ).!)., Genesee College. 1871-81, Professor of 
History and Logic in Syracuse University, N. Y. 1875, Visited Europe in the 
interest of University Library. Delegate to General Conference, 
Methodist Episcopal Church, 1S72, So. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, November, 1854, Caroline M. Bannirfer of Phelps, N. Y. Children: 
Clara I^uisa, b. 1857; d. August, 1862 : William Clarke, b. 18 j8: Laura Amelia, 
b. 1.S60; d. June, 1S68: Charles Stephen, b. 1S64: Mary Louisa, b. Dec. 6, 

1881, Address: Syracuse, N. Y. 


Born, June i, 1824, in Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. 

iSj;2-3, Teacher in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1853-65, Teacher in Wesley: 
Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1865-7, Paymaster of Indian Orchard Mil 
Mass. 1867-8, Principal of Newbury Seminary, Vt. 1868-70, Principal 
Vennont Conference Seminary, Montpelier, Vt. 1871-81, Principal of Elm ' 
Grammar School, Springfield, Mass. 

Married, Nov. 14, 18 «, Miss May K. Kimpton. Children : Mary Eveline, 
Aug. 0, 18^7: Francis Truman, b. May 17, i860; Class of 1884. 

i^i. Address: Springfield, Mass. 


Born, Sept. 26, 1822, in Greenfield, Franklin Co., Mass. 
1852, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Chur^^ 
tioned at Maiden, Mass.; went South on account of failure of health ^ 


Supera.nnuated. 1S54, 5, Stationed at Walnut St., Chelsea, Mass.; 1S56, 7, 
Broinficid St., Boston; 185S, 9, Common St., Lynn ; i860, i, St. Paul's Church, 
Ix>well ; 1S62, 3, Portland, Me., Maine Conference; 1864-6, Pynchon St., 
Springrfield. Mass., New England Conference; 1867-9, Meridian St, East Bos- 
ton. I>elegate to U. S. Christian Commission. 1869, D.l)., Lawrence Univer- 
sity. 1S70-3, Presiding Elder of Boston District. 1872, Fraternal Delegate to 
C'onferencc of Wcsleyan Methodists in Eastern British America. 1874--6, Sta- 
tioned at Trinity, Charlestown; 1877-9, Saratoga St., Elast Boston. 1S80, 
Supernumerary; in poor health. 1881, Stationed at Jamaica Plain, Boston, 
^f a&s. Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1868, 
72. 76. 

Married, June 9, 1845. Miss Eliza Brooks. Children : Anne Eliza, b. July 
19, 1S4.7 - Kllen Urania, b. Nov. 7, 1851. 

1S81, .\ddress : Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass. 

483. ♦ ADAM C. CRYSLER. 

Bom, July 14, 1826. 

18^1, Residence: Sterling, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 1852-4, Teacher in Falley 
Seminary, Fulton, N. Y. 1854, Traveled in the West on account of ill health; 
t2U|;ht in I^cwiston, N. Y. Died, April 26, 1855. 

Married; his wife, Anna M., died Dec. 3, 1857, in Jonesville, Mich. Child : 
Mary Luella, b. April 20, 1855. 


Born, Sept 11, 1829, in Plattekill, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

iS^3, Engaged in farming in East Avon, N. Y. 1853, Studied Law in Geneva, 
N- \ ' 1^54-5. Studied in Law Department of Yale College. 1855, LL.B., 
Yale College; admitted to practice in all the courts of the State of New York. 
1S55— S, Practiced Law in Geneva, N. Y. 1860-9, Gounty Judge of Ontario 
Oounty, N. Y. 1869-81, Practicing Law in Geneva. 

Married, Dec. 29, 1857, Miss Elizabeth C. Warner of Lima, N. Y. Children: 
Harry Warner, b. Aug. 12, 1859: Samuel B., b. May 8, 1861 : George Brown, 
b. Dec. 2, 1864. 

1 88 1, Address: Geneva, Ontario Co., N. Y. 


Bom, March 6, 1830, in Phillipstown, Putnam Co., N. Y. Brother of Nos. 
4^ and 534. 

1852, Joined New York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1852, 3, 

Sutionedat Lenox, Mass.; 1854, 5, Morrisania, X. Y.; i8j6, 7, Thirtieth St., 

New York; 1858, 9, St PauFs Church, New York; i8()0, Tarrytown. i8()0-3. 

Professor of Latin and Hebrew, Wesleyan University. 1863-5, Presiding Elder 

«t Poughkeepsie District. 1865-7, Stationed at Thirtieth St.. New York, N. 

Y.; 1868, .Sing Sing. 1869, Went to Switzerland on account of poor health; 

ork, N. Y., 

traveled in Italy. Died, March 30, 1870, in Clarcns, Switzerland. 

Married. August. 1852, Miss Catherine H. Carpenter of New Y 
jnodied Dec. 12, 1857. Married, June 21, i860, Miss Caroline Mead of New 
^orlcN. V. Children; Catherine Sedgwick, b. April i, 1855; d. Jan. 16, 1856: 
^aroi/ne Mead, b. April 17, 1S61 : Harriet Campbell, b. Aug. 17, 1862: Ida 

5m ^"^' ''* 1^4- Archibald Campbell, b. Aug. 17, 1870. 

'^h Address of widow ; Noroton, Fairfield Co., Conn. 



Horn, Oct. 28, 1822, in Owcgo, Tioga Co., N. Y. 

1853. Traveled as Map Agent for a firm in New York, N. Y. 1854, Prcad 
at North St., Indianapolis, Ind. Joined North Indiana Conference, Method 
Episcopal Church. Transferred to Missouri Conference ; appointed to Wak 
usa Mission, Kans. ; the Mission included twenty-two appointments, three 
which were among the Shawnee Indians. 1855, Appointed to Topeka, KaB 
in peril from border ruffians. 1856, Health failed. 1857, Appointed to F 
mont, Kans. ; 1858, Indianola; 1859, Big Spring; i860, Tecumsch; 1861, 
Auburn and Burlingame; 1863, Tecumseh and Clinton; 1864-6, Seneca; iS 
Circleville; 1 868, Junction Cit>'; 1869, North Lawrence; 1870, i, Fort R 
Circuit; 1872, Rock Creek and Blue Valley; 1873, 4» Blue Valley; 1875- 
Second Church, Manhattan. 

Married, Sept. 13, 1855, J. Augusta Goodrich of Owego, N. Y. Childr 
John Silas, b. Aug. 26, 1857 : William James, b. Nov. 24, i860 : Mary Lvdii 
Aug. 25, 1863 : Sarah Augusta Clarissa, b. Feb. 19, 1866 ; d. Oct. 21, i^ 

1 88 1, Address : Manhattan, Riley Co., Kans. 


Born, May 17, 1826, in Saint Johnsbury, Caledonia Co., Vt. 

1852-5. Teacher of Latin in New Hampshire Conference Seminary and 
male College, Sanbornton Bridge, N. H. 1854, Joined New Hampshire ' 
ference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1855-io, Principal of New Hampj 
Conference Seminar}'. 1861-3, Professor of Greek Language and litcra 
Wesleyan University. 1863-81, Professor of Latin Language and literato 
same. 1872, Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Ch» 
1873, Traveled in Europe. 1877, D.D., Ohio Wesleyan University. (See 1 

Married, Aug. 10, 1852, Miss Eliza C. Chase of Lempster, N. H. C 
Karl Pomeroy, b. June 13, 1861 ; Class of 1882. 

1881, Address : Middletown, Conn. 


Born, March 24, 1823, on the Island of Jamaica, West India. 

1853, Principal of Monrovia Academy, Liberia, A&ica, under Missionar 
ciety of Methodist Episcopal Church. 1858,9, Stationed at Fair Haven, C 
i860, I, Redding; 1862, 3, South Second St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; 1864, 5, 
niingham. Conn. ; 1866, Rockville Center, N. Y. ; 1867-9, Willett St., 
York. 1870-1, Traveled in Europe and the East and West Indies. 18 
Stationed at Babylon, N. Y. ; 1873-5, Greenport and Shelter Island ; iS 
Forestville, Conn.; 1879-81, Clinton. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Sept. 2j, 1855, ^^^^ Jessie Stowc Tuzo of Bermuda. ChU< 
George Harold, b. June 3, 1856: Esther Tuzo, b. Feb. 13, 1859: Edith S 
b. Feb. 22, 1861 : Mary Isabel, b. Aug. 27, 1863: Henrietta Frith, b. Jun 
1 8615 : Julia Stone Tuzo, b. Jan. 8, 1870. 

1881, Address: Clinton, Middlesex Co., Conn. 


Born, Nov. 18, 1830, in Lansingburgh, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. 

1S52-3, Teacher of Natural Sciences in Amenia Seminary, N. V. 18 
Tc.icher of Latin and Greek in Pennington Seminary and Female Colle 
Institute, N. J. 1856-7, Teacher of Greek and Mathematics in same. 
Joined New Jersey Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; statiow 


^oitjcrvis, N.Y. 1858, By division of Conference, became nieml)er of Newark 
Conference. 1S58, 9, Stationed at Newark, N. J. ; i860, i, Franklin; 1862,3, 
Uttle Falls; i8(54-^» Helvidere ; 1867, 8, l*hillipsburgh ; 1869-71, Mont Clair; 
^^72, 3, Madison ; 1874-6, Second Church, Rahway, N. J.; 1877, Port Rich- 
mond, Staten Island, N. Y.; 1878-S0, Suckasunny, N. J.; 1881, Park Church, 

Married, May 18, 1864, Miss Sarah Durland of Warwick, Orange Co., N. Y. 
Children: Thomas Durland, b. May 18, 1865: Seymour Landon, b. Aug. 2i, 
1867: Louise E., b. Aug. 29, 1869. 

1881, Address : Elizabeth, N. J. 


Bom, April 2, 1825, in Manchester, Hartford Co., Conn. Brother of No. 422. 

'^52-3, Taught in Plainville, Conn. 1854, Preached in Hingham, Mass. 
*?55« Joined Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1855, Sta- 
tioned at Yarmouth Port, Mass. ; 1856, 7, South Truro ; 1858, 9, Hingham ; i860, 
J. Holmes Hole (now Vineyard Haven) ; 1862, 3, South Yarmouth ; 1864, Main 
St., North Easton ; 1865, 6, South Harwich ; 1867, Eastham ; 1868, Barnstable 
^d Yarmouth Port. 1868, Did not preach, on account of failing sight and 
[ *<^kncssinfamily; taught in South Harwich, Mass. 1869-73, Superannuated; 
^Qt failed entirely for a time, but was partially restored by removal of cata- 
^^^ 1871-2, Taught Grammar School in North Harwich, Mass. ; preached 
°^ionally. 1873-6, Preached in Long Plain, Mass. 1877-S1, In feeble 

^^^ i preaching occasionally ; Assistant in Free Library, East Greenwich, 
'»• I. 

^^nicd, April 11. 1854, Miss Almira Eddy, who died Oct. 20, 1S68. Mar- 
^ Oec 8, 1873, Mrs. Mary F. Percival. Children : Frank Wilbur, b. July 9, 

Ift George Albert, b. Nov. 2, 1862: Myra Eddy, b. May 2, 1868. 

'^'» Adm-ess: East Greenwich, Kent Co., R. I. 

w ^5 1 , Residence : Springfield, Mass. 1856-S1, Practicing Law in Springfield, 

I^^^ed twice. Children : two ; both d. 
^* * t Address : Springfield, Mass. 


"^"^on.Dcl. 1855, Went to Topeka, Kans., on account of failure <jf health. 

* 5^--^^ Mcnjljer of Kansas Senate, under Topeka Constitution. 1862-3, Kn- 

^^d in oil business in Detroit, Mich. 1864-70, Engaged in oil business in 

P^^*^go County, Pa. 1870, Joined Kansas Conference, Methodist Episcopal 

V^Hvirch; stationed at Clinton, Kans.; 1871-3, Tecumseh; 1873, 4, Chan- 

4 * '^741 Transferred to South Kansas Conference. 1874, 5, Stationed at 

^J¥^U and El Dorado; 1875-7, El Dorado; 1877, 8, Newton; 1878, 9, Pea- 

W^' 1S79, Transferred to Kansas Conference; stationed at Silver I^akc, 

^J*- 18&-1, Agent of Temperance Christian Union. 

r*^''ned, Sept. 2^, 1852, Sarah Jane Miller of Copake, Columbia Co., X. Y. ; 

o died May 5, 1055. Married, March 27, 1859, l,ouise Thompson of Leaven- 

r°^"}»Kans. Children: Mary, b. Feb. 7, 1854 ;d. Feb. 16, 1854: Gertrude L., 

? Jj'*^ 6, i860: Frank T., b. May 10, 1863 : Stephen Curry, b. Sept. 28, 1865 ; 

iss/* '3. 1868. 
^*» Address : Topeka, Kans. 



Born, July 0, 1S30, in Froonic, Somerset Co., England. 
1S52, i'reached on circuit near Norwalk, Conn. 1S53, Preached in \V 
ton. Conn. Died, Aug. 21, iSj;3, in Hartford, Conn. 

Married, Aug. 10, 1853, Miss KUcn M. Douglass of Coopcrstown, 


1S51, Residence: Owego, N. Y. 1855-S1, Practicing Law in low 
Iowa ; Firm : Edmunds & Ransom. 

Married, June 23, 1S59, Miss Sarah F. Bacon of Owego, N. Y. 
Sarah B., b. Jan. 14, 1863. 

1881, Address : Iowa City, Johnson Co., Iowa. 


Born, Aug. 31, 1829, in Rhincbeck, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

1852-67, Teacher in Redding Institute, Conn. 1S69-81, Principal an 
prictor of the same. 

Married, 1851, Miss Fannie Sanford of Redding, Conn., who died Fe 
1872. Married, Nov. 26, 1879, Miss Lizzie L. Parkhurst of Chelmsford, 
Children: Emma, b. April 8, 1S52: Henry, b. Nov. 16, 1S55 : Edwa 
May 25, 1858 : Samuel C, b. Nov. 3, 1S66. 

1 88 1, Address : Redding Ridge, Fairfield Co., Conn. 


1851, Residence: Lisbon, Grafton Co., N. H. Taught in New York, 
necticut, New Jersey, Vermont, and New Hampshire. i8c6-6o, Teachi 
Grammar School, New York, N. Y. 1860-81, Practicing Law m New York, 1 

Married, Aug. i, 1853, Miss .Sarah A. Salter of Greenport, N. Y. Child 
Walton Lindsay, b. Nov. 30, 1856; d. in infancy: Eliza Lee, b. Dec. 11, i 
O. Anna, b. Feb. 18, 1S65: George W., b. May 22, 1869; d. July 25, i 
Ilattie C, b. Sept. 11, 1870; d. May 2, 1S72. 

18S1, Address : 70 Wall St., New York, N. Y. 


Born, March 17, 1825. in Sterling, Cayuga Co., N. V. Brother of No. 4 

1852-S, Teacher of Mathematics in Susquehanna Seminary, Binghamton 
Y. 185S-9, Engaged in surveying in Oswego and Jefferson Counties, N 
1860-72, Taught in Peoria County, 111.; for some time Principal of a V 
School in Peoria, 111. 1872-81, Teaching and farming in Peoria County, H 

Married, Jan. 25, 1S51, Miss Sarah A. Nipper of Oswego, N. V., who 
Nov. II, 1S6S. Married, July 4, iS()9, Miss Matilda A. Schiiltz of Nav: 
Ohio. Children: Sarah Theresa, b. Sept. 18. 1852: William Johnson, b..* 
6, 1S54: John llullock, b. April 29, 1S56: d. Sept. 28, 1856: Robert Marshr 
b. Nov. 23. 1S61 : Howard, b. June 7, i^(y6\ d. Sept 3, 1866: George Mi' 
b. Feb. 14, 1868: Minnie Amelia, b. Aug. 17, 1872: Ellen Eliza, b. Aug 
1874: Centa Gertrude, b. May 24, 1876: Albert Bullock, b. Sept. 26, i" 
Margaret Matilda, b. Sei)t. 18, 1880. 

1S81, Address: Dunlap, Peoria Co., 111. 



Dm, March 20, 1826, in Mercer, Somerset Co., Me. 

•53-4. Taught in Brooklyn, N. Y. 185S-66, Practiced Law in New York, 

f . Died, September, 1066, in Mercer, Me. 


orn, March 11, 1S31, in Dover, N. H. 

>52-3, Principal of Intermediate School, Portland, Me. 1854-9, Engaged 
lercaniile business, Great Falls, N. H. 1859-62, Teacher in \ViU>erforce 
vcrsity, Xenia, Ohio. 1S63-5, Clerk in Internal Revenue Office, Washing- 
ID. C. 1S65-75, Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue, New York, N. Y. 
;— So, Clerk in Universal Life Insurance Co., N. Y. 1880-1, Book-keeper in 
nfield, N. J. 

arried, Jan. 11, 18^5, Miss Amanda H. Huntress of Great Falls, N. H., 
died Nov. 24, 185^. Married, July 24, 1867, Miss M. E. Frazce of Scotch 
ns, N. J. Children: Mabel Josephine, b. Feb. 6, 1858; d. Oct. 21, 1858: 
ion Josephine, b. June 11, 1869: George Vincent, b. Aug. 16, 187 1. 
iisi, Address: Plainfield, Union Co., N. J. 


^51, Residence : Red Creek, Wayne Co., N. Y. 1853, Joined Black River 
i^erence, Methodist Episcopal Church; stationed at Waddington Mission, 
^'.; 1854, Belgium Church, Liverpool; 1855,6, Cleveland; 1857, Phoenix; 
^, 9, Scriba; 1X60, Three Mile Bay ; 1S61, 2, Depauville; 1S63, 4, Philadel- 
^- 1865, Reported no longer in Conference. 1S79-81, As a Local Prcichcr, 
flying Freeville, N. Y. 
^i, Address : Freeville, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 


f>ni, Sept. 18, 1S24, in Kirkland, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

•52-3, Teacher in Flushing Female Institute, N. Y. 1853-66, Teacher of 
hematics in Oneida (now Central New York) Conference Seminary, Caze- 
^, N. Y. 1866-9, Principal of Sauquoit Academy, N. Y. 1869-70, Again 
-her in Oneida Conference Seminary. 1S70-9, Principal of Canastota Union 
• School and Academy, N. Y. 1879-S0, Principal of White's English 

Classical School, Oneida, N. Y. 1S80-1, Again Teacher of Mathematics 
cntral New York Conference Seminar}', Cazenovia, N. Y. 
arried, April 6, 1859, Miss Isadore M. Haight. Children: Cornelia C, b. 

3, 1S60: Henr>' S., b. May 20, i86i ; Class of 1882: Lucy H., b. Feb. 8, 

hf Address: Cazenovia, Madison Co., N. Y. 


Class of 1853. 


Born, Nov. 2, 1S30, in Groton, Caledonia Co., Vt. 

1853-4, Principal of Academic Department of Newark Wcslcyan Institate, 
N. J. 1854-6, Principal of I^ewiston Seminary, 111. 1856, Taught and stodied 
Law in Chicago, 111. Admitted to practice in Supreme Court of lUioois. 
1857-61, Practiced Law in Chicago, 111. 1857, Admitted to practice in U. S. 
District and Circuit Courts. 1861-3, Practiced Law in Newbury, Vl iS6> 
Enlisted in Company F, 8th Vermont Volunteers. 1864, Detailed as Assistant 
Suj>erintendent of Education of Freedmen in Louisiana. 1865, ComiMiwW 
Company G, 87th U. S. Colored Infantry at Palmetto Ranche, etc; detailed in 
Freedman's Bureau, to establish schools. 1866, Wounded at Monroe, L^ ^ 
the night, by enemjes of those schools. 1867-S1, Practicing Law in Boston. 
Mass. 1874-9, Associate Justice of the South Boston Municipal Court. (S« 

Married, Nov. 4, 1861, Miss Celeste Shute of Waukegan, 111., who died Mara 
22, 1880. Child : a son, b. 1S62 ; infancy. 

i88i. Address: 48 G St., South Boston, Mass. 


Bom, Nov. 7, 1826, in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 

1855, Admitted to the Bar. 1855-^2, Practiced Law in Burlington, Io«- 
1862, Enlisted as a private in Company G, 25th Iowa Volunteers. 1863, C^ 
tain of 25th Iowa Volunteers; taken prisoner at Ra3rmond, Miss.; coo&J^ 
for nearly two years in Libby Prison, Macon, Ga., Charleston, S. C, ^ 
Columbia, S. C, whence he escaped, and after six weeks, succeeded in reachinc 
the Northern lines at Knoxville, Tenn. 1865-76, Practiced Law in Cant* 
Mo. 1876-S1, Practicing Law in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Married, in 1853, Miss Hattie S. Pierce of Aurora, N. Y. Childrtt: 
William Fitch, b. Aug. 2, 1856 : Hattie L., b. Sept. 29, 1866. 

1881, Address: Des Moines, Iowa. 


Bom, Sept. 9, 1825, in Hadlev, Hampshire Co., Mass. ^^ 

1854, Taught in East Windsor, Conn. 1855, Member of ConnecO^ 
Legislature. 1S56-7, Principal of High School, Oxford, Mass. i8j8, Stnd»» 
Dentistry in Worcester, Mass. 1859, Practiced Dentistiy in Milford, M^ 
1860-70, Practiced Dentistrv in Millbury, Mass. 1868, Chairman of Scno* 
Committee, Millbury, Mass. 1870-S1, Practicing Dentistry in Worcester, 

Married, Jan. 30, 1S55, C. Jane Tracy of Franklin, Conn. Children: E^ 
Jane, b. Feb. 3, 1856: Charles Woodward, b. May 9, 1857 ; d. April 26, ^^' 
Henry P., b. Feb. 16, 1S63: Mary I., Francis, and Lucy A. ; d. in infancy. 

188 1, Address: 503 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 


Bom, July 7, 1832, in Cincinnatus, Cortland Co., N. Y. 

1S54-5. Taught Select School. Cincinnatus, N. V. 1855, Teacher of AnaeiR 
languages in Cooperstown Seininarv, N. V. 1856-7, Teacher of MathcmatH* 
and Natural Philosophy in Oxford Academy, N. Y. 1858-67, Prindpai o* 


ling Seminary and Central Jllinois Female College, Abingdon, 111. 1867- 
Principal of Graded School, Altona, III 187 1-7, Principal of Grand 
le Seminar)' and Commercial College, Onarga, 111. 1877-S, Principal of 
ed School in Chatsworth, 111. iS^S-Si, Professor of Mathematics in 
ling College, Abingdon, III. 

irried, Dec. 3, i860. Miss Helen L. Hutchins of Henry, 111., who died Dec. 
S61. Married, June 30, 1864, Elvira C. Bates of Griggsville, 111. Chil- 
: Charles Hutchins, b. Dec. 21, i86i ; d. : Helen Anna, b. July 18, 
; d. Feb. 13, 187 1 : Francis Chaffee, b. April 20, 1867: Edward Payson, 
;b. S, 1869: Wilbur Fisk, b. March 13, 1871; d. Jan. 21, 1872: Helen 
L, b. Jan. I, 1873: John Thomas, b. Sept. i, 1875: Sarah Elvira, b. Aug. 
>i. Address: Abingdon, Knox Co., 111. 


51, Residence : Philadelphia, Pa. Frail health during most of his life 
ented very active labor. Died, Sept. 11, 1870, in Saratoga, N. V. 


>m, March 23, 1826. in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vt. 

>53, Teacher in High .School, Middletown, Conn. 1854, Principal of 
<ory Neck Academy, James City Co., Va. Went North on account of 
re of health. 1855-^, Principal of High School, Leominster, Mass. 1856- 
raveled in the West ; taught part of the time. 1858-9, Principal of Public 
00], Dubuque, Iowa. 1860-2, Principal of Union School, Havana, III.; 
th again failed. 1863, Taught in Havana, III. 1864, Private in 44th Iowa 
untcers ; served in Tennessee. 1865, Taught in Troy, N. V. 1866-7, 
vcling Agent. 186S-72, Assistant Editor of Child's Co. Gazetteers and 
ectories; resideil in Syracuse, N. V. 1872-81, Engaged in farming in 
irney Junction, Nebr. 
^i, Address : Kearney Junction, Buffalo Co., Nebr. 


«»rn, Oct. 19, 1828, in Floyd, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

'.''^53~4» Taught in Charlottesville, \. V. 1854-61, Teacher of Greek in 

irndd Seminary, N. Y. i86i. Enlisted as private in U. S. Army. 1S62, 

ptain Co. C, 81st Regiment, New York Volunteers. 1862, Served in the 

•^insular (Campaign ; exhausted by the hardships of the Seven Day's iialtles. 

^t'l Aug. 9, 1862, at Harrison's Landing, Va. 

■^larried, Dec. i, 1858, Miss Antoinette Kdie of Marcy, N. Y. Children; 

^ K., b. Feb. 18, i8'6i : Franklina K., b. Oct. 18, 1862. 

^^^i, Address of widow: 27 Cottage St., Utica, N. Y. 


^^S't Residence: Cornwall Bridge, Litchfield Co., (!onn. 1853, Teacher of 
•^^hematics in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1854-6, Teacher of Ancient Lan- 
^Res and Rhetoric in same. 1857, Meml>er of Connecticut Legislature. 
5'^, Studied in Albany Law School, N. V. 1859, Admitted to practice in 
'^ 'Supreme Courts of New York. 1859-81, Practicing I^w in San P'rancisco, 



Married, July 3, 1865, Miss Juliet L. Waite. Children: Rich* 
Dec. 12, 1867: riiillip [ulian, b. March 12, 1869: Robert Waitc 

1881, Address: 230 Montgomery St., San Francisco, Cal. 


Horn, June 7, 1S32, in Philadelphia, Pa. 

1S54, 'reacher of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy in Gene 
Seminary, Lima, N. Y. 18J7, Pastor of Scott Methodist Episc 
Philadelphia, Pa. 1858, Prmcipal of Oregon City Seminary, C 
l*rofessor of Mathematics in College of California. 1S69, Princ 
Schools, Seneca Falls, N. Y. 1875-81, Principal of Penn Yan A< 

Married, March 8, 1855, Miss Mary Dennis. Children: Fran 
31, 1856: .Agnes R., b. Nov. 24, 1S59: Henrv T., b. Oct. 10, 1861 
1869: Mary H., b. Dec. 27, 1863: Emily, b. May 15, 1866: Alice 
186S: Alfred, b. March 27, 1871 : Bessie, b. June 18, 1874. 

1881, Address: Penn Yan, Yates Co., N. Y. 


Horn, Nov. 17, 1823, near Old Franklin, Howard Co., Mo. 

1853-7, Principal of Male Department, Westport High School, 
Principal of Female Department, Weston High School, Mo. 1S5 
of Boarding School, Westport, Mo. 1866, Mayor of the Town 
1869-70, Cultivated fruit-farm and garden near Kansas City, Mr 
charge of Westport Public Schools, Mo. Died, April 13, 1873, 

Married, Sept. 7, 1858, Miss Elizabeth Howlett Hunter. Chi 
Sept. 4, i8j9; d. Sept. 4, 1859: Julia Catherine, b. Oct. 3, 1S60 
Columbus, b. May i, 1863 ; d. Aug. 2, 1865 : John Mastin, b. Aug. i 
Hunter, b. Aug. 20, 1867. 

1881, Address of widow: Westport, Jackson Co., Mo. 


Born, Dec. 3, 1831, in Grafton, Worcester Co., Mass. Brothei 

1853-4, Teacher of Spring Hill Boarding School, Sandwich, N 
Tutor in Ancient Languages, Lawrence University, Appleton, V 
Adjunct Professor in same. 1862-7, Professor of Latin in sai 
Professor of Latin and Greek in same. 1867-8, Superintend 
Schools, Appleton, Wis. 1868-9, Alderman, Appleton, Wis, iJ 
Supervisor. 1880-1, Professor of Latin in Lawrence University, A 

Married, Dec. 8, 1861, Miss M. Emily Tallmadge of Fon « 
Children: Lyman Asa, b. Nov. 19, 1865: Alice Louisa, b. F 
David Arthur, b. Oct. 26, 1875. 

1881, Address: Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wis. 


Born, Feb. 14, 1826, in East Lyme, New London Co., Conn. 

1854, Stationed at Canterbury, Conn. 18^5-73, Engaged in 
preaching in Riverhead, N. Y. 1873, Located. 1873-81, Engage 
as Nurseryman and Florist, Riverhead, N. Y. 

Married, July 26, 1856, Miss M. M. Corwin. Children: Eva, b. 
Ulysses, b. Jan. 21, 1862: Arthur, b. July 13, 1864: Amy, b. F 
Harry, b. Nov. 20, 1872: Mary Lee, b. Aug. 18, 1874. 

1881, Address: Riverhead, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 



>rn, June 22, 1828, in Evcrettstown, Hunterdon Co., N. J. 
53, Teacher of Latin in New York Conference Seminary, Charlotteville, 
. 1854-6, Studied in Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. 1856, 
;her of Ancient Languages in Cooperstown Semmary and Female Collcgi- 
Institute, N. Y. 1857, Completed course of Stuciy in Union Theolog- 
Seminary. 1858, Joined Newark Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
, 9, Stationed at Bloomfield, N. J.; i860, i, Clinton; 1862, 3, Flemington; 
, Rahway; i86c, 6, Elizabeth; 1867, 8, Staten Island, N. Y. ; 1869, 70, 
ck; J871, 2, Eignth Av., Newark, N. J. 1873-7, Presiding Elder of New- 
IJ)istrict. 1877-9, Stationed at Summerfield Church, Staten Island, N. Y. ; 
>, Newton, N. J. Died, Oct. 21, 1880, in Newton, N. J. 
arried. May 22, 1856, Miss Elizabeth Morey of Bloomingdale, 111. Chil- 
i : Lillie Morey, b. Nov. 11, 1859; d. Nov. 24, 1859: Levings Atwood, b. 
t- 21, 1861 : Charles Pomeroy, b. May 29, 1863 : George Howard, b. Nov. 
1867; Florence Moroy, h. May 28, 1870. 
^i, Address of widow: f>ak Park, Cook Co., 111. 


torn, June 15, 1830, in Weybridgc, Addison Co., Vt. Brother of Nos. 380 
I 540. 

8S3~4. Studied in Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. 1854, 
icher of Greek in Fort Edward Institute, N. Y. 1855, Principal of Union 
lage Academy, N. Y. 1856, Principal of Cooperstown Seminary, N. Y. 
S7» Principal of Rochester High School, N. Y. 1859, Principal of Genesee 
esleyan Seminar^-, Lima, N. V. i860. Resigned on account of ill health. 
^ Member of Genesee Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church; stationed 
Batavia, N. Y. 1869, Transferred to Des Moines Conference. 1869, 
itioned at Chariton, Iowa; 1870, i, Des Moines. 18^2, Transferred to Upper 
wa Conference. 1872, 3, Stationed at Iowa City, Iowa. 1874-9, President of 
Jte Normal School, Emporia, Kans. 1875, D.D., Simpson Centenary College. 
J^^ President of Callanan College, Des Moines, Iowa. 
Married, Dec. 2, 1854, Mary J. Meeker of North Hoosick, N. Y. Child : 
'arles Harrington, b. March 28, 1863. 
'^i, Address : Des Moines, Iowa. 


'^ofn, A,ug. II, 1827, in Barre, Worcester Co., Mass. 

^^3y Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1853, 4, 
at»oned at Chicopee Falls, Mass. 1853, Transferred to Rock River Confer- 
u- J^55. Stationed at Saint Charles, 111.; 1856, 7, Crete. 1856-7, Principal 
**»gh School, Crete, 111. 1858-60, Superannuated ; Principal of High School, 
»annahon, 111. 1861, Principal of High School, Petersham, Mass.; preached 
^orth Prescott, Mass. 1862, President of Brookville College, Ind. ; D.D., 
^ntuckv University. 1863, Principal of Waukegan High School, 111. 1864-7. 
Pjor health. 1868-9, Principal of Towle Academy, Winthrop, Me.; Editor 
/^^ Winthrop Bulletin. 1870, Principal of Saint Albans High School, Me. 
'♦'~l' ^""^P^i of Corinna Union Academy, Me.; Pastor of Corinna Mctho- 
'^ {'-piscopal Church. 1873-5, Principal of Exeter High School, Mc. ; 
^ched on Exeter, Stetson, and Corinna Circuit. 1S75, 6, Preached at lloul- 
\ Hodgdon, and Linncus, Me. 1877-81, Principal of Bucksport Grammar 

Married, Dec. 25, 1S49, Miss Mary 11. Martin of Lynn, Mass. Children 
nnie Uuise, b. July 7, 1859 : Mary Martin, b. Jan. 13, IVS64. 
'^i, Address : Bucksport, Hancock Co., Me. 



Born, June 29, 1833, in Troy, N. Y. 

1855, M.D., Albany Medical College. 1855-61, Practiced Mediciin 
N. \ . ; City Physician, and Commissioner in Board of Educatit 
Assistant Surgeon of 30th New York Volunteers ; in Campaign befo 
ington. 1862, Surgeon of 87th New York Volunteers ; in Peninsular C 
Volunteered to remain in cliarge of wounded after battle of Charles ( 
Roads. Paroled by Confederates, but, in violation of parole, scpar 
wounded, and incarcerated in Libby Pri.son ; released (August) in b; 
and mustered out of service ; served as Volunteer Surgeon after 
Fredericksburgh. 1863, Surgeon of 14th New York Cavalry ; Medi 
incr for State bounty; on duty in New York, N.Y., during the riots; w< 
Orleans in December ; Medical Director of Cavalry, Department of I 
1864, Engaged in Red River Campaign as Medical Director of 
wounded at Cane River Crossing. 1865, Medical Director with Gen 
son in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi Campaign. 1866, Resid< 
Orleans ; went to Mexico, to observe movements of the French, i 
pelled by imperial authorities to leave the country in April ; returned 
City in July, with family of President Juarez. 1869-71, U. S. Consul 
City. 1869, On leave of absence, on account of old wound which \ 
open. 1870-1, Prepared documents on resources of Mexico. 187 
Consul-General for Republic of Mexico. 1878-81, Residing in M* 
(See Bibliography.) 

Married, June 12, 1856, Hattie E. Ingersoll of Cazenovia, N. Y. 
Frank Avery, b. Feb. 12, i860 : Harry Ingersoll, b. Feb. 12, 1864 : 1 
b. Feb. 22, 1870. 

iSSi, Address: 3 Independencia, Mexico Cit}*, Mexico. 


Born, May 14, 1827, in Needhani, Norfolk Co., Mass. Brother of 

1853, Teacher of Ancient Languages and Mathematics, East Ma 
ence Seminary, Bucksport, Me. 1854, Principal of Searsport U 
School, Me. i8j5, Principal of Freedom Academy, Me. ; joined 1 
^Donference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; stationed at Columbia, 
Machias. 1856, Principal of Machias High School, Me. 1857-8, Si 
Calais, Me. ; 1859, Belfast ; i860, Frankfort ; 1861, Oldtown. 186 
1862,3, Preached in Pembroke, Mass. 1864, Preached in Orleans, M 
Taught Grammar School, West Fitchburgh, Mass. 1866, Joined ^ 
shire Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. i866» 7, Stationec 
Village, N. H. ; i868, lapping ; 1869, 70, North Salem ; 1871, 2, Lo 
^^73* 4» Landaflf; 1875, Milan; 1S76, 7, Contoocook. 1877, Supc 
187S-80, Stationed at llennikcr, N. IL; 1881, Canaan. 

Married, April 2, 1S60, Mrs. Helen F. Snow of Calais, Me. 
Edmund I)., b. Jan. 12, 1861 : Thompson I^andon ; d. ; Josephine, 
1863: Carrie, b. June 11, 1S66: Fannie, b. Aug. 16, 1868: Charles, 

i88i, Address: Canaan, Grafton Co., N. H. 

4iH}. *J()HN TEVlS, JuN. 

Born, 1834, in Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Ky. 

1857, Graduated at Law School of Harvard University. 1857-61 
Law in Shell)yville, Ky. Died. Jan. 10, 1S61, in Shelbyville, Ky. 


. 4, 1831, in Williamsburgh, Hampshire Co., Mass. Brothci of 

jd New England Conference, Methoclist Episcopal Church. 1855, 6, 
Laurel St., Worcester, Mass.; 1857, 8, North Russell St., lioston ; 
cdding (now Tremont St.) Church, Boston ; 1861, 2, St. Paul's 
in ; 1S63, 4, Wcstfield ; 1865-7, Canibridgcport ; 186S-70, Charles* 
-2, Member of Massachusetts House of Representatives. While 
ei>ort, preached Election Sermon before Massachusetts State CJov- 
^71, Transferred to 1*hiladelphia Conference. 1871-3, Stationed at 
liladelphia, Pa. 1872, D.D., Dickinson College. 1873, Traveled in 
he r^t 1874, Transferred to New York East Conference. 1874-6, 

St. John's, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1877, Transferred to Philadelphia 
1877-9, Stationed at Arch St,- Philadelphia, Pa. ; 1880, Spring 

Philadelphia. 1880, Delegate to General Conference, Methotlist 
'hurch. 1880, Elected Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 
ite to Methodist Ecumenical Conference. (See Bibliography.) 
April 6, 1855, Miss D. L. Kilgore of Bartlett, N. H., who died 
7. Children : Carrie L., b. Tune 2, 1856: Henry Mather (No. 1291), 
858 : Ellen R., b. April 2, i860, 
ress : 1 10 Whitehall St., Atlanta, Ga. 

rch 13, 1833, in Williamsburgh, Hampshire Co., Mass. Brother of 

aught private classical school in Mobile, Ala. 1854, Preached in 

Mass. 1855, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episco- 
'855, 6, Stationed at Ballard vale, Mass. 1856-18, Studied in ]>erlin 

also traveled in Greece, Egypt, l*alestine, etc. 1857, Delegate to 
invention of the Evangelical Alliance, I^rlin, Prussia. 1878,9, 
t Wilbraham, Mass. ; i860, i, l»romfield St., Boston. 1861-6, Pro- 
stematic Theology in the Missions-austaity Bremen, Germany. 1862, 
Wesleyan University; appointed by Missionary Socictv, Methodi^^ 
'hurch, joint commissioner with Dr. L. S. Jacoby, to visit and report 
ns in Turkey. 1866-71, Professor of Systematic Theology in Bos- 
jical Seminary, and Acting President of same. 187 1-3, Dean of the 
'hcolog\- of Boston University. 1873-81, President of Boston Univer- 
ssor of Comparative History of Religions, Comparative Theol- 
lie Philosophy of Religion. 1874, LL.D., Wesleyan University, 
ee of Wellesley College. 1876, First I'resident of Massachusetts 

the University Education of Women. 1S77, Corporate Member of 
Oriental Society. Delegate to Ck-neral Conference, Methodist 
Church, 1872, 70. (See IJibliography.) 

April 14, 1861, Miss Harriet ('. Merrick of Wilbraham, Ma.<ts. 
Mary Christine, b. July 24, 1863: William Marshall, 1>. Nj>v. 4, 1865: 
rick, b. May 26, i8(')8: Winifred, b. Jan. 3, 1870. 
dress: Boston University, 20 Bearon St., l>oslon, Mass. 


28, in Greenport, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

lught in New York, N. Y. 1855-8, Taught in Greenport, N. Y. 
ember of New Vork I>egislaturc. 1S70, Taught in Greenport, N. Y. 
gaged in farming in Greenport, N. Y. 1 )ied, Dec. 5, 1874, in Green- 



Born, May 23, 1828, in Leicester, Worcester Co., Vt. 

iSj3, Taught Private Classical Institute, Newark, N. J. 1854, N 
for Vcnnont Central Railroad. 1854-5, Principal of Black Rock 
paratory Institute, N. C. 1856, Joined New England Conferent 
Episcopal Church. i8j6, 7, Stationed at Holyoke, Mass. 1857 
High School, Holyoke, Mass. ; preached at South Hadley Falls, h\ 
Stationed at Foxborough, Mass.; i860, i, New England Village ; 
ley; 1864-6, Spencer; 1867--9, Newburyport ; 1870-2, Melrose ; i 
St., East Boston ; 1874-6, Beverly ; 1877, I^eominster ; 1878-S0, > 
Roslindale. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, March 26, 1855, Miss Jane E. Cone of West Granbv, 
dren: Edward Olin, b. Nov. 26, i8(3o: Ellen Cone, b. July 28, i^6 

1881, Address: Roslindale, Boston, Mass. 


Class of 1854. 

474. HENRY BAKER. . 

1853, Residence: Northampton, Hampshire Co., Mass. 1856, 
fomia Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1856, Statioi 
Cal.; 1857,8, Columbia; 1859, 60, H. St., Sacramento. 1861, L 
Joined New England Conference. 1863, 4, Stationed at Newto 
1865-7, Melrose. 1867, Located; voice failed. 1867-9, Reside< 
1869-73, Engaged in business in New York, N. Y. ; Proprietor of I 
Bolster Spring Bed. 1S70-3, Preached at Waverly Church, Jers 
1875-7, Fteacned in Akron, Ohio. 1877, Transferred to Cinci 
ence. 1877-9, Stationed at Walnut Hills Church, Cincinnati, 
Transferred to Newark Conference; stationed at St. Paul's, N 
1880, Transferred to New York East Conference; stationed at 
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 1881, Roxbury, Hunting Ridge, and Great Hill 

Married, 1855, Miss Laura A. Chase of Newbury, Vt. Child 
Henry (No. 1261), b. Sept. 18, 1855: Edwin Henry: Karle H 
Shinkley, b. April 5, 1876. 

1881, Address: Stamford, Conn. 


Bom, Oct. 3, 1829, in Windham, Windham Co., Vt. 

1854, Preached in Waltham, Mass. 1855, Joined New Englanc 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 1855, Stationed at Waltham, Mass. ; 
ampton; 1857, 8, Chicopce ; 1859, 60, Walnut St., Chelsea; 1861, 
Springfield. 1862, Superannuated ; in poor health. 1863, 4» ^^^^ 
liston, Mass. ; 1865-7, Monument Square, Charlestown. 1S68-71, 
ary ; preached in Weston, Vt. 187 1, Stationed at Fitchburgh, M 
Westfield ; 1874, 5, Chicopec ; 1S76, 7, West Warren; 1878, Wej 
1879-81, West Warren. 

Married, Oct. 3, 1854, Miss Adeline E. Newell of Wardsborouj 
dren: Imogcne, b. July 7,1858; d. Aug. 18, 1858: Grace, b. No 
Jan. 15, 1801 : Marion, b. Oct. 31, 1S64; d. Nov. 26, 1864. 

1881, Address : Brookfield, Worcester Co., Mass. 

54-] ALUMNI RECORD. 12/ 


orn, Aug. 29, 1.S33, at Aurelius, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

'^SS^ Taught in Illinois. 1856, Traveled in the West. 1S57, County Sui- 
>r of Webster County, Iowa. i8sS-6i, Master of a Steamboat on Missis- 
►i River. 1S62, In poor health ; afterwards taught in Bridgeport, Conn. 
^-4, Traveled in the West 1865, Built Steamer Emma Loi^an at Pitts- 
;h, Pa. 1866-70, Engaged in steaml)oat business on Alleghany and ( )hio 
ers. 1870-81, Encaged in farming in Grundy County, Iowa, 1S7 1-4, Justice 
*eace. 1873-6, Secretary' of School lioard. 1876-S, Mcml)er of Board of 
€rvisors. 1878-81. Chairman of same. 

[arried, Jan. 2, 1871, Mi.»;s Emma I. Trask of Youngsvillo, I*a. Children: 
lan Tnisk, b. April 23, 1S72 : Mary Bertha, b. Jan. I'j^ 1874 : iVrcy Merle, 
fov. 12, 1875: Ralph Waldo, b. Dec. 27, 1877. 
^i, Address : Reinbeck, Grundy Co., Iowa. 


om, Nov. 2^, 1832, in IJcrkshire, Tioga Co., N. Y. Brother of No. 40iS. 
"^54-6, Principal of Drcwville Institute, Southeast, Putnam Co., .N. Y. 1856, 
cher of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Cooperstown Female Col- 
: and Institute, N. Y. 1857, Joined Oneida Conference, Methodist Episcopal 
irch. 1857, Stationed at South Onondaga, N. Y. ; 1858, q, Elbridge ; i860, 
lontezuma ; 1862, 3, Camillus ; 1864, Oxford. 1866-9, Teacher of Mathe- 
ics in Oneida (now Central New York) Conference Seminary, Cazenovia, 
Y. 1869-73, Principal of Skaneateles Academy, N. Y. 1874, Teacher of 
in in Hudson River Institute, N. Y. 1875-81, President and Proprietor of 
dentown Female College, N. J. 

Urried, Aug. 17, 1856, Miss Gertrude S. Goodell of Middletown, Conn, 
ildren: Maria Baldwin, b. Feb. 11, 1858: Jennie Goodell, b. Feb. 10, 1859; 
March 2?, 1859: Annie, b. May 15, 1862; d. July 25, 1862: Gertrude, b. 
rch 25, 1863; d. June 24, 1863 : Philip Hammond, b. Nov. 27, 1865 ; d. Jan. 
1866: Catharina Belle, b. Feb. 21, 1869: William, b. Oct. 29, 1871 ; d. 
it 8, 1878: E. Whitmore, b. July 26, 1877 ; d. Nov. 22, 1877. 
881, Address : Bordentown, N. J. 


^S3» Residence : Canaan, Columbia Co., N. Y. 18^4-6, Teacher of Natural 
^ncc in Cooperstown Seminary, N. Y. 1856-8, Principal and Proprietor of 
*demv, (ireat Barrington, Mass. 1858-63, Employed in Superintendent's 
»ce, New York & Erie Railroad, Elmira, N. Y. Died, Aug. 19, 1863, in 

n>ra, N. Y. 

^Jarried, 1855, Miss Theresa Gardner of Port Jervis, N. Y. Child: a 
»ghter, b. January, 1858. 


^rn, .May 8, 1828, in Milford, New Haven Co., Conn. 

'8S4i Preached in Forcstville, Conn. 1855, Joined New York East Con- 

^"ce, Methodist Episcopal Church. 18^5, Stationed at Forcstville, Conn. ; 

i^'7, Westport ; 1858, 9, George St., New Haven ; i860, i. New Canaan; 

'2.3, Ridgefield; 1864-6, Beekman Hill, New York, N. Y. ; 1867,8, Port 

ester; 1869-71, Eighteenth St., Brooklyn; 1872-4, Wesley Church, Brook- 

' ^'^^75-7, 141st St., New York; 1878,9, Hartford, Conn.; 1880, i, Water- 

y, Conn. 

iarried, Aug. 15, 1854, Miss Sarah Treat Tibbals of Milford, Conn, 

?8i, Address : Waterbury, New Haven Co., Conn. 



Korn, Jan. 17, 1S34, in Kingston, Ulster Co., N. Y. Brother of Nt». 45; 
and 534. 

1S54-5, Teacher of Mathematics in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1S56, IVincipil 
of same. 1S57, Joined New York Conference, Methodist Episciipal Churd. 
1S57, S, Stationed at Chester, N. Y. iJ>59, Transferred ti> New York East 
Conference. 18^9, 60, Stationed at Fleet St., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 1861,:, 
Hanson Place, Brooklyn ; 1S63, 4, South Fifth St., Brooklyn. 1865, Trans- 
ferred to New York Conference. 1S65-7, Stationed at St. PauTs Church, New 
\'ork, N. V. ; 1868-70, Trinity Church, New York; 1871-3, St. Paul's Chordi, 
New York ; 1S74, 5, St. James' Church, New York. 1867, Traveled four 
months in Euroi)e. 1S70, D.D., Weslcyan University. 1874, Honorary Cof->i>n(linn Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance for the United States. 1S75- 
So, I'residcnt of Wcsleyan University. 1S78, Fraternal Delegate to General 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 1879, LI-J^- Cornel! 
College, Iowa. 1.S80, Elected Bishop of Methodist Episcopal Church. I'iSi, 
Orator at Semi Centennial of Weslcyan University. Delegate to Central 
Conference, .Methodist Episcopal Church, 1872,76, So. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, March 20, 1S56, Miss Mary E. Bradley of Salisbur)', Qmn., who 
died Sept. 7, 1S63. Married, May 10, 1865, Miss Amelia Robertson of Pteks- 
kill, N. \'. Children : Mary Garret.son, b. July 28, 1S57 ; married A. C. 
Weeks: Frances Taft, b. Aug. 27, 1861 : Cyrus William, b. Sept. 7, 1S63; A 
Oct. S, 1S63: Amelia, b. Sept. 13, 1.S66: Cyrus David, b. March 15, ;869: 
Helen, b. Dec. i, 1872: Elizabeth, b. Oct. 17, 1877 ; d. Aug. 3, 1S7S. 

aSSi, Address: 1 115 Nicollet Av., Minneapolis, Minn. 


Born, Sept. 20, 1S32, in Hector, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 

1854, Principal of High School, Bath, N. Y. 1855-6. Studied Law in On- 
andaigua, N. V. 1856, Admitted to the Bar. 1856-60, Practiced I aw in Cao- 
andaigua, N. V. 1865, In State Agency business, Washington, P- C 
1S67-71, Engaged in Commercial business in Memphis, Tenn. 1871-3, R^ 
ing in \ew Brunswick, N. J. 1873-81, Broker in New York, N. Y. 

1881, Address : 29 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 

Born, Jan. i, 1827, in Bridgewater, Windsor Co., Vt. 



1 85 1, 1'rini.ipal of High School, ('hicopee Falls, Mass. 1855, Principe 
Cooperstown Seminary, \. \'. 1S57-60, Principal of Danville Seminaiv, 
1859, Joined lllinoi> Contereme, Methodist Episco]>al Church. i86i--t^^ 
lain of 35lh Illinois Volunteers. 1862-5. Out of health. 1865, Superintendent 
of Schools, Vermillion County, 111. 1866, Started The Danville Cmmcn^^' 
111. iS(')6-9, Editor of same. iS6<), Connected with The LaFaycttc Pf^^ 
Jourtiiil, hid. 1873-7, Editorial Contributor to The InJianapolis Sifi^^'" 
Ind. 1877-S1, Connected with The fu.Uathi polls Daily Ncics. (See Bibliogi»" 

Phy-) . 11 

Married, November, 1854, Miss Pauline C. Whitman of Stoddard, V"; 

Children : Willie Bowen, b. August, 1S55 : Linnie Pauline, b. June, 1^57" 

Venora Ellen, b. Mav, i860: Stella, b. Dec. 25, 1861 : Dean Whitman, b. Mat 

18, 1865. 

1881, Address: Indianapolis, Ind. 



rn, Jaly 22, 1830, in Redding, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

54, Preached in Brooklyn, N. Y. 1855, Joined New York East Conference, 
lodist Episcopal Church. 1855, 6, Stationed at Seymour, Conn. ; 1857, 8, 
Iford; 1859,60, West Winsted; 1861,2, Birmingham; 1863, New Canaan; 
i-6,Danbury; 1877,8, Redding; 1869-71, South Third St., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
I, New Rochelle ; 1873, George St.. New Haven, Conn. ; 1874, 5, Jamaica, 
V. 1876-9, Presiding Elder of New Haven District. 1880, i, Presiding 
«r of New York East District. 1880, Reserve Delegate to General Con- 
moe, Methodist Episcopal Church. 

(allied, Aug. 3, 1854, Miss Jane C. Burr of Middletown, Conn. Children : 
iBtt E, b. July 30, i8j6: William Burr, b. Nov. 17, 1857; Class of 1880 : 
^Foss, b. Aug. 12, 1859 : Ellen, b. May 7, 1862. 
, Address : 183 George St., New Haven, Conn. 


orij, Nov. 30, 1830. 

'5^3, Residences: Roslyn, Queens Co., N. Y., Williamsburgh, N. Y. 
~5» Teacher of Mathematics in Cooperstown Seminary, N. Y. 1855-6, 
l^t High School, Tarrytown, N. Y. 1856-58, Engaged in farming, and 
cd Law, in Urbana, Champagne Co., 111. 1858-9, Teacher of Mathe- 
^, Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, N. Y. 1859-60, 'I'eacher of Mathe- 
^ in Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. i860. Admitted to the Bar. 
■80, l*racticed l<aw in Brooklyn, N. Y. 1863-6, Member of Board of Edu- 
1, Brooklyn, N. Y. Died, Feb. 7, 1881, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
•Tned, Nov. 9, 18^4, Miss Louisa Jane Weeks of Brooklyn, N. Y. 
'• Address of widow : 128 Leffert's Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


n, April 15, 1836, in Westport, Bristol Co., Mass. Brother of No. 420. 
4-7, Studied Law most of the time in Middletown, Conn. Taught one term 
gh School, Deep River, Conn. ; also taught in Preparatory School of D. 
Kase ( No. i ), Middletown, Conn. 1857, Admitted to the Bar, in Had- 
1857-8, Resided in Sandwich, Mass. 1858-9, Resided in Harwich, Mass. 
^>7, Practiced Law in Wareham, Mass ; Chairman of School Committee, 
years. 1868, Engaged in Law and Insurance business in Clinton, Iowa. 
Practiced Law in East Haddam, Conn. 1872-81, Teaching in the South- 
Tried, April 15, 1857, Miss Kate R. North of Middletown, Conn.; divorced, 

•I, Address: Care of S. P. Holwav, 822 Sutter St., San Francisco, Cal. 


S3> Residence : Barre, Worcester Co., Mass. 1854-9, Taught School 
=Pt one ^ear, when he preached. 1859, Joined East (ienesee Conference, 
nodist Episcopal Church. 1859, Stationed at Ulster, Pa.; i860, i, Knox- 
•*i 1862, Charlestown; 1863, 4, Farmington ; 1865, Westfield ; 1866, 7, 
"pburgh; 1868,9, Springfield; 1870, i, Liberty Corners and Asylum. 1872. 
^''vision of Conference became member of Central New York Conference. 
2. 3. Sutioned at East Smithfield, Pa.; 1874, 5, Nelson. N. Y. ; 1876, 
?««ville; 1877, Fabius; 1878-80, Onondaga Valley. 1877, Ph. D., Syracuse 




Married, Aug. 10, 1854, Miss Marv E. Hildrup. Children : Olin Raymood, 
b. Oct. I. 1858 : Fisk Johnston, b. Julv 8, i860: Hattie Ella, b. May 9, i86i: 
Willie F. Hildrup. b. Oct. i. 1868: 

1881, Address: Onondaga Valley, Onondaga Co., N. V. 


Born, Dec. 25, 1825, in Cambridge, Washington Co., N. Y. 

1854, Principal of Appleton Academy, Mount Vernon, N. H. i85> 
Teacher of Mathematics and Latin, Newbury Seminarv, Vt. 1857, Teacher 
of Mathematics and Greek in same. 1858-^1, Principal of same. iS^ 
Member of Vermont Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; preached m 
Barton, Vt. 1862, 3, Stationed at Cabot, Vt.; 1864, Saint Johnsbury Ccntrr. 
1864-7, Principal of Joaesville Academy, N. Y. 1867, Resigned on account of 
ill health ; settled on a fhnn in Corydon, Iowa. 1869, Transferred from Troy 
Conference to Des Moines Conference. Died, March 30, 1869, near Cor)'d(A^ 

Married, Aug. 10, 1854, Miss Elizabeth A. Nelson of Ryegate. Vt. Children: 
Mary Celina, b. April 25, 1856: Willianf Nelson, b. May 9, 1858: Frederick 
Ervin, b. Oct. iS, i860: John Weslev, b. Oct. 14, 1862: Laura Anna, b. Jan. 
3, 1867. 


Bom, April 19, 1831, in Yardville, Mercer Co., N. J. 

1854, Joined New Jersey Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. I^S^ 
Stationed at Cross Roads, N. J.; 1855. 6, Broadway, Camden; 1857, Hobok*"- 
1858, Teacher in Pittsburgh Female College, Pa. i860, Transferred toG<"^ 
see Conference, i860, i, Stationed at Lima, N. Y.; 1862, ;^, Batavia; '864"^ 


at Middletown, , , o- - ^ 

Stationed at Atlanta, Ga. 1872, Transferred to Newark Conference. 18/3 *" 
Stationed at Halsey St., Newark, N. J. ; 1S75, 6, St. Paul's Church and t*^, 
ton St., Newark; 1877-9, First Church, Orange; 1880, Centenary Ch***^^^* 
Newark. 1881, Presiding Elder of Newark District. 

Married, Dec. 25, 1856, Miss Ellie J. Toy of Palmyra, N. J. Child^" 
Mary; married No. 1172: Harry; d. : .Vlice; d. : Frank. 

1881, Address: Newark, N. J. 


Born, March 19, 1833, in Croyden, Sullivan Co., N. H. 

1854-9, Taui^ht. 1056-7, Attended Medical Lectures at Albany, ^jz r ^ 
1858-9, Studied Medicine in Medical School, Harvard University. 18&, ^^^j 
to Pike's Peak, in search for gold. 1860-2, Engaged in mining in Colo^^^ 
1862, Went to Montana with mining band; first party that found and n»-* 
gold in Montana. 1862-9, Engaged ni mining in Montana. 1869, Again stt^^' 
Medicine in Medical School, Harvard University. 1869, M.D., from 
1869-81, Practicing Medicine in Montana. 1876, Delegate from Montar»' 
Cincinnati Republican Convention. 

1881, Address: Glendale, Beaver Head Co, Mont. 


Born, Dec. 29, 1829, in West Winfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y. *^ 

i8q6. Principal of Macedon Academy, N. Y. 1868, Prindpal of U^^"^ 
Acaciemy, N. Y. 1871-81, Teaching in Southington Academy, Conn. 


Married, March 18, 1855, Miss Mary A. Mellen of Brookfield, Mass. Chil- 
dren: Mar>' L.. b. Dec. 28, 1858; d. Sept. 9. 1859: Fred. W., b. July n, i860; 
^- A.pri\ 18, i86i : Julia M., b. June 22, 1870. 

1S81, Address : Southington, Hartford Co., Conn. 


Bom, April 16, 1828, in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
. *^54t Principal of Warren Academy, Mass. 1855, Taught and studied l^aw 
«tt Milwaukee, Wis. 1858, Admitted to the Bar. 1858-81, Practicing Law in 
Milwaukee. 1867-75, District Attorney of the County of Milwaukee. 

Married, Aug. 10, 1854, Miss Olive J. Elmore of Milwaukee, Wis. Children : 
^ubr. b. September, 1855; d. March, 1864: Caroline, b. October, 1857: Wil- 

KamXb. October, 1859: Edith, b. July, 1865. 
1881, Address: 77 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee, 



Born, Oct. 11, 1833, ^^ Boston, Mass. 

^855, Teacher in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1856, Teacher in Wesleyan 
Academy, Wilbraham. Mass. 1859, Studied in Andover Theological Seminary, 
^*ass. i860. Joined New York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
'860, 1, Stationed at Hillside and Riverside, N. Y. ; 1862, 3, West Harlem ; 
% St Paul's Church, New York ; 1865, 6, Whitlockville. 1867-8, Traveled 
^ studied in Europe. 1869, Stationed at Lenox, Mass. 1869-70, In- 
fractor in Greek and Modern Languages, Wesleyan Universitv. 1870, 
2*^oned at White Plains, N. Y.; 1S71-3. Rhinebeck. 1S75, Elected Professor 
^ Modem Languages in Claflin University, Orangeburgh, S. C. 1878, Super- 
wmerary. 1879, 80, Stationed at Chelsea, Mass. 1881, .Assistant in Mission 
Rooms of Methodist Episcopal Church, New York. N. Y. (See Bibliography.) 

'081, Address : 805 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


^^ Nov. 26, 1829, in Hyde Park, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

c. fM* Joined New York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. i8^6, 

j^^cd at Bloomingburgh, N. Y. ; 1857, Monticello ; 1858, 9, Port Deposit ; 
j^' Woodstock ; 1861, 2, Napanock ; 1861, 4, Lenox, Mass.; 1865-7, Red 
In- ^- ^- ' '^^' 9* Brewster's Station ; 1871-3, 24th St., New York ; 1874, 
cJJ^^n: 1875,6, Lexington Av., New York ; 1877, Falls Village ; 1879,80, 

)Sr^^'. i88i.Tuckahoe. 
S^j^^^'Hcd, Dec. 23, 1857, Miss E. M. Billings. Children : Clara Estella, b. 

j^^^ '862 : Mary Annette, b. July 8, 1865. 

*» Address: Tuckahoe, Westchester Co., N. Y. 



of >T *^ April 5, 1833, in Middletown, Conn. Son of President Smith. Brother 

18?' ^^^• 
l2f^ j4--6. Tutor in University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. 1856-61, Secre- 

*ftd ^^ Land Commissioner, Fox & Wisconsin Improvement Co. 1858, Editor 

jy[^., *^ublishcr of TAf Fond du Lac Union. 1861-2, Assistant Professor of 

Fq ^Qiatics in U. S. Naval Academy. 1863-7, Secretary and General Agent, 

,j^^ Wisconsin Improvement Co. 1866-9, Member of Wisconsin Senate. 

Un? '. ^^^^*fy ^ Green Bay & Mississippi Canal Co. 1868-73, Regent of 

^T^ity of Wisconsin. 1870, Mayor of Appleton, Wis. 1870-ii, President 

1^2 WKSLEVAN i:\IVER.SITY. [1854. 

ni First National Rank, Appleton, Wis. 1874-81, Engaged in Real Eite 
business, Appleton, Wis. 1879-81, Trustee of Weslcyan University. (Ss 

Married, Oct. ,^0. iS(>o, Edna J. Taylor. Children: Augustus Ixdyani,k 
May 20, 1S62; Ciiiss of 1S83: Kranklin'Taylor, b. July 14, 1S64; Class of iSSi 

iSSi, Address: Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wis. 


Born, May 27, 1834, in Brock ville, Ontario. 

1S54, Taught in Geneva, 111. 1855, Principal of High School, Wertidd, 1856, Returned West. 1S57, Admitted to the Bar, Kane Co, IH 
1 861, Joined Rock River Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 186I1 
Stationed at Crystal Lake, 111. ; 1862, Woodstock ; 1863, 4, Mount Morm; 
1865, Trinity Church, Chicago; 1866, 7, Princeton; 186S, 9, Joliet; i87<H; 
Freeport; 1873-5, Court St., Rockford ; 1876, 7, First Church, Kanbkee: 
1878-80, First Church, Aurora. 1868-81, Secretary of Rock River ConfewMt 
1880, D.D., Garrett Biblical Institute, Evanston, 111. Delegate to Gcaea^ 
Conference, Methodist F^piscopal Church, 1876, 80. 

Married, 1862, Miss Elizabeth A. Avery of Philadelphia, Pa. Childrw: 
Helen Maud, b. July 21, 1864; d. Sept. 17, 1866: Martha C, b. Feb. 26, 

1881, Address: Aurora, Kane Co., 111. 


Born, March 4, 1829, in Jefferson, Schoharie Co., N. Y. 

1854-9, Teacher of Mathematics and Latin in Fort Edward Collegiate Ins*'' 
tute, N. V. 1859-63, Teacher in Fulton Seminary, 111. i860. Joined CeflW' 
Illinois Conference. Methodist Episcopal Church. 1863-4, Assistant SO*t 
Superintendent of Schools, 111. 1865, Transferred to Illinois Conferes** 
1865, 6, Stationed at Williamsville, 111. ; 1867, Pawnee ; 1S68-70, UmtcraW 
Charge, Bloomington ; 187 1-3, Danville; 1874-6, Centenary Church, Jad**" 
ville ; 1877-9, Lincoln. 1880, Presiding Elder of Jacksonville District. 

Married, November, 1855, Miss Frances E. Bostwick of Franklin, N. Y.,'"^ 
died September, 1856. Married, October, 1859, Miss Almira A. Parmcle** 
Wilson, N. Y., who died September, 1870. Married, Aug. 16, 1877, ^^* 
Julia P. Palmer of Jacksonville, 111. Child : Arthur Linn, b. Oct i, 1862. 

1881, .Vddress : Jacksonville, 111. 


Born, Dec. 29, 1828, in Orient, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

1854, Teacher of Natural Science in Ashland Female College, N. Y. t ^\ 
Studied I^w in Brooklyn, N. V. 1857, Admitted to the Bar in BrooB^ -. 
1857-81, Practicing Law in Brooklyn. 1868-72, Professor of Medical f^^ 
prudence, Eclectic Medical ( 'ollege. New York, N. Y. 

Married, March 9, 1859, Miss Elizabeth Van Deusen. Children: Ed***'*! 
Franklin, b. Dec. 30, 1859: C'harles Seymour, b. 1861 : Harry BumsiJ^' . 
June 30, 1864; d. Jan. 28, 1868: Lydia Ann, b. Feb. 12, 1866: Charlotte FS-' 
Dec. 19, 1870: Frank Arthur, b. Sept. 19, 1873: Frederick Terr)', b. July ' 
1875: Elina Lillian, b. Sept. 21, 1879. 

1881, Address: 219 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Born. June 29, 1826. in I'lainfield, Otsego Co., N. Y. , . 

1854-5, Teacher in Rittenhouse Academy, Washington, D. C. 1856, Pr'f^ 

pal of Newark Wesleyan Institute, N. J. 1857, Teacher of Languages, n^ 

r854-] ALtJMNI RECORD. 133 

»urgh Female College, Pa. 1858, Superintendent of Marlborough High School, 
>hio ; joined Pittsburgh Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1859-81, 
Principal of Beaver College and Musical Institute, Pa. 1871, D.D., Allegheny 
College. 1880, Traveled in Europe. 

Married, July 29, 1856, Miss Amelia E. Spencer of Hamilton, Madison Co., 
'f. V. Children: Edmonia Kramer, b. Sept. 27, 1858: Carrie Amelia, b. 
>ct. 26, 1864: Julia Bm b. Feb. 22, 1866. 

1 881, Address: Beaver, Beaver Co., Pa. 


Bom, Aug. 24, 183 1, in Hull, England. 

1854-6, Teacher in Rogersville Academy, Steuben Co., N. \. 1856, Joined 
East Genesee Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1856, Stationed at En- 
field, N. Y. ; 1857, Towlesville ; 1858. Wcstfield, Pa. ; 1859, Canisteo, N. Y. ; 
i860, Kanona ; 1861, Baldwin ; 1862, Grove ; 1863, West Almond ; 1864, Fre- 
mont ; 1865, 6, Jasper ; 1867, 8, Lawrenceville and Tioga, Pa. ; 1869, 70, East 
Canton; 1871, Ulster. 1872, By division of Conference, became member of 
Genesee Conference. 1872-4, Stationed at Liberty Corners, Pa.; 1875-7, 
Onondaga Valley, N. Y.; 1878-80, South Onondaga. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, March 5, i860. Miss Sophia Boardman of Wcstfield, Pa. Chil- 
dren : Charles M., b. June 3, 1861 : Fanny, b. May 24, 1867. 
1881, Address : South Onondaga, Onondaga Co., N. Y. 


1850-3, Residences: Springfield, Mass.; Hartford, Conn. 1854, Preached 
in Westbrook, Conn. 1855, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist 

* 874-6, Woodbury ; 1877-^, Seymour; 1880, r, Windsor Locks. 

Married, 1858, Miss Lavmia P. Merrill of New London, Conn. Child : Carrie 
Aldemar.b. Jan. 13, 1859; d. May 25, 1870. 

'881, Address : Windsor Locks, Ilartford Co., Conn. 


- '^53' Residence : North Wardsborough, Vt. 1855-65, Resided in Geneseo, 
['• ^.860-5, County Judge for Henry County, 111. 1865, Commissioned Colonel 
o\ Illinois Militia. 1865-6, Mayor of Geneseo. 1869, Member of State Con- 

st'tutional Convention. 1868-81, Practicing Law in Geneseo. 

,8.? "'f 1859. 

''^i. Address : Geneseo, Henry Co., 111. 


^o^n, May 13, 1824, in Salem, Rockingham Co., N. H. 
p!^S4» Teacher in Wesleyan Female Seminary, Springfield, Vt. 18^5-6, 
pH'^cipalof same. 1857-60. Principal of High School, Urbana, 111. 1860-2, 


j;nncipal of High School, Bellows Falls, Vt. 1862-3, Princi 
p'^,at Faiis^ ^ jj 1864-7, Principal of Wesleyan Sen 

-3, Principal of High School, 


Seminary and Female 

i'lcgiate Institute, Springfield, Vt. 1868, Joined Vermont Conference, Meth- 
^»st Episcopal Church. 1868, Stationed at Hartland, Vt.; 1869, Putney; 
i'*7o-2, West Windsor; 1873,4, Woodstock; 1875-7, Danville; 1878, 9, Crafts- 
""ry; 1880, I, Barton. 1878-81, Trustee of Wesleyan University. 

Mam'ed, Nov. 14, 1855, M*ss Rosella A. Frost of Springfield, Vt. Children : 
Little Inez, b. May 11, 1857 ; d. Oct. 8, 1857 : Elwyn Merrill, b. Oct. 13, 1858 : 
'^iice Rosella, b. April 2, 1869. 

'881, Address : Barton. Orleans Co., Vt. 


Class of 1855. 


Born, Feb. 6, 1826, in Bath, Grafton Co., N. H. 

1855, Preached at Union St., Springfield, Mass. 1856, Joined NcwEnglad 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1856, Stationed at Union St, Spraf- 
field, Mass.; 1857,8, Milford. 1859, Superannuated, on account of^dlfna 
carriage; engaged somewhat in business. 1860-2, Stationed at Neponse^ 
Mass.; 1863, 4, Leominster; 1865, 6, Newton Upper Falls; 1867, Watcrtoii; 
1 868, 9, Beverly. 1870-8, Supernumerary; engaged somewhat in busBOL 
Died, Siarch 11, 1878, in Woburn, Mass. 

Married, Jan. 26, 1853, Miss Caroline P. Whiting of North Brookfield, Mj»; 
deceased. Married, June 4, 1863, Miss Sarah A. Goodwin of Lynn, lfa» 
Children: Ada Kidder: Gardner Whiting : Edwin Minot : Charles Goodm 

1881, Address of widow: Lynn, Mass. 


Born, Dec. 2, 1834, in Middletown, Conn. 

1857, LL.B., Harvard University. 1857-81, Practicing Law in ClcvdM 
Ohio; Firm (1881), Baldwin & Ford. 1870, In Europe, on account of fe«Hc 
health ; has not since confined himself to his profession. Corresponding Secrt* 
tary of Historical Society, Cleveland ; Trustee of State Archaeological Societf 
of Ohio ; Corresponding Member of New England Historic Gcnealaicil 
Society, Boston ; also of Worcester Society of Antiquity; President of ucw- 
land Board of Underwriters; Non-Resident Member of the Historical Societf 
of Pennsylvania. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Sept. 8, 1862, Caroline S. Prentiss of Brooklyn, N. Y. ChildrtiJ 
Mary E. Candee, b. Jan. 6, 1864: Samuel Prentiss, b. Oct. 26, 1868: Seyno* 
David, b. Nov. 20, 1S75 J ^- Sept. 17, 1878. 

1881, Address: 113 Superior St., Cleveland, Ohio. 


Born, July 23, 1S34, in Hartwick, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

1855, Taught in Chatham, Mass. 1856, Joined Oneida (now Central Ne* 
York) Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. '856, Stationed at Bai-'*' 
bridge, N. Y.; 1857, 8, Clarkville; 1S59, 60, Clinton; 1861, 2, Vernon; i86>4» 
Hamilton. i«S65, 6, Supernumerary, on account of ill health ; engaged inotfW* 
and insurance business. 1867-9, Stationed at Skaneateles, N. Y.; 187a Folt<*» 
1871, 2, Liverpool. 1873, Transferred to Genesee Conference. i873-5» St** 
tioned at Phelps, N. Y. ; 1876-8, Frank St., Rochester. 1879-81, PwbW 
Elder of Bath I)istrict. 

Married, Sept. 16, 1S55, Miss Mary Janet Bourne of Sandwich, Mass. Chfl- 
dren: Mary Gertrude, b. Jan. 3, 1857 ; A.B., Syracuse University, 1877: Aj><* 
Genevieve, b. Oct. 17, 1858: Elmer Jefferson, b. Oct. 31, 1861 : Williston ^V«*• 
ley, b. July 6, 1869: Clarence Sears, b. Jan. 16, 1871. 

1881, Address: Corning, Steuben Co., N. Y. 


Born, Sept. ic, 1834, in Meriden, New Haven Co., Conn. - ^ 

Studied Law m Meriden, Conn. After admission to the Bar, Pf*^^^*4Ji| 

in Meriden. 1862, Removed to New York, N. Y. ; member of Fimi, C3e**°" 



1863, Left the practice of Law on account of ill health ; engaged in 
og and fruit-growing, in Meriden, Conn. 1860-7, Member of Connecticut 
e of Representatives. 1868, Judge of City Court of Meriden, Conn. 
81, Engaged in the manufacture of fertilizers. 
I, Address: Meriden, Conn., or 24 Broad St., Boston, Mass. 


Ti, Dec. 21, 1832, in Braintree, Orange Co., Vt. 

5, Principal ot Monroe Academy, Henrietta, N Y. 1856-8, Teacher of 

.-1 t?_r 1 m»_»i ^?__ fr^ii. f • t:» i>^_ •VT ^» 00 

jferred to Cincinnati Conference. 1865-72, President of Hillsborough 
le College, Ohio. 1872-81, Principal of Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, 
1875, Ph.D., LaFayette College. 1877, D.D., Wesleyan University, and 
use University. 1880-1, Trustee of Wesleyan University. 1880, Dele- 
o General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Tried, March 14, 1858, Miss Sarah Wheelock. Children : Emmons Wat- 
b. July 19, i860: Sarah Aldula, b. Oct. 27, 1862: Clara Bell, b. April 10, 
; d. Feb. 4, 1879: Nellie Boyd, b. Aug. 16, 1872. 
(i, Address : Kingston, Luzerne Co., Pa. 


im, January, 1834, in Redding, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

55-61, Engaged in commercial business, in New York, N. Y. 1861-77, ^^ 
imploy of the U. S. Government in various positions. 186 1-8, Clerk in 
om House, New York, N. Y. 1868-9, I" the West. 1871, Clerk in Cus- 
House, New York, N. Y. 1873, Employed in Montana. 1873-81, Engaged 
ining in the Black Hills and in Leadville; family residing in Albany, N. Y. 
amtd Miss Mary I., daughter of John L. Smith of Middletown, Conn. ; 
ased. Married Affi^s Isabella A. Anable. Children: two. 
•81, Permanent Address : 136 State St., Albany, N. Y. 


orn, Oct 6, 1828, in Maiden, Mass. 

^55-8» Principal of Stanstead Academy, Quebec. 1858-60, Principal of 
inia Seminary, N. Y. 1860-1, In feeble health. 1861-2, Professor of Latin, 
wU College, Mount Vernon, Iowa. Died, July 25, 1862, in Mount Vernon, 


^rried, Aug. 22, 1855, Miss Anna D. Brigham of Boston, Mass., who died 
■f 1863. Children : Anna PVances, b. May 2, 1859 : Minnie Adeline. 


)rn, Dec. 27, 1826, in Swansea, Bristol Co., Mass. 

igaged in teaching, a number of years. 1872, Member of Massachusetts 

se of Representatives. 1873-81, Engaged in farming ; Superintendent 

ublic Schools, Swansea, Mass. 

uried, Oct. 12, 1864, Miss Marietta Sanders of Fairfield, Herkimer Co., 

. Children : a son and a daughter. 

ii, Address : Swansea, Bristol Co., Mass. 





Horn, Dec. 23, 1S26, in Circenwich, Washington Co., N. Y. 

1S56-7, Teacher in High School, Middletown, Conn!* 18C7-63, PrindMld 
Montgomery Academy, N. Y. 18553-5, Studied Law in New York, N. Y.; 
iner in Thomas r. 
1S65-81, Kxai 
N. Y. 

Married. Aug. 6, 1857, Miss Mary Chandler of Montgomery', Ch-ange Co, 
N. Y. Children: Mary, b. Tan. 19, 1S62 : Catherine, b. Aug. 15. 1865; d 
March 9, 187 1 : James C, b. June 14, 186S. 

18S1, Address : Care ot Munn & Co., 37 Park Row, New York, X. Y. 

examiner in Thomas P. Howc*s Patent Agency Office. 1865, Admitted tottr 
lar. 1865-81, Kxamincr in Munn & Co.^ Patent Agency Office, Nev Yori; 



Born, Nov. 12, 1833, in Lowell, 

186J-81, Engaged in manufacturing in Fall River, Mass. 
Superintendent of American Calico Print Works. 
1881, .Address: 8 Purchase St., Fall River, Mass. 

1S6S. Assisunt 

r>13. * JOSEPH S. E. LEONARD. 

Born, Aug. 3, 1835, in New Albany, Floyd Co., Ind. 

i860, Practiced Medicine in New Madrid, Mo. 1S65. Practiced Medicine in 
Kentuckv. Died, 1866 or 7. in New Madrid, Mo. 


Born, 1825, in Port Eli/al^th, Cumberland Co., N. J. 

1855, Teacher of (ircek and Natural Science in Newbury Seminary, Vt 
1S57-00, Principal of High School, Lynn, Mass. i860. Teacher of Greek and 
.Natural Science in New Hampshire Conference Seminary and Female College, 
Sanbornton Itridge. N. H. 1862, Principal of same; joined New HampihiR 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1865, Teacher of Latin and Natural 
History, in l.asel I Female Seminary, Auburndale. Mass. 1868, Transferred to 
New England Conference. i8(xS, Stationed at Auburndale,; 186^-71, 
Natick; 1872, 3, Boston Highlands; 1874-6, Ashland; 1877, 8, Monson; 
1879-S1, Watertown. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, May 5, 1S58. Miss Harrietta W. Fowler of Bristol, N. H.: deceased. 
Married. Dec. J5, i8(»5, Miss M.Jennie Brewster. Children: Charles Fletcher, 
ii. March i, i85(): Elma Louise, b. Dec. 15, 1S60: Ilattie, b. Nov. 29, 1867: 
Henrv. b. Aug. 8. i8()8: Kate, b. Nov. 2^, 1870: Gertrude, b. Sept. 29, 1875. 

18S1, Address: Watertnwn, Middlesex Co., Mass. 


Born, May 8, 1833, in Medusa, Albany Co., N. Y. 

1855-8, Druggist in Owego, N. V. 1859, Out of business on account of 
poor health. i8()0-5. Engaged in farming; Postmaster in Medusa. N. Y. 
1865, Traveled in the South. i86<>-8. In Medusa, N. Y, 1860, Traveled in 
the West. 1870-81. Engaged in manufacturing and farming in Medusa, N. S'. 

Married, July 31, 1856. l^ivinia S. Angcll of Exeter, N. Y., who died 
Dec. 4, 1865. Married, Jan. 28, 1870, Miss Hatta Gardner of RensseUerville, 
N. Y. Children: Willett A., b. Sept. 11, i8j8: S. Olin, b. Jan. 24, i860: Dels- 
van A., b. Jan. 29, 1862 ; d. Aug. 24, 1876 : Eudora J., b. July 15, 1871 : Addie 
G., b. May 9, 1874 : Libbie, b. Sept. 15, 1877 : Frank B., b. June 3, i^a 

1881, Address: Medusa, Albany Co., N. Y. 

'855-3 ALUMNI RECORD. 1 37 


Som, A.pril 28, 1826, in Needham, Mass. 
i8< — ^ -'"—•" • 

Lynn, NIass ; 1859,60, Salem; 1861, 2, Walnut Street, Chelsea; iS6j, 4, 
Centra.1 CZliurch. Lowell ; 1865-7, Park Street, Worcester ; 1S6S, 9, Westtield. 
1S70— 3, In poor health; resided in Ashland, Mass. 1874, 5, Stationed at 
"W^alnut St., Chelsea; 1876, 7, Meridian St., EiLst Boston. 1S77, Health failed; 
discontinued preaching. 1877-81, In business in Westfiekl, Mass. 

Ma.rricc], Sept. 16, 1855, Miss Harriet N. Sikes of Bclchertown, Mass. 
Children: K-dward H., b. June 9, 1856: Hattie E., b. June 12, iiS6o: Bertha 
F., b. July 14, 1866. 

iHSi, Address: Westfield, Hampden Co., Mass. 


Bom, May 12, 1836, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Served as Hospital Steward of 14th New York Cavalry in the Civil War. 
iS68^-Si , Elngaged in Auction and Commission business (cniefly of books) with 
>Jo. 15, in New York, N. Y. ; Firm (1881), Bangs & Co. 1873-81, Residing in 
Orange, N. J- 

18S1, Address: 739-741 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


1S51— •4* Residences: Dublin, Ireland ; Middletown, Conn. 

fS55, Joined Genesee Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1855, 
Stationed at Clean, N. Y. ; 1856, Filmore Church, Buffalo. 1S57, located and 
went South ; joined North Carolina Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 
South ; stationed at Salisbury, N. C. 1858-62, Stationed successivelv at Tar- 
borough and Goldsborough, N. C. ; 1803-5, Front St., Wilmington. 1866, 
Presiding Elder of Greensborough District. 1867-70, Presiding Elder of 
VVashington District. 1868, D.D., Randolph Macon College. 187 1-3, Stationed 
at Kront St., Wilmington, N. C. 1874, Located. 1S75, 6, Pastor of Bethanv 
Indei>endcnt Church, Baltimore, Md. 1877-81, Residing in New York, N. Y.'; 
preaching frequently; Member of a committee of five, appointed to secure a 
' me fit of the claims of creditors, who hold Tennessee State bonds. Dele 
to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1866, 70. 

1S81, Address : 107 East 29th St , New York, N. Y. 


j^^rn, June 21. 1832, in Cortlandville, Cortland Co., X. W 
iSsS* Tcs^*^^" ^^ Rome Academy, N. Y. 1856, Joined Black River Conference, 
l^i|^^hodist Kpiscopal Church. 1856-60, Stationed successively at Fulton, 
'l<l^^i-esa, Adams, and Rome, N. Y. 1861, Transferred to Cincinnati Conference ; 
*i<:r%'ed as pastor of several churches in (Cincinnati. 186S, 9, Yisited Europe and 
jIj^ Kast. 1*^70. Transferred to Detroit Conference. 1S70-2, Stationed at Cen- 
^^^l Church, l>etroit, Mich. 1873 6, Professor of Practical Theology in Garrett 
Biblical Institute, Evanston, 111. 1874, D.D., Wesleyan Univers'ity. 1876, 
ly^leRSttc to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1876-9, Sta- 
tioned at Central Church, Detroit, Mich. 1879-81, President of (Jarrett Bibli 
cal Institute, Evanston, 111. 1881, Delegate to Methodist Ecumenical Confer- 



Married, 1856, Miss Sophie E. Falley of Fulton, N. Y. Children: ManL, 
b. May 21, 1858 : William F., b. July 19, 1864 ; d. Jan. 6, 1865: Edward S,li 
Jan. I, 1866: George F., b. Feb. 28, 1876: Frederick W.,b. April 21, 187I 

1881, Address: JEvanston, Cook Co., 111. 


Bom, Aug. 15, 1830, in Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

1855-6, Teacher of Mathematics in Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, P». 
1856-60, Teacher of Natural Science in Providence Conference Seminaj.Ea* 
Greenwich, R. I. i860, Joined Sew York East Conference, Methodist £!»»• 
pal Church; stationed at West Granby, Conn. 1861, Went to Delaware « 
account of failure of health. 1861-2, Studied in BcUevue Hospital Mecfial 
College, New York, N. Y. 1862-5, Principal of Drcwville Institute, Patn" 
County, N. Y. 1865, Removed to Norwalk, Conn., on account of death « 
parents. 1869-81, Principal of Ashland Public School, East Orange, N.J. 

Married, 1855, Miss Carrie E. Thomes, who died in 1861. Married, 1863, Mft 
J. O. Longstreet. Children : ^remont, b. 1856: Carrie, b. 1859: WeskyA 
1861 : Frederick William, b. 1863 : Edith, b. 1869 ; d. 1872. 

1 88 1, Address: East Orange, Essex Co., N. J. 


Born, Dec. 14, 1834, in Butler, Wayne Co., N. Y. 

1856-8, Engaged in farming in Minnesota. 1858, Commenced study 0^ La* 
in Wolcott, N. Y. i860, Studied Law ; also engaged in mercantile bosines. 
1862, Admitted to the Bar. 1862-81, Practicing Law in Wolcott, N. Y. 

Married, Jan. 20, 1851, Miss Sarah Dill of Wolcott, N. Y. Children: Flon 
E., b. Oct. 30, 1858 : George W., b. Nov. 2, i860: Ada D., b. Dec 20,i86r 
Jessie M., b. July 24, 1869 : Sarah C, b. Aug. 23, 1871 : Frederick William."^ 
April 3, 1874. 

1881, Address : Wolcott, Wayne Co., N. Y. 


Born, Nov. 25, 1835, in Winfield, Herkimer Co., N. \'. 

1855, Traveling Agent, seven months. 1856, Teacher in Falley ScDiinary« 
Fulton, N. Y. 1857, Pastor of Methodist Episcopal Church, Northami^ 
Mass. 1858, Pastor of Methodist Episcopal Church, Mendon, Mass. loft 
Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1859, Statwow 
at Mendon, Mass.; i860, i, Jamaica Plain. 1862, Assistant Editor of ** ^j*' 
Herald,'' Boston, Mass; Pastor of Methodist Episcopal Church, AubonKW** 
Mass. 1862-3, Captain ^y\. Massachusetts Volunteers. 1864-5, Missionary w 
North ('arolina. 1866-70, Pastor of Warren St. Mission Church, Brooklyn 
N. V. 1870-2, Stationed at South Wilbraham, Mass. 1872-81, President" 
Centenary Biblical Institute, Baltimore, Md., from its organization. (^ 

Married, Oct. 26, 1863, ^^Jss Hattic M. Case of Boston, Mass. Childitt^ 
Kate Newbern, b. Sept. 15, 1864: Robert Clement, b. Feb. 25, 1871 : Geae- 
vieve Calvert, b. Jan. 21, 1873. ,|j 

18S1, Address : Corner of Fulton and Edmondson Avenues, Baltimore, M^ 


Born, May 21, 1834, in Boston, Mass. 

1856, M.D., Dartmouth College. 1857, Traveled in the South. l858r^ Rf 
sided in Missouri. 1860-2, Resided in Reading, Mass. 1863, Resuxd • 


L 1864-5, Resided in Vandalia, 111. 1866-9, Tand Commis- 
da Railroad Company. 1869--81, Practicing Medicine in Anna, 
n Horticulture ; special attention given to vine-growing, 
t. 8, 1857. Child : Winnifred, b. March 31, 1861. 
ss : Anna, Union Co., 111. 


, 1827, in Lincolnvillc, Waldo Co , Mc. 

>al of High School, Augusta, Me. 1856-7, Resided in Winthrop, 
health. 1858, Professor of Ancient Languages, McKendree Col- 
Ill. 1860-2, Teacher of Ancient languages, Maine Wesleyan 
Female College, Kent's Hill, Me. Died, May 4, 1862, in Kent's 
c Co., Me. 
t. 22, 1855, Mary F. Stevens of Winthrop, Me. 


J, 1835, in Troy, N. Y. 

gaged in mercantile pursuits in Troy, N. Y., Savannah, Ga., and 
).C. 1867-73, Engaged in stove business in Chicago, 111. 1873-81, 
me business in New York, N. Y. 


•ss : 281 Pearl St., New York, N. Y. 


I, 1827, in Leeds, England. 

ight in Red Creek, N. Y. 1858-61, Taught in Wolcott, N. Y. 

It in Alexander, N. Y. 1865-8, Taught in Skaneateles, N. Y. 

rictor of Book Store, also Insurance Agent, Skaneateles, N. 

roprictor of Book Store, Wolcott, N. Y. 1878-81, Engaged in 

e with his brother in Auburn, N. Y. 

IV. 13, 1857, Miss S. M. Caldicott of Red Creek, N. Y. Children: 

b. Jan. 10, 1859 : Jennie Tamezan, b. Sept. 21, 1863: Freddie C, 


jss : 40 State St, Auburn, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 


h 20, 1836, in Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Brother of No. 1028. 

:. K. True, D.D. 

lated at Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn. 1864-8, 

Michael's Church, Germantown, Pa. iS^xS, 9, Rector of Christ 

r, Del. 1869-74, Rector of f^mmanuel Church, Somervillc, Mass. 

)r of St. John's, Millville, and St. John's, Taunton, Mass. 

ster of St. Paul's Chapel, College Point, N. Y. 

iss Susan E. Fagan, of Middletown, Conn. Children: Clarence 

^ i860: Herbert Hyde, b. Oct. 7, 1867. 

ess : Flushing, Queens Co., N. Y. 


23, 1827, in Kinderhook, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

bcr of Mathematics and Natural Science, Carlisle Seminary, N. 

incipal of Walworth Academy, N. Y. 1857, Principal of Union 



__ ^. y _-- __ - — --, - — J- — - - - - - - 

Iowa. 1S67, Joined East CJencsec Conference, Methodist Episcopal Chorck 
1S68, 9, Stationed at llamniondsport, N. \.\ 1870-2, Tyrone; 1873, 4, 
Liberty; iSye;-;, Tonawanda; 1878, Mansfield, Pa.; 1879, Middlcport, N. V.; 
1S80, Scottsvlllc; 18S1, Liberty. 

Married, 1SJ4, Miss Lydia M. Wood of Genesee, N. Y. Children: Lola 
Montez, b. Feb. iS, 1861 : Harry Wirt, b Dec. 16, 1S67. 

188 1, Address : LilRTty, Sullivan Co., N. V. 


liorn, Dec. 6, 1834, in Tainted Post, Steuben Co., N. V. 

1856, Taught on Cape Cod, Mass. 1857-62, Engaged in Banking, ii 
Mount Pleasant, Iowa. 18O2-5, ('ashier of Mount Pleasant Branch, State 
Bank of Iowa. 1865-81, Cashier of National State Bank of Mount Pleasant 

Married, September, 1858, Miss Julia May of Bath, N. V. Children : May, h 
Nov. 26, i860: James T., b. April 18, 1862: Henry C, b. July 10, 1S65. 

1881, Address: Mount Pleasant, Henry Co., Iowa. 


Born, Aug. iS, 1832, in New Providence, Union Co., N. J. 
1855, Joined New Jersey (Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church; 
stationed at Basking Ridge, N. J. Died, Jan. 7, 1856. in Basking Ridge,- N, J. 
Married, Mi>s Kate Cole of Staten Lsland, N. Y. 


Born, ( )ct. 24, 1827, in Franklin, Merrimack Co., N. H. 
1855, Admitted to the Bar. 1856, LL.B., Harvard University. 1856-Si, 
Practicing Law in New York, N. Y. 

1881, Address: 21 Park Row, New York, N. Y. 


Class of 1856. 



Born, May 15, 1834, in Sutton, Merrimack Co., N. H. 

1856-7, Studied Law in Concord, N. II. 1857, Admitted to the Bar in 
Minnesota. 185S-64, City Justice of Saint Anthony, Minn. 1864, W'ith iDdiio 
Expedition to and beyond Missouri River. 1865, In Fort Ripley, M/fift 
1866-70, Book-keeper for a lumber firm. 1871, City Clerk and City Justht 

business in Minmapolis ; Firm, .Noble & Armstrong. >' 

Married, Feb. 17, 1S74, Sarah B. Redfield of Minneapolis, who died .\|.. 
14,1879. Children: Bessie Rollins, b. Feb. 21, 1875: Solon, b. Oct 2, ^^y"*' 
a daughter, b. ( )ct. 2, 1877 ; d. Oct. 4, 1877 : Joseph, b. Dec. 23, 1878. '?: 

1881, Address : Minneapolis, Minn. 



Born, Sept. 10, 1856, in Middletown, Conn. 

1857-8, Studied Law in Middletown, Conn. 1859, Admitted to practice in 
Soperior Court. 1860-81, Practicing Law in Middletown, Conn. Member of 
Coonecticut House of Representatives, 1867, 69, 70, 74. 

Married, Nov. 15, 187 1, Henrietta Belden Parker of Barnstable, Mass. 
Children: Anna Howland, b. Aug. 11, 1872 ; d. Aug. 17, 1873: Kmma How- 
fauid, b. Sept. 28, 1874 : Curtis Stow, b. July 2, 1877 : Bertha Parker, b. Nov. 

«4. 1878. 

188 1, Address: Middletown, Conn. 


Born, Nov. 23, 1835, '" Verbank, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Brother of Nos. 435, 
and 4S0. 

1856, Teacher in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1857, Pastor of Methodist Epis- 
copal Church, Portland, Conn., and Tutor in Wesleyan University. 1858, 
Joined New York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1858, f>tationed 
at Lake Mahopac, N. Y. ; 1859, Cannon St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 1 )ied, June 

!• 1859- 


Born, Feb. 2c, 1833, in Sidney, Shelby Co., Ohio. 
1857, Studied Medicine in Cmcinnati, 

•$7» Studied Medicine in Cmcinnati, Ohio. 1858-81, Practicing Medicine 
in Cincinnati. 1865, Professor of Anatomy, Cincinnati College of Medicine 
and Surgery. 

Married, May 6, 1858, Miss Ellen S. Smith of Middletown, Conn. Chil- 
dren : Samuel l^urwell, b. March 5, 1859 : George Henn', b. Feb. 14, 1861 : Lucy 
Margaret, b. May 27, 1863: Mary Ellen, b. Aug. i, 1B67 : Edwin William, b. 
Jan. 10, 1870 : Alice Maria, b. Sept. 17, 1872. 

1881, Address: 444 Bajrmiller St., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


1855, Residence : New Lebanon Springs, Columbia Co., N. Y. 1856-7, 
Teacher of Mathematics in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1857-8, Studied 
in Ijiw School of University of Albany, N. Y. 1858, 9, Pastor of Methodist 
£j>iscopal Church, Lenox, Mass. 1860-1, In feeble health. iS6i,2, Pastor 
01 Methodist Episcopal Church, Washington Heights, New York, N. Y. 
*^^-5» Resided m South Carolina on account of poor health; ( Government 
Superrotendent of Plantations on Saint Helena Island, S. C. 1864, Post Chap- 
lain, Beaufort, S. C. 1864-6, In feeble health ; resided in Saratoga, N. Y., and 
m Smyrna, Del. 1868, Rector of Protestant Episcopal Church, Newark, Dei. 
«70,Rcctor of Christ Church, Bridgeport, Conn. 1870, Health failed. 1870-3, 
^•^t winters in Clifton Springs, N. Y., and summers in I^banon Springs, 
«• \' '^73, Removed to Long Island. 1875-81, Rector of Christ Church, Sat; 


Mirried, June 6, i86o. Miss Mary B. Rundall of Amenia, N. Y. Child : 
"»mnieCuTti8,b.Juncis, 1868. 
'«». Address: Sag Harbor, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 



Born, \pril 20, 1.^31. in Lynn, Elsscx Co., Nfas>s. 

1X50, 'Ie;iclicr of" Ancient Languages, East Nfaine Conference ScminaiT, 
Hut ksport, Me. 1S57, Pa>tor of Mctho<li>t Episcopal Church. Belfast, Me!; 
Teacher of Ancient I^nguage>. Providence Conference Seminary, East Gfoei- 
wich, k. I. 1858-^)2, Teacher of Ancient Languages in Amenia Semiiurr, 
N. \ . 1^62-4, Teacher of Ancient Languages in Pittsburgh Fcmak Crf* 
lege, I'a. 1864-5, Teacher of Ancient lianguages and Natural Histo^ii 
Lasell Female Seminary, Auburndale, Mass. 1865-7, Preceptor of Staosttad 
Academy, Stan^tead, Q'ucIhjc. i8(')S-8i, Proprietor of Classical School in Lm^ 

Married, 1861, Miss Antoinette C. Winchell of Salisbury, Coim. Childrm: 
Edward Alexander, h, July 8, 1866: Mal>el Martina, b. Feb. 7, 1874. 

1S81, Address: 27 Whiting St., Lynn, Mass. 


Born, May 7, 1832, in Elizabeth, N. J. 

1855-9, Teacher in Jiarton Academy. 1859, Traveled in Europe; joipw 
Alabama Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South ; during the Rebellioo, 
Chaplain of 38th and 40th Alabama Regiments, C. S. Army. 1S65, Profo*" 
in Stonewall In.stitutc. 1866-8, Principal of Pcabody Institute, Talladega. 
Ala. 1868-71, Professor of Moral Science in East Alabama College, AubtB* 
Ala. 1871-80, President of Centenary Female College, Summcrficld, AU- 
1880-1, President of Aberdeen Female College of North Mississippi Coa- 
fcrence, Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 

Married, I>cc. 20, 1866, Miss Anna DuBose of Columbus, Miss. ChiWreo; 
Arthur DuHose, b. Jan. 7, ivS(>S : Annie Bessie, b. April 9, 1871: Edgar Conie- 
lius, b. Se|)t. 10, 1872: Irma Walton, b. .April 14, 1S74 : James Alexander, b. 
uly 21, 1875: Robert Nicoll, b. Dec. 10, 1878; d. July 22, 1879: MollieSinki 
). Feb. 8, 1880. 

1881, Address: Aberdeen, Monroe Co., Miss. 



Born, Oct. 24, 1830, in Taunton, Bristol Co., Mass. 

1856, Private Tutor in Newark, N.J. 1857, Joined Providence ConferencCj 

Methodist Episcopal Church ; stationed at Sandwich, Mass. 1858, Trtv«^ 
on aci i>uMt of feeble health ; residence, Taunton, Mass. 1859, 60, Stationed »* Hridgewater. Mass. ; 1861, 2, First Church, Fall River ; 1863, 4, Broad«»y» 
Providence, K. 1. 1865, Transferred to New York East Conference. '^^Z* 
Stationed at South Fifth St. (now St. John's Church), Brooklyn, N. Y. i8o«>» 
Transferred to Philadelphia (Tonference. 1868-70, Stationed at Arch St^ l^jj**' 
(lcli)hia, Pa.; 187 1-3, Spring Garden St., Philadelphia. 1 869, Traveled in Eufop^ 
1870, D.l), Dickinson College. 1873, '^'**^veled in Europe and the ^i*^Jf*2 
\o. 470. 1874, Transferrc<l to Cincinnati Conference. 1874-6, Stationed 
St. Paul's Church, Cincinnati. 1875, LL.D., Ohio State University. ^^^^ 
Elected President o( (.)hio Wesleyan University. Delaware, Ohio; retained?**^ 
torate of St. Paul's one year after election. 187^1, President of Ohio WesleV^^ 
University. 1S80. Delegate to General (.'onference, Methodist Episcopal Chn*'*- 


d. April 20, i8(»3. 

1881, Addrc.s^ : Delaware, Delaware Co., Ohio. 




Bom, Sept 2, 1834, in Galway, Saratoga Co., N. Y. Brother of Nos. 380, 

*^5S"^ Taught a select school in Brooklyn, N. Y. 1858-9, Studied Law in 
Gttcnwich, N. Y., and New York, N. Y. 1859, Admitted to the Bar. 1861-4, 
Uw Clerk in Public Administrator's Office, New York, N. Y. 1864-7, Engaged 
VI provision business, New York, N. Y. 1867-S1, Manufacturer and Dealer 

ttiTnissesand Surgical Appliances in New York, N. Y.; Firm, Pomeroy Truss 

Co.; tincc 1875, ^'^ No. ^63. 
Kvried, Nov. ix, 1862, Mary E. Hay ward of New York, N. Y. Children: 

Itilph Havward, b. Jan. 12, 1867: Edith Marv, b. May 6, 1869: Charlotte 

Geitnide, S. Oct. i, 187 1 : Arthur Cleveland, b. bee. 12, 1S73. 
1881. Address: 746 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


Born, Auff. 8, 1836, in Belleville, Essex Co., N. J. « 

iS^ Studied Law and Stenography in Potsdam, N. Y., and Williamsburgh, 
N'V. i8j7-6i, Studied Law and Literature in Boston, Mass. 1861, Captain 
i^New York Volunteer Infantry, afterwards as Captain in Kansas Volunteer 
Rivalry, employed on staff and special duty. 1862, Major of 2d Kansas Volun- 
^ Ca?alry ; severely wounded at Little Santa Fe, Mo. ; afterwards trans- 
^^rtd to 9th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry. 1863-5, In service in armies of the 
Sootier and Arkansas. 1865, Colonel, U.S. Veteran Volunteers (Hancock's 
W Army Corps) ; Lieutenant-Colonel and afterwards made Brevet-Colonel, 
4A U. S. Veteran Volunteers^ 1866, Practiced Law in Baltimore, Md. 
*86Wi, Practicing Law in Little Rock, Ark. 1874, Served in the " Brooks 
^ Baxter War " for control of Arkansas State Government ; Colonel of 
Artansas State Guards ; Aid to Governor Baxter ; Inspector-General ; Briga- 
^•Gcneral and Chief of Staff to Major-General Newton, Commander of State 
forces. ;875, Inspector-General, Staff of Governor Garland- 1877-9, Adju- 
tim-General of Arkansas. (See Bibliography.) 
Married, Miss Anna Cheevcr Carter of Missouri. Children : Albert Mar- 

8*nMi,b. July 17, 1867: Anna, b. Oct. 23, 1870: Howard Carter, b. Dec. 2, 


1881, Address : Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Ark. 


^nj, Jan. 28, 1835, in Augusta, Onieda Co., N. Y. Brother of No. 632. 

'858, Teacher in Rhinebeck Academy, N. W i85(>-6o, Professor of Normal 
™^ction, and English Literature in Lawrence University, Applcton, Wis. 

, p3» Engaged in mercantile pursuits in New York. 1864, Teacher of Physi- 
cal Culture in Chicago, 111. 1865-6, Assistant Secretary and Actuary of Con- 
"'^icut Mutual Life Insurance Co., Hartford. Conn. 1867-81, General Man- 
*P wr Europe (until 1871, with No. 632) of Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Ma- 

^wrried, 1876. Children : a son and a daughter. 
'°o'i Address: 150 Cheapside, London, England. 


5^'J»J^c. 25, 1828, in Copake, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

JJSMi, Engaged in farming in Hillsdale, N. Y. 

™*^«<i, Jan. I, i868» Miss Alice Mead. Children ; James, b. April 14, 1869 ; 


d. April 27, 1870: Augustus M., b. Nov. 17, 1870; d. Feb. 26, 1871: Afla 
b. Oct. I, 1872: Martha, b. <>ct. 23, 1879. 

1881, Address: Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y. 


Born, July 13, 1830, in Saint Johnsbun*, Elast, Caledonia Ca, Vt 

1856, I'rincipal ot Drewvillc Institute, Putnam Co., N. Y. 1857, Tcadjerof 
Natural Science in New Ham{>shire Conference Seminary and Female College, 
Sanbomton bridge, N. H. 1858, Teacher of Latin and Natural Science in Xet- 
bury Seminary, Vt. 1862-6, Principal of same 1866-81, Principal of D«t 
Ladies' Seminary, Carmel, N. V. • 

Married, Aug. 13, 1856, Miss Mar)' Lizzie Ncwhall. Children: Wfllifiti 
Drew, b. Aug. 31, 1857: Gcorgiana Newhall, b. Nov. 30, i860; d. A»^ 2> 
1862: Karl Chapm, b. Feb. 22, 1863: Ralph Newhall, b. May 21, i865;(lAif 
II, 1865 : Gertrude Klva, b. May 21, 1865 ; d. Feb. 27, 1878 : Richard Freder- 
ick, b. Nov. 15, 1867 : Robert Newhall, b. Sept. 9, 1872 : Maude Van MaiW, 
b. Feb. I, 1875. 

1881, Address: Carmel, Putnam Co., N. Y. 


Horn, June 15, 1839, in Patterson, N. J. 

1857, C. E., University of Michigan. 1858-81, Engaged in business in Newark, 

Married Miss I^ura A. Blair. Children : Watson Beaumont, b. November, 
1862 : Frank Blair, b. November, 1864 ; d. August, 1865 : Mallie L.,b. Decem- 
ber, 1866: William V., b. May 27, 1874. 

1881, Address: Newark, N.J. 


Born, Nov. 12, 1835, in Middletown, Conn. 

1861-73, Practiced law in Brooklyn, N. V. 1873-81, Resided in NewYoii 
N. v., and Middletown, N. Y., on account of i^oor health. 1881, Resumed 
practice of Law in Brooklvn, N. ^^ 

Married, 1S65, Miss Kate L. Vining. Children: V. Alvah, b. July 18, i^' 
two daughters ; deceased. 

1881, Address: id Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y., or 769 Sbcth Av., NewVork, 
N. V. 


Born, May 19, 1834, in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Mass. 

1856, Joined Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, l^^l* 
Stationed at Taunton, Mass.; 1858,9, Pawtucket, R. I.; 1860,1, Fourth SU 
New Bedford, Mass.; 1862, 3, Bristol, R. I. 1864, Transferred to New Ei«te» 
Conference. 1864-6, Stationed at St. Paul's Church, Lowell, Mass. ; IWT^ 

Hanover St., Boston ; 1870-2, Winthrop St. ; 1873-5, Conmion Street, LyoK 
1876-8, Trinity, Springfield ; 1879,80, Cirace Church, Boston. 1865. Chaplim 

Theological Seminary, Madison, N. J. Delegate to Generml Confeicnce, 
Methodist Episcopal Church, 1876, 80. 

Married, April 15, 1857, Miss Lucy G. Smith of Middletown, Conn. Chil* 



n: Frederick Norman, b. Aug. 22, i860: Frank Bourne, b. Nov. 21, 1862: 
lUe Fielding, b. Sept 5, 1867 ; d. June 15, 1868 : a son, b. May 24, 1871 ; d. 
iy25, 1871 : Walter Horace, b. Sept. 7, 1875. 
1B81, Address: Madison, Morris Co., N. J. 


Bom, April 30, 1831, in New Braintree, Worcester Co., Mass. 
185&-62, Teacher of Latin in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1863, 
.D^ Harvard University. 1864-c, Practiced Medicine in Shrewsbury, Mass. 
66-81, Practicing Medicine in Worcester, Mass. 1872-3, Visited the leading 
edical Institutions of England and the Continent. 1880, I^y Delegate to Gen- 
ii Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; President of Worcester District 
cdial Society ; Member of City School Board ; Member of Medical Staff of 
Worcester City Hospital. 

Harried, 1856, Miss Isabella H. Andrews of Glastonbury, Conn. Children . 
abcl, b. Nov. 20, 1861 : Effie Luella, b. Sept. 7, 1865. 
1881, Address : 574 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

• ♦• 

Class of 1857. 


Born, July i8, 1837, in Norwich, f^ew lx)ndon Co., Conn. 

1857-^ Principal of (rrammar School, Peoria, III. 18^9, Principal of Bram- 
rd Academy, Haddam, Conn. 1860-1, In business in New York, N. Y. 
«ved with 23d New York National Guard in Civil War. 1862-3, Studied 
-aw in office of E. L Fancher, LL.D., New York, N. Y. 1863, Admitted to the 
^- 1863-81, Practicing I^w in New York, N.Y.; Firm, Blanchard & Miller. 

Married, March 16, 1871, Miss Hattie M. Adams of Brooklyn, N. Y. Child: 
»elen Bradley, b. Feb. 15, 1872. 

'®i, Address : 229 Broadwav, New York, N. Y. 


°^ Jan. 22, 1834, in Lowville, I^wis Co., N. Y. 

*^SH Taught in Lodi, 111. i860. Studied in Garrett Biblical Institute, 
?^ton. 111. 1861, Graduated at same; joined Wisconsin Conference, Meth 
f^t Episcopal Church. 1862, Stationeciat Port Washington, Wis.; 1863,4, 
^nah. 1865, Transferred to Black River (Northern New York) Conference ; 
IPpIied Brockett's Bridge, N. Y. 1866, Stationed at Brockett's Bridge, N. Y.; 
^.Lowville; 1868-70, Gouverneur; 187 1-3, Potsdam Junction; 1874-6, 
'aterville; 1877, West Winfiel(J; 1878-80, Newport and Poland: 1 88 1, Turin. 
Carried, Jan. 22, 1862, Miss Sarah E. Iliggins of Geneva, 111. Children: 
na Maud, b. July 17, 1868: Susan Louisa, b. April 7, 1870. 
SSif Address: Turin, Lewis Co , N. Y. 




Born, Jan. 13, 1831, in I^yden, Franklin Co., Mass. 

1858, Teacher in Rittenhouse Academy, Washington, D. C. i859-6a Pri 
cipal of Bound Brook Academy, N. J. 1861, Taught in Berlin, Conn. 1862-9 
Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue, Greenfield, Mass. 1865-9, Insoraoa 
Agent. 1869-73, Editor of TAe /^rani/in County Times, Greenfield Mat 
1873-81, Advertising Agent and Correspondent for the Press, Springfield, Ibft 
(See Bibliography.) 

Married, Oct. 26, 1857, Miss Zadel Barnes of Middletown, Conn. ChildRi: 
Justin Llewellyn, b. Aug. 22, 1859: Henr)', b. Jan. 14, 1865. 

1881, Address : Springfield, Mass. 


Bom, June 2, 1831, in Wilbraham, Hampden Co., Mass. 

1857, Tutor in VVesleyan University. 1858, Preached in Haverhill, M* 
1859, Joined New England Conference, Metho<list Episcopal Church, ^^w^ 
Stationed at Cliftondalc, Mass.; 1S61, 2, Millbury ; 1863, 4. Rivcrdalc; l o^j 
South St., Lynn. 1867, Located. 1867-95, ^^^'^^^^ Medicine in Medical Sajjj 
of Harvard University, and in Philadelphia. 1869, M.D., Hahnemann Hedica 
College, Philadelphia. 1S70-9, Practiced Medicine in Middleborongfai !(• 
1879-S1, Practiced Medicine in Connersvillc, Ind. Died, Feb. 24, 1881, ■ 
Connersville, Ind. 

Married, Oct. 30, 1859, Miss Hattie I« Smith of Haverhill, Mass. ChiMj»= 
Mary Isabel, b. Keh. 8, 1863: Arthur Sibley, b. Oct. 12, 1864; d. Dec 24. w 
Alice Gertrude, b. June 19, 1867: Gracie Augusta, b. April 7, 1869: Flo«>* 
Adelaide, b. July 12, 1875. 

iSSi, Address of widow: Connersville, Fayette Co., Ind. 


Born, Sept. 13, 1831, in Landgrove. Bennington Ca, Vt. ^. 

1857, Taught Grammar School, Manchester, N. II. 18 c8. Associate Pri^ 
pal of Wesleyan Seminary, Springfield, Vt. 1859, Joined Providence C(J**' 
cnce, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1859, Stationed at Pl>'mouth, Mass.; i^ , 
Hingham; 1862, South Scituatc; 1863, 4, East Glastonbury, Conn.: wi 
IJurnsidc; 1S67, 8, Putnam; 1869, 70, Norwich Town; 1871-3, Uncasville;'^ 
Hazardville; i<S75, 6, Thompson Church, Pawtucket, R. I.; 1877, & G*^ 
Church, Westerly; 1S79, Hcbronviile and Dodgcville; 1880, i, Danielsoo***" 

Married, July 29, 1858. Julia E. Crockett of Middletown, Conn. 

1S81, Address: Danielsonville, Windham Co., Conn. 


Horn, Aug. 20, 1836, in Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. V. , 

1857, Pastor of Hillside church, Rhinel)eck, N. Y. 1858, Joined NewV^ 

Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1858, Stationed at Hillside Chug 

Rhinebeck, N. V. 1858-9, Preached but little, on account of ill health. IgJ 

Stationed at Lenox, Mass.; 1861, Tyringham ; 1862, 3, Red Hook, N. Y.; »^ 

Cal. ; 1876, Placervillc. 1877, On account of poor health became Sapert*** 


1878-S1, Principal of Franklin Academy, Santa Clara, Cal. 

-ied, March 28, i860, Miss Martha Collm of Hilltdale, N. Y. Chiwr* 


rric Louise, b. Jan. 14, 1862: May Amelia, b. May 15, 1865; d. March 18, 

19: Grace Adelia, b. July 19, 1868: Ralph Vincent, b. Dec. 22, 1875; d. June 


18S1, Address : Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co., Cal. 


Bom, Sept 20, 1833, in Berkshire, Tompkins Co., N. Y. Brother of No. 715. 

1857-8, Teacher of Natural Science and German, Amenia Seminary, N. Y . 
858-60, Teacher of Natural Science, Drawing, and Painting, Fort Plain Semi- 
asj and Collegiate Institute, N. Y. i860, Teacher of Natural Science 
md Latin, Van Norman's Institute, New York, N. Y. 1860-j, Traveled in 
Europe and the East; studied General History, History of the Fine Arts, 
Philosophy, and Philology. 1865-8, Professor of Modem I languages and 
jtsthctics, Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. 1866, Elected Member of the 
bstitoto Archeologico, Rome, Paris, and Berlin. 1868-71, Prepared text books 
in Modern Languages. 1869-73, Secretary of American Philological Associa- 
tion 1872, Professor of Modern languages and .'Ksthetics, Syracuse University, 
M.Y. 1873, Dean of the College of Fine Arts in Syracuse University. 1879, 
Bected Member of the American Anthropological Society. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Jan. 19, 1871, Miss Anna A. Manning, M.D., of Norwich, Conn. 
CMdren: Ralph Manning, b. Jan. 6, 1872: Frederick Price, b. Dec. 19, 1874: 
Artlwr Smith, b. May 5, 1876; d. Aug. 8, 1876. 
1881, Address : Syracuse, N. Y. 


Bom, April 23, 1830, in Ware, Hampshire Co., Mass. Brother of No. 118. 
. '?57-8, Studied in Law School of University of Albany, N. Y. i8i;8, LL.B., 
IJuTcraity of Albany ; admitted to Practice in Supreme Courts of New York. 
IJS9-73. Practiced Law in Saint Paul, Minn. 1862-9, Judge of Probate Court 
« Ramsey County, Minn. 1880-1. Chief Clerk in Sixth Auditor's Office, 
Treasury Department, Washington, D. C. 1881, Deputy Auditor in same. 

*88i, Address : 495J Pennsylvania Av., N. W., Washington, D. C. 


^^ Sept. 7, 1836, in Danville, Caledonia Co., Vt. 
« '^57» Teacher in New Hampshire Conference Seminary and Female College, 
^^jnWnton Bridge, N. H. 1858-60, Taught High School. Alton, N. H. 
jooo-i, Studied in Law School of the University of Albany. 1861, LL.B., 
JJ»"»crsity of Albany ; admitted to the Bar. 1861-2, Studied Law in Bristol, 
JJ- "• 1862-81, Practicing Law in Alton, N. H. 1870-5, District Attorney. 
"*J^n Clerk of New Hampshire Senate. 

Married, June 11, 1865, Miss Mary L. Savage. Child: John Foster, b. 
AN 19. 1869. 

*<»»• Address: Alton, Belknap Co., N. H. 


^*^ Jan. 26, 1837, in Ashford, Windham Co., Conn. 
'*S7-6o, Studied in Medical School of Harvard Univ 


Mirr:^':. No. i". I v>. M:s? Isabels A. \Vvt>d*.«aiT of B'l&t'jn. ChiUren; 
^.*:ri^, ■ \ :i.t lo. iTC .1 j^ p-*- WL.tnc>. K i*-:!. n. 1^72: Edwin Woodhijt 

Jvjrn, Ja:j 19, I'^.V, :ri Canauri, >oin6rset Co.. Mc- 

^. jyj9, Tran>fcrTed to New England _ 

!>//;, 70. Stationed at Common St., Lynn, Mas>. 1S71, Transferred to FVovi- 
dcm.e *^"onfcreiii.c. i^Ji-Jf Principal of I*rovidence Conference Seminanr, 
K.ibt Orcenwich, K. I. i V3« Transferred to New England Conference. iSz^^. 


iH«Si, Addrts>: Springfield, Mass. 


Horn, Nov. ft, 1S35, in Rome, N. Y. 

iS^7-.S, Studied in Law School of University of Albany. iSqQ, .AdmiwJ* 
tin: liar, in Hartford, Conn, i860, Practiced I^w in Suffield, Conn. »**' 
Practiced Law in Middletown, Conn. 1863-75, State Attorney for Middk* 
(!iHmtv, (.'onn. i«S63-4, Clerk of Connecticut House of Reprcscntotr* 
i.Sf»S-^>, Judge of ProJMte; Clerk of Connecticut Senate. i866-«i, Ff**^ 
Law ill Middletown, Coim. 1S73, Member of Connecticut Senate. i^P'l* 
Mayor of (*iiy of Middletown. 1.H80-1, Judge of City Court. - 

Married, Mav 21, 1S62, Miss Kate L. Camp of Middletown, Conn. CM- 
dren: Margaret C, b. April 7, i8(>3: Charlotte M., b. Oct. 6^ 1865: Am* 
Averv, b. June 5, 1S69: Avery T., b. Sept. 20, 1879. 

iSSi, Address: Middletown, Conn. 


HoMi, May S* i<^vtt >" Mansfield, llristol Co., Mass. ^. 

1S57 S. Studied" in Law School of University of Albany. 185S-60, 5>titf» 
Law in (anion, Mass. 1S60, Admitted to the Bar. 1860-7, I*racticed l^J* 
Noith Laston, Mass. 1S67, Practiced Law in Taunton, Mass. i868-8i»***" 
lieiug law in Taunton, Mass.; Firm, Hennett & Fuller. ,jh 

Manied, Nov. <), 1862, Rebecca J. Vincent, who died March 31, 187^- ^^ 
then: Kredeiir V., b. Sept. 9, 1S63 : Albert, b. Jan. 29, 1867 : Henr}", ^ *^ 
L?, iSfu); d. June JO, 1S70. 

iSSi, .\ddrcss: Taunton, Mass. 


horn. April 10, iS^r, in Rlandford, Hampden Co., Mass. Son "* 

John Johnston, Ll..l>.* lirother of Nos. 695, 740, and 925. ^ 

1S57, Piincipal of Brainard Academy, Itaddam, Conn. 1858^ Went "^^ 


)f fiiilure of health; examined I^ad Mines on Mediterranean Coast. 
it Mineral Point Seminary, Wis. 1859-60, Principal of Plattevillc 
^is. ; resigned on account of ill health. 1860-5, Engaged in manu- 
thnston and Dow's Water-Proof Cartridges, in New \'ork, N. Y. 
iident of Bcllevue Zinc Co., Mineral Point, Wis. 1871-81, Kngaged 
ufacture and sale of Dental Materials, New York, N. Y.; Firm, 
'OS. (See Bibliography.) 

April 22, 1867, Anna S. Atkins of Boston, Mass., who died May 31, 
dren: Wilbur Hamilton, b. Jan. 22, 187 1 : Frederick Atkins, b. 


Jrcss .■ 1260 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


V. 16, 1833, in Onondaga, Onondaga Co., N. Y. 

ught in Croton Falls, N. Y. i8j8. Teacher in Collegiate and Poly- 

titute, Brooklyn, N. Y. i860, Joined Troy Conference, Methodist 

Jhurch ; sUtioned at Hyde Park, Vt. Died, 1861. 

July 7, 1859, Miss Josephine Christopher of Croton Falls, N. Y. 


c. II, 1828, in Sutton, Worcester Co., Mass. 

ncd New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal ('hurch. 1858,9, 
t Grafton, Mass.; i860, 1, Chelsea; 1862,3, Common St , Lvnn ; 
n Church, Charlestown ; 1865-7, Bromficldf St., Boston ; 186&-70, 
., Chelsea; 187 1, Trinity Church, Worcester ; 1872-4, Brr^idway, 
75, Walnut St., Chelsea ; 1876-nS, Bromfield St, Boston ; 1879-81, 
, Chelsea. 1867, President of Central Tennessee College. 1868, 
New England Historic Genealogical Society. 1874, D.D., East 
Wcslcyan University. 1875, Traveled in Europe. Delegate to 
nfercncc, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1872, 80. (Sec Bibliography.) 
October, 1858, Eliza Frances Atkins of Sandwich, Mass. Children: 
nerson, b. Aug. 8, 1863: Ellen Bromfield, b. Sept. 11, 1865; d. 
dress : Chelsea, Boston, Mass. 


)ril 2, 1834, in Thompson, Windham Co., Conn, 
stablished a school in Webster, Mass. 1857-62, Proprietor of 
ademy, Dudley, Mass. 1861, Recruited Company I ), i8th Connecticut 
; commissioned first as Captain, then Major, and in August, Colonel. 
;n prisoner in battle at Winchester, Va. ; confined in I.ibby Prison 
IS. 1864, Member of Connecticut legislature; went to North Caro- 
orgia, to attend to State business. 1865-7, In Minnesota, on account 
practiced Law in Saint Paul, Minn. Died, Jan. 17, 1867, i" Saint 
lesota, of disease contracted in Libby Prison. 

March 26, 1856, Sarah Shumway of Thompson, Conn., who died 
70. Children: Olin Shumway, b. Jan. 31, 1857 : Monroe, b. Jan. 15, 
nklin, b. June 24, 1863. 


arch c, 1831, in Vienna, Oneida Co.. N. Y. 

Taught in Kancville, 111. 18^8-60, Taught in (ieneva. III. 1860-1, 

aw. 1861-2, School Commissioner of Kane County, 111. 1863, 


Principal of Graded School, Aurora, III. 1S64-5, Studied Law in Aorora. 
1S65, Admitted to the Bar. 1865-S1, Practicing Law in Aurora. 1S70-Z, Citf 
Attorney of Aurora. 

Married. Tune 27, 1861, Emma L. Jenks, who died Tunc 30^ 1865. WarrW 
Feb. 4, iS6r>, Miss Olinda M. Johnson. Children: Edith, b. March 24, i8;o.- 
Helen II., b. Nov. 28, 1872: Allen John, b. Jan. 26, 1875. 

1 88 1, Address, Aurora, Kane Co., 111. 


Born, July 15, 1831, in Colcraine, Franklin Co., Mass. 

1857.^. Taught in Leyden, Mass. 1858, Preached in North Amherst, Mm 
1859, Joined New I^ngland Conference, Methodist Flpiscopal Church. iJ>S> 
Stationed at North Amherst, Mass.; i860, I, North Dana; 1862, 3, WiDiaB- 
burgh ; 1864-6, liolyoke ; 1867, **^» Shrewsbury ; 1869-71, Leominster; iS/S-i 
Athol Depot; 1875.6, Wakefield ; 1877-9, Ware ; 1880, i, Bay\'iew. 

Married, Nov. 10. 1859, Miss Antoinette Draper of North Amhertt, Ma»» 
who died Nov. 13. 1861. Married, Oct. 14, 1863, Miss Mary G. DeaneoJ ^"' 
braham, Mass. Child : John Kellogg, b. June, i86i ; d. February, i86i 

1881, Address: Bay View, Essex Co., Mass. 


Born, July 26, 1S19, in Sharon, Mercer Co., Pa. 

Graduated at Cleveland Medical College, Ohio. 1841-49, Practiced Medio^ 
1849-53, Member of Eric Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, in reg*^ 
work. 1S53, Located, to complete a college course. 1857-60, Prindpa* * 
Poland Female College, Ohio. 1858, Joined Eric Conference, i860, i| SO" 
tioncd at Wilmington, Pa. : 1862, 3, Silver Creek, N. Y. ; 1864, 5, Kii«sTfl» 
Ohio; 1866,7, Girard, Pa. Surgeon in the U. S. Army in the Civil W^ 
1868, Supernumerary; resided in Mcadville, Pa. 1869, Stationed at DunU'.*' 
N. Y. ; ivS70, I, Randolph; 1872, 3, Frewsburgh ; 1874,5, Chardon, ^1**? 
1876, Superannuated; resided in Greenville, Pa. 1876-8, In Drug busino*. "* 
Greenville, Pa. 1878-81, In Drug business in Spartansburgh, Pa. . 

Married, Jan. 3, 1865, Miss Anna M. De Long of ForestviUe, N. Y. ChiK** 
ren : Susan Eliza, b. Aug. 13, 1867 : Anna Willnetta, b. Nov. I, 1869. 

1881, Address : Spartansburgh, Crawford Co., Pa. 


signed on account of wou 
1865-S, Pastor of First " 

)unds. 1864, Chaplain, 137th Illinois VolaBtee«*J 
Presbyterian Church, Cairo, III. 1867^ ^^^'^^ 

Congregational Church, Peru, 111. 1868-71, Pastor of Congregatioiial Chi^^i 
Council Bluffs, Iowa. 187 1, Resigned on account of ill he^th. ^^7^'^^^Sc' 
of Land Department, Burlington and Missouri River Railroad. '^T^JgJ^ji 
resided in Galesburgh, 111. 1877-81, Pastor of Congregational Church, and P^"^ 
cipal of Schools in Wataga, 111. ^^^ 

Married, Nov. 22, 1856, Anna A. Blanchard of Whitingham, Vt OSmC^ 
Nellie Augusta, b. Dec. 19, 1857 : May Blanch, b. April 3, 1866. 

1881, Address: Galesburgh, Knox Co., 111. 



Oct 10, 1831, in Butler, Wayne Co., N. Y. 

30, Teacher of Mathematics and Natural Science in Gouverneur Wes- 
iminary, N. Y. 18^, Joined Black River Conference, Methodist Epis- 
horch. 1860-3, Prinapal of Gouverneur Wesleyan Seminary, N. V. 
Stationed at Rensselaer Falls, N. V. ; 1865, 6, Heuvelton ; 1867, 8, 
1869, Transferred to Central New York Conference. 1869-71, Sta- 
ll Baldwinsville, N. Y. ; 1872, 3, Cortland; 1874-6, Moravia; 1877,8, 
s; 1879,80, Waterloo; 1881, Skaneateles. 

ied, Aug. 4, 1857, Miss Roxalana Paddock. Children : Cary A., b. Aug. 
; Class of 1884: Willis Fenton, b. Feb. 1, 1868. 
Address : Skaneateles, Onondaga Co., N. Y. 


Residence : Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Mass. 

-9, Teacher in Amenia .Seminary, N. Y. 1862, Joined New England 
:nce, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1862, Stationed at Cambridge, 

1863, Brookfield; 1864, 5, Jamaica Plain. 1866-73, Supernumerary. 
n hide and leather business, Boston, Mass. 1878-80, Publisher in New 
Sf. V. Died, Nov. 27, 1880, in New York, N. Y. 
led daughter of Rev. D. L. Marks. 


, Sept. 6, 1835, in Warren, Bristol Co., R. I. 

ied in Law School of University of Albany ; practiced Law in Florida. 
Returned to the North. Government Clerk, Washington, D. C. Died, 
s 1863, ^" Warren, R. L 


, Sept. II, 1835, in Haddonfield, Camden Co., N. J. 

■60, Instructor in American Asylum for Deaf Mutes, Hartford, Conn. 

Studied in Law School of the University of Albany. 1861-3, Studied 
Philadelphia, Pa. 1863, Admitted to the Philadelphia Bar. 1863-81, 
ing Law yi Philadelphia. 

ied, June 25, 1872, Miss Hannah C. Anderson of Bryn Mawr, Pa. Chil- 
ioward Andrew, b. April 24, 1873: William Henry^ b. May 29, 1874 ; d. 
5, 1876: Helen, b. Aug. 29, 1875 • Isaac, b. Jan. 10, 1877 : Grace Anna, 
;h 10, 1878 : Corona, b. July 3, 1879. 

Address : 721 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Li Jan. I, 18^5, in Verbank, Dutchess Co., N. V. 

-8, Taught m Wilbraham, Mas.s. ; also preached. 1858, 9, Stationed at 
;€e Falls, Mass. i860. Joined New York Conference, Methodist Epis- 
-hurch. i860, 1, Stationed at Poughkeepsie, N. Y ; 1862, 3, New Castle; 
tMatteawan; 1866, 7, Brewster's Station; 1868-70, Thirtieth St., New 

% 1-3, St. John's Church, New York; 1874,5, Eighty-sixth St., New 

1876. Transferred to Newark Conference. 1876-8, Stationed at St. 

Newark, N J. 1879, Transferred to New York Conference. 1879-81, 
'«d at Eighty-sixth St., New York, N. Y. 1878, D.D., Wesleyan Uni- 
ted, Oct 4, 1857, Jane Romer of Pleasantville, N. Y. Children : Frank, 
30, 1858; d. Aug. 30, 1859: Edwin, b. June 3, 1867 ; d. Oct. 5, 1867. 

Address : 117 East 86th St., New York, N. Y. 



Born, Tune 29, 1836, in Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Mass. 

i858--6o, Studied in Methodist General Biblical Institute, Concord, K H. 
i860, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. i86fl^ i. 
Stationed at Grafton, Mass. ; 1862, 3, Natick ; 1S64, 5, Dorchester St, Bostoo; 
1866,7, Webster Square, Worcester ; 1868,9, Chicopee Falls; 1S70, i, Skd* 
burnc Falls ; 1872-4, P^erett ; 1875, 6, Jamaica Plain, Boston ; 1877-a Brosd- 
way Church, Chelsea ; 1880, i, Applcton Church, Boston. 1863, DeiegHe d ' 
U. S. Christian Commission, Nashville and Chattanooga, Teim. 18% 
Delegate of same in Virginia. 1867, Delegate to World^s Sunday- School Coih 
vcniion, Paris, France. 1871, Traveled in California. 

Married, Oct. 20, 1875, ^^^^ Mary E. Harmon of Boston Highlands. CU* 
dren : Edward Harmon, b. July 13, 1876: Mary Herman, b. Nov. 23, iS79;d 
Nov. 29, 1879. 

1881, Address: 4 Walnut St., Ncponset, Boston, Mass. 


Born, Aug. 4, 1834, in Warehouse Point, Hartford Co., Conn. 

1858, Graduated at Law School of University of Albany. 1859-68, Practiced 
Law in Milwaukee, Wis. 1868, Removed to Kansas ; continued practice of 
Law. Appointed U. S. District Attorney for Arkansas. 1868-81, Prac!ifl>g 
Law in Little Rock, Ark. 

Married, Sept. 9, 1862, Miss Dencie S. Loomis of Sufiield, Conn., who died 
Jan. 3, i86i5. Married, Oct. 28, 1870, MissMar>'S. Dodge of Little Rak,Art 
Child : Durand, b. Nov. 9, 1S71. 

1881. Address: Little Rock, Ark. 


Born, Sept. 19, 1S36, in Phillips, Franklin Co., Me. 

1857-8, Taught in Maine. 1858, Assistant Librarian in Public UbraiT " 
HostDn, Mass. 1S59, Reported for />*/• Boston Courier; studied Law inMiu* 
18O0, Admitted to the Bar. 1861, Went to California. 1862-7, Practical La' 
in San Francisco, Cal. 1S67-70, Clerk of all U. S. Courts in California. >^ 
Traveled in Europe. 1S71, Practiced Law in San Francisco, Cal. 1873^ 
Practiced Law in .Salt I>ake City, Utah. 1876-81, Practicing Law in Otf ' 
land, Cal. • 

Married, June i, 1865, Miss Mary L. Swcarineen, of St. Louis, Ma CW* 
dren : Violet Isabel, b. May 6, 1866: Charlotte Anito, b. July 7, 1867 '- Steph»* 
b. Oct. 22, 1869: George Swcaringen, b. April 23, 1872 : Mar>', b. March *> 
1875: Ethel, b. April 19, 1878. 

1S81, Address : Oakland, Cal. 


Born, June 2, 1825, in Great Harrington, Berkshire Co., Mass. 

After graduating, studied Medicine. 1 8 58, Principal of Union School, E^ 
Saginaw, Mich. 1859, Principal of Union School, Owasso, Mich. i86ft P[J 
ci]>al and Pr()i)rietor of hoarding School, Southbury, Conn. 1S65, M.Di^.* 
lege of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, N. Y. 1865-81, Practicing **T" 
cine in New Haven, Conn. 1877, President of New Haven Medical AsK^ 
tion. 1879, Appointed Member of Hoard of Health for term of three J****" 
Member of New Haven County Medical Association. j^ 

Married, Feb. 9, i8(3o, Miss Helen E. Hinman of Southbuiy, CoWIh **7 
died February, 1863. Married, Octol>er, 1865, Miss Mary Mitchell d Sfl«"" 
Britain, Conn. Child : Helen Marv. b. Sept. 16, i86d 

1881, Address : 6 Pearl .St., New Haven, Conn. 


Class of 1858. 


c. 30, 1833, in Great Falls, Strafford Co., N. H. 
Teacher of Ancient Languages in Troy Conference Academy, i860, 
Principal and Teacher of Ancient Languages in same ; joined Troy 
, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1863, Stationed at Rutland, Vt. ; 
arl St., Albany, N. Y. ; 1867-9, Glovcrsville, N. Y. 1870, Trans- 
ew England Conference. 1870-2, Stationed at Worthen St., Low- 
; 1873-5, Winthrop St., Boston; 1876-8, Worcester; 1879-81, 

Oct. 10, 1858, Manr E. Wiggin of Great Falls, N. H. Children : 
iorge, b. July 6, iw5o ; Class of 1884 : Herbert Dudley, b. Jan. 2, 
)ec. 25, 1863: Edward Odiorne, b. Aug. 6, 1863 ; d. Jan. 6, 1866: 
dson, b. Dec. 7, 1866 : James Pike, b. Jan. 17, 1870. 
Idress : Somerville, Boston, Mass. 


ig. 14, 1837, in Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

h-ofessor of Mathematics and Natural Science, Cornell College, 

non, Iowa. 1868-81, Professor of Natural Science in same. 1881, 

f Chemistry and Physics, in University of Lincoln, Nebr. 

June 30, 1868, Chloe Matson of Waterloo, Ind. Children: Ruth, 

1869: Hertha, b. Oct. 4, 1872; d. March 22, 1873: Mary, b. Sept. 

dress : Lincoln, Nebr. 


pt 15, 1830, in Lorraine, Jefferson C'o., N. V. 
acher in Poland Female College, Ohio. 1859, Joined Black River 
, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1859, Stationed at Martinsburgh, 
O, Cape Vincent; 1861, 2, Clayton; 1863, Baldwinsville ; 1864,5, 
•66, 7, Gouverneur ; 1868, 9, Rensselaer Falls. 1870, Transferred • 
iference. 1870, i, Stationed at Kent, Ohio ; 187 1-3, Charlestown; 
ubbard. 1876, By division of Conference, became member of East 
jrencc. 1876, 7, Stationed at Bristolville, Ohio ; 1878-S0, Bedford; 
eld and Ellsworth. 

June 27, i860. Miss Minerva A. Detchon of Poland, Ohio. 
Blanche, b. May 28, 1861 : Wilbur Fisk, b. July 14, 1864 : Lurena 
)v. 22, 1872 : Mark Anson, b. Dec. 16, 1877. 
dress : Canfield, Mahoning Co., Ohio. 


t. 12, 1833, in Landaff, Grafton Co., N. II. 

Principal of an Academy in Berea, Ohio. 1860-1, Teacher in 
lio. 1861-2, Teacher in Newburgh, Ohio. 1862-5, Teacher in Cleve- 
Died, Oct. 27, 1865, ^^ Landaff, N. H. 

Inly 22, 1863, Miss Louise C. Spurr of Sandwich, Mass. 
^ess of widow: 293 Clermont Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 




Born, Sept. 4, 1834, in Guilford, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

1S59, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Chad 
1859, 60, Stationed at Coram and Fireplace, N. Y.; 1861, Nathaa Bub 
Church, Brooklyn; 1862, Janes Church; 1863-5, Watertown, Conn.; ffifiH 
•South Third Street. Brooklyn, ED.; 1869-71, First Church, Hartford, Cob,- 
1872-4, Washington f*ark Church, East Bridgeport; 1875. Middletown; l47i' 
Wesley Chapel, New Haven ; 1878-80, Chapel St., and Wesley Chapel; i»l, 
Bristol. 1876, Agent of Wesleyan University. 

Married, March 27, 1861, Isal)ella V. Dare of Scldcn, N. Y. Childrei: 
Edith, b. March 7, i86j: Julius Wilbur, b. Feb. 25, 1866: Charles FeilonK ' 
Jan. 8, 1868 : George Mahon, b. Nov. 10, 1869 : Isabella, b. Dec 9, 1871: Sid- 
ney Bruce, b. Dec. 22, 1873 : Henry Norman, b. Sept. 22, 1878. 

1881, Address : Bristol, Hartforcl Co., Conn. 


Born, Sept. 18, 1829, in Springfield, Windsor Co., Vt. 

1859, Teacher in High School, Middletown, Conn. 1S60, Teacjw oj 
Mathematics in Fairfield Seminary, N. Y. 1868, Teacher of Mathenuticsni 
Natural Science in Oneida Seminary, N. Y. 1869-81, Teacher of Mathemiiifl 
and Latin in Whitestow^n Seminary, N. Y. 

Married, Feb. 6, 1862, Miss Philena J. Knox of Augusta, N. Y. CMdrtt: 
Mary, b. Jan. 22, 1863: Joseph W^illiam, b. Jan. 7. 1S59: Clara Jane, b.Ott 
15, 1870. 

1881, Address: Whitestown, Oneida Co., N. Y. 


Born, Aug. 19, 1835, in Ephrata, Fulton Co., N. Y. 

1858-9, Studied in Law School of University of Albany, N. Y. 1859, Ll-Ri 
University of Albany; admitted to the Bar in State of New York; tMPf 
in Ogle County, III. i860. Principal of W^ard Grammar School, Peoria, jM- 
1861-5. Principal of High School, Marengo, 111.; Superintendent of PaWic'*' 
struction, McHenry County, 111. 1866, Principal of North Missouri Coll«g* 
Institute, Louisiana, Pike Co., Mo. 1867, Taught in Evanston, 111. 186S* 
Practicing Law in Anamosa, Iowa. 

Married, Dec. 27, 1863, Harriet A. Boyce of Marengo, 111. 

1881, Address: Anamosa, Jones Co., Iowa. 

Born, Jan. 2, 1837. 

Pacific Railroad. 
1881, Address: South Kvanston, Cook Co., 111. 


Born, Nov. 19, 1828, in Stonington, New London Co., Conp. ^^ 

1858-9, Teacher of Mathematics in Wesleyan Academy, WilbrahaJM^^ 
1859. Joined New England Conference, Methodist EpiscopsU Church. |*2^i 
Stationed at Holyoke, Mass.; 1862, 3, Wilbraham; 1864, 5, Southa»P*^ 

».1 ALUMNI RECORD. 1 55 

7, Springfield. i86S, Supernumerary. 1869, Stationed at Palmer, Mass. ; 
-2, Watcrtown. 1873, 4, Presiding Elder of Worcester District. 1874-9, 
cipal of Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1879, Stationed at 
Jty Church, Montpclier, Vt. 1880, Professor of Moral Science, Vermont 
fcrence Academy, Montpelier, Vt. 1881, Stationed at Cherry Valley and 
biter Square, Mass. 

tarried, July 6, 1859^ Mary A. Buell of Westchester, Conn. Child : Robert 
vin, b. Tan., 1865; d. Oct., 1865. 
881, Address : Cherry Valley, Worcester Co., Mass. 


!om, Nov. 21, 1833, in Fullerville, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. 

^59-^i» Principal of Great Barrington Academy, Mass. 1862-3, Princi- 

of Newtown Academy, Conn. 1864-j, Principal of High School, Brid^e- 

> Conn. 1866-7, Principal of Macedon Academy, N. Y. 1867-81, Pnn- 

l of High School, Batavia, N. Y. 

arricd, Aug. 4, 1868, Julia M. Tarbox of Lockport, N. Y. 

iSi, Address : Batavia, Genesee Co., N. Y. 

589. ARZA HILL. 

orn, Dec. 29, 1831. 

^57. Residence : Jefferson Valley, Westchester Co., N. Y. 1858, Joined 
J York Blast Conference, Methodist Ep'scopal Church. 1858, 9, Stationed 
*romwell, Conn. ; i860, i. New Britain; 1862, 3, Simsbury; 1864-6, Bris- 
1867-9, St. John St, New Haven; 1870-2, Greenwich; 1873-5, Bristol; 
i. 7, South Park, Hartford; 1878-80, Rye, N. Y. ; 1881, South Norwalk, 

Carried, Jan. 6, 1863, M*ss Frances Adelaide Hibbard of New Britain, 
in. ' • 

^i. Address : South Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Conn. 


^m, March 27, 1839, in Sag Harbor, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

858-60, Clerk with Hoyt Bros., New York, N. Y. 1860-2, Publisher of 

f Methodist, New York, N. Y. 1863, Real Estate Agent, New York, N. Y. 

•4-6, Secretary of Middlesex Mutual Insurance Co., Middletown, Conn. 

7-8>, Civil Engineer and Constructor of Iron Buildings (specialty, Fire- 

>of Construction) ; Firm, Dwight & Hoyt, Springfield, Mass. 1880, Delc- 

c to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 

parried, Feb. 6, 1862, Miss Mary E., daughter of Hon. D. W. Camp of 

odletown. Conn. Children : Frank Clasen, b. March 6, 1863 ; Class of 

54: Alice, b. Aug. 31, 1867. 

'081, Address : Springfie^, Mass. 


°^^ Nbv. 13, 1829, in Goshen, Litchfield Co., Conn. 

.!°S^7o, Secretary North-western Mutual Life Insurance Co., Milwaukee, 
i?- *87o-3, Vice-President of Republic Life Insurance Co., Chicago, 111. 
i^H* EnMged in Banking and Brokerage ; Firm, Kellogg, Vosninkel & Co., 
r2?°»W. 1876-80. Loan and Note Broker, Chicago, 111. 1880-1, Book- 
^?nd Cashier for Ricker, Crombie & Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 
J*SH Aug. 19. 1858, Belle M. Phelps. Children : Eva Louise, b. May 
^gW: Clara BcJJc, b. July 31, 1873; ^' March i. 1876. 
'*^ Address : 330 and 332 £ak Water St., Milwaukee, Wis. 



Born, Feb. 14, 1839, in Hyde Park, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

1858, Teacher in Mechanics Society School, New York, N. Y. ; 
Law School of Columbia College. 1859-61, Teacher in Tarrvtown 
N. Y. 1861, Admitted to the Bar in State of New York. 1861-5, 
Law in New York, N. Y. 1865-6, Engaged in Fire and Life Insuram 
New York, N. Y. 1866-7, With James K. Place & Co., New York, N. Y 
With the San Francisco & Pacific Sugar Co., San Francisco, Cal. 
With Ross, Dempster & Co., San Francisco, Cal. 1874-7, With A 
& Co., San Francisco, Cal. 1877-81, Of Firm, Dempster & Keys, M 
San Francisco, Cal. 

Married, Nov. 16, 1865, Theresa C. Weeks of Morrisania, N. Y. < 
Clinton Weeks, b. Nov. 17, 1869: Gilbert Winslow, b. Sept. 14, 187J 
27, 1879. 

1881, Address: San Francisco, Cal. 


Born, Jan. 4, 1836, in Yardville, Mercer Co., N. J. 

1858, Teacher of Mathematics in Troy Conference Academy. 1859 
of Languages in Pittsburgh Female College, Pa. i860. Teacher of Lan 
Pennington Seminary and Female Collegiate Institute, N. J. 1861-2, ( 
Company D, 48th Regiment, New York Volunteers ; served at Port Ro 
and in the reduction of Fort Pulaski ; contracted malarial fever on t 
nah marshes and resigned on account of sickness. 1862, Returned to 
ton Seminary. 1863-6, Principal of Pennington Seminary and Femal 
ate Institute. 1864, Joined New Jersey Conference, Methodist 
Church. 1867, Transferred to New Hampshire Conference. 186 
tioned at Haverhill St., Lawrence, Mass. 1870, Transferred to New 
Conference. 1870, i. Stationed at St. Paul's Church, Lowell, Mass. 
St. Paul's Church, Lynn ; 1875-7, Maiden. 1878, Transferred to Nc 
shire Conference. 1878-80, Stationed at Haverhill St., I^wrence, Mi 
Plymouth, N. H. 1880, Delegate to General Conference, Methodist 
Church. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Nov. 10, 1863, Miss Lucia M., daughter of Rev. L. 1). Barr 

Children : Nina Elbert, b. July 20, 1867 ; d. Ocr. 17, 1875: Frederick 
b. Sept. 8, 1869. 

1881, Address : Plymouth, Grafton Co., N. H. 


Born, May 16, 1831, Ncedham, Norfolk Co., Mass. 

1858, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Chur 
9, Stationed at Whitinsville, Mass.; i860, i, Newton ville; 1862,3, 
Church, Boston; 1864, Mt. Bellingham Church, Chelsea. 1865-7, 
merary on account of ill health. 1868-70, Stationed at Ashland, Masf 
Northampton ; 1873-5, Hyde Park ; 1876-8, Cambridge; 1879, Walth 
I, Salem. 

Married, Aug. 6, 1858, Miss Olivia L. Olmstead of North Manches 
Children: Lora CHmstead, b. Aug. 19, 1859: Jennie Greenwood* b. 
1862: Artena Olivia, b. July 5, 1866 : Clarence George, b. Aug. 26^ li 
dett Packard, b. July 13, 1876. 

1881, Address: Salem, Mass. 


Born, Aug. 10, 1832, in Dover, Morris Co., N. J. 
1858, Joined Newark Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 
tioned at Chatham, N. J.; 1859, Basking Ridge; i860, Pfcrth Amb< 


; Valley, N. Y. ; 1863, 4, Somcrvillc, N. J. ; i86q, 6, Phillipsburgh ; 1867, 
:, N. Y. ; 1869-71, Sfadison, N. J. ; 1872, 3, Hohokus; 1874, 5, Bound 

1876-8, Trinit)', Staten Island. N. Y. ; 1879, Newark, N. J. ; 1880, i, 
's, Staten Island, N. Y. 1880, Delegate to General Conference, Metho- 
scopal Church. (See Bibliography.) 
ed, Nov. 10, 1859, Mary Martha Peck of Brooklyn, N. Y., who died 

1866. Married, Sept. 11, 1S67, Susan Louise Towt, of Nyack, N. Y. 
n: Carrie, b. Sept. 10, i860 ; d. March 15, 1862 : Carrie, b. Aug. i, 1863; 

22, 1863 : Charles P., b. March, 1866; d. (3ct. 19, 1866 : Susan Esther, 
8, 1868: J. W. Towt, I). June 24, 1870: Robert Young, b. April 12, 1872 ; 
!}, 1872: Robert Stevens, b. May 26, 1873: Floyd Yard, b. Aug. 7, 
ialph Brighton, b. Aug. 13, 1878. 

Address : Tottenville, Richmond Co., Staten Island, N. Y. 


, Aug. 31, 1837, in Manchester, Hartford C'o., Conn. 
-9, Studied in I^w School of the University of Albany. 1859, LLB., 
imc. 1859, Admitted to the Bar in Wisconsin. 1859-73, Practiced Law 
raukee, Wis. 1873, Traveled in Europe ; passed winter in P'lorida and 
Carolina on account of ill health. 1874-8, Practiced Law and engaged 
ng in Colorado. ' 1879-81, Governor of Colorado. (See Bibliography.) 
ieid.June 17, 1862, Fidelia M.James of I>ockport, N. Y. Children: Rob- 
). May 30, 1864: Frederick W., b. Nov. 12, 1869; ^- l^^c. 28, 1871 : Sam- 
in, b. ^arch 28, 1871 ; d. May 16, 187 1 : Florence, b. Oct. 19, 1872. 
.Address: Denver, Colu. 


I May 18, 1837, in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

-6c, Teacher of Select School in Dover, Del. 1865-77, Principal of Classi- 

Mathematical Institute, Wilmington, Del. iSyj-S, Sub-Master in Bos- 
in School. 1878-81, Teacher of Select School, and engaged in Literary 
\ Wilmington, Del. 

icd, Aug. 1,1861, Miss Annie Todd of Dover, Del. Children: Henry 
>. Aug. 27, 1862 ; d. March 5. 1864: Elizabeth Schee, b. Jan. 31, 1864: 
ardiner, b. Sept. 21, 1865: Annie Todd, b. Nov. i, 1868 : William Keese, 

26, 187 1 : Bell, b. Sept 3, 1874. 

Address : Wilmington, Del. 


. May 13, 1831, in Huntington, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

Teacher of Natural Science in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1859, Joined 

ngland Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1859, 60, Stationed 

bury, Mass.; 1861-3, Quincy Point ; 1864-6, Dorchester; 1867-9, New- 

^70, 1, Beverlv ; 1872-4, Dorchester Church, Boston ; 187Q-7, Boston 

an. 1878-81, Presiding Elder of North Boston District. 1880, Delegate 

'ral Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 

"ied, June 13, i860. Miss Catherine S., daughter of Jonathan Barnes of 

town. Conn. Children: Henry Tracy, b. March 9, 1861 : Maria Van 

I b. Sept. 24, 1864. 

f Address : Maiden, Mass. 



Born, 1835, ^^ Pleasantville, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

1858-61/ Studied Law in White Plains, N. Y. 1861-9. Practiced Law is 
Yonkers, X. Y. 1870-5, Practiced Law in New York, N. Y. 1876-S1, Pw; 
ticing Law in White Plains, N. Y. 

Married. Feb. 20, 1879, ^^»ss Elgiva E. Purser of New York, N. Y. 

1881, Address : White Plains, Westchester Co., N. Y. 


Born, Dec. 28, 1828, in Turin, I^wis Co., N. Y. 

1858-65, Teacher of Ancient languages, in BelleWlle Seminary and Metho- 
dist Female College, Ontario. 1859, Joined Bay Quinte Conference, Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 1865, Transferred to New York East Conference. 1865.6^ 
Stationed at Nathan Bangs Church, BrookhTi, N. Y. 1867, Traveled in Enrope. 
1867-9, Professor of (Jreek and Mathematics in Baker University, BaldwmCity, 
Kans. 1869-71, Stationed at Second Church, I^avenworth, Kans., Kanai 
Conference. 1871-81, Engaged in business in Forestville, N. Y. 

Married, Dec. 30, 1858, Miss Juliana Field, who died Qec 20, 1863. Married, 
Dec. 24, 1867, Miss Maggie French of Plainfield, N. J. Children: Pliny Ta4, 
b. Feb. 29, i860; d. Jan. 8, 1863: lulia Field, b. Aug. 28, 1861; d. Nov.:?. 
1861 : Juliana Judd, b. Oct. 20, 1863: Gertrude, b. July 25, 1870: AUeoe, b^ 
Dec. 2, 1873; d. .\ug. 13, 1876: Marguerite, b. Oct. 21, 1879. 

1881, Address: F'orestville, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 


Born, Dec. 26, 1832, in Eastford, Windham Co., Conn. 

1859-62, Taught in Palmer, Mass. 1863, Joined New England ConfereaOi 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 1863, Stationed at Topsfield, Mass.; ^^} 
North Brookfield ; 1866-8, Millbury. 1869-74, Supernumerary; engai^duw 
in farming, also in teaching and preaching, as health allowed, in El Doodft 
Kans. Died, May 21, 1874, in El Dorado, Butler Co., Kans. 

Married, Dec. i, 1861, Mrs. E. E. Bartlett of Pleasantville, N. Y. 


Born, June i, 1836, in Hudson, Columbia Co , X. Y. 

1858, Preached at Methodist Episcopal Church, Milltown, X. J. 'SS9' 
Preached at Methodist Episcopal Church, Princeton, N. J. i860. Preached it 
Congregational Church, Flushing, N. Y. 1861-2, Preached at Connegatioitfl 
Church, Lodi, N. J. 1863-8, Preached at Congregational Churco, C)raap» 
Conn. 1869-73, Pastor of Congregational Church, Fair Haven, Conn. 1874-8*' 
Pastor of Congregational Church, Bristol, Conn. 

Married, June, 1858, Miss Man,- J. Macy of Hudson, N. Y. Children: Came 
Louise, b. Nov. 12, 1859; d. May 12, iS6i : Charles Lansing, b. July i, 1861 • 
Henry Taylor, b. May 22, 1863: Maty, b. March 20, 1865: William Richard- 
son, b. Aug. 7, 1867: Emily, b. June, 1871 : Hiram Macy, b. June 27, 1873. 

1881, Address: Bristol, Hartford Co., Conn. 




m, Sept. 20, '830, in Monson, Hampden Co., Mass. 

9, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1859, 60, 

mcd at Pynchon St., Springfield, Mass.; 1861, 2, Greenfield; 1863-5, 

n St., Springfield: 1866, 7, South Boston; 1868, 9, Harvard St., Cam- 

e. 1869, Traveled in Europe on account of ill health. 1870-1, Resided 

•ringfield, Mass. Died, April 16, 187 1, in Springfield, Mass. 

irried, May 5, 1859, Miss Mary Stebbins of Palmer, Mass. Child : Nellie 

if, b. Oct. 6, 1863. 


>m, April 7, 1835, *** Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Mass. 
59, Studied in Law School of the University of Albany, i860. On Edito- 
Staff of The Hartford Post, Conn.; on Editorial Staff of The Norwich 
9ra, Conn. 1861, Enlisted in ist Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers; sub- 
ently ap|>ointed Lieutenant in the regular arm^. 1861-5, In several battles; 
Sherman in his march to the sea, and until the surrender of Johnston. 
>-7, Agent of Freedmen*s Bureau, Mobile, Ala. Died, Sept. 17, 1867, in 
nlc, Ala. 


>rn, July ^p* 1830, in Georgetown, Washington Co., D. C. 

58, Prinapal of Macedon Centre Academy, N. Y. 18^9-61, Principal of 

da Seminary, N. Y. i860, Joined Oneida (Conference, Methodist Episcopal 

rch. 1861, Transferred to Newark Conference. 1861, Stationed at Somer- 

.N. J.; 1861,2, Elizabeth; 1863-5, Newton; 1866,7, Plainfield ; 18^,9, 

ity Church, Jersey City. 1870-3, Principal Elect of Newark Conference 

sgiate Institute, Hackettstown, N. J. 1870, Financial Agent of same. 

^3, Stationed at Passaic, N.J. 1874-81, Principal of Newark Conference 

tcnary) Colleeiate Institute, Hackettstown, N. J. 1873, D.D., Mount Union 

ige, Ohio. 1880-1, Trustee of Wesleyan University, 

irricd, Nov. 17, 1858. Miss Carrie A. Shepard, who died Dec. 16, 1865. 

"led, Dec. 24, 1867, Miss Nettie French of Plainfield, N. J. Children: 

ig S., b. Sept. 23, 1859: May Vincent, b. July 3, 1869: Bertha Hurst, b. 

14, 187 1. 

81, Address : Hackettstown, Warren Co., N. J. 


•m, March 20, 1835, ''^ Upper Freehold, N. J. 

59-61, Studied Law. 1862-4, Practiced Law in Camden, N. J. ; resided in 

ton, N. J. Died, July 26, 1865. 




Class of 1859. 


Born, \ov. 23, 18^0, in Schoharie Co., N. Y. 

i85(>, Joined Black River Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. fSjl 
Stationed at New I^ondon, N. Y.; i860, i, Constantia ; 1862. Florence; itt^i 
Washingtonville; 1865, Rodman ; 1866, Turin; 1867-9, Butler; 1870^ FleonM; 
187 1-3. Hannibal. 1S72, By change in Conference, became member of Nora- 
ern New York Conference. ' 1873, 4» Stationed at Heuvelton ; 1875-7, Buttt 
Bridge ; 1878-80, Massena; 1881, Black River. 1878-81, Trustee of WcsIcth 
V niversity. 

Married, December, 1861, Miss Mary F. Newman, who died Feb. 2, 187^ 
Married, Dec. 19, 1877, Miss Nora M. Norton of Canton, N. Y- Children: 
Grace Maria, b. December, 1862 ; d. Feb. 26, 1874 : George Irving, b. NofeB* 
ber, 1864: Anna Laura, b. June, 1868: CJrace Mar>', b. Nov. 30, 1873: Dob 
Norton, b. March 4, 1879. 

1881, Addres.s: Black River, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 


Born, June 22^ 1836, in Washington. D. C. 

1859-60, Preached in Somerset, Mas.s. i860. Joined Providence Confcrenct, 
Methodist Episcopal Church, i860. Stationed at Eastford, Coim. : 1862. WaI^ 
house Point ; 1863, North Easton, Mass. 1862, Chaplain of 22d Re^mcBt, 
Connecticut Volunteers. 1S64, Ordained Deacon in the Protestant Episcopal 
Church. iS64-(), Rector of St. Albans Church, Daniclsonville, Conn, iw^ 
Ordained Priest. 1866-7, Rector of St. Mary*s Church, HazardvUle, C01& 
1867-8. Principal of Christ's Church Academy, Watertown, Conn. iS6&-7Pk 
Rector of Christ's Church, Trumbull, Conn. 187 1-3, Rector of Christ's Chuich, 
West Haven, Conn. 1873-5, Rector of Church of Evangelist, Oswego, N.Y. 
1875-9, Rector of St. Luke's Church. Lanesborough, Mass. 1880-I, Redoirf 
St. George's Church, Lee, Mass. 

Married, Oct. 3, i860, Elizabeth Gridley Ranney of Cromwell, Conn. Chil- 
dren : Elizaljeth V„ b. Nov. 3, 1861 : James Mortimer, b. June 30, 1863: Chaxles 
Samuel Gridiey, b. Aug. 17, 1867: Arthur Ranney, b. June 10, 1870. 

1881, Address: Lee, Berkshire Co., Mass. 


Born, July 3, 1836, in Newport, Nova Scotia. 

1859-00, Principal uf Stanstead Academy, Stanstead, Quebec 1860-3, 
Teacher of Ancient Languages in Mount Allison Wcsleyan Academy, Sackville, 
New Brunswick. 1862-9, Professor of Classics, Mount Allison College, Sack- 
ville. New Brunswick. 1S69-78, President of same. 1873, LL.t>M Victoria Uni- 
versity, Cobourg. Ontario. 1876, Appointed Member of Senate of University 
of Halifax. 1878-81, Superintendent of Education, Province of Nova Slcotia. 
188 1. Delegate to Methodist Ecumenical Conference. 

Married, June 18, 1862, Elizabeth Powell. Children: James W., b. Sept. i6b 
1864; d. March 29, 1S70: Edmund P., b. July 9, 1866: Charles F., b. Aug. 22, 
1868: David, 1). Julv 22, 1871 : Henry A., b. Aug. 6, 187^. 

1881, Address : Education OAice, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 



Feb. 3, 1837. 

s Residences: New York, N. Y.; Jersey City, N. J. 1859, Joined New 
•nCerence, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1859, Stationed at Pcekskill, 
:86o, Carmel ; 1861, Lake Mahopac; 1862,^, Great Barrington, Mass.; 
Pine Plains, N. Y.; 1867-9, Saugerties ; 1870, i, Shrub Oak; 1872, 3, 
Church, Yonkcrs. 1874, Joined Westchester Presbytery, Presbyterian 
1874-81, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Thompsonville, Conn, 
ed, April 19, i860, Esther M. Lee of Flushing, N. Y. Children : 
Johnston, b. May 2, 1861 : Frederic Lee, b. June 30, 1862 : Louis 
:e, b. Jan. 17, 1865: Oliver Shepard, b. March 12, 1867. 
Address : Thompsonville, Hartford Co., Conn. 


Sept. 23, 1834, in Limington, York Co., Me. 

Teacher of Mathematics in Falley Seminary, Fulton, N. Y. 1859-65, 

r of Natural Science in same. 1865-7, Druggist in Phoenix, N. Y. 

, Teacher of Natural Science in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 

(ealth failed. 1874-9, Engaged in manufacturing in Phirnix, N. Y. 

, Teacher of Natural Science in Falley Seminary, Fulton, N. Y. (See 


ed, Nov. 19, 1863, Miss Julia E. Hutchinson of Phctnix, N. Y. Chil- 

^rank Lincoln, b. Nov. 21, 1864: Anna Louise, b. Oct. i, 1867. 

Address: Fulton, Oswego Co., N. Y. 


Sept. 19, 1835. 

Residence: Seneca Falls, N. Y. 1859, Went to Alabama to teach in a 
bool, but, arriving soon after the John Brown Raid, was regarded with 
n and prevented from taking his place. 1 860-1, Taught on a plantation 
ksburgh. Miss. 1863, Was forced into the Confederate service, but on 
ly refusing to fire a gun for the Confederacy, was allowed to take the 
Assistant in the Field Hospital Surgeons' Corps, and as such performed 
i^hickamauga, the Wilderness, etc.; was in command of the Ambulance 
fter the battle of the Wilderness, and succeeded in escaping to the 
ncs. Died, March, 1868, in Monmouth, Warren Co., 111. 


Sept. 15, 1832, in Columbia, Washington Co., Me. 

o, Principal of East Maine Conference Seminary, Bucksport, Me. 

ndpal of High School^ Bangor, Me. Died, Feb. 23, 1S65, in Bangor; 

d, Aug. 30, 1859. Miss Jane Johnston of Bristol, Me. Children : 
ohnston, b June 4, i860; d. October, 1864: Alice, b. 1863 

614. 'JAMES CAKK, Jin. 

^ept. 18, 1829, in Bethany, Wayne Co., Pa. 

4^ Taught. Gave up teaching on account of severe hemorrhage of the 

869-73* In feeble health; resided in Stroudsburgh, I'a. Died, Nov. 6, 

>trotuuborgh, Pa. 

d, March 4, 1861, L. S. Miller. Child: George N., b. Dec. 12, 1861. 

address of widow: Stroudsburgh, Monroe Co., Pa. 




Born, Dec. i6, 1837, in Philadelphia, Pa. 

i'^59-^>o, Studied Law in New Bedford, Mass. i860, Prindpal of HA 
Institute, South Braintree, Mass, 1861-2, Studied Law with Benjana K 
Curtis, Boston, Mass. 1862-4, Acting Paymaster, U. S. Navy, Cb2T\e$tgm,M 
1864, Admitted to the Bar in Boston, Mass. 1S65-6, Practiced lawio Bof^ 
1867, Traveled in the West, on account of poor health 1868, Engaged in ai 
raismg in Tennessee. 1869-73, Health restored; engaged in farming and sM 
raising in Buncombe County, N. C. 1876-81, Practicing Law in Ashef^ 
N. C. 1876, Appointed M.D. Commissioner. 

1S81, Address: Asheville, Buncoml>e Co., N. C. 


Born, May i, 1828, in Randolph, Orange Co., Vt. 

1859, Teacher of Mathematics in Amenia Seminar)', N. Y. 1S60-1, W 
of same. 1861, Taught High School, Watertown, N. V. 1863, Prindpil 
Gouverneur Wesleyan Seminary, N. V. 1871, Joined Black River Coofaai 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 187 1-3, Stationed at Heuvelton, N. Y. i^4J 
Principal of Ives Seminarv, Antwerp, N. V. 1875-8, Stationed at GoufOMJ 
N. V. 1878-80, Principal'of Ives Seminary, N. Y. 18S0, i, Stationed it C», 
tral Square, N. Y. 

Married, July 19, 1859, Miss Mary A. Fay of Wethersficld, Vt., wl*d" 
May 18, 1S66. Married. Nov. 25, 1866, Celestia S. Burnett. Preceptreiit 
Gouverneur Wesleyan Seminary. Children: George Herrick, b. Julv:2,f*[»'i 
Class of 1884: May, b. E)ec. 23, 1862; d. June 16, 1879: Anna Cnillai. ^ j 
Sept. 6, 1864; d. Jan. 19, 1866: Frank Burnett, b. Jan. 15, 1869. 

1881, Address: Central Square, Oswego Co., N. Y. 


Born, Oct. 7, 1838, in Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., N.J. » jto. 

1859-60, Teacher of Ancient Languages, Fort Edward Institute, N.Y^jJjJ; 
Traveled in the South on account of poor bcalth. 1861, Principal of R*cliJ* i 
Academy, Rockingham, N. C. 1S63, Taught Select School in ••■'jS* 
joined North Carolina Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, Sooth, w2^ 
Appohited to Whitesvillc Circuit, N. C; 1866-9, Front St., WilmingW; gj 
Raleigh. 187 1, Joined Newark ("onference, Methodist Episcopal Ch8r^|j[2!l 
Stationed at Mount Horeb, N. J.; 1872, j, Washington; 1S74, Bloo*JJ* 
1875, Asbury Church. Ilackensack ; 1876, 7, Roseville, Newark; wir^ 
Halsev St., Newark; 18S1, Paterson. 

Married, Nov. 25, 1859. Miss Charlotte L. Webb of Rocky Hill, Coon- 

1881, Address: Paterson, N. J. 


Born, Aug. lo, 1839, ^" M iddleto^^^^, Conn. ^ 

1860-2, Studied Law. 1862, Admitted to the Bar; practiced inlow*^ 
Iowa. 1863-5, Qiiartcrmnster's Clerk; was with Sherman's army tnO^. 
arrival at Atlanta ; afterwards with Gen. Thomas. 1867-8, Agent in W* 
France, for W. ^: B. Douglas, Pump Manufacturers of Middletown, C^ 
1869-81, In coal business, Middletown, Conn. Member of City Board of Eidtf^ 

Married, Dec 8, 1870, Miss Hattie S. Woodward of Middletown, CoM- 
Children: Clara S., b. Nov. 17, 187 1 : Stephen Brooks, b. Nov, 18. 187V 
Rachel, b. Sept. 11, 1879. 

1881, Address: Middletown, Conn. 



a. Tunc 6, 1829, in Fullerville, Saint Lawrence Co., N. Y. 
^-01, Taaght in South Hadley Falls, Mass. 1861, Joined Hlack River 
rcnce, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1861, Stationed at Martinsburgh, 
; 1862, 3, First Church, Syracuse ; 1864-6, First Church, Rome. 1866-7, 
ipal of Genesee Weslevan Seminary, Lima, N. Y. 1868-79, Stationed at 
lal St., Watertown, N. V. Died, Sept. 16, 1870, in Watertown, N. Y. 
rried, Nov. 20, i860. Mis* Sarah L. Horr of Carthage, N. Y. Children : 
les Spencer, b. Oct. 11, 1862 : Marv Ada, b. March 10, 1865 • Nettie G., b. 
20, 1868. 


)Tii, Dec II, 1830, in Vinalhaven, Knox Co., Me. 

5^1, Principal of High School, Bristol, Conn. 1861-3, Vice- Principal of 

h School, Hartford. Conn. 1863-4, Made a voyage to India. 1864-5, Prin- 

1 of High School, Stamford, Conn. 1865-9, Conducted a Home Boarding 

ool in Stamford. 1869-75, Principal of Ithaca Academy, N. Y. 1875-81, 

Kipal of Syracuse Classical School, N. Y. (See Bibliography.) 

Umed, May 26, 1859, Miss Mary Jane Lyon of Easton, Conn. Children : 

KiR., b. Jan. 17, ito2: Calderwood Bramhall, b. Oct. 9, 1867; d. Aug. 16, 

0: Carleton Whiton, b. Sept. 6, 1870. 

Mi, Address : Syracuse, N. Y. 


>ni. May 28, 1839, in Middletown, Conn. 

59-60, Studied Law in Middletown. 1861, Admitted to the Bar. Died, 



>rn, April 4, 1834, in Deerficld, Rockingham Co., N. H. 
*S9* Teacher of Natural Science and Mathematics in Troy Conference 
inary. 1860-1, Principal of Macedon Academy, N, Y. 1862-3, Teacher 
Natural Science, Wesleyan Academ]^, Wilbraham, Mass. 1864-j, Studied 
(cdical School of Harvard University. 1866, M.D., Harvard University. 
>-Si, Practicing Medicine in Westborough, Mass. 1872, Traveled in Europe ; 
^ the principal Hospitals of Germany, Austria, and Great Britain. 
Carried, July 31, i860, Miss Abby K. Tenney of Fisherville, N. H. 
^i, Address : Westborough, Worcester Co., Mass. 


^rn, fune 5, 1834, in Scarsdale, Westchester Co., N. Y. 
.^59-a), Studiedf in Methodist General Biblical Institute, Concord, N. H. 
•', PKached in Hillsborough Center, N. H. 1862, Graduated from Metho- 
^ General Biblical Institute. 1862, Joined New York East Conference, 
lliodist Episcopal Church. 1862, 3, Stationed at Nathan Bangs Church, 
oklyn, N. V.; 1864-6, Port Chester; 1867-9, Greenwich, Conn.; 1870-2, 
bury. 1873, Transferred to New York Conference. 1873-5, Stationed at 
lorial Church, White Plains, N. Y.; 1876-8, Eighteenth St., New York; 
, 80, Washington Square, New York ; 1881, Claverack. 1878, Traveled in 


Married, April 30, 1863, Miss Emma 6. Kellom of Hillsborough, N- 
Children; Jennie E., b. May 6, 1864; Emma L., b. Nov. 19, 1865: Willua 
b. Nov. 13, 1867: Sarah Frances, b. Bept. 28, 1875. 

i88r, Address: Claverack, Columbia Co., N. Y. 


Born, Sept. 5, 184 1, in Delaware County, N. Y. 

i860, Prmcipal of Madison Seminary, Ohio. 1S61-4, Captain U. S.^* 
teers. 1866, Pastor of Universalist Church, Decatur, 111. 1868, Pj^ 
Third Universalist Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1872-3, Pastor of Ui*^^^* 
Church, North Bridgewater, Mass. 1874, Pastor of Universalist Cha'c*^ 
mouth, N. H. 1877, Practiced Law in Saint Louis, Mo. 1880-1, EI«^ 
farming in Macon County, III. 

Married, July 15, 1869, Miss Ella Smith of Decatur, 111. Childre^^^ 
b. June 21, 1870: Edward S., b. April 28, 1872: Charles, b. Dec.28,cr 
b. Oct. 10, 1878. ^ 

1881, Address: Moweaqua, Shelby Co., 111. 


Born, May, 1833. 

1859, Joined New England Confeiencc, Methodist Episcopal Churc^=^ 
81, Stationed successively at Charlemont; Springfield; Northampl^^ 
hampton; Somerville ; Hudson; Cambridge; Beverly; East Saugus; 
and Webster. 

Married, Nov. 10, 1859, Miss Sarah M. Davis of Lake Village, N. V^ 
dren: Frederic Asbury (No. 1269), b. Aug. 11, i860: Barnard M., b. D^ 
1864; d. January, 1866: Willie A., b. April 26, 1867. 

1881, Address: Webster, Worcester Co., Mass. 


Born, Oct. 8, 1839, in St. John, New Brunswick. 

186^, Admitted as Attorney in New Brunswick. 1864, Traveled in 
1865, Called to the Bar. 1867, Elected to the Legislature. 1868-81, 1 
at Law in St. John, New Brunswick. 1870-8, Attorney-General of Nc^ 
wick. 187 1, Assisted in the adoption of the Free-school Bill by the 
ment. 1872-8, Leader of the New Brunswick Government. 1873, ^ 
Oueen's Counsel. 1874, Visited Europe. 1881, Appointed Puisne \ 
Supreme Court of New Brunswick. 

Married, November, 1866, Lydia Eaton of St. John, N. B. Childrci 
Florence, b. November, 1867: Mary Eaton, b. April, 1870; d. Februa 
John Frederick, b. May, 1875; ^' J^""''^''X' ^^IT* Gretchen, b. Deceml 

1881, Address: St. John, New Brunswick. 


Born, Jan. 16, 1838, in St. John, New Brunswick. 

1860-81, Ship-builder and owner in St. John. 1880, Appointee 
Dominion Government Postmaster of St. John, N. B. 

Married, Jan. 8, 1S63, Anna S. Knowles. Children : Anna Alex 
Nov. 19, 1863: Helen Mary, b. Dec. 5, 1865: Allen Griswold, b. Ma^ 
Edward Stanley, b. Dec. 28, 1870: George Thornc, b. Aug. 18, 1872 
DeForest, b. June 25, 1874: Josephine, b. Oct. ii, 1876. 

1881, Address, St. John, New Brunswick. 




c.u, New York. N.Y. 

ned New Vork Conference, Melhodist Episcopal Church. 1859, 
.1 Rhinebeck. N. Y.; i860, i. Fishkill Village; 1862, Marlborougl. ; 
:ock. 1864, Relinquished pastoral work on account of ill health. 
business in New \'ork, N. V,; preached in Fnidham, N. V. 1867-g, 
It Dover Plains, N. V-; 1869-71, Sheffield. Mass ; 1872, 3. Pawling, 
t, 5, While Plains; 1876-8, Dobb's Ferry; 1879,80, S(- John's, Ntw 
o-l. In poor health ; residing in Btg Stone Cily, IJak. 
Oct. 2, 1S61, Miss Mary J. Lane, daughter of No. 20. Child: 
X, b. July u, 1877. 
dress: Big .Stone City, Grant Co., Dak. 



y 4, 1837, in Wilton, Franklin Co., Me. 

Teacher o( Mathematics in Falley Seminary. Fulton, N. V. 1861. 
ae Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; stationed al Auburn, 
«i. Teacher of Latin and Greek in Maine Weslevan Seminary and 
llegc, Kent's Hill, Me. 1875-81. Vice. Principal of the same. 1881, 
l^lin and Greek in Preparatory Department, Northwestern Uni- 
mston. 111. Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal 

Oct. 3. 1861, Miss Emily J. I.eavitl of Portland. Me. Children ; 
Sept. 31, i86j: Isabel Ruasel, b. May 22. 1866: Charles I.eavitt, b. 
67: Albert Augustus, b. July 21. 1870: Harriet Leland, b. June 16, 

dress : Evinston, Cook Co., III. 


g. 24, 1839, in Lowell, Mass. 

ncipal of Academv, West Hebron, N- V. 1M60. Principal of High 
icoln. Mass, 1859^1, Studied Law in l.ov/ell, Mass. 1861-5, On 
iff o£ Tie BoslBH yeiimal. :36s-.8. In wholesale commission house 
Sawyer & Co.. Boston, Mass. 1869-73, With Dr. J. C. Ajer & 
I, Mass. 1874-5, '" 'he Treasury Dcpatlment, Washington, D. C. 
lenced Law-reporting in Boston, Mass.; health failed. (See Bibli- 
Died, April 16, 1876, in Worcester, Mass. 

Oct. [7, 1865, Miss May Eliiabclh Hoar of Lincoln. M.iss, Chil- 
ie May, b. March 29, 1867 : Horace Wellington, b. Sept. 16, 186S. 
dress of widow: Waterville, Kennebec Co., Me. 


ril 20, 1837, in Augusta. N. V. Brother of No. 542. 
Principal of Ball Seminary, near Troy, N- Y. 1S61-3, Engaged in 
*iness in Uma, N. Y. 1864, Teacher of Physical Culture, Chicago, 
i, Engaged in Life Insurance business, New' York, N. Y. 1867-71, 


Manager for Willcox & Gibbs' Sewing Machine Co^ at London, E 
No. 542. 187 1-4, Variously employed in New York, N. Y. 1874- 
oi The Nation^ New York, N. Y. 1879-80, Advertiser, &c., for Lo 
New York, N. Y. 1880-1, Advertiser, &c., for John Wanamaker, 1 
Pa. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Dec. 15, 1862, Miss Emily V. Downing of New York, 
drcn : Ethel, b. May 2, 1864: Anna, d. July 6, 18&: John O., b. J 

1881, Address: Care of John Wanamaker, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Bom, Oct. 19, 1837, in Haverhill, Grafton Co., N. H. 

18C9--62, Teacher of Greek in Newbury Seminary, Vt. 1862, Joii 
Con^rence, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1863, Transferred to 
shire Conference ; stationed at Littleton, N. H. 1864-5, Teacher c 
Mathematics in Newbury Seminary, Vt. 1866-7, Principal of sai 
Stationed at Lebanon, N. H.; 1869, 70, Plymouth; 187 1-3, Ejte 
Sunapee; 1877, Tilton. 1878-81, Principal of New Hampshire 
Seminary and P'emale College, Tilton, N. H. 1880, Delegate to ( 
ference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Married, July 10, 1862, Miss Anna W., daughter of Rev. O 
Children: Clarence Everard, b. May 4, 1863: Carl Noyes, b. N< 
Mabel Alice, b. Feb. 6, 1870: Ernest Scottj b. July 15, 1872: Ar 
Sept. 21, 1877; d. Aug. 30, 1878. 

1881, Address: Tilton, Belknap Co., N. H. 


Born, Dec. 70, 1836, in Boston, Mass. Brother of Nos. 702 and 

1860-1, Studied Law with No. 411, Middletown, Conn. 1862, I 
School of Harvard University: also studied with Hon. Benjamin R. 
ton, Mass. 1864, Admitted to practice in Courts of Massachuset 
Practicing Law in Boston, Mass. i86j. Admitted to practice in ( 
United States. 1870, Admitted as Counselor of the Supreme C 
United States. 1875, Traveled in Europe. 

Married, Dec. i, 1865, ^>^^ Hinda Barnes of Middletown, Conn 
Odin Barnes, b. Jan. 22, 1867 : Harold Barnes, b. Aug. 8, 1869. 

1881, Address : 95 Milk Street, Boston, Mass. 


Born, July 16, 1836, in Sanbornton Bridge, (now Tilton), Belkna 
1859-W), Teacher of Mathematics in New Hampshire Conferer 
and Female College. Sanbornton Bridge, N. H. 1860-6, Profess- 
matics in Upper Iowa University, Fayette, Iowa. 1866-8, Princij 
ville Academy, Iowa. 1868-72, Professor of Mathematics in Upp< 
versity. 1873-5, Professor of Mathematics in Albion Seminary, lo 
Principal of same. 1879-81, Residing in Tilton, N. H. 
1881, Address: Tilton, Belknap Co., N. H. 


Born, Aug. 5, 1839, in Middletown, Conn. Son of No. 83. 

1857-9, Assistant Instructor in Middletown Institute, Conn, i 
of Ancient Languages and Mathematics in Epworth Seminanr, 
Teacher of Mathematics in Jonesville Academy, N. Y. 1863, 

1859-1 ALUMNI RECORD. 167 

^aahinKtonville, N. Y. 1864, Joined New York Conference, Methodist Epis- 
copal Church. 1864, SUtionedf at Washingtonville, N. Y. ; i86s, Hvde Park ; 
lw6,7, Walden. 1868^73, In Walden. N. Y., in poor health. 1870-81, Secre- 
tin of Walden Knife Company. 1876-8. Preached in Galeville, N. Y. 

Married, Feb. 28, 1866. Miss Phoebe Wisner of Warwick, N. Y. Children : 
Alfred J., b. March 22, 1867: Henry Wisner, b. Aug. 4, 1868: Rowena, b. 
Joly 29, 1870: Mary Gowdy, b. April 17, 1872 ; d. May 24, 1872 : Maude K., b. 
Dec 27, 1874: Agnes E., b. Nov. 2, 1877. 

1881, Address : Walden, Orange Co., N. Y. 


Bom, Nov. 29, 1837. 
. 1S5S, Residence : Plymouth, N. H. 1861, Commenced the Practice of Law 
in Johnstown, N. Y.; enlisted in 3d New York Volunteers. 1862, Commis- 
•woed lieutenant ; served at Baltimore and Fortress Monroe, in the siege of 
Charleston, and in numerous raids. 1863, Resigned, on account of sickness. 
»86?-8i, Practicing Law in Elizabethtown. N. Y. ; Firm, Hale. Smith & Hale. 
1870. Elected County Judge and Surrogate of Essex Co., N. Y., for term of six 

Married, April 11, 1863, Miss Julia M. Scott of Salem, N. H. 
»88i, Address : Elizabethtown, Essex Co.,N. Y. 


^^ May 18, 1838. in Cape Vincent, Jefferson Co., N.Y. 
. *°59-6o. Principal of Moravia Institute, N. Y. 1861, First Lieutenant in 
™rec months* service. 1862, Admitted to the Bar. 1863. Captain of 7th Inde- 
P|"«ent Company, Ohio Sharpshooters; commanded battalion, ist Ohio Volun- 
**' Sharpshooters. 1864-5, J^^g^ Advocate of the District of Tennessee. 1866, 
J-ommissioned Colonel by Brevet. 1867-8, New York Agent of Remington 
Affis Company. 1872-7, Secretary of same. 1875-81, Tru.stee of Wesleyan 
J^n»^ersity. 1877-8, Traveled extensively in Europe. 1878-9, Traveled in 
"ttcicoandthe United States. 1880, Member of New York Mining Board. 

Married, Dec. 23, 1868, Miss Ida Remington of Ilion. N.V. Children: Philo 
Kcmington,b. 1870: Shirley, b. 1872: Aidine,b. 1877. 

^^i, Address, Ilion, N.Y. 


^^ Oct. 20, 1834, in Groton Bank, New London Co., Conn. 

'^'SQ* Principal of High School, Westfield, Mass. i860, Teacher of Ancient 

{fjj^es, Chiondaga Academy, N. Y. 1861-2, Principal of Public School, 
\^ London, Conn. 1862, Preached in Norwich, Conn. 1863, Joined Provi- 
J^* Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1863-5, Stationed at Hing- 
12?' Mass.; 1866, 7, Sandwich ; 1868-70, Nantucket; 1871, 2, Attleborough; 

'i4f Embury Church, Pawtucket, R. I. ; 1875, Phenix. 1876, Supernumerary 
n^^^^'^tof dl health. 1877-0, Stationed at South Abington, Mass.; 1S80, i, 
'^^Psonville, Conn. 

<^en*'^ic^*^ Nov. 25, 1859, Miss Nancy Williams of Groton Bank, Conn. Chil- 
Q^ '• *^i"ederick W., b. Oct. ij, i860 ; d. July 30, 1861 : William Lincoln, b. 
fc^ u^'» '864; d. Feb. 7, 1874 : Mattie Louisa, b. ( )ct. 22, 1866 : Harris Ellwood, 

188^ ^* '^75- 

'» -Address : Thompson ville, Hartford Co., Conn. 



Born, Aug. 19, 1838, in Chelsea, Orange Co., Vt 

1859-62, Teacher of Natural Science in Belleville Seminary, Ontaria ^ i86j- 
6, Headmaster of Farmersville Grammar School, Ont. 1^6-7, Prindpil of 
Academy, McGrawville, N.Y. 1867-71, Principal of Public Schools in Iktniit 
Mich. 1871-7, Superintendent of Public Schools in East Saginaw, Mich. 1877- 
8, Superintendent of Public Instruction, State of Michigan. 1878-di, Sapo^ 
intendent of Public Schools, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Married, December, 1859, Miss Martha A. Treat of Glastonbury, Com. 
Children: Lerria, b. Nov. 23, i860: Martha, b. Aug. 2, 1862: Delia, b. Jnlr 
17, 1866; d. Jan. 3, 1874. 
^ 1881, Address: Indianapolis, Ind. 


Born, Sept. 7, 1833, *" S^- Johns, Newfoundland. 

1859, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1S9 
60, Stationed at South Hadley Falls, Mass.; 1861, West Brookfield; 1862,31 
Monson ; 1864, Barre; 1865-7, Boston St., Lynn; 186S, 9, Union (now Mobi- 
ment Square) Church, Charlestown ; 1870, I, Central Church, Lowell ; 187H1 
Newtonville; 187 q, Bromfield St., Boston; 1876,7, Ipswich; 1878, 9, Fitd- 
burgh; 1880, 1, Westtield. 

Married, June 21, i860, Miss Sarah H. Shenstone of Harbor Grace, New- 
foundland, who died Jan. 21, 1872. Married, Nov. 19, 1873, ^^^ Ami^ 
May of Boston, Mass. Children: William B., b. June 16, 1861 : Fredericks, 
b. March 8, 1864: Emily, b. March 8, 1864: Alice May, b. May 12, 1876: 
Marion Hill, b. Nov. 21, 1878. 

1881, Address: Wcstfield, Hampden Co., Mass. 


Born, Jan. 31, 1833, in Pocono (now Jackson), Susquehanna Co., Pa. 

1859, Preached in Greenville, N. J. i860. Joined Newark Conference, Metho- 
dist Episcopal Church, i860. Stationed at Parsippany, N. J. ; 1861, Andeiwn; 
1862, 3, Wallpack Center; 1864, Basking Ridge; 1865, 6, Rahway; 186?-^ 
New Providence; 1870, Pine Brook and Fairfield; 1872-4, Rockaway; i«75' 
Fulton St., Elizabeth; 1876-8, Rockland Uke; 1879-81, West End, Jei*! 
City. 1871, Financial Agent of Newark Conference Seminary. 

Married, Nov. 20, 1859, Miss Carrie M. Musk of Jersey City, N. J. Child^* 
Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 18, i860: Ella Musk, b. July 20, 1862: Blanche,!). F* 
16, 1S64: Carrie Wilsun, b. Jan. 30, 1874. 

1881, Address: Station H, Jersey Cit)', N.J. 

Class of 1860. 


Burn, (3ct. i6, 1S36, in Middlebury, New Haven Ca, Conn. 

1S60, Joined New York East (Conference, Methodist Episcopal Ch 

i860. Stationed at Middlebury, Conn. ; 1861, 2, Wolcottvillc; 1863-5, Stratfog. 
1866-8, Bethel ; 1869, 70, Seymour ; 187 1-3, New Canaan; 1874-6^ West Vr*^ 
sted ; 1877-9, Jol^" ^^-j New York, N. Y. ; i88o, I, RiverheadL ^ 

Married, Sept. 26, i860, Miss Fannie A., daughter of John A. Coe, of t^ 
mine ham, Conn. 

1881, Address : Riverhead, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 



rn, Sept. 3, 1835, in Coventry, Tolland Co., R. I. 

5o-2, Principal of Manchester Center Academy, Conn. 1863, Joined 

idence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1863, Stationed at Dux- 

, Mass. ; 1864, 5, South Truro ; 1866, Ostervillc ; 1867-9, Ea*t Glastonbury, 

I.; 1870, I, Portland; 1872-4, Moosup; 1875, Wapping ; 1876, 7, North 

ivcnor Dale; 1878, 9, Moodus; 1880, I, East Hampton. 

arried, April 16, 1861, Miss Abbie G. Bailey of Hingham, Mass. Child: 

:rt Havward, b. Nov. 28, 1863. 

81, Address : East Hampton, Middlesex Co., Conn. 


56-9, Residences : Tamworth, Carroll Co., N. H. ; Lowell, Mass. 

, I, Teacher of Latin, Millersburgh Female College, Ky.; 1861-5, Princi- 

f Fleming Seminary, Flemingsburgh, Ky.; 1865-81, Principal of Maysville 

inary, Ky. 1878, Ph.D. 

irricd, 1862, Miss Phebc, daughter of D. K. Stockton of Flemingsburgh, 

who died March 2, 1878. Married, 1879, Miss Agnes, daughter of D. E. 

irtsof Maysville, Ky. Children: Henry S., b. Aug. 18, 1863: Dorscy S., 

:b. 18, 1866: James C.,b. Aug. 18, 1868: Robert I., b. March 27, 1872. 

$1, Address: Maysville, Mason Co., Ky. 


•ra, Aug. 29, 1837, in Harper, Liberia. 

60-4, Principal of Monrovia Academy, Liberia. 1861, Admitted to the Bar in 

tserado County, Liberia. 1 861-4, Practiced Law. 1864, Engaged in culti- 

g sugar-cane and coffee ; afterwards Comptroller and Surveryor-in-chief of 

tiblic of Liberia, Africa. Died, 1864 or 5, in Monrovia, Liberia. 

arried, July 25, 1862, Miss Angie V. Russwurm. 


orn, March 29, 1841, in Middletown, Conn. Brother of No. 253. 

^ Taught in private family, Port Gibson, Miss. 1861, Principal of Brainard 

■demy, Haddam, Conn. 1862, Teacher of Ancient Languages and German 

cnnington Seminary and Female Collegiate Institute, N. J. 1864, Joined 

* Jersey Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1864, Stationed at 

orestown, N. J. ; 1865, 6, Union St., Buriington ; 1867, 8, Trinity Church, 

dentown. 1869, Transferred to Newark Conference. 1869-71, Stationed 

■-nglewood, N. J.; 1872-4, Centenary Church, Jersey City; 1875-7, Blodm- 

J; 1878-80, Lafayette Church, Jersey City ; 1881, Hackettstown. 1880, Trav- 

J 'n Europe during the summer. 

^^ried, May 11, 1870, Miss Josephine E. Hill of Redding, Conn. Children : 

^et: Eugene Wyllys. 

^'i Address : Hackettstown, Warren Co., N. J. 


^ Oct 14, 1830, in Freetown, Cortland Co., N. Y. 

^ Head master of Oakwood County Grammar School, Ontario. 1861, 
'iglit and preached. 1863, Appointed to Sydney Circuit, Methodist Episco- 
Church of Canada. 1863, 4, Principal of Grammar School, Brighton, On- 
P* 1S65, Ozvt up teaching on account of ill health. 1865-81, Residing in 
ithfield, near Brighton, Ontario. 



' Married, Dec. 23, 1861, Miss E. S. Fraser of Bowmanville, Ontario. ChUdia; 
Daniel Cecil, b. Jan. 4, 1863 : Rose Alma, b. May 31, 1865 : Melvin Eli, Ik S^ 
14, 1867. 
188 1, Address: Smithfield, Ontario. 


Born, April 15, 1831, in Cavan, Ireland. 

1860, Joined New York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. iS6o,So- 
tioned at Eddyville, N. Y. ; 1861, Brewster's Station; 1862, 3, Putnam Valler; 
1864, 5, Dutchess Circuit ; 1866, St. Paul's Chapel, New York, N. Y.; i^^ 
Hancock; 1870-2, EUenville ; 1873-5, Catskill; 1876-8, Chester; 1879^1, 

Married, Oct. 10, i860. Miss L. A. Barber of Vernon Centre, N. Y. CMdw: 
Emory Zenas, b. Oct. 24, 1862 : William Lawrence, b. Aug. 7, 1865 : Gn« 
Crary, b. Oct. 24, 1868 : Emma Belle, b. July 29, 187 1 : Helen May, b. Miyi^ 
1877: Cora Frances, b. Nov. 19, 1876: three others d. in infancy. 

188 1, Address: Tarrytown, Westchester Co., N. Y. 


Born, Oct. 23, 1840, in Sing Sing, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

i860, Teacher of Mathematics, Troy Conference Seminary, West PodtDef, 
Vt. 1862, 3, Teacher of Ancient Languages in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. i86> 
Acting Principal of same ; joined New York Conference, Methodbt Episcopil 
C:hurch. 1864, 5, Teacher of Greek in Oneida (now Central New York) Co* 
ference Seminary, Cazenovia, N. Y. 1866-71, Professor of Latin and Greekm 
Genesee College, Lima, N. Y. 1867, Transferred to Oneida Conference. 1871" 
81, Professor of Greek language and Literature, Ethics and Christian Erki^ 
ces, in Syracuse University, N. Y. 

Married, July 23, 1863, liiss Louisa Guibord of Plattsburgh, N. Y. Child*** 
Herbert Guibord, b. Feb. 6, 1865 : Gertrude, b. March 13, 1868 : Winifred, * 
Jan. I, 1873: P'thel, b. Feb. 27, 1876. 

1881, Address: Syracuse, N. Y. 


Bom, April 22, 1830, in Economy, Nova Scotia. 

i860, Stationed at Barkhamsted, Conn., New York East Confcrcn; 
Methodist Episcopal Church; 1861, Windsor; 1862, ^ Windsor LoC 
1864, 3, Poundridge, N. Y. ; 1866,7, Milford, Conn.; 1S68, Madison. iS" 
Transfered to California Conference ; stationed at Gilroy, Cal. 1870, P 
fessor of Ancient Languages in the University of the Pacific, Santa Clara, C2 
1S71, Stationed at Watsonville, Cal.; 1872, Vallejo; 187^ 4, Healdsbur| 
1875, 6, lone; 1877, San Jose Circuit; 1878, Butte Circuit; 1879, 80, 1 
Grove; 1881, Salinas. 

Married, June 21, i860, Sarah J. Whitcher, who died April 19, 1864. Vf 
ried, April 19, 1866, Miss Mary J. Scofield, who died August 8, 1874. Marri' 
July 22, 1875, Miss Alice M. Alexander of Healdsburgh, Cal. Children: S»J 
Addalette, b. June 29, 1S61 : John Wesley, b. April 19, 1863: Arthur Scofi* 
b. Aug. 16, 1870: Charles Heath, b. June 30, 1877. 

1881, Address: Salinas, Monterey Co., Cal. 


Born, Oct. 2, 1S34, in Yarmouth Port, Barnstable Co., Mass. 

i860, Preached in Marston's Mills, Mass. ; taught in Wellfleet, Mass, i 



ed Povidence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1861, 2, Stationed 

Kixbury, Mass. ; 1863, 4, Osterville ; 1865, 6, North Easton Village ; 1867-9, 

mcs Hole (now Vineyard Haven) ; 1870-2, Chatham ; 1873, 4, West Dennis ; 

j-7, Bristol, R. I. ; 1878-80, Wellfleet. Mass.; 1881, Taunton. 

famed, March 28, 1861, Miss Almira Cobb of Barnstable, Mass. Children : 

raC^b. Jan. 1 1, 1862: Cassandra Carey, b. Feb. 17, 1865: Helen Johnson, 

unc 20, 1870. 

881, Address : Taunton, Mass. 


Jorn, Jan. 6, 1838, in Barnegat, Ocean Co., N. J. 

860, Teacher of Natural Science in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 1861-2, 
idler of Natural Science in Providence Conference Seminary, East Green- 
h,R. I. 1862, First Lieutenant Companv K, nth Regiment, Rhode Island 
luntccrs, and Adjutant on staff of Colonel DeKorpony, 38th Regiment Pcnn- 
fzm Volunteers. 1863, Again Teacher of Natural Science in Providence 
aference Seminary. 1864-9, Principal of same; three years member of 
ode Island Senate. 1868, Presidential Elector for Rhode Island ; preached 
olarly. 1869, President of Rhode Island Teachers* Association ; preached 
Mionally. 1870, Transferred to Erie Conference. 1870-81, Principal of 
ambcrlam Institute and Female College, Randolph, N. Y. 1877, D.D., 
^heny College. 1880, Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episco- 
Chorch. (See Bibliography.) 

Carried, July 10, 1862, Miss Enuna A. Baker of Somerville, Mass. Chil- 
n: Grace Ella, b. March, 1864: Laura Alice, b. October, 1867: Florence 
me,h.Feb. 5, 1876. 
881, Address : Randolph, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. 


^ Sept. 25, 1840, in Stoughton, Norfolk Co., Mass. 
^ Teacher of Latin in Delaware Literary Institute, Franklin, N. Y. 
» Principal of Shelbume Academy, Vt. 1863-6, Teacher of Ancient Lan- 
•^ in Oneida (now Central New York) Conference Seminary, Cazenovia, 

• Joined Oneida Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1867, Teacher 
''cient Languages, Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. i86iS, Princi- 
'f Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, N. Y. 1873-81, Professor in North- 
'•"n University, Evanston, 111., and Principal of the Preparatory Depart- 

• 1878, Transferred to Rock River Conference. 

^^ricd, July 11, 1866, Miss Anna Green ol Portage, N. Y. Children: 
*^ Thompson, b. Feb. 4, 1868: Ellen Briggs, b. April 24, 1875. 
^I, Address: Evanston, Cook Co., III. 


r^i, Aug. 22, 1838, in Galesville, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

•Q, Joined New York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church; stationed 
^rlotteville, N. Y. ; Teacher in New York Conference Seminary in same 
• 1861, Stationed at Ridgebury, N. Y. 1861-2, First Lieutenant, Com- 
K, 48th Regiment, New York Volunteers. 1862, Stationed at Equinunk, 
1863, Napanock, N. Y. 1863, Teacher of Ancient Languages, New York 
-rcnce Seminary, Charlotteville, N. Y. 1864-5, Principal of same. 1866, 
ined at Hobart, N. Y. 1867, Health failed ; went to Saint Paul, Minn. 
Transferred to Minnesota Conference. 1868, Stationed at Wabasha, Minn ; 
70, Mankato; 187 1, 2, Wabasha and Reads; 1873, Anoka; 1874, $, East 
eapolis; 1876^-8, Northfield ; 1879, Spring Valley. 1878-9, Chaplain of 
csota Senate. 1880, Presiding Elder of Winona District 


Married, Sept. ii, 1861, Miss L. M. Brinton of Falls Village, Coniuvhodiri 
Sept. 7, 1863. Married, Sept. 9, 1864, Miss Jennie £. Cloyd of MortoDnO^ 
N. Y. Children: Lottie Cloyd, b. June 20, 1865 : Tames Cloyd, h. Feb. i4 
1867: DeWitt Clinton, b. March 19, 1869: Sylvanus, b. March 24, 1871: TO- 
Ham, b. Feb. 7, 1873 * Mabel Ix)uisa, b. Dec. 15, 1874 : Walter Ray, b. Eucft 
4, 1879. 

1881, Address: Winona, Winona Co., Minn. 


Born, April 2, 1833, in New Village, N. Y. 

1S60, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Chud 
i860. Stationed at Riverhead, N. Y.; 1861, Greenport; 1S62, Huntington; 
1863, 4, Smithtown Circuit. 1864-6, Preached in Mantorville, Minn. M, 
Supernumerary in Smithtown, N. Y. 1869, 70, Stationed at Stony Brook, N. 
Y. ; 187 1, 2, West Hampton; 1873, 4» Farmingdale; 1S75, Sayville; 18;^ 
Southampton ; 1877, 8, Good Ground and Atlanticville ; 1879, ^ ^^^ 
port and Dix Hills; 1S81, Brook Haven and Bcllport 

Married, May 7, 1861, Miss I^ra Kingsbun*, who died Nov. 10, 186& to- 
ried, Feb. 23, 1070, Miss Marv A. Hancock of Madison, N. J. Children: Un 
Sophronia, b. April 18, 1862 : John Foster, b. Jan. i c, 187 1 : Wesley Hancodt,i 
Aug. 24, 1872: Mary Ellen, b. Oct. 19, 1874: Phebe Louise, b. Feb. 2, 1877* 
Gertrude Hildreth, b. June 5, 1879. 

188 1, Address : Brook Haven, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 1 


Bom, Dec. 21. 1830, in Kingston, Rockingham Co., N. H. 

1860-5, Principal of Kingston Academy, N. H. 1865-71, Teacher of &» 
and Natural Science in New Hampshire Conference Seminary and FeawJ 
College, Tilton, N. H. 1868, Joined New Hampshire Conference, Methoi* 
Episcopal Church. 1872-4, Stationed at Methuen, Mass. ; 18715, ^ ^^ 
kct, N. H. ; 1877-81, Presiding Elder of Claremont District. 1879-81, TJ^ 
of Wesleyan University. 1880, Delegate to General Conference, Metho** 
Episcopal Church. 

Married, Aug. 16, i860, Miss Myra S. DoUoff. Children: George Doll* •■ 
Dec. 24, 1864 : Charles Otis, b. Oct. 2, 1868 : Lydia Anne, b. Sept. 16, iS?)- 

1881, Address: Bristol, Grafton Co., N. H. 


Born, Oct. 28, 1837, in Rodman, Jefferson Co., N. Y. ^ 

i860, Teacher of Mathematics m Gouvemeur Wesleyan Seminarji -^v-' 
1861, Joined Black River Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. I**' 
Stationed at Somerville, N. Y.; 1862, 3, Geddes; 1865, 6, First Church, Mex- 
ico; 1867-9, First Church, Rome; 1870-2, State St., Watertown. iW' 
Presiding Elder of Adams District. 1877-9, Stationed at Lowville; iw** 
East Church, Oswego. . . 

Married, Nov. 15, 1S60. Miss Martha Coit. Children: Florence H^^^'J;^ 
Sept. 17, 1S62 : Freddie Abner, b. Jan. 12, 1864; George Coit, b. July 19^" 
d. June 15, 1878. 

18S1, Address : Oswego, Oswego Co., N. Y. 



ane 7, 1832, in Gloucester, R. I. 

oined Maine Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1861, 2, 
at Kennebunk Port, Me.; 1863, 4, Bethel ; 1805, 6, Brunswick ; 1867, 
; 1868-70, Alfred; 1871, Saco; 1872-4, Richmond; 1875,6, South 

77-9, Wilton; 1880, i, Elliot. 

1, May 1, 1867, Miss Mary D. Greenleaf of Brunswick, Me. Children: 

^ug' 29, 1868; d. in infancy: Sophie Greenleaf, b. Oct. 7, 1869: George 

L Spt. 1 6, 1872 : Annie Brown, b. Dec. 29, 1876. 

address : Elliot, York Co., Me. 


darch J, 1836, in Stanstead, Quebec 

Principal of Stanstead Seminary, Stanstead, Quebec. 1865-9, Prin- 
^Vaukegan Academy, 111. 1869-70, Engaged in farming on account of 

Stanstead, Quebec. 1870-5, Again Prmcipal of Stanstead Seminary. 
Teacher and Secretary of Stanstead Wesleyan College. 1877-81, 

of Magog Academy, Quebec. 1881, Residing at Stanstead. Quebec, 
d, Jan. 2, 1862, Miss J. H. Stevens of Walden, Vt. Children: 

Tosephine, b. June 7, 1868 : Harry Stevens, b. June 2, 1875 : Clarence 

b. Oct. II, 1877 ; d. Oct 2, 1879. 
Vddress : Stanstead Plains, Quebec 


1834, in Marshfield, Plymouth Co., Mass. 

oioed New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, i860, 
iat Brookfield, Mass.; 1861, Sutton. 1861, 2, Master's Mate on U. S. 
Norwich; was at taking of Hilton Head and Fort Pulaski. 1863, 
ock River Conference. 1863, Stationed at Rockford, 111.; 1864, Wyanet. 
ansferred to Providence Conference. 1865, 6, Stationed at Nantucket, 
[867, 8, Center Church, Provincetown ; 1869, Power St., Providence, 
870, I, New London, Conn.; 1872, Willimantic; 1873, 4, Wellfleet, 
875, Middleborough. Died, May 21, 1875, in Middleborough, Mass. 
Jd, June 1, 1864, Miss Lydia A. Post of New Bedford, Mass. Children : 
ec,b. April 5, 1865 : Mar>' Sinclair, b. Dec. 5, 1867 : Rose Huntington, 
21, 187 1 ; d. Oct 18, 1872. 
Address of widow : New Bedford, Mass. 


June 20, 1839, in Middletown, Conn. Son of No. 129. 
Taught select school in Killingworth, Conn. 1861, Joined New York 
nference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1861, Stationed at Barkham- 
•nn.; 1862, Vista, N.Y.; 1S63, Cornwall, Conn.; 1864, Trumbull; 1865, 
lU and Nicholas Farms; 1866, Georgetown. 1868, Transferred to East 
-onference. 1868, Preached in Damariscotta, Me. 1869-71, Preached 
own. 1872, Transferred to Central New York Conference. 1872, 
:d at Burdett, N. Y.; 1873, Bridgeport. 1874, Ordained Deacon in 
nt Episcopal Church. 1867-8, Rector of Protestant Episcopal Church 
iland, N. Y., 1878, Rector in Oriskany, N. Y. 1879-80, Rector of St. 
Church, Antwerp, N. Y. 1 880-1, Rector of St. James' Church, Poque- 
1 Conn* 

ied, June 11, 1862, Miss Kate S. Roberts of New Hartford, Conn, 
tt: Robert Nash, b. June 27, 1863; d. Sept 9, 1878 : Charlotte EUzaLY)et3a, 


b. July 12, 1865; d. July 12, 1865: Sarah Matilda Ames, b. June 25^1866: 
Edward Thomson, b. June 21, 1870 : Nellie Roberts, b. April 2^, 1872: Fredo- 
ick Huntington, b. Dec. 5, 1873: Isabella Selwyn, b. Aug. 31, i»a 
1881, Address: Poquetannock, New London Co., Conn. 


Born, July 12, 1836, in Rindge, Cheshire Co., N. H. 

i860. Taught in Chatham, N. H. i86j. Studied Law in Clarciftont, N. E; 
admitted to the Bar ; went to Illinois. 1064, Resided in Marengo, 111 1864-^ 
Member of Company A, 8th Illinois Cavalry. 1865-7, Studied in Gamtt 
Biblical Institute, Evanston, 111. 1867, Joined Rock River Conference, Metbo- 
dist Episcopal Church. 1867, Stationed at Freedom, 111.; 18^,9, SugarGnw 
Circuit; 1870, Lee Centre. 187 1, Transferred to Nebraska Conference. 1871-4. 
Stationed at York, Nebr.; 1875. West Blue. 1873-5, Probate Judge of Yoik 
County. 1876-81, Editor of The York Republican^ Nebr. 1879, Lo<^^ 
(See Bibliography.) 

Married, Nov. 28, 1867, Phebe W. Cook of Provincetown, Mass. ChDdrai: 
Roswell, b. Sept. 28, 1868: Ephraim Cook, b. Oct. 17, 1870: Raymond Beit- 
ridge, b. July I, 187J. 

18S1, Address: York, York Co., Nebr. 


Born, April 30, 1837, in Lynn, Mass. 

i860, Joined Maine Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, i860, i, S» 
tioned at Cornish, Me.; 1862, 3, Brunswick; 1864, 5, Gorham, N. H.; iS6^ 
Oxford, Me. Died, Oct. 13, 1866, in Lynn, Mass. 

Married, June 28, i860. Miss Ann L. Shepard of Ljmn, Mass., who died Jnlj! 
1867, in Lynn, Mass. Child: Clara Susan, b. May 23, 1863. 


Born, July 31, 1835, ^^ Gilmanton, Belknap Co., N. H. 

i860. Principal of Loudon Academy, N. H. 1861, Studied Law in Pittsfiekj 
N. H. 1862-3, Captain of Company G, and Lieutenant-Colonel of 15th Regi 
ment. New Hampshire Volunteers ; was in the Siege of Port Hudson; thw 
times wounded. 1864, Admitted to the Bar in New Hampshire and in .Mas» 
chusetts. 1864-71, Practiced Law in Boston; Firm, Richardson & Osgood 
187 1-4, Practiced Law alone in Boston; in offices with Nos. 634 and 8;J 
Died, Nov. 28, 1874, in Woburn, Mass. 

Married, Nov. 23, 1864, Miss Ada M. Norris. Child: Maud, b. July 29^1865 

1 88 1, Address of widow : Concord, N. H. 


Born, Sept. 2, 1833, in Holtsville, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

1860-1, Teacher of Mathematics in Seminary, Ashland, N. Y. i86i,Tead|< 
in New York Conference Seminary, Charlotteville, N. Y. 1863-4, Spw 
Agent for New York Independent, 1S65, Agent for The Nation, 1867;^ 
Real Estate Broker in New York, N. Y.; Firm (1881), Ruland & WhiWI 
Residence, 292 Green Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Married, Miss Jennie A. La Monte, Preceptress in New York Confeiti 
Seminary. Children: Anna Florence, b. March 29, 1865: Irving AugostoSi 
Aug. 26, 1S66: Arthur L., b. April 28, 1870: Norman McLeod, b. Aii|;. 7tl^ 

1881, Address: 5 Bcekman St, New York, N. Y. 



, Dec. 24, 183 1, in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Mass. 

, Joined New York E^t Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 

[, Stationed at Sirasbury, Conn.; 1862, 3, George St., New Haven; 

, Bridgeport; 1866-8, Birmingham ; 1869-71, Second Church, Norwalk ; 

, Eighteenth St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; 1875, 6, South Third St, Brooklyn; 

i Fleet St., Brooklyn; 1800, i, Janes Church, Brooklyn. 

ricd, July 4, i860, Miss Harriet Newell Bull of Old Saybrook, Conn. 

en: mrie Annette, b. July 4, 1862: Harriett Ellen, b. July 22, 1864: 

I Ann, b. July 22, 1864. 

, Address : 633 Madison St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


I, Au^. 17, 1837, in London, England. 

^ Studied Theology; gave some attention to business in New York, N.Y. 
^eacher of Ancient Languages and Mathematics in Elm Park Collegiate 
tc, Litchfield, Conn.; studied Theology in Newark, N. J. 1862, Joined 
k Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1862, Stationed at Hudson 
I J.; 1863, Passaic; 1864, S» Englewood; 1866, Irvington; 1867, Wesl- 
t868, Newmarket; 1869, 70, Hudson City (West End); 1871-3, West 
v., Jersey City ; 1874, 5, Stapleton, Staten Island ; 1876, South Orange ; 
'anchville and Frankfort Plains ; 1878, Metuchen and New Dover, N. J. ; 
'endham; 1880, Wortendyke; 1881, Hillsdale and Pearl River. 1877, 
!d in Europe. 

cd, Jan. 23, 1879, ^rs. R. C. Duncan of Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 
Address ; Hillsdale, Bergen Co., N. J. 


Oct. 6, 1837, in Fairfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

Teacher of Ancient Languages in Fairfield Seminary, N. Y. 1862, 
! in I52d Regiment, New York Volunteers; on or about Oct. 24, 1862, 
rying to enter a car on his way to Washington, D. C. ; had an arm 
, and subsequently amputated. Died, Oct. 28, 1862. 


July 16, 1836, in Eastford, Windham Co., Conn. 

I, Taught in Saint James, N. Y. 1861, Studied Law in Danielsonville, 
1862, Second Lieutenant, Company D, i8th Connecticut Volunteers; 
St Lieutenant, afterwards Captain of Company B. 1863, Provost-mar- 
Hagerstown, Md. 'Killed, May 15, 1864, in the battle of New Market, 


June 19, 1834, in Pittsfield, Mass. 

Freached in Milbum, N. J. 1861, Joined Newark Conference, Metho- 
iscopal Church; appointed to Union Circuit, N. J. 1862-4, Stationed 
ensack, N. J.; 1864-66, Chatham and Livingston; 1866, 7, Spring Valley, 
[868-76, Stenographic Reporter and Teacher of Phonography in Phila- 
Pa.; Stenographer for the Board of Church Extension, Methodist 
al Church, and for Bishop Simpson ; reported Proceedings .of General 


Conferences, 1868 and 72, for The Methodist; and of 1876 for DaHf^ 
also Proceedings of various Methodist State Conventions, and other t^ 
preached occasionally. 1876-81, Stenographer for i£tna Life Instt^ 
Hartford, Conn. ; preaching frequentljj. 

Married, Tune 23, 1861, Miss Lizzie White oi Whiting, N. Y. C 
Anna Josephine, b. May 30, 1863 : Charles Wardell, b. May 14, 1S67. 

1881, Address: Hartford, Conn. 


Born, Sept. 24, 1835, in Prospect (now Stockton), Waldo Co., Me. 

1860-2, Teacher of Mathematics in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbrahan 
Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 186: 
cipal of Academy, Cincinnatus, N. Y. ; preached m Marcellus, N. ' 
Transferred to Oneida Conference. 1864, Stationed at Camillus, N. ' 
6, Oneida. 1866, Acting President of Upper Iowa University, Fayet 
1867-9, Professor of Mathematics in Lawrence University, Apple 
1868, Transferred to Wisconsin Conference. 1869, President of Up 
University. 1870, Stationed at First Church, Janesville, Wis.; 1871- 
Water; 1874, 5, Summerfield Church, Milwaukee. 1875, Health faile 
School in White Water. 1876, Stationed at White Water. 1877, U. 
Agent at Fort Lemhi, Idaho ; regained health. 1878, 9, Stationed at M 
Wis. i88o, Transferred to Minnesota Conference. 1880, Stationed 
Dak.; 1881, Faribault, Minn. 

Married, June 29, i860, Maria L. Bowen of Cortland, N. Y. ' 
Charles Elias, b. Nov. 29, 1861 : Edward James, b. Dec 15, 1862: 
Maria, b. May 17, 1864 : Hattie Emma, b. Oct. 13, 1869 ; d. Jan. 14, 18; 
R., b. Feb. 9, 187 1 : Helen Esterly, b. Dec. 9, 1875; d. May 19, 1878. 

188 1, Address : Faribault, Rice Co., Minn. 


Born, Dec. 2, 1837, in Palenville, Green Co., N. Y. 

i860. Studied Medicine in Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 1861, M.D., 1 
of New York. 1862, Acting Medical Director in U. S. Army. 1863- 
ciate Proprietor of Remedial Institute, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Married, March 3, 1863, Miss Anna A. Ray of Indianapolis, Ind. 
Sylvester Ray, b. April 8, 1865; d. Sept. 18, 1865: Anna Louise, t 
18^ : Emma Chittenden, b. March 26, 187 1. 

1881, Address : Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 


Born, Jan. 5, 1834, in Skinner's Eddy, Wyoming Co., Pa. 

i860, Assistant Marshal employed in taking the census of Luzem 
1 86 1, Teacher of Natural Science in Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa 
Taught and preached in Kingston, Pa. 1866-8, Stationed at Sera 
1869, Went South, on account of poor health. Died, Jan. 30, 187OJ 
vannah, Ga. 

Married, Nov. 9, 1864, Miss Minnie Mott of Blakely, Pa., who died 


Bom, May 23, 1839, in Cliftondale, Essex Co., Mass. 

i860, Preached in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass. 1861, Joined 
land Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1861, Stationed at 
Mass.; 1862, 3, Westborough ; 1864-6, South Danvers (now Peabody) 

5o.] ALUMNI RECORD. 1 77 

Lynn ; 1870, i, Union Church, Charlestown. 1872, Supernumerary ; resided 
-ynn, Mass. 1873, Transferred to New Hampshire Conference. 1873, 4. 
:ioned at Haverhill, Mass. 1875, Transferred to New England Confer- 
;. 1875, 6, Stationed at Melrose, Mass; 1877-9, Webster; 1880, i, Grace 
irch, Springfield. 

[arried, Aug. 16, i860. Miss Lizzie Locke Farmer of West Cambridge, 
ss. Children: Albert Raddin, b July 15, 1861 ; Class of 1884: Amy 
ell, b. April 28, 1863; d. October, 1863: Charles, b. April 19, 1867; d. Octo- 
^i, Address: 117 Union St., Springfield, Mass. 


^m, April ip, 1830, in Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn. 
860-2, Principal of Clinton Institute. 1862-6, Principal of Lewis Academy, 
uthington, Conn. 1866-70, General Agent for S. Stow Manufacturing Com- 
tiy. 1870-3. Connected with Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co., successors to S. 
5w Manufacturing Co. 1871-81, Engaged in business, chiefly in New York, 
Y. ; family residing in Plantsville, Conn., and Brooklyn, N. V. 
Married, Dec. 25, i860. Miss Hattie E. Camp of Durham, Conn. Children : 
'infield Davidson, b. October, 1861 : Mary Emeline, b. December, 1863. 
1881, Address : 33 Chambers St., New York, N. Y. 


Bom, Aug. 19, 1836, in New York, N. Y. 

i860, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
^, Stationed at Kensington, Conn. ; 1861, 2, Farmington ; 1863-5, Westville; 
^ 7. Ansonia ; 1868-70, Waterbury ; 187 1, 2, Dc Kalb Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
^73» 4. Twenty-seventh St., New York ; 1875-7, Rye ; 1878-80, South Park 
hurch, Hartford, Conn.; 1881, New Britain. 

Married, Feb. 3, 1862, Miss H. C. Phelps of Meriden, Conn. Children: 
'Corge Phelps, b. Jan. 31, 1863: Marv L., b. May 15, 1867. 

^881, Address : New Britain, Hartford Co., Conn. 


^ofn.Nov. 15, 1837, in Hallowell, Kennebec Co., Me. 

1560-1, Principal of Brainard Academy, Haddam, Conn. 1861, Studied Med- 
I'neinDeep River, Conn. 1863, M.D., Harvard University; practiced in 
^nnebunk Port, Me. 1863-5, Acting Assistant Surgeon of U. S. Navy. 
rj5» Practiced Medicine in Portland, Me. 1866, Practiced in Newton Upper 
^\ Mass. 1867-9, Principal of Grammar School, Portland, Me. 1869-70 
racticed Medicine in Kennebunk Port, Me. 1870-81, Practicing Medicine in 
^'"'Jur/, Mass. 

Warned, Nov. 25, 1863, Miss Sarah P. Leavitt of Portland, Me. Children : 
^°jard Marshall, b. Jan. 15. 1868: Alice Carlton, b. April 25, 1869: d. Sept. 
• [869: Frank Hartley, b. April 27, 1874 ; d. Sept. 4, 1875: Carrie Spaulding, 
•% 29, 1877. 
*wi, Address : Millbury, Worcester Co., Mass. 


Born, May 4, 1834, in Utica, N. Y. 

i860, Teacher of Classical Department, Mohawk Union School, N. Y. 1861- 
Principal of Moravia Institute, N. Y. 1863, Vice- Principal of Macedon 
adcmy, N. Y. 1864-5, Principal of Walworth Academy, Wayne Co., N. Y. 



1867, Principal of Jordan Academy, N. Y. 1869-71, Principal of Noniid 
Academy, Chenango Co., N. Y. 187 1-3, Principal of Holland Patent Unia 
School, N. Y. 1875-6, Principal of Sandy Creek Union School, N.Y. 1879^ 
Principal of Schuylerville Union School, N. Y. 1879-81, Principal of Cambridge 
Academy, N. Y. ; residing in Holland Patent, N. Y. 

Married, Nov. 13, i860, Fannie H. Babcock of Holland Patent, N.Y. Chiid: 
William J. B., b. July 9, 1866. 

1881, Address: Holland Patent, Oneida Co., N. Y. 


Bom, July 6, 1835, in Johnson, R. I. 

i860. Joined Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, i860, 
Stationed at Marlborough, Conn. ; 1861, 2, E^t Woodstock; 1863, 4, Plain- 
field ; 1865, 6, Mystic; 1867, Greenville; 1868. East Greenwich, R. L ; i^ 
70, Fourth St., New Bedford, Mass.; 187 1, 2, East Bridgewater. iSyJ^Trans^ 
ferred to Minnesota Conference. 1872, 3, Stationed at Hutchinson, Miw.; 
1874. First Church, St. Paul ; 1875, 6, Red Wing. 1876, Transfcncd to Hoii- 
ton Conference. 1877, 8, Stationed at Chattanooga, Tcnn. 1878, Trawfened 
to Georgia Conference. 1878-80. Stationed at Atlanta, Ga. 1881, Transfened 
to Colorado Conference. 188 1, Preached on Bent County Circuit; afterwards 
stationed at Fort Collins, Colo. 

Married, June 26. 1S60, Miss M. D. Lathrop of Middletown, Conn. ; whodied 
July 29. 1877. Children : Laban Clark, b. April 26, 1862 : Alice A., b. April 10, 
1870; d. Aug. 15, 1875: Grace E., b. Aug. 10, 1873; ^* April 26, 1878- 

1881, Address: Care of C. L. Winter, University of Denver, Denver, Cda 


Born, March 31, 1838, in Stanstead, Quebec. 

1860-2, Principal of Derbv Academy, Orleans Co., Vt. 1862, Admitttd » 
the Bar in Vermont. 1862-7,' Practiced Law m Troy, Vt. 1867-81, PradJoaf 
Law in Derby Line, Vt. 

Married, June 3, 1866, Miss Augusta A. Young of Troy, Vt. Child: Georgf 
B., b April 20, 1867. 

1881, Address: Derby Line, Orleans Co., Vt., or Rock Island, Quebec 


Class of 1861. 


Born, Oct. 19, 1835, in Norwich, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

1861-2, Teacher of Natural Science in Amenia Seminary, N. Y. ^^Jjnj 
Co-Principal of Classical Institute, Milton, Pa. 1864-5, Engaged in FarOT 
in Brookfield, N Y. 1866-S1. Engaged in Horticulture, near Camden, Del 

Married, March 4, 1863, Miss L C. Langworihy of Brookfield, N. Y. CW- 
dren : Fred L., b. Nov. 8, 1865 ; d. April 22, 1866 : Frank C, b. Dec 5, W- 
Jennie L., b. March 17, 1870 ; d. July 2S, 1870; Nellie, b. Dec 21, 1871. 

1881, Address : Camden, Kent Co., Del- 



om, Sept. 9, i8j3, Marlborough, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

$6!, Taught in Moorestown, N. J. 1863-4, Principal of Female Seminary, 

ladelphia, Pa. 1864-7, President of Fairmount Female College, Philadel- 

L 1867, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 

7,8, Sutioned at Sag Harbor, N. Y. ; 1869-71, Tompkins Av., Brooklyn ; 

2-4, Forsyth St., New York; 1875, First Place, BrooklvTi; 1876-^, First 

irch, Green Point; 1879, 80, St. John St., New Haven, Conn. ; 1881, Sag 

•bor, N. Y. 

larried, Sept. 1, 1862, Miss Ellen F. Miller of Middletown, Conn. Child : 

n Hendley, b. Oct. 4, 187 1. 

S81, Address : Sag Harbor, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 


•orn, Sept. 20, 1834, in Andes, Delaware Co., N. Y. 

861, Principal of High School, Unionville, Conn. 1865, Joined New York 

* Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1865, Stationed at Ix)ng Ridge, 

w.; 1866, Trumbull and Nichols Farms. 1867-8, In poor health; preached 

« in Bellows Falls, Vt. Died, June 10, 1868, in Bellows Falls, Vt. 

lanried, Oct. 16, 1862, Miss Louisa E. Arnold of Middletown, Conn., who 

I May 5, 1873. Child ;. Mary, b. 1865. 


fTi, July 12, 1838, in Augusta, Oneida Co., N. Y. Brother of No. 770. 
•I, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1861, 
>n€d at Middlebury, Conn. ; 1862, Plymouth ; 1063-5, Bethel ; 1866-8, 
ci Church, Norwalk ; 1869-71, Birmingham; 1872-4, Middletown; 1875, 
>emacle Church, Green Point, N. Y. ; 1877,8, Seventh Av., Brooklyn; 
Orace Church, Brooklyn ; 1880, i. Sand St., Brooklyn. 1873, Traveled 
rnonths in Europe. 

1-ied, June, 1863, Miss Mary A. Ashley of Brooklyn, Pa. Children : Roll in 
y, b. Aug. I, 1867 : Florence Ashley,' b. Sept. 30, 1874. 
t » Address : 19 High St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


"n, Feb. 23, 1840^ in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Mass. 

x, Taught in South Coventry* Conn.; Teacher of Phonography in Wes- 

Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1862, Principal of Colebrook Academy, 
L ; preached in North Dana, Mass. 1863, Joined New England Confer- 

Methodist Episcopal Church. 1863, Stationed at Holyoke, Mass. ; 1864, 
ter; 1865, Buckland ; 1866, Byfield ; 1867, 8, Topsfield ; 1869, 70, Rock- 
; 1871, 2, Marblehead; 1873, 4, Marlborough, Mass.; 1865, South Boston ; 
.7, East Douglass; 1878, 9, Gardner ; 1880, East Pepperell. 1880, Offi- 
Stenographic Reporter for General Conference, Methodist Episcopal 
ch. 1881, Supernumerary ; Private Assistant to Rev. J. H. Vincent, D.D. 
nied, Nov. 20, 1863, Miss Mary S. S. Holway of Boston, Mass. Child : 
oce Merlina, b. Oct. i, 1869. 
I, Address : 718 State St., New Haven, Conn. 





Born, April i, 1841, in New York, N. Y. 

1861. Traveled in N»)va Scotia. 1861-2, Studied elocution with Prof . R. G. 
Hibbard. iSr)2-3, Professnr of Elocution, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Mc 
1S63-4. Studied in Theological School with Bishop Burgess, Gardiner, Me. 
1865, Ordained Deacon in Protestant Episcopal Church. 1S66, Pastor of Sl 
Thomah' Church, Oldtown, Me. 1867, Assistant Minister of Church of Holj 
Trinity, New York, N. Y. 1S68-70. Pastor of Church of the Reconciliation, 
New Vork, N. V. 1870, Resided in Paris, France. 187 1-7, Pastor of Christ 
Church, Bridgeport, Conn. 1877-81, Pastor of Emmanuel Church, Philailel- 
phia. Pa. 

M:irried, Mav 4, 1870, the daughter of Major-Gcn. Abram Duryee of New 
York, N. Y. Children: Nathalie Duryee, b. April 4, 1871 : Allen Lindsay, b. 
Feb. 14, 1873: Alexander Burgess, b. April 24, 1875: Melville Potter, b. March 
24, 1877 ; d. .May 7, 1877. 

1881, Address: 233 Richmond .St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Born, .Sept. 12, 1835, in South Windsor, Hartford Co., Conn. 

1861, Resided in Farminglon, Conn. 1862, Joined Providence Conference, 
Methodist Kpiscf)pal Church. 1862-6, Stationed at Norwich, Conn. ; 1867-9, 
Willimantic ; 1870-2, Mathewson St., Providence, R. 1. 1873, Supernumerary. 
1874-6, Stationed at Provincetown, Mass.; 1877-9, barren, R. L ; iSSl, Pieai- 
ant St., New Bedford, Mass. 

Married, April 23, 1862, Miss Julia M. Clark of Farmington, Conn. Chil- 
dren: Franklin Edgar, b. June 25. 1863: Frederick Lhicoln, d. March 31, 1865: 
Sylvester Woodruff, b. Oct. 5, 1S68: Edwin Noadiah, b. May 4, 1870. 

188 r, Address: New Bedford, Bristol Co., Mass. 


Born, Jan. 5, 1S40, in Middletown, Conn. 

1865-S1, Engagetl in business in Buffalo, N. Y. 

Married, Dec. 7, 1863, Kate Kverdell Maas. Children : Kate, b. Oct. 8, 1865: 
Richard lOugcne, b. Oct. 5, 1868: Bertha, b. Nov. 27, 1870: Jessie Gillespie, b. 
April 25, 1S75 : Mary, b. Dec. 21, 1876. 

1881, Address: Care of Pratt i\: Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 


Born, March 23, 1835. 

1S60, Residence: Lowvillc, Lewi> Co., N. Y. 1S61, Captain in 7th Xew York 
Cavalry. 1S65, Major, 2d Regiment, U. S. Colored Troops, and Chief of Artil- 
lery and Ordnance in Florida. 1866, Resided in Tallahassee, Fla, 1S67, Prac- 
ticed Law in Jacksonville, Fla. Died, November, 1868, in Jacksonville, Fla. 


Born, Sept. 26, 1S41. 

i8r)o, Residence: Middletown, Conn. 1861, Enlisted in ist Connecticat Ar- 
tillery. 1862, Second Lieutenant in same. 1863-4, First Lieutenant in same. 
1865, In Life Insurance business, Boston, Mass. 1866, In mining regions of 

!l.] ALUMNI RECORD. l8l 

'ornia. 1867-8, Engaged in Commission business in New York, N. Y. 
^-79, Aj^ent of Franklin Woolen Company, N. H. 1879-81, Agent of 
firmooth Woolen Company, Mass. 

•> Married. Jan. 12, 1870, Miss Frances J. Clark of BrookKn, N. Y. Children : 
^■"William Morgan, b. May 4, 187 1 : Francis A. Sawyer, b. Feb. 28, 1873 ' Marian 
^&» Ix Sept. 22, 1874; d. Oct. 25, 1874: Richard Washburn, b. July 15, 1876: 
i Jtoswell Leon, b. Nov. 14, 1879. 

I, Address : Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Mass. 


, Aug. 26, 1818, in Chatham, Middlesex Co., Conn. 

1862, Studied in Berkshire Medical College, Pittsfield, Mass. 186;;, Studied 

JB Me<lica] Department of University of Burlington, Vt. ; M.D., University of 

- Vermont. 1864, Studied in College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, N. 

Y. ; M.E>. from same. 1864-6, House Surgeon and Physician in Bellevue and 

:y Hospitals, New York, N. Y. i866-ii. Practicing Medicine in Middle- 


Married, Nov. 5, 1868, Miss Amelia Du Pont Cruger of Middletown, Conn. 

ii: Ctiiltiren: Henry Cruger, b. May 21, 1870: Francis Cruger, b. July 11, 1873: 

\: Jobn Warren, b. Feb. 20, 1875. 

sSSi* Address: Middletown, Conn. 


I, Nov. 25, 1834, in Landaff, Grafton Co., N. H. 

1861— 3» Teacher of Latin and Greek in Wesleyan Seminary and Female Col- 
l^^ate Institute, Sprincfield, Vt. 1864-6, Teacher in High School, Bellows 
pa.llsv Vt. ; Teacher in New Hampshire Conference Seminary and Female Col- 
lie, Sanbomton Bridge. 1867, Joined Vermont Conference, Methodist Epis- 
copal Church. 1867, 8, Stationed at Wardsborough, Vt.; 1869, Bellows Falls ; 
1870, I, Hartland; 1872, 3, Marshfield and Calais; 1874-6, Weston; 1877-9, 
3arna.rd; 1880, i, Union Village. 

Married. Jan. 10, 1864, Mary M. Barrows of Weston, Vt. Children: Charles 
Bauxows, b. March 10, 1865; d. Oct. 25, 1866: Mary, b. Dec. 13, 1869. 

iSSi. Address: Union Village, Orange Co., Vt. 


Bom, Oct. 19, 1837, in Haverstraw, Rockland Co., N. Y. 
1873--31. Residing in Haverstraw, N. Y. ; engaged chiefly in farming. 
iS8i« Address: Haverstraw, Rockland Co., N. Y. 


Bom, Dec. 25, 1839, i^ Middletown, Conn. Brother of Nos. 562, 740, and 
Q2C .Son of Prof. John Johnston, LL.D. 

187 1, Invented apparatus for liquefying gases on a large scale. 1872, Spent 
three months in England and Scotland. 1876, Passed the winter with parents 
in the Bermudas. 1868-81, Engaged in the manufacture and sale of Dental 
Materials in New York, N. Y.; Firm, Johnston Bros. Office, 1260 Broadway; 
Manufactory, Prince's Bay, Staten Island, N. Y. 

1881, Address : 1260 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 




Born, Aug. 31, 1835, in North Danville, Caledonia Co., Vt. 

1861, Taught in Middletown, Conn. 1862, Joined New Hampshire Coafw 
once, Methodist Episcopal Churi!h. 1S62, 3, Stationed at Union, N. H.; l86| 
Littleton; 1865,6, Plymouth; 1867, St. Paul's Church, Manchester; iM,% 
Hroudhcad Church, Portsmouth; 1870-2, First Church, Claremont; 187^4 
Chestnut St., Na:>hua. 1875, Ordained Deacon in the Congregational Chmck 
1875-8, Pastor of Congregational Church, Hollis, X. H. 1878-81, Pastor d 
Congregational Church, Brockton, Mass. 

Married, July 13, 1861, Miss Sarah E. Lummis, who died Oct. 19, 1877. Ma^ 
ried, June 3, 1579, Mrs. Nellie S. Moi;)re of Claremont, N. H. Children: Hat- 
tie May, b. June 27, 1862; d. Nov. 17, 1864: George Lummis, b. Nov. 13.1.S64; 
d. June I, 1S66: James Hiram, b. Oct. 21, 1S66: Florence, b. April H, i368: 
Henry F. Durant, b. Jan. 30, 1870. 

188 1, Address: Brockton, Plymouth Co., Mass. 


l^orn, Feb. 23, 1835, "^ Hopkinton, Mcrrimac Co., N. H. 

1861, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal ChurcL itf( 
2, Stationed at Hlandford, Mass. 1862-5, Served in 37th Massachusetts Vofa» 
teers; first private, then promoted to Chaplaincy of regiment; in the amjflf 
the Potomac ; present in nineteen battles. 1865-7, Preached in Leyden, Ibft 
1868, Left the ministry on account of failure of health ; went to Kansas, ai 
engaged in farming. 1869-70, Resided successively in Reno and lAwteut, 
Kans. ; afterwards went to Southern Kansas. Died, Jan. 14, 1871,10 LadoiCi 

Married, June 26, 1861, Miss Ellen J. Tuttle of Bristol, Conn. Children- 
Leila Maria, b. June 14, 1S64: Eula Emily, b. April 30, 1S67: a son, h Mw 
17, 1870 ; d. Sept. 14, 1870. 

Uorn, Jan. 14, 1841, in Derby, New Haven Co., Conn. 

soorne ix ^.nceseman ^o., ixew \ orx, n. x., ana Ansonia, \.^onn. 

Married, Oct. 10, 1867, Miss Ellen Davis of Oxford, Conn. Children: Jfl^ 
b. Oct. 23, 1871 ; d. Feb. i, 1872 : Jennie, b. Nov. i, 1872: a daughter, b. ^ 
II, 1876. 

1.S81, Address: Ansonia, New Haven Co., Conn., or 89 Franklin St., ^'^ 
York, N. Y. 


Born, July 20, 1S39, in Kingston, Luzerne Co., Pa. 

1861, Studied I^iw in Wilkes Barre, Pa. 1S63-81, Practicing Law in Wilte 
Barre, Pa. 1874-6, State Senator of Pennsylvania, 1876-8, D. D. Gn» 
Master of Free Masons of Pennsylvania. 

Married, Feb. 22, 1865, Miss Elizabeth Lee Smith of Plvmouth, Pa. CW* 
dren : I^ouisa S.. b. Jan. 23, 1866 : Charles B., b. Nov. 26^ 1807 ; d. Oct 5, If' ' 
Hubbard B., b. July 7, 1870 : Paul 1)., b. Nov. 25, 1877. 

1881, Address: Wilkes Barre, Luzerne Co., Pa. 


7M. DANIEL W. RAYMOND.— A. B., 1864. 

[arch 16, 1833, in Litchfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 

Served in ist Connecticut Heavy Artillery. 1864, Commissary Ser- 

I65, Second Lieutenant. 1865-81, Clerk and Bookkeeper for W. & 

s, Pump Manufacturers, Midcfletown, Conn. 

., Nov. 4, 1879, Miss Ellen J. Watrous of Middletown, Conn. Child : 

Sept« 14, i88a 

ddress : Middletown, Conn. 


[arch 14, 1837, in South Easton, Wyoming Co., Pa. 

reached on Pottstown Circuit, Philadelphia Conference. Methodist 

Church. 1862, Joined Philadelphia Conference, Methodist Episco- 

h. 1862, 3, Stationed at Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa.; 1864, Cen- 

urch, Philadelphia; 1865, Hestonville (now Fletcher Church), West 

lia. 1866, Transferred to Wilmington Conference. 1866-8, Stationed 

Ts Church, Wilmington, Del.; 1869, 70, Smyrna. 1871, Transferred 

Iphia Conference. 187 1-3, Stationed at Hestonville (now Fletcher 

^Vest Philadelphia, Pa. ; 1874, j, Tabernacle, Philadelphia. 1876-8, 

Elder of North Philadelphia District. 1878, D.D., Dickinson Col- 

9-81, Stationed at Grace Church, Philadelphia. 

, March i, 1866, Miss Harriet Ross of Philadelphia, Pa., who died 


Idress: 1620 North 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


ec. 25, 1839, in Boston, Mass. 

Studied Law in Middletown, Conn. 1863, Admitted to the Bar. 

racticed Law in Middletown, Conn. 1872, Judge of Probate Court, 

Ti District. 1872-4, City Attorney, Middletown. 1874-81, Practicing 

ston, Mass.; Firm, George L. Roberts & Bros. 187^, Admitted to 

fudicial Court of the Commonwealth and to Circuit Court of the 

ites for the District of Massachusetts. 1880, Admitted to Supreme 

he United States at Washington, D. C. 

, Jan. 24, 1866, Miss Nellie Hall of Portland, Conn. Children : Kate 

fune 24, 1868: William Hall, b. May 28, 187 1. 

Idress : 95 Milk St., Boston, Mass. 


n. 14, 1840, in Monroe, Waldo Co., Me. 

Lidied Law in Middletown, Conn. 1862-3, First Lieutenant in 24th 
It Volunteers. 1864, Admitted to the Bar. 1865-81, Practicing Law 
own. Conn. ; Clerk of Superior Court and County Clerk for Middle- 
y. 1867-8, Judge of Probate Court, Middletown District. 1873, 
der, Middletown. 1870, Town Treasurer, Middletown, Conn. 1880, 
: Committee, appointee! by the Governor, on additional buildings for 
le Hospital, at Middletown, Conn. 

Oct. 19, 1865, Miss Minnie A., daughter of Hon. Julius Hotchkiss 
own. Conn, 
dress : Middletown, Conn. 

1 84 




Horn, Au^. 31, 1S35, in Kirkland, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

1S62-3, Piincipal of Union School, Waterloo, Iowa. 1S63-S, Preached aid 
t.uijiht in Central Iowa. 1S6S-73, Stationed successively at Cedar Falls N»- 
shall, and Ackley, Iowa 1873-81, Engaged in Stock-raising in Iowa ad 
Western Nebraska. 

Married, Cornelia M. Parmele of Clinton, N. Y. 

1 88 1, Address : Stockville, Frontier Co., Nebr. 


Born, May 14. 1836, in lioston, Mass. 

1861, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1S6!, 

Married, June 23, 1861, Miss Harriet Clarke. Children: George Edgar, V. 
Sept. 8, 1S62 : a son.b. Sept. 11, 1865; d.: Harriet Clarke, b. Jan. 11, 1S68; Joki 

Holland, b. Aug. 16, 1872. 
1881, Address: East Cambridge, Boston. 


Born, Feb. 25, 1835, "^ Granville, Vt. 

186 [, Princii)al of Meriden Institute, Conn. 1862, Joined New York East 
Conference, NIethodist Episcopal (Church. 1862, 3, Stationed at West Suffieid, 
Conn.; 18^)4, Wuulsor. 1865, Transferred to Vermont Conference. 1865,6^ 
Stationed at Putney, Vt.; 1867-9, Wilmington; 1870-2. Woodstock; 18714, 
llellows Falls ; 1875, Scranton ; 1876-8, Alburgh; 1S79-S1, Morrisville; iSSi, 
Fairfax and Fletcher. 

Married, May 7, 1862, Miss Jane A. Hubbard of Middletown, Conn. Clifl- 
dren : Frank Willis, h. May 9, 1863: Anna Lincoln, b. Sept. 19, 1865; d. S^l*- 
13, 1867 : Alice Grant, b. Aug. 18, r868 ; d. Jan. iif 1877 : Mary Frances, bu 
March i^, 1S70: Henry Hubbard, b. June 18, 1873: Edmund Janes, b. Feb. 27, 
1876: George Pascal, b. Aj)ril 16, 1879. 

188 1, Address: Fairfax, Franklin Co., Vt. 


Born, April 4, 1841, in vSearingtown, Queens Co., N. Y. 

1862, Taught in Cabot, Vt. 1863-5, Bookkeeper in New York, N. Y. 1S65- 
8, Member of Firm, M. M. Johnston & Co., manufacturers and dealers n 
Dental Materials. 1868. Partnership dissolved. i86S-^Si, Engaged in the 
manufacture and sale of Dental Materials, New York, N. Y. 

1881, Address: 621 & 623 Sixth Av., New York, N. Y. 


Class of 1862. 


1, Jan. 29, 1834, in Galway, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

(Joined Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1862, 

led at Chestnut St., Providence, R. I. ; 1863, 4, EUist Greenwich ; 1865, 

cetown, Mass. Died, Aug. 23, 1868, in Palmer, Mass. 

'ied, April 20, 1864, Miss Abbie A. Wild of New Bedford, Mass. 


I, Feb. 16, 1 841, in Pleasantville, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

-4, Taught in Bergen, N. J. 1865, Principal of Schuylersville Acad- 

^ Y. 1^6, Member of Firm, Reed. Carnrick & Andrus, Manufacturing • 

5ts, New York, N. Y. 1873-6, Chemist, New York, N. Y. 1877-81, 

rer of New York Phannacal Association, 10& 12 College Place, New 


ried, June 23, 1869, Miss Julia M. Dyckman. Children : Mary,b. July 24, 

William, b. Sept 2, 1871 : Edith, b. April 23, 1874 : Marguerite, b. Oct. 

5: Jessamine, b. Nov. 9, 1878. 

. Address : 10 & 12 College Place, New York, N. Y. 


>. Oct. 24, 1840, in Middletown, Conn. 

» Taught in Tarrytown, N. Y. 1863, Principal of Warrensburgh 

^y* N. Y. 1864, Teacher in Connecticut Literary Institution, Sufiield, 

1865-8, Principal of High School, Holyoke, Mass. 1868, Principal of 
tnic institute, LeRoy. N. Y. 1869-76, Engaged in Life Insurance ; re- 
n Troy, N. Y., and Albany, N. Y. 1877, Ordained Baptist Minister in 
?• N. Y. 1877-81, Pastor of Baptist Church, Oxford, Chenango Co., 

(See Bibliography.) 

ried, Sept 15, 1863, Miss Laura M. Prior of Middletown, Conn. Child : 
Prior, b. Aug. s» 1864. 
» Address : Oxford, Chenango Co., N. Y. 


\ Aug. 6, 1841, in New York, N. Y. 

hs, Chief Bookkeeper, Firm of Ross & Co., Stonington, Conn. 1875-7, 

d Law with Wm. F. Holmes, Mystic River, Conn. 1877-9, ^^ Law 

of Michael Gru, Brooklyii, N. Y. 1879-81, Practicing Law in Brooklyn, 

*> collector of claims against the U. S. Government; residing at 321 Ber- 

•I Brooklyn, N. Y. 

ried, July 2, 1872, Miss Alice Elizabeth Reed of Bath, Me. Child : 

*s Albert, b. February, 1874; d. Aue. 17, 1874. 

^ Address: 112 Livingston St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


n, April 4, 1835, in Constableville, Lewis Co., N. Y. 
2» Teacher of Languages, Belleville College, Ontario. 1863-5, Teacher 
plages in Fairfield Seminary, N. Y. 1864, Joined Black River Confer- 


cnce, Methodist Episcopal C hurch. 1S65, 6, Stationed at Antwerp. N. Y.; 
1867, S, Ik'uvelton ; i8(h), 70, C)gdensl)iir<;h ; 1871-3, Lowville. 1S72, Bj change 
in Conference, became member of Northern New York t'onferencc. 1S74 
Stationed at Adams, X. Y. ; 1875-7, Ilion; 1878-S0, Fulton. iSSi, Presidra| 
Elder of Herkimer Distriti; traveled three months in Kurope and the £uL 
1874-vS, Trustee of Wesleyan University. 

Married, March 10, 1864, -^^»i»s Libbie I). Black^tone of Adams, X. N". Chil- 
dren: Manning Blackstone, b. Aug. 30, 1870: Bertha Ilione, b. Feb. 26, 1S77. 

1881, Address: Fulton, Oswego Co., X. Y. 


Born, Nov. 29, 1836, in Monmouth, Kennel>cc Co., Me. 

1863-5, l^rJi^'-JP''^' <*^ ^^JJ?h vSchool, Monroe, Wis. 1867-8, Attended Medial 
School of Maine, Brunswick, Me. 1868-9, Attended Be]le\ uc Hospital Med- 
ical College, New \ork, X. Y. 1869, M.D., Bellevuc Hospital Medical Col 
lege. 1869-75, Practiced Medicine in Readfield, Me. 1S75-S1, Practidog 
Medicine in Slonmouth, Me. 

Married, Aug. 19, 1S61, Miss F. ( . Pierce of Monmouth, Me. Children: 
Fred Kibby, b. Oct. 17, i8(>8: Bertha, b May 25, 1879. 

1881, Address : Monmouth. Kennebec Co., Me. 


Born, Aug. 29, 1839, in Rockland, Knox Co., Me. 

i8^)i. Enlisted in 2d ( Onnecticut Volunteers, the fir^t student of WesltNau 
Universii) that enlisted ; discharged on account of sickness. 1S62, Preached 
in Kenncbunk, Me. 1863, Ji>ioetl Maine Conference, Meth(xli>t Epi$copjii 
Church. 1863, 4, Stationed at Kennebunk, Me.; 1S65, 6, Hallowell. iSdx 
Went to Dubucjue, Iowa, on account of ill health; preached at Maine St. Church. 
1S67, Transferred to Rock River Conference. 1867-9, Principal of Rock River 
Seminary, Mount Morris, 111. 1S69, 70, Stationed at Princeton, 111. ; 1871,2. 
Kockford; 1S73, 4, Joliei ; 1S75-7, Ada St., Chicago ; 1 87 S-- So, Western' Av., 
( hicago. iSSi, I'residing Elder of Joliet District. 

Married, July 10, 1S65, Miss Emma M. Hill of Kennebunk, Me. Children: 
Su^an Olive, b. July 6, 18^)7 : Asburv, b. Oct. 13, 1868 : Mavolta Mercer, b.Ckt 
21, 1870: Anna, b. Sept. 17, 1S72 : d. Dec 21, 1872: Emma, b. t)ct. 18, 1S73; 
d. Jan. 16, 1874: Florence, 1;. Feb. 18, 1877 ; d. April 6, 1879. 

1S81, Address: Joliot, 111. 


, 1839, in Saint Louis, Mo. Brother of No. 5<,_^ 
1862-8, Priiiri|)al and Proprietor of Commercial ('ollege, jersey City, N. 1. 

1868--71. Principal of Classical Institute, Vernon, X. Y. 1S72, Principal « 
High School. Millport. N. V. 1S72--5, Bookkeeper with J. S. Vanduser & Co, 
Horsehcads, X. V. 1871; -7, Principal of School, Corning, N. Y. 1S77-S1 En- 


.^aged in teaching in (!henunig County, X". Y. ; Secretary of County Teachers* 

Association. (See Bibliography.) 

1881, Address.: Horsehr-atis, Chemung Co., X. Y. 


Born, Oct. 10, 1S35, in ('hi^opee Falls, Hampden Co., Mass. 
1862-4, Principal of Pul»lic Schools, Danville, III. 1S64-71, Special Agent 
of Connecticut Mutual IJfe Insurance Co., in Springfield, III., and Chicago, HI. 


I, Member of Firm, Steams, Dickinson & Co., General Agents of Con- 
Mutual Life Insurance Co., for Illinois. Died, Aug. 18, 1881, in 
. 111. 

ed, 1866, Miss Josephine M. Gleason of Chicopee Falls, Mass. Child: 
L., b. Sept. 13, 1870. 
1881, Address of widow: 104 Warren Av., Chicago, 111. 


Bom, March 10, 1837, in North Fairfax, Franklin Co., Vt. 

1863, Joined Wisconsin Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1863, 
Stationed at Berlin, Wis.; 1864, Simpson Chapel, Saint Louis, Mo., Saint Louis 
Conference ; 1865, 6, Appleton, Wis., Wisconsin Conference. 1867, 8, Asbury 
Church, Milwaukee; 1869, Kenosha. 1870-1, Spent the winter in Georgia and 
Plorida. on account of health. 187 1-3, Superannuated. 187 1-2, After the Chi- 
cago Fire was Assistant Superintendent of the Chicago Relief and Aid Society. 
1873, Transferred to Colorado Conference. 1873, 4, Stationed at Cheyenne, 
Colo. ; 1874-6, Boulder City. 1876-81, Chaplain in U. S. Army, Fort Omaha, 

Married, Sept. 22, 1863, H. Pearl Lyon of Middletown, Conn. Children : 
Kuth Pearl, b. Aug. 20, 1865; d. Oct. iS, 1866: Paul Willard, b. May 14, 1868: 
Florence, Sept. 11, 1869: Grace, b. April 25, 1872; d. Oct. 3, 1872: George 
Philip, b. Feb. 9, 1877. 

18$ I, Address: Fort Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebr. 


Bom, March i, 1S38, in Sandwich, Carroll Co., N. H. 

i862-3. Taught in Dover Academy, 111. 1864, Sergeant, 47th Iowa Volun- 
i, in Department of Gulf. 1865, Deputy Clerk of U. S. Circuit Court for 
XHstrict of Iowa. 1866, Graduated at Law Department of Iowa State Univer- 
sity. 1867, U. S. Commissioner for District of Iowa. 1867-70, In office of 
Collector of Internal Revenue. 1871-81, Practicing Law in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Married, Oct 1*1874, Mattic Le Bosquet of Des Moines, Iowa. Children: 
Henry L^ b. Nov. 19, 1875; d. Aug. 17, 1876: Charles Albert, b. Feb. 18, 1879. 

1881, Address : Des Moines, Iowa. 

719. *EZRA HALL. 

Bom, May 11, 1835, in Marlborough, Hartford Co., Conn. 

1863, Admitted to the Bar in Hartford, Conn. ; Member of Connecticut 
Senate. 1864, Member of Connecticut House of Representatives. 1865-77, 
Practiced Law in Hartford, Conn. 1868, Publisher of The Hartford Post, 1 87 1 , 
President /rtf tern, of Connecticut Senate. 1874, Admitted to practice in U. S. 
Sapreme Court. Died, Nov. 3, 1877, in Hartford, Conn. 

Married, Nov. 4, 1868, Miss Fannie T. Pease of Hartford, Conn. Children : 
Robert Ezra,b. July 10, 187 1: Fannie Pease, b. Dec. 23, 1876. 

1 881, Address of widow: 3 Forrest St., Hartford, Conn. 


Bom, Oct. 18, 1832, in Sodus, Wayne Co., N. Y. 

1863^ Engaged in caring for aged and feeble father. Died, Nov. 21, 1863, ^^ 

Woicott, ^^ y. 



Born, Aug. 2C, 1858, in Guysborough, Nova Scotia. 

1862, Joined Wcslcyan Conference of Eastern British America. 1862, Si 
tioned at Guysborough, N. S. ; 1863, Sydney ; 1864, 5, Pugwash; 1866. Dc 
Chester, N. B. 1867-9, Vice-President of Mount Allison Academy; Profess 
of Hebrew and Acting Professor of Mental and Moral Philosopnyin Moo 
Allison Wesleyan College, Sackville, N. B. 1870, i, Stationed at Ridubofl 
N. B. ; 1872-4, Avondale, N. S. ; 1875, 6, Pictou ; i877-«o, Hillsbarg: w 
Liverpool. 1878, Delegate to General Conference of Methodist Ep*""! 
Church of Canada. 

Married, July 23, 1866, Miss Lavinia Sophia Morton. Children: Han 
Joanna, b. Oct. 10, 1867 : Roland C. M., b. Nov. i, 1868: Mary Starr, b. J 
I, 1872 : William Baldwin, b. Feb. 27, 1874. 

1881, Address: Liverpool, Queens Co., Nova Scotia. 


Bom, March 18, 1839, in Girard, Erie Co., Pa. 

1862-8, Teacher of Natural Science in Fort Edward CoUegiatcIn^ 
N. Y. 1866, Joined Troy Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 18^ 
Stationed at Gansevoort; 1868-70, North Second St., Trov; 1871-} ' 
Church, Saratoga Springs. 1874, Transferred to New York Confer* 
1874-6, Stationed at St. John's Church, New York, N. Y.; 1877,8, Washin 
Square, New York; 1870-81, St. James' Church, New York. 18*7. ^ 
Wesleyan University. 1881, Historian at Semi-Centennial of Wcslcyan 
versity ; Delegate to Methodist Ecumenical Conference. 

Married, July, 1865, Miss Nancy M. McFarland, Preceptress of Fort Ed' 
Collegiate Institute, N. Y. Children : Arthur Marcus, b. Dec 12, 1867: ^ 
Elizabeth, b. Oct. 10, 1876: Robert Lennox, b. Dec. 12, 1878. 

1881, Address: 1981 Madison Av., New York, N. Y. 


Bom, Sept. 8, 1837, in Coopersburgh, Lehigh Co., Pa. 

1862, Served with Spencer's Howitzer Battery. 1862-3, Teacher ci ^ 
matics and Natural Science, New York Conference Seminary, Charlott 
N. Y. " 1863-4, Principal of same. 1864-5, Served in 91st Rejnpwt, 
York Volunteers ; wounded near Petersburgli, Va. 1865-i, Vice-Prindp; 
Teacher of Languages in Alexander Military Institute, White Plains, 
1866-73, In business in New York, N. Y. ; Firm, Cutter, Tower & Co., • 
facturing Stationers, New York and Boston. 1874-81, In Lithographic Iw 
in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Married, April 29, 1869, Mary P. Miller of Philadelphia, Pa. Cbi 
Mary Gertrude, b. Nov. 17, 1870: Percy Miller, b. Sept. 7, 1873. 

1881, Address: 716 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Bom, Aug. 22, 1840, in Trenton, N. J. 

1863-5, Studied Law with Judge Carpenter, Camden, N. J. 1865. A( 
to the Bar. 1865-81, Practicing Law in Camden, N. J. 
1881, Address: Camden, N. J. 



6, 1836, in Burrillvillc, Providence Co., R. I. 
ler in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1865-9, Practiced 
ago, 111. 1869-81, Engaged in constructing Railroads; family 
'anston. 111. 1873, Secretary of Chicago and Paducah Railroaa. 
67, Miss Mary I. Raymond of Evanston, 111., daughter of Rev. 
nd, D.D. Children: Philip Raymond, b. Jan. 7i, 1868: Frank, 
ro; d. Oct. 2, 1870: Josephine, b. Oct. 7, 1073; d. jfuly 28, 1875. 
:ss: Evanston, Cook Co., 111. 


82, i8j8, in Parma, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

pal of Academy, Parma, N. Y. Died, 1877, in Allegan, Mich. 

ess of widow: Allegan, Allegan Co., Mich. 


Class of 1863 


26^ 1840, in Charlotteville, Schoharie Co., N. Y. 
icipal of Schoharie Academy, N. Y. 1865, Traveled in the West. 
:d Law in Schoharie, N. Y. 1866, Admitted to Practice in all the 
state of N. Y. 1867-70, Practiced Law in Charlotteville, N. Y. 
ter in Charlotteville. 1870-81, Practicing Law in Kingston, N. Y. 
;cuting Attorney for Commissioners of Alms House of Kingston, 

:c. 20, 1866, Miss Emma E. Fenton. Children : William Fenton, 
^: Emma Matt, b. Dec. 24, 1874: George Francis, b. Feb. 

tss : Rondout, Ulster Co., N. Y. 


, 1842, in Augusta, Kennebec Co., Me. 

ssor of Ancient Languages in Albion College, Mich. 1864, 
in Boston, Mass. 1805, Clerk of Governor's Council, Augusta, 
[ to the Bar in Boston ; Assistant Clerk of Police Court, Boston, 
ticing Law in Boston ; Assistant Clerk of Municipal Court, Bos- 
Bail Conmii^ioner for Suffolk County, 
g. 14, 1879, ^i^ Ellen A. Hunt of Boston, Mass. 
:ss : 4 Court House, Boston, Mass. 


14* 1^35* in Bristol, Lincoln Co., Me. 

cipal of Cincinnatus Academy, Cincinnatus, N. Y. 1867-9, Prin- 
>sit Academy, Deposit, N. Y.; Editor and Publisher of The 
>-7i. Principal of High School, Salem, Ohio. 187 1-6, Engaged 


in business, Rooks and Stationcn', in Goshen, Ind. 1876-^1, SuperintendeBto 
Public Schools, (loshen. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, June 2.S, 1S65, Miss E. J. Lee of Cincinnatus, N. Y. Childia 
Charles Lee, b. April 19, 1S66: James Griswold, b. April 7, i86S: Georpad 
Clcis, b. July 14, 1S71 : Achsah Margaret, b. Sept. 28, 1S72: Hermion^ b 
April II, 1S76; d. : Harry Karl, b. Sept. 22, 1877. 

18S1, Address: (loshen, Elkhnrt Co., Ind. 


Born, Oct. 5, 1S40, in Watertown, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

1863, J'^ined Black River Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. iS6^ 
Stationed at Ellisburgh, N. V.; 1864, Jordan. 1865, Chaplain, 193d Reginou^ 
New York Volunteers. 1S66. Stationed at Geddcs, N. Y. 1867, SupeniiiB^ 
rarv. 186S, 0, Stationed at State St., Watertown, N. Y. 1870, Transfcrrcdli 
Colorado Conference. 1870-2, Stationed at C'entral City, Colo. iS73,TrMi' 
ferred to Northern New York Conference. 1873, Stationed at Dc Vtnta, 
N. Y.; 1874-6, Norwood; 1877-9, South St., Utica; 1880, I, Herkimer. 

Married, June 2;. 186S, Miss Emily Thompson of Gcddes, N. Y.,wlwdirf 
Sept. 30. 1875. children: Clara Thompson, b. Feb. 20, 187 1 : Arthur WiilBi; 
b. Oct. 30, 1872. 

1S81, Address: Herkimer, Herkimer Co., N. Y. 


Bom, April 17, i83g, in Stanford, N. Y. 

1864-9, I'eacher of Elocution in Waring's Military Institute, I^otrtoi 
County Academy, Carey Institute, and Poughkecpsie Female Academy, Pov 
keepsie, N. V.; also engaged in giving public readings. 1870-81, Principil>» 
Proprietor of Cook's Collegiate Institute for Young Ladies, Poughkcepsiei NT. 
1874, Ph. I)., University of the Citv of New York. 

Married, July i. 1867, Miss Jancy E. Holden. Children : Walter, b. MiJ'* 
1869: Bertha, b. May 12, 1877. 

1881, Address: Poughkecpsie, N. Y. 


Born, March i^, 1840, in Boston, Mass. - 

1863, Studied m the Divinity School of Harvard University. 1864-5-'^ 
ployed by New England Educational Commission for Freedmen, as teicbtf 
colored soldiers ; also served as corporal in 6oth Massachusetts Voluntttf** 
Assistant Supervisor of Government White Schools in Portsmouth and N^i 
town, Va. 1865-7, Studied Law in Leavenworth, Kansas. 1S67-70, P'*'?? 
Law in Leavenworth, Kans. 1870-81, Practicing Law in Boston; ^^ 
Bolster & Dexter. 

1S81, Address: 23S9 Washington St., Boston, Mass. 


Born, Feb. 25, 1S39, in Middletown, Conn. 

1863-4, Taught in Stamford, Conn. 1864, Journeyman printer and teicbtt 
in Brooklyn and New York, \. Y. 1865, Taught in Stamford, Conn. iStfi 
Engaged as printer in Stamford, Conn. 1866-9, Studied in Union Theolopcal 
Seminary, New York, N. Y. 1869-7 1, Pastor of Congregational Church, JaOCl 
port, N. Y. 187 1-2, Preached in Katonah, N. Y. 1872-4, Pastor <rf CoB^ 
gational Church, Baiting Hollow, N. Y. 1875, Pastor of Congregational Choc 


South Granville, N. Y. 1876-8. Pastor of Congregational Church in Wind- 
• Mass. 1879, Preached in Black Creek, N. Y. 1879-80, Resided in 
ddletown. Conn. 1880-1, Pastor of Congregational Church, Westchester, 
mi. 1881, Proof-reader w th The Case, Lock wood & Brainard Co., Hartford, 

Married, Dec. 25, 187 1, Miss Virginia Malvina Gaylor of Stamford, Conn. 
lild: George N. M., b. Nov. 29, 1872. 
1881, Address : Hartford, Conn. 


Born, Jan. 19, 1835, in Mount Desert, Hancock Co., Me. 

1863-70, Teacher of Higher English and Languages in Scholfield's Commer- 

M College, Providence, R. I. 1870, Joined Providence Conference, Mctho- 

4ht Episcopal Church. 1870, i. Stationed at Portsmouth, R. I.; 1S72-4, 

.Sonerset, Mass.; 1875-7, Central Church, Taunton; 1878, 9, Thames St., 

Vnrport, R. I.; 1880, i, Portland, Conn. 

Harried, March 6, 1859, Miss Hannah A. Lopaus of Tremont, Me.; who 
Jhd Oct 29, 1864. Married, July 31, 1866, Miss R. A. Lawton of Leverett, 
Miss. Children : Flora Arnette, d. Aug. 3, 1861 ; Class of 1884 : Louisa Law- 
ton, b. Jan. ^o, 1873. 
1881, .\ddress : Portland, Middlesex Co., Conn. 


Born, Sept. 14, 1840, in Stamford, England. 

Teacher in Academy, Manchester, Conn. 1866, LL.B., Union Theok>- 
pcal Seminary, New York, N. Y. 1867-9, Pastor of Congregational Church, 
■■ngor, N. Y. 1869-71, Pastor of Congregational Church, Lisle, N. Y. 
*^i-2, Spent winter in Delaware. 1872-5, Pastor of Congregational Church, 
^^is, Conn. 1875-81, Pastor of Congregational Church, North Madison, 

Married, June 14, 1866, Miss Susan R. Lolxlell of Brookfield, Conn., who 
died July 27, 1S77. Married, Sept. 16, 1880, Miss Mary Humphrey of Mari- 
«^ Ohio. Child : Thusa Lindsley, b. March 25, 1S74. 

*88i, Address: North Madison, New Haven Co., ('onn. 


^*ni, June 23, 1836, in Freehold, Monmouth Co., N. J. 
-J^ Joined Newark Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1863-5, 
Jj^oncd at Washington, N. J.; 1866-8, Hedding Church, Jersey City ; 1S69, 
^*^gc. 1869-70, Spicnt winter in South on account of failure of health. 
J^7<\ Resided in Morristown, N.J. 1871, Teacher in Pennington Seminary and 
Jttnale Collegiate Institute, N. J. 1872-5, Engaged in farming in Pennington, 
•"•J. Died, Jan. 4, 1875, ^" Morristown, N. J. 

-Married, Oct. 21, 1863, ^^^^ Amelia Bonsail of Morristown, N. J. Children: 
^^ry Louisa, b. Aug. 20, 1864: Eliza Bonsail, b. March 8, 1867: John, b. 
March 28, 1870. 
'881, Address of widow : Morristown, Morris Co., N. J. 


Bom, Jan. 25, 1836, in East Hartford, Hartford Co., Conn. 
i86j^4t Preached in Westfield, Mass. 1863-5, Principal of High School, 
/cttaeld, Mass. 1864, Delegate of Christian Commission in Army of the 


Potomac. 1865, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Choni 
1865-7, Stationed at Northampton, Mass.; 1867-9, Trinitv Church, Sprinrfey; 
1870-2, Florence St., Springfield; 1873-5, Grace Chur en, Worcester; i»7Wi 
Common St., Lynn; i879-5ji, St. Paul's Church, Lowell. 1870, Went H 
Florida on account of poor health. 

Married, Nov. 14, 1865, Miss Emma J. Martin of Westfield, Mass. Childjei: 
Mary Emma, b. Aug. 8, 1866: C!harles Whitman, b. Aug. 5, 1871. 

1 88 1, Address: Lowell, Mass. 


Bom, Dec. 24, 1843, in Wheeling, W. Va. Son of No. 124- 

1864, Admitted to the Bar in Wheeling, W. Va. 1864-81. Practicing Uwi 
Wheeling. Served in 3d West Virginia Cavalry. 1866-70, Clerk of Wot 
Virginia House of Delegates. Secretary of Republican State Central Cat- 
mittee. 1872, Delegate to Cincinnati Republican Convention. 

Married, May 21, 1868, Miss Anna E. Chamberlin of Thibodcaux, La- 
Children: Julia Payne, b. May 18, 1869: Nelson Chamberlin, b. Jan. 25, 1871: 
Alma Russell, b. Nlay 13, 1873: Louise Pallister, b. Dec. 16, 1874: Sank 
Pallister, b. Nov. 20, 1S77. 

1881, Address: Wheeling, W. Va. 


Born, Oct. 16, 1838, in Nahant, Essex Co., Mass. 

1863, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1863.4' 
.Stationed at Princeton, Mass.; 1865, 6, Shrewsbury; 1867, Chicopec FaHs; 
1868, 9, Easthampton; 1870, i, Central Church, Springfield. 1872, Supenmo* 
ary, on account of poor health ; resided in Nahant, Mass. 1873, Statioo^I* 
Hyfield, Mass.; 1874,5, East Cambridge ; 1876, Fitchburgh; 1877-9, Pali*' • 
1880, I, Newton Upper Falls. 

Married, July 22, 1863, Miss Elizabeth S. Edson of Yarmouth Port, Ma» 
Children: Elmer, b. May 21, 1866; d. May 22, 1866: Orville Edson, b. Stp** 
13, 1867 • Wilbur Clark, b. June 20, 187 1 : Mabel Pearson, b. July 21, 1874- 

1881, Address: Newton Upper Falls, Middlesex Co., Mass. 


liorn, July 2, 1842, in Middletown, Conn. Son of Prof . John Johnston, Ll**'* 
Brother of Nos. 562, 695, and 925. j 

1S63-4, Engaged in manufacturing water-proof ammunition; Finn, J^JJ 
ton &. Dow, New York, N. V. 1865-70, Manufacturer and Dealer in D*"** 
Materials, in New York, N. Y.; Firm, M. M. Johnston & Co. 1870-81, hf^ 
business ; Firm, Johnston Brothers ; Manufactory, 19 Hope Street, "WillJ^ 
burgh, X. Y. 

Married, Jan. 26, 1S7 1, Miss Ellen M. Wheeler of Zancsville, Ohio. ChflJJJ* 
Albert Wheeler, b. October, 187 1: Louise Hamilton, b. August, 1873: E"* 
Morton, b. August, 1873. 

1 88 1, Address : 1260 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


Born, Nov. 14, 1840, in Hunterstown, (Quebec. ^ 

1S63-5, Teacher of Latin in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. IWJ 

Teacher of Classics in same. 1867-8, Principal of High School, Jooe$w« 

N. Y. 1869-73. Principal of High School, Chicopec, Mass. 1873-^81, ProfcsiOf 


Boston University, Boston, Mass. 1880-1, Also Professor of Roman 

itional Law in Boston University. 

[864, Miss Ellen L. Brown of Granby, Mass. Cliild : Frederick, b. 

ircss : 20 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 


2, 1840, in Montville, New London Co., C'onn. 
ght in Norwich High School, Conn. 1865, ^**^ Henry Bill, Book 
Norwich, Conn. 1867, In firm of Whitney & Kingsley, Book 
Norwich. 1868, Joined Providence Conference, Methodist Episco- 
1868-70, Stationed at South Manchester, Conn. 187 1-2, Super- 
account of ill health; in office of Cheney Bros.. Silk Manufacturers, 
hester. Conn. 1873-5, Stationed at Bumsidc, Conn.; 1876-8, Hope 
rtce, R. L; 1879-81, Middleborough, Mass. 

Dct. 10, 1866, Miss Charissa A. W. Davis of Norwich, Conn. Chil- 
ssa Augusta, b. July 10, 1870: Henry Augustus, b. Aug. 31, 1875. 
iress: Middleborough, Plymouth Co., Mass. 


•. 14, 1 841, in Boston, Ma^s. 

niraPs Secretary, North Atlantic Squadron, U. S. Navy. 1865, 

& Co., Wholesale Grocers, Saint Louis, Mo. 1866-81, Engaged in 

)usiness in Saint Louis, Mo.; Firm, Newcomb Bros., Dealers in 

ings. Curtains, and Upholstery. 

Feb. 3, 1869, Miss Julia A. Floyd of Mtdford. Mass. Children : 

rch 20, 1870: Norton, b. Feb. 13, 187 1 : Charles Lawrence, b. May 

orge Amos, b. Aug. 20, 1876. 

Iress : 303 & 305 North Fifth St., Saint Louis, Mo. 


), in Ireland. 

iched in Georgetown, Conn. 1864, Joined New York East Confer* 
dist Episcopal Church. 1864-6, Stationed at Woodbury, Conn.; 
nour; 1869,70, George St., New Haven; 187 1-3, Sixty-first Street, 
V. Y. ; 1874, 5, Birmmgham, Conn. ; 1876-8, Nostrand Av., Brook- 
879-81, West Winsted, Conn. 1867, Visited Europe with No. 600. 

anuary, 1864, Miss Mary E. Cooke of New York, N. Y. Children : 
[864: Nellie L., b. 1866: Mary Dora, b. 1869: John S., b. 187 1 : 
1872: James, b. 1874: Joseph C, b. 1876: Florence, b. 1878; d. 
G., b. 1880. 
ress : West Winsted, Litchfield Co., Conn. 


e 6, 1842, in Chelsea, Suffolk Co., Mass. 

'ngaged in business of Printing and Publishing in Boston, Mass.; 

Avery & Co. 187 1-9, Trustee of Wesleyan University. 1881, 

:ee of Wesleyan University. 188 1, Member of Massachusetts 

une 6, 1867, Miss Katharine M. Bates of Great Falls, N. H. Chil- 
rinc, b. Dec 2, 1868: Philip, b. Nov. 27, 1872. 
-ess: 117 Franklin St.,- Boston, Mass. 






Born, Feb. 3, 1843, in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Mass. Brother of Noi. 95a 
and iiSS. 

1863-4, In Office of Elton Banking Co., Waterbury, Conn. 1865, Secr«ii? 
of same. 1868-9, Treasurer of American Printing Co., and Editor d Tk 
IVaterbury American. 1870-81, Engaged in Real Estate business, in ChicafJ 
III. 1872-3, Vice-President of Equitable Trust Co.. New York,N.Y. # 
Chairman, Executive Committee of Honest Money League of the Northwesi 
1881, Engaged in Brokerage business in Chicago; Firm, Wm. T. Baker ft Co, 
Chamber of Commerce. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Tune 17, 1873, Miss Clarine Williams of Lake Forest, 111. ChiWwi: 
Marvin, b. May 20, 1875: Harold Johnston, b. Feb. 8, 1S77. 

1881, Address: 9 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 


Born, March, 1837, in Sheffield, Caledonia Co., Vt. 

1863-4, Teacher of Natural Science in Oneida (now Central NewYork)C» 
ference Seminary, Cazenovia, N. Y. 1864-5, Principal of Public School. Aa- 
sonia. Conn. 1865. Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopw 
Church. 1865, 6, Stationed at Mount Vernon, N. Y.; 1867, Simsbury, Co©-i 
i86a-70. Southington; 1871, 2, Middlefield ; 1873, Windsor; 1874.5'^ 
Park Church, Hartford; 1876, 7, Chapel St., New Haven; 1878, Ad5<»»; 
1879-81, Huntington, N. Y. 

Nlarried, July, 1865, Miss Mary Emma Freeman of Provincctown, M»^ 
Children : Louise Russell, b. Apriri2, 1866: Freeman Harris, b. Nov. JOi '»r*^ 

1881, Address: Huntington, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 


Born, Oct. 21, 1838, in Franklin, Venango Co., Pa. ^^ 

1863, Graduated at Eastman's Business College, Poughkeepsie, N. V. J^ 
4, Principal of Wyoming Commercial College, Kingston, Pa. \^ Jj? 
Wyoming Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1865-8, Associate n^ 
pal of Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa. 1869-78, Principal of Centrf- 
York Conference Seminary, Cazenovia, N. Y. 1 871 -81, Trustee of We^" 
University. 1876, Ph.D., Syracuse University. 1878-S0, Traveled. i»^ 
Engaged in business of School- Book Agency; Offices, Onondaga Bin^' "^ 
ing, Syracuse, N. Y-, and 115 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Pa. .^ . 

Married, May 16, 1864, Miss Lavinia E. Line oif Newport, Pa. ChiW'*"' 
Jenny Lind, b. March 4, 1866: Winfield S , b. Nov. 22, 1872. 

i88r. Address : 609 Irving St., Syracuse, N. Y. 


Born, Sept. i, 1S37, in Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn. ..g 

1863-4. Studied Law. 1865, Admitted to the Bar. 1865-81, Practidng |jj^ 
in Hartford, Conn. 1866, Member of Connecticut House of RcprcsentJ^, 

Married, Oct. 24, 1866, Miss Clara J. Eaton of Springfield, Mass. Chu*^ 
James Eaton, b. Sept. 15, 1869: Edward Lee, b. Jan. 29, 1873: Eliabelh- 
ner, b. Dec. 24, 1875: William Rich, b. March 25, 1878. 

1881, Address: 345 Main St., Hartford, Conn. 


1862, Residence: Hartland, Windsor Co., Vt. 

1863, Joined Vermont Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. i^^J^ 
Stationed at Putney, Vt. ; 1865-7, Brattleborough ; 1868, 9, Woodstocki W 



rid; 1873-5, Saint Albans. 1876, Transferred to New York East 

. 1876^ 7, Stationed at Cromwell, Conn. ; 1878-80, York St., Brook- 

; 1881, Warren St, Brooklyn. 

Sept. 23, 1863, Miss Mary Mathison (daughter of No. 129), of Middle- 

p. Children: Mary Mathison, b. Oct. 19, 1865: Grace Clara, b. 

67 : Nellie, b. Nov. 16, 1872 ; d. Nov. 20, 1872 : Bessie Cookman, 

, 1874. 

dress : 290 Baltic St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


ib. 13, 1838, in Eastford, Windham Co., Conn, 
ined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 
itioned at Cheshire, Conn. ; 1866-8, Meriden ; 1869-71, Tal)emacle, 
It, N. Y.; 1872, 3, Sands St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; 1874, First Church, 
'onn. 1875, Transferred to California Conference. 187J, Stationed 
I, Cal. 1S76, Transferred to Oregon Conference. 1876-8, Stationed 
Greg. 1879-81, Agent of Willamette University, Salem, Orcg. 
ding Elder of Portland District. 

Aug. 20, 1863, Mrs. Julia A. Cleveland of Barrc, Mass. Children : 
id d.. 1864: Florence Hamilton, b. Aug. 22, 1870; d. Sept. 5, 1870 : 
lan, b. March 19, 1872. 
dress: Portland, Multnomah Co., Oreg. 


ec. 20, 1842, in Boston, Mass. 

Preached in Middletown, R. 1. 1865, Joined Providence Conference, 
Episcopal Church. 1865, Stationed at St. Paul's Church, Fall River, 
)6, East Greenwich, R. I. ; 1867-9, Little Compton ; 1870-2, First 
ill River, Mass. i866. Visited England. 1873, Transferred to New 
onference. 1873, Stationed at Newton, Mass. ; 1874-6, Leominster ; 
inity Church, Charleston : 1880, i, Lynn. 

Oct. 28, 1863, Miss Dora P. Slade of Bristol, R, I., who died June 
.Married, July i, 1873, -^^'^s Abbv F. Shaw of Fall River, Mass. 
Rebecca, b. NIarch 13, 1866: Charles Augustus, h. June 20, 1872; 
1872: Alfred Wesley, b. Jan. 16, 1876. 
idress: 14 South St., Lynn, Mass. 

lefollQwing thirteen Alumni pursued their College studies mainly at the Troy Uni- 
at on the closing of that Institution, in 1H63, they were graduated, and received 
mas from the Wesleyan University. Their Record is properly inserted here in 
n additional list. J 


^42, in Troy, N. \'. 

•listed in 125th New York Volunteers; Commissioned Second Lieu- 
i afterwards First Lieutenant. 1864, Wounded in battle of Wilder- 
d, 1864, in Armory Square Hospital, Washington, D. C. 


1 Troy, N. Y. 

In U. S. Army; detailed as Clerk in War Department. 1866-7, 
1 the Bryant, Stratton, Walsworth & Co. Business College, Washing- 
1867-9, Principal and Proprietor of Copp's National Union Busi 
5c, Washington. 1869-72, President of Business Colleges, Washing- 
-7, Clerk in Land Offices, Washington. 1877-81, Supermtendent and 
)f The Franklin School, Washington. Proprietor of Copp's LattU- 
See Bibliography.) 

, Tuly 26, 1070, Miss M. A. llobhs of Wakefield, N. H. 
idress : 113 Maryland Av., N. E., Washington, D. C. 



Bom, July 9, 1837, in Fort Ann, Washington Co., N. Y. 

1862, Princii)al of High School. East Bridgewater, Mass. 1S63, Teacher rf 
Greek and Mathematics in Newbury Seminary, Vt. 1864, Joined Venaoi 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1864, Stationed at Bellows Fd^ 
Vt. ; 1861^-7, Groton; 1868, Lyndon; 1869, 70» Springfield; 1871. Triaff 
Church, Slontpelicr. 1871, Chairman of Sunday-School Workers in Venno* 
1872-3, Principal of Vermont Methodist Seminary and Female College, Mo* 
pelier. 1872, Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Chnni 
1874, Fraternal Delegate from Methodist Episcopal Church to National Co* 
cil of Congregational Churches, New Haven, Conn. 1 874, Transferred to Ion 
Conference. 1874-6, Stationed at Division St., Burlington, Iowa ; iS77.S,\Vadh 
ington; 1879-81, First Church, Oskaloosa. 1876, Ph.D.. Cornell College, 
Iowa. 1881, D.D., Wesleyan Univiersity. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, 1862, Miss Mar\' Franris Shaw of Troy, N. Y. Children: Herbert 
Leonard: Bertha Maria: Ernest Watson: John Clarence. 

1881, Address : Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co., Iowa. 


Horn, Or.t. i, 1840, in Trov, N. Y. 

1862-3, Teacher of St. Paul's Church School, Troy, N. V. 1864, Ordainw 
Deacon in Protestant Episcopal Church. 1865, Assistant Minister of Trinitr 
Church, Cleveland, Ohio. 1866, Rector of Christ Church, Jordan, N. \ 
(Jrdained Priest. 1867 -8, Rector of St. Luke's Church, Mechanicsville, N. \- 
1868, Traveled in Europe 1869-70, Rector of Christ Church, Coxsackic, K 
V. 1870-80, Rector of Emmanuel Church, Little Fall, N. Y. 1873, ?^\^ 
University of the City of New York, N. V. 1880-1, Rector of Grace Churd 
Watertown, N. V. (See Bibliography.) ^ 

Married, Nov. 23, 1870, Miss Isabella Stoutenburgh of Coxsackie, K'- 
Children: Walter Stoutenburgh, b. Jan. 26, 1874: Elizabeth Harrison. b. Aug- 
13, 1876; d. May 4, 1877: Frederick Harrison, b. March 20, 1878. 

1S81, Address: Watertown, N. Y. 


Born, July 25, 1835, in Pleasant Mount, Wayne Co., Pa. . , 

1862, Joined Troy Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. i862,Sta^J'^ 
at Mariaville, N. Y. ; 1863-5, West Amsterdam ; 1866,7, Cobleskill ; i^ ?• 
Green Island; 1870, 1, Burlington, Vt. ; 1872-4, Schenectady, N. Y.; jS";'^ 
Pittsfield, Mass.; 1878-S0, Glens Falls, N. Y. ; 1881, Washington ^U^^^ 
Troy. ^ 

Married, 1863, Miss A. H. Robinson of Troy, N. Y., who died Oct. 17. [^ 
Married, Ai)ril 6, 1870, Miss Jennie E. McChesney. Children: A. ^^'^^ 
h. March 3, 1864: Anna H., b. September, 1867 ; d. August, 1868 : Katie May» 
Jan. J, 1873. 

1881, Address: West Trov, Albanv Co., N. Y. 


Born, Nov. 28, 1S37, in Modcna, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

186^, Joined New York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. l^Y^ 
Stationed at Cornwall, N. Y. ; 1866, St. John's, Newburgb ; 1867, Moden*'. 
1868, 9, Marlborough ; 1870, i, lledding Church, Poughkeepsie ; 1872, ^Sinj 
Sing; 1874-6, Bediord St, New York ; 1877-9, Forty-third St, NewYoA; 
1880, I, While Plains. 

1881, Address: White Plains, Westchester Co., N. Y. 



^ay 13, 1837, in New Castle, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

• Stationed at Schaghticoke, N. Y. 1864-^, Agent of U. S. Christian 

ion. 1866, 7, Stationed at Seventh Av. Methodist Episcopal Church, 

, N. Y., New York East Conference. 1868-76, General Secretary of 

ten's Christian Association, Washington, D.C. 1876-81, State Secre- 

ig Men's Christian Association, New York, N. Y. 

i, June 13, 1867, Miss Sarah S. Smith of Mount Kisco, N. Y. Chil- 

alter Odell, b. April 8, 1868; d. Aug. 28, 1869: Fred S., b. June 2, 

irry S., b. May 8, 1872 : Robert S., b. Sept. 15, 1874 ; d. July i, 1875 ' 

ly, b.May 19, 1879 ; d. July 31, 1879: George Albert, b. May 19, 1879. 

ddress : Y. M. C. A Building, Corner 23d St. and 4th Av., New York, 


>ct. 31, 1842, in Waterbury, Washington Co., Vt. 
eacher of Mathematics and Natural Science, Amenia Seminary, N. Y. 
ed New York Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1864-6, Sta- 
Hillside and Riverside, N. Y. ; 1867-9, Rhinebeck ; 1870-2, St. Luke's 
Jew York; 1873, 4» ^'- Paul** Church, Peckskill; 1875-8, Central 
Vew York. 1878, Supernumerary. 1878-80, Traveled in Europe, 
id Palestine. 1881, Stationed at Grace Church, New York, N. Y. 
ddress : 357 West 92d St., New York, N. Y. 


'ct. 24. 1837, in Ellenville, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

rincipal of High School, West Troy, N. Y. 1863, [oined New York 
«, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1863-5, Stationed at New Paltz, N. 
7, Chester; 1868-70, Pleasantville ; 1871, 2, Hudson; 1873-5, ^*^"' 
oughkeepsie; 1876, Memorial Church, White Plains. 1877-81, Pre- 
er of Ellenville District. 1881, Stationed at Central Church, Yon- 


, Dec. 31, 1862, Miss Kate H. McEwen of Warwick, N. Y. Chil- 
Ua, b. Feb. 28, 1864; d« Sept. 21, 1865: Howard, b. Feb. 10, 1866: 
Jept. 28, 1867 : Wilbur, b. Nov. 24, 1873; d. March i, 1875: Belle, 
. 1877. 
idrcss : Yonkers, N. Y. 


ec. 29, 1834, in Chestertown, Warren Co., N. Y. 
eachcr of Mathematics and Natural Science, Whitewater College, 
e, Ind. 1866-7, Teacher in New York Conference Seminary, Charlotte- 
'., and finally Principal of same. 1867-72, Teacher of Mathematics 
al Science, Maplcwood Institute, Concord ville. Pa. 1872-4, Teacher 
natics and Natural Science in Vermont Methodist Seminary and 
)llege, Mont|>elier. 1874-5, Again Teacher of Mathematics and Nat- 
ce in Maplewood Institute. 1875-6, Traveled in Europe; studied in 
I University. 1877-9, Teacher of Natural Science in Greenwich 
East Greenwich, R. I. 1879-80, In mercantile business in Provi- 
I. 1880-1, Principal of Ward Academy, Concordville, Delaware Co., 

, Aug. 18, 1863, Miss Sarah Shaw of Troy, N. Y. Children : George 
March 27, 1869; d. March 27, 1869: Jerome Clarkson, b. Nov. 10, 
I infancy: Fannie Brush, b. July 5. 1874. 
Idrcss : Concordville, Delaware Co., Pa. 





Born, June 26, 1839, in Whitcsborough, N. Y. 

1862, 3, Preached in Niagara Falls and Tonawanda, N. Y. 1863, foM 
Elast Genesee Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1863-5, TaAtrk 
Marion Collegiate Institute, N. Y. 1865-6, Principal of Almond Colknil- 
Institute, N. Y. 1866, Stationed at Pittsford, N. Y. 1867-8, Prindpil 4i 
Macedon Academy, N. Y. 1868, Stationed at Groveland, N. Y.; 186;^^ 
Richmond. 1872, By division of Conference, became a member of Ceabtf^ 
New York Conference. 1872-4, Stationed at Troy, Pa. 1875, Ordained OeiQij 
in the Protestant Episcopal Church ; resided at Washington, D. C i8774tj 
Rector of Gethsemane Church, Westmoreland, and of St. Mark's CMk\ 
Clark's Mills, N. Y. 

Married, 1862, Miss Emily Frances Miller of Buffalo, N. Y. Children: Mi j 
May, b. May 3. 1864: James Frances, b. Sept. 21, 1866: George MerriH,lt 
June 30, 1 87 1. 

1881, Address: Clark's Mills, Oneida Co.. N. Y. 


Born, Sept. 28, 1838, in Albany, N. Y. 

1864-S1, Engaged in Laundry business in Troy, N. Y. ; Firm, Wiles Uni*'' 
ing Co. 

Married, Oct. 27, 1864, Ann Elizabeth Brown of Albany, N. Y. ChiWw 
Amabel, b May 2, 1866: Bertha Helena, b. July 30, 1873. 

1881, Address: 15 Sixth St., Troy, N. Y. 

7«5. *gkor(;e wingate. 

Born, July 24, 1837, in Great Falls, Strafford Co., N. H. 

1863. Joined Maine Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1863.41^ 
tioned at Kennebunk Port, Me.; 1865, Oxford; 1866, 7, Farmington; i 
Strong. 1869, Health failed; taught in Great Falls, N. H. Died, Dec4.^' 
in Great Falls, N. H. 

Married, Aug. 14, 1866, Etta M. Bancroft of Harrisville, N. H. Cluldroi: 
Ida Bancroft, b. Nov. 11. 1S68: Ina Brooks, b. Nov. 11, 1868. 

Class of 1864. 


Born, 1838. Urfliiii 

1863, Residence : Newport, Sullivan Co., N. H. 1S64, Preached »" T^ 
Conn. 1865, Joined New Kngland Conference, Methodist Episcopal CJ* ^^ 
1865, 6, Stationed at Mt. Bellingham Church, Chelsea, Mass. Died, J""^ 
i860, in Middletown, Conn. ro^ 

Married, Jiily 2r, 1S64, Miss Matilda Mathison of Middletown,*^ 
daughter of No. 129. Children: ; d: Jessie, b. 1866. C^ 

1881, Address of widow: Mrs. A. V. Stow, Cromwell, Middlesex Co^ ^ 



I, 1843, ^" Pennington, Mercer Co., N. J. 
:her of Mathematics and Natural Science in Pennington Seminary 

Collegiate Institute, N. J. 1865, Joined New Jersey Confer- 
xiist Episcopal Church. 1865, Stati6ned at Central Church, 
y. J.; 1866, 7, Centenary Church, Camden; 1868, 9, Princeton. 
ferred to Kentucky Conference. 1870, i, Stationed at Union 
''ington, Ky. 1872, Transferred to Erie Conference. 1872, 3, Sta- 
"st Church, Cleveland, Ohio; 1874, 5, First Church, Akron. 1877, 
to Cincinnati Conference. 1877, Stationed at Walnut Hill Church, 

1879, Transferred to Newark Conference. 1879-81, Stationed at 
hurch, Newark, N. J. 

Vf arch 31, 1868, Miss Jennie Wood of Spring Valley, N. Y. Chil- 
r,b. 18^: Arthur, b. 1876. 
rcss : 5^1 Broad St., Newark, N. J. 


r. 26, 183J, in Fairfax, Franklin Co., Vt. 

ociate Pnncipal of House of Refuge, Randall's Island, New York, 
5, Pnncipal of Leake and Watts Orphan House, New York, N. Y. 
t for Brown and Perkins* Pianos ; preached in Hyde Park and 
\ Park, Vt. 1867, Preached in Hyde Park and Johnson, Vt. 1868, 
lont Conference, Methodist Episcopal ( 'hurch. 1868, Stationed at 
and Eden, Vt. ; 1869,70, Stowe ; 187 1-3, Milton ; 1874, Swanton. 
iiding Elder of Springfield District. 1S79-81, Stationed at Swan- 
elegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1876, 

Dec. 10, 1866, Miss Mary L. Hendee of Moriah, N. Y. Children: 
eston, b. Jan. 7, 1870; d. July 26, 1870 : LeRoy Mason, b. Aug. 4, 
I L., b. April 22, r874 ; d. 1874. 
iress : Swanton, Franklin Co, Vt. 


ig. 17, 1842, in Wilkes Harre, Pa. 

gaged in Banking business with his father in Wilkes Barre, Pa. 

ember of Firm, Bennett, Phelps & Co., Bankers, Wilkes Barre. 

ber of City Council, Wilkes Barre. 1869, Traveled extensively in 

870, Member of School Board, Wilkes Barre. 1871, President of 

I's Christian Association, Wilkes Barre. 1879, Member of School 

kes Barre. 1880-1, Real Estate Agent, Wilkes Barre. 

Sept. 7, 187 1, Miss Ellen W. Nelson of Kingston, Pa. Children: 

dps, b. Oct. 16, 1873: Reuben Nelson, b. Dec. 12, 1875. 

Idress : Wilkes Farre, Pa. 


tay 24, 183^. Brother of No. 685. 

^klence : Middletown, Conn. 1864-81, Clerk in Treasury Depart- 

ihington, D. C; (1881) Chief of Abatement and Refunding Section, 


idress: 434 K St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 




Born, Jan. lo, 1S41, in Easton, Bristol Co., Mass. 

Delegate of U. S. Christian Commission. 1864, Joined New York East C(» 
ference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1864,5, Stationed at Simsboiy, Comljj 
.1866, Westville; 1867-9, Bristol; 1870-2, New Britain; 1S73-5, ^'^ J°***i 
St. Church, New Haven; 1876-8, Bristol; 1879, ^ New Britain; i8Sr, Piar; 
<'hurch, New Haven. 1879, Traveled in Europe and the East. 

Married, May 29. 1S66. Miss Julia O. Toy of Simsbury, Conn. Childrn: 
William Henry, b. March 6, 1870 : Sarah Humphrey, b. June 22, 1872. 

1881, Address : New Haven, ('onn. 


Bom, May 8, 1834, in Haverhill, Essex Co., Mass. 

1864, [oined New Hami)shire Conference, Methodist Episcopal Chmd 
1864, 5. Stationed at Hudson, X. H. ; 1866, 7, Enfield ; 1868, 9, Hillsborooj^ 
Bridge. 1870, Teacher of Latin and German in New Hampshire Confereace 
Seminar)', Tilton, N. H. ; preached in Hillsborough Bridge. 1871, Preacfcfll 
in Amherst. 1872, 3, Stationed at Laconia, N. H.; 1874, 5, East SalisbBJi 
Mass.; 1876, Hooksett, N. H. ; 1877-Q, Sunapec. 1872-4, Instructor* 
Teachers' County Institutes, New Hampshire. 1880, Transferred to Witafflf- 
ton Conference. 1S80, i. Stationed at Cecilton, Md. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, May 4, 1864, Miss S. Melissa Cram, who died Jan. 15, 1872. Mir- 
ried, April 29, 1S7 ^. Miss Belle Morris of Cincinnati, Ohio. Children: Lett* 
Whittemore, b. Aug. S, 1867: Reyburn Townley, b. Sept. 28, 1876: Clara Belle, 
I). March 20, 1S78. 

1881, Address: Cecilton, ( ecil Co., Md. 


Born, Sept. 12, 1S39, in Waterbury, New Haven Co., Conn. 

1864, Taught in West Goshen, Conn. 1865, Preached in Middlebury, C^ 
1866, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, iw 
SUtioned at Tariff ville. Conn.; 1867, 8, West Suffield ; 1869. Naugatuck. wT* 
Located on account of poor health. 1870-7, Resided in Bricksburgh, ^• Jj 
engaged in farm gardening and surveying. 1877-81, Editor and Propriety* * 
TAt' Constitution^ Middletown, Conn. (See Bibliography.) ^.., 

Married, Mav 10, 1S66, Miss Fannie A. Newton of Middletown, Conn- y* 
dren : Anne Maria, b. June 8, 1868: William Ward. b. Dec. 14, i873= Iw 
Newton, b. Dec. 14, 1873; ^^ Sept. 17, 1874: Sarah Newton, Ix July 2'. •^*''' 
(.-'.irrie Sumner, b. Dec. 20, 1878. 

1881, Address : Middletown, Conn. 

774. (;E(>RGE FORSYTH. 

Born, 1835, in England. 

1864-5, I'eacher of Languages in Wjjoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa. 
Principal of Catawlssa Academy, Pa.; joined Wyoming Conference, Method 
Episcopal Church. 1867-70, Teacher of Greek and German in Wyoming Sfl^ 
nary. 1870, i, Stationed at Gibson, Pa. 1872-81, Principal of East Mw^ 
Conference Seminar}-, Kucksport, .Mc. 1881, Transferred to Wyoming Con- 
ference ; stationed at Suscpiehanna, Pa. 

Married, July 12, 1865, Miss E. J. Miller of Bedford, N. Y., who died June 9, 
1872. Married, March i, 1873, ^^'^=^ Hattie E. Lamb of Owego, N. Y. CW- 
dren: Nellie, b. Aug. 11, 1866: Willie, b. April 5, 1870. 

1881, Address: Susquehanna, vSusquehanna Co., Pa. 



uly9, 1833, in New Sharon, Franklin Co., Me. 

, Teacher of Mental and Moral Science in Maine Wesleyan Seminary 

lie College, Kent's Hill, Me. 1866, Studied Law in Portland, Me. 1867, 

I to Cumoerland Bar, Supreme Court, Me. 1867-8, Practiced Law iu 

. Me. i868"74. Practiced Law in Brooklyn, N. Y. 1874-81, Practic- 

in New York. N. Y. 

d, May 29, 1867, Miss Sally A. Ingraham of Amenia, N. Y. Child : 

tgraham, b. Dec 26, 187 1. 

.\ddress : 239 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


Feb. 15, 1843, in New York, N. Y. 

Teacher of Languages in Pennington Seminary and Female Collegi- 

tutc, N. J. 1865, Joined Newark Conference, Methodist Episcopal 

1865,6, Stationed at Roseville, Newark, N. J.; 1867,8, Montclair; 

Market St., Paterson ; 1872, 3, Trinity Church, Staten Island, N. Y. ; 
?lainfield, N. J. ; 1877, 8, First Church, Hoboken. 1879-81, Associate 
^ of Normal Department. Sunday-School Union. (See Bibliography.) 
;d, March 5, 1867, Miss Mary M. Chase of New York, N. Y. Children : 
[ontclair, b. Dec. 11, 1867 ; d. Jan. 26, 1881 : Helen Marguerite, b. Aug. 
; d. Nov. 28, 1870: Charles Chase, b. Sept. 21, 187 1 : Mary Evelina, 
t, 1874: Jesse Lyman, b. April 11, 1877 : Leon Arthur, b. Sept. 18, 

May 8,1881. 
Address : Plainfield, Union Co., N. J. 

May 2, 1838, in Amenia, Amenia Co., N. Y. Brother of Nos. 190 and 


, Studied Law in Brooklyn, N. Y. 1865, Admitted to the Bar, Brook- 
'. 1866-81, Practicing Law in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
ed, Sept 3, 1873, Winifred E. Andrews, daughter of No. 306, of Des 
Iowa. Children: Mary, b. Dec. ^i, 1874; d. May 20, 1876; Winifred, 
6, 1876 : Henry Andrews, b. April 9, 1878 : Edward Andrews, b. Feb. 

Address : 16 Court St, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Dec. 12, 1841, in East Killingly, Windham Co., Conn. 

Transfer Clerk, Thames National Bank, Norwich, Conn. 1865-73, 

d and Insurance Accountant for Norwich Savings Society. 1873, Sec- 

f Board of Education, Central District, Norwich ; Quartermaster, 3d 

It, Connecticut National Guard. 1878-81, Treasurer of Norwich Sav- 

icty, Conn. 

rd, Aug. 17, 1864, Miss Emma H. Standish of Norwich, Conn. Chil- 

ary Bell, b. July 28, 1865: Norris Standish, b. Dec. 25, 1867. 

\adress: Norwich, New London Co., Conn. 




Born, Sept. 23, 1843. Son of No. 11. 

1864, Principal of Academy, Haddam, Conn. 1865, Paymaster's Clerk, 
Army, Fortress Monroe, Va. 1866, In Division of Referred Claims, Pj 
partment, U. S. Army, Washington, D. C. 1867, Private Secretary of Sa 
at-arms, U. S. Senate, and of Senator Patterson of New Hampshire. 
Graduated at Law Department of Columbian College, Washington, 1 
admitted to the Bar. 1869, LL.B., Law School of Harvard University. 
Law Clerk of A. C. Clarke, Esq., Boston, Mass. 1871, Member of Law 
Atwater & Merrill, Minneapolis, Minn. 1872-9, Practiced Law in VVor 
Mass. ; Firm, Gile & Merrill. 1879-81, Practicing Law in Worcester, M 

1881, Address: i Lincoln House Block, Worcester, Mass. 


Born, April 17, 1841, in Pittsfield, Rutland Co., Vt. 

1864-6, Clerk on Steamers of People's Line between New York and ^ 
1867-76, In Brokerage business in New York, N. Y. ; resided in Midd 
Conn. 1876, Admitted to the Bar of Connecticut; member of Com 
House of Representatives. 1876-8, Practiced Law in Middletown, 
1878-81, Practicing Law in New York, N. Y. 

Married, March i, 1865, Miss Ellen Louisa LewiS of Middletown, Com 
died March 27, 1881. Children: Hattie Walker, b. April 12, 1866: 
Richard, b. Sept. 18, 1867 : William Gladwin, b. July 2, 187 1. 

1881, Address : 5 Dey St., New York, N. Y. 


Born, Sept. 12, 1839. 

1863, Residence : Wethersfield, Middlesex Co., Conn. 1864-7, Tea 
Natural Science, Providence Conference Seminary, East Greenwich 
1867-79, Chemist and Superintendent in Gowanus (Jhemical Works, ft 
Baker & Bro., 215 Pearl St., New York, N. Y. 1880-1, Proprietor of 
Chemical Works, 3d Av. and 6th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Married, Oct. 26, 1870, Miss Helen A. Brown of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

188 1, Address: 128 First Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Born, Feb. 3, 1840, in New York, N. Y. 

1864-9, Teacher of languages in Pennsylvania Military Acadeinv, * 
Pa. 1869, Preached in Metuchen, N. J. 1870, Joined Newark Con 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 1870-2, Stationed at Westfield, N. J.» 
Port Richmond, N. Y. ; 1874-6, First Church, Orange, N. J.; i877-9» 
ington; 18S0, Mont Clair. 1881, Transferred to New York Confcrcn 
tioned at Washington Square, New York, N. Y. 

Married. June 22, 1870, Miss S. Lizzie Roop of Philadelphia, Pa. CI 
Horatio Roop, b. May 13, 1S71 : Joanna Ashton, b. Jan. 26^ 1873: 
Lewis, b. Oct. 18, 1874: Emma Lousia, b. Jan. 12, 1877: Helen Elii^ 
June 23, 1 88 1. 

1881, Address: 133 West Fourth St., New York, N. Y. 

1864.] ALUMNI RECORD. 203 


Born, Nov. 17, 1842, in Providence, R. I. 

1864-5, ^^ Book Agenqr, Providence, R. I. 1865-6, Principal of Roxbury 
Academy, N. Y. 1866-7, Principal of Academy, South Glastonbury, Conn. 
1867-8, Principal of High School, Athol, Mass. 1868-73, Principal of High 
School, Uxbridge, Mass. 1873-6, Principal of High School, Oxford, Mass. 
1876-80, Principal of High School, Upton, Mass. 1880, Principal of High 
School, .Scituate, Mass. 1881, Editor of The South Shore Herald^ Scituate, 
Mass. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Dec. 4. 1878, Mrs. H. E. Glazier of Hartford, Conn. 

1 88 1, Address: Scituate, Plymouth Co., Mass. 


Born, July 15, 1837, in Pitcher, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

1864, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Ckurch. 1864, 
5, Stationed at Windsor Ix)cks, Conn. ; 1866, Twentj'-seventh St., New York, 
N. Y.; 1867-9, Ridgefield, Conn.; 1870-2, Bristol; 1873, Durham; 1874-6, 
Wesley Chapel, New Haven ; 1877-9, Janes Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 1880, I, 
First Church, Hartford. Conn. 

Married, July 26, 1864, Miss Elizabeth Wilson of Middletown, Conn. Chil- 
dren: Lewis Lincoln, b. Sept. 7, 1865: Wilson Wallace, b. Feb. 5, 1867: John 
Angus, b. Dec. 28, 1872. 

1881, Address : Hartford, Conn. 


Born, Tan. i, 1840, in Colerain, Franklin Co., Mass. 

1864, Principal of Hill's Academy, Essex, Conn. 1865, Studied in College of 
Physicians and Surgeons, New York, N. Y. 1866-7, Classical Teacher in Sey- 
mour's School for Boys, Ridgefield, Conn. 1868, Studied Medicine in New 
York, N. Y. 1869, M.D., Columbia College. 1869-81, Practicing Medicine in 
Ridgefield, Conn. 

Married, May 6, 1873, Miss Mary J. Conklin of Essex, Conn. Child: Walter 
Bradford, b. Jan. 4, 1880. 

1881, Address: Ridgefield, Fairfield Co., Conn. 


Born, June 30, 1843, in White Plains, Westchester Co., N. Y. Son of Prof. 
D. D. Whedon, D D. 

1864, Preached in Millburn, N. J. 1865, Joined New York East Confer- 
ence, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1865, 6, Stationed at Flatbush, N. Y. ; 
1867, Kensington, Conn. 1868, Teacher of Ancient Languages, Wesleyan 
Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1869, Transferred to New England Conference. 
1869, 70, Stationed at Northampton, Mass. ; 1871, Newtonville ; 1872-4, Salem ; 
1875, Natick; 1876, 7, Hyde Park. 1878-9, Supernumerary ; encaged in busi- 
ness with A. S. Whedon, Esq., New York, N. Y. 1880, Transferred to New 
York East Conference. 1880, Stationed at Wesley Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 
188 1, Francis Church, Brooklyn. 

Married, Sept. 13, 1870, Miss Frances Josephine Potwin of Amherst, Mass. 
Children: Edith, b. Sept. 18, 1871 : Ida, b. Dec. 17, 1872; d. May j, 1880: 
Chari,es Austin, b. Nov. 2, 1874; d. March 2, 1879 : Daniel Dennison, b. Sept. 21, 

1881, Address: 75 Lexington Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 



Born, March 17, 1844, in La Fajettc, Tippecanoe Co., Ind. Brother of Nos. 
944 and 967. 

1864-7, Teacher of Natural Science and German in Wcsleyan Academy, Wil- 
braham, Mass. 1865, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal 
Church. 1867-9, President of Valparaiso College, Ind. 1868, Transferred to 
Northwest Indiana Conference. 1870-81, Missionary of Methodist Episcopal 
Church in Argentine Republic. 1870-6, Stationed at Rosario dc Santa F6 ; 
preached in English and Spanish, and conducted the only school in that region 
in which the Romish Catechism was not taught. 1872, Distributed 3,000 copies 
of Scripture portions and 40,000 pages of tracts. 1873-7, U. S. Consul in Ro- 
sario de Santa F6. 1874-6, Professor of Political Economy and Constitutional 
Government in National College, Buenos Ayres. 1876-7, Professor of Astron- 
omy and Physics in the same. 1877-81, Stationed at Montevideo, Uruguay ; 
founded and is still editing The El Evangelista^ the first evangelical paper of 
that country. 1879-81, Superintendent of Missions of Methodist Episcopal 
Church in South America. 1881, Delegate to Methodist Ecumenical Confer- 
ence. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, July 23, 1867, Miss Ellen Dow of Westfield, Mass. Children : Elsie, 
b. Oct. 4, 1868: Amy, b. June 17, 1871 : Anges, b. April 10, 1873: Edwin Dow, 
b. April 17, 1878. 

1881, Address : 238 Florida, Montevideo, Uruguay, S. A. 


Born, Oct. 16,. 1839, in Speedsville, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 

1862, Chaplain of 109th New York Volunteers. 1864, Joined New York 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1864, 5, Stationed at West Harlem, 
N. Y.; 1866, 7, White Plains. 1868. Traveled in Europe. 1869-71, Stationed 
at Washington Square, New York, N. Y. 1872, Transferred to Wyoming Con- 
ference. 1872, 3, Stationed at First Church, Wilkes Barre, Pa, 1874, Transferred 
to Erie Conference; stationed at Jamestown, N. Y. 1875, Transferred to New 
York East Conference ; stationed at Washington Av., Brooklyn, N.Y. 1876-7, 
Supernumerary. 1878, 9, Stationed at Durham, Conn.; 1880, I, South Second 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Married, April 27, 1865, Miss Annie E. Brown of N. Y., who died April i, 
1867. Married, June 30, 1868, Miss Mattie W. Preston of Buffalo, N. Y., who 
died Feb. 19, 1879. Married, Sept. 14, 1880, Miss Gertrude E. Field of Dur- 
ham, Conn. Children: a son ; d. Feb. 18, 1867 • ^ daughter, b. Dec. 20, 1872 : 
a son, b. March 31, 1874: a son, b. February, 1876; d. July, 1876. 

1881, Address: 191 South Second St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Class of 1865, 


Born, May 3, 1844, in Johnsburgh, Warren Co., N. Y. 

1865, Delegate of U. S. Christian Commission. 1865, Principal of Colchester 
Academy, Vt. 1866, Principal of High School, Spencer, Mass. 1867, Prin- 
cipal of High School, Westport, N. Y. 1868-9, Studied in Sheffield Scientific 
School of Yale College. 1869, Ph.D., Yale College. 1869-71, Traveled in ' 
Europe ; studied Chemistry and allied branches of Science, making Agricul- 
tural Chemistry a specialty, in Universities of Leipsic and Berlin, and else- 
where in Germany. 187 1-3, Professor of General and Agricultural Chemis. 

1865.] ALUMNI RECORD. 205 

try in East Tennessee University, Knoxville. 1873, Professor of Chemistry, for 
one term, in Maine State College, Orono. 1873, Instructor in Chemistry, 
Wesleyan University. 1874-81, Professor of Chemistry, Wesleyan University. 
1875-7, Director of Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. Member of 
American Association for Advancement of Science. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Aug. 26. 1874, Miss Marcia Woodard of Bangor, Me. Child: 
Helen Woodard, b. May 29, 1876. 

188 1, Address: Midoletown, Conn. 


Born, Feb. 21, 184 1, in Bristol, Hartford Co., Conn. 

1865, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
1865,6, Stationed at Rocky Hill, Conn.; 1867, Unionville; 1868, 9, Roslyn, 
N. Y.; 1870-2, Redding, Conn.; 1873-5, Ridgefield; 1876-8, Southold, N. Y. ; 
1879-81, Northport. 

Married, 1867, Miss Luann F. Merritt of Williamsburgh, Mass. Children : 
Francis M., b. March 19, 187 1 ; d. March 24, 187 1 : Charles Howard, b. June 
II, 1874; d. Jan. 19, 1877 : Bertha Louise, b. April 25, 1877: Grace L., b. June 
14, 1879. 

1881, Address: Northport, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 


Bom, Aug. 16, 1836, in Fulton, Oswego Co., N. Y. 

1865, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
1865, Stationed at Kensington, Conn.; 1866-8, Warren St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; 
1869-71, Washington Park, Bridgeport, Conn.; 1872-4, Second Av., New York, 
N. Y. ; 1875, ^ Carroll Park, Brooklyn ; 1877-9, First Place, Brooklyn ; 1880, i, 
Cornell Memorial Church, New York, N. Y. 

Married, Oct. 21, 1868, Miss Jennie E. Campbell of New Haven, Conn. 
Children: Emily Campbell, b. Nov. 4, 187 1; d. Nov. 6, 187 1: Jennie Campbell, 
b. Aug. 6, 1876. 

1 881, Address : 243 East Eighty-second St., New York, N. Y. 


Born, Feb. 18, I845, in Mil ion, Chittenden Co., Vt. 

1866-70, Engaged in Railroad business, Kewanee, 111. Died, 1870, in Chey- 
enne, Wyom. 


Bom, Oct. 26, 184 1, in Perry, Wvoming Co., N. Y. 

1868, Taught in Columbus City, Iowa. 1868-73, Deputy Collector, Norfolk, 
Va. 1873-81, Engaged in tobacco-manufacture in Richmond, Va. 
1 88 1, Address: Richmond, Va. 


Bom, Oct. 12, 1842, in Whitehall, Washington Co., N. Y. 

1865, Employed in Office of The American Agriculturist. 1866-8, Studied 
in Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. 1868, B.D. from same. 
186S-9, Pastor of Congregational Church, Seymour, Conn. 1869-70, Pastor of 

j: Jl 


Congregational Church, Wilton, Iowa. 187 1-2, Founded and edited The 
Western Weekly^ Davenport, Iowa. 1873, Resided in Whitehall, N. Y. 187J-4, 
Pastor of Congregational Church, Huntington. Conn. 1874-0, Pastor of Con- 
gregational Church, Bridgeport, Conn. 1880-1, Pastor of Congregational 
Church, Bradford, Vt. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, 1868, Rhoda Kendall of Seymour, Conn. Children: Mary K., b. 
1870: Je.ssie, b. 1872; d. 1875: Willie, d. 1874; d. 1875: Rose, b. 1876: Ken- 
dall, b. 1878. 

1 88 1, Address: Bradford, Orange Co., Vt. 


Bom, Nov. 2^, 1842, in Pittston, Kennebec Co., Me. 

186S--8, Traveled in Europe. 1868-81, In Shipping and Commission business 
in New York, N. Y. ; Firm, R. Murrav, Jr., 130 Pearl St. 

Married, May 21, 1868, Miss Ellen W. Tobey of Middletown, Conn. Chil- 
dren : Oliver, b. Aug. 21, 1869; d- Nov. 15, 1869: Frederick, b. Feb. 14, 1871 : 
Bessie, b. June 13, 1873. 

1881, Address: New Rochelle, Westchester Co., N. Y. 


Born, Dec. 9, 1842, in New Haven, Conn. 

1866, Studied Medicine in Brooklyn, N. Y., and New York, N. Y. 1866, 
M.D., Long Island College Hospital. 1867-81, Practicing Medicine in New 
Haven, Conn. 1868, Studied in Medical Department of Yale College. 1875-6, 
Secretary of New Haven Medical Association. 1877-S1, Attending Physician, 
Connecticut State Hospital. 1880, Secretary of Medical Board, Connecticut 
State Hospital. 

Married, Dec. 12, 1878, Miss Jennie I. Merwin of New Haven, Conn. Child : 
William Thatcher, b. Nov. 7, 1879. 

1881, Address: New Haven, Conn. 


Born, Sept. 8, 1838, in Phillips, Franklin Co., Me. 

1865, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
1865, Stationed at Gaylordsville, Conn.; 1866, 7, Newtown; 1868, Cornwall 
Bridge; 1869, 70, Woodbury; 1871-3, West Granby; 1874, 5, Clinton; 1876, 7, 
Middlefield; 1878-^, North Canton; 1881, Poundridge, High Ridge, and 
Selleck's Corners. 

Married, April i, 1866, Fannie L. Turkin^ton of New Milford, Conn. Chil- 
dren : William Wirt, b. June 13, 1867 : Benjamin F., b. April 21, 1869: Henry 
Alford, b. Aug. i, 1871 : Fannie Percy, b. April 16, 1873: Herbert Oliver, b. 
Feb. 21, 1876: Josie Louisa, b. Oct. 19, 1878. 

1881, Address: Poundridge, Westchester Co., N. Y. 


Born, March 15, 1840, in Salisbury, Addison Co., Vt. Brother of No. 281. 

1865, Teacher of Ancient Languages in Jonesville Academy, N. Y. 1866, 
Teacher of Mathematics and Natural Science in Drew Female College, Car- 
mel, N. Y. 1867-9, Studied in Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. 
1869, B.D. from same ; joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episco- 
pal Church. 1869-71, Stationed at Parkville, N. Y; 1872, Third Church, 
Norwalk, Conn ; 1873, 4, Bridgehampton, N. Y. ; 1875, ^ Litchfield, Coon. ; 



'^77~9» Mianus; 1880, 1, New Canaan and Flatridge. 1871, Traveled in 

Married, June 25, 1873, Edith E. Wooster of Bridgeport, Conn. Children : 
Carleton Augustus, b. Oct. 15, 1875: Bertha Emily, b. March 2, 1877. 

1 88 1, Address : New Canaan, Fairfield Co., Conn. 


Born, June 19, 1841, in New Village, (L. L,) N. Y. 

1862, Joined the 6th New York Cavj^ry. 1863, Returned to College. 1865, 
Teacher of Latin and Higher English in Chilton Hill Academy, Elizabeth, N. J. 
1866, Preached in Huntington, N. Y. 1867, Joined New York East Con- 
ference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1867, Stationed at Babylon, N. Y. ; 
1868, Cold Spring Circuit; 1869, Greenport. 1870, Became Supernumerary on 
account of failure of voice. 1870-2, Teacher of Greek and Mathematics in 
Vermont Conference Seminary and Female College, Montpelier. 1872-5, 
Teacher of Greek and Latin in Fort Edward Collegiate Institute, N. Y. 1873- 
5, Also Vice-Principal of same. 1875, Attended Summer School of Chemis- 
try, Harvard University. 1875-6, Teacher of Ancient Languages and Natural 
Science in Pittsburgh Female College, Pa. 1876-8, Principal of English and 
Classical Institute in Bound Brook, N. J. 1878-81, Teacher of Greek and 
Latin in Centenary Collegiate Institute, Hackettstown, N. J. 

Married, April 14. 1S68, Mary E. Duff of Thomaston, Conn. 

188 1, Address: Hackettstown, Warren Co., N. J. 


Born, May 11, 1839, in Middletown, Conn. 

1865-^, Studied in Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. 1866, 
Supplied Second Baptist Church, East Brooklyn, N. Y. 1868-9, Pastor of 
Baptist Church, Cohoes, N. Y. 1868, B.D., Union Theological Seminary. 
1869, Gave up preaching on account of poor health. 1869-70, Traveled in 
Europe and the East. 187 1-3, Pastor of Baptist Church, Whitehall, N. Y. 
1874-7, Pastor of Baptist Church, Greenwich, N. Y. 1878-81, Pastor of Bap- 
tist Church, Granville, N. Y. 

Married, April 9, 1872, Miss Sarah Scott of Vergenncs, Vt. Children; 
Bertha, b. June 23, 1873: Lester, b. Dec. 24, 1874. 

1881, Address: Granville, Washington Co., N. Y. 


Bom, April 5, 1837, in White Mills, Wayne Co., Pa. 

1865, Stationed at Wethersfield, Conn., New York East Conference, Metho- 
dist Episcopal Church. 1866-7, Principal of Graded School, Norwalk, Conn. 
1868, Principal of Hackettstown Academy, N. J. 1868, 9, Stationed at Pali- 
sades, N. Y., Newark Conference ; 1870, Mechanicsville ; 187 1-3, Paterson Av., 
Paterson, N. J.; 1874, 5, Bergen St., Newark; 1876-8, St. John's Church, 
Rossville, Staten Island, N. Y.; 1879-80, Dunellen, N. J.; 1S81, Raritan. 

Married, May 8, 1867, Miss Abbie A. Crane of Wethersfield, Conn. 

1881, Address : Raritan, Somerset Co., N. J. 


Born, Feb. i-j, 1843, ^^ Plainfield, Union Co , N. J. 

i865--6^ Teacher of Mathematics, Natural Science, and German in Penning- 
ton Seminary and Female College Institute, N. J. 1867, Joined New Jersey 


Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1867, Stationed at Burlington, N. J. ; 
1868, 9, Centenary Church, Camden. 1869, Traveled in Europe with No. 
539. 1870-2, Stationed at St. James Church, New Brunswick, N. J. 1873, 
Traveled in Egypt, the Holy Land, and Europe, with Nos. 539 and 470. 1873, 
Transferred to Western New York (now Genesee) Conference. 1873, Sta- 
tioned at Asbury Church, Buffalo, N. Y. 1874, Transferred to Philadelphia 
Conference. 1874-6, Stationed at Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. ; 1877, 
Fletcher Church, West Philadelphia. 1878, Transferred to Newark Confer- 
ence. 1878-80, Stationed at Central Church, Newark, N. J. 1881, Transferred 
to New York East Conference. 1881, Stationed at St. John's Church, Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. 

Married, July 27, 1876, Miss Eliza W. McVeigh, daughter of John White- 
man of Philadelphia, Pa. 

1881, Address: 62 Bedford Av., Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y. 


Born, June 25, 1838, in Wollstein, Prussia. 

1865-8, Missionary to the Jews in New York, N. Y., under auspices of the 
American Society for Ameliorating the Condition of the Jews. 1866, Studied 
in Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. 1867, Founded Hebrew 
Christian Brotherhood. 1868, Pastor of the Church of the Messiah, Seventh 
Avenue, New York, N. Y. 1869, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 1869, 70, Stationed at High Ridge, Conn. ; 1871, Bellport, 
N. Y.; 1872-4, Sayville; 1875, ^» New Bridge and Seaford; 1 877, 8, Smith- 
town; 1879-81, Bethlehem, Conn. 

Married, May 6. 1868, Miss Louisa H. Skotzky of New York, N. Y. Chil- 
dren: Sarah Hannah, b. June 6, 1869: Robert Samuel, b. July 28, 1870: Fred- 
erick William, b. March 12, 1872. 

1881, Address: Bethlehem, Litchfield Co., Conn. 


Born, Nov. 25, 1837, in Whitehall, Washington Co., N. Y. 

1865, Preached in Chicopee Falls, Mass. 1866, Joined New England Con- 
ference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1866, Stationed at Chicopee Kails, 
Mass.; 1867, 8, Northampton ; 1869-71, Union St., Springfield; 1872, 3, Leo- 
minster; 1874-6, Central Church, Lowell ; 1877-9, Monument Square Church, 
Boston ; 1880, I, Broadway Church, and City Point Mission, South Boston. 
1878, Elected Clerk of the Methodist Minister's Relief Association. 

Married, Sept. 6, 1865, Miss Pamclia S. Murray. Children : Mabel Sexton, 
b. Tune 15, 1870; d. Sept. 4, 1870 : Frederic J. Hullett, b. July 6, 1874 • George 
Whitney, b. Sept. 28, 1876: Eliza Chamberlain, b. Aug. 2, 1878: Grace Mur- 
ray, b. Jan. 26, 1880. 

1881, Address: 513 Broadway, South Boston, Mass. 


Born, April 5, 1844, in West Springfield, Hampden Co., Mass. 

1865-7, Teacher of Latin and Greek in Pennington Seminary and Female 
Collegiate Institute, N. J. 1867-70, Studied in Boston Theological Seminary. 
1868, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1868, 9, 
Stationed at North Av., Cambridge, Mass.; 1870-2, Wilbraham. 1870, B.D., 
Boston Theological Seminary. 1873, Transferred to India Conference ; trav- 
eled in Europe several months on way to India. 1873-81, Stationed at Luck- 
now, India, as Editor of The Lucknow Witness ; also engaged in other literary 
work and in preaching. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, April 29, 1873, Martha ^L Wiswell of New Haven, Conn. . Chil- 
dren : Bertha, b. Oct. 12, 1874; d. April 5, 1877: Mabel, b. Nov. 20, 1875 : 
James Wiswell, b. Dec. 11, 1879. 

1881, Address : Lucknow, India. 




Tuly 21, 1840, in Middlebury, New Haven Co., Conn. 
Preached in Litchfield, Conn. 1866, Joined New York East Confer- 
fethodist Episcopal Church. 1866, 7, Stationed at Litchfield, Conn. ; 
West Chapel St. New Haven ; 1870. Madison ; 1871, Windsor Locks; 
Milford; 1875, Cheshire; '^7^» 7» Durham; 1878, 9, Windsor; 1880, 
gton; 1881, Redding. 

cd, Oct 5. 1870, Miss Henrietta J. Smith of New Haven, Conn. 
Ralph Ira, b. Dec. 24, 1873. 
Address : Redding, Fairfield Co., Conn. 


Dec. 7, 1843, in Lynn, Mass. 

70, In the employ of Harrison Newhall, manufacturer of ladies* boots 
es, Lynn, Mass. 1870-5, Engaged in same business; Firm, Harrison, 
I & Son. 1S7 J-81, In employ of brother, in same business, Lynn, Mass. 
Address : 25 Monroe St., Lynn, Mass. 


March 15, 1838, in North Braintree, Norfolk Co., Mass. 
Preached in Tariffville, Conn. 1866, Joined New England Conference, 
ist Episcopal Church. 1866, 7, Stationed at West Mcdway, Mass. ; 

Westborough ; 1870-2, Spencer; 1873-5, Southbridge; 1876, Newton 
•■alls; 1877-9, Bvfield; 1880, i, Winthrop, Mass. 

ed, April 22, 1869, Miss Helen L. Pierce of East Boston, Mass., who 
c. 17, 1869. Married, March, 1874, Miss Mary M. Derby of Oxford, 

Address: Winthrop, Sufiolk Co., Mass. 


Feb. 2, 1843, in Hartford, Windsor Co.. Vt. 

Teacher of Ancient Languages, Fort Edward Institute, N .Y. 1866-70, 

of Ancient Languages, Wesleyan Seminary, Gouverneur, N. Y. 1870-1, 

in Law School of the University of Albany. 1871-2, Studied Law in 

!, N. Y. 1872, Admitted to the Bar of New York State. 1872-81, 

ig Law in Syracuse, N. Y.; residing at 42 Johnson St. 

:d, Aug. 22, 1865, Ellen M. Harrington of Saint Johnsbury, Vt. Child : 

, b. Aug. 17, 1878. 

Address: 31 & 32 White Memorial Building, Syracuse, N. Y. 


fuly 25, 1841, in Loughborough, Addington Co., Ontario. 

, Studied in the Universities of Berlin, Paris, and Heidelberg; traveled 

•c. 1868, Ph.D., Heidelberg University. 1868-9, Teacher of Mathe- 

Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1869-70, Professor of Natu- 
ce, Genesee College, Lima, N. Y. 1870-1, Teacher and Acting I'rinci- 
idence Conference Seminary, East Greenwich, K. I. 1871, Engaged 
shing graded schools in Vermont 187 1-8 1, Again Teacher of Mathe- 

Weslcyan Academv. (See Bibliography.) 

d, July 19, 1871, Miss Carrie E. Houghton of North Bennington, Vt. 
: Edward C, b. Sept 9, 1874: Florence Houghton, b. June 24, 1881. 
Iddress : Wilbraham, Hampden Co., Mass. 





Born, Nov. 22, 1843, in Granby, Hartford Co., Conn. 

1865-S0, Engaged in Drafting and designing Plans for Machinery, for the 
Pratt & Whitney Co., Hartford, Conn. 1880-1, Engaged in same business for 
the Smyth Manufacturing Co., Hartford, Conn. 

Married, Oct. 23, 1867, Miss Josephine Bidwell of Middletown, Conn. Chil- 
dren : Harry Marcy, b. July 16, 1868: Frank Pratt, b. Feb. 13, 1870. 

1 88 1, Address: Hartford, Conn. 


Born, Nov. 21, 1845, in Marblehead, Essex Co., Mass. Brother of Nos. 935, 
987, and 1230. 

1865, Preached at Grace Church, Boston, Mass. 1866-7, Studied in Sheffield 
Scientific School of Yale College. 1867, Ph.D., Yale College. 1867-81, Pro 
fessor of Geology and Natural History in Weslcyan University. 1867-S, On 
leave of absence ; traveled with No. 295 in Europe, and studied in University 
of Berlin. 1869, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal 
Church. 1873-4, Spent summer vacations in zoological work with U. S. Fish 
Commission at Portland, Me., and Noank, Conn. 1876-7, Spent part 'of the 
winter in Bermuda, engaged in geological and zoological investigation. 1S81, 
Traveled in Europe with Nos. 405 and 987, during the summer. Member of 
Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences; Fellow of American Association 
for Advancement of Science; Member of Appalachian Mountain Club. (See 

Married, April 12, 1870, Miss Elizabeth Wing Crowell, daughter of No. 1 18. 
Children: Edward Loranus, b. March 18, 1871 : Charles William, b. Sej't. 19, 

1881, Address: Middletown, Conn. 


Born, Sept. 7, 1844, in Woodstown, Salem Co., N. J. 

1865-6, Studied in Law School of the University of Albany. 1866, LL.B. 
from same. 1866-7, Engaged in business in Leavenworth, Kans. 1867-S, 
Engaged in business in Saint Louis, Mo. Died, Jan. 22, 1868, in Saint 
Louis, Mo. 


Born, Nov. 22, 1840, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Delegate of U. S. Christian Commission. 1865-6, Principal of High School. 
Ansonia, Conn. 1866, In oil region, Pennsylvania. 1867, Taught in a Classical 
and Commercial School for boys, in Stamford, Conn. 1867-9, Principal and 
Teacher of Natural Science in Spring Valley Academy, N. Y. 1869-72, 
Engaged in oil business in Pennsylvania. 1873, President and General Manager 
of the Robinson Electric Railway Signal Company. 1875-81, Engaged in busi- 
ness in Boston, Mass. 1878, Organized the Union Electric Signal Company. 
1879-80, Traveled in Europe, Egypt, and Palestine, for fifteen months. Inven- 
tor of the Robinson Wireless Electric Railway Signal System; of the Robin- 
son Radial Railway Truck, and a Repeating Telephone. 

1881, Address: 96 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 





Bom, Sept. 5. 1842, in Ellington, Tolland Co., Conn. Son of No. 168. 

1865, Teacher in Cincinnati Wesleyan College, Ohio. 1866-8, Studied in 
Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y. 1868, B.D. from »ame. 1868, 
Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1868, 9, 
Stationed at Nostrand Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. 1870, Traveled in Europe. 
1871,2, Stationed at Sag Harbor, N.Y.; 1873-5, New Britain, Conn.; 1876, 
(Greenwich. 1877, Transferred to Providence Conference. 1877-9, Stationed 
at St. PauPs Church, Fall River, Mass. 1880, D.D., Ohio Wesleyan University. 
1880-1, President of Cincinnati Wesleyan College, Ohio. 

Married, March 22, 187 1, Emma O. Seybold of Cincinnati, Ohio. Children ; 
Richard Frederick, b. May 21, 1872 : Helen, b. April 4, 1874. 

1881, Address: Wesleyan College, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Born, July 6, 1843, ^" Westbrook, Middlesex Co., Conn. Brother of No. 817. 

1865, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
1865-7, Stationed at Thomaston, Conn. 1868, Studied in Theological Depart- 
ment of Yale College. 1869-72, Pastor of First Congregational Church, Corn- 
wall, Conn. 1869, Traveled in Europe durins; summer. 1872-4, Acting Pastor 
of Congregational Church in Northfield, Conn. ; Editor of TA^ Waterbury 
American^ and The Church Union^ New York, N. Y. 1874-7, Associate Editor 
of The Working Church, Baltimore, Md. 1878-81, Pastor of Eagle Rock Con- 
gregational Church, Thomaston, Conn. Has been a regular contributor to The 
Aditance, The Union Era, and The Christian at Work. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Oct. 10, 1870, Miss Martha Sanford of Thomaston, Conn. Children : 
Addie Benton, b. Jan. 21, 1872; May Thompson, b. Dec. 13, 1880. 

1881, Address: Thomaston, Litchfield Co., Conn. 


Born, May 20, 1845, i" Riverhead, Suffolk Co., N. Y. Brother of No. 816. 

1865-6, Studied in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, N. Y. 
1867, Studied in Paris and Vienna. 1868-75, Practiced Medicine in Green 
Point, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1872, President of Medical Association of East Dis- 
trict, Brooklyn, N. Y. 1875, Delegate from Medical Society of Kings Countv, 
and from Medical Association of East District, Brooklyn, to the American Medi- 
cal Association. 1876-7, Studied in Columbia Law School. 1877, LL.B. from 
same ; admitted to the New York Bar. 1877-8, Practiced Law in Brooklvn and 
Newburgh, N. Y. 1879-80, Again practiced Medicine in Green Point, brook- 
lvn. N. Y. 1880, Again Delegate from Medical Society of Kings County to 
American Medical Association. 1880, Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence in 
Long Island College Hospital. Died, Dec. 12, 1880, in Green Point, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Married, Nov. 29, 1876, Mrs. Miriam Olivia Mclntire of Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Child: Bertha, b. Dec. 22, 1877. 

1881, Address of widow: Middletown, Conn. 


Born, Jan. 28, 18^9, in Saint Johnsbury, Caledonia Co., Vt. 

1866, Principal of Public School, Acton, Ind.; also Teacher of Private School. 
Harrison County, Ky. 1867, Principal of Public School, Garrison's, N. \', 
1868, Classical Teacher in Rectory School for boys, Saybrook, Conn. 1869-70, 
Studied Medicine in Burlington,' Vt., and Boston, Mass. 187 1, Practiced in 


Waurepan, Conn. 1872-3, Practiced in Weston, Vt. 1874-6, Practiced Medi- 
cine in Burke, Vt. 1876-7, Practiced Medicine in Lower Waterford, Vt. 1878, 
Again practiced Medicine in Burke, Vt. 1879-81, Practicing Medicine in West- 
more, Vt. 

Married, Au^. 18, 1872, Miss Mary Ella Clark of Chester, Vt. Children : 
Nellie S. : Philip E. : Clarence A. 

i88i, Permanent Address : Burke, Caledonia Co.. Vt. 


Born, March 14, 1838, in Huntington, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

1865, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
1865, o, Stationed at Middlefield, Conn. 1866, Obliged to give upjpreaching on 
account of poor health. 1867, Stationed at Windsor Lock**, Conn.; 1868, 
Clinton. 18(59-71, Superannuated on account of ill health. 1872-4, Stationed 
at Simsbury, Conn.; 1875-7, Wolcottville ; 1878-80, Watertown ; 1881, West- 

Married, Sept. 13, 1865, Miss Mary F. Barnard of Marlborough, Mass. 
Children: William' Barnard, b. June 22, 1866: Frank Sidney, b. Nov. 9, 1868: 
Ernest Ketcham, b. Oct. 28, 1873: Mary Louise, b. March 29, 1877. 

1881, Address: Westville, New Haven Co., Conn. 


Born, Sept. 28, 183S, in Vassalborough, Kennebec Co., Me. 

1865, Principal of Spring Mountain Academy, Ohio. 1866, Principal of High 
School, Wellfleet, Ma>s. 1867, Teacher of Mathematics and Natural Science, 
Mexico Academy, N. Y. 1868, Principal of High School, Oswego, 111. 1869-73, 
Principal of Oswego Seminary, 111. 187 1, Ordained local Deacon of Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 1874-5, Superintendent of Public Schools, Oswego, III. 
1876, Resided in Vassalborough, Me. 1877-8, Principal of High School, Orring- 
ton, Me. 1879, Principal of Normal School, Howard, Ohio. 1880, Principal 
of Bryan Academy, Bryan, Ohio. 1880, Ordained local Elder of Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 188 1, Engaged in private business, as Executor of Estate, 
in Mount Vernon, Ohio. , 

1881, Address: Mount Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio. 


Born, April 12, 1844, in Fall River, Mass. 

1865--6, Studied in Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y'. 1867, 
Joined Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1867-9, Stationed 
at Phenix, R. I.; 1870, Bristol; 1871-3, Trinity Church, Providence. 1874, 
Transferred to New York East Conference. 1874, 5, Stationed at New York 
Av., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 1876-8, Middletown, Conn. 1879, Transferred to New 
England Conference. 1879, 80, Stationed at Central Church, Lowell, Mass. 
1880-1, Professor of Political and Social Science in Wesleyan University. 

Married, July 30, 1867, Sarah E. Gardner of Fall River, Mass. Children: 
Lewis Gardner, b. Oct. 8, 1868: Harris Morton, b. April 2, 1870; d. Dec. i, 
1870: Mary Lawton, b. Feb. 14, 1874: Helen Elizabeth, b. Dec. 5, 1876. 

1881, Address: Middletown, Conn. 


Born, April 10, 1840, in Boston, Mass. Brother of No. 705. 
Delegate of U. S. Christian Commission. 1865-7, Studfied in Methodist 
General Biblical Institute^ Concord, N. H. 1866, Teacher of Mathematics and 

1 866.] ALUMNI RECORD. 213 

Higher English, New Hampshire Conference Seminary and Female College, 
Sanbomton Bridge, N. H. 1867, Joined New England Conference, Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 1867, 8, Stationed at Hyde Park, Mass.; 1869-71, Medford; 
1872-4, Elm Street, Gloucester; 1875-7, Chelsea; 1878-80, South Boston; 
1881, Worthcn St., Lowell. 

Married, Sept. 8, 1867, Helen S. Locke of Concord, N. H. Child : Samuel 
Edgar, b. June 3, 187 1. 

1881, Address: Lowell, Mass. 


Bom, Feb. 22, 1837, in Granville, Addison Co., Vt. 

1861, Entered Wesleyan University in Class of 1864. 1862-3, Served in Com 
pany G, 6th Massachusetts Volunteers. 1865, Joined New England Confer- 
ence, Methodist Episcopal Church ; stationed at West Medway, Mass. 1866, 
Transferred to Vermont Conference. 1866-7, Teacher of Latin and Natural 
Science in Newbury Seminary, Vt. 1868-9, Teacher of Latin and Natural 
Science in Vermont Conference Seminary, Montpelier, Vt. 1869-70, Teacher of 
Natural Science and Mathematics in same. 1870-2, Principal of same. 1872, 
Stationed at Essex, Vt. ; 1873, 4, Sheldon. 1875, Transferred to New England 
Conference. 1875, ^» Stationed at Cliftondale, Mass.; 1877, 8, Stoneham; 
1879, ^» Oxford. 1881, Supernumerary, on account of poor health ; residing 
in Webster, Mass. 

Married, May 5, 1866, Jennie H. Davis of Dudley, Mass. Children : Edith 
Harriet, b. May 13, 1870: Henry Willis, b. Aug. 5, 1875: Charles Wesley, b. 
Feb. 16, 1877. 

1881, Address: Webster, Worcester Co., Mass. 


Class of 1866 


Born, March i8, 1844, i" New Haven, Conn. 

1866-72, Teacher in Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa. Died, July 12, 1872, 
in Winsted,'Conn. 

Married, Nov. 8, 1866, Miss Martha A. Snow of West Winsted, Conn. Chil- 
dren : Ida Snow, b. Dec. 27, 1868 : Bertel Roellas, b. Oct. 31, 1870 ; d. Aug. 
14, 1871: Louis Roellas, b. July 11; 1872. 

1881, Address of widow : West Winsted, Litchfield Co., Conn. 


Born, Jan. 6, 1844, in Middletown, Conn. 

1866-8. Studied in Law School of Columbia College, New York, N. V. 1868-9, 
Practiced Law in New York, N. Y., and East New York. 1860-71, On account 
of failure of health, returned to Middletown, Conn. ; afterwarcfs spent a year in 
Minnesota, and visited Florida, and the Springs of Middletown, Vt. Died, 
Sept. 17, 1871, in Middletown, Vt. 

Married, July 13, 1868, Miss Fidelia A. Knowlton of New York, N. Y., who 
died Nov. 17, 1873. Children: Albert Sumner, b. Oct. 14, 1869: Osmin More- 
land, b. March 5, 1871. 



B'»m, March 19, 1843, in Turin, Lewis Co., N. Y. 

1866-7, Principal of Attica Academy, N. Y. 1868, Superintendent of Public 
Schools, Geneseo, 111. 1868-70, Teacher of Latin and Mathematics, Vermont 
Conference Seminary, Montpelier, Vt. 1870-4, Teacher of Latin and Greek in 
same. 1874-6, Studied in University of Heidelberg. 1876-7, Traveled in 
Europe and the East. 1877-8, Studied in TUbingen, Leipsic, and Paris. 1878, 
Ph.D., Syracuse University. 1878-81, In poor health, but preaching and lectur- 
ing occasionally ; residing in Quincy, Mass. 1880, Taught Latin (to fill vacancy) 
in Middlebury College, Vt. 

Married, Feb. 22, 1867, Fannie D. Strong of Turin, N. Y.. who died Nov, 27, 
1872. Married, Oct. 11, 1876, Ellen F. Nightingale of Quincy, Mass. Child: 
Edward Irving, b. May 14, 1872; d. Oct. 8, 1872. 

1881, Address: Quincy, Norfolk Co., Mass. 


Bom, March 29, 1840, in Nelson, Madison Co., N. V. 

1866, In service of American Missionary Association in South Carolina. 
1867, Vice-Principal and Teacher of Natural Science, in Fairfield Seminary, N. 
Y. 1868, Teacher of Ancient l^anguage.s, Whitestown Seminary, N. Y. 1869- 
81, Professor of Natural Science in Simpson Centenary College, Indianola, 
Iowa. 1 870- 1, Spent vacations in geological explorations in Iowa, Missouri, and 
Nebraska. 1879, Traveled for health in Texas and Colorado. 

Married, Oct. 2, 1866, Miss Frances E. Cheesman. Children : Corena, b. 
July 27, 1868: Edith Maria, b. Nov. 27, 187 1 : Eloise, b. Nov. 19, 1873. 

1881, Address: Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa. 


Born, March 25, 1841, in Bristol, Hartford Co., Conn. 

1866, Joined New England Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church ; sta- 
tioned at Long Meadow, Mass. Died, Sept. 27, 1866, in Long Meadow, Ma^is. 
Married, Aug. 15, 1866, Miss Ella A. Olds of Westfield, Mass. 


Born, Nov. 19, 1838, in Llandisilia, Wales. 

1862-3, Corporal of 22d Connecticut Volunteers. 1866-7, Teacher in High 
School, Hartford, Conn. 1868-g, Studied Law. 1869, Admitted to the Biir , 
practiced in Hartford, Conn. 1870-3, Practiced Law in partnership with Hon. 
S. W. Kellogg and G. E. Tern', in Waterburv, Conn. 1874-81, Practicing Law 
in New York, N. Y. 

Married, April 30, 1875, Miss Kate H. Johnston of Scarborough, N. Y. 

1881, Address: 21 Park Row, New York, N. Y. 


Born, May 11, 1844, in Townsbury, Warren Co., N.J. 

1866-7, Teacher of Mathematics in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 
1868, Studied in Law School of University of Albany, N. V. 1869-70. Studied 
in Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, N. J.; preached at Lafavette Churcl., 
Jersey City, N. J. 1870, B.D., Drew Theological Seminary; joined Newark 

1 866.] 


Conference, Methodist Kpiscopal Church. 1870, i, Stationed at La£^ette 
Church, Jersey City, N. J.; 1872-4, Bayonne; 1875-7, Park Church, Eliza- 
beth ; 1878-80, Bloomficld ; 1881, Westfielcl. 187 1, Traveled in Europe. 1872-5, 
Teacher in Drew Theological Seminary. 

Married, March 3, 187 j, Miss EmiiyC. Cleveland of Jersey City, N.J. Chil- 
dren: Warren Lanning, b. April 13, 1876: Harry Buttz, b. Dec. 12, 1878; d. 
Sept. 29, 1879: Herbert, b. March 14, 1880. 

1881, Address : Westfield, Union Co., N. J. 


Born, July 17, 18^2, in Manchester, England. 

1867-0, Teacher in Morristown Academy, \. J. iiS69-72, Taught in Rock- 
dale, Iowa. 1872, Joined Upper Iowa Conference, Methodist Episcopal 
Church. 1872, Stationed at Asbury Church, Dubuque. Iowa; 1873, Coles- 
burgh; 1874, Sand Spring; 1S75, Toledo; 1876, 7, l^angworthy ; 1878, 9, 
Centre Junction. Died, Aug. 18, 1880, in Centre Junction, Iowa. 

Married, Oct. 16, 1873, Miss Elizabeth Caroline Simpson of Dubuque, Iowa. 

1 88 1, .Address of widow : Stoughton, Norfolk Co., Mass. 


Born, Aug. 12, 1840, in Candia, Rockingham Co., N. H. 

1867-70, Principal of High School, and Superintendent of Public Schools, 
in Wolcottville, Conn. 1870, Studied Law in Litchfield, Conn.; admitted to the 
Bar. 1871, Practiced Law in Litchfield, Conn.; Judge of Probate. 1872, Went 
to Columbia, S. C, on account of health. 1873, Taught and organized Public 
.Schools in Newberry County, S. C, under direction of Slate Superintendent of 
Schools. 1873-5, Practiced I^w with Hon. H. B. Graves, in Litchfield, Conn. 
1875-81, Practicing Law in Waterbury, Conn. 1876, Judge of Waterbury City 
and Police Courts, 1878-81, Member of Waterbury City Board of Education, 
and Acting School Visitor. 

Married ; wife deceased. 

1 881, .Address : Waterbury, New Havep Co., Conn. 


Born, Nov. 11, 1843, J" Qui'^'-yj Norfolk Co., Mass. 

1867--8, Professor of Ancient Languages, Upper Iowa University, Fayette, Iowa. 
1868-70, Acting President of Northwestern Female College, (now Woman's Col- 
lege of the Northwestern University), Evanston, 111. 187 1, Professor of An- 
cient Languages and Teacher of Elocution in Simpson Centenary College, In- 
dianola, Iowa. 1872-4, Superintendent of Public Instruction in Omaha, Nebr. 
1873, President of Nebraska State Teachers' Association; President of State 
Sunday-School Association. 1874-81, Principal of lake View High School, 
Ravenswood, 111. (See Bibliography.) 

Married, Aug. 24, 1866, .Miss Fanny O. Chase. Children: Florence, b. May 
22, 1868-. Carl Fred, b. Sept. 26, 1869; d. Sept. 27, 1870: Harry Thomas, b. Oct. 
11,1871: Jessie Irma, b. Feb. 27, 1873: Winnifred, b. Oct. 20, 1874: Pearl 
Komeyn, b. Dec. 12, 1875. 

1881, Address: Evansion, Cook Co., 111. 


Bom, April 22, 1847, ^^ Middletown, Conn. Son of President Olin. 

1866-7, Studied in Law School of University of Albany, N. V. 1867, LL B. 
from same 1867-^, Traveled *" Europe. 1869-81, Practicing Law in New 
York, N. V. ; Attorney an^ Counselor at Law ; Firm, Olin, Kives & Moot- 


gomery. 1873, Member of Executive Committee of Young Men's Municip>a] 
Reform Association, New York, N. Y. 1874, Member of Committee on Admis- 
sions, New York Bar Association. 1881, Poet at Semi -Centennial of Wesleyan 

Married, Oct. 23, 1879, Alice W., daughter of S. L. M. Barlow, of New York, 
N. Y. 

1881, Address : 145 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 


Bom, Sept 14, 1839, in Kingston, Luzerne Co., Pa. 

1858, Entered Wesleyan University in Class of 1862. 1861-4, Served in 
Wesleyan University Guards, ist Connecticut Regiment, Army of the Potomac. 
1864-5, Lieutenant in Signal Corps, U. S. Army ; attached to headquarters. 
Army of the Ohio. 1865, Re-entered Wesleyan University. 1866-7, Studied Law 
in Bmghamton, N. Y. 1867-8, Studied Law in Law School of Columbia Col- 
lege. 1868, LL.B. from same ; admitted to the Bar. 1868-81, Practicing Law 
and engaged in Real Estate business in Manassas, Va., and Washington, D. C. 
1869, Attorney for Commonwealth, Prince William County, Va. 1870, Ap- 
pointed U. S. Commissioner and Notary Public. 1872, Member of Republican 
State Central Committee. 1873-5, Member of House of Delegates of Virginia. 
1876, Lay Delegate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
(See Bibliography.) 

Married, Sept. 19, 1877, Emily C. Bennett of Manassas, Va. Children : 
Norma Vera, b. Aug. 30, 1878 : George Carr, b. May 17, 1880. 

1881, Address : Manassas, Prince William Co., Va. 


Born, March 4, 1839, in Boston, Mass. 

1867, Engaged in Insurance business, Bridgeport, Conn.; subsequently. 
Attorney for service in Ohio, for a New York Insurance Company. 1876-81, 
Engaged in farming in Wellesley, Mass. 

Married, June 27, 1872, Miss Wellie A. Jones of Weston, Mass. Children: 
Gertrude Maria, b. July 2, 1873: Franklin Herbert, b. June 7, 1877. 

1881, Address: Wellesley, Norfolk Co., Mass. 


Born, Nov. 22, 1844, i" Portland, Middlesex Co., Conn. 

1867, Taught in Newburgh Seminary, N. Y. 1868-70, Principal of Union 
School, Franklin, Pa. 1871-2, Studied in Law School of Harvard University. 
1872, LL.B. from same; admitted to the Bar. 1873, Practiced Law in Franklin, 
Pa. 1879-81, Principal of Erie Academy, Pa. 1881, Practicing Law in Erie, Pa. 

Married, March 22, 1872, Mrs. Gordon of Franklin, Pa. 

1881, Address: Erie, Erie Co., Pa. 


Born, Feb. 28, 1844, in Bordentown, Burlington Co., N. J. 

1866--^ Preached in Green Village, N. J. 1869, Joined Newark Conference, 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 1869-71, Stationed at Asbury Church, Hacken- 
sack, N. J. ; 1872-4, Lafayette Church, Jersev City, N. J. ; 1875-7, Union St., 
Newark; 1878-80, Hackettstown ; 1881, St. James' Church, Elizabeth. 1873, 
Traveled in Europe. 1874, B.D., Drew Theological Seminary. 

Married, May 23, 1872, Lottie T. Gamewell of Hackensack, N. J. 

1881, Address : Elizabeth, N. J. 




Bom, March 30, 1840, in Onconta, Otses;o Co., N. Y. 

1866-9, Teacher of Latin in Falley Seminary, Fulton, N. Y. 1869-76, 
Teacher of Rhetoric, English Literature, and Latin, in Pennsylvania Military 
Academy, Chester, Pa. 1876-8, Traveled and studied. 1878-Sf. Pastor of 
Congregational Church, Cohasset, Mass. 

Married, July 23. 1866, Miss Ella M. Lewis of Middletown, Conn. Chil- 
Hren : Jessie O., b. March 13, 1871 : Flora L., b. July 4, 1873: Granville L., b. 
March 14, 1876. 

1S81, Address : Cohasset, Norfolk Co., Mass. 

• ♦ • 

Class of 1 867. 


Born, Sept. ii, 1840, in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. 

1867-9, Preached in Woodstock, New Brunswick. 1869, Joined Rock River 
Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1870, i, Siationed in Chicago, 111. ; 
1872, 3, Warren; 1873, 4» '*^outh Evanston; 1874-7, Third St., Rockford ; 
1877-9, Center St., Elgin ; 1880, i, Ottawa St., Joliet. 

Married, May i, 1872, Miss Anna P. Foster of Aurora, 111. Child : Willie 
K, b. April 10, 187-3. 

1 88 1, Address : /oliet, 111. 


Bom, April i, 1847, ^" Long Branch, Monmouth Co., N. J. 

1867-8, City Editor of The Daily Advertiser, Newark, N. J. 1869, Assisted 
in establishing The Nnvark Aforning Register ; Associate Editor and Proprie- 
tor of same. 1870-3, On editorial staff of The St. Louis Democrat. 1873, As- 
sistant Managing Editor of The St, Louis Democrat^ now The Globe Democrat, 
1874-7, U. S. Consul at Manchester, England. 1875-7, Acted as Mexican Con- 
sul by permission of U. S. Government. 1878, Admitted to the Bar of Saint 
Louis and the United States. 1878-81, Practicing I^w in Saint Louis, Mo.; 
Office, ^05 Olive St. 

Married, Dec. 12, 1873, ^'^^ Mary F. Allen of Saint Louis, Mo. Chil- 
dren: Gerard B. Allen, b. June 14, 1875 : Robert Eugene, b. Jan. 8, 1879. 

1881, Address: Newton Crane, 305 Olive St., Saint Louis, Mo. 


Born, Aug. 13, 1840, in Searsmont, Waldo Co., Mc. 

1867, Joined New York East Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 
1 867, 8, Stationed at Cheshire, Conn.; 1869, 70, Durham. 187 1, Transferred 
to India Conference ; sailed for India, Oct. 18. 1872, Stationed at Seetapore 
and Luckimpore ; 1873, 4i Lucknow. 1876, Presiding Elder of Oudh District. 
1878-9, Presiding Elder of Rohilcund Districi. i&o, Stationed at Amroha. 
1880, Delegate to General Conference. Methodist Episcopal Church. 1881, 
Supernumerary ; residing in Belfast, Me. 

Married, J[une 21, 187 x, Miss Mary E. Moo'dy of Searsmont, Me. Children: 
Melville Elliott, b. April 3, 1872 : Nfabel Eleanor, b. April 3, 1872 ; d. July 19, 

1881, Address: Belfast, Waldo Co., Me. 




Born, Feb. 3, 1839, in Glassbornugh, Gloucester Co., N. J. Brother of No. 
1 1 70. 

1867-8, Teacher of Mathematics and Natural Science in Pennington Semi- 
nary and Female Collegiate Institute, N. J. 1868-72, Vice- Principal and 
Teacher of Latin and Greek in same. 1872-6, Principal of same. Joined 
New Jersey Conference, Methodist Episcopal Conference. 1877-9, Stationed at 
Windsor, N. J.; 1879-80, Burlington; 1881, Absecom- 1880, Delegate to 
General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Married, July 28, 1868, Emilie Gilbert of Bordentown, N. J. Children: Eva, 
b. March 29, 1870: Chester, b Feb. 23, 1874 I ^- Ju^y* '875: Joseph Albertson, 
b. Nov. 5, 1875. 

1881, Address: Absecom, Atlantic Co., \. J. 


Bom, Aug. 26, 1839, in Cheshire, Berkshire Co., Mass. 

1867-8, Principal of Academy. Franklin, N. H. 1868-71, Principal of High 
School, Bristol, Conn. 187 1, Admitted to the Bar. 1872-3, Practiced Law in 
Newtown, Conn. ; Acting Principal of Newtown Academy. 1873-6, Editor and 
Publisher of The Lite h fit! d Sentinel ^\AX(^^<t\A^ Conn.; 1875, Assistant Clerk, 
Connecticut House of Representatives. 1876, Clerk of same. 1877-81, Prac- 
ticing Law in Danbury, Conn. (See Bibliography.) 

1881, Address: Danburv, Fairfield Co., Conn. 


Born, Oct. 31, 1846, in Marlow, Cheshire Co., N. H. Brother of No. 1005. 

1861, Entered the University with the Class of 1865. 1863-5, Served in U. 
S. Signal Corps, with the Army of the Janits, and promoted to Sergeant in 
Signal Corps. 1866, Re-entered College. 1867-8, Teacher of Latin and 
Mathematics in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. 1868-76, Teacher of 
Latin and Greek in High School, Westfield, Mass. 1877-8, Agent for Ginn 
Bros., Boston, Mass. 1879-81, Bookkeeper in paper manufactory of Crane 
Bros. Westfield, Mass. ; Secretary of School Committee of Westfield. 

iS'^i, Address: Westfield, Hampden Co., Mass. 


Born, Sept. 10, 1843, in Orient, Suffolk Co., N. Y. 

1867-9, Teacher of Natural Science in Providence Conference Seminary, in 
East Greenwich, R. I. 1869-71, Studied Law in Brooklyn, N. Y., with No' 497. 
1871-3, Practiced Law in Brooklyn, N. Y. 1872-j, Lecturer on Medical Juris 
prudence in Eclectic Medical College, New York, N. Y. 1873-81, In poor 
health. 1879-81, In Sute Asylum, Middletown, N. Y. 

1881, Address: Care of Rev. C. E. Glover, 219 East 27th St., New York, 
N. Y. 


Born, Feb. 6, 1846, in Cabot, Washington Co., Vt. 

1867, Joined Providence Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. 1867- 
9, Stationed in Main St., Norwich, Conn. ; 1870, i, St. PauFs Church, Fall River. 
Mass. 1872, Transferred to New York East Conference. 1872, 4, Stationed 
at Hanson Place, Brooklyn, N. Y.; 1875, 6, Grace Church, Brooklyn. 1877-81. 
Pastor of Washington Avenue Baptist Church, Brooklyn. (Sec Bibliography.) 

1867.] ALUMNI RECORD. 2I9 

Married, May 6, 1869, Miss Jennie Crowell of Norwich, Conn., who died 
April 26, 1877. Married, April 28, 1874, Miss Grace Forby of Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y. Chil<!ren: Blanche, b. Jan. 27, 1875: Marion, b. Sept. 5, 1877: Her- 
bert, b. Aug. 7, 1878. 

1881, Acfdress : 446 Washington Av., Brooklyn, N. Y.